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Ib constMitly receivino the NEWEST 
in Tweeds, Doeskina, SatuM, Melton 
ClotiiB, Silk Mixturea, BTo»d Cloths, and 
all UAteriala ftt praaent in nse for 

Gentlemen's Garments, 

Which he continues to make up by 
efficient workmen, in the latest ana be«t 
Btflte, at pricea ruiaing little over the 
cott of Imported Beadf -nude Clothing. 

Patfena and IngtruclioiM for Mettmnrt- 
men( *oi( to on^ pari qf the CouiUry tm 
reeeipi of a Pottage Stamp. 

Q. R. hu always on hand a quantity 

Made-np fay hia own workinen. Well-cut, and Hand-made. They oonnat of 
Tweed and Doeskin Tronsen and Vesta, Sac Coats, Tweed Suits, Lounge Coats, 
Smoking Jackets, and Bevetsible Jackets. 

gnli grtSB Siiitts for ffittebijings, Iparths, *c. 

WaUciug CoatB, laTemen Capea, dLerterfleld Orerooati, Cbiaa Silk and 

Llama Cloth Snat Coats. 

Ha would coll ipeciol attention to these articles as they are iiU of a superior 
cUas of mBteriaU, and are finished in a style that will favourably compare with 
first-cUsB ordered garmenta. 

White, Regatta, French, Orimean, and Tmed SMrtt. 




Note I 109 Bourke street east. 


P -A. T E ISr T 






These Earth Closets alone apply the dry earth ^tem on a correct prin- 
ciple, as tested by a very laige experience of their use in India and the 
United Kingdom. Upwards of 300 now in nse in Melbourne and euborbs 
with perfect saccess. 

Price JE4, abd upwards ; S6if-acting, or pull. 

The supply of earth and cleansing contracted for by the company, at a 

trifling annual oharge. 


Patent Hainire (the auMt linrtilisiag of all known nuunirM) aold 

at 70t. per ton.* 









A large asaortment of all kinds of Tweeds. Doeskins, and Cloths, to^rether with 
etery deaciiptiiia of Cbtbing, Hats, &(w at the lowest market prioos, always on hand. 





^|0lesale Cltrtpiig Paiurfkcttims. 

A large assortment of Tweed, Doeskin, and Silk-Mixed Clothing always on hand 
St tlie lowest pessiUe price, to salt erery description of market. 

An inspection of onr Goods will satisfy intending purchasers that we can defy 





To be seen in nse and in great variety of form at the Show Boom, 





Family and Commercial Hotel, 


THOS. DIOOZN'S, Proprietor. 

The above ia a First-dais Family aad Commercial Hotel, affording every comfort 
and oonvenienoe to traveUen of every description. 

The Wines, Spirits, and Iilquors toe of the first qnallty, and oharges striotly 


E. H. M I L E S, 




Agent for COHN BSOTHESS, Talbot Brewery. 



N;B. — ^Parties in Victoria desiring information about Persons or Districts sitoato 
in or near the Murray, Murrumbidg^ Darling, and Back Countries in New South 
Wales, apply atbove aadress. 


And Saddlers' Ironmonger. 


^l<5-f^>/a* pA5i^ &Wicc. J\rcc^oy^y (fVV/S -"^^ 





1866-6 7;-* 






PcTBUsfttD BT BUTLER k BROOKE, 60 Littlb CollIns st&XBT SAat. 

X 6 6 e. 








In presenting the '^ National Directory of Victoria " to the notice of the 
public, the publiahers have to express regret that the issue of the work 
has been slightly delayed beyond the advertised date; but they trust 
this will be overlooked, as the delay has been owing chiefly to their 
* desire to add to the completeness of the work and enhance its value 
as a Directory. 
The names and addresses, in each town and township, have been 
k^ separately arranged, in alphabetical order ; but the scattered population 
f has been classed under the various districts, thus — "The Lodden District 
r Commercial Directory," &c. This plan, they trust, will meet with the 
approval of the public. 

To Wilson and Mackinnon's "Bradshaw's Guide to Victoria" they 
are indebted for a portion of the up-country information, which they 
have made as complete as practicable under the circumstances. 

In conclusion, the publishers beg to return their sincere thanks, first, 
for the universal support which their attempt to supply a long-felt 
desideratum has received ; and, secondly, to those gentlemen who have 
^ rendered valuable assistance in the compilation of the work, amongst 
^ . whom they would specially recognise Mr. E. Grundy, of BaUarat, to whose 
exertions they owe a great portion of valuable information respecting 
that important district. 






xTdIBOO .,» ... ... ... 

Ciaeadar for 1866 

Calendar for 1867 

Melboame and Snburban Directory 1 

GedonglHTeotoiy 188 

Aihbyl)irectory 204 

Newtown and ChilweU Directory ... 212 
The Western District Directory ... 219 

Sandlinrst Directory 235 

Sandhurst District Direetoiy ...251 

Castlemaine Directory 256 

Echnca Directory 263 

BaDarat and BaUarat East Directory 267 

Baninyon^ Directory 312 

Browns Directoiy 314 

Scaradale Directory .. 
Creswick Directory .. 
Smythesdale Directory 
dunes Directory 

Kynetcm Directory 
Mafansbnij Directory 
Taradale Directory ... 
Laoriston Directory ... 
Beechworth Directory 
Kilmore Directory ... 
Wangaratta Directory 
Albuy Directorjr 
Oyeos District Directory 
G^ps Land Directory 




Wood's Point Directory 372 

Loddon, Wimmera, and Rodney Dis- 
tricts Commercial Directory ... 384 
Bourke, Evelyn, and Momington Dis- 
tricts Oonunercial Directory ... 391 
'Talbot, Bipon, Grenville, and Dal- 
housie Districts Conmiercial Direc- 

M/Cj^ ■•• ••• ■■• ■•• ••■ O V w 

Deniliqnin District Commercial Di- 
rectory ... ... 404 

Names, &c, too late 406 

Squatting Directory a1 

Gbnsral Informatign — 

Colony of Victoria L 

Government of Victoria ii 

Parliament of Victoria iii. 

Gold Office — ^Treasury viii 

Corporation of the City of Mel- 
bourne ... ... ... ... ix. 

Churches ix. 

Coaches ... ... xi. 

The TraveUers* Road Guide ... xu. 

Country Districts xv. 

Steamers from Melbourne ... xxxvii. 

Postal xxxvii. 

Money Orders xl. 

Consms and Consular Agents ... xli. 

Electric Telegraph xlii. 

Calendar for 1866. 


!8 Sun. . 
J9|l Mod. . 
tO;| Tues.. 

Mon. . . . 
Fri. ... 
Sat. ... 

4 1111 
613 21 




Mon. ... 




■Ties. ... 




Wed. ... 




Thnr. ... 








Sat. ... 





Sun. . 


FrL . 
Sat. . 


Mon. . 
Tues. . 
Wed. . 
Thnr. . 
Sat. . 








Fri. ... 


Sat. ... 




I BUN. .. 

I Mon. .. 
■ Tues... 



Fri. .. 
Sat .. 

Fri. . 
Sat. . 

Spn. .. 
Mon. .. 

Calendar for 1867. 

Suit. . 
Hou. . 
Taes. . 
Wed. . 

Mod. , 

Toea. . 
Wed. . 
Thur. . 
Sat. . 

27 St™. . 

26|j HoQ. . 


I Sat. 

128 Sum... 

' Mod. .. 

I Tnes... 

Wed. .. 








Son. .. 

Fri. .. 















SOK. . 

Mon. . 
Tues. . 
Wed . 
Thur. . 
Sat. . 

Son. .. 
Mon. .. 

I Son. . . 

Wed. .. 

Fri. .. 
ISat. .. 

St™. . 
Mon. . 
Taes. . 
Wed. . 
Thur. . 
Sat. . 

■ Sdit. .. 
1 Mon... 
'I Wed..; 
I Thur... 

Ij 8 
3 9 

1118 25| 

StJM. .. 


Fri. .. 
Sat. .. 

1 815222! 

2 9I6I233I 





Brighton^ Bin, 
Brunswick, Bk, 
Carlton, Carl. 
Collingioood, Col. 
East CoUingwood, E, C, 
East Melbourne, E. M. 
Emerald HUl, Em, B. 
Essendon, Ess. 
FilZToy, F, 
Flemington, Flem. 
Footscray, Fey, 
Hawthorn, Haw. 
Heidelberg, Held, 
Botkam, Hot, 

North Melbourne^ N. 3f. 
Northcote, Nth. 
Pentridge, Pent. 
Prahran, Pra, 
Preston, Pres. 
Richmond, Ud. 
Sandridqe, San. 
South Yarra, S. Y. 
St. Kilda, St. K. 
Toorak. Tk. 
West Melbiiume, W. M. 
Williamstown, Wmn, 
Windsor, Wr. 

Aaron, M.. 73 Argyle st, F 

Aaront, Abraham, china and glass ware- 

honse, 24 Derby st, £ C 
Aaron 8, Israel, cigar maker, 133 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Aarons, J., Fitaroy st, F 
Aarons, Joseph, aactionecr and trade 

assignee. 6 Collins st east 
Abadee, Moses, pawnbroker, Bay st, San 
Abadee, 8., Raglan st, San 
Abbey, D., carpenter, Mt. Alexander road, 

Abboo, Massnng, Chinese Club, 51 Park 

•trect, Em H 
Abbott and Co. (Abbott, Robert Main}, ^ 

printers, 10 Post office place 
Abbott, William, Nott st, San 
▲'Beckett, £. F., registrar, secretary, and 

librarian Melbourne University 
▲'Beckett, M., solicitor, 19 Temple court, 

Cc^lina itreet west 

▲'Beckett,' Thomas, barrister, 73 Little 
Collins street west, and Alma road, StK 

▲'Beckett,T.T.,M.L.C., Surrogates* office, 
91 Little Collins st west 

▲'Beckett, W. A. C, Cochran st, Btn 

Aberdeen Line of- Ships, 59 Little ColliftS 
st west . 

Abraham, David, boot and shoe dealer, 
187 Elizabeth st 

Abraham, L., 50 King William st, F 

Abraham, Maurice, working optician, 99 
Qneen st 

Abrahams, Joseph, Fellmongers' Arms, 
182 Victoria st,Kd 

Abrahams, J., broker, 46 York st, Em H 

Abrahams, Louis, Stanley st. W M 

Absalom, G., 45 Market st, Em H 

Ab»on, M., 3 Market st. Em H 

Accidental Injury Insurance Co., 26 Col- 
lins st east 

Acclimatisation Society's office, 30 Swan- 
ston st; depdt. Royal park 

Ackerill, — , Leveson st, Hot 




Achilles Mining Association, 86 Eliza- 
beth St 
Ackerman, Mrs., Flint st, £ M 
Acres, R., crinoline manufacturer, 245 

Victoria parade, E C, and 20 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Acroyd, Wm., punter and c^ilder, Baj st, 

Acton, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 194 John- 
son st, EC 
Acut, John, Fitzroy st, St K 
Adam, Mrs., grocer, 94 York st,Em H 
Adam, John, Beach st, San 
Adam, Rer. G., Wilson st, Btn 
Adames and Co. (Clarke, Joseph Lewis), 

silk and ribbon warehoosemen, 51 £11- 

Adams, A., plumber, Cremome st, Rd 
Adams, A. C., Hanmer st, Wmn 
Adams, Geo., saddler and harness maker, 

3 Franklyn st east 
Adams, J., Lygon st, Carl 
Adams, James, 10 James st, F 
Adams, John, Victoria terrace, Cardigan 

st, Carl 
Adams, John, saddler, 94 Elizabeth st 
Adams, J., 75 Kerr st, F 
Adams, J., dealer, Tarra st, E C 
Adams, J. S., store and P. O., Alphington 
Adams, Reuben T., Barkly Arms, Ann st, 

Adams, Thomas, Paddington hotel, 156 

Little Collins st east 
Adams, T. W., Faraday st, Carl 
Adamson, John, Cardigan st, Carl 
Adamson, J., Pelham st, Carl 
Adamson, James, Cliff st, Pra 
Adamson, T., crown prosecutor, Iranhoe 
Adamson, T. — , carver, Byron st. Hot 
Adamson, T., 239 Moray st, Em H 
Adamson, William, Uoddle st, Rd 
Adamson, William, Cochrane it, Btn 
Adamson, Wm., seedsman, 71 Collins st 

Adcock, -*, pastrycook. High st, St K 
Adcock, A. P., notary public and convey- 
ancer, 26 Queen st 
Adcock, Geo. C, bookseller, 66 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Adderly, Edwin, Darling st, Pra 
Adderly, Mrs., confectioner, 160^ Bourke 

st east 
Addis, James Clement, forwarding agent, 

18 Queen st 
Addison, Mark S., 28 Church st, Em H 
Addy, Charles, Chapel st, Pra 
Adet, Edward, Victoria st, £ C 
Aerated Bread Co., 203 Bourke st west 
A'Foo, — , Chinese merchant, 61 1 Little 

Bourke st east 
Agamemnon, Break o' Day, Catherine 

Reef and Comet M. Co.'s (Bendigo), 37 

Market st 
Agamemnon G. M. Co., 31 Queen st 

Age Newspaper Office, 67 Elizabeth st 
Age of Progress Q. M. Co., Eldon Cham- 
bers, Collins st west 
Agg, Alfred H., Com. of Audit, 178 ColUns 

St. east 
Agnew, A., Barry st, Carl 
Agnew, G. F., commission merchant, 41 

Flinders lane east 
Agnew, Richard S., Wreekyn st. Hot 
Agra and Masterman^s Bank, 35 Queen at 
Ahem, Daniel, Lygon st, Carl 
Ahern, Tim., grocer, 23 Lonsdale st east 
Ah Moy, Clarendon st, E M 
Ainslie, James, Jolimont square, E M 
Ainslie, Mrs., ladies' school, 40 Powlett 

Ainsworth, A. B., High st, Pra 
Ainsworth, J., tailor, 67 Cobden st, Em H 
Ainsworth, John, 79 Victoria st, east 
Airey, R., cabinetmaker, 101 William st 
Aitken, Alex. £., insurance agent. Bay at, 

Aitken, James, 3 Gore st, F 
Aitken, J., stationer, Church st, Btn 
Aitken, J., china dealer, SO Rosslyn fit, 

Aitken, Robert, 28 Villiers st, Hot 
Aitken, Robt. and Wm., millers and com 

merchants, 66 Klizabeth st extension 
Aitken, R. W., Berkeley st, Carl 
Aitken, Thomas, brewer and malster, 216 

Victoria parade 
Aitken, Wm. (of R. and W. Aitken), Yea 
Aitkens, D., Caledonia hotel. Cole st, 

Aitkins, — , Wreekyn st. Hot 
Aitkins, James, Swan st, Rd 
Aitkins, R., Hoddle st, Rd 
Ajaz, Alma United Leads, and Aurora M. 

Co.'s, 64 Rlizabeth st 
Akerly, W. J., 185 King st 
Akerman, Mrs., 15 Gertrude st, F 
Akhurst, W. M., journalist, 18a Young 


Albert, Wm., pastrycook and fruiterer, 

21 Elizabeth st 
Albon, Thomas, brickmaker, Morland and 

Parker sts, Fey 
Albury, Thomas, baker, New st, Btn 
Alcock, £., Bailey st. Hot 
Alcock, Henry, Haw 
Alcock, Henry Upton, timber merchant 

and billiard table manufacturer, 132 

Russell st, 95 Little Bourke st east 
Alcock, J., 94 Madeline st, Carl 
Alcock, S., Cardigan st, Carl 
Alcorn, Eliz., storekeeper, Lincoln square 

• Alder, Charles, Station place, San 
Alder, J., Weston st, Bk 
Alder, James, 23 Coventry st, Em H 
Alderson, Chris., 45 Cardigun st, Carl 
Aldinga and Economical G. M. Co.'s, 

Drummond's point, 55 Elizabeth st 





Aldwinckle, J., draper, 33 Bourke st east 
Alexander, A., bootmaker, 197 King st 
Alexander, A., Gertrude st, F 
Alexander and Deronshire, furriers, 114 

Swanston st 
Alexander, Charles, butcher, 149 Bruns- 
wick st, 64 Gertrude st, F 
Alexander, Geo., pawnbroker, 102 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Alexander, J., Baker, Bay st, Btn 
Alexander, J. F., Kouse st, San 
Alexander, J., James st, F 
Alexander, Jon, 23 Marion st, F 
Alexander, John, Gcrtrnde st, F 
Alexander, Moses A., Rosslyn st, W M 
Alexander, Mrs., Dalgety st, St K 
Alexander, M., Fitzroy st, F 
Alexander, Walter, Williams road, Tk 
Alexander, Wm., general store, Fleming- 
ton road. Hot 
Alford, Charles, carrier, Flem Bnk 
Alford, J., store, Cochrane st, Btn 

Alford, S., bootmaker. Pent 

Alhambra. Bourke st east 

Alison, John, bonded warehouse keeper, 
111 Flinders lane west 

Allamby, Wm., fruiterer^ 52 Queensberry 
«t, Carl 

Allan, — , 60 Kerr st, F 

Allan, — , Moor st, F 

Allan, — , 57 Thomson st, Wmn 

Allan, A., fishmonger, 100 Bourke st east 

Allan, George G., merchant, 11 Market 
It and Alma road, 8t E 

Alhui, Geo. L., Park st, Btn 

Allan, James, 63 Queensberry st, Carl 

Allan, J., 115 Little Bourke st, west 

Allan, J , boarding- bouse, Yarra st, Heid 

Allan, Rt., pawnbroker, 105 Stephen st 

Allan, R., York st, £m H 

Allan, Wm., Abbotsford st. Hot 

Allan, W. H., Charles st, Pra 

Allanson, W., grocer, 15 Coventry st west, 

Allard, A.M., butcher, 124 Russell st 

Allars, Charles, broker, High st, St E 

Allbut, W., Capel st, W M 

AUee, John, St. Eilda road, Btn 

Allen, — , 13 James st, Wmn 

Allen, — , Marion st, Fitzroy 

Allen, A., Chapel st, Pra 

Allen, A., Albert st, Pra 

Allen, Adam, Perry st, E C 

Allen, A. P., plumber, 166 Brunswick st, 

Allen, Charles, painter, Bignell's lane, 
Bourke st east 

Allen, C. £., watchmaker, 83 Swanston st 

Allen, Dennis, Salutation hotel, Latrobe * 
It, east 

Allen, George, Rouse st, San 

Allen, Henry, pawnbroker. Little Bourke 
It east 

Allen, J., Railway place, San 

Allen, J. G., Park st, Btn 

Allen, J., Charles st, Bk 

Allen, J. B., corn store, Hoddle st, E C 

Allen, John Harwood, George st, E M 

Allen, J. W., accountant, Domain road, 

Allen, J., marble mason, 49 Smith st, F 
Allen, John, grocer. Bay st, San 
Allen, J., Melbourne Gin Palace, Bourke 

st east 
Allen, L., pawnbroker, 194 Stephen st 
Allen, Mary, Barry st, Carl 
Allen, Mrs., grocer, Madeline st, Carl 
Allen, Mrs., grocer, Blackwood st, Hot 
Allen, Mrs., Peel st, £ C 
Allen, Mrs., Grey st, St E 
Allen, Mrs., Victoria st, Carl 
Allen, Mrs., Dalgety st, St E 
Allen, Robert, wholesale fhiiterer, 25 

William st 
Allen, Thomas, Union st, Punt road, Pra 
Allen, Thomas, Highett st, Bd 
Allen, William, 132 Gertrude st, F 
Allen, W., 47 Drummond st, Carl 
Allen, W., 22 Lonsdale st east 
Allen, William, Lady Franklyn hotel, 19 

Wellington st, £ C 
Allen, Wm. H., chemist, 36 Wellington 

st, £ C 
Allen, William H., patentee of Allen's 

ointment, 51 Temple court 
Allendale, William, Pelham st, Carl 
Allerdice, J., grocer, 76 Dorcas st, EmH 
Allester, Wm. J., Myrtle Hotel, 31 Coven- 
try st, Em H 
Alliance British and Foreign Life Asstur- 
ance Company, 121 Little Collins st 
Alliance Building and Inyestment Society, 

Bank place, Collins st west 
Allingham, J. S., solicitor, 72 Queen st 
Allison, — , dairy. Swan st, Bd. 
Allison, Henry, undertaker, 40 Victoria st, 

Allison, Wm., store, 138 Latrobe st east 
Allman, Miss, seminary, Highett st, Rd 
Alloo, — , Bank st west, Em H 
All port, Curzon, solicitor, 21 Queen st 
Allport, George L., 35 Bell st, F 
Allright, G. M., Lygon st, Carl 
Allum, Frederick, 214 Cardigan st, Carl 
Allwell, Miss, school, 9 Palmer st, F 
Alma and Amelia Quartz Mining Com- 
pany, 31 Collins st west 
Alma Lease Gold Mining Company, 122 

Collins st west 
Alma United Leads Gold Mining Com- 
pany, 64 Elizabeth st 
Almond, J., 43 Bank st east, Em H 
Alner, W., Hoddle st, £ C 
Alpha Mines, 86 Elizabeth st 
Alsop, Geo., carpenter and builder, Eew 
Alsop, J., Alma st east, St E 
Alston, Thomas, Waterloo st, St E 




Alston and Brown, ^ilk roercera and dra- 
pers, 47 Collins St west 
Alston, ])avid, pawnbroker, 27 Bourke it 

AJston, Thomas, painter. 96 High st, St. E. 
Altham, J., Funt road, Kd 
Altmann £., Punt road, Rd 
Altmann, and Lindsay, contractors, 110 

Londsdale st east 
Alves, John, Ashing tacjile maker, 81 i 

Elisabeth st 
Amark, Frederick, 136 Russell st 
Ambler, Catherine, pawnbroker and earth- 
enware stores, 137 and 139 Lonsdale 
6t east 
Ambler, J., Domain st, K T 
Ambler, W. L., letter-press printer, Bourke 

8t east 
Ambridge, J., Chetwynd st, Hot 
Amedee, E., tailor, 145 Little Bourke st 

Amery, Edwin, George st, E M 
Amess, Andrew, Lothian st, Hot 
Amess, Samuel, builder and contractor, 

1 and 7 William st north 
Amies, Thomas, European hotel, 145 

Swanston st 
Amos, Chas. H., carpenter. Robe st, St K 
Amos, James, Dryburgh st, Hot 
Amos, Robt., ironworks, Dudley st, WM 
Amoss, Mrs., Inkerman st, 8t K 
Amsinck, Henry, mining agent & broker, 

70 Temple court, Collins st west 
Amsterdam Underwriters, 49 Collins st 

Anders, J. J., shoemaker, 164 Wellington 

Anderson, — , turner, 217 Oeorge st, F 
Anderson, Adam, 10 Mackenzie st 
Anderson, Alfred, Greville st, Pra 
Anderson, Andrew, Bond st, S T 
Anderson, Andrew, Barkly st, Bk 
Anderson, Arthur, Wellington parade, E M 
Anderson, A. Wm., Lothian st, Carl 
Anderson, Charles, Marion st, F 
Anderson, Charles, Fawkner st, St E 
Anderson, Chas., baker, Fitzroy st, St E 
Anderson, Colonel, Punt road, S Y 
Anderson, David, Lothian st. Hot 
Anderson, Edward, greengrocer, 87 Lons- 
dale st east 
Anderson, E., clothier, 85 Gertrude st, F 
Anderson, F., Brighton st, Rd 
Anderson, Hon. R. S., Cotham road,Eew 
Anderson, James, 49 Cardigan st, Carl 
Anderson, James, Capel st. Hot 
Anderson, James, Napier st, Em H 
Anderson, James, tailor, 122 Bridge road, 

Anderson, J. E., 99 Raglan st, Em H 
Anderson, James M., Railway place, San 
Anderson, Jas., watchmaker, Bay st, San 
Anderson, James, Hoddle st, E C 
Anderson, James, Nicholson st, Carl 

Anderson, John, grocer, 22 Palmer st, F 
Anderson, J., St. Kilda st, Btn 
Anderxon, J., Morris street, Wmn. 
Anderson, John, Peel st, Hot. 
Anderson, John, boarding house, 118 

King st 
Anderson, John, Royal George hotel, 

Hoddie st. E. C 
Anderson, J., James st, Wmn 
Anderson, John J., I'ark st. Era H 
Anderrton, J. F., 103 Victoria parade, F 
Anderson, John Jas., port gauger, 27 

Market st 
Anderson, Lawrance, plumber, 224 Eliza- 
beth sc, and 140 Cambridge st, E C 
Anderson, L., plumber, Liitle Latrobe at 

Anderson, Magnus, tentmaker, 266 Elisa- 
beth st 
Anderson, Miss, 27 Nicholson st^ F 
Anderson, Mrs., Carlton st, Carl 
Anderson, Mrs., Graham st, San 
Anderson, Mrs. C.W., store, Beach st,San 
Anderson, R., contractor, 108 Arden at. 

Anderson, Robert, 210 Napier st, F 
Anderson, R, H., Nicholson st, F 
Anderson, Robert, machinist and gasfitter, 

137 Little Collins st east 
Anderson and Marshall, merchants, 63 

Little Collins st west 
Anderson and Sandilands, solicitors, &c., 

91 Little Collins st west 
Anderson and Stewart, shipsmiths. Nelson 

place, Wmn 
Anderson and Wright, timber yard and 

sawmills, 72 Flinders lane east 
Anderson, Thos. Y., and Co., ladies* out- 
fitters, 13, 15, and 59 Bourke st east 
Anderson, T. Y., Turret lodge, Wr 
Anderson, T. Y„ 38 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Anderson, Thomas, Eew 
Anderson, Thomas, Abbotsford st. Hot 
Anderson, Thomas, Dryburgh st. Hot 
Anderson, W., Barkly st, Bk 
Anderson, Walter, chemist. Chapel st, Pm 
Anderson, Wm., Eing William st, F 
Anderson, Wm., Carlton st, Carl 
Anderson, Wm., Westgarth st, F 
Anderson, Wm., Railway place, San 
Anderson, Wm., 14 Victoria parade, EM 
Anderson, Wm., dealer, 83 Wellington st, 

Anderson, W. A. D., Punt road, S Y 
Anderson, W. S., merchant and importer, 

120 Collins st west 
Anderson, W. S., and Co., merchants and 

importers, 120 Collins st west 
Andrade, Abraham, grocer, Cambridge st, 

Andres, J. J., 55 Little Oxford st, E C 
Andrew, Edwin, Argyle st, St E 
Andrew, Henry, Albert st, E M 
Andrew, J., Queensbeny at, Hot 




Andrew, John, and Co., drapers, 11 and 

19^ Lonsdale st west 
Andiew, Matthew, Marphj st, S Y 
Andrew, P., 94 Dorcas st, £m H 
Andrew, Robert, 98 DoTer road, Wmn 
AndreiTS, C, 38 King WUIinm st,F 
Andrews, G., Clarendon st, £in H 
Andrews, G., Berkeley st, Carl 
Andrews, Henry, coal merchant, 63 Bai- 

scll street 
Andrews, James, inspector of nuisances, 

96 Cardigan st, Carl 
Andrews, J., wheelwright, Main st, Held 
Andrews, John, 83 Gore st, F 
Andrews, Joseph, 33 Cremorne st, Rd 
Andrews, Robert, 8a Palmer st, F 
Andrews, Robert, greengrocer, 82 CUren- 

doQ st, Km H 
Andrews, Robert £., 48 Ann st, Wmn 
Andrews, Thomas, Rowena parade, Rd 
Andrews, Thomas, 10 Rathdowne st, Cari 
Andrews, W., 67 George st, F 
Andrews, W., 25 Victoria st, £ C 
Andrews, W., Webb st, F 
Andrews, W. J., Vere st, E C 
Anear, Henry, 96 Drummond st, Carl 
Angel, Mrs., 58 Cambridge st, £ C 
Angd, Stephen, 25 Stanley st, W M 
Angior, S., chemist, Northoote 
Anglers* Society, 30 Swaoston st 
Anglo-Swiss G. M. Co., 31 Collins st west 
AngQs, Henry, bootmaker, 29 Little 

Lonsdale st west 
Angns, Robt., contractor, 88 Napier st, F 
Angiu, S., Davis st, S Y 
Ankers, C, coal and wood yard, High st, 

Anketell, Wm., returning officer. Pent 
Annandale, Mrs., 21 Napier st, £m H 
Annear, B., 33 Punt road, S Y 
Annear, Rer. S., Parker st, Wmn 
Annis, A., Lothian st, Hot 
Ansett, Henry, 126 Flinders lane east 
Anstead, J., Caledonian hotel, CoYcntry 

st west, £m H 
Anthony, F., C.E., municipal 8urye7i|.52 

Collins st east, and Bk ▼^ 

Anthony, Thomas, and Co.^ timber mer- 
chants, a'Beckett st west 
Anthony, Thomas, Church st, Rd 
Antisell, R., 11 Church st, Rd 
Antonio, B., dining rooms, 63 Bonrke st 

Aplin, C. D., geologist, agent, and sor- 

Teyor, 68 Temple court, Collins st west 
Aplin, F., painter, 224 George st, F 
Aplin, F., 38 Stanley st, £ C 
Apollo Music Hall, 172 Bourke st east 
Apperly, Henry, sculptor, 20 Barkly st, 

Appert, Pierre, Punt road, Pra 
Appleby, J., fruiterer, Sydney road, Bk 
Appleton and Liitlewood, drapers, 45 and 

47 Collins st east 

Appleton, Laurence Fredk., Burnett st, 

Appleton, Richard W., 6 Osborne st, Pra 
Appleton, John, tinsmith, Flem 
Appold,Mrs.,emhroideress, Albert st,Pra 
Apps, William George, undertaker, 165 

Fitzroy st, F 
Apted, William, 240 Napier st, F 
Arbray, S., 103 Kerr st, F 
Arch, Arthur, hatter, 297 Victoria parade, 

£ C 
Archibald, Wm., 49 King WilDam st, F 
Archer, David, Railway place, San 
Archer, W. H. (Registrar- General), Haw 
Archer, Mrs.« Sackville st, E C 
Ardem, J., Commercial road, Pra 
Ariel, Thomas H., Stoke st, San 
Argo and Britannia Gold Mining Co.'s, 

31 Queen st 
Argus Newspaper office, 76 Collins st east 
Armbrecht, H., working jeweller, 79 Rus- 
sell st 
Armitage, Benjamin, 98 Bouverie st, Caii 
Arms, Mrs., Rathdowne st, Carl 
Armsted, George, Banksia st, Heid 
Armstrong, D., Scott's hotel and £s8 
Armstrong, Emery, , grocer, 65 Cecil st, 

Armstrong, James, and Co., grocers and 

bakers. High st, Pra 
Armstrong, John, Britannia hotel, comer 

of lionsdale and Swanston sts 
Armstrong, John, cabinetmaker, 86 Na- 
pier st, F 
Armstrong, John, 173 Swanston st 
Armstrong, J., Heath st, San 
Armstrong, Mrs., 123 Kerr st, F 
Armstrong, Mrs., 10 Fitzroy st, St K 
Armstrong and Merriman, carriage repo- 
sitory, 214 £lizabeth st 
Armstrong, R. A., Rotherwood st, Rd 
Armstrong, Thomas, grocer, Elizabeth st 

Armstrong, Thos., 32 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Armstrong, Thomas, grocer, 79 Leveson 

st, Hot 
Armstrong, W., Station place, San 
Armstrong, W., grocer, Sackville st, E C 
Armstrong, William, 153 Queensberry st, 

Armstrong, Z.,bntcher, Elizabeth st north 
Armytage, C. H., Gardiner's Creek road, 

Amell, — , 159 Elizabeth st 
Arnold, Albert G., chemist, 134 High st, 

Arnold, Andrew, 24 Clarendon st, Em H 
Arnold, Ann, Herald agency and fanpy 

repository, Clarendon st, Em H 
Arnold Brothers, blacking and vinegar 

works, 10 Franklin st west 
Arnold, Charles H., manufacturer of fancy 

goods, 42 Post Office place, and 125 

Swanston st 




Araold, G., surgeon. High st, St E 
Arnold, Henry, bootmaker, 104 Dram- 

mond St, Carl 
Arnold, H., carrier, Elizabeth st north 
Arnold, James F., com merchant, Bath- 

downe st, Carl 
Arnold, Joseph, 89 Chetwynd st. Hot 
Arnold, Mrs., Easy st, £ C 
Arnold, Mrs., Albert st. Fey 
Arnold, R., South road, Btn 
Arnold, W., Denby st, Btn 
Arnold, W., Bay st, San 
Arnold!, X., engraver, 87 Russell st 
Amot, Andrew, 141 Lonsdale st east 
Arnott, Wm., stationer, 54 High st, StE 
Arnshire, George, Punt road, Rd 
, Arrow, D., 1 19 Westgarth st, F 
Arter, F., Yarra st, E C 
Arthur, Mrs., Greville st, Pra 
Arthur, Samuel, 29 Johnston st, F 
Arthur, Thomas, 40 Johnston st, E C 
Arthur, William, 57 Johnston st, £ C 
Arthurs, George, 21 Gifford st, Wmn 
Ashby, R., 132 Gore 8t,F 
Asher, J., Rathdowne st, Carl 
. Ashforth, Wm., 227 Lygon st, Carl 
Ashley and Smith, watchmakers and 

jewellers, 95 Flinders lane east 
Ashley, Edmd., importer of coachmakers* 

materials, Therry st, St E 
Ashley, Mrs., Carlton st, Carl 
Ashmore, Mrs., Hoddle st, £ C 
Ashmore, William, 90 Madeline st, Carl 
Ashmore and Goer, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 20 Eing st 
Ashton, E., Gardiner *s creek road, Pra 
Ashton, Fletcher, 164 Albert st, E M 
Ashton, George (H.M.C.), 68 Pascoe st, 

Ashton, J. M., butcher, Chapel st, Pra 
Ashton, Michael, organist, Sackville st, 

Ashworth, £., Daris st, Pra 
Ashworth, John, 77 Harmer st, Wmn 
Ashworth, Simeon, 178 Madeline st, Carl 
Asiatic Banking Corporation, 21 Collins 

st west 
Askmore, Charles, butcher, 157 Bruns- 
wick st, F 
Asmussen, A., Railway hotel, Elizabeth st 
Aspinall, Butler C, barrister, 29 Temple 

court, Collins st west 
Aspinwall, William, Darling st, S Y 
Astley, Thomas, Rowena parade, Rd 
Astley, William, Rowena parade, Rd 
Atchison, J., Barkly st, Bk 
Atchison, J. D., 67 Napier st, F 
Atchison and Lumsden, timber merchants, 

&c., 19 Flinders st west 
Athenaeum and Free Library, Eew 
Athens, Mrs., midwife, Latrobe parade 
Atkin, C. A., chemist, 43 Errol st. Hot 
Atkin, Wm., chemist, 96 Spencer st north 
Atkins, George, Fitzroy st, F 

Atkins, John, 22 Bank st west, Em H 
Atkins, John, barrister, 22 Temple court, 

Collins st west 
Atkins, Josiah, hay and corn store, Bridge 

road, Rd, and Chapel st, Pra 
Atkins, Thomas, 60 Ann st, Wmn 
Atkins, William, bootmaker, 148 CollixiB 

st west 
Atkins, W. H., Northcote 
Atkinson, — , Raglan st, San 
Atkinson and Co., corn store, &c.. High 

st, St E 
Atkinson, F. C, medical practitioner, 187 

Stephen st 
Atkinson, G. W., Clyde st, St E 
Atkinson, Henry, butcher, 120 Little Lons- 
dale st east 
Atkinson, James, Berkely st, Carl 
Atkinson, John, tailor, 26 Little Collins 

st west 
Atkinson, John, 244 Moray st, Em H 
Atkinson, John, Brighton st, Rd 
Atkinson, Mrs., 4 Dover villas, Victoria 

parade, E C 
Atkinson, R., butcher. Church st, Btn 
Atkinson, R., butcher, Viiliers st. Hot 
Atkinson, Robert, butcher, 62 Clarendon 

st, Em H 
Atkinson, T. G., Barkly st, Carl 
Atkinson, Thomas G., 91 Moor st, F 
Atkinson, G. F., saddler, 146 Brunswick 

st, F 
Atkinson, Wm., Berkely st, Carl 
Atkinson, Susan, Caroline st, Pra 
Atkyns, £. A., solicitor, 18 and 19 Eldon 

Chambers, Collins st west and Haw 
Attenborough, Wm., Domain road 
Attenborough, Thos., stables. Blossom 

alley. Post 0£Sce place 
Attenborough, Winfield, solicitor, 26 and 

28 Collins st west 
Attfleld, Edward, boot and shoe dealer. 

High st, Pra 
Attfleld, E., Haw 
Attrill, Mrs., 14 Napier st, F 
Audit Department Offices, 178 Collins at 

Audley , G., carpenter, 31 6 Bridge road, Rd 
Augur, Fred., greengrocer. High st, Pra 
Auld, John, grocer, 88 Little Oxford st, 

Auld, John, 9 Pelham st, Carl 
Aulton, Hy., 72 Raglan st, Em H 
Aumailley, Raimond, marine store, 197 

Bourke st west 
Aust, Mrs., laundress, Perry st, E C ' 
Austin, — , brushmaker, 234 Moray st, 

Austin, — f tanner, Flemington Bank 
Austin and Ellis, architects and surveyors, 

60 Elizabeth st 
Austin, George Gordon, Cross Eeys hotel, 

Lonsdale st east 
Austin, G., 153 Moray st, Em H 




Austin, G., 63 Yoang St., F 

Austin, Henry, Lothian st. Hot 

Austin, Jas. Edward, King William st, F 

Austin,. J. H., Peel st, Pra 

Austin, J. T., coach trimmer, 120 Napier 

St, Em H 
Austin, J., 20 Dorcas st west, £m H 
Austin, Mrs., 28 Nelson place, Wmn 
Austin, Mrs. Fannj, grocer, Barkly st, 

Austin, Richard, schoolmaster. Union st, 

Fnnt road, Pra 
Austin, S. A., store, 210 Little Collins st 

Austin, Thomas, Kew 
Anstin, Wm., Bay st, Btn 
Austin, William, tailop Morland st. Fey 
Australasian FinancittiAgency Company, 

17 Eldon Chambers, Collins st west 
Aostralasian Fire and Life Insurance 

Company, 75 Collins st west 
Australasian Sub-marine Limited Work- 
ing Company, 61 Collins st east 
Australasian Newspaper Office, 76 Collins 

st east 
Australian Alliance Assurance Company, 

53 Elizabeth st and 2 Collins st west 
Australian Eyangelist Office, 78 Collins st 

Australian Express Company, 90 Bourke 

at east 
Australian Gold and Silver Mining Co., 

3 Little Cullins st west 
Australian Lloyds, Hall of Commerce, 48 

Collins st west 
Australian Medical Journal Office, 78 

Collins st east 
Australian Mortgage, Land, and Finance 

Company, 22 and 24 Queen st 
Aunralian Monthly Magazine Company 

(Limited), 23 Post Office place 
Australian Mutual Provident Society's 

Office, 107 Collins st west 
Australian Newspaper Office, Church st, 

Australian Pastoral Investment Co., 70 

Queen st 
Australian Stage Company, 35 Bourke st 

Australian Steam Navigation Company, 

10 Elizabeth st 
Australian Trust and Agency Company, 

corner Bond st and Flinders lane west 
Australian Trust Company, 50 William st 
Australian United Loan and Discount 

Association, 61 and 63 Flinders lane east 
Australian Wine Company, 73 Bourke st 

Austrian Lloyds Steam Navigation Co., 

22 Collins st west 
Autard, C, and Co., 85 Flinders st west 
Antard, C, 4=^ Gore st, F 
Aveling, G., Millswyn st, Pra 
ATery, Edward, 137 Cecil st, Em H 

Avery, Joseph, builder, 26 Smith st, £ C 
Avins, Henry, Painter, 121 Moor st, F 
AyIs, Thomas, and Co., cabinetmakers, 

&c., 50 Errol st. Hot 
Ayers, J., saddler. Chapel st, Pra 
Ayers, John, Weston st, Bk 
Aylwin^ J. H., L54 Bourke st east 
Aylwin, Herbert, 1 13 Moray st, Em H 
Aylwin, Percy, draper. New st, Btn 
Azzopaid, (A), ironmonger, 14 Post Office 

Azzopaid, Antonio, ironmonger, Angelo 

lane, 7 Bourke st east 


Bachelor, William, Lennox st, Rd 
Bachholtz, F., 37 Little Lonsdale st west 
Backas, T. L., Chapel st, Pra 
Bacon, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 

1 65 Bourke st east 
Badcock, J., manager Bank of New South 

Wales, Collins st west 
Baddington, W., bootmaker, Gardiner*B 

creek road, Tk 
Badger, A. G., Wellington parade, E M 
Badham, T. W., solicitor, 66 Little Collins 

st west and Flem 
Badley, Wm., 152 Madeline st, Carl 
Baeyertz, K, Barkly st, St K 
Baeyertz, Charles, manager branch Na- 
tional Bank of Australasia, Hd 
Bagge, Herman C, Victoria parade, E AI 
Baggett, Frederick, bottle dealer, 27 Fran- 

lin st west, and Oxford st, Hot 
Baggs, Thomas, Wellington st, St K 
Baggs, W., 17 Nelson road, Em H 
Bagley, J. C, Victoria st, W M 
Bagley, Rev. J., Lennox st, Rd 
Bagnall, John, 130 Elgin st, Carl 
Bagot, Robert C, surveyor, 50 WUliam st 

and Flem 
Bagsley, D., 113 Oxford st, E C 
Bailev, Chas., bootmaker, 40 Oxford st, 

Bailey, Edward, Tivoli place, S Y 
Bailey, Thomas, 33 Queen st 
Bailey, Edward, Goodwood st, Rd 
Bailey, Enoch, 136 Johnston st, F 
Bafiey, V ., milliner, Victoria st, Hot 
Bailey, Job, 30 Perry st, E C 
Bailey, M., 49 Nelson place, Wmn 
Bailey, Thomas, market gardener, Fres 
Bailey, William, Cecil st, Wmn 
Bailey, William, 28 Elgin st, Carl 
Bailey, William, Domain road, S Y 
Bailey, Wm., corn factor, 9 Flinderi st, 

Bailhache, Philip, 147 Bouverie st, Carl 
Baillie, J., gprocer. High st, St K 
Baillie, J. M., 112 Westgarth st, F 
Baillie, W. G., St K 

Baillie and Butters, stock and share bro- 
kers, 49 Collins st west 





Baillie, John, 78 Lonsdale tt east 

Baillie aad fiobertson, carpenten and 

joinen, 50 Poit Office place 
Baillie, Thomas, Carlisle st, E St E 
Bailliere,F.F., publisher, 104 Collins st 

Bain, John, Franklin st, W M 
Bain, Mrs. 201 Smith st, F 
Bain and Boyal, coopers, rear 94 Little 

Bonrke st west 
Bain, John, greengrocer, 79 Moray st, 

Bainbridge, Wm., shoemaker, 118 Queen 

Baines, Edward, wholesale ironmonger, 11 

Little Collins st east 
Baines, James, baker, 42 Gertrude st, 129 

Brunswick at, F, and Hoddle st, £ C 
Baird, J., bailder, Hanmer st, Wmi^ 
Baird, J., 124 Johnston st, F 
Baker, — , cab proprietor, Gardiner's ck rd 
Baker and Bettison, ship joiners, Beach 

st, San 
Baker, C, Haw 

Baker, Captain, 62 Raglan st east, Em H 
Baker, Charles, Leicester st, F 
Baker, Charles, Hoddle st, E C 
Baker, E. H., chemist. Clarendon st, Em 

Baker, Edward, confectioner, 166 King st 
Baker, George, Miller st, W M 
Baker, G., carrier, Carpenter st, Btn 
Baker, George, lime and cement merchant, 

8 Cardigan st, Carl 
Baker, J., Wilson st, Btn 
Baker, John, Wood st. Moor st, F 
Baker, John J., fishmonger, 40 Swanston 

st, and Geelong 
Baker, John G., saddler, Church st, Rd 
Baker, John R., commission and insurance 

agent, &c, Eldon Chambers, Collins st 

Baker, J. W., Coventry st, Em H 
Baker, Mrs., draper, New st, Btn 
Baker, T., Hope st, Bk. 
Baker, Thomas, Union st, Pra 
Baker, Williara, Toang Queen hotel, Pent 
Baker, William, carpenter, 135 Little 

Collins st west 
Balch, Mrs., Fitzroy st, St K ' 

Balchin, Jas., grocer, 216 Bourke st west 
Bald, G«orge Thompson, accountant, 69 

Collins st west 
Bald Hill Gold Mining Company, 66 Little 

Collins st west 
Balderson, R., Chapel st, Pra 
Balderson, R., tailor and outfitter, 9 Col- 
lins st east 
Baldwin, John, genera] dealer, 166 Made- 
line st, Carl 
Baldwin, J., Bay st, San 
Baldwin, John, 54 Bouverie st, Carl 
Baldwin, Richard, Church st, Rd 
Baldwin, Mrs., GrosTenor st, Pra 

Baldwin, Reuben, cab proprietor, 127 

Flinders lane east 
Baldwin, W., painter aad gbuier. Little 

Latrobe st east 
Bale, G., clothier and hairdresser, 139 

Flinders st west 
Balfour, James, Jolimont terrace, E Id 
Balharry, Jas, shipbroker, Strand, Wmn 
Ball, Ambrose, Smith st, E C 
Ball, Charles, Pres 

Ball, J. W., bookseller, 40 Brunswick st, F 
Ball, George, 2 Greeves st, f^ 
Ballantyne, Roy. James, Rathdowne at, 

BaHarat Star office, 26 Collins st eaat 
Ballard, Benjamin, 4 James st, F 
Balhird, Thomas, Wellington st, Rd 
BalUrd, Henry, Blawarra st, Wmn 
Balleny, Robert, baker, 77 Bank st west, 

Ballingall, James, 27 Condell st, F 
Ballingall, William, Domain road, S Y 
Ballinger, James, 1 13 Bouverie st, Carl 
Ballinger, Joseph, 85 Gore st, F 
Ballock, Archibald, Perry st, £ C 
Balmer, Benjamin, 23 Cobden st, Em H 
Balmer, Mrs., 28 Cobden st, Em H 
Balston, J., Bank st east, Em H 
Bamber, John, 2 Lincoln square, Carl 
Bamber, Thomas, 8 Greenes st, F 
Bamber, — , 82 Kerr st, F 
Bamfield, Henry, dairy man, Hoddle st,£C 
Bam ford, James, surgeon dentist, 109 

Swanston st 
Banco, Edmund, baker, Chapel st, Pra 
Banco, H. P., Caroline st, S Y 
Bancroa, E., merchant, 85 Flinders stwest 
Bancroft, George, Alma st, St K 
Bancroft, Richard, Westbury st, St K 
Bancroft, R. K., Halfway House, Albert 

st, E M 
Band, R., Perry st, E C 
Bane, Thomas, Duke of Kent hotel, 16 

Lntrobe st west 
Banken, F., 10 Gloucester terrace, Fitzroy 

st, St K 
Bank of Anstralasia, 77 Collins st west 
Bank of New South Wales, 51 Collins at 

Bank of Victoria, 34 & 36 Collins st east 
Bank Place, 77 Collins st west 
Banks Brothers, Bell and Co., warehouse- 
men; Flinders court, Flinders lane west 
Banks, Frederick, 10 Gloucester terrace. 

Banks, John, Graham st. Young st, F 
Banks, Mrs., milliner, 63 Clarendon at. 

Em H 
Bankfl, Thomas, 133 Little Lonsdale st 

Banks, William, Btn 

Banner, R. G., Victoria hotel. Bay st, San 
Banner, Richard, Dow st, San 
Bannerman, A. F,, 121 Faraday at, Carl 





BaDnon, B., Srran at, Rd 
Banooa, £., Capel at, Hoi 
BaoDon, SyiveBter, Argyle square, Carl 
Bangwanath, Jamea, carpenter, 908 Vic- 
toria St, Rd 
Baiagwanath, Michael^ engineer and ma- 
chinist, 87 Little Bonrke st east 
Baragwanath, Peter, 113 Bank at west, 

Barber, B., Gore st, F 
Barber, Jamea, 61 Argyle at, F 
Barber, G. F. A., 14 Ann st, Wmn 
Barber, Mra., Dorcaa st eaa^ Em H 
Barber, Thomas, 41 Market st, Em H 
Barber, Wm., wharf carrier, comer of 

Flinders and Elizabeth sts 
Barbier, E. A., 98 Moray place, Em H 
Bsrbonr, R^ timber merchant, 120Latrobe 

Barclay, Henry, 87 Fitaroy st, F 
Baiday, Henry, mining agent, 36 Collina 

Barclay, C. S., Branswick hotel, Bruns- 
wick 8t,F 
Bard, T., 43 Kerr st, F 
Bardin, Rer. C. P. M., Albion st east, Bk 
Bardslev, Wm., Henry st, Pra 
Bazdwell, Everett, solicitor, 68| Queen st 
Bardwell, Thomas Hill, merchant and 

squatter, 73 Flinders lane west 
Bardwell, W., tailor, 59 Flinders st east 
Barfoot, J. R., Studley st. £ C 
Barfoot, Mrs. Sarah, midwife, 86 Dorcas 

Barfoot, U., 73 York st east, Em H 
Barker, --,117 Wellington st, E C 
Barker, Edward, surgeon, 53 Latrobe st 

Barker, F., Graham st, San 
Barker, J., bootmaker, Mill st, Btn 
Barker, J., Gipps st. E M 
Barker, J. W., Gardiner*s Creek road, S Y 
Barker, John, Powlett st, E M 
Barker, Mrs., Commercial road, Pra 
Barker, Mrs., midwife, 188 Napier st, F 
Barker, Wm., 35 Stanley st, W M 
Barker, Wm, merchant, 118 Little Col- 
lins st west 
Bark ley, Joseph, 53 Victoria st, Carl 
Barkley, Mrs. Mary, 116 Johnston st, F 
Barlow, Allan, 283 King st 
Barlow, J., Victoria st west, Bk 
Barlow, John, Fitzroy st, St K 
Barlow, Rer. John, Nicholson st, Carl 
Barlow, Rev. Robert B., St. Mark's Par- 
sonage, Carlton st, Carl 
Bartow, Wm., Bell inn. Perry st, E C 
Barlow, W., Station place, San 
Barml^ Brothers, butchers. Bridge road, 

Barmingham,.H., Union st, Bk 
Barnard, Aaher, Princess terrace, F 
Barnard, Daniel and Reuben, tobacconists 
and hairdressers, 44 Bourke st east 

Barnard, Francis, chemist, Eew 

Barnard, Mrs., Ferguson st, Wmn 

Barnard, Wm., baker and grocer, Cam- 
bridge st, E C 

Barnes, B., 38 M* Arthur place, Carl 

Barnes, £., Dover Castle hotel, Palmer- 
ston st, Carl 

Barnes, F, Jackson st, St K 

Barnes, James, Barkly st, Carl 

Barnes, Joseph, chemist, Queensbeny at. 

Barnes, J., Swan st, Rd 

Barnes, Samuel, High st, Pra 

Barnes, Wm., brickyard, Brunswick road 

Barnes, W., Hodgson st, Bk 

Barnes, Wm , tailor, 138 Bridge road, Rd 

Bamea, Wm., draper, Nelson place north, 

Barnea, W. E., Cardigan Lt, Carl 

Barnett, A., cabinetmaker, 155 Lonsdale 

Barnett, A. R., stockbroker, 35 Little Col- 
lins st west 

Barnett, B., grocer, 120 and 114 Russell st . 

Barnett, Asher, confectioner, Russell st 

Barnett, Isaac, pawnbroker, 117a Swan- 
ston st 

Barnett, J., Canning st, Carl 

Barnett, John, general dealer, 207 Swan- 
Bton st 

Barnett, Joseph, Yarra st, Pra 

Barnett, J., tobacconist. Smith st, E C 

Barnett, Joseph, 143 Little Lonsdale st 

Barnett, Lewis, dealer, 100 Little Lons- 
dale st east 

Barnett, Lewis, 103 Bourke st west 

Barnett, Mrs., Smith st, F 

Barnett, Mrs., Ferguson st, Wmn 

Barnett, S., 15 Napier st, F 

Barnett, Wni , farmer, Hawden st, Held 

Barntield, Thomas, Bamfield*s hotel, 
Barkly st, Carl 

Barnfleld, Robert, General Havelock hotel, 
Victoria parade, E C 

Bamicoat, Wm. John, Leveson st, Hot 

Baron, Wm., Chapel st, Pra 

Bamsdale, S. P., M.D., surgeon, 54 Enrol 
st, Hot 

Barr, W., Dover place, Wmn 

Barr, Wm., 151 Little Lonsdale st west 

Barras, Matthew, Williams road, Pra 

Barrett, Charles, hairdresser, llO Smith 

Barrett, G., Reilly st, F 

Barrett, James, M.D., surgeon, 16 Bank 
st west, Em H 

Barrett, T., Bmnawick road, Bk 

Barrett, Thomas, Pent 

Barrett, Thomas, Ferguson st, Wmn 

Barrett, Wm., Church st, Rd 

Barrie, John, Cardigan st, Carl 

Barrow, J. L., Haw 

Barrow, Louisa, 185 Flinders at eaat 

Barrows, S. C, Wellington parade, E M 






Barry, — , Dow at, San 
Barry, David, carrier, Flemington Bank 
Barry, David, Queensberry st, Hot 
Barry, Dr., Mona place, Punt road, S Y 
Barry, Edward, Spencer st north 
Barry, James, Spanish hotel, 113 Eliza- 
beth st 
Barry, J. W., sharebroker, 55 Temple 

court, Collins st west, and Flem 
Barry, John M., architect, C.E., 83 Swan- 

ston st 
Barry, John, Stanley st, W M 
Barry, Richard, bootmaker, 139 Eliza- 
beth st 
Barry, Sir Redmond, judge, Rathdowne st, 

Barry, Thomas, 10 Bank st east, Em H 
Barry, — , Stanley st, E C 
Barstow, Joseph, Easy st, Smith st, E C 
Barstow, J. F., 66 Lygon st, Carl 
Barter, H. M., station master, Spencer st 
Barthold, G. J., clothing factory, 197 

Spring st 
Bartholomew, A., 301 Lygou st, Carl 
Bartholomew, Arthur, diraughtsman, 55 

Rathdowne st, Carl 
Bartholomew, David, Greenhythe, Fey 
Bartholomew, G., 291 Victoria parade, E C 
Bartlam, Henry, Victoria st, St K 
Bartlett, A., Wellington st, E C 
Bartlett, F. J., plasterer. Church st, Rd 
Bartlett, George, perambulator maker, 

Queensberry st, Carl 
Bartlett, Jno., hairdresser, 237 Elizabeth st 
Bartlett, John, bootmaker, Gardiners' 

Creek road, Pra 
Bartlett, J., Happy Homfe hotel, Nott st, 

Bartlett, Thomas J., Cremome st, Rd 
Bartlett, William, Octavia st, St K 
Bartlett, Mrs., Easy st, Smith st, E C 
Bartlett, Sydney, Klectra st, Wmn 
Barton, G., 166 Madeline st, Carl 
Barton, Robert, baker, 34 Chetwynd st, 

Barton, Wm., Barton's hotel, 40 William 

st and 93 Little Collins st east 
Barton, R., Fergusson st, Wmn 
Barton, Wm., 73 Hathdownc st, Carl 
Barton, W. H., 124 Moray st, Em H 
Barton, — , schoolmaster, Ivanhoe 
Bartram, Mrs., dressmaker, Wreckyn st. 

Bartren, J., 121 Westgarth st, F 
Barwick, W. P., Drummond st, Carl 
Barwise, John, 26 Villiers st. Hot 
Bar ward, Mrs., Fawkner «t, St K 
Barwood, James, coal yard, Lesney st, Rd 
Barwood, James £., candlemaker, Lesney 

st, Brighton st, Rd 
Basan, Geori".', Grange road, Tk 
Basch, J., QiAcen st 

Baskerville, Thomas, 195 Latrobe st west 
Bfusett, A., Stoke st, San 

Basnett, James, Mount Gambler hotel. 

Palmer st, F 
Bastett, Wm., 65 Argyle st, F 
Bassett, Wm., 41 Fiizroy st, F 
Bastard, S., Stanley st, E C 
Bastard, Thomas, bootmaker, High tt, 

Bastings, E., grocer, Northcote 
Bastings, Wm., bootmaker, Northcote 
Baston, W., George st, F 
Bastow, Henry R., architect and surveyor, 

Oxford Chambers, Collins st west 
Batcheldor, Fred., stationer. High st, Pra 
Bate, T., Lennox st, Rd 
Batelier, Henri, culler and tinimith, 

Queensberry st 
Bateman, A., batcher, Flem 
Bateman, Wm., Pelham st, Carl 
Bateman, Wm., Belfast 
Bates, — , bQotmaker, Wells st, Btn 
Bates, C, Napier st, F 
Bates, Charles, Latrobe st west 
Bates, Ezekiel, 125 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Bates, Henry, boatbuilder, 20 Cole st, 

Bates, Henry, 25 Market st, Em H 
Bates, Mrs, Madeline st, Carl 
Bates, Thomas T., ironmonger, 46 High 

st, St K, and 171 and 173 Elizabeth st 
Bates, Wm., Margaret st, Pra 
Bates, Wm., and Co., provision merchants, 

165 Swanston st 
Bates, Charles, and Lecroisette, Thomas, 

cocoa and chocolate manufacturers, 

Latrobe st west 
Bath, Edwin, Fergusson st, Wmn 
Batho, Charles, Brunswick st, Bk 
Baths and Washhouses, Swanston st north 
Batten, Edward R., broker, 16 Queen st 
Batten, F. W., Bay st, Btn 
Batten, Jos., 90 Dudley st. W M 
Batten, John, 1 1 King William st, F 
Batten, Mrs. W. R., milliner and dress- 
maker, 110 Brunswick st, F 
Batterftby, Alexander, Wellington st, StK 
Battersby, James, 76 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Battersby, John, Fergusson st, Wmn 
Battinson, John, cabinetmaker, Theriy st 
Battinson, John, Barkly st, Carl 
Battiscombe, J., grocer, Hanover and 

Webb sts, F 
Battle, John, Marion st, F 
Batty, — , Kent st, Leicester st, F 
Batty, Wm., Grey st, E M 
Bavin, T. J., Dalgety st, St K 
Baxter, — , Bailie st. Hot 
Baxter, Charles, Church st, Rd 
Baxter, James, Clyde st, St K 
Baxter, Mrs., 115 Wellington st, B C 
Baxter. — , 33 Errol st, Hot 
Baxter, W.. High st, St K 
Bayldon and Graham, merchants and 

tallow-chandlers, 53 Flinders st west 
Bayldon, Richard G., Nicholson st, F 






fiaylei, W., MX^. (of Bajles, Wm.,aDd 

Co.), DandeDong road, St K 
Baylei, Wm., and Co., merchaata, 97 Col- 
fins tt west 
Bajley, George, 8 Yillien at. Hot 
Bayley, J., Williams* road, Pre 
Bayley, James, Windsor terrace, Welling- 
ton st, Pra 
Baylej, J. H., earthenware dealer, Gardi- 
ner's Creek road, S Y 
fiayl^, T., 66 Johnston st, F 
Bayley, Rev. Thomas A., George st,F 
Bayley, Wm., 72 Wellington st, £ C 
Bayne, Wm., Abbotiford st, Hot 
Baynes, George, solidtor, 85 Uttle Collins 

Baynham and Barstow, timber yard, cor* 

ner of Smith and Derby sto, £ C 
Bayoton, F., 61 Kerr st, F 
Bassglo, — , poundkeeper. Pent 
Beacham, John C, ivory tamer, &c., 123 

Little Collins st east 
Beal, Mrs. Thomas, soap manofactorer. 

Commercial road, Pra 
Beale, M., and Son, fancy repository, 124 

Bridge road, Rd 
Beale, W. N., carpenter, Blessington st, 

Beamen, Bichard, Derby st, £ € 
Beaney, James George, surgeon, 154 Col- 
lins st east 
Bear, Hon. J. P., 25 Victoria parade, F. 
Bear, J., Ivanhoe 
Besr, T. H., Heidelberg road 
Bear's Horse Market, 70 Bonrke st west 
Besrcroft, E. W., accountant, 1 Bank 

place, Collins st west 
Beard, A., Carlisle st west, St K 
Beard, J., Hoddle st, E C 
Beaaant, Stephen, 452 Bank st west, Em H 
Beasley, Nathaniel, fruiterer, Errol st. Hot 
Beath, David, Cotham road, Kew 
Beacon, Angua, butcher, Provoat st, Hot 
Beacon, Archd., Provost at. Hot 
Beaton, Jaa., cooper, 18 Post Office place 
Beattie, Bobert, commission agent, 27 

Dorcas st, Em H 
Beatty, John, Wellington st, St E 
Beatty, R., Albert at, Pra 
Beanchamp and Rocke, auctioneers, 38 

and 40 Collina st east 
Beauchamp, Horatio, Alma road, St K 
Beanchamp, Mrs., 105 Gertrude st, F 
Beaugarde, John, tailor, Palmerston st, 

Beaumont, E., Barkly st, Carl 
Beaumont, G., Davis st, Pra 
Beaumont, Joshua, Spencer st north 
Beaumont, Samuel, wireworker, 226 

Bourke st east 
Beaumont, Mrs., Rouse st, San 
Beavan, P., Spencer st north 
Beaver, — , inspector, Cecil st, Wmn 
Becker, P.. Punt load, Rd 

Becher, Rev. Michael Henry, St. James's 

Deanery, William st 
Becker, Thomas, Railway place, San 
Beckett, D., Margaret terrace, Bk 
Beckett, J., St. James's schools, William at 
Beckford, Mrs., 139 Gore st, F 
Beckinson, H., sweep, 57 Pelham st, Carl 
Beckwith Brothers^ merchants, 1 Market 

st, 65 and 67 Flinders st 
Beckx, G. C, Belgian consul, Avoca st, 

Beckx, Gustave, and Co., merchants, 89 

Queen st 
Beddy, Henry, Victoria parade, £ M 
Bedford, Charles, coal and wood yard, 

Royal lane, Bourke st east 
Bedggood, Daniel, boot importer, 15 Col- 
lins st west 
Bee, John, builder, 45 Xapier st, Em H 
Beeby, Mrs., 128 Gertrude st, F 
Beech, George, boot and shoe manufac- 
tory. Domain st, S Y 
Beehive, Bell's Reef, Eaglehawk and 

Grand Junction Mining Aasociations 

(Maldon), 37 Market street 
Beeling, Henry, Arden st. Hot 
Beer, Charles,^lumber and gasfltter, Syd- 
ney road, Bk 
Beer, Ernest, boot and shoe maker, 35 

little Collins st east 
Beer, Mrs., school, Moray st, Em H 
Beer, Rev. Joseph, Park hill terrace, 

Hoddle st, E M 
Beer, Robert, 53 Lygon st, Carl 
Beere, Charles N., bookseller and stationer, 

71 Swanston st 
Beeston, George, storekeeper. Haw 
Beeston, Henry, outfitter, 135 Elizabeth st 
Beeston, Mrs., 82 Napier st, Em H 
Beggs, John, Stork hotel, Elizabeth st 
Behan, J. W., 49 Lygon st, Carl 
Behin, Michael, greengrocer, 21 Coventry 

st, Em H 
Behney, John, bootmaker. Beach st, San 
Behn and Frederick, general dealers, 30 

Post Office place 
Behrens, Ditmar, tobacconist, 164 Bourke 

Beith, J., Barkly st, Bk 
Beith, J., cooper. Railway place, San 
Belcher, E., laundress, 15 Little Lonsdale 

Belcher, Mrs., 3 Albert st, E M 
Belcher, Thos., butcher, 145 Brunswick st 
Belcher, Wm., carpenter, Northcote 
Belfast Steam Packet Office, 31 Market at 
Belfield, J., contractor, Macarthur pUce, 

Belfield, Wm., painter, 11 James st, Wmn 
Belinfante, Solomon, merchant. Jolimont,. 

Bell, Alexander, High st, St K 
Bell, Alexander, Chetwynd st. Hot 
Bell, Ann, grocer, 110 Napier st, F 





Bell, Benjamin, grocer, 110 Napier at, F 

Bell, B. J., Caroline 8t, S Y 

Bell, Bruce, and Co., wholeaale grocers 

and wine merchant!, 19 Queen at 
Bell and Butt, undertakers, Lennox at, Rd 
Bell, David, Cremome st, Rd 
Bell, Edward, Lennox st, Bd 
Bell, £., Punt road, S T 
Bell, £., Kew 
Bell, F., Pent 

Bell, Fred. G., Chetwynd st, Hot 
Bell, George S., Charles st, Fcj 
Bell, George, William st, 8 T 
Bell, H., 49 Charles st, F 
Bell, Hy., 44 Dudley st, W M 
Bell, Henry, Arthur st, Commercial road, 

Bell, Henry, 115 BouYerie street, Carl 
Bell, James, Swan st, Rd 
Bell, James, cabinetmaker, Gipps st^ £ M 
Bell, James, 12 Faraday st, Carl 
Bell, J., bootmaker. High st, St K 
Bell, John, grocer, Rathdowne st, Carl 
Bell, Joshua, Webb st, F 
Bell, Mrs., 29 Dorcas st, Em H 
Bell, W. M. and Co., merchanU, 121 Little 

Collins st west, bonded stores, Church 

st, Bourke st west 
Bell, W. M., Tivoli, S Y 
Bell, W. M., Bolton, Btn 
Bell and Westwood, cabinetmakers, 11 

Chetwynd st, Hot 
Bell, William, Hoddle st, Rd 
Bell, W., George st, E. M. 
Bdr$ Life office, 9 Bourke st east 
Bellamy, Humphrey, 18 Palmer st, F 
Bellatt, A. B., hay and corn store. Haw 
Bellin, John, auctioneer and land agent, 

66 Gertrude st, F 
Bellingbam, Samuel, Flem Rd 
Bellis, George, 33 Bank st, Em H 
Bellman, James, 4 Albert st, B M 
Bellman, John, and Co., brewers, 24 Bou- 

Terie st, Carl 
Belton, G., carpenter, Arthur-seat road, 

Bencraft, Charles C, Haw 
Bencraft, George, oatmeal and flour miller; 

73 Flinders lane west 
Bencraft and Smith, solicitors, 48 Temple 

court, Collins st west 
Bencraft, George, High st, St K 
Bendigo Waterworks Co., 64 Elizabeth st 
Benerolent Asylum, Victoria and Corzon 

sts. Hot 
Benford, John, Richmond terrace, Rd 
Benger, Mrs., 104 Napier st, Em H 
Ben^y, George, grocer, High st, Pra. 
Benjamin, Benjamin, George st, E M 
Benjamin, DaTid, furniture dealer, 120 

Clarendon st, Em H 
Benjamin, D., 39 Market st, Em H 
Benjamin, Darid, furniture dealer, 191 

Swanston st 

Benjamin, David, commission agent, 63 

Little Collins st west, and 158 Collins 

st east 
Benjamin, Elias, Victoria Parade 
Benjamin, H. and L., tentmakers, 98 and 

201 Elisabeth st 
Benjamin, Heury, Errol st. Hot 
Benjamin, Isaiah, Bridport st west, Era H 
Ben j H min , Law rence, clothier and outfitter, 

126 Elizabeth st 
Benjamin, Lewis, general dealer, 56 Bridge 

Benjamin, M., 62 Little Collins st west 
Benjamin, M., 158 Collins st east 
Benjamin, Mrs., £., 202 Victoria parade, 

Benjamin, Mrs., stay and corset maker, 

and servants* registry, 217 Bourke at 

Benjamin, 8., merchant, 9 Queen at, and 

17 Napier st, F 
Benjamin, Samuel, clothier and outfitter 

I Bourke st west 
Benjamin, S., money broker, 87 Bourke 

st west 
Benjamin, Soloman, importer, 9 Queen at, 

and 17 Napier st, F 
Benjamin, S., importer, 19 Lonsdale at 

Benjamin, U., painter, &c., 46 Madeline 

st Carl 
Benn, John, Balmarino, S Y 
Benn, R., builder, Stephen st 
Bennet, T. K., 29 Russell st 
Bennet, Thomas Knight, butcher, 115 and 

117 Bourke st east, 154 Little CoUina 

st east 
Bennett, C, 69 Smith st, F 
Bennett, £., 52 Hanover st, F 
Bennett, £., Smith st, F 
Bennett, Eli, Miller st, Bk 
Bennett, £., 51 Wellington st, E G 
Bennett, £., Canning st, Carl 
Bennett, George, Alphington 
Bennett, H., Hoddle st, E C 
Bennett, H., produce store, Sydney road, 

Bennett, J., boarding-house, 110 Queen at 
Bennett, Joseph, Gifford st, Wmn 
Bennett, J. H., 281 Smith st, F 
Bennett, J., Cecil st north, Wmn 
Bennett, John, Bedford st, Hot 
Bennett, John B., corner Fitzroy and Ac* 

land sts, St K 
Bennett, John, Eew 
Bennett, Mrs., 57 Kerr st, F 
Bennett, Mrs., 71 Smith st, F 
Bennett, Mrs., 52 Montague st, Bm H 
Bennett, M., Station place, San 
Bennett, Nathaniel, Terminus hotel, Fitz- 
roy st, St K 
Bennett, Peter, fruiterer, comer Little 

Lonsdale and Swanston sts 
Bennett) Robert, Fitzroy st, St K 





BaneU snd Taylor, loliciton, 107 Collinf 

St west 
Bennett, Wm., fnrnitare dealer, 162 Swan 

St, Bd 
Beonett, Wm., Murphy st, S T 
Bennett, Wm. B., 154 Boorke tt eatt 
Bennetts, C, builder, 273 Brunswick it, F 
Bennetts, W. and A., general merchanta, 

154 to 158 Brunswick st, F 
Bennie, Alexander, George st, £ M 
Bennie, J., 17 Smitli st, F 
Benson Brothers, wholesale druggists, 134 

Benton, Cliarles, Aasembly hotel, 108 

Bonrke st east 
Benson, 6., bootmaker, 4 Gertrode st, F 
Benson, John, botcher, 115 Flinders at 

west, and 127 Collins st west 
Benson, Mrs., Richmond terrace, Bd 
Benson, Philip, Abbotsford st, Hot 
Benson, U. G.,estate agent, &c., 18 Collins 

Benson, B., car proprietor, Flem 
Benson, Wm., Carlisle st east, St K 
Bent,Wm., 13 Grattan st, Carl 
Bent, Wm., dealer. King st north 
Bent, Wm., secretary, Hobart Town and 

Launceston and Tasmanian Insurance 

Companies, 82 Collins st west 
Bentley, G. V., 13 Caroline st, S Y 
BenUey, Henry, 15 Three chain road, 

Bentley, Ber. J., Edward st, Bk 
Bentley, James, 32 BouTerie st, Carl 
Bentley, Seth, upholsterer and undertaker. 

Beach st, Saa 
Bentley, Wm., grocer, 222 Elixabeth st, 

122 Clarendon st 
Bentwttch, Morris, tobacconist, 11 Collins 

Benyon, James,' Ballarat arma hotel, 39 

Coventry st west, £m H 
Beresford, D., Bay st, Btn. 
Beresford, D. F., store. Bay st, San 
Berg, C. B., musician. Station place, San 
Bergboir, Charles, Carlisle st east, St K 
Bergfaoff and Touzel, importers of HaTan- 

nah cigars, 18 Collins st west 
Bergin, P., 23 Pelham st, Carl 
Bergin, P., 166 Madeline st, Carl 
Beigin, Thomas, Victoria st. St K 
Beigin, Thomas H., 3 Flinders st west 
Bergin, Thomas S., grocer and wine and 

spirit merchant, 121 Flinders st west 
Berin, J., 83 Moray st, £m U 
Beringer, John, watchmaker, 11 Gtertrude 

Bernie, James, Morris st, WnuL 
Berry, A., Lennox s^ Rd 
Berry, Graham, Trinian st, Pra 
Beny, Henry, 2 Somerset cottages, Nichol- 
son st, Carl 
Beriy, Henry, 7d| Bathdown st 
Berry^ J., Bristol st. Fey 

Berry, Joseph, ironmonger, &c., 62 Wel- 
lington st, £ C 
Berry, Wm., tailor, 9 M< Arthur st, Carl 
Bertheau, Charles E., insurance broker, 

49 Collins st west 
Bertenshaw, Thomas, photographer, 79 

Gertrude st, F 
Bertram, Bev. Dixon, Walters st. Fey 
Besant, Alfred, grocer, Hoddle st, £ C 
Beskinson, H., sweep, 57 Pelham st, Carl 
Bessieres, — , 96 Bourke st east 
Besson, C., restaurant, 202 Lonsdale st 

Best, Alban Thomas, chemist, 165 Bruns- 
wick st, F 
Best, Captain J., Osborne st, Wmn 
Best, James, Hawke st, W M 
Best, John, 46 Booverie st, Carl 
Best, Miss, dressmaker, 39 Hussell st 
Best, Bobert, 135 Bose st, F 
Bestwick, Wm., 8 Hanover st,F 
Bet-bet Beef Mining Company, 37 Mar- 
ket st 
Bethune, Andrew, 103 Lygon st, Carl 
Bethune, li., tailor, 189 Lygon st, Carl 
Betts, Thomas, Westbury st, St K 
Bevan, George, Commercial road, Pra 
Bevan, James, and Co., livery stables and 
coach proprietors, 19 Lonsdale st west, 
and 35 Bourke st cast 
Beyers, Edward, Westbury st, St K 
Beynon, Captain, Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Biagi, G., Italian Consul, 36 William st 
Bibby, James, contractor, 178 Driunmond 

st, Carl 
Bible Christian Chapel, Gore st, F 
Bible, Mrs., Ackland st, St K 
Bible and Tract Society's office, 1 7 Swan- 

Bice, F., 74 Leicester st, F. 
Bichner, 0. F., 59 King William st, F 
Bickerton, J. K., accountant and mining 

manager, 9 Elizabeth st 
Bickerton, Bichard Frederick, Neptune st, 

Bickford, Be v. James, Princess st, St K 
Biddle, W. C, Mitchell st, St E 
Biddulph, F. H., Wilson st, Pra 
Bidgood, Mrs., 274 Smith st, £ C 
Biers, Henry, 46 Bussell st 
Biggin, Wm., baker, Bowena parade, Rd 
Biggins, — ,19 Victoria st, £ C 
Biggs, A. £., Haw 

Bignell, Henry, manager Graziers' Corn- 
any, and butcher, 163 Bourke st east 
Bignell, W., baker, New st, Btn 
Bigwood, Frederick, auctioneer, 79 Collins 

st west 
Bill, Joseph, boarding-house, 227 Eliza- 

beth st 
Bickford, Jos., C, Howard st, Hot 
Billin, John, 3 Smith st, F 
Billing, James, Carlisle st east, St K 
Billing, Nathaniel, architect, 21 Queen st 





Billing, Richard A., barriBter, 12 Temple 

Billyeld, Henry, rivet makeTf 48 Welling- 
ton 8t, £ C 
Bilton, A., 72 Young 8t, F 
Bilton, Charlesi Eew 
Bince, John, Highett st, Rd 
Bindon, H. H., Station place, San 
Bindon, Samuel H., M.L.A., barrister, 19 

Temple court, Collins st west 
Binet, E., Wellington st, Fey 
Binet, Michael, leather seller, 112 Swan- 

ston st 
Biney, 0., Bosslyn st, W M 
Binge, Frederic, surgeon dentist, 95 Swan- 

ston st 
Binge, George, chemist and druggist, 286 

Brunswick st, F 
Binge, Joseph M., chemist and dentist, 88 

Brunswick st, F 
Binney, F. N., 78 Collins st west 
Binney, R. H., 1 Milton st, St E 
Binney, W., Gardiner's creek road, Tk 
Binnly, Wm., Gardiner's creek road, Tk 
Binstead, George, 132 Rose st, F 
Biram, R., grocer, 106 Queen st 
Birch, Fredk., Cardigan st, Carl 
Birch, F., fruiterer, 45 Victoria parade 
Birch, John, Hoddle st, £ C 
Birch, G., Williams road, Pra 
Birch, George, Graham st, San 
Birch, John, bootmaker, 89 Wellington st, 

Birchall, W. H., Rowcna parade, Rd 
Bird, — , Villiers st. Hot 
Bird, A., dealer, 185 Stephen st 
Bird, £., Thomson st, E C 
Bird Island Guano Company, 89 Queen 

st, and Eastern Market, Bourke st east 
Bird, J., Victoria st, W M 
Bird, J., Pent 

Bird, James, tailor, 36 Stephen st 
Bird, Samuel D., physician, 66 Elizabeth 

Bird, Mrs., 130 Westgarth st, F 
Bird and Son, news agents, &c., 4 Bourke 

st west, and 98 Queen st north 
Bird, T. J., 43 Kerr st, F 
Birkett, M., Barkly st, Bk 
Birkmire, J., Tivoli place. Punt road, S Y 
Birks, Thomas, Rennie st. Fey 
Birmingham, M., Royal bricfields, Bk 
Birmingham, T., Park hotel, Vere st, E C 
Birmingham, W., Royal brickfields, Bk 
Birrell, James, 74 Dudley st, W M 
Birnie, — , 46 Coventry st west, Em H 
Bishop, — , Dalgety st, St K 
Bishop, Alexander, Victorian hotel, comer 

of Lonsdale and Stephen sts 
Bishop, Francis, 6 Alfred place, Collins st 

Bishop George, Simpson street, E M 
Bishop, J., Grattan st, Carl 
Bishop, John, grocer, Hoddle st, £ C 

Bishop, J., dealer, 23 Victoria st, E C 
Bishop, James, 299 Fitzroy st, F 
Bishop, Mrs., 87 Cecil st, Em H 
Bishop, T., 45 Rosslyn st, W M 
Bishop, Wm., 1 Cole st, Wmn 
Bissell, Samuel, 44 Charles st, F 
Bissett, J., 116 Madeline st, Cari 
Biaber, Robert, 205 Albert st, E M 
Black, — , 36 Bank st went, Em H 
Black, A., Chetwynd st, W M 
Black, A., Stoke st, San 
Black, Charles, 42 George st, F 
Black, David, grocer, 171 Little Bourke tt 

Black, D., blacksmith, Moray st, Em H 
Black, D., store, St Andrew st, Btn 
Black, D., produce merchant, Bastem 

Market and Romeo lane 
Black, Donald, 12 Leicester st, Carl 
Black, George, stock and share broker, 10 
Collins st west, and 84 Drummond at, 
Black, George, Church st, Btn. 
Black, Henry, grocer, 175 Bourke st west 
Black, J., 106 Moray st, Em H 
Black, James, Cremorne st, Rd 
Black, J., 5 Carlton st, Carl 
Black, J. and R., bakers, 45 Madeline si, 

Black, J., M.D., surgeon, 97 Bourke st 

Black, Miss, dressmaker, Graham st, San 
Black, Mrs., 119 Spencer st 
Black, Mrs., Lothian st, Hot 
Black, Neil, M.L.C., Melbourne Club 
Black, Robert;, 55 Young st, F 
Black, Robert, contractor, 118 Bank st 

west, Em. H 
Black, Thomas, M.D., surgeon. Robe at, 

Black, Wm., bootmaker, 68 Victoria st, 

Black, Wm., 152 Victoria parade, E M 
Black, Wm. H., bootmaker, 149 King st 
Blackall, Wm., 67 Bouverie st, Carl 
Blackaly, Daniel, shoemaker. Eastern Mar- 
ket, Bourke st, east 
Blackburn, Francis, tobacconist, 53 Bourke 

st west 
Blackburn, James, Avoca st, S Y 
Blackburn, James, turner, Hoddle st, E C 
Blackburn, James, architect, C.E., and 

mining agent, 55 Elizabeth st 
Blackburn, John, Bendigo stables, Leices- 
ter st, Carl 
Blackburn, John, Roden st, W M 
Blackburn, J. B., Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Blackburn, Mrs., Rachael, 3 George st, f 
Blackett, Cuthbert liobert, chemist and 

druggist, Gertrude st, F 
Blackett, Mrs. M., Princes st, F 
Blackett, Thomas M., chemist, 76 Steve- 
dore st and Nelson place, Wmn 
Blackham, George, Lygon st, Carl 





Blackham, H., 109 Gertrude sfc, F 
Blackie, J., chemist and registrar, Freston 
Blacklock, James, Tivoli place, S T 
Blacklock, J., cabinetmaker, 18 Little 

Bonrke st west 
Blacklock, John, tailor, Hosie lane, off 

Flinders lane east 
Blackman, C, gardener, New st, Btn 
Blackmsn, H. S., Elgin st, Carl 
Blackman, James, Thomson st, E C 
Blackmcre, £. N., Halifax st, Btn 
Blackmore, Mark, waterproof clothing 

manufacturer, 1S3 Flinders st west 
Blackmore, Mrs., Graham st, San 
Blackshaw, Joseph, bookseller and news 

agent, 34 Cardigan st, Carl 
Blacksmiths* Society, meet at Trades Hall, 

Lygon st, Carl 
Blackson, Joseph, tailor, &c., 186 Bourke 

Blackwall Line of Packets, White, W. P., 

and Co., 10 Elizabeth st 
Blackwell, H., William st, Fra 
Blackwell, John, grocer. Bridge road, Bd 
Blackwell, William, 33 Lygon st, Carl 
Blackwell, R. T., William st, S Y 
Blackwood, James, Orrong road, Tk 
Blackwood, J. H., M.L.A., 76 Adderley st, 

Blade, Jeremiah, bntcher, comer of 

Branswick and Fane sts, F 
Blagden, George, Gipps st, E M 
Blair, Alexander, Saltwater River, Fey 
Blair, D., 160 Moor st, F 
Blair, Ellen, confectioner, 116 Gertrude 

Blair, George, 100 Argyle st, F 
Blair, James, 48 Napier st, F 
Blair, J., Saltwater River, Fey 
Blair, James W., chemist, 50 Bourke st 

Blair, John, surgeon, 101 Collins st east 
Blair, Mrs., Nicholson st, F 
Blair, Wm., 79 Raglan st, Em H 
Blair, Wm. N., ironmonger, 79 Raglan st, 

Blake, Henry, Thompson st, Wmn 
Blake, T. S., Pelham st, Carl 
Blake, Wm., Lothian st. Hot 
Blake, Wm., Canning st, Carl 
Blake, Wm., florist and seedsman, Gre- 

ville st, Pra 
Blake, Wm., Queensberry st, Hot 
Blake, Wm., 31 ^ourke st west 
Blakemore, E. V., comer of Caroline st 

and Domain road. S T 
Blakemore, John, bntcher, 49 Stevedore 

st, Wmn 
Blakeway, John Edwin, scale maker, 285 

Elizabeth st 
Blsm, Robert, Victoria parade, E M 
Blanchard, C, 44 Napier st, F 
Blanchard, Charles, saddler, 39 William st 
Blaochard, J., 48 King William st, F 

Blanchard, John, Valiant st, E C 
Blanchard, Wm., U. S. consul, 91 Little 

Collins st west 
Blanchfleld, — , grocer, Wellington st, E C 
Blandfleld, W., 53 Napier st, F 
Blannin, Wm., 49 Palmer st, F 
Blanshard, David, butcher, Gardiner's 

Creek road, Pra 
Blanshard, Mrs., registry office, Gardiner's 

Creek road, Pra 
Blanshard, Robert, 33 Lygon st, Carl 
Blanton, Thomas, Rathdowne st, Carl 
Blay, Mrs., St. David*8 st, F 
Blazey, Wm., pianoforte maker, 10 Bridge 

xoad, Rd, and 81 Collins st east 
Bleach, Mrs., 174 Bridge road, lid 
Bleasdale, Wm., Drummond st, Carl 
Blowett, G., 120 Brunswick st, F 
Blewitt, Gabriel, 63 Oxford st, E C 
Bligh, Francis, J., Btn road 
Bligh and Harbottle, merchants, &c., 43 

Flinders lane west 
Bliss, Alfred, auctioneer, &c., 34 Collins 

st west, and Lennox st, Rd 
Blizard, Mrs., I^nnox st, Rd 
Blom, O., teacher, off Gisborne st, E M 
Blomberg, Mrs., 104 CecU st, Em H 
Blomfleld, Benjamin G., coffee roaster, 14 

Post Office place 
Blomfleld, Henry, clothing manufacturer, 

85 Fitzroy st, F 
Bloomfield, James, Abbotsford st. Hot 
Bloomington, Israel, boot importer, Eli- 
zabeth st 
Bloor, Mrs., accoucheuse, 59 Spring st 
Bloor, Samuel, Exchange hotel, William 

Bloxham, Edward John, squatter, 2 Joli- 

mont square, E M 
Blue, Thomas S., baker, 12 Market st» 

Blum, Thomas, 88 Hotham st, E M 
Blumfield, — , Flemington road. Hot 
Blundell and Ford, stationers, printers, 

and publishers, 44 Collins st west, 51 

and 53 Flinders lane west 
Blundell and Hurry, solicitors a^d no* 

taries public, 69 Collins st wes^ 
Blundell, James J., Beach road, Btn 
Blundell, Martin P., Punt road, S Y 
Blundell, Richard, Balaclava road. Caul- 

Blyth, D., Albert st, Bk 
Btyth, Edgar C, Palmerston st, Carl 
Blyth, J., Dalgety st, St E 
Blyth, J., 41 Three-chain road, Em H 
Blythe, James, 226 George st, F 
Boadle, Mrs., 29 Pelham st, Carl 
Board of Education, Model schools, Spring 

Board of Examiners for Civil Service, 

Government house 
Board of Science, Building Museum, Queen 






Board of Agricultare, offices off Queen at 
Board, James, merchant, 75 Flinders lane 

east and Kew 
Boardman, Thomas, 102 Elgin st, Carl 
Bobardt, Otto, mechanical engineer, &c^ 

121 King St 
Bocquet, Alfred, 74 Little Collins st west 
Boddington, Al&ed, Bucklj st, Fey 
Boddington, Robert, millwright, 4 Queens- 

berry st, Carl 
Bodley, Sidney, Capel st, Hot 
Bodkin, Miss, milliner, 253 Elizabeth st 
Body, —, Toang st, F 
Body, Alexander, 136 Johnston st, E C 
Body, Edward, Haw 
Boedauker, W., Liardet st, San 
Bogg, John W., Tk 
Bogg, J., 17 Nelson road, Em H 
Boggiano, Louis, 82 Swanston st, and 

little Collins st east 
Bogie, A., florist, Punt road, Pra 
Bogie, James, Fergusson st, Wmn 
Bogle, Andrew (manager of the Boyiil 

Bank of India), Breckinhill Lodge, El- 

Bogle, John S., baker, 159 Bouverie st, 

Bohli. g, C, Flemington road, Hot 
Bohn, J. C, shoemaker, 110 Little Lons- 
dale st east 
Boilermakers* Society, meet at Trades* 

hall, Lygon st, Carl 
Boland, Edward, Abbotsford st, W M 
Boland, Jeremiah, Champion hotel, Bruns- 
wick and Gertrude st9,'F 
Boland, John, Loughmore Castle hotel, 

Jjeyeson and Arden sts, Hot 
Boland, John, Hen and Chickens hotel, 82 

Flinders lane east 
Boland, J. M., Crown and Anchor hotel, 

Napier st, F 
Boland, Patrick, Cross st, Hot 
Bold, Elizabeth, milliner, 34 Queensberry 

st. Hot 
Bold, J., glasscutter, Queensberry st, Hot 
Boler, Miss, 20 Adderly st, W M 
Boles, W., 21 St. David's st, F 
Bolger, James C, Australasian hotel, 232 

Elizabeth st 
Bolger, Mrs., 137 Little Collins st'east 
Bolman, Mrs., 150 Brunswick st, F 
Bolton, J., Osborne st, Wmn 
Bolton, Mrs., High st. Hot 
Bolton, Mrs., general storekeeper, 2 Beach 

st, San 
Bolton, Richard, 6 Berkeley st, Carl 
Bond, Alicia, prorision dealer, 139 Lons- 

Bond, Howard, 92 Westgarth st, F 
Bond, John and Alexander, bootmakers, 

Chapel st, Pra 
Bond, Mrs., 32 Qrattan st, Carl 
Bond, Mrs., Rowena parade, Rd 
Bond, Stephen, Crockford st, San 

Bond, Thomas, Union terrace, Canning •!» 

Bond, Wm., bootmaker, 53 Barkly 8t,£M 
Bone, G., 19 Drunmiond st, Carl 
Bone, J. H., bazaar, Queensberry at, Hot 
Bone, Mrs., 17 Dover place, Wmn 
Bonella, James, 74 Spencer street north 
Bones, John, painter and paperhanger, 

204 Bridge road, Rd 
Bones, John, Rathdowne st, Carl 
Boness, John, cabinetmaker, 16 a'Beckett 

st, east 
Bonn, William, George st, E M 
Bonnar, George, 7 1 Dorcas st, Em H 
Bonneau, H. C., Kew 
BoUen, H. James, 16 Adderley st, W M 
Bon wick, — , academy, Acland st, St K 
Bonwick, Walter, Haw 
Boobier, R., greengrocer, Nott st, San 
Booker, George, 104 Fitzroy st, F 
Booker, J., Lennox st, Rd 
Booker, J., sexton, Crescent, Btn 
Booth, A., Fitzroy st, F 
Booth, F. S., Alma st east, St K 
Booth, James, 10 Jeffcott st, W M 
Booth, J., bootmaker, Brunswick st, F 
Booth, James, grocer, 92 Clarendon ft, 

Booth, John, smith, Wellington st, E C 
Booth, H., butcher, Errol st. Hot 
Booth, Isaac, Flem 
Boothby, George, Curzon st. Hot 
Boraraan, J., bootmaker, Errol st. Hot 
Boraman, Samuel, jun., bootmaker, 47 

Errol st. Hot 
Bore, — , 62 Montagne st, Em H 
Borland, J., wheelwright, Banksia at, Held 
Borlnse, Jas. Skipp, solicitor, 69 Queen st 
Borley, William, gardener, Pres' 
Boroondara Building Society, 18 Collins 

st east 
Boroondara Cemetery Office, Haw 
Borrowman, John, Victoria st. Hot 
Borrowman, Mrs. G., 6 Bridport st,Ero H 
Bortowman, William, Rotherwood at, Rd 
Borthwick, Alexander, oil and colorman, 

38 Market st, Km H 
Burthwick, Mrs., 12 Dorcas st, Em H 
Boseley, E., nightman, 24 High st, St K 
Bosely, W., plumber, 119 Russell st 
Bosisto, Joseph, chemist, 181 Bridge road, 

Boston, R., greengrocer, 110 Drammond 

st, Carl 
Boston, Thomas, gardener. Brown 8t,Heid 
Boswarra, H. M., Cremorne st, Rd 
Boswarva, N. F., Cremorne st, Rd 
Boswell, Alex., tailor, 1 10 Swan st, Bd 
Bos well, George, Canning st, Carl 
Boswell, Thomas, blacksmith. TlanVtift gt 

Bosworth, Frederick, plamber and painter 

140 Bridge road. Rd 
Botanic Gardens, S T 





Botterill, J., Caroline st, S T 
Bottle, William, saddler, 253 Elizabeth at 
Bottomley, Joseph, money broker, 39 Al- 
bert 8t, £ M 
Bottomley, S^ Young st, F 
Sottow, J., tailor, Madeline at, Carl 
Boulger, D. W., St. Helier's st, E C 
Boulter, Miss, dressmaker, 12 Palmer st, F 
BoQlter, Samuel F., bacon cnrer, Pres 
Boulter, Wm., tailor, High st, Pra 
Boulter, Wm., Gipps st, E C. 
Bonrke, John, 300 Lygon st, Carl 
Bourke, John, Carpentaria hotel, Queen st 
Bourke, T., 142 Kerr st, F 
Bourn, James, corn dealer, Therry st 
Bourn, James F., 14 Nicholson st, F 
Bourne, John, Studley park 
BoTcy, W., 95 Young st, F 
Bow, F^ boarding-house, Franklin st 
Bow, Henry, 151 Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Bow, Wm., 41 Thomson st, Wmn 
Bowater, Bei^., grocer, Bedford st, Hot 
Bowater, John, Vincent*s hotel, Smith st, 

Bowden, — , Marion st, F 
Bowden, H., Rozel, South Elstemwick 
Bowden, John, fruiterer. Domain st, S Y 
Bowen, W., 114 Bank st west, Em H 
Bowen, Wm., chemist, 43 Collins st west 
Bower, Charles G., grocer and wine mer- 
chant. High st, St K 
Bower, James A., general store, 44 Derby 

Bower, Mrs., Peel st, Pra 
Bowers, J., 26 Villiers st. Hot 
Bowei, Denis, Roscrea hotel, Northcote 
Bowes, Mrs., grocer, 71 Rathdowne st, 

Bowhey, Thomas, Union st, Pra 
Bowie, Robert, M.D., Northcote 
Bowker, H*, dairy. Otter st, E C 
Bowl&nd, P., Cross st, Hot • 
Bowler, George, shoemaker, Banksia st, 

Bowler, James, Williams road, Pra 
Bowler, Mrs., Powlett st, E M 
Bowley, W. B., Yarra st. Fey 
Bowman, Amos, 123 Napier st, F 
Bowman and Co. (Bowman, Joseph; Ed- 
monds, James), bakers, 171 Little Lons- 
dale 8t east 
Bowman, Mrs., 222 Victoria parade, E M 
Bowman, Robert, Gardiner's Creek road 
Bowman, Wm., 26 Queensberry st, Carl 
Bowring, Charles, bootmaker. Chapel st, 

Bowring, James, shoemaker, Hoddle st, 

Bowring, Joseph, baker, 46 Wellington st, 

Bowzer, Mrs., Chapel st, St K 
Box, H., and Co., importers of saddlers' 
and coachmakers' ironmongery, 71^ 
Little Collins st west 

Box, E., carpenter, 228 George st, F 

Box, H., Haw 

Box, John, Albert st, E M 

Box, Samuel, 226 George st, F 

Boxall, Henry, 1 1 Pelham st, Carl 

Boyall, James, Berkely st, Carl 

Boyce, James, Smith st, E C 

Boyce, H., bootmaker, Madeline st, Carl 

Boyd and Currie, shipping agents, Lloyds' 

room, Collins st west 
Boyd, J., butcher, 32 and 34 Corentry tt, 

Boyd, James, Chapel st, Pra 
Boyd, John, Graham st, San 
Boyd, John, 34 William st 
Boyd, J. P., High st, St K 
Boyd, Mrs., teacher, 21 Smith st, F 
Boyd, Mrs., 75 Queensberry st. Hot 
Boyd, Rev. J. S., Ess 
Boyd, Thomas, Gardiner's Creek road, 

Boyd, T. E. (of Boyd and Currie), S Y 
Boyle, A., livery stables, Fawkner st, 

Boyes, Bros., saw makers, 151 Russell st 
Boylan, Patrick, Empire hotel, Errol st, 

Boyle, C, and Sons, blacksmiths, 264 Eli- 
zabeth st 
Boyle, Miss, fruiterer, 218 Elizabeth st 
Boyle, Samuel, porter bottler, 94 Little 

Bourke st west 
Boyle, Thomas, Pent 
Boyle, Thomas, 160 William st 
Boyle, Thomas, Baillie st, Hot 
Boyne, C, Pelham st, Carl 
Boyne, George, paperhanger and painter, 

61 Barkly st, Carl 
Brache. J., engineer, Northcote 
Bracher, John, grocer, 2 Bouverie st, Carl 
Bracher and Parsons, coffee roasters and 

spice merchants, 68 Elizabeth st 
Bracher, Wm., Dudley st, W M 
Bracken, James, grocer, 220 Moray st, 

Bradbury, Thomas, 66 Stanley st, W M 
Bradbury, Wm., Victoria st, W M 
Brade, Mrs., milliner. High st, St K 
Braddon, Wm., Station place, San 
Braden, T., grocer, 52 Condell st, F 
Bradford, Charles, Victoria st west. Hot 
Bradford, Edwin, saddler, 41 Little Bourke 

st west 
Bradford, Joseph, drysalter, 10 Franklin 

st west 
Bradley, Allen, market gardener, Simp- 
son's road, Rd 
Bradley, C. F., sec. National Building 

Society, 1 Bank plape, Collins st west, 

and Eew 
Bradley, Edgar, Carlisle st east, St K 
Bradley, Edward, cabinetmaker. Royal 

lane, Bourke st east 
Bradley, Henry, Flemington road 





Bradl^, M., 243 Victoria parade, E C 
Bradley, Thomas, Arden st, Hot 
Bradshaw, George, general dealer, 126 

Botsell St 
Bradshaw, George M., and Co., hosiers 
and outfitters, 59 and 61 Collins st east 
Bradshaw^B Guide to Victoria, office, 78 

Collins St east 
Bradshaw, T., 36 Dorcas st west, Em H 
Bradshaw, Mrs., Cardigan st, Carl 
Bradshaw, S. J., Brighton st, Rd 
Brad well, W., Levison st. Hot 
Brady, — , George st, F 
Brady, J., and Co., sharehrokers, &c., 20 

Collins st west 
Brady, James, 68 Little Collins st east 
Brady, John, 68 Little Collins st east 
Brady, Joseph, cItII engineer. Bay st, Btn 
Brady, Michael, 105 Argyle st, F 
Brady, Mrs.. Wellington st, £ C 
Brady, Obadiah, grocer, 242 Napier st, F 
Brady, Patrick, Hotham st east, £ M 
Brady, Thomas, cab proprietor, 79 Wel- 
lington st, £ C 
Brady, W. J., 61 Little Park st, Em H 
Brady, Wm., 68 Little Collins st east 
Bragge, J., grocer, 151 Lygon st, Carl 
Bragge, J. D., surgeon, and registrar of 

births and deaths, Haw 
Bragge, James, 178 Drummond st, Carl 
Bragge, P., Heidelberg road 
Brahara, Dayid, solicitor, 64 Little Collins 

st west 
Braid, A., 89 Chetwynd st, Hot 
Braim, John,' 132 Moore st, F 
Brain, J., farrier, High st, Pra 
Brain, Joseph, Adderly st, W M 
Brain, Mrs., Henry st, Windsor 
Brain, T., letter carrier, Osborne st, Pra 
Braman, J., Cole st, Wmn 
Bramble, John, Tennyson st, St E 
Bramston, C, oyster saloon, 135 Bourke 

st east 
Bramwell, T., bootmaker, 128 Lonsdale 

st east 
Brand, W., 141 Moor st, F 
Brandenborger, Miss, teacher of music, 1 2 

McKenzie st 
Brandon, James, Waltham st, Rd 
Brandon, G., George st, F 
Brandt, W., 69 Charles st, F 
Branford, A. G., Electrs st, Wmn 
Branscombe, Wm., 264 Elizabeth st 
Branston, W. H., 146 Latrobe st west 
Branthwaite, T., grocer, 16 Ann st, Wmn 
Brasch, Platshek, and Co., warehousemen, 

74 Little Collins st east 
Brasch, Woolf, pawnbroker, 240 Swanston 

Braslan, James, ProTOst st. Hot 
Brasnell, Mrs. Wm., private boarding- 
house, 40 Coventry st, Em H 
Brass, Thomas, dairyman, 228 Little Col- 
lins st eas^ > 

Bray, a E, 13 Napier st, Em H 
Bray, J., draper, Howard st, Hot 
Bray, Jscob Saul, 223 Napier st, F 
Bray, James, Victoria st, Nicholson at, F 
Bray, Thomas, china, &c, dealer, 160 

Little Collins st east 
Bray, W., Railway place, San 
Bray, Wm., 23 Pelham st, Carl 
Bray, Wm., 110 Coventry st, Em H 
Brazendale, James, High st, Pra 
Brazier, Mrs , Villiersst, Hot 
Brealy, W., High st, St K 
Brear, Henry T., grocer and provisioil 

merchant, 40 Elizabeth st ezension 
Brearly, James, Royal Exchange hotel, 

34 Gertrude st, F 
Brearly, Josh., saddler, 272 Elizabeth at 
Breditts, C. P., Grey st, St K 
Breed, H., High st, St E 
Breen, J., Sackville st. Smith st, B C 
Breen, M., Railway place, San 
Breeze, Mrs., Easy st, Smith st, E 
Breeze, J., Union st, Bk 
Brehaney, J., brewery. Little Nelson ft, 

Brehany, John, Cole street, Wmn 
Breman, James, Hoddle st, Rd 
Bremner, David, Abbotsford st. Hot 
Brenan, James, 13 Barkly st, Carl 
Brenchley, James, grocer. Church st, Bd 
Brendel, John, tailor, 76 Victoria at, Rd 
Benjamife, J., 4 Carlton terrace, King 

WUliam st, F 
Brennan, H., Mistletoe hotel, M*Kenzie st 
Brennan, Martin, Murchison st, Nicholson 

st, Carl 
Brennan, Patrick, bootmaker, Ferguaaon 

st, Wmn 
Brennan, T., clerk, Spencer st 
Brennan, Thos., photc^rapher, 208 King st 
Bresner, — , Byron st. Hot 
Bresner, Camelios, Courtney st. Hot 
Brett, J., 83 Kerr st, F 
Brew, G., Shamrock hotel, Ann st, Wmn 
Brewer, John, carpenter. Brown st, Heid 
Brewer, John, 105 Little Bourke st west 
Brewer, Wm., livery stable keeper, 117 

Little Collins st west 
Brewster, Geo. F., commission agent, &c., 

Graham st, San 
Brewster, J., 11 Leveson st. Hot 
Bricklayers* Society, meet at Tradea hall, 

Lygon st, Carl 
Brickley, M., Albion hotel. Bridge road. 

Bricknell, George, 212 Gk>re st, F 
Bride, H. N., surveyor. Haw 
Bridge, John, Spencer st 
Bridge, John, station st, Fey 
Bridger, John, Commercial road, Pra 
Bridges, F., Punt road, Rd 
Bridges, J., Sydney road, Bk 
Bridges, Mrs., school, Park st, Btn 
Bridgeman, ITiomaa, dyer, High at, Pra 





Brierij, John P., ironmooger, Elizabeth 

•t ezteniioa 
Brigira, Benjamin, PreB 
Briggi, D. 0., Princes st, F 
Brings, John, 112 Gertrude it, F 
Briggs, Mrs., nurse, 209 Napier st, F 
Briggs, Mrs. J., 140 Fitzroy st, F 
Briggs, Walter, Punt road, Pra 
Briggi, Wm., ftairdresser, 169 Stephen st 
Bright Brothers and Co., merchants. Flin- 
ders lane west and Bond st 
Bright, C, 43 Three chain road, Em H 
Bright, C. E., Toorak 
Bright, H., 134 FUnders lane east 
Bright, James, saddler, 162 Brunswick 

Bright, Mrs.. 31 Cecil st, Em H 
Brightwell, J., undertaker, 56 Smith st, 

Brims, Alexander, 27 Bridport st, Em H 
Briockman, Otto, jeweller and goldsmith, 

85 Little Bourke st west 
Brinklej, Mrs., 10 Hanover st, F 
Brintannj, Mrs., Inkerman st, St K 
Brinton, J. W., carpenter and builder. 

Bouse st, San 
Briscoe and Co., iron and steel merchants, 

l^c, 245 Elizabeth st, and 11 Collins st 

Briflooe, H., 93a Nicholson st, F 
Britannia Life Assurance Co. Agency, 

corner of Qneen and Collins sts, west 
British and Foreign Marine Insurance 

Co., 80 Collins st west 
British Nation Lif^ Anuranoe Associa- 
tion, 28 Market st 
Britt, Henry, 43 Provost st. Hot 
Britt, Pat., Provost st. Hot 
Brittsin, Eliza, hay and com dealer, 63 

Brunswick st, F 
Britten, F. J., grocer, comer of Gardiner's 

creek road, and Caroline st, Pra 
Britten and Son, grocers, ironmongers, 

and drapers, comer Swan and Church 

Britton, A. C, Courtney st, Hot 
firoatch, James, farrier, 4 Nicholas lane, 

Bourke st west 
Brosdbent, Anthony, 145 Albert st, E M 
Brosdbent Brothers, general carriers, 50 

Elizabeth st 
Brosdbent, J., Miller st, Bk 
Broadhent, John, Fawkner st, St K 
Broadbent, Joseph, 8 Grey st, E M 
Broadbent, Thos., 69 Greville st, Pra 
Broadbent and Kitchingman, grocers and 

wine merchants, comer of Bourke and 

Swanston sts 
Broadhridge, Samuel, boot and shoe dealer, 

83 Tictoria st, E C 
Broafiiead, George, Greeves st, F 
Broadhurst, William, grocer, 93 Welling- 
ton st, B C 
Broadley, Mra. Bath, 220 Smith st, E C 

Broadley, T. B., Perry st, E C 

Broadway, Thos., Inkerman st east, St E 

Brock, Alexander, Pres 

Brock, J. A., Wellington st, St K 

Brock, James, actuary of Melbourne Sav- 
ings' Bank, Haw 

Brock, Mrs., Dalgety st, St E 

Brock, Robert, engraver, 83 Cecil st,EmH 

Broclr, T., Edward st, Bk 

Brockie, Joan, labour mart, 84 Collins st 

Broclcman, Wra., Bridge road, Rd 

Broderick, Edmund, Market hotel, 27 
Market tt, Em H 

Brodie, David, collar maker, 8 Elizabeth 
st extension 

Brodie, Edward, Henry st, Pra 

Brodie, E. W., Henry st, Pra 

Brodie, G. S., 3 Fitzroy terrace, Claren- 
don st, E M 

Brodie, John C, 8 Hanmer st, Wmn 

Brodie, Mrs., Doaglas parade, Wmn 

Brodie, Phillip, 35 Stephen st 

Brodie, Robert, 107 Little Bourke st west 

Brodribb, Crisp and Lewis, solicitors, &c., 
51 Little Collins st west 

Brodribb, K. E., 51 Little Collins st west 

Brodribb, W. A., Park st, Btn 

Brolin, A., 93 Young st, F 

Brolin, Alex., cabinetmaker, 84 Gertrade 
st, F 

Bromby, John, Dramroond st, Carl 

Bromley, Thos. P., 248 Wellington st, E C 

Bronard, W., Bay st, Btn 

Bronckhorst and Smale, solicitors, &c., 
105 Collins st west 

Bronckhorst, H. A., notary public, Rd 

Bronken, Emil, locksmith, 29 Little Lons- 
dale st east 

Brook, Benjamin, 88 Gore st, F 

Brook, Henry Wm., baker, 210} Bourke 

Brook, J., JefTcott st, W M 

Brook, John, 229 King st 

Brooke, J., cabinetmaker, 66 Moray st, 

Brooke, J. H., Heidelberg road 

Brooke, W. H., bonded store proprietor, 
61 William st 

Brooke, W. H., Clyde st, St K 

Brookes, H., 147 Argyle st, F 

Brookes, John Peter, sign writer, 3 Little 
Collins st west, and &rkly st. Fey 

Brookman, A., confectioner, &c., 210} 
Bourke st east 

Brookman, D., Blackwood st, Hot 

Brookman, J., Courtney st, Hot 

Brooks and Hallenstein, tanners, Morland 
st. Fey 

Brooks and Higgins, builders and timber 
merchants, 41 Gore st, F 

Brooks, Edward, 40 George st, F 

Brooks, F., Ocean Child hotel, 52 Bridge 





Brooks, Henry, importer of plate- glass 
and builders* materials, 39 Elizabeth st, 
and Clarendon st, E M 
Brooks, Henry U., baker and confectioner, 

136 Little Bonrke st east 
Brooks, Jeannette, 33 Little Lonsdale st 

Brooks, John, watchmaker, 49 Errol st, 

Brooks, John, Kensington 
Brooks, John, fnrniture dealer, 41 Swan- 

ston st 
Brooks, Jonathan, coffee roaster, 90 Little 

Oxford st, E C 
Brooks, Leicester, Barton cottage, Ken- 
Brooks, W., 25 Church st, Em H 
Brooks, Wm., Prince Alfred hotel. Church 

st, Rd 
Brophy, Mrs., Pres 
Brosnan, C, 83 Bouverie st, Carl 
Brotchie, David, boot and shoe warehouse, 

Cecil st, Wmn 
Brotchie, Richard, general dealer, 128 

Brunswick st, F 
Brotherton, Benj., grocer, 30 Argyle st, F 
Brotherton, Henry, 70 Bank st west, Em H 
Brougham, P., Crescent, Btn 
Broughton, E. S., Bridge road, Rd 
Broughton, J. H., boot closer, 76 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Broughton, Mrs., 38 Napier st, F 
Brown, — , mercer, &c., 41 and 43 Bourke 

Brown, — , dentist, Hoddle st, £ C 
Brown, A., Smith st, E C 
Brown, A., tailor, 45 Franklin st, W M 
Brown, A., bootmaker, Courteney st,Hot 
Brown, Adam, blacksmith, Pres 
Brown, Alfred, tailor, 50 Bouverie st, Carl 
Brown, Andrew, Rising Sun hotel. Post 

Office place 
Brown, Archibald, grocer, Peel st, £ C 
Brown, Captain, 26 James st, Wmn 
Brown, Catherine, Exchange hotel, corner 

of Swanston and Little Collins st east 
Brown, Charles, boarding-house keeper, 

167 Bourke st west 
Brown, Charles, builder, Rarosden st, E C 
Brown, Charles, Milton st, W M 
Brown, Charles F. £•, stock and commis- 
sion agent, 33 Bourke st west 
Brown, Colin, ship broker, &c., 100 Col- 
lins st west 
Brown, D., 295 Victoria parade, E C 
Brown, Duncan, undertaker, &c., 59 Tork 

st, Em H 
Brown, £., 26 Gore st, F 
Brown, E. £., Carpenter st, Btn 
Brown, Francis, Ballaarat road. Fey 
Brown, G., livery stables, corner of Gar- 
diner's Creek road and Ralston st, S Y 
Brown, G.| 51 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Brown, G. A., Pres 

Brown, G. C, draper, William st, Btn 
Brown, G. W., 232 Little Collins st east 
Brown, Gavin G.,and Co., stock and share 

brokers, Hall of Commerce, 48 CoUint 

st west 
Brown, George, accountant, 10 Bourke at 

Brown, George, 228 Johnston st, E C 
Brown, George, 51 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Brown, George, Railway place, Saa 
Brown, George, Mercer st, G^long 
Brown, George S., Upper Haw 
Brown, Gilbert, Punt road, S T 
Brown, Gilbert W., Haw 
Brown, H., Douglas parade, Wmn 
Brown, H., Weston st, Bk. 
Brown, H. W., 25 Gore st, F 
Brown, Hannah, Victoria st, Hot 
Brown, Henry, builder, Ramsden st, E C 
Brow^, Henry, Peel st. Hot 
Brown, J., draper. New st, Btn 
Brown, J., gasfitter, 150 Little Lonsdale 

st west 
Brown, J., bootmaker, 64 Arden st. Hot 
Brown, J., Weston st, Bk 
Brown, J., Nott st, San 
Brown, J., 25 Webb st, F 
Brown, J., South road, Btn 
Brown, J., Williams road, Pra 
Brown, J., Rowena parade, Rd 
Brown, J. D., 225 Clarendon st, Em H 
Brown, J. £., 101 Raglan st east, Em H 
Brown, J. G., Greeves st, F 
Brown, J. S., 139 Johnston st, E C 
Brown, J. W., and Co., masons, Madeline 

st, Cari 
Brown, James, Wellington st, Rd 
Brown, James, Elgin st, Carl 
Brown, James, dealer, 20 Alfred place, 

Collins st east 
Brown, James, 172| Lonsdale st west 
Brown, John, 123 Leicester sf, F 
Brown, John, cattle dealer, Flem Bank 
Brown, John, Railway place, San 
Brown, John, 61 York st west, Em H 
Brown, John, 49 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Brown, John, 18 Hotham st, E M 
Brown, John, 7 Pelbam st, Carl 
Brown, John, Geelong road, Fey 
Brown, John, Dorcas st east, fim H 
Brown, John P., Three chain road, Em H 
Brown, John H., accountant, &c.. Hall of 

Commerce, 48 Collins st west 
Brown, Mrs., greengrocer. Smith st, £ C 
Brown, Mrs., Graham st, San 
Brown, Mrs., labour office, 8 Bourke st 

Brown, Mrs., Pnnt road. S Y 
Brown, Mrs., milliner, Chapel st, Pra 
Brown, Mrs., Esplanade, St K 
Brown, Mrs., Ralston st, Pra 
Brown, Mrs., Neptune st, St E 
Brown, Mrs., Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Brown, Peter, Marion st, F 

. J 





Brown, Osborne, and Co., forwarding 

agents, 7 Western Market, Colllni st 


Brown and Patterson, tailmakers, King st 

Brown and Slight, engravers, &c.y 58 

Baglan st. £m H 
Brown, R, Flem 
Brown, Rev. P., Haw 
Brown, ReT. £., Nth 
Brown, Bev. J., Brown st, Held 
Brown, Robert, Victoria st west, Hot 
Brown, Robert, 70 Stanley st, W M 
Brown, S., 55 Raglan st, Em H 
Brown, Samnel, miller, Flem Bank 
Brown, Sarah, greengrocer, 188^ Smith at, 

Brown, T., plumber, Baj st, Btn 
Brown, T. 8., and Co., bakers. High st, 

Brown, W., jnn., felimonger, beef curer, 
&C., 1 10 Flinders lane west, Tarra bank 
Brown, W. W., Peel st, W M 
Brown, Walter, bag manufaotarer and 
machine sewer, 63 Little Collins st west 
Brown, William, Wellington st, St K 
Brown, William, Saracen's Head hotel, 12 

Boarke st west 
Bro WD, William, dairyman, 184 Little 

Collins st east 
Brown, William White, Robe st, St K 
Brown, Wm., Stewart st, Bk 
Brown, Wm., Wreckyn st, Hot 
Brown, Wm., boatbuilder, Pont road, Rd 
Brown, Wm., 71 Smith st, F 
Brown, Wm., greengrocer, Brunswick st,F 
Brown, Wm., importer of hardware, 17 
Little Collins st east, and Stewart st, Bk 
Brown, Wm., engineer, Wellington st,E C 
Browne and Reid, tea and coffee mer- 
chants, 46 Elizabeth st 
Browne, E. £., Carpenter st, Btn 
Browne, H., 8 Kerr st, F 
Browne, John, corn dealer, 167 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
firownhiU, James, baker, 176 Smith st, 

Brownbill, Joseph, Sackrille st, Smith st, 

Browning, J. C, 38 Dorcas st, Em H 
Browning, John, jeweller and pawnbroker, 

1^7 and 169 Elizabeth st 
Brownless, Anthony C, physician, 117 

Collins st east 
Brownless, C, Stoke st, San 
Browless, Mrs., school, Railway place, 

Browse, — , butcher, 112 Smith st, E C 
Broker, C, medical botanist, 120 Madeline 

8t, Carl 
Brace, Andrew, and Co., booksellers, 98 

Bonrke st east 
Brace and M'Donough, tailors, 98 King st 
Brace Bios., booksellers, 68 Elizabeth st 
Brace, Henry A«, 1 George st, £ M 

Bruce, James, fruiterer, Howard st, Hot 
Bruce, John, Hoddle st, £ C 
Bruce, John, Jolimont terrace, £ M 
Bruce, Joseph, grocer. High st, Pra 
Bruce, Mansfield, Studley park 
Bruce, Mrs. G. V. A., Ess 
Bruce, Mrs. Sarah, Ess 
Bruce, Mrs., 154 Moor street, F 
Bruce, Robert, butcher. Chapel st, Pra 
Bruce, Samacl, 208 Cardigan st, Carl 
Bruford, Mrs., Qneensberry st. Hot 
Brumner, James, Colo st, Wmn 
Brunckhman, R., shoemaker. Main st. 

Brunet, Gustave, tabacconist,^oal, and 

wood merchant, 95 and 88 Stipken st 
Brunston and Gillespie, prodooe mer- 
chants, 57 Flinders st west 
Brunston, John, Tarra st, Pra 
Brunt, J., dealer, Bedford st, Hot 
Brunton, — , 49 Victoria st, Carl 
Brunton, David, 6 Murchison st, NichoU 

son st, Carl 
Brunton, H. H., Station place, San 
Brunton, Henry, City Coffee-house, 16 

Bourke st east 
Brunton, Thomas, baker, 280 Spencer st 
Brunton, Thomas, produce merchant, 159 

Lonsdale st 
Brunton, W. J., Bridport st, Em H 
Brush and MacDonneil, jewellers, &c., 99 

Collins st west 
Brush, Samuel, Acland st, St K 
Brusher, T., oyster dealer, 121 Swanston 

st, and 36 Little Collins st east 
Brusnan, Timothy, builder, 132 Latrobe 

st west 
Bryan, Ann, Essex hotel, Cardigan st, 

Bryan, P., Elgin at, Carl 
Bryant, Charles, Alma st, F 
Bryant, Frederick, Hoddle st, E C 
Bryant, J., Rathdowne st, Carl 
Bryant, J. M., Cricketers' hotel, Swan- 
ston st 
Bryant, Jabez, and Co., hosiers, &c., 161 

Swanston st 
Bryant, John M., 10 Royal terrace, Ni- 
cholson st, F 
Bryant, W., 14 Rosslyn st, W M 
Bryden, T., hat manufacturer, 76 Fitzroy 

st, F 
Brydie and Ferguson, grocers, 51 Leveson 

st. Hot 
Bryer, James, 43 Victoria parade, F 
Brymer, Robert, bootmaker, Leveson st, 

Buchan, John, land agent and money 

broker, 75 Little Collins st east 
Buchan, Thomas, 93 Dudley st, W M 
Buchanan, Charles, engraver and litho* 

grapher, 62 Collins st east 
Buchanan, Cunningham, 105 Coventry st, 







BuchanaD, J., Sydney road, Bk 

Buchanan, John, tintmith, Bay at, 8an 

Buchanan, Mn., saddler, &c., S30 Eliza- 
beth at 

Buchanan, Mrs., 122 Napier st, F 

Buchanan, Wm., Railway taYern, Greyille 

Bncirde, V. H., Hanmer st, Wmn 

Buck, Adolph T., egg and butter dealer, 
46 Stephen st 

Buckham, G., tinsmith, Wellington st, E C 

Buckham, James, tinsmith, 218 Smith st, 

Buckham, John, tent and paTilion maker, 
287 Eltaabeth st 

Bucketl^tephen, 55 Moray st, Em H 

Buckhurst, Wm. P., auctioneer, 1 16 Clar- 
endon st, Em H 

Buckingham, H., Cardigan st, Carl 

Buckland, S. V., Geelong 

Buckland, Thomas, 165 Lygon st, Carl 

Buckley, — , Johnston st, E C 

Buckley and Nunn, drapers, 27 Bourke st 

Buckley, C, Gardiner's creek road, Tk 

Buckley, J. A., 67 Gore st, F 

Buckley, J. W., Ulawara st, Wmn 

Buckley, John, Orrong road, Tk 

Buckley, John, Arthur seat, Commercial 
road, Pra 

Buckley, Mars, Hayington, Tk 

Buckley, Robert, AToca st, S Y 

Buckley, Wm., 74 George st, F 

Budd, B. H., inspector-general of schools, 
offices. Spring st, and Cochrane st, Btn 

Buddee, J., Bay st, Btn 

Buddee, Julius, professor of music, 65 
Stephen st 

Budemeyer, E., candtemaker, Flem Bank 

Budge, DaTid, Wellington st, St K 

Budge, Henry, and Co., estate and com- 
mission agents, 88 Collins st east, and 
Klcholson st, F 

Budge, John, Simpson st, £ M 

Budge, John, 78 Victoria st, W M 

Bugden, Wm., turncock, Victoria parade, 

Bogg, Robert, 21 Marion st, F 

Bui<&, Christie, and Lyell, warehousemen, 
21 Flinders lane west 

Buick, J., Sandhurst 

Building Museum, Queen st north 

Bull, — , 64 St DaTid st, F 

Bull, F. W., C.E. and surTeyor, Park st, 

Bull, George, 160 Young st, F 

Bull, J.. Cecil st, Wmn 

Bull, Thomas, furniture dealer, 104 Smith 
st, EC 

Bull, W., 120 Douglas parade^ Wmn 

Bull, Wm., gardener, Pros * 

Ballen, Frederick, Haw 

Bullen, F. and G., outfitters, 131 and 133 
Russell st 

Bullen, Henry, watchmaker, 14 Lonsdale 

st west, and Bendlgo st, Pra 
Buller, Mrs., 15 Pelham st, Carl 
Bulley,C., Gipps st, E M 
Bulley and John, leather merchants, 21 

Post Office pUce 
Bulley, Wm., baker. Chapel st, Pra 
Boiling, Joseph, plasterer, Albert st, Pra 
Bulling, Wm., 16 Peny st, £ C 
Bullock, Cornelius, Harriaon^s road, Fey 
Bullock, John, Hanmer st, Wmn 
Bullock, W. C, St. David st, F 
Bullman, J., St Darid st, F 
BuUon, J., Ill Leicester st, F 
Bulmao, Mrs., 150 Kerr st, F 
Bultitude, Ann, Black Prince hotel, Bailia 

st. Hot 
Bunde, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 

McKillop st, Bpurke st west 
Bunde, John, engineer and millwrigfat, 

Wreckyn st. Hot 
Bunnett, Thomas, 82 Cobden st, Em H 
Bungeeline Extended Tin Mining Com- 

pany, 31 Queen st 
Bunny, B. F., barrister, 21 Temple Court, 

Collins st west 
Bunny, Henry J., 162 Cardigan st, Carl 
Banting, Geo., store, Cole st south, Wmn 
Bnrchall, Arthur, accountant, 147 Boorke 

st east and Haw 
Burchett, J., Barkly st, Bk 
Burden, Stephen, 33 Moor st, F 
Burfield, James, 144 Fitzroy st, F 
Barge, Henry, Acland st, St K 
Burge, Mrs., dressmaker, 21 Lonsdale at 

Burgess, A., Swan st, Rd 
Burgess, C, cab proprietor, 215 Smith st« 

Burgess, D., picture framer, 74 Gore st,F 
Burgess, George, painter, &c., Howard st. 

Burgess, H., Lygon st, Carl 
Burgess, Mrs., dressmaker, 126 Toang at, 

Burgess, C, Nth 
Burgess, Sewell, Victoria st, Hot 
Burgess, Thomas, Punt road, Wr 
Burgess, Wm., Lygon st, Carl 
Burgess, Wm., grocer, 103 Elgin st, Carl 
Borgon, P., 18 Fitzroy st, F 
Burgoyne, G. F., Hoddle st, Rd 
Burgoyne, Mrs., 155 Moor st, F 
Burke, A., Victoria st west. Hot 
Burke, £., Hanover st, F 
Burke, E., furniture broker, comer Lont- 

dsle and Russell sts 
Burke, E., 37 Moor st, F 
Burke, Edmund, 28 Douglas parade,Wmn 
Burke and Ollard, solidtors, 99^ Collins 

st west 
Burke, J., 54 Ann st, Wmn 
Burke, J. L. and C, coal and produce 

merchants, 108 Flinders st west 





Burke, Richard, ISS Napier st» F 
Barke, P. H., chemiat, Bridge road, Rd 
Barke, Mrs., Fitsroy st, 8t K 
Barke, Thomas, 114 CoTentry st, Em H 
Burke, Thomas, WelliDgton st, Rd 
BQrke,Thomas,Coigin's hotel, 3 a*Beckett 

Burkitt, Mrs., OcUria st, St K 
Barman, Henrj, store, Howard st, Hot 
Barman, W., paSnter,41 Madeline st, Carl 
Bormeister, Leopold, chronometer and 

vttchmaker, 27 Little Bonrke st east 
Bom, £. W., grocer and baker, Easy st, 

Smith st, E C 
Bam, J^ Berkeley st, Carl 
Bora, Wm., builder, Wellington st, Rd 
Baraatine, Wm., Raglan st west, Em H 
Boras, John, Pelham st, Carl 
Bomes, Adam, Brighton road, St K 
Bones, James, dairyman, Millswjrn st» 

Bomey, T., Bendigo st. Hot 
Bomley, James, 149 Church st, Rd 
Boms, Andrew, 9 Johnston st, £ C 
Boras, Forest, grocer. Chapel st, Pra 
Boras, George H., grocer, 1 Little Bourke 

Boras, George, carpenter. New st, Btn 
Boras, J., Pelham st, Carl 
Boms, J., Palmerston st, Carl 
Boms, James, Union st, Wr 
Barns, James, grocer, 55 Stanley st, W H 
Borai, John, Unner, Flem Bank 
Boras, Mrs., 55 Rose st, F 
Boras, Mrs., Marion st, F 
Boras, Mrs., Lothian st, Hot 
Boras, Nelson, Station place, San 
Boras, P., 132 Leicester st, F 
Boras, Richard, fiighett st, Rd 
Boras, Wm., Lennox st, Rd 
Boras, W., butcher, Douglas parade, Wmn 
Boras, Wm., 202 Johnston st, £ C 
BoTDside, Henry, 153 Wellington st, E C 
Borrage, Thomas Allan, importer of 

fancy goods, 63 Swanston st, d| Collins 

•t west 
Borrell, George, secretary Pilot Board, 

Thomson st, and Dover road, Wmn 
Borrell, James, grocer, 77 Spencer st 
Borrell, James G., 175 Fitzroy st, F 
Borridge, Jos., Cole st, Wmn 
Borrington, Mn.. Robe st, St K 
Borrowes, W., Gifford st, Wmn 
Porrows, George, Twyford st, Wmn 
1 orrowsy H. B., Richmond terrace, Rd 
1 urows, Henry, Drummond st, Carl 
1 arrows, James, Drybargh st. Hot 
1 oiston, Luke, bootmaker, 93 Swanston 

it, and 6 Canon's cottages, Collins st 

I irt, G., 27 Coventry st, Em H 
I irt, J., Stephen st 
I rt» J. Ward E., produce merchant, 60 

Stephen sl^ 

Burt, J. W., Elgin st, Carl 

Burt, Mrs., 67 York st west, Em H 

Burtenshaw, F. G., carpenter, 401 Lygon 

st, Carl 
Burton, Captain O. S., Bridge road, Rd 
Burton, F. A., SO Smith st, £ C 
Burton, George, Albert st west, Bk 
Burton, John, farmer, Pres 
Burton, Joseph H., coach builder, 61 

Latrobe st east 
Burton, Thomas, boot and shoe dealer, 182 

and 178 Bridge load, Rd 
Burton, Thomas, Arden st. Hot 
Burton, Wm., BeWidere hotel, Victoria 

parade, F 
Burton, Wm., contractor. Station st, Fey 
Burton, Wm. T., Western Port hotel, 

Queen st 
Burtt, John G., M.L.A., Cecil st, Em H 
Burtt, John Wesley, hay uid corn store, 

66 Stephen st 
Bnrward, J., 1 1 1 George st, F 
Bury, Fredk. John, curator of the estates 
of deceased persons, 59 Temple court, 
Collins st west 
Bury, J. C, Chamben st, Pra 
Bury, Mrs., dressmaker. Chapel st, Pra 
Busbridge, S., butcher, Commercial road, 

Bnse, S„ Dover road, Wmn 
Bushell, N. £., Royal Oak hotel, 73 Swan- 
ston st 
Bushman, C. L., 4 Alma terrace, Moray 

st, Em H 
Butchart, — , New st, Btn 
Butchart, George, Caulfield 
Butcher, James, Gray st, east, E M 
Butcher, M., Station place, San 
Butcher, T., 62 Cambridge st, E C 
Buteux, Dayid, fruiterer, 34 Swanston st 
Butler and Moss, hay salesmen and far- 
mers' agenu, Eastern Market 
Butler, Edward, pawnbroker, 79 Drum- 
mond st, Carl 
Butler, G. S., M.D., Buckland st. Held 
Butler, George, Alma st, F 
Butler, J., blacksmith. Perry st, E C 
Butler, James, Capel st, W M 
Butler, John, 20 Regent st, F 
Butler, Joseph J., secretary Equitable 
Loan and Investment Co., 105 £ai2a- 
beth st 
Butler, M., grocer. Bailie st, Hot 
Butler, Michael, builder, 148 Little Lons- 
dale st west 
Bulter, Mn., Peel st, Hot 
Butler, Mrs., Spring st, F 
Butler, B., Lincoln cottages, Bouverie st, 

Butler, T., Mill st, Btn 
Butler, Wm., grocer, 82 Bridge road, Rd 
Butler's Reef Gold Mining Company, 54 

Queen st 
Butlin, George, 28 Cardigan st Carl 





Butt, Charles, Lennox at, Bd 
Butt, David, 15 Boae at, F 
Butt, Qeorge, Howard st, Hot 
Batterfleld, Joseph, 161 Lygon st, Carl 
Botterfleld, Thomaa, Hope at, Bk 
Butters, James S., Boundary road, Tk 
Butterworth, J. H., Clarke st, £ C 
Butterworth, Samuel, 9 Oven st, Nichol- 
son st, Carl 
Buttner and Hallenstein, merchants, 1 

Flinders st west 
Bttttolph, W. O., baker, 48 Bridge road, Rd 
Button, Edward, 140 George st, F 
Butts, Cornelius, Castlemaine st. Fey 
Buvelot, Louia, photographer, 92 Bourke 

Buzzard, Thomaa Meredith, bookseller, 
stationer, and librarian, 181 Bourke st 
east, and 4 Collins st east 
Byrne, A., Hawthorne hotel, Haw 
Byrne, Andrew, 80 Stanley st, W M 
Byrne, D., mason, 48 Latrobe st east 
Byrne, H., 191 Victoria parade, £ C 
Byrne, J. P., cabinetmaker, 56 Cambridge 

Byrne, Jantes, Stanley st, W M 
Byrne, James, 42 Latrobe st west 
Byrne, James, Argus hotel, Collins st east 
Byrne, M., dairy, 23 King st 
Byrne, M. G., barrister, 30 Temple court, 

Collins st west 
Byrne, Michael, Railway family hotel, 102 

King st 
Byrne, Robert, auctioneer, &c., corner of 
Kott and Spring sta, Sau., and 40 Col- 
lins st east 
Byrne, Thomas, kerosene oil merchant, 54 

Swanston st 
Byrne, Thomas, Blackwood st. Hot 
Byrnes, Rev. William. St. Mary's parson- 
age, Howard st. Hot 


Caddford, James, 102 George st, E M 
Caddy, J., 76 Johnston st, F 
Cade, Frederick, Avoca st, S Y 
Cadle, James, miller, Bridge road, Rd 
Cad man, William, Domain road, S T 
CafRn, James, 208 Madeline st, Carl 
CaflSn, W., draper, Sydney road, Bk 
Caflish, H., 223 Swan st, Rd 
Cahill, James, Harp of Erin hotel, 22 

Cecil st, Wron 
Cahill, Joseph, William st, Pra 
Cairncross, Mrs., 15 Cecil st, Wmn 
Cairns, J., Punt road, 8 Y 
Cairns, John, Walsh street, S Y 
Cairns, Rev. Adam, D.D., Gipps st west, 

Dudley st, W M 
Caldecott, C. J., Charles st, F 
Calder, Alick, Wilson st, Pra 
Calder, John, artist and photographer, 

Dryburgh st. Hot 

Calder, Henry, Domain st, S Y 
Caldhoun, J., 14 Faraday st, Carl 
Caldwell, Rev. James, 81 Gore st, F 
Cale, Richard O., sawmaker, 209 Smitii 

Caledonian and Mountaineer Mining Cos.. 

£ldon Chambers, Collins st west 
Calfen, William, Peel st, Pra 
Calhoun, A., grocer. Stoke st, San 
Call, F., Strand, Wmn 
Callaghan, J., carpenter, 3 Nicholas lane 
Callaghan, J., bootmaker, 94 Quecnsberry 

st, Carl 
Callaghan, J. and R., clothiers and boot 

importers, 159 Swanston st 
Callaghan, James, Wellington parade, E M 
Callaghan, M., 22 Rosslyn st, W M 
Callaghan, Mrs., greengrocer, Drummond 

st, Carl 
Callaghan, R., 28 Gore st, F 
Callaghan, Thomas, 140 Moray st, Em H 
CHllaghan, William, Fitzroy st, F 
Callahan, J., Hoddle st, Rd 
Callard, P., blacksmith, 79 Coventry st, 

and 92 Moray st, Em H 
Callender, A., 85 Cardigan st, Carl 
Callender and Co., merchants and whole- 
sale stationers, 41 and 43 King st 
Callender, J., Alma st east, St K 
Callenen, — , 142 Moor st, F 
Callow, M. J., Star and Garter hotel, Robe 

st, St K 
Galium, D. K., Carlisle st, St K 
Calvert, £. M., dressmaker, 208a Little 

Collins st east 
Calvert, Michael, 21 Wellington st, E C 
Calvert, Samuel, engraver, 7 George st, F 
Calvert, Thomas, fruiterer and poulterer, 

2 and 3 Eastern Market 
Cambie, David, 125 Argyle st, F 
Cam bourne, F., Clifton hotel, Derby st, 

Cameron, Alexander, Pent 
Cameron, D., baker, 85 Victoria st, Carl 
Cameron, D., Park st, S Y 
Cameron, J. F., saddler, 3 Bourke st west 
Cameron, John, draper, Gardiner's creek 

road, S Y 
Cameron, John, Caroline st, S Y 
Cameron, John, 12 Grattan st, Carl 
Cameron, John, 403 Lygon st, Carl 
Cameron, John, draper, Gardiner's Creek 

road, Pra 
Cameron, John, 104 Park st, Em H 
Cameron, John, Balmoral Castle hotel. 

Commercial road, Pra 
Cameron, Miss, 128 Lygon st, Carl 
Cameron, Mrs., 73 Dorcas st west, Em H 
Cameron, Mrs., Newport Arms hotel, 15 

Latrobe st east 
Cameron, Mrs., Foresters' Arms, Drum- 
mond st, Carl 
Cameron, Y. L., 53 Little Collins st east, 

and 1 1 Brougham st road 





Cameron, Wm., Railway place, Sao 
Cameroii, Wm., Stoke st, San 
Cameroo, Wm., merchant, 61 William st 
Campbell, A. P^ atock and share broker, 

99} Collins at west 
Campbell, Alexander, Qaeenaberry at, Carl 
CampbeU, Alex., harbour master, 119 

Spencer at 
Campbell, Alfred, French polisher^ 140 

Little Collins st, and Gipps st, Bd 
Campbell, C, Cliff St, SY 
Campbell, Catherine, bookseller, 81 Ger- 
trude st, F 
Campbell, Charles, Cliff st, Pra 
Campbell, D., Qrej st, St K 
Campbell, D., and Co., stock salesmen and 

commission agents, 47 Bourke st west 
Campbell, D. S., Yaucluse, R^ 
Campbell and Graham, hairdressers, 95 

Swanston st 
Campbell aod Judd, wine and spirit mer- 
chants. Bank place, 77 Collins st west 
Campbell, George W., Punt road, Pra 
Campbell, Hon. Wm., MX.C., Melbourne 

Campbell, Isabella, store, 89 Leyeson st. 

Campbell, J., 49 Market st, £m H 
Campbell, J., 100 Nicholson st, F 
Campbell, J., Capel st. Hot 
Campbell, J. W., watchmaker, 41 Cardi- 
gan St. Carl 
Campbell, James, 61 Cremorne st, Rd 
Campbell, James, Davis st, S T 
Campbell, James, 2 Raglan st, Em H 
Campbell, John, 7 Railway place, Wmn 
Campbell, John, 5 Swan st, Rd 
Campbell, John, Palmerston st, Carl 
Campbell, John, 73 Hanmer st, Wnm 
Campbell, John, 20 Hanmer st, Wmn 
Campbell, Mrs., 121 Lonsdale st east 
Campbell, Mrs., 15 Cecil st, Wmn 
Campbell, Mrs., 9 Victoria parade, F 
Campbell, Norman, Osborne st, Pra 
Campbell, O. R.. 213 Albert st, £ M 
Campbell, Patrick, baker, Fitzroy st, StK 
Campbell, R. S., Porter* st, Pra 
Camobell, Robert, teacher, Inkerman st 

east, St K 
Campbell, Robert, 105 Clarendon st, £ M 
Campbell, Ronald, ]ML.A., Parliament 

Campbell, T., hairdresser, 5 King st 
Campbell, W., Punt road, Rd 
Campbell, W. H., mining agent, 52 Collins 

st east 
Campbell, Wm., Wellington parade, E M 
Campbell-, Wm., Gardiner*s creek road, 

Campbell, Wm. H., M.D., suxgeon, 196 

Collins at east 
Campi, John and A., looking-glasa mann- 

iacturera, .122 Ruaaell st 
Campion, Henry, 381 Church at, Rd 

Campion, Wm., 122 Madeline st, Carl 
Candler, Curtis, coroner and mining com- 
pany's manager, 38 Temple court, Col- 
lins st west 
Candid, — , whip maker, 39 Victoria at, 

Candy, G., 280 Smith st, £ C 
Candy, Wm., herbalist, 68 George st, F 
Cane, Matthias, Stoke st, San 
Cane, S., Grosvenor st, £ C 
Cane, Samuel, Drammond st, Carl 
Cann, George, Prince Alfred hotel, Pres 
Cann, Wm., Chapel st, Pra 
Cannam, Charles C, marble mason. Punt 

road, Pra 
Cannay, Thos., Leveson st. Hot 
Cannon, M., 46 King William st, F 
Cannon, Wm., Great Britain hotel. Stoke 

st, San 
Conobbio, D., carpenter, 230 Lonsdale at 

Canter, W. J., grocer, 25 Peel st. Hot 
Canterbury, John, coal and wood mer- 
chant, 70 Fhnders lane east 
Canterbury, Mrs., 1 24 Flinders lane 
Canterford, Wm., bootmaker, 14 Bank st, 

Caution, — , Esplanade, St K 
Cantlow, R., hairdresser, 79 Smith st, F 
Canton, F. £., dentist, &c., 126 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Canton Marine Insurance Company, 11 

Little Collins st west 
Cantor, Jacob A., 78 Leicester st, Carl 
Cantwell, D., Barkly st, Carl 
Cantwell, M., Royal hotel. Nelson place, 

Cape, Matthew W., Ralston st, Pra 
Capon, George, butcher. Rouse st, San 
Caponi, Thomas, Railway place, San 
Capp, P., 193 Victoria parade, £ C 
Capron, Thomas, Kew 
Carbis, C, blacksmith, Backley at. Fey 
Card, Wm., coach painter, 8 Bridge road, 

Cardiff, John, 55 Rathdown st, Carl 
Cardwell, E., 17 Palmer st, Fey 
Cardwell, Wm. H., Haw 
Care, T., grocer, Harms worth st, E C 
Carew, Thomas, saddler, 299 Elizabeth at 
Carey, G. J., Brigadier- General, C.B., 
Commander of H. M. Forcea — office. 
Military Barracks 
Carey, Mrs., 85 Chetwynd st, Hot 
Carey, P., gardener, Hawden st, Held 
Carey, W., gardener, Mill st, Btn 
Carey, Wm., High st, Pra 
Carey, Wm., butcher, Flem Bank 
Carfrae, James, 2 Faraday st, Carl 
Carfrae, John, 27 Victoria parade, F 
Carlile, J. S., ironmonger, 40 and 42 Ger- 
trude st, F 
Carlisle, W. J., Teterinary surgeon, 18 
Little Latrobe st 





Carlisle, J., 82 Drybnigh st, Hot 
Carlos, W. H., acooutrement maker, 162 

Bourke st west 
Carlow, S. J., 4 George st, E M 
CarlsteiD, A., Golden Fleece hotel, comer 

Rnssell and Little Bourke sts 
Carlton and Hagin, agents, Wharf, and 

23 Spencer st 
Carlton Schools, Faraday st, Carl 
Carlton, Wm., tailor, Hoddle st, E C 
Carmichael, J., grocer, Easy st, E C 
Carmlchael, M., 40 Franklin st, W M 
Carnaby, George, tailor, 58 Elizabeth st 
Carnaby, J. H., Bouverie st, Carl 
Carnaby, Wm., bootmaker, 80 Queen st 
Came, P., carpenter, 83 Raglan st, Em H 
Came, W. J., 169 Smith st, F 
Camel), Mrs. M., 62 Hanover st, F 
Carnie, Alexander, farmer. Ess 
Caro, Jacob, ironmonger, 96 Elizabeth st 
Caroline, Jos., coach painter, 52 Latrobe 

st east 
Carp, W. H., colonial wine and luncheon 

rooms, 36 Collins st west 
Carpenter, Charles, general store, 15 

Beach st, San 
Carpenter, Charles, hairdresser. Beach st, 

Carpenter, Edwin, Cardigan st, Carl 
Carpenter, Thomas, M.L.A., Parliament 

Carpenters and Joiners' Society; meet at 

Trades Hall, Lyson st, Carl 
Carr, George, 65 Napier st, F 
Carr, Harriet, Wellington st, E C 
Carr, Hugh Bernard, and Son, upholster- 
ers and blind makers, 128 Spring st 
Carr, J. B., storekeeper, Btn • 

Carr, J., Rose st, Rd 
Carr, John, hairdresser, 1 75 King at 
Carr, Robert, Douglas parade, Wmn 
Carr, W., Bull st, St K 
Carr, Wm., greengrocer, 248 King st 
Carrick, R. W., 37 Dorcas st west, Em H 
Carrick, W. C. Sir Henry Barkly hotel. 

River bank, Rd 
Carrighan, A., Dow st, San 
Carrington, — , Church st, Btn 
Carol, John, greengrocer, Flem Bank 
Carrol, H., saddler, Nth 
Carroll, Charlotte, ladies' school. Canning 

st, Carl 
Carroll, Dennis, Howard st. Hot 
Carroll, J., grocer, 134 Johnston st, E C 
Carroll, J., dining rooms, 35 Lonsdale st 

Carroll, J., liyery stable keeper, Leveson 

st, Hot 
Carroll, James, Odd Fellows* hotel. Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Carroll, John, Queensberry st, Carl 
Carroll, Mrs., Bedford st. Hot 
Carroll, Peter, 44 Stanley st, W M 
Carroll, Peter, 115 Oxford st, £ C 

Carroll, Peter, Bush inn, Elizabeth st 
Carroll, Robert J., saddler, 32 Elinbelih 

st, north extension 
Carroll, Thomas, 128 Church st, Rd 
Carrathers and Jamea, diapers and outfit- 
ters, 80 Elizabeth st 
Carruthers, John, Haw 
Carruthers, Wm., 80 Elizabeth st 
Carson, James, carpenter, Railway place, 

Carson, John, importer of boots and shoes, 

39 Collins st east 
Carstairs, A., 11 Russell st 
Carter, Albinus J., 29 Courtney st, Hot 
Carter, Charles, painter and paperhanger, 

73 Queen st 
Carter, Ernest, dentist, 50 Russell st 
Carter, Geg., tailor, 167 Spring st 
Carter, George and Samuel, butchers, 20 

Gertrude st, F 
Carter, Godfrey D., wine, spirit, and pro- 

Tision merchant, 49 Flinders hine west, 

and Malvern 
Carter, Henry, New st, Btn 
Carter, John, hairdresser, 153 Littiie Col- 
lins st east 
Carter, John, Grey st, St K 
Carter, John, 268 Johnston st, E C 
Carter, John, Raglan st, San 
Carter, Joseph, builder, 91 Palmer at, F 
Carter, Mrs., 108 Johnston st, F 
Carter, Mrs., 60 Gore st, F 
Carter, Rev. W., Pent 
Carter, Richd., 177 Little Lonsdale at east 
Carter, Richd., 87 Levison st, Hot 
Carter, Samuel, Rouse st, San 
Carter, S. J., brickUyer, 104 Napier st, 

Carter, W., greengrocer, 61 Peel st, E C 
Carter, Wm., designer, printer, &c., 88 

Ferrars st, Em H 
Carter, Wm., Chapel st, St K 
Carter, Wm., High st, Pra 
Carter, Wm., Gardiner's creek road, Tk 
Cartledge, H., grocer, 23 Johnston st, F 
Cartledge, J., 145 Rose st, F 
Cartwright, F., 71 Coventry st, Em H 
Cartwright, F. C, Cecil st, Em H 
Gary, Robt. D., 92 Argyle st,F 
Casey, J. J., M.L A., Gertrade st, F 
Cas^, John, Curzon st, Hot 
Casey, John, grocer, Hoddle st, E C 
Casey, Mrs., fruiterer, 109 High f t, St K 
Cash. W. D., 115 Argyle st, F 
Cashion, Jas., Little Collins st west 
Cashmore, Michael, butcher, 147 Russell at 
Casselden, John, news agent, 179 LitUe 

Lonsdale st 
Cassell, James, 56 Young st, F 
Cassell, John, Hoddle st, Rd 
Cassell, Mrs., Williams road, Pra 
Cassidy, James, 209 George st, F 
Casson, John, LinoolnaMre arms hotel, 






CSwiOfn, John, fancy goods dealer, 231 

Blixabeth st 
GaiUe, K, 5 Woodland terrace, George 

Guile, J., 17 Market st, Em H 

Castle, John, sawmaker, 18 Latrobe st 

Outlemaine Paving Company, 62 Little 

GolUns st west 
Castleman, Fredk., 95 Bathdowne st, Carl 
Gstchpole, W., draper, 94 Bmnswick st,F 
Cater, James, Park st, S Y 
Cater, Mrs., 37 Gore st, F 
Catfaerod, P., Canning st, Carl 
Cstbolio Apostolic Church, M^Kenzie st., 

top of Russell st 
Catholic Education Committee office (St 

Frands) Lonsdale st east, 
Cattach, James, British Crown hotel, 

Smith st, £ C 
Oattenach, A., saddler, Chapel st, Pra 
CatteraU, £., 27 Smith st, F 
Cattaran, C, bootmaker, Edward st, Bk 
Cattlin, Edward, carrier. Bay st, San 
Cattnach, Thos., builder, 44 Qneensberry 

st. Hot 
Ctodle, George, draper and outfitter, 130 

Smith st, E C 
Canghey, Alex., Upper Haw 
Cangbey, Robert, Uaw 
Cualfield, Mrs., Provost st, Hot 
Caolton, John, Hoddle st, Rd 
Cavan, Wm., Capel st, Hot 
CaTanagh, J., 14 Little Lonsdale st east 
Cavanagh, Joseph, 120 Argyle st, F 
Gavanagh, T., Albert st west, Bk 
CaTanagh, W., Union st, Bk 
CaTalier, 8., 139 BouTerie st, Carl 
CaTell, George T., Park st, £ C 
CsTenagh, George, Lennox st, Bd 
Gay, Edward, High st, Pra 
Cayzer, F., bootmaker, 42 Johnston st, F 
Cayzer, Francis D., bootmaker, 183 Smith 

Cayser, Henry, carpenter, 80 Elgin st, 

Cayzer, John, shoemaker, Johnston st, F 
Ged), Wm., grocer, Leicester st, Carl 
Cederberg, J. P., engrarer, 82 Queen st 
Central Bank of Western India, 48 Collins 

st west 
Central Board of Health office, 178 Collins 

Hiadwick, John, Peel st, Pra 
• 'ladwick, Matthew, 30 Faraday st, Carl 

< ladwick, Wm., Farmers' hotel, Ess 

< talk and Price, warehousemen, 8 Collins 

talk, John, Wallis st, Tk 

lalker, J., Railway place, San 

udker, Wm., builder, 5 Spring st 

lallis, James, Pier hotel, Nelson place, 

Wmn . 

almond, Mri^ Webb st, F 

Chalmers, James, Gardiner's creek road, 

Chamber of Commerce, 48 Collins st west 
Chamberlain, B., Williams road, Pra 
Chamberlain, Robert, produce merchant, 

281 Brunswick st, F 
Chamberlain, R., 98 Kerr st, F 
Chamberlain, Wm. £., Wdlington st, St K 
Chambers and Ciutten, monumental ma- 
sons, &c., corner Lonsdale and Stephen 

Chambers, £., railway truck works, Ni- 
cholson st, Fey 
Chambers, Enoch, engineer and iron- 
founder, 40 and 42 Little Collins st east; 

Charles st, Pra; and Patent Slip, Wmn 
Chambers, George, Mackenzie st 
Chambers, James, Gardiner's creek road, 

Chambers, Mrs., 75 Lygon st, Carl 
Chambers, Mrs., Arden st. Hot 
Chambers, T. W., Inkerman st east, St E 
Chambers, Thomas, greengrocer, 69 

Barkly st, Carl 
Chambers, Thomas, 2 Albert terrace, 

Moray st, Em H 
Chambers, W., 195 Cardigan st, Carl 
Chambers, William, Union st, S Y 
Chambers, William, Chapel st, Pra 
Chambers, William, 10 Berkeley st, Carl 
Champ, W. T. N., inspector-general of 

penal establishments, Pent 
Champion, Benjamin, Queen's Arms bote), 

27 Swanston st 
Champion, Mrs., 42 BouYerie st, Carl 
Champion, Mrs., 112 York st east, Em H 
Chance Prospecting Gold Mining Com- 

paay, Gipps Land, 31 Collins st west 
Chancellor and Sons, grocers, 66 Errol st. 

Chandler, Joseph, Ivanhoe, Heid 
Chandler, Joseph, 81 Smith st, F 
Chandler, Nun (manager Central Bank of 

India), 7 Royal terrace, F 
Chandler, Stephen, market gardener, Pres 
Chandler, Thomas, 115 Stephen st 
Chandler, Wm., agent, 227 Swanston st 
Chaney, J., 65 Twyford st, South Wmn 
Chapel, R., 5 Bendigo st, Hot 
Chaplin, Edward, accountant, &c., 64 

Elizabeth st 
Chaplin, J. T., Goodwood st, Rd 
Chaplin, Thomas, grocer, 34 Bridge road, 

Chapman, A., storekeeper, Flem 
Chapman, G., grocer. Chapel st, Pra 
Chapman, George, music warehouse, 117 

Swanston st 
Chapman, H., storekeeper, Nicholson st, 

Chapman, Josiah, coachbuilder, 144 High 

Bt, St K 
Chapman, L., greengrocer, 148 Brunswick 






Chftproan, H., grocer, Canning st, Carl 
Chapman, Mrs., 3 Granite terrace, Ger- 
trude 8t, F 
Chapman, 8., professor of mnsic, 175 

Victoria parade, E C 
Chapman, Thomas, Flem 
Chapman, Thomas, Curzon st. Hot 
Chapman, Thomas, butcher, S9 Leveson 

St, Hot 
Chapman, T. G., 130 a Rose st, F 
Chapman, T. S., 76 Moray place, Em H 
Chapman, W., 25 York st east, Em H 
Chapman, W. G., saddler, Pent 
Chapman, Wm., hay and corn dealer, 247 

Victoria parade, E C 
Chard, John, Sarsfield Inn, 78 Little 

Bourke st 
Chard, John, storekeeper, Flem 
Chard, Wm., builder, 14 Franklyn st west 
Charge, Thomas, painter and paperhanger, 

17 Cambridge st, E C 
Charles, B., Madeline st, Carl 
Charles, C, fruiterer, 47 Albert st, £ M 
Charles, H., 84 Dry burgh st. Hot 
Charles, J., Carlisle st east, St K 
Charles, Robert, forwarding agent, 3 La- 

trobe st east 
Charles, Thomas, bootmaker, 91 Victoria 

st, Carl 
Charles, Thomas, Berkeley st, Carl 
Charleston Amalgamated and Good Spec 

Mining Company, 64 Elizabeth st 
Charlton, Francis, GreTillc st, Fra 
Charlton, James F., coachpainter, 53 

Rathdowne st, Carl 
Charlton, John, Ivanhoe, Heid 
Charlwood and Son, printers, booksellers, 

&c., 7 Bourke st east ; printing ofiSce, 

Angelo lane 
Charlwood, C. J., 165 Victoria parade, F 
Charlwood, E., 26 Napier st, F 
Charsley, Edward, Malvern Hill 
Charter, J., 24 Cobden st, Em H 
Chase, C., hairdresser, Bay st, San 
Chase, Rev. S. L., St. PauFs parsonage, 

Flinders st east 
Chaston, Wm., 42 McArtbur place, Carl 
Cbatband, H. J., tailor, 33 Wellington st, 

Chatterton, Mrs., 1 Alma terrace, Moray 

st, Em H 
Chavasse, J. L., gardener, Denby st, Btn 
ChaavuB, Charles, 25 Roden st, W M 
Cheese, G., 17 York st west, Em H 
Cheese, James, batcher, 17 Curzon st. 

Cheeseman, Thomas, Highett st, Rd 
Cheetham, Daniel, 79 Stanley st, W M 
Cheetham, R., Commercial road, Pra 
Cheetham, Wm., Commercial road, Pra 
Cherrington, Wm., dealer, 89 Flinders st 

Cherry, Thomas, ofT 64 Little Collina st 

Cherry, Thomas, 124 Queen st 
Cherry, T., Webb st, F 
Cheshire, Edwin, 7 Ferguson st, Wmn 
Cheshire, Joseph, fishmonger, 130 Bourke 

st cast, and off Little Collins st east 
Cheshire, Mrs., general store, Wreckyn 

st. Hot 
Chesney, J., 139 Cecil st, Em H 
Chester, Edward C, Whitelaw st, Fey 
Chessell, Charles, 56 York st, Em H 
Chevalier, Nicholas, artist, 53 Spring at 
Chew, Thomas, 66 Bank st east, Em H 
Chew, Thomas, Bay st, Btn 
Chewton Flagging and Slate Mining Com- 
pany, 42 Elizabeth st 
Chid ley, J. J., fruiterer, Gardiner's creek 

road, S Y 
Child, Jas., store, 184 and 186 Little 

Bourke st 
Child, Jos., Napier st, F 
Child, Wm., 150 Little Bourke st west 
Chinese Club-house, 75 Little Bonrke at 

Chinese Court-house, 71 Little Bourke at 

Chinese Joss-house, Cobden st, Em H 
Chinnick, H. J , 128 Johnston st, £ C 
Chisholm, David, Argyle st, Pra 
Chisholm, John MofTatt, 28 Collins st west 
Chisholm, James, 171 Lygon st, Carl 
Chisholm, Wm. K., Niagara hotel, 28 

Lonsdale st west 
Chislett, John, Kew 
Chittock, E., tailor, 66 Lygon st, Carl 
Chitty, Wm., Church st, Rd 
Chivers, John C, 5 Bridport st, Em H 
Chomley, A. W., secretary Crown Law 

department, 192 Collins st east 
Chomley, Mrs., High st, Pra 
Christian, Henry, rope maker, Kew 
Christian, Robert, 101 High st, St E 
Christian, Wm., boarding-house, 96 Eiog 

Christian RenieWy 51 Flinders lane west 
Christie, James, brickmaker. Commercial 

road, Pra 
Christie, L. S., Ballaarat 
Christie, Mrs., boarding-house, 1 15 Qaeen 

Christieson, Henry, Peel st, Pra 
Christmas,— , jeweller, 72 Brunswick at,? 
Christmas, John, mason, Stephen st 
Christopher, James, 6 James st, F 
Christopher, John, Brunswick st, F 
Christopherson, John, 4 Grey st, E M 
Christy, •— , Grange road, Tk 
Christy, Alexander, Howard st. Hot 
Christy, George, Howard st, Hot 
Christian Banner office, 123 Argyle at, F 
Christy, Robert, 125 Moray st, Em H 
Chrystal, Wm., 136 Victoria st, W M 
CAronir/e,Williamstown, office of, 22 Ann 

st, Wmn 
Cbummings, Wm., 30 Brunswick at, F 





Chnng Hankee, storekeeper, 85 Little 

Bonrke st east 
Chorch of Engiand Grammar School, St. 

Kilda road 
Chorch of England Life Aasurance office, 

8 Elizaheth at 
Church of England Sunday School Insti- 

tnte Book Depot, 91 Little Gollina st 

Church, J. C, market gardener, Pres 
Charch, Bichard, Hotfaam st, E M 
Chorcher, Wm., 158 Johnston st, E C 
Charches, James, baker, 57 Peel st, E C 
Churchman, James, Standard hotel, 160 

Little Collins st east 
Chnrchus, B., timber merchant, High it, 

St K 
Chorchyard, John, Dmmmond st, Carl 
Chorchyard and Cane, wine coopers, 110 

Flinders lane east 
Chnte, — , 2 Westbonme terrace, Grey st, 

City Loan Company, 60 Elizabeth st 
City of Melbourne Gas and Coke Com- 

paoy, 9 Collins st west 
City Police Court, Swanston st 
City and Suburban Building Society, 18 

Collins st east 
Clancy, Charles, general dealer, 206 Little 

Collins st east 
CiTil Service Gold Mining Company, 69 

Collins st west 
Cl&Bcy, Mrs., 55 Boden st, W M 
Clancy, M., bootmaker, Victoria st, Carl 
Clapham, Edwin, Nicholson st, Carl 
CUpham, S., 9U York st west, Em H 
Clapham, Thomas J., 56 Argyle st, F 
Clapp, Oliver B., merchant, 65 Little Col- 
lins st east 
Clspperton, George, draper, 29 Madeline 

st, Carl 
Clapperton, Wm., 74 Bouverie st, Carl 
Clapperton, Wm., 26 Queensberry st,CarI 
Clare, Mrs., Clyde st, St K 
Clare, John, 25 Coventry st west, Em H 
Claridge, Charles J., customs agent, Cus« 

torn-house and Carl 
CUridge, T., Carlton st, Carl 
Clark, Alexander, Kew 
Clark, A., 3 Nicholson st, E 
CUrk, A., Peel st, Pra 
Clark, Alexander J., carpenter, 23 Palmer 

st, F 
Chtfk, Bernard, Chetwynd st, Hot 
Clark, B. R., Dow st, San 
Oark, Candid, 74 Cardigan st, Carl 
Clark, C., storekeeper. Bay st, Btn 
C^k, C. G., shipping reporter, 5 Stoke 

st, San 
Clark, D., Punt road, Pra 
CUrk, D. G., Bd 
Clark, David, Nelson st, Pra 
Clark, Edward, house and land agent, 8 

Crraham st, San 

Clark, Frederick S., 24 John st, Wmn 
Clark, George, house and land agent, 7 

Drummond st, Carl 
Clark, George, 137 Elizabeth st 
Clark, George, draper and outfitter, 65 

and 67 Bourke st east, F 
Chirk, Henry, chair caner, off Little Bourke 

st east 

Clark, H., 11 Bailie st. Hot 
Clark, J., Davis st, Pra 
Clark, J., outfitter, 97 Kerr st, F 
Clark, J. R., and Co., chemical manufac- 
turers, Yarra bank and 23 Flinders lane 

Clark, James, 25 little Lonsdale st west 
Clark, John, saddler and harness maker, 

137 Elizabeth st 
Clark, John T., butcher. Commercial road, 

CUrk, John, Dryburgh st, Hot 
Clark, John J., Electra st, Wmn 
Clark, John, Arthur^s Seat road, Btn 
Clark, John, Boden st, Wmn 
Clark, John, tinsmith, 8 Gertrude st, F 
Clark, John, 80 Dorcas st, Em H 
Clark, John, shipwright, River side south 
CUrk, John, Arthur st, Pra 
Clark, M., 313 Victoria parade, E C 
Clark, Mrs. J. B., china warehouse, 130 

Clarendon st, Em H 
Clark, Mrs. M. A., Junction hotel, Pel- 
ham st, Carl 
Clark, R., Nicholson st, Carl 
Clark, Robert, Elizabeth st 
Clark and Sons, tanners, curriers, and 

leather sellers, 137 Elizabeth st 
CUrk, Thomas, Hoddle st, Rd 
Clark, Thomas, 65 Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Clark, T. P., Nelson road, Em H 
Clark, Wm., cabinetmaker, 186 Elizabeth 

st, and Barry st, Carl 
CUrk, W. A., mathematical instrument 

maker, 33 Little Collins st west, and 

Drummond st, Carl 
Clark, Wm., Pascoe st, Wmn 
Clark, Wm., photographer, 142 Bridge 

CUrk, Wm., Therry st 
Clarke, Alex., 122 Drummond st, Carl 
Clarke, B., bootmaker, 170 Smith st, E C 
Clarke, C, post office. Church st, Btn 
Clarke, Charles E., 42 Lonsdale st west 
Clarke, C. E., 86 Elizabeth st 
Clarke, D., 1 Church st, Em H 
Clarke, D., 78 York st, Em H 
Clarke, George, architect, 70 Leicester st, 

CUrke, Hy., parliamentary agent, Bourke 

st east 
Clarke, Henry J., Wellington st, St K 
CUrke, H. S. John, surgeon, 132 Victoria 

st, Rd 
Clarke, J., saddler, Sydney road, Bk 
CUrke, J., surgeon, 26 Park st west, Em H 




CItfke, J. Ih ^dnejr void«Bk 

Clarke, J. L^ Sy&aey road, Bk 

Oboke, Jamei, victoria at, W IC 

Clarke, John, Nott at^ San 

Clarke, John, 8t Hilda road, Bta 

Clarke, John, 97 Kerr 8t, F 

daike, John, wine merdiant and ooni 

fMCUnt, 139 Smitli at, F 
CiariLe, Joiepb, warehooaeman, 11a Flin* 

dera lane weat, and Srin at, Rd 
Clarke, ICaiy Ann, Jonction hotel, comer 

of Pdham and Elizabeth at extmaion 
Clarke, Mias, 49 Boarerie at, Carl 
CUrke, Mra., Kew 
CUrke, W., 88 BonTerie st, Carl 
Clarke, Mrs., Cremome si, Bd 
Clarke, Mra., uphoUtreaa, 59 Flinders lane 

Clarke, Mn., Domain road, S T 
Clarke, Mrs., 47 Lygon at, Carl 
Clarke, Ber. W., 5 Lyons st, Worn 
CUrke, Ber. M., 45 St Band st, F 
CUrke, Richard T., printer, 84 and 88 

Moor st, F 
Clarke, Bobson, CarUsle st weat, St K 
CUrke, S., Fortune of War hotel, 208 

Napier st,F' 
CUrke, S., bootmaker, 36 Stephen st 
Clarke, T., 126 Moray st, Em H 
CUrke, T., 96 Dudley st, W M 
CUrke, T., Thomson st, Wmn 
CUrke, T. P., 51 Nelson road, Em H 
CUrke, Thomas, grocer and fruiterer, 29 

Douglas parade, Wmn 
Clarke, Thos., Southey st, St E 
Clarke, Thos., grocer, 42 York st, Em H 
CUrke, W., Sack^ille st, E C 
Clarke, W., Little Nelson st, Wmn 
CUrke, W., 50 Kerr st, F 
Clarke, W., 52 Kerr st, F 
Clarke, W., gardener. South road, Btn 
CUrke, W. J., stockholder, 60 Collins st 

Clarke, W. T., Dow st, San 
Clarke, W. G., Kerr st, F 
CUrke, Wm., WilUams road, Pra 
CUrke, Wm.,junr., 64 Elizabeth st, and 

Clarke, Wm., confectioner, 68 Gertrude 

st, F 
CUrke, Wm., Barry st, Carl 
Clarke, Wm., Carlton st, Carl 
Clarke, Wm., 52 Kerr st, F 
CUrke, Wm., Canning st, Carl 
Clarke, Wm., 52 Little Latrobe st 
Clarke, Wm., Capel st, W M 
CUrke, Wm., junr., Barkly st, St E 
Clarke, Wm., 53 Cremome st, Rd 
Oarke, Wm. John Turner, M.L.C., 60 

Collins st west and Ess 
C3arke, Wm., and Sons, bankers, bullion 

and share brokers, 86 Elizabeth at 
Clarkson, Wm., North Star hotel, comer 

ProTOit and Abbotsford sts. Hot 

Clare, J^ 40 JeflRsotft Bt» W M 
Clary, John, cattle dealer, Flem Bank 
CUiaon, Shallaid, and Co., printera and 
Ubel manufacturers, 74 Little CoUlna st 

CUraon, W., Wellington pande, E M 
Claaby, Martin, Tde^ph hotel, 66 Little 

Boui^ at west 
daason, NickeU, C, 76 Coventry at east, 

CiB.wey,Wm, B^ surgeon, 81 Dorcaa at, 

Em H 
CUy, Charlea, Hoddle at, B C 
CUy, Frederick L., solicitor, Victoria at^ 

CUy, John H., cabinetmaker, 65 Conddl 

st, F 
Clay, Mrs., Graham st, San 
CUy, T., yeterinary forge, Bouse st, San 
CUy, Wm., hairdresser, &c, 44 Queen st 
Clayton, Charles, Victoria hotel. Peel st, 

Clayton, George, Lothian st, Hot 
CUyton, James, grocer, 40 King William 

st F 
CUyton, John H., solicitor, 64 Little Col- 
lins st east 
CUyton, Mrs., Brighton st, Bd 
CUyton, B., 69 George st, F 
Cleal, Jacob, Parisian cafe, 108 Bourke st 

Cleary, Edmund, ahoemaker, 158 King st 
Cleary, K J., Australian hotel, Batfadowne 

st, Carl 
Cleary, John, storekeeper, Flem 
Cleary, Patrick, shoemaker, 126 little 

Bourke st west 
GeeUnd, John, Albion hotel, 37 Bourke 

street east 
Clegg, P., stonemason. Chapel st, Pra 
Clegg, Robert H., 47 VictorU st. Hot 
Cleghorne, Arthur, tannery, White Horse 

8t, Fey 
Cleland, R., general dealer, 91 Stephen at 
ClelUnd, Mrs., 42 Barkly st, Carl 
Clement, Thomas, Berkeley st, Carl 
ClemenU, G., 83 Westgarth st, F 
Clements, R., 150 Little Lonsdale st west 
Clements, Tobias, Cricketers' hotel, pastry 

cook, 58 Swanston st 
Clendinnen, Joseph James, jeweller, 7 

Bourke st east 
Clerley, R., 34 BouFcrie st, Carl 
CleTe,Sali, merchant, acting consul Ham- 
burg, Bremen, and Hanover, 88 Flin- 
ders Une west 
Cleveland, Wm., merchant, 9 Flinders at 

CleveUnd, Wm., 3 Dalgety st, St K 
Cleverdon, W., 91 Park st» Em H 
Clews, F., cabinetmaker, 69 Johnston at, 

E C 
Cliff, E., Prince of Wales hotel, Chapel at, 






Clifford, — , Argyle ft east, St K 
Clifford, James, Church st, fid 
Ctifford, Wm., 30 Fitxroy tt, F 
Clifton, George, famitiire dealer, Chapd 

tt, Pra 
Climazice, George, Wellingtonparade, £ M 
Clinch, Jamee, 9 Stanley at, W M 
Clinn, J. N., engineer. Free 
Clinton, James, Fletcher's hotel. Haw 
Clinton, Mrs., school, Brighton st, Bd 
Clippertoo, John, solicitor, 81 Little Col- 
lins st east 
Clissold, Creoige, grazier, Ascot TaleyFlem 
Close, J. &, 39 Smith st, F 
Close, Wm., storekeeper. Railway place, 

Clothier, Bohert, Essex st, Fey 
Clotbier, Wm., Essex st. Fey 
Clongh, F., Victoria st, E C. 
Closgh, J. H., and Co., wool brokers. 111 

and 1 13 Collins st west 
Clongh, J. H., Chapel st, S Y 
Ctongh, Richard, blacksmith, 11 LiUle 

Kelson st, Wnm 
CUmgKM Circular and Ptuloral Adotrtiaer 

office, 99 Boorke st west 
Clowes, Wm., Jolimont 
Clowles, Thomas, Rowena parade, Rd 
Qnbb, Thomas Joseph, and Mrs., surgical 

bandage makers, 138 Collins st east 
Clnne, Patrick, Union st, S T 
Clotten, George, Inkerman st, St E 
Clntterbock, Henry, Eew 
Clydesdale, Darid, greengrocer, 58 Lygon 

It, Carl 
Ccksd, Henry, S6 Grattan st, Carl 
Coates, — , grocer, 107 Queen st 
Cottes, J., painter. New street, Btn 
Coates, Miss, draper, Chapel st, Pra 
Coates, Mrs., 238 King st 
Coates, Mrs., Gardiner's creek road, 8 Y 
Coates, Walter, Victoria st, Btn 
Coates, Wm., painter and glazier, 70 

Queen st 
Cobb and Co.'s ooach office, 35 Boorke st 

Cobb, Charles, 55 St David's st, F 
Cobb, Mrs., 70 Lonsdale st west 
Cobb, Wm., 33 Curzon st, Hot 
Cobham, Alexander, Osborne st, South 

Cobon, J., 41 Cecil st, Em H 
Cobonm, G., Moor st, F 
Cochran, Hugh, grocer, 70 Siran 'st, Rd 
Cochrao, W., Ralston st, Pra 
Cochrane and O'Brien, importers of fancy 

drapery, 52 Flinders lane west 
Cochrane, Edward, Station place, San 
Cochrane, J., Cochrane st, Btn 
Cochrane and Radford, tinsmiths, 19 Post 

Office place 
Cochrane, Wm., Caroline st, S Y 
Cock, Thomas, farmer, Braybrook road, 


Cock, Thomas, ProTost st. Hot 

Cocking, Samuel, Kew 

Cockbill, Henry, nij^tman, fcc„ Barkly 

st, St K 
Cockbill, John, nightman, 23 Little Bourke 

st west 
CockbUl, Wm^ nightman, 42 Little Bourke 

st west 
Cockbnm, C, Cardigan st, Carl 
Cockbnm, John, pastrycook, 39 Bourke 

st east, and 56 and 58 Swanston st 
Cockburn, J^ Spencer st, near Roden st 
Cockburn, John, confectioner, &c., 19 

Collins st west, and 136 Collins st east 
Cockbnm, Onsley, Rotherwood st, Rd 
CockeriU,. John F., Abbotsford st. Hot 
Cockes, Thomas, carpenter, 99 Flinders 

st east 
Cocklan, J., bootmaker, Berkeley st, Carl 
Cockles, James, Pelham tt, Carl 
Coffey, Thomas, Courtney st. Hot 
Coffley, Wm^ Stockade hotel, Nicholson st, 

Cogan, E. W., GreTiUe st, Pra 
Coe, James, gardener, Pres 
Cogally, Mardn, Cnnson st, Hot 
Coggins, Thomas, sharebroker and mining 

agent, 5 Collins st west 
Coghill, George, 51 Three chain road, 

Em H 
Ooglan, Mrs., 128 MadeUne st, Carl 
Cogswell, L. H., Stewart street, Bk 
CogTin, John, Oxford arms hotel, Oxford 

st, EC 
Cohen, A. Abraham, china and glass 

dealer, 120 and 131 Swanston st 
Cohen, Andrew, gingerbeer maaofacturer, 

Little Collins st 
Cohen, A. J., Commercial road, Pra 
Cohen Brothers, furniture importers, 

Queen's Ar(»de, Lonsdale st 
Cohen, Da Tid, outfitter and passage broker, 

73 Flinders st west 
Cohen, David, 120 Dttle Lonsdale st west 
Cohen, E., and Co., merchants, 36 LitUe 

Collins st west 
Cohen, E., 18 Napier st, F 
Cohen, Edward, M.L.A, Clarendon st, 

Cohen, E. L., 2 George st, F 
Cohen, George, hairdresser. Beech st, San 
Cohen, Jos., 9 Royal terrace, Nicholson 

Cohen, Lewis, Victoria st, W M 
Cohen, Louis, Druid's hotel, 172 Russell st 
Cohen, Louis, pawnboker, 176 Russell st 
Cohen, L., 153 Spring st 
Cohen, L., dealer. Market lane, Boorke st 

Cohen, Mendel, dealer, 182 Russell st 
Cohen, Mrs. E., dothiw, 73 Elisabeth st, 

and Smith st, E C 
Cohen, Mrs., 47 Franklin st west 
Cohen, Mrs., Marion it, F 





Cohen, Mrs., fumiinre mart, 118 Smith 

tt, EC 
Cohen, P., 115 Yictoria parade, F 
Cohen, P., & Co., cigar divan, 103 Bourke 

8t east 
Cohen, Samuel H., Wellington st, St K 
Cohen, S. H., and Co., aactioneers, 30 

Collins st west 
Cohen, Simeon, King William st, F ^ 
Cohen, Victor, watchmaker, 216 Smith st, 

Cohen, Wm., cah proprietor, South Aud- 

ley st, E C 
Cohn, Heniy, Rifle Brigade hotel, Elgin 

st, Carl 
Cohu, E., erated waters maker, off 24 

Little Collins st east 
Coker, Thomas, Esplanade, St E 
Coker, Thomas, and Co., stock, share, and 

money brokers, 69 Collins st west 
Oolclough, R and J., grocers and provi- 

sion merchants, &c., 167 Clarendon st, 

Colclough, Richard, produce merchant, 

167 Clarendon st, Em H 
Coldon, Miss, dressmaker. Princes st, F 
Cole Brothers, painters and paperhangers, 

12 Napier st, F 
Cole, E. W., bookseller, 14 Eastern mar- 
Cole, G., cabinetmaker, 88 Oxford st, E C 
Cole, Hon. Geo. W., M.L.C., merchant, 

&c.. Cole's Wharf, Flinders st west 
Cole, James H., Capel st, W M 
Cole, Jas., bootmaker, 38 Rathdowne st, 

Cole, John, locksmith, whitesmith, &c., 21 

Little Collins st east 
Cole, ffohn R., draper, 231 Lygon st 
Cole, John, 26 M' Arthur place Carl 
Cole, John, 132 Moor st, F 
Cole, John, Pent 

Cole, Josias, 97 Wellington st, E C 
Cole, Miss, Cliff st,Pra 
Cole, Robert, 65 Jeffcott st, W M 
Cole, T., 108 Moor st, F 
Cole, T. C, Haw 

Cole, Thomas, draper, Stanley st, E C 
Cole, Thos., Carson*s lane, Little Collins 

st east 
Coleman, B., 40 Little Lonsdale st east 
Coleman, Edward, 52 Toung st, F 
Coleman, J., 22 Barkly st, Carl 
Coleman, Mrs., Cecil st, Em H 
Coleman, Mrs., 121 Gertrude st, F 
Coleman, Mrs., 106 York st, Em H 
Coles, George, baker, 154 Bridge road, Rd 
Coles, J., Albert st, Pra 
Coles, Robert, Builders arms hotel, Car- 
• digan st, Carl 
Coles, Samuel, baker. Haw 
Coles, S., accountant. Bay st, Btn 
Coles, Thomas, grocer, 96 Elgin st, Carl 
Colgin, John, 3 a'Beckett at east 

Colgin, M., Yilliers st. Hot 

Coliban Gold Mining Company, 54 Queoi 

Collard,.Geo. M., butcher, Clyde st, St K 
Colley, Wm.,Rotherwood st, Rd 
Colley, Wm., South Audley st, E C 
Collie, Jonas, York st, Btn 
Collie, Joseph, secretary Victorian Fire 

and Marine Insurance Company, 8S 

Collins st east 
Collie, Wm., painter, Ralston st, Pra 
Collie, Wm., 46 Howard st. Hot 
Collier, Mrs., Wellington st, St K 
Collier, Thomas, wood and coal dealer, 

323 Brunswick st, F 
Collingwood Assembly Hall, 56 Gertrude 

st, F 
Collingwood, Fitzroy, and District Gas 

and Coke Company, 26 Swanston st 
Collingwood Gold Mining Company's 

Office, 55 Elizabeth st 
Collingwood Observer office, 23 Smith st.F 
Collins and Co., flock and bone-dust ma- 
nufacturers, Yarra bank 
Collins, Callaghan, off 132 Collins st east 
Collins, Christopher, painter, 173 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Collins, Denis, 13 Bourerie st, Carl 
Collins, James, confectioner, 9 High st, 

Collins, John, John st, Wmn 
Collins, John, harnessmaker, 3 Elizabeth 

st extension 
Collins, John E., Ail England Eleren 

hotel. Railway place, San 
Collins, J., man cook, Gardiner*s creek 

road, S Y 
Collins, John, 227 Swan st, Rd 
Collins, John, 208 Johnston st, E C 
Collins, John, 70 Barkly st, Carl 
Cbllins, J., 80 York st, Em H 
Collins, John, Abbotsford st. Hot 
Collins, M., Hoddle st, Rd 
Collins, Mrs., 149 George st, F 
Collins, Mrs., Cremorne st, Rd 
Collins, Robert, butcher, 96 Elgin st, Carl 
Collins, T., Reilly st, F 
Collins, Thomas, Elgin st, Carl 
Collins, Walter, Railway place, San 
Collins, W., 46 Coventry st, Em H 
Collins, W., coachsmith, 124 Gore st, F 
Collis, Alfred, 64 Lygon st, Carl 
Collis, F., 108 Westgarth st, F 
Collis, T., Byron st, Hot 
Collis, Wm., lithographer, 12 Smith st, F 
Collison, C. C, Hoddle st, Rd 
Collison, John, tanner, Flem bank 
CoUiver, — , Sackville st, E C 
Collocott, James, 182 George st, F » 
Colionder, Francis, ironmonger. 111 High 

st, St K 
Colls, Benjamin, 10 Queensberry st, Hot 
Colman, — , 10 Dover place, Wmn 
Colman, B., 80 Coyentry st east, Em H 






Colmui, Ifaac, 148 Flinders Imne wtt 

Colouui, J., 129 Moor at, F 

Colman, R., storekeeper, Pent 

Colnian, Mrs., 55 Kerr st, F 

ColoniAl Bank of Aastrslasis, comer of 

Elisabeth it and Little Collins st east 
Qjigial Life Assurance Company (of 

flfnborgh), 26 Collins st west 
ColqnhoaD, Gideon A., 28 Moor st, F 
Colson, Wm., hay and com dealer, Chapel 

Colter, Edwin, 224 Johnston st, E C 
ColTille, Henry, grocer, 181 Smith st, F 
CelTiile, R., Trinnian st. Pre 
CoUin, James, Beehive hotel. Haw 
ColTin, James, Fitzroy Arms, 139 King 

st and Little Boarke st west 
.Coman, Ellen, dressmaker, 8 BouTerie st, 

Comban, 8., 17 Steredore it, Wmn 
Comerford, Wm., 122 Argyle st, F 
Comisky, W., boarding-hoase, 118 Little 

Lonsdale st west 
Commanding, Mrs., dressmaker, 251 Eli- 
sabeth st 
Commissariat Office, comer of King and 

Little Collins st west 
Commissioners of Audit, 178 Collins st 

Coiftport, M., 46 Swan st, Rd 
Comport, Wm., Berkeley st, Carl 
Compton, — , Inkerman st, St K 
Compton, C. Henry, professor of music, 

Chapel st, St E 
Compton, W. H., Punt road, Bd 
Comrie and Co., importers, 144 Little 

Collins st east 
Comyns, Charles L., Haw 
Comjns, J. R., Macarthur place, Carl 
Conacher, D., cabinetmaker, Ralston at, 

Conden, Edward, Lygon st, Carl 
Condon, Thomas, Condon's hotel, 60 Wil- 
liam st 
Condron, Thomas, Cavan hotel, 328 Bruns- 
wick st, F 
Coney, Richard, 178 Kapier st, F 
Coogdon, J., Madeline st, Carl 
Congregational College, comer of Elgin 

and Madeline sts, Carl 
Conlay, P., Hyde st, Fey 
Conlen, Peter, draper. Chapel st, Pra 
Conley, James, head master National 

Schools, Bell st, F 
Conloo, P. T., architect, 30 Queen st 
Connell and Clark, timber merchants, 13 

William st 
Comiell, D., Cole st, Wmn 
Connell, David, Ivanhoe, Held 
Connell and Hogarth, importers, 15 and 

Connell, John, 2 Grattan st, Carl 
Connell, John, 101 Bouverie st, Carl 
Coonell, John, Kew 

Connell, John, 55 Dorcas st west, Em H 
Connell, John, ironmonger, 89 EUsabeth at 
Connell, Peter, 33 Smith at, F 
Connell, Thimas, Haw 
ConneU, W., 263 Victoria parade, £ C 
Connelley, Charles, Flemingtoa hotA, 

Connelley, Mrs., St Kilda st, Btn 
Connelley, 11 Macarthur place, Carl 
Connolly. W., Nth 
Conner, James, bootmaker. Mount Alex* 

ander road. Ess 
Conner, Mrs., 172 Victoria st, Rd 
Conner, Wm., Princes st, Flem 
Connibere, C, draper, High st, St K 
Connobee, George, Station place, San 
Connolly, James, boarding-house keeper, 

169 Bourke st west 
Connor, Daniel, 42 Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Connor, J. H., M.L.A., Parliament bouse 
Connor, John, Curzon st. Hot 
Connor, John, chemist, Elisabeth st, ex- 
Connor, John, Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Connor, Jos., 36 George st, F 
Connor, T. G., Punt road, S Y 
Conolly, Philip, 142 Little Bourke st west 
Conrad, Edward M., stevedore. Stevedore 

st, Wmn 
Conrao, Mrs., Goremor Hotham hotel. 

Conroy, James, grocer, 40 Nelson plaoe 

east, Wmn 
Conroy, Mrs., 105 Faraday st, Carl 
Conroy, Michael, Sution place, San 
Conroy, Mrs., Thompson st, Wmn 
Conroy, Wm. C, Conroy's Royal hotel, 

Victoria st, Carl 
Considine, J. W., chemist, 49 Peel st, E C 
Constable, Wm., general dealer, 143 Kinf 

ConsUble, Marmaduke, mining agent» 9 

Elisabeth st 
Constantine, Mrs., straw bonnet maker, 67 

Smith at, F 
Convent of the Good Shepherd, Clarke at, 

Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Nichol- 
son st, F 
Conway, F., boot warehouse. Chapel at, 

Conway, — , Nott at, San 
Conway, Francia, 131 Johnaton at, F 
Conway, John, 21 Croas st, Hot 
Conway, Patrick, 7a Wellington st, St K 
Conway, Patrick, grocer, 252 King st 
Cook, A., ferryman. River Bank 
Cook and Fox, account book manufac- 
turers, 58 Queen st 
Cook and Richards, cabinetmakers, Frank- 
lin st, W M 
Cook, B. J., Ferayhnrst, Ess 
Cook, Frederic, manager, Melbomme Bank- 
ing Co., Queen st 





Cook and Co , printeni, Le^eson st, Hot 
Cook, F. T., workiDg jewellerf 151 Spring 

Cook, George, Mount Erica hotel, High at, 

Cook, George, 93 Victoria st, Hot 
Cook, Henry, 94 Smith st, F 
Cook, J., Andrew st, Wind 
Cook, J., Punt road, S Y 
Cook, James, Latrobe st west 
Cook, John, 176 Napier st, F 
Cook, Richard, tinsmith, Blackwood st, 

Cook, Bobert, Abbotsford st. Hot 
Cook, Thomas, 45 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Cook, Thomas, Nicholson st, Carl 
Cook, Thomas A., blacksmith, Bucklej 

st. Ess 
Cook, Thomas, 138 Cardigan st, Carl 
Cook, W. and B., Sydney road, Bk 
Cook, Wm., accountant, &c., 32 Queen st 
Cook, William, builder, Commercial road, 

Cook, Wm., store, 60 Gore st, F 
Cook, Wm. C, pawnbroker. Bay st, San 
Cook, Wm., 176 Lygon st, Carl 
Cooke, Abel, 59a St. David st, F 
Cooke, B., Alabama hotel, Victoria st, Rd 
Cooke, B. and H., timber merchants, 

Spencer st, opposite railway 
Cooke, C. F. D., sign writer, 106 Russell st 
Cooke, Charles, 192 Little Boiirke st east 
Cooke, H., merchant, 5 Bund st, and 

Yarra Falls 
Cooke, John H., accountant, 20 and 21 

Eldon chambers, Collins st west 
Cooke, M., 1 Trafalgar place. Hot 
Cooke, Mrs., 27 Barkly st, Carl 
Cooke, Mrs., 50 Bank st west, Em H 
Cooke, R., contractor, 70 Johnston st, E C 
Cooke, Richard S., Iloddle st, £ M 
Cooke, T., Peel st, E C 
Cooke, Thomas, tailor. Bay st, Btn 
Cooke, W., 81 Bank stwest, £m H 
Cooke, W. H., grocer, Williams road, Pra 
Cookson and Brown, tailors and outfitters, 

43 Bourke st east 
Cookson, John, 41 Dorcas st, Em H 
Cooley, George, Collingwood hotel, Webb 

Cooling, Richard Henry, tailor and out- 
fitter, 45 and 47 Bourke st east 
Coombes, James, 182 Drummond st,Carl 
Coombes, Joseph B., Berkeley st, Carl 
Coombes, Iddwell, and Ellis (Trade Pro- 
tection Society), 36 Collins st west 
Coombes, Richard, bootmaker, 259 Eliza- 
beth st 
Coombes, Wm., 10 Henry st, F 
Cooney, C, Westbury st, St K 
Cooney, Patrick, bootmaker, 23 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Cooney, Wm., bootmaker, 37 Little Lons- 
di4e st west 

Coop, James, lead pipe manufiifltaier and 

engineer, 28 Little Collins st west 
Coop, James, lUawara st, Wmn 
Coop, R, 68 Stanley st, Wmn 
Cooper and Spencer, iarricrs, 9 Little Col- 
lins st east 
Cooper, Alexander, 10 Marion st, F 
Cooper, C, surgeon, 64 Queensberx^ at, 

Cooper, Edmund H., chemist, 156 a King si 
Cooper, Edward W., solicitor, 41 Swaa- 

Bton st 
Cooper. George, Lennox st, Rd 
Cooper, Harriet, Sir C. DarUng hotel, 169 

Swanston st 
Cooper, H., clothier, 213 Bourke st eaat 
Cooper, J. T., Burnett st, St K 
Cooper, John, 3 Hegent terrace, Faradaj 

st, Carl 
Cooper, John, Park st, S Y 
Cooper, John, Clmrles st, F 
Cooper, John T., Gurner st, St K 
Cooper, Miss, milliner. 61 Gertrude st, F 
Cooper, Mrs., hat and bonnet maoufac* 

turer. Chapel st, Pra 
Cooper, Mrs., Bedford hotel, comer of 

Lonsdale and Swanston sts 
Cooper, Peter, bootmaker, 89 Smith st« F 
Cooper, Richard, Walsh st, S Y 
C(K)per, Richd., consul for Portugal, S6 

Queen st 
Cooper, Richard Austin, Hummums hold, 

140 Bourke st east 
Cooper, R. W. G., wine broker, 26 Queen 

St. and Walsh st, S Y 
Cooper, T., 100 Montague st, Em H 
Cooper, Thomas, commission agent, 36 

Queen st 
Cooper, Thomas, coachbuilder. Ess 
Cooper, Wm., 4 Cumberland place, Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Coose, J., Railway place, San 
Coote, F. J., Kensington 
Cope, — , 86 Cambridge st, E C 
Cope, Afred, Patterson st, E C 
Cope Brothers and Nephew, merdutntay 

101 Little Collins st east 
Cope, Edward, M.L.A., Patterson at, E G 
Cope, Joseph, Kew 
Cope, Thomas, Church st, Rd 
Cope, Thomas, Patterson st, E C 
Cope, T., storekeeper, 139 Flinders at west 
Copeland, James, Upper Haw 
Coppick, John, 50 Jeffcott st, W M 
Copley and ^ns, basket makers, &&, 

Franklin st west 
Copley, W., Stockade hotel, Nicholson 

st, F 
Coppel, Elias, watchmaker and jeweller, 

18 Bourke st east, and Franklin st west 
Copperthwaite, Wm., 102 Moray st, Em H 
Coppin, Fdk., 159 Cardigan st, Carl 
Coppin, George, Rd 
Coppin, Michael, Ardeo it. Hot 





Coppint, T., dairjmuui, 14 Tork tt west, 

Gopp}eftoiie, John, Bridport tl, Em H 
Copplestone, Wm., 125 Queenabeny it, 

GorbeD, J., builder, Bairy it, Owl 
Gorben, R., 197 Faraday tt, Carl 
Gorben, Stephen, Cardigan at, Carl 
Offrben, T., Pelbam tt, Carl 
Corbett, J., tailor, 112 LaCrobe at eait 
Corbett, Matthew, Lothian tt. Hot 
Gori>eU, Ber. J. F., Westbary st, St E 
Cwbett, R. 6., 30 little CoUine tt west 
Corboj, Michael, bootmaker, 34 Little 

Collins at east 
C.)rconin, Jaroei, West End hotel, comer 

of Spencer and Latrobe at 
Corcoran, J., bootmaker, 50 Lairobe at 

Corcoran, Wm. P., hairdreaaer, 46 and 

238 Swanston at 
Cord, W., 14 Railway place, Wmn 
Core, W., botcher, Wilson at, Btn 
Corr, Thomas, 86 Le^eson at. Hot 
Corfleld, J. P., bootmaker. Grey at, St K 
Corfleld. Jamea, dealer, Curzon at, Hot 
Cork, Wm., 67 Stanley at, Wmn 
Corkhill, Robert, Pent 
Coriett, Frederick, Barry at, Carl 
CorlettjTbomaa A., Gardiner'a creek road, 

Corley, T., Wellington at, St K 
Cormack, H., 81 Leiceater at, Carl 
Cormick, Wm., tiiilor, 87 Faraday at, Carl 
Oomeiile, Wm., government contractor, 

59 Boorke at weat 
Cornell, Edward, draper and ontfitter, 63 

and 64 Madeline at, Carl 
Cornell, F., photographer, Madeline at, 

Cornell, H, and A., drapera and boot 

dealera. Chapel at, Prahran 
Cornell, T. W., Lincoln cottagea, BouTerie 

at, Carl 
Comfoot, BaTid, plumber andtinamith, 

Peel at, £ C 
Comick, £., 30 Moor at, F 
Gorniah Brothera, law stationers, 79 Little 

Collina at weat 
Comiah and Brace, railway contract 9 1 

Little a>]lina at weat 
Cornish, Ebeneter, 34 Carlton at, Carl 
Comiah, Jane, Victoria at, Carl 
'^omwall Fire and Marine Insurance 

Agency, 26 Queen st 

>mwail, F. L., Chambers at, Pra 

»mwell, H., butcher, 147 Lonsdale st 


omwell, Alfred, pottery, off Sydney road 
^ronel, H., 102 Latrobe at eaat 

)rp, John, bootmaker, Bay st, Btn 

wry, Joseph, Haw 

orteen, Daniel, timber yard, Howard st, 

CoagraTe, John J., 82 Stanley s^ W M 
Cosgrare, Jolm, dty treasorer, Eensing 

ton, Flem 
CosgraTe, J., storekeeper. New st, Btn 
Cosham, T. H., store, 28 Bank st west, 

Costane, Thomas, storekeeper, Flem bank 
Coasn, C, Vice Italian Consul, 36 William 

Coatella, W., Station place, San 
Costello, a, Galway hotel, 129 Flinders 

lane eaat 
Coatello, Henry, 28 Cobden st, Em H 
Coatello, Wm., Graham at, San 
Coater, F., Robe at, St K 
Coater, Thoroaa, builder, 191 Smiih st, F 
Cott, Edward, 2 Wellington at, E C 
Cottell, Jamea, Chapel at, Pra 
Cotter. Edmund, tollkeeper, Richmond 

Cotter, Misa B., Punt road, Rd 
Cuttinirham, Mary, draper, Latrobe st 
Cottren, J., grocer, Commercial and Wil« 

liama roads, Pra 
Couch, Samuel, blacksmith, 35 Derby st, 

Couche, William, Grey at, St K 
Coughland, D., 140 George at, F 
Cough I in, John, dairyman, Flem 
Coulson, A., 124 Leiceater at, F 
Coulaon Bros., chairmakera, 36 a'Beckett 

at eaat 
Coulaon, Edward, builder, William itnorth 
Coulaon, T., 126 Leiceater st, F 
Coulaon, Wm., carrier, 152 Swan at, Rd 
Coulaon, W., grocer, Victoria at. Hot 
Coulter, W., Gardiner'a creek road, Pra 
Conlthard, — , carpenter, Smith at, E C 
Coulthard, — , 233 Lygon at, Carl 
Coulton, T., Sackville at, E C 
Coundll, W., 47 Nelaon road, Em H 
Counael, Loughlin, civil engineer, 22 Ar- 

den at. Hot 
Counael, Richard, 85 Montague st, Em H 
County Court, Swanaton at north 
Counter, John, Hoddle at, E C 
Coupar, Jamea, tailor and outfitter, 3 Vic- 
toria at, Carl 
Coupland, S., draper, 129 Brunawick 8t,F 
Courier, A., 12 Barry at, Carl 
Court, T. P., Bay at, Btn 
Courtaen, Daniel, 17 Howard st, Hot 
Courtis, John, auctioneer and commission 

agent, 22 Kelson place, Wmn 
Courtney, Edward, official assignee, 53 

Temple court, Collins at weat 
Couaena, Charlea, 20 Market at, Sm H 
Couaena, Mra., Punt road, Pra 
Couaina, C, 96 Moray place, Em H 
Couaina, E., carpenter, Millawyn at, S Y 
Couaina, H., profeaaor of music, 1 13 Bou- 

▼erie at, Carl 
Coualand, A., 142 Moray st, Em H 
Coutie, J., bootmaker, 155 Klisabfth st 





Coutts, DftTid, Blackwood at, Hot 
Coyentry, Tbomu, markel gardener, Cape 

■t, Heid 
CoTentry, Thomas, bootmaker, Gardiner'a 

creek road, Pra 
Go^er, Thomas, Elphinstone st, Fey 
Coverlid, Henry, hairdrauer, 124 lattle 

Bonrke st east 
CoTerlid, John, gingerheer mannfactnrer, 

Chnrch st, Rd 
Cowan, A. K., Kenmnre Arms hotel, 

Flinders st west 
Cowan, James, Station place, San 
Cowan, John, grocer, 66 Qneensberry st, 

Cowan, John , storekeeper, 78 Elgin st, Carl 
Cowan, Matthew, bootmaker, Little Bridge, 

Coward, Joseph, Whitehall st, Foy 
Cowderoy, Benjamin, Talner, &c., 48 Col- 
lins st west 
Cowdte, A., 11 Victoria st west, Hot 
Cowell, James, 186 Flinders lane east 
Coweli, Joshna, 125 Nicholson st, F 
Cowell, Joshna, M.LA., Abbotsford 
Cowell and Milne, bootmakers, 67 Collins 

st west 
Cowen, Ann, registry office, 100 Collins st 

Cowen, —,119 Fitiroy st, F 
Cowen, T., 110 York st east, Em H 
Cowen, Wm., watchmaker, Cubitt st, Rd 
Cowie, Mrs., grocer, 24 Faraday st, Carl 
Cowie, Hobert John, Cauifleld 
Cowie, Wm., 9 Tyne street, Carl 
Cowieson, J., 15 York st west, Em H 
Cowley, George E. (actuary Australasian 

Insurance Company), Cold blow, Mal- 

Tem Hill 
Cowley, Captain, Electra st, Wmn 
Cowley, Miss, milliner, Argyle st west, 

Cowlishaw, E., ironmonger. Chapel st, Pra 
Cowlishaw, T., ironmonger, 91 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Cowper, Charles, 27 York st, Em H 
Cowper, W., lighterage agent, 37 William 

Coz, C, builder, Nth 
Cox, Charles, painter, 38 Bourke st west 
Coz, Edward, Roden st, W M 
Cox, F., Goodwood st, Rd 
Cox, George, tripe dresser, Grerille st.Pra 
Cox, George R., architect, 41 Swanston st 
Cox, H., 38 Coventry st, Em H 
Coz, James, Flem 

Cox, John, 1 1 Nelson place east, Wmn 
Cox, J., painter and glazier, 116 High st, 

Coz, John, 92 Stanley st, W M 
Cox, John, daiiyman, 164 Ferrars st,EmH 
Cox, Mrs., 163 Qneensberry st. Hot 
Cox, Wm. Samuel, pork batcher, 106 

Bonrke st Mwt 

Coz, R., Cecil st, Em H 

Coxhead, G., dealer, 107 Argyle st, F 

Coxhead, H., draper, 157 Victoria at, £ C 

Coxon, Mrs, Bridge road, Rd 

Coxon, W. J., Britannia hotel, 16S CSft- 

rendon st, Em H 
Coyle, D., fruiterer, 165 litUe Bonrke at 

Cosens, John, Carlton inn, Leioeater tt^ 

Crabb,James,bootmaker,251 Swanston st 
Craggs, Mrs., Gardiner's creek road, S T 
Craib, George, draper, 67 Bonrke at 
Craig, A. C, 34 George st, F 
Craig, George, Bailie st, Hot 
Craig, Henry, grocer, 101 Bourke at 
Craig, J., Curaon st, Hot 
Craig, James, outfitter. Bay at, San 
Craig, Jas., butcher, 68 Qneensberry at, 

Craig, John, 19 Bell st, F 
Craig, Matthew, Regent st, F 
Craig, Robert, Gretille st, Pra 
Craig, Robert, 171 Lygon sr, Carl 
Craine, T., timber merchant and coach 

builder, 3 Latrobe st west 
Crambe,Wm.,M.D., surgeon, 113 Victoria 

St. EC 
Cramer, Albert, manufacturing jeweller, 

18 Little Bourke st west 
Cramp, John, butcher, 119 Brunswick at, 

Crampin, Geo. J., butcher, Kew 
Crane, £., painter, &c., 58 Nelson place, 

Crang, C. H., engineer, Richmond terrace, 

Cranston, George, High st, Pra 
Cranston, J., Provost st. Hot 
Cranston, Samuel, draper, Russell at 
Cranwell, Mark, Kew 
Crasks, Francis N., plasterer, Henry Bt, 

Craven, George, plnmber and gasfitter, 96 

Victoria st, Rd 
Craven, John, town clerk, GrosTcnor at, 

Craven, Moses, Cardigan st, Carl 
Craven, Mrs., 116 Raglan st east, Em H 
Craven, Richard B., Bay st, San 
CraTen, S., Weston st, Bk 
Craven, S., 219 Victoria parade, B C 
Crawford, D., carpen ter, 1 27 Elgin st, Carl 
Crawford, E., High st, Pra 
Crawford, G. H., Gardiner'a creek road, 

Crawford, J., Arden st, Hot * 
Crawford, James, High st. Hot 
Crawford, W., builder, 42 Rathdowne at. 

Cari ' 

Crawley, Charles, market gardener, Prca 
Crawley, John, draper, Chiipet st, Pra 
Crawshaw, Jos., 145 Cardigan st, Carl 
Crawahaw, Wm., Reilly st, F 





Creak, Mn., miUiner, 67 WeUington tt, 

Creber, Wm. JameB W., lolicitory &c., 60 

Qaeen tt 
One, Bobert B.» livery itable keeper, Ste- 
phen tt, and Qrey tt, St K 
Cned,Frederick,grocer,47 Stanley tt^E C 
Greek, Mra., 110 Stevedore tt, Wmn 
Creek, John, icbool, Fergoton et, Wmn 
Creek, Samnel, Cole tt, Wmn 
Creeke, Robert, bootmaker, 2 Nelion 

pifloe^ North Wmn 
Creeke, B., 34 Nelton place, Wmn 
Greennd, Jamea, dining roomt, 97 Flin- 

dert tt west 
Creeth, Wm. J., Carlitle tt, St E 
Creeth, W. J., Peel tt, Pra 
Ciegio, P., registry office, 134 Smith st, 

£ C 
Crespin, T. T., Bridge road, Bd 
Crett, Mrt., Arden tt. Hot 
Crettwdl and Son, tolidtort, 55 Little 

CoUiot tt east 
Ciettwell, Charlet, Beach, Btn 
Cretswell, Hy., Octavia tt. North St K 
Cretswell, Hardman, Charles 
Cretwdl, C, Heory tt, Pra 
Cretwick, Uenry,and Co.,pattoral agency, 

54 Queen tt 
Cretwick, Heniy, M.LA., Parliament 

Crew, Samnel, 80 Napier tt, F 
Crewt, J. B., M.L.A., Chapel tt, Pra 
Crewt, J. B., and Co., auctioneers. Chapel 

at, Pra 
Crewther, J., Barkly tt, Bk 
Cribb, Mist, draper, 168 Elizabeth at 
Chrichsen, CharJet, Bond tt, £ C 
Crichton, Wm., grocer, 39 Madeline it, 

Crick, T., bntcher, Twyford at, Wmn 
Cricketera' Gold Mining Company, 64 

Blizabeth at 
Crickmer, S., Ship inn, 66 Flindera lane 

Crighton, Jamet, 7 Spencer terrace. Little 

Boarke at wett 
Critp and Co., brewera, Cambridge it,E C 
Crigp, C., Pelhara at, Carl 
Critp, Edward, Derby at, £ C 
Critp, George, watchmaker and jeweller, 

46 Queen at 
Ciitp, T., Wellington tt, Btn 
'^tpin, Henry, contractor, 151 Bote tt, F 
7road, J., Wellington tt, St E 
)roaker, D., 117 Leveaon at. Hot 
Srocker, Bobert, Punt road, Pra 
Irockford, Edward J., Chequert inn, Bay 

tt, San 

roft, John, bootmaker, 62 Johnaton tt, 

£ C 

'roft, Mrt., 209 Moray tt, Em H 
'reft, Robert T., cheeiemonger, 125a 

Bourke st east 

Croft, Wm., Madeline vt, Carl 

Croke, Jamea, Thompaon at, South Wmn 

Croker, H. D., aurgeon, hydropathic et- 

tabliahment, 80 iiegent at, F 
Croker, J., Hotham Arma hotel, Strand, 

Croker, Jamea, grocer, 94 Little Collins st 

Cromay, Jamea, Bichmond terrace, Bd 
Crombie, Edward £., Park at, S T 
Cromptonand Child, butchera, 141 King st 
Crompton, Bobert, Bichmond terrace, Bd 
Crompton, Thomas, 150 Little Bourke st 

Cron, Bobert, Henry at, Pra 
Cron, Bobert, Bowena parade, Bd 
Cronan, Bartholomew, ateam bonnet ahape 

manufacturer, 39 Victoria parade, F 
Cronan, P., baker. Chapel at, Pra 
Crone, Jerome, watchmaker, 138 Smith 

at, EC 
Croner, T., Yilliera at. Hot 
Cronin, — , Patteraoo at, E C 
Cronin, D., 94 George at, F 
Cronin, J., Peel at, Pra 
Crook, B., Albert at weat, Bk 
Crook, Mra., Webb at, F 
Crook, T., aaddler, Aaling at, Btn 
Crook, T. G., painter, Cliff at, Pra 
Crooke and Hewlett, aorgeona, 43 Drum* 

mond at, Carl 
Crooke, Edward, 5 Grey at, E M 
Crooke, Edward, 5 Barkly terrace. Grey 

at, St K 
Crooke, L., Punt road, S Y 
Crooke, Bobert, national teacher, 27 Bank 

at, Em H 
Crooke, Wm., snrgeon, comer of G^ertmde 

and Brunawick ttt, F 
Crooked Birer Quartz Mining Company, 

Temple court, Collint tt weat 
Croom, John, 106 Lygon at, Carl 
Cropley, Henry, Dryburgh at, Hot 
Cropper, Wm. H., atock and ahare broker, 

49 Coliina at weat 
Crotby, B., Church at, Bd 
Crotby, J., 190 Victoria parade, E M 
Croaby, Mra., Eaplanade, St K 
Croaby, Mra., Murphy at, S Y 
Crotby, Wm., and Co., merchants, 38 

Market tt 
Crotby, Wm., 120 Wellington parade, E M 
Grots, Alfred, bedding factory, 3 and 18 

Lontdale tt eatt 
Croat and Co., hay and com dealert, Errol 

tt. Hot 
Croat, Charlet, Mantion Houte hotel, 28 

Stanley tt, W M 
Crott, Kdwin, Peel tt, Pra 
Croat, John, coffee roatter, 276 Elixabcth 

tt, and Auatin at, Fey 
Croaa, Joacph, 16 Barkly at, Carl 
Cross, Mrs., 140 Cardigan at, Carl 
Cross, Wm., 24 Young st, F 





OroulRDd, Jeremiah, greengrocer, 144 

Moray at, Em H 
Opotaley, Mrs., Punt road, Bd 
Crothers, Charlea, 143 WeUiogton it,E C 
Crouch and Wilion, architecU, &0., 49 

Elizabeth at 
Croacfa, Mra., 117 Oertrude ft, F 
Crouch, T. J., Argyle st, 8t E 
Croacher, Mn., BoHell at 
Croncher, James R., 103 Victoria it east 
Crow, John, plamber, Flem 
Crowe, John, 168 Madeline at, Carl 
Crowe, Stephen, 146 Elgin st, Carl 
Crowell, K L., 19 Lonsdale st west 
Crowfoot, Frederick, 76 Kerr st, F 
Crowl, John, bootmaker, Stanley st, E C 
Crow], J., draper, 148 Clarendon st, Em H 
Crowl, Michael, 86 Elgin st, Carl 
Crowl, Vincent, Sir Charles Darling hotel, 

corner Morris and Little Nelson sta, 

Crowley, J., 58 George st, F 
Crown Lands offices, Latrobe st west 
Crown Solicitors and Law offices, 192 Col- 
lins st east 
Crowson, Samnel, 141 Johnston st, E C 
Crowson, Thomas, Charles st, F 
Crowther, John Edward, agent, Fitsioy 

st, St K 
Crowther, Thos., Bichmond terrace, Rd 
Cruickshank, Wm., shoemaker, 42 High 

st, 8t K 
Cmickshank, Wm., and Co., outfitters. 

Beach st, and Bay st, San 
Cruley, A., importer and mannlactarer, 

41 Flinders lane east 
Crump, John, Condell st, F 
Crump, Wm., importer of boots and shoes, 

133 Little Collins st east 
Crutch, Wm., cuachbuilder, 5, 7, and 11 

Latrobe st, west 
Crutchfield, Henry, engraver, 93 Little 

Collins st east 
Cuddy, John, Charles st, Fra 
Cttlhane, John, Hotham arms hotel, LeTC- 

son st, Hot 
CoUen, James, Argyle st west, St E 
Cullen, P., painter, 81 Errol st, Hot 
CuUen, Park, 6 Victoria st, Hot 
Cullen, Richard, 20 Boden st, W M 
Colliford, S., 40 Chetwynd st, Hot 
Cutligan, John, Curzon st. Hot 
Cullingfbrd, Hector, Victoria st, Hot 
Cully, C. J., Cremorne st, Richmood 
Cully, Mrs., Osborne st south, Wmn 
Cully, Mrs., Pelhara st, Carl 
Cultra, Wm., seedsman, 293 Elisabeth st 
Cumberland, Wra., Bridge road, Rd 
Cumming, J., farrier, A'iieckett st east 
Cuming, A., commission agent, 18 Col* 

lins st east, and Park st, S T 
Cumming, Alexander, 42 Dmmmond st. 

Camming, Duncan, 29 Victoria parade, F 

Camming, James, 123 Elgin at, Carl 
Cumming, James, surgeon dentist, 67 

Swanstim st 
Cumming, John, Waterman's aniw» 8 

Little Collins st west 
Cumming, Wm., Adand st, St K 
CummingSi Hugh, Berkeley st, Carl 
Cummins, — , Barkly st, Carl 
Cummins, James, 92 Argyle st, F 
Cummins, Mrs., 180 Napier st, F 
Cnmmins, Bicbard, machine maker and 

sewer, &c., 110 ColHns steast 
Cunningham and Macredie, wool brokera, 

and stock and station agents, wool storc% 

Collins st west 
Cuningham, F., Chambers* terraoe, G«zdi^ 

ner*s creek road, Pra 
Cnningham, H., Jolimont 
Cunliff, Elias, grocer, 219 Bourke st east 
Cunnett, Ann, Dover road, Wmn 
Cunningham, — , Abbotsford st, W M 
Cunningham, — , Adderly st, W M 
Cunningham, A., St Eilda road, Btn 
Cunningham, Alexander (manager of Nai- 

tional Bank), Haw 
Cunningham, C., Albert st, Pra 
Cunningham, Frank, Gardiner'a creek 

road, Pia 
Cunningham, George, M.L. A., Parliament 

Cunningham, Gray, 146 Queen st 
Cunningham, J., 54 Victoria st, W M 
Cunningham, James, 226 Johnston at, £ C 
Cunningham, P., builder, 34 Regent st, F 
Cunningham, Robert F., carpenter, 10 

Elizabeth st north 
Cunningham, R., ironmonger, Chapd at, 

Cunningham, S., High st, Pra 
Cunningham, Mrs.. Wellington st, E C 
Cunnington, John, solicitor, &c.,for 

affidavits, 45 Swanston st 
Cupit, Charles, baker and oonfectioaer, 

56 Queen st 
Curator of In testate Estates Office, Temple 

court, Collins st west 
Curoier and Adet, importers, 21 Market st 
Curie, Wm., 16 Curson st. Hot 
Curiey, J., Arthur's Seat road, Btn 
Curr, E. M., Gardiner's creek road, 
Curr. R., Napier st, F 
Curma, Mrs.. 126 Johnston st, F 
Curran, Mrs , 34 SUnley st, W M 
Currie, Anthony, 93 Lygon st, Carl 
Currie, Archibald, Albert st 
Cuj^je, J., china store, 76 Wellington at, 

Currie, John, grocer and wine and spirit 
merchant, corner of Swanston st and 
Post Office place 
Currie, Michael, grocer. 249 Smith st, F 
Currie, William, Und agent, 29 York at. 
ii<m H 

Currill, Donald, 20 Barry st, Oail 






Cvny, Jm Thompfon tt loath, Wmn 
Cony, Joteph, 65 George tt, F 
Curry, Patrick, Coancil hotel, Kew 
Cunoo, A. J., 39 Creniome st, Hd 
Curtain, John, Leicester hotel, Leioeiter 

tt, Carl 
Oartain, Michael, 170 Yictoria parade, 

^oitayne, John, manager Union Bank, 

Southey at, St K 
Carten, John, 2 Qaeensberry at, Carl 
Cartii, --, Baillie at, Hot 
Curtis, Charlea, Kew 
Curtis, Charlea, 125 Lygon at, Carl 
Curtis, Chaa., 39 Three chain road, Em H 
Curtis, C, Wella st, Btn 
Curtis, Chas., fraiterer. Smith at, E C 
Cnrtis, J. H., 28 Drummond at, Carl 
Curtis, Matthew, St. AndrewU at, Btn 
Cnrtis, Matthew, broker, 70 Flinders lane 

vest, and Dorcas st, Em H 
Curtis, Miss M , Powlett st,£ M 
Cnrtis, Mrs., Johnston st, F 
Curtis, Miss, 1 6 Victoria parade, E H 
Curtis, M., 9 Faraday st, Carl 
Cnrtis, Peter, 160 Johnston st, E C 
Cnrtis, S.,coachbuilder, 123 Gertrude at,F 
Curtis, Samuel, 9 Alma at, St K 
Curtis, Thomas, grocer, 95 and 170 High 

st, St K 
Curtis, Thomas W., 50 ViUieni 8t,Hot 
Curtiss, H. C-, surgeon, Railway place, 

Cusack, Roger, 27 Lygon st, Carl 
Gushing, Joafana H., Grey st, St E 
Custom House and Offices, Flinders it 

west, and Nelson place east, Wmn 
Castoms and Immigration Office, 27 

Thompaon at, Wmn 
Cathbert, A., Hanmer st, Wmn 
Cothbert, Darid, Henry st, F 
Cathbert, George, 54 Franklin at west 
Cothbert, John, 17 Richmond terrace, Rd 
Cothbert, William Wallace, atock and 

ihare broker, Hall of Commerce 
Cuthbertaon, R., Rowena parade, Rd 
Cotler, Charles, 64 Oxford at, B C 
Cotler, Chaa., watchmaker, Lennox at, Rd 
Cntler, Chriatopher, Bricklayera* Aimf 

liotel. Church at, Rd 
Cotler, E., Union st, Rd 
Cotler, George C^ chemiat, 38 Giattan it, 

Cotter, Wm., 66 Oxford st, E C 
Catolo, Signor, musical artist, Gardiner'i 

creek road, S T 
Cattea, Charlea E., solicitor, Greville at, 

Cottle, Hannah, Cnrzon st, Hot 
Cutti, W., carrier, New st, Btn 
Cotta, W. H., M J)., 5 Collins st east, and 

119 William st 
Catti, George, miller, Flem bank 
Cokti, Heui7, miller, Flem bank 


Dabba, Charles, dfy inspector, Wiaon at, 

Da Coata, H. F., 29 Gore st, F 
Baer, Andrew, plnmber, &c., Howard it. 

Daffron, J., 80 Drummond st, Carl 
Dagg, Frederick, Moreland at, Fcj 
Dflgon, P., dairyman, IS John at, Wmn 
Daily, George P., 174 Napier at, F 
Daily Law Liat, 56 Little Collina at weat 
Dnintree, Richaird, Wellington at, Btn 
Daiah, William, secretary to Second and 

Third Union Building Societies, &c., 82 

Collins st east 
Dakens, John, 191 Lonsdale at west 
Dakers, John, 197 Lonsdale st west 
Dakln, ThonuM, builder, 40 and 111 

Queen st 
Daloon, George, 6 Wellington st, E C 
Dale, Mrs., Webb st, F 
Dale, Mrs., store, Strand, Wmn 
Dale, Robert, typefounder, 51 Victoria it, 

Daley, John, undertaker, 193 Spring at 
Daley, Wm., 23 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Dalgamo, J., store, Douglas parade, Wmn 
Dalgety and Co., merchants, 86 and 88 

Bourke at weat, and 59 Little Collins st 

Dalgity, Jamea, carpenter, Gippa at, £ M 
Dalgliah, Andrew, Hoddle at, Rd 
Dalgliah and Adamson, grocers, 62 Cardi- 
gan st, Carl, and 115 Brunswick st, F 
Dalglish, Wm., 70 Cardigan st, Carl 
Dall, Wm., builder, Alfred place, Collina 

at eaat 
Dall, Wm. C, Victoria parade, E M 
Dallachy, — , grocer, 138 Wellington at, 

Dallaaa, John, Punt road, S Y 
DaUaway, Jamea S., baaket maker, 20 

Poat Office place, and Fey 
Dally, J. G., draper, 120 Smith st, £ C 
Dally, John, woodyard, Bouverie st, Carl 
Dallv, Thomas, 10 Argyle st, F 
D'Alottstel, Charlea A., Carson*s cottages, 

Collina at eaat 
Dalrymple, — , 188 Church at, Rd 
Dalrymple and Hudson, ship and commia- 

sion agents, 23 Market st 
Dalrymple, P. J., King st 
Dalrymple, Thoroaa, wood and coal yard, 

Crockford at, San 
Dalton, J., butcher, 49 Bank at weat, 

Dalton, John, grocer, 243 Elizabeth at, 

and 2 Latrobe st 
Dalton, Hichard, store, Thompson at. 

South Wm 
Dalton, W. H., 69 Bourke at west, and 15 

Park st, Em H 
Daly, — , Nicholson at, Carl 





Dalj, John, Barry tt, Carl 

Daly, John, Hill farm, Bk 

Daly, Mrs., 93 Gore st, F 

Dalzell, Wm. James, Haw 

Dalzdll, Robert, Drammond at, Carl 

Dalziell, Wm., Birmingham hotel, 1 John« 

■ton It west, F 
Dame, Van Frederick, Marion tt, F 
Damman,Qeorge,and Co., tobaoconiits, 6S 
• Collins St east 
Dampsey, M., Canning st, Carl 
Damyon, James, customs agent and Rus- 
sian consul, Market st 
Dando, Henry, Graham st, San 
Dane, Captain J., M.L.A., Esplanade, S K 
Danes, Abraham, boot and shoemaker, 12 

Ann st, Wmn 
Dangerfield James, Dryburgh st, Hot 
Danheir, P., store, Leicester st, Carl 
Daniel, Charles, 83 Kelson road, Em H 
Daniel, Rev. G., Btn 
Daniel, 'W., Douglas parade, Wmn 
Daniel, Wm., Neptune st, St E 
Daniell, W., carpenter, Church st, Rd 
Dardanelli, D., merchant, 32 King st, and 

William st, Btn 
Daniels, George F., 50 Little Latrobe st 
Daniels, Henry, Carzon st. Hot 
Daniels, Mrs., 26 Fitzroy st, E C 
Daniels, Thomas, grocer, 135 Little Lons- 
dale st east 
Danker, H., blacksmith, Graham st, San 
Danks, John, and Co., importers and can- 
dle mould manufacturers, 42 Bourke st 
Danks, John, Park st, Em H 
Danks, Samuel, Park st, Em H 
Danneher, John, cab proprietor, Alfred 

place, Collins st west 
Dannelli, S., maocaroni manufacturer, 

Sydney road, Bk 
Danworth, P., 4 Trafalgar place. Hot 
Darby, J. C, brazier, 65 Brunswick st, F 
Darby, P., furniture dealer, 79 Brunswidc 

Darby, Richard, tinsmith, Sftckville st,E C 
Darby, W., Cecil st east, Wmn 
Darbyshire, G. C, C.E., 66 Temple court, 
Collins st west, and WyndhRm,Werribee 
Darbyshire, J., King and JeflTcott sts 
Darbyshire, Jas., gardener, Cochrane st, 

D*Arai^o, Mdm., 5 Albert st, E M 
Darcy, James, Rouse st, San 
D'Arcy, — , Otter st, B C 
D'Arcy, Thomas, shoemaker, 119 Lereson 

st, Hot 
Dare, C, fruiterer, Gardiner's creek road, 

Dare, John George, money broker and in- 
surance agent, 114 Elizabeth st 
Darey, J., 215 Swan st, Rd 
Dark, Stephen, bootmaker, 5 Victoria st, 

Dargan, Richard. 127 Johnston tt, £ G 
Darling Quartz Mining Company, 56 ffli- 

zabeth st 
Darling, Rot. H., 37 Three Chain road, 

Darling, T., Highett st, Rd 
Darlow, H., Nth 

Darlow, Wm., Palmerston st, Carl ^ 

Dar?ern, P., boarding-house, 60 Latroii^ 

Darrell, Tom, Daris st, Pra 
Daubeny, Wm., 21 Cecil st, Wmn 
Daugleish, Alexander, Nott st, San 
Daunt, Edward R., commission agent, 55 

Queen st 
Davenport, J., Rossljrn st, W M 
DaTenport, J., 108 Moray st, Em H 
DaTey, John, 89 Leveson st, Hot 
Davey, James, bootmaker, 9 Bourerie at, 

DaTey, Joseph, baker, Flemington road. 

Darey, Joseph, Qoeensberry st, Hot 
David, A., 207 Clarendon st, Em H 
Day id, Thomas, 15 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Davidson, A., tobacconist, 122 King at 
Davidson, A., baker, 58 Victoria st, Bd 
Davidson, Archd., grocer, 112 Collina at 

Davidson, Churchill, Argyle st, St K 
Davidson, Edwin, bootmaker, 167 Fitzroy 

st, F 
Dayidson, Elizabeth, Sir«4ohn FranUyn 

hotel, Welliuston st, B C 
Davidson, H., builder, 56 Wellington at, 

E C 
Davidson, J., 1 Victoria terrace, Cardigan 

st, Carl 
Davidson, John, 121 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Davidson, James, storekeeper, comer 

Heath and Raglan sts, San 
Davidson, J. M., 187 Clarendon st, Em H 
Davidson, John S., outfitter, 44 Elim- 

Davidson, E., Hanover st, Wmn 
Davidson, Mrs., 32 Franklin st, W M 
Davidson, Mrs., 45 Thompson st, Wmn 
Davidson, Thomas, 15 Russell st 
Davidson, Wm., butcher, 186 Smith 8t,£ O 
Davies and Son, coopers, 270 Elizabeth at 
Davies, B. G., M.L.A., Gertrude st, F 
Davies, Charles^ solicitor, 87 Gertrude st, F 
Davies, Christopher, and Davies, drapers, 

107 Brunswick st, F 
Davies, Cornelius, grocer, 81 Victoria at» 

Davies, D., 42 Queensberry st, Carl 
Davies, D. W., chemist, Johnston st, E C 
Davies, Francis W., Harmsworth st^ E C 
Davies, George, cooper, 270 Elizabeth st 
Daviea, George, 1 JeflTcott st, W M 
Davies, H., cabinetmaker, 35 Johnston at, 

E C 
Davies, H., 70 Park st, Em H 





Barief, John, 23 Park at west, £m H 
Daviet, John, 148 Looadale at west 
Davies, John, Ndaon road, Em H 
DaTiei, John, 95 Chapel at, Pra 
DaTies, John, Halfway Hooae hotel, York 

8t west, Em H 
Davies, John, clothier and oatfitter, 1 

GoUint 8t weat 
Daiiea, M., dreMmaker, Franklin at 
DaTiet, Maarice Coleman, ship broker, 

&c, 27 Market at 
Davies, Miaa H., achool, 11 Spring at 
Dayiea, Mrs., 97 Cecil at, Em H 
Ba? iea» Mra., 27 Church at, Em H 
DaTies, Mra., Chapel at, Pra 
DaTies, Mra., Chambers at, Pra 
DaTiea, B. H., chnm maker, 284 King at 
Davies, Rot. John, Eew 
Danes, Bobt B., solicitor, 78 Elizabeth st 
Baviesi Stephen, painter, 105 Little 

Bon^ at west 
BaTiea, Wm., 35 Cremome at, Rd 
BaTies, Wm., 167 Lonsdale at weat 
Bariea, Wm., photographer, 5 Collins at 

west, 7, 91, and 94 Bonrke st east 
DaTies, Wm., clothier and outfitter, 81 

and 85 Swanston st 
BsTies, Wm., Boyal Mail hotel, 39 WeU 

lington st, Pra 
BaTis, Aaron, 76 Cobden st, Em H 
Bavis, Aaron H., Australian Arms hotel, 

170 Little Bourke st east 
BaTis> Aqnila John, photographer, 83 

Swanston st 
Baria, Alexander, baker. Church at, Rd 
Barls and Oarrett, wine and spirit mer- 
chants. 19 Elizabeth st 
BaTis, Charlea, 65 Cremome st, Rd 
DaTis, Charles, Canning st, Carl 
Davis, D. £., agent, 42 Elizabeth st 
Davis, E., broker, Hall of Commerce, 

Collins st west 
Davis, Edgar, Canning st, Carl 
Davis, Edward, furniture dealer, St. David 

Davis, Edward, Rosslyn st, W M 
Davis, Emanuel, Burnett st, St E 
Davis, F., 89 Otter st, E C 
Davis, F. H., dairyman, 124 Oertrnde st, F 
Davis, G., and Co., timber merchants, 

Spencer st market 
Davis, H. B., grocer, 35 Wellington 8t,E C 
Davis, Hugh, Retreat inn, Nott st, San 
Davis, Isaac, 120 Latrobe st east 
Davis, Isaac, 3 Canning st, Carl 
Davis, J., 149 Victoria parade, F 
Davis, J., furniture dealer, 47 Gertrude 

Davis, J., 93 Chapel st, Pra 
Davis, J., clothier and draper, 221 Eliza- 
beth st 
Davis, J., gardener, New st, Btn 
Bavis, J. F., boot and shoe dealer, High 


Davis, J., 172 Smith st, E C 
Davis, J. G., 75 Bduverie st, Carl 
Davis, James, moulder, 108 Latrobe at 

Davis, James, store, 24 Bridge road, Rd 
Davis, John, 208 King st 
Davis, John, grocer, Sydney road, Bk 
Davis, John, 53 Brunswick st, F 
Davis, John, 87 Napier st, Em H 
Davis, Joseph, 90 Drammond st, Carl 
Davis, Joseph, 149 Victoria parade, F 
Davis, Josepli, dealer, 118 Latrobe at eatt 
Davis, Joseph, Hoddle st, Rd 
Davia, L. M., Surrey hotel, Lennox st, Rd 
Davis, Jjevinson, gold broker, 95 EUza- 

Davis, Morris C, Barkly st, St K 
Davis, Mrs. E., tailoress, 33 Franklin at 

Davis, Mrs., 139 Victoria parade, F 
Davis, Mrs., Fawkner st, St. K 
Davis, Mrs., Nott st, San 
Davis, Mrs., 11 Montague st, Em H 
Davis, P., Temple court, Collins st west 
Davis, Peter S., barrister. Temple court, 

Collins st west 
Davis, Peter, 3 Royal terrace, Nicholson 

st, F 
Davis, R., 136 Eastern road, Em H 
Davis, Robert, Fairie st, Toung st, F 
Davis, Robert, Berkeley st, Carl 
Davia, Samuel, 133 Moor st, F 
Davis, T. H., and Co., wine and spirit 

merchants, cellars Hall of Commerce 
Davis, T. H., Wmn 
Davis, Thomas, Vine hotel, 192 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Davis, Wm., painter, 11 Peel st, Hot 
Davis, Wm., grocer, Leicester st, Carl 
Davis, Wm. J., 9 Henry st, F 
Davis, Wm., Octavia st, St K 
Davis, Wm., Greville st, Pra 
Davis, Woolf, general dealer. 111 Rus- 
sell st 
Davison, G.. storekeeper, Plenty road, Nth 
Davison, Henry, Swan st. Rd 
Davison, J., 59 Condell st, F 
Davison, James and George, brassfound- 

ers, 78 Flinders lane east 
Davison, Robert, grocer, Blackwood st, 

Davison, Wm., boot dealer, 138 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Davy, Alfred Geo., acting secretary 

Northern Assurance, 105 Collins st west 
Davy, George, 75 Drummond st, Carl 
Davy, John, wine and spirit merchant, 

247 Swanston st 
Davy, T., Nth 

Daw, David, 81 Cecil st, Wmn 
Dawbam, J., merchant, Moylan's build- 
ings. Flinders lane west 
Dawbarn, Seacombe, broker, &c., 78 Col- 

lina at west 





Bawbarn, Wm., 181 Church rt, Rd 
Dawbaro, Wm. H., lerated water manu- 
facturer, Baj 8t, San 
Dawes, Mrs., dressmfJcer, 73 Ljgon tt, 

Dawkins, Mrs., draper, Hoddle st, E C 
Dawson, A., 103 Argyle st, F 
Dawson, A. J., 5 Westgarth st, F 
Dawson, C. J., barrister, 36 Temple court, 

73 Little Collins st west 
Dawson, David, 122 Leicester st, F 
Dawson, Francis, Derby st, E C 
Dawson, H., 71 Kerr st, F 
Dawson, James, carpenter, Hawdon st, 

Dawson, James, 7 Bendigo st. Hot 
Dawson, John, 45 Jeffcott st, W M 
Dawson, M., Fhcsnix park, Bk 
Dawson, M., 118 Johnston st, F 
Dawson, Michael, 82 Swanston st 
Dawson, Mrs., Commercial road, Pra 
Dawson, Mrs., 75 Hose st, F 
Dawson, Mrs., Williams road, 8 Y 
Dawson, K. H., 35 Park st, Em H 
Dawson, Richard, 35 Dorcas st, Em H 
Dawson, T., 7 Carlton terrace, King Wil- 
liam st, F * 
Dawson, Thomas, Sidney road, Bk 
Dawson, W.. Howard st, W M 
Day, — , 160 Moray st, Em H 
Day, Alfred, Argyle st, F 
Day, C. R.,23 Brunswick st, F 
Day, Cephas, beli hanger and gasfltter, 

Drummond st, Carl 
Day, Charles, chemist, 27 Lonsdale st west 
Day, Charles Robert, cab owner, 25 Leve- 

son st. Hot 
Day, F. J., Whitehall st. Fey 
Day, Henry, butcher, 206 Stephen st 
Day, John, MilUwyn st, S Y 
Day, Mrs., draper, Drummond st, Carl 
Daylesford Extension Gold Mining Com- 
pany, 9 Elizabeth st 
Dean, Lester, 1 Villiers st. Hot 
Dean, Wm., importer of paints, paper- 
hangings, &c., 67 Elizabeth st 
Deans, Archibald, 32 Oxford st, E C 
Dear, John, 31 Stanley st, W M 
Deas, Christoplier, Esplanade, St K 
Deacon, Charles, Graham st, San 
Deacon, Mrs., machine sewer, Graham st. 

Deaf and Dumb Listitution, Commercial 

road, Pra 
Deakin, Sam., architect, and C. E., 53 

Dorcas st, Em H 
Deakin, Wm., Domain st, Pra 
Dean, B., grocer. Chapel st, Pra 
Dean, George, Bay st, San 
Dean, George, 37 Cremome st, Rd 
Dean, J., 7 Peel st, W M 
Dean, Joseph, Capel st, Hot 
Dean, Joseph, grocer, 225 Church st, Rd 
De Beer, Samuel, ship broker, 1 ()ueen st 

De Basto, Antonio, dining-rooms, 77 Flin- 
ders st west 

De Beaumont, Madame, confectioner, 223 
Bourke st east 

Debeaux, A., pleasure gardens, TarnbuU'a 
point, S Y 

De Blaquiere, G., signwriter. High at, St 
K, and Nelson st, Pra 

Debney, George, currier, Flem bank 

Deoourtet, Madame, drees and stay maker, 
90 Russell st 

Dedman, James, 5 Macarthur place, Carl 

DeDollon, Alimant, colonial wine mer- 
chant and luncheon roonu, 45 Swan- 
ston st 

Dee, W., 315 George st, F 

Deeble, Henry J., corn and flour factor, 
144 Smith st, EC 

Deely, Thomas, 6 Pelham st, Carl 

De Freitas, A., restaurant, 20 Bourke at 

Degrarea, Wm., and Co., merchanta, mil- 
lers, and wool stores, 10 Flinders lane 
east, and Flinders st east ; and bonded 
stores, 1 Russell st 

Degrares, Wm., M.L.C., 182 CoUina st 

De Gruchy and Leigh, engravera mnd 
lithographers, 47 Elizabeth st 

De Gruchy, Charles, Berkeley st, Carl 

De Gruchy, Henry George, Domain road, 

De Gruchy, W.,2tr^iw agency, 205 Victoria 
parade, E C 

Dehnert, Robert, 325 Victoria st, £ C 

Dehnert, Wm., hairdresaer, 66 Victoria at, 

De Jacques, J., greengrocer, 3| Stanley at, 

De Lacey, Allen, Elgin st, Carl 

De Lacey, Francis, 65 Drummond st, 

De Lagarde, Edward, watchmaker and 
jeweller, 53 Bourke st east 

Delahunty, J., Punt inn, Geelong road. 

Delaney, Miss, dressmaker, 10a Lonsdale at 

Delaney, Miss, 9 Gloucester terrace, Fitx- 

roy st, St K 
Delaney, Mrs., 110 Lonsdale at west 
Delaney, W. A., Fitzgerald st, Pra 
Delbridge, Edward, sen., builder, 115 Kerr 


Delbridge, Edward, builder, 138 Moor st, F 
Dell, George, gingerbeer manufacturer. 

Peel st, B C 
Delres, Thomas, general dealer, Stanley at, 

Jbj C 

Deraaine, Charles B., printer, 27 Market 

8t and Nth 
De Morton, R., 36 Market st, Em H 
Dempsey, James, Beehive hotel, Black- 
wood st. Hot 





Dempster, Andrew, plumber and gufltter, 

89 Rassell at 
Benby, J., dealer, Oapel st, Hot 
Deobj, Mrs., Hoddle st, £ G 
Denehjr, John, baker, Latrobe parade, 

ColiiDs St east 
Denham, Mrs., YictOTia st, St K 
Denham, Thomas, saddler, Moonee Ponds, 

Denham, W., Walsh st, W M 
Denaam, Wm., 57 Leicester st, Carl 
Denhorm, Wm., 10 Barry st, Carl 
Denis Brothers, watchmakers and jewel- 
lers, 72 and 74 Boorke st east 
Denis, W. H., Nth 
Denlson P]ain8Pa8toralCompan7,Umited, 

69 Bonrke st east 
Denier, Philip, store, Qneensberry st, Carl 
Denman, Reoben, 74 Victoria st, W M 
Denne, M. £., dothing mannfactorer, 31 

Gertrade st, F 
Denney, Samuel, Rowena parade, Rd 
Denning, C. P., professor of dancing, 180 

Little Collins st 
Dennis, Alfred, Charles st, Pra 
Dennis, Sallivan, Rock of Cashel Inn, 93 

Little Lonsdale st east 
Dennis, William, 51 Oxford st, E C 
Denny, J. S., Rotherwood st, Rd 
De Norton, R., 60 Dorcas st, Em H 
Denston, Valentine, storekeeper, Bay st, 

Denton, James, coachbnilder, 7 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Denton, Mrs., William st north 
Denton,:W. P., founder, Franklyn st, W M 
Denty, Mrs., dressmaker, 143 Smith st, F 
De OliTera, D., 170 Madeline st, Carl 
De Pass Bros. & Co., merchants, 40 Eliza- 
beth st 
De Pass, John, Darling st, Pra 
De Panw, Pierre, Garibaldi arms, 12 Lit- 
tle Collins st east 
DePietriche, Ferdinand, Turkish baths, 

Lonsdale st east 
Derby, — , Illawarra st, Wmn 
Dergie, Alexander, 39 Drybnrgh st, Hot 
Derham, Frederick, Palmerston st, Carl 
Derfaam, John, Cayan hotel, Queensberry 

8t, Carl 
Derham, Wm., 52 Lygon st, Carl 
Demelly, — , butcher, Johnston st, E C 
De Roman, Mrs., artificial flour manu&c- 

torer, 30 Latrobe st east 
Derrett, Robert, bookseller and stationer, 

Bay tt, San 
Derrick, Anthony, 13 Victoria st, Carl 
Derrick, Jehu, 115 Fitzroy st, F 
Derrick, Joseph, school, Brighton st, Rd 
Derrick, Mrs., dressmaker, 69 Kerr st, F 
Derrick, R., 156 Young st, F 
Derrick, Wm., Kew 

Derwent and Tamar Fire and Marine As- 
nuanoe Co., 11 little Collins st west 

Desi^Iy, F. W. and G. P., office, 107 Col* 

lins st west 
Desailly, F. W., Btn 
Desailly, G. P., East Btn 
Deslandes, — , 48 Coventry st, Em H 
Deslandes, Philip, Stawell st, W M 
Detective Police office, 148 Little Collina 

st east 
Dethridge and Benson, photogaphers. Bay 

st, San 
Detmold, Wra., bookbinder, paper ruler, 

and account book manufacturer, 35 Col- 
lins st east, and 25 Little Collins st east 
Deutch, Mrs., 65 King st, William st, F 
Devaney, Thomas, cooper, 262 Smith st, 

Devenish, Matthew, 53 Kerr st, F 
Devenport, George, 22 Bridport st, Em H 
Derenport, Thomas, wood and coal yard, 

51 Napier st, Em H 
Dever, J., Cecil st, Wmn 
Deverell, Robert, Union st, Pra 
Devereux, George, 8 Palmer st, F 
Deyereuz, John, 18 Marian st, F 
Bevereux, Mrs., 48 Villiers st, Hot 
Devemay, Wm., 9 Bouverie st, Carl 
Derine, David, 27 Courtnay st. Hot 
Devine, John, Britannia inn, 75 Queen st 
Deyine, John, grocer, 27 Leveson st, Hot 
Devine, Mrs., 78 George st, F 
Devine, Thomas, Miller st, W M 
Devlin, Capt. Arthur, Wellington parade, 

E M 
Devlin, Matthew, Prince Albert hotel, 

Argyle st, E C 
Devonshire, — ,114 Swanston st 
Devoy, Wm., Eagle hotel, Swanston st 
Dewar, — , plumber, Gardiner*s creek 

road, Pra 
De Wardt, Thomas, 26 Hanmer st, Wmn 
Dewey, C, 251 Church st, Rd 
De Young, A. S., 5 Peel st, W M 
Diamond, Joseph, Chetwynd st. Hot 
Diamond, Thomas, Railway place, San 
Dias, Daniel, letter carrier, 30 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Dias, Mark, Church st, Rd 
Diason, E. B., Sydney road, Bk 
Dibble, E., 71 York st east, Em H 
Dick, Archibald, baker, Conunercial road, 

Dick, G., bootmaker, Nicholson st, Carl 
Dick, John, Abbotsford st. Hot 
Dick, John, 36 Baillie st, Hot 
Dick, Mrs., Wright's lane, Lonsdale st 

Dick, Russell, bootmaker, 77 Gertrade st, 

Dickason, Robert, coachbailder, 173 

Bridge road, Rd 
Dickenson, E., batcher, 101 Victoria st, 

E C 
Dickenson, Edward, accountant, Nelson 






Dickens, Jabez, carpenter, Elgin st^arl 
Dickenson, John, 111 Gertrude st, F 
Dicker, Thomas, Alma st, St E 
Dicker's Mining Becord, 31 Collins st west 
Dickie, John, plumber, 188 Bourke st east 
Dickins, George, 112 Nicholson st, F 
Dickins, Mrs., Hoddle st, E G 
Dickins, Wm., Church st, Rd 
Dickinson, C. B., solicitor, 67 Bourke st 

Dickinson, Edward, Nelson st, Pra 
Dickinson, John, Hanover st, F 
Dickinson, Paul, 3 Charles st, F 
Dickinson, Rev. R B., parsonage, Claren- 
don st, Em H 
Dickmann, Hans A., Railway hotel, Swan 

Dickson, Charles, builder, Raglan st, San 
Dickson, D., 92 Cardigan st, Carl 
Dickson, Henry, Carlisle st, East St. K 
Dickion, J., Roden st, W M 
Dickson, James, carpenter, 36 Palmer st, F 
Dickson, James, yinegar and blacking 
manufacturer, 9 Latrobe st east, and 
James st, Rd 
Dickson, John, Tarra st, Fey 
Dickson, Mrs., 28 Napier st, F 
Dickson, P., Argyle st, St K 
Dickson, Peter, Twyford st. South Wmn 
Dickson, Robert, carpenter, Gipps st,E M 
Dickson, Robert, settler. Ascot vale, Flem 
Dickson, Robertson, and Co., merchants, 

23 Flinders lane east 
Dickson, Thomas, accountant and mining 
agent, 66 Little Collins st west, and 
WilUam st, S T 
Dickson, W. H., Howe crnscent, Em H 
Dickson, Wm., carpenter and joiner. Can- 
ning st, Carl 
Dickson, Wm., Fitzroy st,F 
Dickson, Wm., Prince of Wales hotel, 

Fitzroy st, St K 
Dickson, Williams, and Co., merchants, 

10 Queen st 
Diener, J., 21 Lygon st, Carl 
Dihm, E., tobacconist, 231 Lygon st, Carl 
Dight, Wm. P, 1 12 Gore st, F 
Dike, Norris W.,coachbuilder, 16 Stephen 

Dikes, H., boarding-house, Flinders st 

Dill, George, Rotherwood st, Carl 
Dillaway, Joseph, general dealer, Cre- 

mome st, Rd 
Dillet, J., Flemington road, Hot 
Dillon and Burrows, confectioners, La- 
trobe st west 
Dillon, D., 45 Napier st, F 
Dillon, James, Preston 
Dillon, Wm., blacksmith, Byron st, Hot 
Dillon, Wm., 99 Westgarth st, F 
Dillon, Wm. Henry, pastrycook, Latrobe 

st west 
Dillon, Wm., tinsmith, Curzon st, Hot 

Dingles, John, 11 Dorer road, Wmn 
Dinon, Maximilian, 76 Leicester st, Carl 
Dinte, Hymen, tailor, 238 Bourke st estft 
Dinwoodie, J., Powlett st, £ M. 
Dirce, John, weaver, 66 Ann st, Wmn 
Disher, Robert, New Bridge hotel, Gar- 
diner's creek road, Pra 
Disher, Samuel L., Pier hotel, Bay st, San 
Dishington, Robert, grocer, Victoria at. 

Dismore, Charles, hairdresser, 29^ Bourke 

st west 
Disney, J., Sir R. Nickle hotel. Haw 
Diver, Jabes, boot dealer. Chapel st, Pra 
Divine, R., store, 121 Little Bourke at east 
Diviney, Mrs., Smith st, E C 
Dixon, Alexander, 123 Cremome st, Rd 
Dixon, Augustus, Shipwrights' Arma 

hotel, 92 Moray st, Em H 
Dixon, Edward Francis, butcher, Dorcas 

st, and 37 Nelson st, Em H 
Dixon, Edward, Lothian st. Hot 
Dixon, Francis, Punt road, Rd 
Dixon, F, B., Cornish Arms hotel, coner 

Latrobe and Stephen sts 
Dixon, Henry, 24 Railway place, Wmn 
Dixon, J., Punt road, Wr 
Dixon, James, butcher, 152 High st, St K 
Dixon, James, 28 Leveson st. Hot 
Dixon, John, Gipps st, E M 
Dixon, John, Wilson st, Pra 
Dixon, Major, slater, 76 George st» F 
Dixon, Mary, Church st, Rd 
Dizon, Miss, George st, F 
Dixon, Mrs., 110 ^tzroy st, F 
Dixon, Philip G., ssrated water manofae* 

turer, 32 Rosslyn st, W M 
Dilon, S. C, school. Queen st 
Dixon, Thomas, 59 Osborne st, Wmn 
Dixon, Wm., 58 Smith st, E C 
Dixon, Wm., bookseller, 99 Little CoUina 

st east 
Dobb, John, Star and Garter hotel, 160 

Bridge road, Rd 
Dobbie, Andrew, 69 York st, Em H 
Dobbin, Wm., Twyford st, Wmn 
Dobbins, R. H., Miller st, Bk 
Dobbs, Wm. W., Gardiner's creek road, 

Dobell, P., bootmaker, Hoddle st, E C 
Doben, Josephine, greengrocer. Robe at, 

St XL 

Dobie, John, carpenter. Chapel st, Pra 
Dobson, Frank S., barrister, 73 LiUle 

Collins st west 
Dobson, James, estate agent, Likerman st 

west, St K 
Dobson, John, builder. Darby alley, off 9 

Little Collins st east 
Dobson, Joseph, carpenter and builder, off 

9 Little Collins st east 
Dobson, Josephine, greengrocer. Robe at, 

Docker, E. W., High st, Pia 





Dockyard, Goreminent, Nelson place, 

Doddand Thompson, merchants, 26 Qneen 

Dodd, George, contractor, 1 8 Otter st, E C 
Dodd, John, blacksmith, Flem 
Dodd, B., shipwright, Biver side, South 

Dodd, W. H., Claremont, Eew 
Bodds, Samnel, Brighton st, Bd 
Dodds, Thomas, 4 Palmer st, F 
Doddy, John, 151 Cardigan st, Carl 
Dodge, James, 83 Westgarth st, F 
Dodgshnn, Austin, and Co., warehouse- 
men, 6 Elizabeth st 
Dodgshun, James, Asliag st, Btn 
Dodgson, John H., merchant, 5 Bond st, 

Flinders lane west 
Dodgson, Joseph, importer, 5 Bond st 
DodgsoD, Thomas, merchant, 5 Bond st 
Dods, Alexander, Bridge road, Bd 
Dods, B. H., Ferrars st, £m H 
Dods, W., Sydney road, Bk 
Dodson, O. £., machinist, 171 Victoria st, 

Doe, Mrs., 214 Welliogton st, E C 
Doggett, Thomas, 85 Curzon st, Hot 
Doghc^y, C, Bouse st, San 
Doherty, J., 101 Bank st west, Em H 
Doherty, J. D., Laurel hotel, Flem 
Doherty, John 6.^ stockade, Flem 
Doher^, Wm., sculptor, 96 Queensberry 

at, Carl 
Dolan, C, Adderley st, W M 
Dolan, John, bootmaker, 160 Stephen st 
Dolan, Patrick, grocer, 119 Faraday st, 

Dolding, Thos., chairman District Board, 

Dolichs, J., 115 Little Bourke st west 
Dollard, Thomas, Phosniz hotel, comer of 

Clarendon and York sts, Em H 
Don, C. J., 100 Oxford st,£ C 
Don, James W., chemist. Swan st, Bd 
Donahoc, John, 25 Franklin st, W M 
Donahoe, Patrick, Curzon hotel, 60 Cur- 
son st, Hot 
Donald, Charles, Biclimond terrace, Bd 
Donald, George, plumber, 91 Victoria st. 

Donald, James, tanner, Flem bank 
Donald, Joseph, 37 Leveson st. Hot 
Donaldson and Bobertson, grocers, &c., 

Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Donaldson, C. A., 10 Franklin st west 
Donaldson, D., 32 Moray place, Em H 
Donaldson, Darid, 64 Arden st. Hot 
Donaldson, George, 5 Barkly st, Carl 
Donaldson, H. B., and Co., ship chandlers. 

Beach st, San 
Donaldson, J., Gardiner's creek road, S T 
T)oDaldson, James, 67 Young st, F 
>onaldson, James, shoemaker, 72 Stere- 

dore st, Wmn 

Donaldson, James, Iranhoe, Held 
Donaldson, John, Arden st. Hot 
Donaldson, John, Ivanhoe, Held 
Donaldson, John, market gardener, Brown 

st, Heid 
Donaldson, Miss, 101 Gertrude st, F 
Donaldson, Mrs. E., 95 Baglan st, Sm H 
Donaldson, Mrs., 136 Gore st, F 
Donaldson, Wm., Commercial road, Pra 
Donaldson, W. H., and Co., upholsterers, 

&c., 71 Bourke st west, and 10 Franklin 

st west 
Donaldson, W. H., 10 Franklin st west 
Donelly, Peter, 20 Cardigan st, Carl 
Donne, John, news agent and bookseller, 

Melbourne and Hobson's Bay United 

Bailway Stations 
Donne, Samuel, news agent. Domain road, 

Donnellan, Thomas, 116 York st, Em H 
Donnelly, Abraham, Madeline st, Carl 
Donnelly, John, 13 GreeTes st, F 
Donnelly, Peter, Chambers st, Pra 
Donnej, George, LcTeson st, Hot 
Donnelly, P. J., grain broker and auc- 
tioneer, Collins st west 
Donison, Wm., draper, 32 Madeline st, 

Donohoe, Frauds, Wreckyn st. Hot 
Donohoe, John, Barkly st, Carl 
Donohoe, Mrs., Dudley st, Wmn 
Donohoe, P., 62 Gore st, F 
Donohoe, W. M., grocer and wine and 

spirit merchant, 187 Bourke st east 
Donoran and Mulcahey, wholesale grocers, 

28 Lonsdale st east, 179 Elizabeth st, 

and 6 Lonsdale st west 
Donovan, J., greengrocer, Bedford st. Hot 
DonoTan, Margaret, Albert Park hotel, 

Moray st, Em H 
DonoTan, Michael, Hawke st, W M 
Donovan, Mrs., 29 Cobden st, Em H 
Donovan, P., 52 Market st, Em H 
Donovan, Patrick, 179 Elizabeth st 
Donovan, Stephen, Nicholson st, F 
Doody, Dennis, tailor, 7 Fitzroy st, St K 
Doody, W., baker. Miller st, W M 
Doolan, B., blacksmith, Pres 
Doolan, D., 107 Bank st west, Em H 
Dooley, Martin, toll collector, Heidelberg 

Dooley, Michael, National hotel, Queens* 

berry st, Carl 
Dooley, Wm., Queensberry st. Hot 
Dopping, Wm., Alma st, St K 
Doran, Captain George, 6 Bank st west, 

Doran, W., 51 Stanley st, W M 
Doreton, F., Carlisle st, St E 
Doria, Wm., Barry st, Carl 
Dorming, C, Flemington road. Hot 
Dorrell, Charles, general dealer, 160 Little 

Collins st east 
D'Orsay, — , Canning st, Carl 





Domngton, John, grocer, 284 Brunswick 

Dott, James, Staweli st, W M 

Doubleday, Joseph, hairdresser and phre- 
nologist, 118 Bourke st east 

Doubleday, Miss, Courteney st, Hot 

Doucb, Heniy W., baker and confectioner, 
62 Kelson place, Wmn 

Dougall, Joseph, SO George st, F 

Bougharty, J. 6., Elwood 

Dougharty, Michael, 25 Bouverie st, Carl 

Douglas, B., 179 Fitzroy st, F 

Douglas, Duncan, baker, Alfred place, 
Collins st east 

Douglas, Elizabeth, boardinghouse, 148 
Collins st east 

Douglas, Qabriel, watchmaker, 13 Little 
Lonsdale st east 

Douglas, George, brassfouoder, 110 Flin- 
ders lane east and 126 Flinders st west 

Douglas, George, hay and corn store, 17 
Madeline st, Carl 

Douglas, Henry, Nelson place east, Wmn 

Douglas, J., 131 Gertrude st, F 

Douglas, S. T., Barkly st, Carl 

Douglas, Samuel, shipsmith, 24 Little 
Nelson st, Wmn 

Douglas, W., architect, 6 Grattan st, Carl 

Douglas, W. S., MUlswyn st, S Y 

Douglas, Wm., painter, 63 Cardigan st, 

Douglas, Wm., builder, Chetwynd st, Hot 

Douglas, Wm., Dow st, San 

Douglass, Alfred, merchant, 55 lAttle Col- 
lins st east 

Douglass, J., 137 Gertrude st, F 

Douglass, Samuel, shipsmith, Railway 
place, San 

Douglass, Wm., Farie st, Young st, F 

DouU, — , 29 Napier st, F 

Doutch, Wm., Barkly st, Carl 

DoTe, Alexander, J.P., Essex st. Fey 

DoTC, W., 123 Raglan st, Em H 

DoTe, Wm., Elgin st, Carl 

Dow, James, F., engineer, 41 Swanston st, 
and 154 Bourke st west 

Dow, Mrs. George, 27 Dorcas st, Em H 

Dow, Robert, 14 Montague st, Em H 

Dow, Wm., 11 Charch st, Em H 

Dow, Wm., 20 Raglan st, Em H 

Doward, Edward, Ballaarat 

Dowd, — , 122 Kerr st, F 

Dowden, E. A., Ralston st, S Y 

Dowden, G., smith, 199 Stephen st 

Dowdle, George, 3 BouTerie st, Carl 

Dowdle, Miss, ladies' school, 30 Regent 
st, F 

Dowdle, Thomas, 78 Bouverie st, Carl 

Dowel 1, J., 16 John st, Wmn 

Dowell, Ronald, shipmaster, 14 John st, 
Wmn ' ' 

Dowling, Andrew, Kildare hotel, 19 Little 
Collins st east 

Dowling, David, 96 George st, F 

Dowling, F. M. B., surgeon, 114 Collins st 

Dowling, J., cabinet maker and carrer, 
135 Argyle st, F 

Dowling, James, 19 Johnston st, R C 

Dowling, Mrs., milliner, 90 Park st, Em H 

Dowling, P., blacksmith, 29 Rose st, F 

Dowling, Patrick, Crockford st, San 

Dowling, Patk, Plough hotel, Bourke st 

Dowling, Philip, free stores and contrac- 
tor, 116 Collins st west, and 109 Flin- 
ders lane west 

Dowling, Samuel, commission agent, 90 
Park st, £m H 

Dowling, Thomas H., marine storekeeper, 
230 Lonsdale st east 

Down, James, Acland st, St K 

Downer, Mrs. Isabella, Richmond terrace, 

Downes, F., Windsor castle hotel, St 
DaTid st, St K 

Downes, James, farmer, Flem bank 

Downey, C, shoemaker, 55 Errol st. Hot 

Downey, Miss, machine sewer, Victoria tt, 

Downie and Murphy, soap and candle 
works, Rirer side 

Downie, Charles, Australia Felix hotel, 
121 Bourke st east 

Downie, J. T., 70 Fitzroy st, F 

Downie, John, 6 ErroU st. Hot 

Downie, Thomas, baker, 191 Clarendon at, 

Downie, Walter, grocer, 1 Curzon at. Hot 

Downie, Wm., grocer, &c., 50 Wellington 
st, EC 

Downing, George, 63 St. David st, F 

Downing, Henry, Old Lincoln inn, 73 
Cardigan st, Carl 

Downing, J. B., Palmerston place, Mad^ 
line st, Carl 

Downing, Robert, 7 Brunswick st, F 

Downing, W., St. Andrew st, Btn 

Downs, John, bootmaker, 162 Little Lons- 
dale st west 

Downs, Wm., produce dealer, 156 Wel- 
lington st, E C 

Downward, J. , Church st, Btn 

Dowson, — ,112 Argyle st, F 

Doyle, Frederick, 1 14 Little Lonsdale st 

Doyle, James, Abbotsford st, Hot 

Doyle, James, Leveson st. Hot 

Doyle, John, 19 Baillie st, Hot 

Doyle, Laurence, Wexford hotel, 149 
Little Lonsdale st east • 

Doyle, Michael, 131 Flinders lane west 

Doyle, Mrs., Nott st, San 

Doyle, Patrick, Dryburgh st. Hot 

Doyle, Peter, Peel st, Pra 

Doyle, T., schoolmaster, Edward st, Bk 

Doyle, Wm., 137 King st 

Doyles, James, grocer, Bridge st, Rd 





Doyne and La Toache, dvil engineen, 83 

Collins at west 
Doyne, W. T., Alma §t, St Kilda 
Diake, Joseph, 38 Grant st, Em H 
Drake, John, schoolmaster, Yarra at, £ C 
Drake, Mrs., Graham at, Son 
Drake, S., dealer, 236 Johnston st, £ C 
Draper, H. J. M., pilot, Donglaa parade, 

Draper, Mrs., straw hat makef, Pont road, 

Draper, Thomas, bootmaker, Pmit road, 

Draper, Walter, importer, 164 Elisabeth st 
Dr^>er, W., Garden st, Pra 
Drajton, Mrs., butcher. Cole st, Wmn 
Drayton, Mrs. E., 64 Nelson place, Wmn 
Dreakford, Henry, 4 Wellington st, £ C 
Dredge, P., schoolmaster, Preston 
Dredge, Theophilns, customs agent, Cos- 

tom-homse, and Union st, St & 
Drew Brothers, grocers, Chapel st, St K 
Drew, G., 134 Moor st, F 
Drew, George Robert, baker, 24 Gertmde 

Drew, J., Carlisle st east, St K 
Drew, Joehna, 187 Lygon st, Carl 
Drew, Josh., cabinetms^er, Drammond st, 

Drew, T., Berkeley st, Carl 
Drew, W., 144 Johnston st, F 
Drigalski, Mrs., 4 Falkland terrace, 

Greeres st, F 
Drinkmill, John, gardener, 131 Nicholson 

DriscoU, Daniel, 196 Rassell st 
Driscoll, £., 98 York st, Em H 
DiiscoU, Miss, 102 Lygon st, Carl 
Drogaish, H., bootmaker, 114 Little 

Boarke st west 
Drohan, John, blacksmith, 63 Bonrke st* 

Drooey, Edward, shoemaker, Flem 
Droop, J. F., Pickett Bt, Fey 
Droahet, Bradley, and Toche, importers, 

39 Little Collins st west 
Droahet, Jostin, Bay st, Btn 
Droce, Wm., 68 Cobden st, Em H 
Druids (Order of), Grand Lodge, Bull and 

Month, Bonrke st east 
Drommond's Point, Globe, and Nightin- 
gale Qnartz Mining Oompanies, and 

Kaspberry Creek Gold Mining Com- 
pany, 9 Elizabeth st 
Drammond, Robert, tailor, 17 Thompson 

st, Wmn 
Drammond, Wm., Cowper st, Fey 
Drary, John, blacksmith, 85 Lonsdale st 

Dry, D., and Co., bnilders, 84 Napier st, F 
Drysdale, Eisentaedter, and Co., office, 32 

Collins st west 
Drysdale, James, bonecr usher, Flem Bank 
Bxysdale, John, 70 Dudley st, W M 

Drysdale, John, Pant hill, S Y 
Drysdale, T., Brunswick st, F 
Drysdale, Thomas A., Brunswick st, V 
Drysdale, Wm., miller, Flem Bank 
Dabbledann, A., grocer and outfltter. 

Beach st, San 
Duck, H., carpenter. Nth 
Duckett, Edward, wholesale ironmonger, 

24 Lonsdale st east, and Tennyson st, 

Dudgeon, John, Dudley st, W M 
Dudley, Carr, butcher. Church st, Rd 
Dudley, John, watchmaker. High st, Pra 
Dudley, Joseph, Hoddle st, E C 
Duerdin, James, solicitor and notary 

public, 105 Collins st west 
Duerdin, John, solicitor and notary pteblte, 

Stephen st south 
Duff, A., baker, Gardiner's creek road, 

Duff, Robert, 194 Cardigan st, Carl 
Duffers, — , 21 Napier st, F 
DnffeU, Grant, and Wooloott, solicitors, 

&c., 83 Collins st west 
Daffett, J. G., Haw 
Duffy, — , master mariner, 26 Church at, 

Duffy, W., shoemaker, Hodder st, Btn 
Du Frocq and Booth, woollen drapers, 97 

Swanston st 
Du Frocq, T., 49 Hanorer st, F 
Duggan, Denis, 21 Baillie st, Hot 
Duggan, M., storeman, 146 Boarke stwest 
Duguid, Alexander, Miller st, W M 
Duhy, Philip, 13 Rose st, F 
Daigan, H. B., Albion st, Bk 
Dains, George, 1 1 Napier st, Em H 
Dait,~, 120 Kerr st,F 
Duke, George, boatbuilder, 45 Ferguson 

st, Wmn 
Duke, Joseph, house agent, &c., 128* 

Brunswick st, F 
Duke, Mrs., fruiterer, 118 Boarke st east 
Doke, Robert, 130 Madeline st, Carl 
Duke, W. W., 58 Eliaibeth st 
Daraas, Alexander D., Domain road, S Y 
Dumford, Mrs., 165 Spring st 
Dummitt, Francis, Howard st. Hot 
Damville, Robert, Chetwynd st, Hot 
Duncan, Alexander, confectioner, 10 and 

12 Bonrke st east 
Duncan, Alexander, shoeing forge, 82 

Johnston st, F 
Duncan, Andrew, bootmaker, Howard, st, 

Duncan, Christina, Bedford st. Hot 
Duncao, George, baker, 47 and 49 Lons- 
dale st west 
Duncan, George, storeman, Hoddle st, E M 
Duncan, Gordon, Brunswick road 
Duncan, James, Berkeley st, Carl 
Duncan, James, Cardigan st, Carl 
Duncan, James, blacksmith, Elizabeth st 






Dnncan, James C, gJnceT, 88 Clarendon 

•t, Em H 
Dnncan, John, Church it, Rd 
Dancan, Mrs.,pattr7cook, 108 Swanston st 
Dancan, Mrs. A., registry office, 19^ Lons- 
dale St west 
Dancan, Mrs., 7 Royal terrace, Nicholson 

Dancan, Mrs., 9 Macqaarrie st, Wmn 
Dancan, Peter, Stoke st, San 
Duncan, S., wood and coal yard, Hoddle 

Doncan, Wm., ooachhuilder, 76 York st, 

Duncan, Wm., 18 Twyford st south, Wmn 
Duncombe, £. T., 206 Cardigan st, Carl 
Dundass, C., 33 Dorcas st, Em H 
Dunell, Wm., greengrocer, 145 Lygon st, 

Dunell, W., National hotel, Brunswick st,F 
Dungate, W., dairyman, 116 Lonsdale st 


Danger, Henry W., slater, 193 Stephen st 

Dankley, William James, boot and shoe 

manufacturer and importer, 55 and 57 

Elizabeth St., .51 Bourke st, east 

Dunlea, James, and Co., grocers, 107 Eliia- 

beth st, and 54 Nelson place, Wmn 
Dnnlop and Edwards, drapers. Commer- 
cial road, Pra 
Dunlop, John, 68 Dorcas st, Em H 
Dunlop, John, Commercial road, Fra 
Dunlop, Wm., produce dealer, 12 Western 

market, and Nth 
Dunn, Allan, 18 Spencer st 
Dunn, F., grocer, Cape st, Heid 
Dunn« F. A., Haw 
Dunn, J., grocer, Dorer road, Wmn 
Dunn, J., shoe manufacturer, 4 Moor st, F 
Qonn, J., 157 Little Lonsdale st east 
Dunn, James, butcher, 129 King st 
Dunn, James, Post Office hotel, 141 Eli- 
zabeth st 
Dunn, James, 7 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Dunn, John, 38 Montague st, Em H 
Dunn, John, Chapel st, Pra 
Dunn, M., Victoria st, W M 
Dunn, Mrs., store, Berkeley st, Carl 
Dunn, Mrs., Church st, E C 
Dunn, Mrs., school, 50 Napier st, Em H 
Dann,Mrs., Free Scripture School, Sack- 

Tille st, E C 
Dunn, Mrs., 119 Moray st, Em H 
Dunn, Peter, Johnston st, £ C 
Dunn, Richard, 82 Dudley st, W M 
Dunn, Robert C, assistant registrar of 
shipping, Custom-house, Flinders st 
west, and 108 Little Lonsdale st west 
Dunn, T., grocer. Pent 
Dunn, Thomas, High st, Pra 
Dunn, Thomas, tailor, 27 Lonsdale st east 
Dunn, Wm., Darebin bridge hotel, Heidel- 
berg road 
Dunne, Mrs., 82 Raglan st, Em H 

Dunn, Wilson, and Botterill, photogr^- 

ers, 41 Collins st east 
Dunne, Wm., 167 Moray st, Em H 
Dunnett, G. P., Henry st, Pra 
Dunning, — , High st. Hot 
Dunning, John, grocer, 112 Flinders lane 

Dunsford, Mrs., Wellington parade, £ M 
Dunstan, Mrs., dealer, 30 Swan st, Rd 
Dunstan, Thomas, 61 Napier st, Em H 
Dunston, John, 25 Itose st, F 
Dunstone, James, 55 Cobden st, £m H 
Dunstone, Thomas Oliver, chemist and 

druggist, 61 Bourke st east 
Dunt, J., Pascoe st, Wmn 
Dunwell, James, Inkerman st, St K 
Durance, Mrs. Martha, draper and dress* 

maker, Bay st, San 
Durham, R. G., electoral registrar, &e^ 

Cape st, Heid 
Dnrrant, D., dairyman, Hampton st, Bta 
Durrant, W., dairyman. Crescent, Bta 
Duthie, Wm., merchant, 122 Collins st 

Dutton, — , gingerbeer manufaotarer, 

Derby st, £ C 
Dutton, H., wood and coal yard, Gore st, F 
DuToy, J., Lennox st, Rd 
Dwight, Henry Tolman, bookseller, 232 

Bourke st east 
Dwight, Richard W., grocer, 24 Coventry 

st, Em H 
Dwyer, James, 29 King William st, F 
Dwyer, John, 16 Stanley st, W M 
Dwyer, John, Madeline st, Carl 
Dwyer, John, 66 1 Lygon st, Carl 
Dwyer, John, 190 Lygon st, Carl 
Dwyer, Mrs., school, 3 Osborne buildings, 

Napier st, F 
Dwyer, Mrs., dressmaker, 24 Little Lons- 
' dale st east 

Bwyer, P. T., Dow st, San 
Dwyer, T., boarding-house, 12 Latrobe it 

Dyal, John, 269 Fitzroy st, F 
Dyer, Benjamin, carpenter, Ajshurst st, 

Dyer, C. W., Garden st, Pra 
Dyer, Charles, boot importer, 135 Swan- 
ston st 
Dyer, B. D., Cliff st, Pra 
Dyer, John, builder, Alphington, Heid 
Dyer, Mrs,, nurse, 73 Lygon st, Carl 
Dyer, Mrs , Robe st, St K 
Dyerman, C, currier, Elizabeth st exten- 
Dykes, James, Lygon st, Carl 
Dykes, Samuel, dairyman, 42 Argyle st, F 
Dymock, Walter, Curzon st. Hot 
Dyner, Wm. L., Nelson st, Wmn 
Dynon, John, glass and china dealer, 43 

Lonsdale st west 
Dyson, Arthur, nurseryman, seedsmao, 

and florist, 15 Eastern Market 






DjraoD, W. H., Arthar tt, Pra 
Djte, C., MX. A., Parliament House 

Eide, Joel, Hoddle it, £ C 

Eodes, Heniy, Jeffcott st, W M 

Eades, J. C, Victoria at, St E 

Eadet, Richard A. M., M3., physician, 

164 Collins St east 
Eades, Wm., Albert st, Pra 
Eagao, P., Stewart st, Bk 
Eager, Gerald F., Old Ship inn, Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Eaglehawk Mining Association, 37 Mar- 
ket st 
Eaglefleld Pastoral Company, 115 Collins 

Eagles, H. F., Boden st, W M 
Earl, —. Whitehall st. Fey 
Earl, John, ironmonger, Graham and 

Stoke sts, San 
Earl, John, greengrocer, 40 Cardigan st, 

Earie, Charles, optician, 100 Bonrke st 

Earle, John, 20 Faraday st, Carl 
Earle, Wm., Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Earls, Thomas, tailor, 160 High st, St K 
Early, Mark, Lancashire hotel, 71 Little 

Bourke st east 
Eamell, Mrs. M., 62 Hanover st, F 
Eamshaw, Charles, Foundry hotel. Bay 

st, San 
Eamshaw, Samnel, machinist. Bay st,San 
Easby, Ann, store, Boayerie st, Carl 
Easdown, Miss, school, Hoddle st west, 

E C 
Eaason, Mrs., Fitzroy st, St K 
East CoUingwood Orderly room, Victoria 

parade, £M 
East Melbonme Common School, Grey st, 

Esstaway, George, Camberwell inn, Bo- 

Easton, Andrew L., 9 Jackson st, Wmn 
Eastwood Brothers and Co., flock mana- 

factnrers, 21 a'Beckett st 
Eastwood, Francis, Haw 
Eastwood, Henry, baker, Clyde st, St E 
Eastwood, Henry, Wellington hotel, 214 

Wellington st, £ C 
Eastwood, Mrs., Baptist lane, 64 Little 

Collins st east 
Eastwood, Mrs., Stanley st, £ C 
Eastwood, Wm., 32 a*Beckett st east 
Easeby, Henry, Queensberry st, Hot 
Eaton, W., Park st, S Y 
Ebeinsteine, Mrs., 136 Gertrude st, F 
Ebswortb, — , 100 Gore st, F 
Ebsworth, Alfred, 86 Rowena parade, Hd 
Eccles, Misses, school, 7 Apsley terrace, 

E M - 
Eckersall, T. S., Tyne st, Carl 

Fckersall, Wm., Brunswick road 
Eckersley, Charles, grocer, &c., 3 Wel- 
lington st, St E 
Eckersley, Charles, Nelson st, Pra 
£ckland, John, 57 Twyford st, South 

Economist office, 99 Bourke st west 
£croyd, Wm. J., Grey st, St E 
£croyd, W. J., and Co., warehousemen, 1 , 

3, and 5 Flinders lane west 
FSdington, Amos, Charles st, Pra 
Eddis, James, carrier, Lothian st, Hot 
Eddliston, John, Lothian st, Hot 
£ddy, John, cab proprietor, 1 18 Eerr st, F 
Eddy, Richard, George st, £ M 
£ddy, Wm., nursery and seedsman, 15t 

Elizabeth st, and Uartwell 
£de, John, gardener, Carpenter st, Btn 
£dgar, Robert, importer of boots and 

shoes, 193 Eing st 
Edgcombe, R. S., 78 Drummond st, Carl 
£dges. A., 103 Smith st, F 
Edgey, Edward, 30 Clarendon st, Em H 
Edlen, Wm., 30 Clarendon st, £m H 
Edmends, Wm., saddler, 253 Brunswick 

Edmonds and Behne, Beach st, San 
£d[nonds, Samuel, 218 Moray st, Em H 
Edmonds, Thomas, 57 Osborne st. South 

Edmons, J. G., 260 Swan st, Rd 
Kdols, Robert, Dryburgh st. Hot 
Edouin, Charles, Imperial hotel, corner 

Bourke and Spring sts 
Edsall, Charles, dairyman. Robe at, St E 
£dsell, E. S., Hampton st, Btn 
£ducation office, Model Schools, Spring st 
Edward, Mrs., Neptune st, St E 
Edwards, Captain, Nott st, San 
£d wards, £., Moreland road, Bk 
Edwards, £., 40 Moor st, San 
Edwards, E. D., Brewster st, Ess 
Edwards, £dward, nightman, 41 Charles 


Edwards, Evan, 67 JefTcott st, W M 
Edwards, F. W., 6 Cardigan st, Carl 
Edwards, G., Drummond st, Carl 
Edwards, G.W., greengrocer, Commercial 

road, Pra 
Edwards, George £., 42 Faraday st, Carl 
Edwards, H., grocer, Bay st, San 
Edwarda, H. D., Capel st. Hot 
Edwards, J., 46 Johnston st, F 
Edwards, J., Albert st, Bk 
Edwards, J., boatbuilder. Flinders st east 
Edwards, J., Suffolk hotel, 49 Stanley st, 

£d wards, J. C. , Dorer Castle hotel, Palmer- 

ston st, Carl 
Edwards, James, 65 Kerr st, F 
Edwards, John, Cole st. South Wmn 
Edwards, John, Erroll st, Hot 
Edwards, John, Williams road, Pra 
£dward8, John, 32 Cardigan st, Carl 






Edwardt, JohD,greeiigrooer,98 Steyedore 

Edwards, John, parliamentary agent, 55 

Bourke st west 
Edwards, John, ropemaker, Spencer ter- 
race, Little Bourke st west 
Edwards, John, junior, M.LA., solicitor, 

55 Bonrke st west, and 51 Brunswick 

Edwards, Joseph, 52 Bank st east, Em H 
Edwards, Misses, milliners, 201 Swanston 

Edward, Mrs., 19 Cobden st, Em H 
Edwards, Mrs., 138 Lonsdale st west 
Edwards, P. E., Fitzroy st, F 
Edwards, Richard, Prince of Wales hotel, 

Nelson place, Wmn 
Edwards, T., 15 Perry st, E C 
Edwards, Thomas, 112 Bose st, F 
Edwards, W., (Cochrane st, Btn 
Edwards, W., engineer, 201 Swanston st 
Edwards, W., Lennox st, Bd 
Edwards, W., schoolmaster, 96 Gedl st, 

Edwards, Wm., gold and silver plate mana- 

facturer, 85 Collins st east 
Edwards, — , 67 Kerr st, P 
Edjrrean, M., 195 Oore st, F 
Eeles, Henry, Sportsman's Arms hotel, 44 

Little Bonrke st west 
Efly, Charles, upholsterer, Stephen st 
Egan and Robertson, timber merchants, 

152 to 162 Lonsdale st east ' 
Egan, Dennis, New st, Btn 
Egan, John, Highett st, Rd 
Egan, Michael, Highett st, Rd 
Egan, Mrs., Hoddle st, Rd 
Egan, Mrs., 87 Lygon st, Carl 
Egan, Mrs., 142 Moor st, F 
Egan, P., Thomas st,Btn 
I^n, Pk., farrier, 14 Little Lonsdale at 

Egan, Wm., Madeline st, Carl 
Egerton, — , 55 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Eggleston, Rer. John, Lonsdale st east 
Eick, Anton, watchmaker and jeweller, 82 

Collins st west 
Eicke, George, 11 Lygon st, Carl 
Eisenstaedter, Denis, merchant, 32 Collint 

st west, and corner of Qrey and Burnett 

Bts, St K 
Eisert, G., upholsterer, 192 Russell st 
Ekins, R. S., contractor, Grattan st, Carl 
Ekman, R. A., furniture dealer, 18 Lons- 
dale st east 
Elam, DaTid, schoolmaster, Trinnian st, 

oiTHigh st, Pra 
Elder, J., Lennox st, Rd 
Elder, John, 240 Morar st, Em H 
Elder, J., 9 James st, Wmn 
Elder, Henry, watchmaker and JeweUer, 

63 Bonrke st east 
Elder, Mrs., laundress, 3 Derby st, E C 
£ldershaw» G., 9 Twytod st, Wmn 

Elderton, Charles, laboar^ofBee kaipcr, 
88 Collins st east, 13 Bonrke at wu^ 
and 279 Kuig st 

Eldon Chambers, Bank place, 77 ColUns 
st west 

Eldret, A., shoemaker, 161 and 168 Boa- 
sell st 

Eldridge, F., 20 Moray place, Em H 

Eldridge, John, dyer, 108 Collins at cut, 
and 42 Brunswick st, F 

Eldridge, Thomas, Gardiner's creek vmd 

Eleanor, Mrs., 69 Young st, F 

Electric Telegraph office, Kxrhanga, Flin- 
ders lane west 

Elkington, Albert, 105 William st 

Ella, John, Fitzroy st, St K 

Ellerker, John, commission agent, 49 
Park st east, Em H 

EUery, R. L. J., director Melbourne Ob- 
servatory, Botanical reserve 

EUemer, — , grainer, 56 Cardigan at, Carl 

Elliott, Alfred, estate agent and moocy 
broker, 60 and 61 Temple court, Oollins 
st west, and Nicholson st, F 

Elliott, Andrew, coachbuilder, 86 Smith 
st, and 114 Wellington st, E C 

Elliott, Andrew, Hanmer at, Wmn 

Elliott, Benjamin, Perry st, E C 

Elliott, G. H., cordial manufacturer, 160 
Queen st, and comer of Queenabeny 
and Drummond sts, Carl 

Elliott, George, 210 King st 

Elliott, James, plumber and gasfltteTi 
Fawkner st, St K 

Elliott, John, tailor, 3 King William at, F 

Eliiott, John, 12 Chetwynd st, W M 

Elliott, Mrs., Gumer st, St K 

Elliott, Sizar, ArthurH^at road, Btn 

Elliott, W., Hoddle st, E C 

Elliott, W. H., cabinetmaker, £Qgh st, 

Elliott, Wm., bootmaker, 29 Little Lons- 
dale st east 

Elliott, Wm., 27 Hanmer st, Wmn 

SUiott, Wm., 64 Greeves st, F 

ElUs, Alexander, butcher, 189 Little Col- 
lins st east 

ElUs, Angel, 2 Miami villas, Victoria 
parade, £ M 

Ellis, Charles, 62 Greeves, st, F 

Ellis, Christopher W., house agent, 148 
Bridge road, Rd 

EUis, Ellas, 61 Cardigan st, Carl 

Ellis, G. G., Adand st, St K 

Ellis, George, St David st. Fey 

Ellis, J., Capel st. Hot 

Ellis, J. C, and Co., coal importers, 81 
Flinders st west, and 18 Bank at weat. 

Ellis, James, 20 Bank st east, Em H 

Ellis, James C, 18 Bank st west, Em H 

Ellis, John E., china and glass dealer, 43 
High st, and Octavia st , St K 




EUii, John, grocer, 160 Bourke ft wett 

Bllit» Joflepb, 11 Feel it, Carl 

Eilia, J. L^ 75 Smith st, V 

EUie, J. B., 85 M* Arthur place, Hot 

EUia, Louis, 44 Drummoiid et^ Carl 

SUia, Hra^ i2 Young tt, F 

SUis» Mra., ichooU 104 Latrohe at west 

BIlia» Feter, 113 Argyle st, F 

Blia, Samuel, butcher, CM st and Chapel 

SOis, Thomas, portrait rooms, 45 Victoria 

pande, F 
EUis, W. E^ jeweller, 104 Latiobe st west 
£Uis, Wm^ 18 Pahner st, F 
BUisy Wm^ 1 SteTedore st, Wnm 
Ellis, Wm. J^ Nicholson st, F 
Ellisott, P., grocer, 241 Smith st, F 
SUitson, John, painter and paperhanger, 

Chapel st, and High st, Pra 
SUsworth John, 11 York st west, Em H 
EhnestMrs., preparatory school, BarUj 

Bms and Co., merchant tailors, 83 Elisa- 
beth st 
Ebns, George, and Co^ brewers, Clarke st, 

Efans, George, Bose, ThisUe, and Shamrock 

hotel, 176 Elizabeth st 
Bais» Mrs^ Oxford st, E C 
Bms, T., Napier st, Em H 
Bms, W., Barkly square, Bd 
Bsasser, Charles, professor of music, 146 

Collins st east 
Bs«y, James, fruiter, 68 Brunswick st, F 
Bsnm, J., baker, 53 Dorer road, Wmn 
BTin, Gum^, Salwater riyer, Fey 
Bwordiy and Dobbin, butchers, Beach 

st,San, and 51 Nelson pUoe east, Wmn, 
Bworthy, lUchard, butcher, 23 High st 

By, C. W., Smith st, E C 
Emanuel, J., professor of pianoforte, 11 

Victoria parade, F 
Emhiing, Thomas, surgeon, 31 Gore st, F 
Emerald Hill, Sandridge, and St Kiida 

Building Socie^, Mechanics* Institute, 

Cedl st, Em H 
Emerson, Alfred H., Yarra st, S Y 
Eoierson, George, Clarke st, £ C 
Emerson, Hugh, dairynum, Hotham st, 

Emerson, M., bootmaker, 188 Little Col- 
lins st east 
?-erson, Thomas, 50 Bridge rd, Bd 
] jerson, Wm., Johnston st, E G 
1 lery, Heniy^potter, Pres 
1 uery, J., 39 zoung st, F 
] aeiy, Michael, pottery. Pros 
] Doy, W., 8U Moor st, F 
] MS, Stephen, Stoke st, San 
] imerson, James, Yarra st, Pra 
1 merton, Edwmrd, farmer, 68 Drum- 

aond st, Carl 
] onett, John, 70 BonTerie st, Carl 

Emmitt, Joseph, Cremome st, Bd 
Eropey, Cbaries, butcher. Peel st, Pr% 
Emply, W., 121 Smith st, F 
Empson, Wm., ironmonger, 81 Fitzroy 

Enaolt, Andre, bookbinder, 140 Latrobe 

Energetic Gold Minhig Company, 54 Queen 

Enes, Adolph Herman, 127 Bourke st east 
England, Arthur, Charles st Pra 
EagUnd, Edward, Clarendon road, Tk 
Engkmd, S., signwriter, 145 Johnston st, F 
English, Adam, New road, Btn 
English, Andrew, 41 Cecil st east, Wmn 
English, and Australasian Copper Com- 
pany, 49 Flinders lane west 
English, Daniel, Strand, Wmn 
English, James, bookseller, 217 Swanston 

English, Mrs., finiterer, Bailway place, 

English, Scottish, and Australian Char- 
tered Bank, 35 Elizabeth st ; branch, 29 
Thompsom st, Wmn 
Enkson, AnJcar, Inkerman st east, St K 
Ennes, John, 70a Argyle st, F 
EnncTer, E., builder, 144 Moor st, F 
Ennis, J., Wellington st, St K 
Ensor, Mrs., 110 Gertrude st, F 
Entioott, John, and Co., spouting manu- 
facturers, 53 and 55 Flinders lane east 
Entwistle, J., Lygon st, Carl 
Equitable Loan and Investment Company 

of Victoria, 105 Elizabeth st 
Eraut, T., grocer, Palmerston st, Carl 
Eresti, — , artist, Hoddle st, E C 
Erichsen, C. F., taUor, 74 Elizabeth st 
Erlain, Henry, Howard st. Hot 
Ernest, Madame, Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Erskine, G. W., Domain st, S Y 
Erskine, James, plumber and gasfitter, 39 

Swanston st 
Erskine, John, 60 Bank st east, Em H 
Erskine, Wm., painter, Barkly st, Carl 
Ervine, Wm., draper, 141 Bourke st east 
Esnouf, P., tinsmith. Peel st, W M 
Esoott, W. P., Bd 
Escott and Lund, sharebrokers and legal 

managers, 3 Collins st west 
Eskersall, Wm., Brunswick road, Bk 
Espie,Mrs.,bouding-house, 97 Collins st 

Espie, P., Walsh st, S Y 
Ess, G., musician, 36 Smith st, F 
Essex, J., 16 Greeyes st, F 
Ethel, D., brickmaker, Commercial road, 

Etherton, Mrs., Dow st, San 
Ethridge, B., 54 Montague st, Em H 
European Assurance Society, 74 and 76 

Collins It west 
Ets, John, painter, &c., 94 ColUns st east 
Eran, C.| 50 Napier st, F 





Eyant, — ,14 Napier et, F 

Evans, Aarons, chemist (P.O.)* corner of 

Madeline and Queensberry st, Carl 
Evans and Co., cabinetmaJcers, 36 A'Beck- 

ett St east 
Evans Brothers, butchers, comer of 

Queensberry and Lygon sts, Carl 
Evans, David, Lothian st, Hot 
Evans, Edward, Peel st, Hot 
Evans, Elisba, farmer, Pres 
Evans, F. W., Gold st, E C 
Evans, George, Royal Oak hotel, 160 

Qaeen st 
Evans, George, 265 Church st, Rd 
Evans, Gordon, stock and sharebroker, 
Hall of Commerce, Collins st vest, and 
Evans, H., watchmaker, 149 Little Bourke 

st east 
Evans, Henry, Chetwynd st. Hot 
Evans, Henry, 181 Swanston st 
Evans, Henry, bootmaker, 145 Elizabeth 

Evans, Henry, bootmaker, 9 High st, St K 
Evans, J., bootmaker, 17 Nelson place 

east, Wmn 
Evans, J., Ferguson st, Wmn 
Evans, J., 71 Clarendon st, Em H 
Evans, J., Quarry man's arms, 48 John- 
' ston st, E C 

Evans, J., greengrocer, Chapel st, Pra 
Evans, J. Davies, chemist, 198 Smith st^ 

Evans, J. H., bootmaker, 88 Victoria st, 

Evans, J. W., 10 Princess st, F 
Evans, J. W. and A., 86 Elgin st, Carl 
Evans, James, Howard st. Hot 
Evans, James, builder, 68 Napier st, F 
Evans, James, auctioneer, &c., Gardiner's 

creek road, Pra 
Evans, John, 3 Barkly st, Carl 
Evans, John, 170 Eastern road, Em H 
Evans, John, 56 Bailey st. Hot 
Evans, John Clarke, importer and ware- 
houseman, 27 Flinders lane west 
Evans, John L., hide merchant and com- 
mission agent, 4 Orr*8 Buildings, Flin- 
ders lane west 
Evans, Joshua, 63 Cambrige st, E C 
Evans, Louis L., Clyde st, St K 
Evans, Miss, Powlelt st, E M 
Evans, Mrs., 75 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Evans, Mrs., Flem Kd 
Evans, Mrs., 12 Hanover st, F 
Evans, R., fruiterer, 9 Western market 
Evans, R., Albert st east, Bk 
Evans, Richd., Charles st, F 
Evans, Robert, 106 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Evans, T., 3 Trafalgar place. Hot 
Evans, T., 69 Gore st, F 
Evans, Thomas, Barkly st, St. K 
Evans, Thomas, estate agent, 19 Fitzroy 
st, St K 

Erans, Thomas, tent and flag manufac- 
turer, 4, 52, and 103 Bourke st west 
Evans, Wm., contractor, 108 Johnston it, 

E C 
Evans, Wm., 137 Moor-st, F 
Evans, Wm., Peel st. Hot 
Eve, John Samuel, hairdresser and baths, 

171 Bourke st east 
Everard, John, Grey st, E M 
Everard, John, and Co., tea broken, 69 

Collins st west 
Everend, Mrs., 88 Young st, F 
Everest, Henry, builder. Garden st, Pra 
Everest, S. G., Haw 
Everett, Isaac, boarding-house keeper, 143 

Lonsdale st west 
Everett, Mrs., 122 Raglan st east, Em H 
Evershed, J., Osborne st, S Y 
Evershed, R., 13 Dorcas st, Em H 
Evett, W., gold and silver beater, 54 York 

st east, Em H 
Eville, James, town {:lerk, 3 Dorcas tt, 

Ewan, G., Union st, Bk 
Ewart, Wm., 20 Coventry st, Em H 
Ewart, Mrs. T., Carlton st, Carl 
Ewin, John, Rowena parade, Rd 
Ewing, Samuel, 38 Queensberry st, Hot 
Ewing, Thomas A., chemist, 113 Brona- 

vrick st, F 
Ewing, Wm., Peel st, Pra 
Excell, W., WeUington st, St K 
Ezcell, Walter, and Co., warehousemen, 6 

Flinders lane west 
Exchange, Flinders lane west and Wil- 
liam st 
Executive Council, Government Hoase, 

Spring st 
Exell, Mrs., confectioner and registry of- 
fice, 93 High st, St K 
Exhibition Building, William st 
ExhibiUon of Fine Arts, 103 Collins tt 

Exley, George, hay and com store, Bridge 

road, Rd 
Eyers, Daniel C, draper, Lang st, S Y 
Eyre, D., 160 Eastern road, Em H 
Eyre, Wm., broker, &c., 66 and 1 16 Col- 
lins st west, and 7 Eden terrace, St K 
Eyres, D. C, 238 Swan st, Rd 


Faber, D., 1 Bath terrace, Faraday at, 

Fabern, George, Lennox st, Rd 
Fabim, George, Goodwood st, Rd 
Faddcn, P.. Blackwood st. Hot 
Fagberg, Charles, grocer, 13 Stanley st, 

Faggs, F., 35 Bailie st, Hot 
Fairbairn, George, M.L.A., Parliament 

Fairbridge, J., butcher, Park st, Em H 





Fairbridge, Robert, butcher, 166 Moray it, 

Em H 
Fairehild, J., Dalgety at, St E 
Fairchild, John, Uoddle at, Bd 
Fairclongh, Mrs., ladies* school, 65 Cre- 

mome tt, Rd 
Fiiurweather, J. F., Gardiiier*8 creek road, 

S Y 
Falconer, J., OrroDg road, Tk 
Falconer, John, builder, Napier st, F 
Falconbridge, James, Grosvenor st, Fra 
Falk, P., and Co., wholesale jewellers, 38 

Little Collins st west 
Falkner, George, Barkly st, St E 
Falkner, Thomas, Heath st, San 
Fa]la, James, Albert st, Fey 
Fallenstein and McEechney, merchants, 

87 Flinders st west 
Fallenstein, Isaac, Esplanade, St E 
Fallon, John, general dealer, Peel st, £ C 
Falloon, John H., Oxford and Cambridge 

hotel, Rowena parade, Rd 
Fallo, E. J., ship chandler. Beach st, San 
FalTcy, John, Roden st, W M 
Fanning, Nankiyell, and Co., merchants, 

5 and 7 Elizabeth st 
Fanning, P. H., Vine st, Held 
Fanning, Richard, Pres 
Fannings, W., Cnrzon st. Hot 
Farewell, Chas., Punt road, Rd 
Farie, Claud, sheriff, William st, Pn 
Farley, Henry, Greville st, Pra 
Ftoiey, John H., law stationer, 56 Little 

Collins st west, and Commercial road, 

Pra 'X 

Farley, Thomas, groQpr, 49 Spencer st 

Farlow, Wm., Canning st, Carl 
Farmer, George, Chapel st, Pra 
Farmer, Henry John, solicitor, 6 Collins 

st east, and 258 Swan st, Rd 
Farmer, Mrs., Webb st, F 
Fanner, Thomas, Pent 
Farmer, Thomas, Buckley st. Ess 
Farmer^s Journal office, 67 Elizabeth st 
Fanner, Wm., Villiers st, Hot 
Farqnhar, J., Tyne st, Carl 
Farqaharson, J., 82 Napier st, Em H 
Farrage, Wm, surgeon and accoucheur, 

156 Collins st east 
Farrance, George, storekeeper, 61 Bank st 

west, Em H 
Farrance, Mrs. G., ladles' school, 61 Bank 

st west, Em H 
Farrands, R. G., bootmaker, Royal hine, 

Farrant, J. C, blacksmith, 34 a'Beckett 

st, and Highett st, Rd 
Farrar, H. W., Commercial road, Pra 
Farrar, H. W., and Co., merchants, 53 

Little Collins st west 
Farrar, John Wood, Williams road, Pra 
Farrell, Frederick, Garden st, Pra 
FmeU, J., Peel f t» Hot 

Farrell, J., leather warehouse, 7 Post 
Office place, and Rd 

Farrell, John, bootmaker, 29 Lonsdale st 

Farrell, John, Iranhoe, Heid 

Farrell, Mrs., greengrocer, 134 Gertrude 
st F 

Farrell, Robert, 17 Wellington st, St E 

Farrell, Stephen, Nott st, San 

Farrell, Thomas, Iranhoe, Heid 

Farrell, Thomas, bonecrusher, Flem bank 

Farrell, Wm., 59 Dudley st, W M 

Farrell, Wm., l7anhoe, Heid 

Farrer, John, Barkly st, Bk 

Farrington, John, Bay View hotel, Ma- 
deline st, Carl 

Farrington, J., butcher, Inkerman st east, 

Farrow, Wm., general storekeeper, 14 
Flinders st west 

Farwig, E. A., type founder and electro- 
typer, 19 Russell st south 

Fatt, Edward C, 14 Church st, Em H 

Faulkioer, Mrs., dyer, Bay st, San 

Faure, Amelia, Albion hotel, Brunswick 

Fausset, Charles, solicitor, 41 Swanston st 

Fawcett, Isaac R., tailor, 46 Gertrude st, F 

Fawcett, J. W., 1 Alfred place, Victoria 
st, Carl 

Fawcett, Thomas, Barkly st, St E 

Fawkner, Hon. J. P., M.L.C., 226 Smith 
st, EC 

Fawsett, Camillns, dentist, Caroline st, 

Fawssett, Mrs., 75 Collins st east 

Fay, D., Dryburgh st, Hot 

Fear, John, stationer, 44 Oxford st,E C 

Fear, Z., grocer, Vere st, E C 

Fearon, Luke, 18 John st, Wmn 

Featherstone, Dr., deputy registrar births 
and deaths, Chapel st, Pra 

Feddes, James, 14 Rosslyn st, W M 

Feehan, Richard, City Arms hotel, 206 
Elizabeth st 

Feeny, Dennis, Carpentaria hotel, Lons- 
dale st west 

Fegan, Thomas, 26 Palmer st, F 

Fehon, Wm. M., assistant traffic superin- 
tendent v. R. S., Spencer st 

Fehy, F., Dryburgh st. Hot 

Feigl, Ignatius, draper, 195 Swanston st 

Feinagle, Henry, Chapel st, S Y 

Feldheim Brothers, importers, 62 Queen st 

Feldheim, H., Grey st, St E 

Fell, James, 219 George st, F 

Fell, James, grocer, 217 George st, and 
219 Gertrude st, F 

Fellows, the Hon. T. H., M.L.C., barris- 
ter, 34 Temple court, Collins st west 

Fellows, Rer. W., Orrong road, Tk 

Feltoo, Alfred, wholesale druggist, 41a 
Swanston st 

Female Refuge, Madeline st, Carl 





Fenley, F., 109 Lygon it, Carl 

Fenley, J.y boarding-hooBe, 68 Lonidale 

Ftnlon, Thomts, coachimith, 3 Latrobe 

It west 
Fenner, Q. 0., New at, Bk 
Fenneasy, Richard, aeedaman and floriit, 

Chapel at, Pra 
FenntDg, D., 12 Moray place, Em H 
FentoQ, Jamei, hay aaleaman, Eaitem 

Market, 185 Little Collini at eaat 
FentOQ, John, 48 Swan at, Bd 
Fenton, John, 33 Fitaroy st, F 
FenwicJc Brothera, importers and ware* 

honaemen, 35 Flindera lane eaat, and 

227 King at 
Fenwick, Darid J., Barry at, Carl 
Fenwick, F., 37 Franklin at, W M 
Fenwick, Mri., Miller at, W M 
Fenwick, Robert, sewing machine maker, 

38 Stephen at, and Chetwynd at, W M 
Fenwick, Orlando, 227 King at 
Fenwick, Paaooe, 227 King at 
Fergie, H. P., notary pnblic and convey- 

ancer, 84 Little Collina at weat 
Ferguaon and Urte, glaat-stalnera, plom- 

ben, &c., 34 Carzon at, Hot 
Ferguson, C, harbonr maater. Strand, 

Fergnaon, Elizabeth, grocer, 78 Errol at. 

Ferguson, Henry, Stanley hotel, Stanley 

Ferguson, J., 86 York st west, Em H 
Ferguson, J., 48 Bank st east, Em H; 
Ferguson, J., ironmonger, Gardiner'a 

creek road, Pra 
Ferguson, J., smith, Gardiner'a creek 

road, Pra 
Ferguaon, J. M., Lang at, S Y 
Ferguson, James, 34 Curzon st. Hot 
Ferguson, Jamea, bootmaker, 8 Rath- 

downe st, Carl 
Ferguson, James, Flemington house, Flem 
Ferguson, John, Scotchman'a creek, Oak- 

Ferguson, John, 77 Rosslyn st, W M 
Ferguson, John, Chambers st, S Y 
Ferguson, Mrs., Park st east, Em H 
Ferguson, Thomas, 80 Gore st, F 
Ferguson, Thomas, Heath st, San 
Fergnaon, Thompaon, Artillery hotel, 19 

Park st, Em H 
Ferguson, W. R., Chambera st, S Y 
Ferguson, Wm., watchmaker, comer 

Brunswick and Farie ata, F 
Ferguson, Wm., tailor and clothier, 12 

Qarendon st, Em H 
Ferguson, Wm., Queensberry at, Hot 
Fergusson and Mitchell, engraTer8,&c., 69 

Collina at west, and Tk 
Fergusson and Moore, general printers, 48 

FUnden lane eaat 

Fergusson, Jamea, Gardiner'a creek xoad, 

Fermoy Extended Gbld Mining Companj, 

Wood's Point, 92 Collins st eaat 
Ferrea, John, GoTemmeut printer. East- 
ern hiU 
Ferrier, Darid, 82 Dorcas st, Em H 
Ferris, Jamea, Hoddle at, E C 
Ferris, Mrs., boarding-houae, 48 Cecil at, 

Ferria,T. J., photographer. Chapel at,Pn 
Ferria, W. H., Brighton st, Bd 
Ferriss, Jamea, Nicholson st, Carl 
Fethie, John, Victoria st, Rd 
Fettes,Mrs., boarding-houae keeper, 116 

Little Lonsdale st west 
FcTer, Wm., Preston 
Fewins, — , 73 WeUington st, E C 
Fidder. Mrs., 42 Coventry st west, Em H 
Fidler, Richard, marine store, ^36 King at 
Field, Bryan, Perry st, E C 
Field, J., musician. Bay st, Btn 
Field, John, 143 Rose st, F 
Field, T., Kent st, St K 
Fielden, Rev. W. S. H., Victoria parade^F 
Fielder, Charles, greengrocer, Queeua- 

berry st. Hot 
Fielder, T., 17 Coventry st, Em H 
Fieldhouse, J., Capel st. Hot 
Fieldhouse, S., Capel st. Hot 
Fielding and Beetchenow, butchera, 66 

Smith st and 167 Wellington st, B C 
Fielding, Richard, draper, Barkly at<, Fcj 
Fielding, T., Waltham st, Rd 
Fielding, Thomas, Sydney road, Bk 
Fif eshire Proapecting Quartz Mining Co^ 

Eldon chambers, Collins st west 
Filhon, A., tobacconist, 120 Brunswick at, 

FUson, Caughey, and Dalzell, merchanta^ 

64 William st 
Filson, John, Flem 

Finagle, H., Gardiner*s creek road, Pra 
Finch, E., Brighton at, Rd 
Finchain, George, organ builder, Bridge 

road, Rd 
Findlater, H., Cardigan st, Carl 
Findlay, Francis, 157 Moray st, Em H 
Findlay, J., Weston st, Bk 
Findlay, John, 216 Clarendon st, Em H 
Finlay, — , carpenter, Hanmer st, Wmn 
Finlay, A., 52 Wellmgton st, E C 
Finlay, C, Lothian st. Hot 
Finlay, J., blacksmith, 322 Brunswick at, 

Finlay, J. H., 126 Lygon at, Carl 
Finlay, James, 136 Rose st, F 
Finlay, John, 24 Baillie st. Hot 
Finky, John, 75 Smith st, F 
Finlay, R4 Miller at, W M 
Finlay, R., and Co., ship-builders, Yarm 

Finlay, Wm., Duke of Rothsay hotel, 12 

Elizabeth at 





nilMj, Wm^ tailor, 62 Collins ft west, 

and Dow at, San * 
FInlaj, Wm., 18 little Oxford st, £ C 
flnlayaon and Hntchinaon, flock manu- 

factorers and grain cniahers, a'Beckett 

at west 
Unkjaoii, George, Oxford at, E C 
Finlayson, Graham, teacher, 16 Smith st, 

Finlajson, J. B., SirVictoria parade, EM 
FSnIajson, Matthew, 51 Bathdowne at, 

FSnlayaonyMrs^ Barry st, Carl 
Unlajraon, Peter, 16 Smith st, E C 
Fhibijson, Thomas, Darling st, S T 
Finn, Edward, 133 Leicester st, F 
Finn, John, Carlisle st east, St K 
Finn, John, Drammond st, Carl 
Finn, John, tailor, 7 Victoria st. Hot 
Finn, Michael, Southern Cross hotel, 165 

Bonrke at west 
Fhm, Bev. W. M., Held 
Finnerty, John, 289 Brunswick st, F 
Finney, James, Barkly st, Carl 
Finnimore, Mrs. B., Baillie st. Hot 
Finnin, Mrs., Prince's st, F 
Finnin, Wm^ grocer, 92 Brunswick st, F 
Fire Brigade and Engine Stations, ColUns 

st west i Richmond terrace, Bd ; Lere- 

son st, Hot i Webb st, F ; and John- 
ston st,BC 
Firman, W.'H., Smith st, E C 
First and Second Netherlands India Fire 

and Marine Insurance Companies, 28 

Queen st 
First and Second Victorian Bowkett 

Building Society, F 
Urst Victorian Bowkett Building Society, 

Grattan at, Carl 
Firth, B. J., publisher, 53 FUnders lane 

west^ and 45 Latrobe st west 
Firth, Wm., mason. Swan st. Fey 
Fiseh, Misa, Cobden st, Em H 
Fischer, S., broker, 1 Queen st 
Firii Market, Prince's bridge 
Fish, Mrs., 42 Cobden st, Em H 
Fisher, — , 117 Little Bourke st west 
Fisher, — , teadier, Bay st, Btn 
Fisher, Alexander, surgeon, 81 Stephen st 
Fisher, Frederick, 94 Steredore st, Wmn 
Usher, George, 99 Fltzroy st, F 
Fiiher, H., bootmaker, 190 Wellington st, 

Fisher,H., maltster, Lennox st^Bichmond 

FiAer, Hardfaig, Argyle st west, St £ 
FiAer, Henry, Daris st, Pra 
Fiaher, Henry, shoemaker, 131 Little Col- 

Fisher, James, 173 Lygon st, Carl 
Fisher, John, BaMy st, Carl 
Fisher, John, Capd st, W M 
Fisher, John, grocer. Smith st, E C 
Fiiher, Joiepbt 96 Little Collins it west 

Firiier, Joseph, confectkmer, 160 Bourice 
st east 

Fisher, Mrs., Dmmmond st, Carl 
Fisher, Wm. C. , wuie and spirit merchant, 

47 Flinders lane west 
Fisher, Wm., painter and glacier, 27 Nel- 
son place, Wmn 
Fisher, Wm., 62 Fitzroy st, F 
Fishley, George Yeo, notary public, 18 
Collins st east, and Cotham road, Kew 
Fishley, P., 56 Bank st east, Em H 
Fisk, Edward, confectioner, 19 High st» 

Fisk, James, Dmmmond st, Carl 
Fiske, Elisabeth, 199 Lonsdale st west 
Fiskin, Thomas, Tennyson st, St K 
Fitch, Ebenezer, builder, Barkly st, St K 
Fitch, J., fruiterer, High st, St K 
Fitch, Beuben A., oil merchant and dry- 
salter, 99 Flinders lane east, and Nth 
FitU, John, 109 Gertrude st, F 
Fitzgerald, David, tailor, 103 Queen st 
Fit^endd, Dayid, Queensberry st. Hot 
FiUgerald, E. W., Howard st, Hot 
Fitzgerald, J., BouTerie st, Carl 
Fitzgerald, John, bUl poster, 127 Little 

Collins st east 
Fitzgerald, John, A.M., 18 Lonsdale st 

Fitzgerald, John, Prince of Wales hotel, 

23 Dorcas st west, Em H 
Fitzgerald, Mrs., 114 Cardigan st, Carl 
Fitzgerald, Nicholas, ML.C., Parliament 

Fitzgerald, Bichard, timber merchant, ftc, 

140 Swan st, Bd 
Fitzgerald, Thomas N., surgeon, 18 Cons- 
dale st east 
Fitzgerald, Wm., carpenter, Mount Alex- 
ander road. Ess 
Fitzgibbon, E. G., Town Hall, Swanston 

Fitzgibbon, J., Punt road, S Y 
Fitzpatrick, James, 92 Elgin st, Carl 
Fitzgibbon, John, Cremorne st, Bd 
Fitzroy Market, Napier and Toung sts, F 
Fitzsimonds, John, 245 Smith st, F 
FlTeasb, E., Fitzroy st, St K 
Flanagan, A., Queensberry st. Hot 
Flanagan, J. P., grocer and oofl^e roaster, 

260 Elizabeth st 
Flanagan, James J., 26 Latrobe st west 
Flanagan, Michael, Queensberry st. Hot 
Flanagan, William A., sodawater manu- 
facturer, 41 Little Lonsdale st east 
Flannagan, J., sweep, 160 little CoUms st 

Flannagan, J., Stephen st 
Flannagan, John, architect and surreyori 

5 Collins st east, and Studley Park 
Flannagan, P., bootmaker, 170 Madeline 

Flannagan, Wm., blacksmith, 88 Little 
Bourke st west 





Flannagan, Hichard, A'Beckett at west 
Flanner, Mrf. Hannah, Old White Hart 

hotel, 240 Bourke at east 
Plannery^Mathew, bootmaker, Abbotsford 

St, Hot 
Flannery, Owen, Geelong hotel, 202 Bourke 

Flannery, Win., Wreckyn st, Hot 
Flarey, John, Greville st, Pra 
Flataa, Samuel, importer of boots, &c., 

209 Bourice st east 
Flatman, Dennis, Chapel st, St K 
Flatow, Joseph, jeweller, 189 Stephen st 
Flaven, J., Arden st, Hot 
Flaxman, C, Great Dandenong road east, 

Fleeson, John, paperhanger. Commercial 

road, Pra 
Fleetwood, Thomas P., solicitor, 82 Little 

Collins st west, and Church st, Rd 
Fleming, Captain, 147 Moray st, £m H 
Fleming, D., Rowena parade, Rd 
Fleming, G., bootmaker, Maribymong st, 

Fleming, Henry, greengrocer, Victoria st, 

Fleming, J., Graham st, San 
Fleming, J. W., Union st, Bk 
Fleming, John, Curzon st, Hot 
Fleming, Robert, Ascot Vale, Flem 
Fleming, Robert, McArthur place, Carl 
Fleming, Thomas, Prince George hotel, 

231 Swanston st 
Fleming, W., Sydney road, Bk 
Fletcher, C. H., Alphington 
Fletcher, E., M.D., Sydney road, Bk 
Fisher, E., surgeon, 16 Qrattan st, Carl 
Fletcher, J. B., Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Fletcher, J., grocer, 57 Argyle st, F 
Fletcher, John, hat maker and importer, 

105 Bourke st east 
Fletcher, John, grocer, Fitzroy st, St K 
Fletcher, Joseph, wire worker, 13 Post 

Office place 
Fletcher, Mrs., 46 Faraday st, Carl 
Fletcher, Neil, provision store, 85 Post 

Office place 
Fletcher, R. B., Kew 
Fletcher, T., grocer, Argyle st, P 
Flett, Peter, cooper, 21 Flinders lane east, 

and 32 Elgin st, Carl 
Flett, J., Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Flett, John, Perry st, E C 
Flett, Peter, Keppel st, Carl 
Fleury, Ann, repository. Swan st, Rd 
Flezmore, J. H., Palmerston st, Carl 
Flinder Copper Mining Company (S. A.), 

55 Elizabeth st 
Flinn, Michael, carrier, 115 Faraday st, 

Flinn, Mrs., Railway place, San 
Flinn, Thomas, cooper, 224 Elizabeth st 
Flinne, Mn., school/.Qneensberry st. Hot 
Flinto£f, Thomas, 62 King WilUam st, F 

Flintoff, Thomas, and Co., British wine, 

yinegar and bladking manufactory, 97 

Webb st, F ; office, 18 Queen at 
Flockhart, Andrew, currier, Flem bank 
Flockhart, B., tanner and leather dealer, 

172 Elizabeth st,and Hawthorn tanqery 
Flood, James, Railway place, Saa 
Flood, James, 7 Baillie st. Hot 
Floods, Thomas, 66 York st east, £m H 
Florance, Mrs. W. H., boarding-house, 99 

Flinders st west 
Florance, Susannah, Royal Highlander 

hotel. Flinders st west 
Florant, David, butcher, 35 Howard st, 

Florence, Anthony, surreyor and C. £., 

52 Collins st east 
Flower, Henry, flagmaker, 243 Smith st, F 
Flower, Mrs., Wellington parade, £ M 
Flower, Mark, Moonee ponds 
Flower, Wm., grocer, &c., comer of Smith 

and Otter sts, E C 
Flynn, Mrs. Mary, 41 Franklin st west 
Focker, Captain, 121 Park st west, Em H 
Foden, J. C., Henry st, Pra 
Fogan, J., 30 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Fogan, Patrick, 17 Little Lonsdale st east 
Fogarty Brothers, grocers, &c.. Queens- 
berry st, Hot 
Fogarty, Rd., 15 Courteney st, Rd 
Fogarty, Daly, and Co., wine and spirit 

merchants, &c., 196 Elizabeth st, and 

Peel st. Hot 
Fogarty, James, Wellington st, Rd 
Fogarty, Patrick, Wellington st, Rd 
Fogarty, Patrick, 88 Fitzrey st, F 
Fogis, C, Victoria st, Rd 
Foley, J., Faraday st, Carl 
Foley, Maliche, Banksia st, Held 
Foley, Michael, Maine st, Hcid 
Foley, P., Howard st, Hot 
Foley, Peter, Drummond st, Carl 
Foley, Thomas, Arden st. Hot 
Foley, W., tailor, 132 Lonsdale st cast 
Folk, Lewis, 27 Napier st, F 
Folk, Lewis and Henry, 3 Apsley place, 

Folk, Mrs. S., 3 Apsley phice, £ M 
Follard, John, estate agent, 16 Wellington 

st, St K 
FoUett, Mrs., school, Haw 
Folley, P., 25 Baillie st, Hot 
Fookes, Mrs., ladies' school, 15 Oxford st, 

Foord, George, analytical chemist, 86 

Elizabeth st, and Alma road, St K 
Foot, John, Nicholson st, Carl 
Foot, Robert, bootmaker, Bridge road, Rd 
Foot, Robert, bootmaker, Chapel st, Pra 
Foote, George, Stoke st, San 
Footner, Robert, turner and cabinetmaker, 

130 Brunswick st, F 
Foott, Michael, M.L. A., Parliament house 
Forbes, James, 39 Franklin st, W M 





Forbes and Co, Asphalterfc and tar dis- 
tillers, 24 Collins It west, and Biver 
bank, south side 
Forbes, James D., draper and clothier, 

162 Smith st, E C 
Forbes, John George, County court judge, 
Wellington parade, £ M, and Melbourne 
Club, Collins st east 
Forbes, Robert A., 193 Cardigan st, Carl 
Forbes, Robert, builder, 95 Little Collins 

Forbes, Wm., carpenter. Park st, S Y 
Forbes, Wm., 7 St. Darid st, F 
Force, F. B., Haw 
Ford, Alfred, 8 Pelham st, Carl 
Ford, Amas, bootmaker. High st, St K 
Ford Brothers, clothiers, 421 King st 
Ford, F., butcher, 65 Johnston st. £ C 
Ford, F. T. W., surgeon, &c., 4 M'Kenzie 

Ford, Qeorge, grocer, 140 Lygon st, Carl 
Ford, H., Grey st, £ M 
Ford, John, Canning st, Carl 
Ford, John S., 68 Napier st, £m H 
Ford, Joseph, butcher. Bay st, Btn 
Ford, Mrs., miscellaneous repository. 

Chapel st, Pra 
Ford, Mrs. Elizabeth, 96 Johnston st, E C 
Ford, Mrs., Royal Bath, Beach, St E 
Ford, Thomas, Alphington 
Ford, Wm., and Co., chemists and drug- 
gists, 67 Swanston st 
Ford, Wm., Balaclava road east, St K 
Ford, Wm.,36 Gore st, F 
Ford, Wm., M'Kenzie st 
Ford, Wm., 114 Fitzroy st, F 
Forde, Jonathan, 12 Alma st, F 
Forden, John, Curzon st. Hot 
Fordham, Frank, manager of Victorian 
Jam and Pickle Company, William st, 
and 93 Park st, £m H 
Fordham, Henry, grocer, Bay st, San 
Fordham, S., tailor, 3 Kathdowne st, Carl 
Fordred, George, painter, Barry st, Carl 
Fordyce, A., 137 Clarendon st, Em H 
Fordyce, Andrew, grocer, 118 Clarendon 

st and 7 Union st, £m H 
Foreman, George, painter, Queensberry 

st, Carl 
Foreman, J., machine sewer, 127 Claren- 
don st, £m U 
Foreman, Mrs., 46 Hanover st, F 
Foresters* Hall, Little Nelson st, Wron 
Foresters, Order of, Bush inn, Elizabeth st 
Fomian, George, 137 Lonsdale st west 
Forrest, A., cabinet maker, Canning st, 

Forrest, David C, 128 Collins st east 
Forrest, Mrs., servants* registry office, 128 

Cotlins st east 
Forrester, Alexander, Walsh st, W M 
Forrester, Charles, Metropolitan hotel, 117 

William st 
Forrester^ Charles, 48 Rosslyn it, W M 

Forrester, Mrs., Charles st, Pra 
Forster, Charles, stock and share broker, 
64 Elizabeth st, and Blessington st,St E 
Forster, L. F., saddler and saddlery im- 
porter, 25 Post Office place 
Forster, Luke, saddler, 29 and 31 Post 

Office place 
Forster, R. P., High st, Pra 
Forster, R. P., Charles st, Pra 
Forster, Wm. Mark, merchant, &C., 31 

Post Office place 
Forsyth, A, Albert st, Pra 
Forsyth, A, Dryhurgh st, Hot 
Forsyth, C, 98 York st west, Em H 
Forsyth, David, 104 York st, Em H 
' Forsyth, James, butcher, 12 Swanston st 
Forsyth, John, 18 Wellington st, St E 
Forsvth, John, timber yard, 29 High st, 

Forsyth, John, 170 Russell st 
Forsyth, W., Hodder st, Btn 
Forsyth, W., 29 King William st. P 
Forwood, Charles Bossiter, conyeyancer, 

6 Bourke st east 
Forwood, Wm. H., 125 Park st, Em H 
Fosberry, J. W., Punt road, S Y 
Fossy, Mrs., Graham st, San 
Foster, £., saddler, 16 Johnston st, F 
Foster, FMward, store, Albert st, Pra 
Foster, George, coal and wood yard, 143 

Clarendon st, EraTH 
Foster, James, cab proprietor. Pent 
Foster, John, 73 Cobden st, Em H 
Foster, John, Trinnian st, off High 8t,Pra 
Foster, Mary, general store, Yewers st, 

Foster, Mrs., Graham st, San 
Foster, Mrs., grocer, 27 Little Collini st 

Foster, Mrs., 10 Palmer st, F 
Foster, Mrs., Albert st, Pra 
Foster, Oswald, 78 Bourke st east 
Foster, T., Lennox st, Rd 
Foster, Thomas, Henry st, Pra 
Foster, Wm. Lett, Nelson st, Wmn 
Fouch, Mrs., 46 Cremorne st, Rd 
Foubister, Robert, Brighton st, Rd 
Foulds, James, smith and wheelwright 

145 Little Lonsdale st east 
Foulds, Mrs., Graham st, San 
Foulds, Wm., 136 Fitzroy st, F 
Fouler, Edwin, Darling sc, S Y 
Fuulis, James E., produce dealer, 61 Wel- 
lington st, £ C 
Foulkes, J. Y., Alphington hotel, Held 
Fowler, Daniel, carpenter, 21 Young st, F 
Fowler, E., 167 Lygon st, Carl 
Fowler, Henry, 82 Cobden st, Em H 
Fowler, J., Grant st, Em H 
Fowler, J., Alma road, St E 
Fowler, James, High st, St E 
Fowler, John, Freemasons' hotel, 62 

Dover road, Wmn 
Fowler, Joseph, Nicholson st, F 





Fowler, Mn., 32 Arp^yle it, P 

Fowles, James, 12 Coventry st, £m H 

Vox, Alexander, and Co., photographers, 
75 Swanst'on st 

Fox, Alexander, 41 King WiUiam st, F 

Fox, Alfred Charles, 73 Little Collins st 
west, and Barkly st, St K 

Fox, C, New st, Btn 

Fox, Charles, Leicester st, Carl 

Fox, Henry, painter and glazier, 208 Little 
Collins st east 

Fox, James, 93 BouTerie st, Carl 

Fox, Mrs., Mnrphy st, Pra 

Fox, Thomas, poulterer and market gar- 
dener, 4 and 5 Eastern market, and 96 
Swanston st 

Fox, Thomas, Bmnswick road, Bk 

Fox, W., 9Toungst, F 

Fox, W. B., Gore st, F 

Foxall, J., 144 Kerr st, F 

Foxcroft, John, engineer and machinist, 
comer Pelharo and Berkeley sts, Carl 

Foxcroft, Miles, carrier and commissioa 
agent, 22 Collins st east 

Foxhall, Jamen, Courtney st, Bd 

Foxhead, J., 142 Kerr 9t, F 

Foxwell, John, painter and decorator, 70 
Young 8t, F 

Foy, Hiraro, 21 Qaeensberry st, Carl 

Foy, James, 243 Albert st, £ M 

Foy, Rev. Joseph. Kew 

Foy, Samuel, 29 King William st, F 

Foyle flour mills, 301 Brunswick st, F 

Frahm, Charles, dairyman, 42 Swanston st 

Frame, Thomas, Spencer terrace, Little 
Bourke st west 

Francis Brothers, merchants, 34 Flinders 
lane west, and 13 Bond st 

Francis, Charles, sawyer, a' Beckett st west 

Francis, George, civil engineer, 77 Queen 

Francis, Henry, pharmaceutical chemist, 
31 Bourke st east, and Albert st, Wr 

Francis, Henry, carpenter, Graham st, 

Francis, J., Stanley st, E C 

Francis, J. G., M.L.A., commissioner of 
trade and customs, 149 Albert st, E M 

Francis, John H., Lennox st, Rd 

Fr}i43cis aud MuPherson, merchants, 26 
King st 

Francis, Mrs., 73 Nelson road, Em H 

Francis, Mrs., 205 Lygon st, Carl 

Francis, Robert, timber merchant, Gee- 
long road. Fey 

Francis, Samuel, William st, Btn 

Francis, Stephen, Bay st, Btn 

Francis, W., 88 George st, E M 

Franke, J. G., 95 Kerr st, F 

Frankel, Jacob, 136 and 136 Russell st 

Frankel, Louis, general dealer, 189 Swan- 
ston st 

Frankenberg, S., importer and warehouse- 
man, 69 Queen st, and Murphy st, S Y 

Prankish, Thomas, Railway place, San 
Franklin, Chas., stevedore. Strand, Wma 
Franklin, P., Rotherwood st, Rd 
Franklin, Stephen, tailor, Lennox st, Rd 
Franklin, T., 52 Cobden st, Em H 
Frankly n, F. B., printers* broker, 80 

Queen st, 42 Flinders lane weft, and 

Brighton road, St K 
Franks, L. T., jeweller, 13 Bmnswiek tfc, 

Franks, Mrs., store. Beach st, San 
Franz, Christian, tobacconist, 89 Bonxke 

Franzen, John and Henry, watchmakert, 

94 Little Lonsdale st east 
Praser, A., carpenter, 1 1 9 Moray at, Em H 
Eraser, Alexander, M.L.C., Alma road, 

Eraser, Angns, bookseller and stationer, 

1954 King st 
Praser, A. W., Barkly st. St K 
Praser, C , 77 Moray st, Em H 
Eraser, Charles, High sr, Pra 
Pra<er. Caroline, Greyhound inn. High st, 

Praser and Co., auctioneers, 33 Collins st 

Praser, Greorge, 64 Napier st, Em H 
Eraser, Henry, Alma st, St K 
Eraser, H. C, Argyle st, St K 
Praser, John, 112 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Praser, John, 51 Cardigan st, Carl 
Eraser, Moses, Inkerman st. East St K 
Eraser, Mrs. E., Inkerman st. East St K 
Eraser, Mrs., school, Fawkner st, St K 
Eraser, Mrs. Jane, laundress, 90 Napier 

st, Em H 
Eraser, Uev. Alexander, 93 Collins at east 
Praser, Robert, dyer and scourer, 83 

Smith st, F 
Prater, R., Courteney st. Hot 
Praser, R. R., 55 Drummond st, Carl 
Fraser, 8., Kegent st, F 
Praser, Walter, 47 Three-chain road, Em 

Praser, Wm^ Qaeensberry st. Hot 
Prater, J. A., Victoria st west, Bk 
Prayne, George, Greville st, Pra 
Prayue, John, grocer, &c., Peel st, Pra 
Prazer, James, blacksmith, 3 and 15 York 

st, Em H 
Prazer, Joseph, 77 Stanley st, W M 
Prazer, Moses, commission agent, 13 Flin- 
ders lane west, and Inkerman st, St K 
Prazer, Miss, Pelham st, Carl 
Prazer, W., M.L.A., Gertrude st, P 
Freak, B., Chapel st, Pra 
Preame, Francis, Stoke st, San 
Preame, H. G., solicitor, 6 CuUins at east, 

and Goodwood st, Rd 
Preame, J., bootmaker. Peel st, Pra 
PreAme, James, bootmaker, Railway place, 

Prear, J., grocer, Stanley it, £ C 





Frecker, Charles, Park at, 8 Y 
Fredniftn, Jaae, draper, 275 Brunswick st, 

Freeboth, F., John Enox*s Cbarch 
Freeman,—, greengrocer, 66 Stanley st, 

Freeman, Edmnnd, Wreckyn st, Hot 
Freeman, G. W., builder, Richmond ter- 
race, Bd 
Freeman, Henry, 41 Ljgon st, Carl 
Freeman, J., aurgeoD, Arthur-seat road, 

Freeman, John, 234 Dttie Collins st east 
Freeman, M., cooper, Ann st, Wmn 
Freeman, Matbew, Lyons st, Wmn 
Freeman, Mrs., Goodwood st, Rd 
Freeman, Mrs., 78a George st, F 
Freeman, Thomas, Osborne st, S Y 
Freeman, Thomas, gardener, Iranhoe 
Freeman, Wra., 6 Yarra st, £m H 
Freemantle, — , Roden st, W M 
Freer. George, Barkly st, St K 
Freer, W. H. and G., iron merchants, 191 

Elizabetii st 
Freer, W. H., 39 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Freeth, Thomas, 45 Twyford st south, 

Free Trade and Financial Reform League 

office, 1 2 Collins st east 
French, A., 48 Lygon st, Carl 
French, Benjamin, tailor, 50 and 60 Queen 

st, and Joliniont road, E M 
French, Benjamin, 115 Moray st, Em H 
French, Greorge, cabinetmaker, Feel st, 

French, J. J., Kew 
French, John, drayman, 120 Little Collins 

It west 
French, Robert, shoeing smith, 100 John- 
ston st, F 
Fretwell, J. O., 54 Roden st, W M 
Frew, George, Albion st east, Bit 
Frewin, Mrs. E., 20 Faraday st, Carl 
Fribbs, Patrick, Courteney st. Hot 
Frick, Charles, 171 Russell st 
Fricker, Frank, dealer, Graham st, San 
Friedlein, C. D. A., accountant, 49 Collinfl 

st west 
Friendly Societies' Registrar's otdjoe, Gor- 

erumenflhouse, Spring st 
Friends* Meeting House, 6 Russell st 
Frisbee, C. R., wood engraver, Abbotsford 

Frith and Co., bootmakers, 169 Little 

Bourke st east 
Frith, Frederick, photographer and por- 
trait painter, 7 Collins st east 
Frith, Jessie, store, 73 Madeline st, Carl 
Pnth, W., Sydney road, Bk 
Friisi-.h, Andrew, pottery, 45 Victoria st, 

Friazell, Mrs., 216 Cardigan st, Carl 
Fromont, Henry, Union hotel. Union st, 

Frost, £. H., machinist and tool maker, 31 

Little Collins st west 
Frost, J., Albert st, Pra 
Frost, John, Palmerston st, Carl 
Frost, John, draper, 59 Erroll st, Hot 
Frost, John, 52 Krroll st, Hot 
Ffrost, J. P., 123 Argyle st, F 
Frost, Mrs., midwife, Courteney st. Hot 
Frost, Wm., carpenter, Derby st, £ C 
Frost, Wm., bootmaker. Sleight lane, 58 

Little Collins st east 
Frost, Wm., 17 John st, Wmn 
Fry, H., corn store, Ferguson st, Wmn 
Fry, Henry, Villiers st, Hot 
Fry, James, Foresrers* Arms hotel, comer 

Clarendon and Napier sts. Km H 
Fry, James K., accountant and arbitrator, 

1 14 Collins 8t wffst 
Fry, Juhn, Wellington st, Rd 
Fry, Joseph, 133 RagUn st, Em H 
Fry, W. A , Canning st, Carl 
Foge, H. R., Pelham st, Carl 
Fuge, Robert, chemist. Burgundy st. Held 
Fubrmann, H., upholsterer, 86 CoUini st 

Fulbrook, C, LeTison st. Hot 
Fulbrook, Wm., 28 Stanlev st, W M 
Fulford, Rev. R., Cnroline'st, 8 Y 
Fulker, George, naturalist, 50 Lygon st, 

Fullar, R S., boat builder, Flinders st east 
Fullarton, John, 1 10 Madeline st, Carl 
Fuliarton, Mrs., 83 Cardigan st, Carl 
Fuller, Edwin, grocer, 17 Gertrtide st, F 
Fuller, Francis, 205 Gore st, F 
Fuller, Frederick, butcher, Queensberry 

st, Hot 
Fuller, Frederick, Curzon st, Hot 
Fuller, —,41 Cremome st, Rd 
Fuller, Mrs., 2 Palmer st, F 
Fuller, W., Rifleman's Arms, Chapel it, 

Fullerton, G., BaiUie st, Hot 
Fullerton, Robert, harbour master, Bay 

st, San 
Fullerton, Thomas, coachbuilder, 81 Vic- 
toria st, £ C 
Fulton, Alexander, Cardigan st, Carl 
Fulton, E. G., hay and com dealer, 39 

Howard st. Hot 
Fulton, George, Middle st, Flem 
Fulton, James, 155 little Lonsdale it 

Fulton, J. F. W., Victoria Hydropathic 

Establishment, Greville st, Pra 
Fulton, Robert, 430 King st 
Fulton, Robert, 138 Leicester st, F 
Fulton, Robert, Fulton st, 8t K 
Fulton, Thomas, and Co., engineers and 

ironfounders, 137 Fhnders st west 
Fulton, Thomas, Rosslyn st, W M 
Fulton, Wm , 84 Stanley st, W M 
Furby, Thomas, grocer, 128 little Lons- 
dale st west 





Fnriong, Mrs., Funt road, Rd 

Furneauz, R., Osborne st, S Y 

Fumiss, John T., 49 Fitzroy st, F 

Farse,C., machinist, 31 Little CoUinB st 

Fury, John, Miller st, W M 

Fyfe, George, tiosmith, Little Latrobe st 

Fyfe, George, smith, Beach st, San 

Fyfe,Mrs., 29 Napier st, Em H 

Fyffe, George, 10 Cecil st, Wmn 

Fyffe, John, Lothian st, Hot 

Fyffe, Martha, Marine hotel, Little Nel- 
son st, Wmn 

Fysh, C. S., grocer, Haw 

Fyvie, £., chemist, 130 Russell st 


Gabel, — , carpenter. Station place, San 
Gabelda, Geo., gunmaker, 98b Bonrke st 

Gabriel, Samnet H., solicitor, 69 Bonrke 

st west, and Hot ham st east, St K 
Gacon, John, shoemaker, Flem bsnk 
Gahan, John F., solicitor, &c., 78 Eliza- 
beth st 
Gahan, F., 52 Ferguson st, Wmn 
Gain, F., YHrrast,EC 
Galbraith, Wm., clerk, Powlett st, E M 
Galby, Fidele, 18 Barkly st, Carl 
Gale, A. F., dressmaker, 205 Swanston st 
Gale, Anne, Brown st, Held 
Gale, Henry, general dealer. Bay st, San 
Gall, J., Wellugton parade, E M 
Gall, R., contractor, St. Andrew st, Btn 
Gall, Wm., blacksmith, Hanmer st, Wmn 
Gallagher, D., 131 Lygon st, Carl 
Gallflgher, John, Fawkner st, St K 
GalUigher, Michael, Carlisle st. East StK 
Gallagher, P. M., cutler, 164 Brunswick 

flt F 
Gallagher, Robert, baker, 27 Smith st, F 
Gallagher, W., coalyard. Bay st, San 
Callaugher, Edward A., port ganger, 17 

Market st 
Galland, John, coachbullder, 49 Victoria 

parade, F 
Gallie, — , Abbotsford st, W M 
Galloghy, John, bootmaker, Cremorne st, 

Gallogly, G. D., Ciyil Service Club hotel, 

125 Collins st east 
Gallop, Charles, blacksmith, II York st 

west, Em H 
Gallop, James, Canning st, Carl 
Gallop, Mrs., Pel ham st, Carl 
Galloway, J., 66 Fitzroy st, F 
Gallpen, George, 23 Twyford st, Wmn 
Galop, Charles, blacksmith, York st west, 

Gralop, George, Bay st, San 
Gait, A., Lyndhnrst, Bk 
Gait, David, 92 Cardigan st, Carl 

Galvin, C, baker, 12 Howard st, Hot 
Galvin, John, hatter, 73 0>llins st west, 

and Yarra bank. South Melbourne 
Galvin, John, 14 Little Lonsdale st east 
Gamb, R., grocer, Station place, San 
GHmble, Robert, 36 Kiog William st, F 
Gambling, — , carpenter, Church st, £ C 
Gamder, Thomas, Kew 
Gamgee, Joseph, hairdresser, 9 Bonrke st 

Gammie, J., 42 Park st west, Em H 
Gamson, H., Esplanade, St K 
Gamson, Thomas, tlolimont road. E M 
Gane, John, 15 Dorcas st west, Em H 
Ganu, Patrick, 34 Little Lonsdale at eaat 
Gant, G., 57 Cecil st, Em H 
Gaol (chief), Russell st 
Gapp, Thomas L., Arden st. Hot 
Gapter, James, Chapel st, S Y 
Garbett, Jos., Berkeley st, Carl 
Garbutt, John, hame and chain maker, 2 

Berkeley st, Carl 
Garcie, E., Albert st, Pra 
Gardener, J., grocer, 82 Moor st, F 
Gardiner, Florence, produce merchant, 

High st, St K 
Gardiner, Henry S., insurance and general 

agent, 1 Dorcas st west, Em H 
Gardiner, Mrs., 42 Napier st, F 
Gardiner, Mrs., Curzon st. Hot 
Gardiner, N., Church st, Rd 
Gardiner, Samuel, 13 Spring st south 
Gardiner, W. and S., auctioneers, 26 and 

28 Collins st east 
Gardiner, Wm., Pent 
Gardner, Andrew, butcher, Qneensberry 

st, and Victoria st, Carl 
Gardner, Charles, blacksmith, Chapel st, 

Gardner, E. W., Morton*s hotel, Bonrke 

st west 
Gardner, F., furrier and akin dreaser, 84 

Collins st west 
Gardner, John, Moreland st, Fey 
Gardner, Mrs., grocer, Young st, F 
Gardner, Mrs., 39 Kapier st, F 
Gardner, Mrs., provision dealer, 73a Ger« 

trude 8t, F 
Gardner, R., Illawarra st, Wmn 
Gardner, R., upholsterer, 91 Wkrk at east, 

Garen, John, Heath st, San 
Garey, J., tailor, Gardiner's creek road, 

Garey, J., Da vies st, Pra 
Garland, A, builder, 42 Young at, F 
Garland, T., Berkeley st, Carl 
Garlay, John, 9 Barkly st, Carl 
Garlick, W. S., solicitor, 49 Elizabeth at 
Garlick, Wra. J., Aclaud st, St K 
Garner, Mrs. William, High st, St K 
Garrard and James, surgeons, 122 Collins 

st east 
Garrett, John, 36a Rathdowne at, Carl 





Garrett, Kobert, and Co., com factors, 

205 Elizabeth st 
Garrett, Robert, 13 Swan st, Rd 
Garrick, — , 179 George at, F 
Garrick, Alexander, storemaD, 132 Little 

Boorke st west 
Garriock, Mrs., Nicholson st, F 
Garroty, P., Rowena hotel, Rowena pa- 
rade, Kd 
Garside, W. and J., copper and zinc 

workers, Bay st, San 
Gartner, Wm., 107 Boorke st east 
Garton, James, Garton*s hotel, Swanston 

Gartshore, Robert, saddler and harness 

maker, 1 Victoria st east 
Garrie, Martin, Gravesend, Fey 
Garvin, Richard, baker, Wellington st, 
r Rd 

Garwood, George, lirery stables, 89 Flin- 
ders lane east 
Gascard, A., restaurant, 107 Lonsdale st 

Gaskell, Joseph, bird and animal curator, 

195 Boorke steast 
Gaskin, R., hallkeeper, 10 Temple court 
Gasparo, G., Italian and Swiss hotel, 232 

Lonsdale st east 
Gascoigne, G. C, McArthur place, Carl 
Gas*, Stewart, Grattan st, Carl 
Gathercole, — , 57 Smith st, F 
Gaston, J., Reilly st, F 
Gates, C. £., Murphy st, S Y 
Gates, Wm., Crockford st, San 
Gatenby, Robert, saddler, 112 Queen st 
Gatehouse, James, Gardiner's creek road, 

Gatbergood, Jabez, Beach road, Btn 
Gathing, G., 73 Rosslyn st, W M 
Gatland, Thomas, sexton, Little Collins 

st west 
GattreU, George J., Family and Colonial 4 

hotel. Little Bourke st east 
Gaun, John, photographer, 95 Swanston 

Gaunson, James, pilot, 27 Cecil st, Wmn 
GaoDt, George, Carlisle st west, St E 
Gaunt, John M., Argyle st, St K 
Gaunt, Thomas, watch and clock maker, 

5 Post #l&ce place 
Gavin, John, Davis st, S Y 
Gavey, J., High st, Pra 
Gawn, W., grocer, 269 Brunswick st, and 

131 Kerr st, F 
Gay, Charles, contractor, Buckland st, 

Gay, George, hay and corn dealer, 72 

Gertrude st, F 
Gay, Samuel W., 103 Spencer st 
Gay, W., 40 Bank st west, £tn H 
Gay nor, Wm., cab proprietor, 214 George 

st, F 
Gajfe, Wm., 14 Stanley st, W M 
Gaze, Wm., engineer, 113 Russell st 

Geach, Edwin, manufacturer of bonn/et 

fronts, 41 Swanston st 
Geach, Thomas, confectioner, 63 Collins 

st west, and 54 Ring William st, F 
Gear, James, Henry st, Pra 
Gears, Thomas, 52 Latrolie st west 
Geard, J., 51 Young st, F 
Gearing, John, 56 Ann st, Wmn 
Gearing, Mrs., Dover place, Wmn 
Geary, Joseph, 5 Hoddle st, E M 
Geddes, Charles, Capel st, Wmn 
Geddes, Mrs., Lygon st, Carl 
Geddess, G., Ireland st, Wmn 
Gedge, Wm. £., Waltham st, Rd 
Geeham, J., Castlemaine hotel, 9 Little 

Bourke st west 
Geelong and Melbourne Lighterage Com- 
pany, 37 William st 
Geer, T., grocer. Punt road, S Y 
Geggie, Wm., 236 Victoria st, Rd 
Gell, — , solicitor, Arden st. Hot 
Cell, C. S., 120 Raglan st, Em H 
Gell, Francis T., solicitor and notary, 35 
' Queen st, and Abbotsford st, Hot 
GeU, Margaret, Howard st. Hot 
Gemmeli, McCaul, and Co., auctioneers, 

49 Collins st west 
Gemmeli, H. M. C, Cariisle st east, St K 
General Post Office, 1 Bourke st east 
Geoghagan, Philip, Highett st, Rd 
George, C. S., George's hotel. Little 

Bourke st east 
George, Ed., 5 James st, F 
George, F. N., wood turner. Chapel st, 

George, Hugh, printer, 194 Victoria pa- 
rade, E M 
George, J., chemist, deputy-registrar and 

postmaster, Sydney road, Bk 
George, J., Victoria st, E C 
George, Joseph, George st, F 
George, Mrs., library, 19 Oxford st, E C 
George, R., 194 Wellington st, E C 
George, Samuel, carrier, Flemington hill 
George, Samuel, Argyle st, Pra 
George, Wm., grocer, 118 Fitzroy st, F 
Georges Brothers, drapers, 206 Smith st, 

Georgeson and Co., boot and shoe ware- 
house, 7 Collins st east 
Georgeson, Wm., Darling st, S Y 
Georgy, Margt., boarding-house, 151 La- 

troi)e st west 
Geraghty, P., Rowena parade, Rd 
German Association, 146 Collins st east 
German Gymnastic Association, 200 

Lonsdale st east 
German Lutheran Church, Grey st, E M 
Germania, German newspaper office, 95 

Kerr st, F 
Germany, J., Lygon st, Carl 
Gerrand, Hamilton, 41 JNlchoIson st, F 
Gerschel, L. C, 4 Osborne buildings, 
Napier st, F 





Ger»on, Jacob, importer of iancy goods, 

133 Swanston at 
Get»ner, F. G., 124 Fitzroy at, F 
Geatner, Franda D., Carliale at, St K 
Geasner, Wm., Clyde at, St K 
Gettina, Cyrua, Acland at, St K 
Gibney. O. A., 21ft Napier at, F 
Gibb, Jamea, upholaterer, &c., 178 Church 

at, Rd 
Gibbena, J., greengrocer, Cardigan tt, Carl 
Gibbea, C. B., St. Darid at, F 
Gibbie, Jaa., 118 Lygon at, Carl 
Gibbina, Henry, grocer, Brighton at, Bd 
Gibhina, M., Lennox tt, Kd 
Gibbona, John, 66 Stanley at, W Ai 
GiblK)na, John, ship builder and owner, 
Yarra bank, 49 King at, and 146 La- 
trobe at weat 
Gibbona, Wm. Sidney, analytical chemiat, 

5 Collina at eaat, and 6 Albert at, E M 
Gibba, — , auctioneer, Oxford at, £ C 
Gibba, Edward M., Wellington parade, Bd 
Gibba, Edwin, Fleet at. Palmer at, F 
Gibba, G., drnggiat, Bay at, Btn 
Gibba, J., 45 Sink at eaat, £m H 
Gibba, J., 1 Gore it, F 
Gibba, Jamea H., 101 Roaalyn at, W M 
Gibba, John, Adderley at, Wmn 
Gibba, John, Commercial hotel, 21 

Thompaon at, Wmn 
Gibba, R. and S., merchanta, 19 Queen at 
Gibba, R. B., Alma at weat, St K 
Gibba, Richard, 65 Roaalyn at, W M 
Gibba, Richard, Grey at, £ M 
Gibba, Ronald, and Co. (in liquidation), 

merchanta, 2S and 24 Queen at 
Gibba, S. M., Alma at west, St K 
Gibba, Wm., grocer. Church at, Rd 
Gibba, Wm., 39 Roaalyn at, W M 
Gibaon, Arthur, aoft gooda broker, &c., 
18 Flinders lane weat, and Windsor 
terrace, Wr i 

Gibaon, Captain, 18 Bank at eaat, Em H 
Gibaon, D. and R., flour milla, 48 Leices- 
ter at, Carl 
Gibaon, D., Qaeensberry st, Carl 
Gibaon, G., joiner, Berkeley at, Carl 
Gibaon, G., 112 Stevedore at, Wmn 
Gibaon, Gavin, boot and ahoe importer, 26 

Collina at eaat, and Alma road, St K 
Gibaon, Jeaaie, atorekeeper, Mount Alex- 
ander road, Eas 
Gibaon, Jamea, aurgeon, Flemington hill 
Gibaon, Jamea, tailor, 77 Little Collins at 

Gibaon, Jamea, 1 1 Nicholaa lane, Bourke 

at eaat 
Gibaon, Leon, confectioner, Ronae at, San 
Gibaon, Mra., Pel ham at, Carl 
Gibaon, Mra., Waterloo st, St K 
Gibson, Mrs., 88 Rowena parade, Rd 
Gibaon, R., stock aaleaman, 47 Bourke at* 

Gibson, R., 31 Peel st. Hot 

Gibaon, Richard, Bourke at weat 
Gibaon, Robert, Queenaberry at, Carl 
Gibaon, 'Wm., Lennox at, Rd 
Gibson, Wm., bootmaker, 150 Swan at,Rd 
Gideon, Lewis, accountant, 83 Swanston 

at and 21 1 Bourke at eaat 
Gidley, Robert, chemist, Commercial road, 

Gidney, laaac, dealer, 41 Provoat at, Hot 
Gien, B., 1 12 Little Bourke at weat 
Gilford, J., carpenter, Carpenter at, Btn 
Gilbert, — , Pnace*a at, St K 
Gilbert and Poatance, clothea cleaners, 

Victoria parade, E C 
Gilbert, Edward, 49 Cecil at north, Wmn 
Gilbert, F., 60 Market at, Era H 
Gilbert, F. G., ticket writer, 33 Napoleon 

at, EC 
Gilbert, George, Ferguaon at, Wmn 
Gilbert, Jamea, aculptor, Latrobe parade, 

Collina at eaat 
Gilbert, John, coachmaker, Bridge road, 

Gilbert, Wm., butcher, comer of Leicester 

and Berkeley ata, Carl 
Gilbertaon, John, circulating library, Swmn 

Gilbertaon, Wm., china and glass dealer, 

104 Bridge road, Rd 
Gilby, John, Hoddle st, E C 
Gilchrist, D., 157 Lygon at, Carl 
Gilchrist, J., 27 Oxford at, K C 
Gilchrist, Jamea and John, brasafonndeis, 

161 Bouverie at, Carl 
Gilchriat, Mia., Cardigan at, Carl 
Gilcbriat, W. J., Brunawick road, Bk 
Gilchriat, W. J., 43 George at, F. 
Gilchriat, W. S., 61 William at 
Gilderaleve, S., froiterer, 116 LonsdaU st 

Gilea, Edward, 41 Smith st, F 
Giles, Henry, carrier. High st, Pra 
Giles, Joaeph, boarding-houae keeper, 166 

and 168 Bourke at west 
Giles, Mrs., J. £., seminary, High st, St K 
Giles, T., smith, Wellington at, St K 
Giles, W., builder, 1 18 Leicester st, F 
Giles,' W., painter, Elgin st, Carl 
Gilham, Edwin, 42 Lothian at, Hot 
Gill, — , 107 George at, F • 
Gill and Thorpe, importera, 26 Flinders 

lane west 
Gill, Edwin, Neptune st, St K 
Gill, Fuwler, and Co., merchanta, 13 Little 

Collins at weat 
Gill, Jamea, 211 Albert at, E M 
Gill, John, architect, 18 Collina st eaat 
Gill, John, Dalgety st, St K 
Gill, John, liiawara st, Wmn 
Gill, John R., Weatbury at eaat, Rt K 
Gill, John, 118 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Gill, Mra. J., milliner, 2 Bank st east, 

GUI, K., Carlton st^ Carl 





Gill, Samup], 11 Argyle at, F 

Gill, Samaei Ttmmas, artist, 56 little Col- 

Hds St west, and Lang st, S Y 
Gill, W. B., Flem bank 
Gill, Wm., Arden st, Hot 
Gillam, Edwin, soap and candle works, 

Flem bank 
Gillam, Marj Ann, Flem bank 
Gillam, S., and Son, alaters, 160 Swan tt, 

Gillard, Wm,, grocer, 145 Bonrke st west 
Gillbee, Wm., snrgeon, 113 Collina st east 
Gillespie, — , 55 Flinders st west 
Gillespie, John, 92 Dudley st, W M 
Gillespie, Mrs., Barkly st, St E 
Gillespie, R. W., dairyman, 67 Napier tt, 

Gillet, Jonathan, Church st, Rd 
Gillet and Harford, sign writers, ftc., 85 

Rossell st 
Gillett, R., 19 Napier st, F 
Gillett, John, 85 Kussell st 
Gillett, Miss, Nicholson st, Carl 
Gillibrand, Edward, dairyman, 98 Gore 

Gillies, Alexander, storekeeper, Flem hill 
Giiiies, 1>., M.L. A., 10 Victoria parade 
Gilliea, Wm., cooper, 9 Milton st, W M 
Gilling, R, surgeon, Stephen st 
Gillman, Francis, tailor, 256 Swan st, Rd 
Gill man, John, Barry st, Carl 
Gillman, John, 79 Curzon st. Hot 
Gillon, James, 235 Smith st, F 
Giilott, Samuel, 13 Brunswick st, F 
Gillow, John, solicitor, 41 Swanston st, 

and 138 Napier st, F 
Gillaon, W., draper, 88 and 90 Brunswick 

at, F 
Gilmore, Martin, Howard st. Hot 
Gilmore, Mrs., Moor st, F 
Gilmore, Wm., Wreckyn st. Hot 
Gilmour, John C, watchmaker, 53 Lere- 

ton st. Hot 
Gilmour, S , 1 22 Moray st, Em H 
Ginn, W., 78 Johnson st, K C 
Ginney. John, 6 Marian st, F 
Gipp«,John, 16 Victoria st, Hot 
Gipps Land Prospecting Association, 3 

Little Collins st west 
Gipps Land Steam Navigation Company, 

97 Collins st west 
GtraQd,L., confectioner. 189 Little Bourke 

st east, and 91 Bourke at east 
Girdler, Joseph R., High st, Pra 
Girdlestnne, T. M., M.L.A., surgeon, 124 

Bourke st west 
Girdlestone, Wm., 241 Victoria st, E C 
Girvin, James, sawmill and timber yard, 

and irunmonger, 71 and 73 Brunswick 

Gisling, — , Adand st, St K 
Gialinghsm, C. F., tailor. Commercial 

road, Fra 
Giisiog, Geo., tailor, 75 Fitzroy st, St E 

Gittins, Cyrus, grocer, Robe st, St K 

Gittus, Thomas, umbrdla maker, 90 Swan- 
ston st 

Gittus, W, S., 229 Moray it, Em H 

Givan, A., Chapel st, Fra 

Gladdin, Wm., Flem 

Glaister, Thomas, and Co., contractors 
and stone merchants, Collins st west 

Glaister, Thomas, Peel st. Hot 

Glaister, Wm., Capel st, Hot 

Glasgow Underwriters* Association, B. R. 
Mathews, agent, 23 Market st 

Glass, Hugh, merchant, 20 a'Beckett st 
east, and Flem 

Glassborow, T., 110 Johnston st,E C 

Glasscock, G., 66 Napier st, F 

Giassford, John R., Arthur st, Pra 

Glassford, Mathew, Fulton st, St K 

Giavin, John, Exploration hotel, 127 Little 
Lonsdale st east 

Glaysher, Joseph, WiUiams* hotel, 109 
Elizabeth st 

Glazier, J., fancy repository, 62 Bruns* 
wick st, F 

Gledhill, John, estate agent and broker, 
< Bay st, San 

Gledhill, Mrs., ladies' school. Bay st, San 

Gledhill, Wm., Church st, Rd 

Gleeson, C, builder, 128 Latrobe st west 

Gleeson, J., Stanley st, W M 

Gleeson, J., grocer, 205 King st 

Gleeson, John, Heath st, San 

Glen, A., stationer. Commercial road, Pra 

Glen, James, Bay st, San 

Glen, John, Brunswick st, F 

Glen, T., pawnbroker, Fitzroy st, F 

Glen, Wm. H., music warehouse, 103 
Swanston st 

Glenn, Miss Elizabeth J., ladles' seminary, 
115 Collins st east 

Glennon, John, bootmaker, 208 Russell st 

Glew, E., Sydney road, Bk 

Glew, G., Nth 

Glew, J., Barkly st, Bk 

Glew, S., Barkly 8t,Bk 

Gloster, Alfred, printer, Cliff st, S Y 

Gloster, James, 27 Franklin st, W M 

Gloster, John, grocer, Victoria st, Rd 

Glover, — , Williams road, Tk 

Glo¥er, — , 74 Wellington st. E C 

Glover, — , Blessington st, St K 

Glover, G., Williams road, Pra 

Glover, Jabez, dairyman, 12 Bell st, F 

Glover, Juhn, Prince Albert hotel, Flem 

Glover, Lawrance, 39 Fitzroy st, F 

Glover, S., Church st, Btn 

Glover, Thomas, butcher, Swan st and 
Church st, lid 

Glover, Thomas, upholsterer, 79 Claren- 
don st. Km H 

Glynn, P., 54 Latrobe st east 

Glynn, Robert, draper, 127 Swanston st 
and 121 Bourke st east 

Goach, Mrs., 49 Cecil st, Wmn 





Goble, Greorge, 195 Cardigan at, Carl 
Goble, George, George hotel, 48 Cecil at, 

Gobj, Charlea A., copporamith, 120 Lona- 

dale al eaat 
Godber, Job, carpenter, 206 Lonadale at 

Goddard, D., 158 Little Bourke at weat 
Goddard, J., nightman, &c.. Little Collina 

at eaat and 29 Little Bourke at weat 
Goddard, Wm. H., Inkerman at, St K 
Godden, J., 158 Little Bourke at weat 
Godfrey and Campbell, wine merchanta, 

109 Collina at weat 
Godfrey, George, Solicitor, 31 Collina at 

Godfrey, R., Peel at. Pra 
Godfrey, Wra., 109 Collina at weat 
Godkin, James, 117 Moray at, Em 
Godrich, Edward, Star hotel, King Wil- 
liam and Fitzroy ata, F 
Godso, laaac, Fiemington road, Hot 
Godao, Wm., Canning at, Carl 
Godwin, Geo., accountant, Garden at, Pra 
Goebel, H., Di rby at, E C 
Goer, Jamea, 20 King at, and Lygon at, 

Goernemann, J. Frederick, timber yard, 

65 Latrobe at eaat 
Goethe, Rev. Matthias, Gisborne at, E M 
Goff, — , 63 Roae at, F 
Goff, George, Nugget and Woolpack hotel. 

Goff, George, grocer, 86 StcTedore at, 

Goggin, Thomas, boarding-house keeper, 

144 Bourke st weat 
Gold, Mra., ladies* nurae, 98 Oxford at, 

Gold office. Custom house 
Goldberg, Abraham, and Co.ytobacconisto, 

68 Swanston st 
Golden, Mrs., 91 Cecil st east, Wmn 
Golding, Daniel, professor of ainging, 

Paisley st, Fc^y 
Golding, M., Paisley st, Fey 
Golding, R., Crescent, Btn 
Goldsbrough, John, grocer. Swan at, Rd 
Goldsbrough, R., stock agent, Flem 
Goldsbrough, K., and Co., wool brokers 

and stock and station agents, 105 Bourke 

st we^t 
Goldsmidt, — , hay and corn merchant, 

246 Elizabeth st 
Goldsmidt, J., chiropodist, 62 Collins at 

Groldsmith, Henry, china and earthenware 

dealer, 100 Brunswick st, F 
Goldsmith, J., 27 Franklyn st, W M 
Goldsmith, J. G., Barkly st, Carl 
Goldsmith, Samuel, corn dealer, 241 Swan- 
ston st 
Goldspink, David, glass and china dealer, 

40 and 34 Lonadale at weat 

Goldatein, Moaea, pawnbroker, 147 Swan* 

aton at 
Goldstein, Rev. Louis, 48 Lonadale at west 
Goldatraw, Charles, 85 Elgin at, Carl 
Gonoin, M., 42 Villiera at. Hot 
Gooch, W., 49 Sc David at, F 
Good, — , achoolmaater, 75 Johnston it, 

Good, Francis, grocer, 205 Clarendon 8t, 

Good Hope and Collingwood Mining Com- 
panies, Crooked River, Temple court 

Collina at weat 
Good, Mrs., 92 Drummond at, Carl 
Grood, Mra., Brighton at, Rd 
Good, Robert, 49 Franklin at west 
Goodall, — , Palmerston place, Madeline 

St. Carl 
Goodchild, Joseph, 91 George at, F 
Goode, J., Punt road, S Y 
Goode, Joseph, accountant, 114 RoBsell at 
Goodear, Charlea, King at north 
Good fellow, Thomas, wheelwright, Nott 

st, Shu 
Goodhiem, Sampson, cap manufacturer, 

131 Spring st 
Goodhind, Richard, and Co., malt and hop 

merchanta and distillers, 21 Flinders 

Goodlet, Alexander, broker, 80 Collina at 

west, and Delany's road, Haw 
Goodliffe, Thomns K., importer of fami- 

ture, &c., 127 Brunswick at and 6 Moor 

at. F 
Goodman, John, official assignee, 7 and 8 

El don chambers, Collins st west 
Goodrich, Henry M., pawnbroker, 95 

Wellington st, E C 
Goodrich, John, pawnbroker, 120 Yonng 

st, F 
Good ridge, Thomas, Elgin st, Carl 
Goodsirr, J. D. C, Dow st, San 
Goodson, Edwin, 120 Faraday st, Carl 
Gootlwin, J. W., Preston 
Goodwin, Mrs , 99 Lygon st, Carl 
Goodwin, Robert, Bridge road, Rd 
Goodwin, Terrance E., 35 Barkiy 8t, Carl 
Goold, John, bootmaker, Gardiner*s creek 

road, Pra 
Goold, Thos., accountant, 42 Elizabeth at 
Gortige, Samuel, grocer, Cliurch st, Rd 
Gordon, A., 31 Franklyn st, W M 
Gordon, A , shipwright. River side south 
Gordon, C, jun., Gordon st. Fey 
Gordon, C, boarding-house, 159 King st 
Gordon, C., Gordon st. Fey 
Gordon, D., shoemaker, 12 Stanley at,EC 
Gordon, D., Curzon st. Hot 
Gordon, G„ store, Arthur's Seat road, Btn 
Gordon, George, grocer, 50 Swan st, Rd 
Gordon, Henry, Wreckyn st, Hot 
Gordon and Gotch, news and advertising 

agents, 85 Collins st west 
Gordon, J., South road, Btn 





Gordon, James, 24 Bailway place, Wmn 
Gordon, John, 2 Carlton st, Carl 
Gordon, Mrs., store, 92 Leicester st, F 
Gordon, Mrs., Blackwood st, Hot 
Gordon, Peter, 60 Bank st east, Em H 
Gordon, W., 40 Douglas parade, Wmn 
Gordon, Wm., Napier hotel, 66 Stevedore 

st, Wmn 
Gordon, Wm., Rotherwood st, Rd 
Gorman, B., Canning st, Carl 
Gorman, Mrs., 15 Peel st. Hot 
Gorman, Hobert, Yilliers st. Hot 
Gormon, John, Cape st, Held 
Gorrie, John^ baker, 119 Little Bonrke st 

Gosbell and Wilkinson, com dealers, 

George st, F i 

Gosbell, H., Webb st, F 
Gosden, J., baker, 161 Little Lonsdale st 

Gosling, Henry, butcher, corner of Ger- 

trade and (George sts, F 
Gosman, Ber. A., Westbnrj st, St E 
Gosnell, J., boot and shoe maker, 221 

King st 
Goss, David, Bond st, E C 
Goss, George, builder, 44 Douglas parade, 

Goss, Wm., Wellington st, Bd 
Gossett, D. W., 16 Thompson st, Wmn 
Gossett, Mrs., 108 Napier st, Em H 
Gossett, Wm., emigration office, Wmn 
Gotch, John S., 236 Albert st, E M 
Gothorpe, Thomas, 68 Dover road, Wmn 
Goadie, James, Whitehall st. Fey 
Gouer, Thomas, Williams' road, Pra 
Gough, Andrew, importer, 5 Market st 
Goagh, Alfred F., Studley st, £ C 
GrOQgh, E., Grange road, Tk 
Gough, J., and Co., maltsters, 1 50 Flin- 
ders lane east, and 123 Flinders st east 
Gough, Jesse, Bowena parade, Bd 
Grough, Mark, greengrocer, 104 Lygon st, 

GoQgh, W., Prince of Wales hotel, Flem 
Goolbum Valley Vineyard Company, 30 

Queen st 
Gould, Edward 6., and Co., homeopathic 

chemists, 90 Collins st east 
Gould, James, general store, 26 Coventry 

st, Em H 
Gonlding, M. J., tailor, 19 Lonsdale st east 
Goulding, Thos., bootmaker, 67 Queens- 
berry st, Carl 
Goulter, C. E., photographer, 57 Collins 

st east, and 1 7 Coventry st, Em H 
Goulter, H., 62 George st, F 
Gourlay, John, 135 Moray st,Em H 
Gourley, B., 122 Napier st, Em H 
Gourly, J., 75 Nelson road, Em H 
Go?an, J., Bouverie st, Carl 
Gover, Henry B., professor of music, 36 

Grattan st, Carl 
GoTemment House, Spring st 

Government Gazette and Government 

Printing office. Eastern hill 
Government Shipping offices. Sailors' 

Home, Spencer st 
Government Storekeeper's office, corner 

King and Bourke sts 
GoTernment Survey, &c., offices, Latrobe 

st west 
Gow, James, Miller st, Bk 
Gow, John, 243 Swan st, Bd 
Gow, John, 130 Leicester st, F 
Gk)wan, Andrew, clothier, 23 Collins st 

Gowan, J. D., Barkly st, St E 
Gowland, Charles, toy maker, 139 Cardi- 
gan st, Carl 
Gowllng, Joseph M., Faraday st, Carl 
Goyder, F. C, Hunt Club hotel, 71 Little 

Collins st east 
Goyder, J., United States hotel. Bay st, 

Grace, J., toy warehouse, 98 Smith st, E C 
Grade, F., locksmith, 28 Little Bourke st 

Gracie, Hugh, George hotel, Victoria st 

west. Hot 
Gracie, James, carpenter, 42 Arden st, 

Gracie, Thomas, 100^ Collins st east 
Gracie, Thomas, 142 Brunswick st, F 
Graeser, Frederick, cap maker, 71 Little 

Collins st east 
Grady, James, 43 Park st, Em H 
Grafton, Edward, watchmaker, &c., 63 

Smith st, F 
Graham, — , Waterloo st, St K 
Graham, A., M*Kenzie st 
Graham and Bergin, merchants and 

bonded and free store proprietors, 3 

Flinders st west 
Graham Brothers and Co., merchants, 91 

Little Collins st east 
Graham, Charles, 90 Dudley st, W M 
Graham, Charles, Punt road, S T 
Graham, E., Capel st, W M 
Graham, Edward, Balaclava road, St E 
Graham, Edward, Westbury street, St K 
Graham, Francis, oil and colourman, 70 

Swanston st, and 22 Begent st, F 
Graham, G., M.D., surgeon, 130 Swan st, 

Graham, J., 5 Flinders st west 
Graham, James, hon. consul for Italy, 

Elibank house, S Y 
Graham, James, Chapel st, Pra 
Graham, James, Punt road, S Y 
Graham, John, Clyde hotel, Elgin st, Carl 
Graham, Mrs., 137 Kerr st, F 
Graham, Peter, Southey st, St K 
Graham, S. A., Elsternwick 
Graham, Thomas, Victoria st, E C 
Graham, Thomas, Queensberry st, Carl 
Graham, Wm., sign writer, 13 Little 

Bourke st west 





Grand Junction Mining Asaodation, 37 

Market at 
Orandin, Andrew, 23 Market at, £m H 
Grange, James, draper, 47 Cremome 8t, 

Grant, A., 204 Gore at, F 
Grant, Alexander, Bimpfon at, £ M 
Grant, Angas, storekeeper, Flem 
Grant, Daniel, land and estate agent, 53 

Elizabeth st, and Fitaroy st, 8t E 
Grant, Geofge, waggon btulder, 44 Eliaa* 

betli st north, and Pent 
Grant, George, 170 Qucon st 
Grant, George, Hope at, Bk 
Grant, J. MTherson. Preaident Board of 

Land and Works, Btn 
Grant, James, Highland Chief hotel, 

Franklin st east 
Grant, James, New Zealand tayem, 116 

Swanston st 
Grant, James, 116 Swanston st 
Grant, John, Victoria st, Bd 
Grant, John, 4 Ireland st, W M 
Grant, John, Lothian st. Hot 
Grant, John, Flem 
Grant, Mrs., 134 Johnston st, F 
Grant, Mrs., 85 Rose st, F 
Grant, Mrs., fruiterer, Fttzroy st, St K 
Grant, Peter, Byron st, Hot 
Grant, B., 9 Stevedore st, Worn 
Grant, Wm., railway carriage works, 09 

Little Bourke st west 
Grant, Wm., Spencer st north 
Grant, Wm., law agent and insoWenc^ 

accountant, 55 Little Collins st east 
Grant, Wm., Ireland st, W M 
Grant, Wm., Qaeensberry st, Hot 
Grant, Wm., carpenter, 108^ Latrobe st 

Grantham, George, Flem 
Granton, John, general dealer, 152 La- 
trobe st west 
Grasyfort, Ferdinand, restaurant keeper. 

104 Elizabeth st 
Gratton, Mrs., Arthur st, Pra 
Grare, A., 13 Bridport st, Em H 
Grave, Alfred, 19 Cobden st, Em H 
Grave, Henry, solicitor, 82 Collins st west 
Grave, W. G., ship chandler and sail- 
maker, 145 Flinders st west 
Grave., W. G., sen., marine surreyor, 145 

Flinders st west 
Gravel p, D., 90 Argyle st, F 
Graves, A., 193 Cecil st, Em H 
Gray and Waring, coopers, 46 Little 

Bourke st east 
Gray, Andrew S., surgeon and oculist, 155 

Collins st east 
Gray, Charles, a vde at, 8t K 
Gray, Charles, baker, 90 Queenaberry at, 

Gray, F., George at, F 
Gray, G., French polisher, 3 Drummond 

at, Carl 

Gray, George, 240 Albert at, £ M 
Gray, George, 123 Park at weat, Em H 
Gray, J. P., Cardigan at, Carl 
Gray, Jamea, Drummond at, Carl 
Gray, John, 4 Boyal terxaoe, Nicholaon at» 

Gray, John, 59 Electra at, Wmn 
Gray, John, fruiterer, Eaatem Market 
Gray, John and Wm., batchers, 27 Wel- 
lington at, E C 
Gray, Mra., Nicholaon at, Carl 
Gray, Mra., 88 Bank at weat, Em H 
Gray, B., cabinetmaker, L5 Cobden «^ 

Gray, Bichard, 28 Bourerie at, Carl 
Gray, Bidiard, Drummond at, Cari 
Gray, Bichard, confectioner, 83 Boorka 

at east, and Drummond st, Carl 
Gray, Bobert, sign writer, 112 Littie 

Lonsdale st east 
Gray, W., Brunswick road, Bk 
Gray, W., Drummond at, Carl 
Gray, Wm., Lygon at, Carl 
Gray, Wm., bootmaker, 1 12 CUrendon at, 

Gray, Wm., Wellington at, E C 
Gray, Wm«, 2 Bath terrace, Famdayi!, 

Gray, Wm., Mac*a hotel, 130 Smith ■( 

Gray, Wm., bootmaker, Bronawick at, F 
Gray ham, H., musician, 139 Gertrude st^F 
Grayshaw. Wm., 61 Oxford st, £ C 
Grayson, John, 78 Stanley st, W M 
Grazebrook, Joseph, Punt road, S Y 
Grear, ^, Orrong road, Tk 
Greathead, Alfred M.. 22 Canon at. Hot 
Greathead, J. M.. 84 Elgin at, Carl 
Greathead, Joseph, chemist, Hoddle at, 

Great Extended and Guest Gold Mining 

Companies, 64 Elizabeth at 
Great Tunnel Quartz Mining Com^ptaxy, 

35 Little Collins st west 
Great Western Quartz Mining Companj, 

32 Queen st 
Greaves Brothers, drapers, 33 CoUioi at 

Greaves, F., 101 Kerr at, F 
Greaves, Mrs., 20 Palmar st, F 
Green, — , Orrong road, Tk 
Green, — , Victoria st, E C 
Green, Benjamin, Peel st, Pra 
Green, C, bootmaker Cecil st, F 
Green, Charles, 14 Baglan st, Em H 
Green, £., greengrocer, 282 Bmnawick 

st, Ji 

Green, Edward, Lennox at, Bd 

Green, Godfrey, outfitter, 163 Elisabeth «t 

Green, H., Sydney road, Bk 

Green, Henry, Cardigan at, Carl 

Green, Heniy, 19 PJmer at, F 

^^°' ^'* ^▼«roea« botel, Irdaad st, 
W M 





Qreea, J., 52 Ljgon at, Curl 
Qreen, J. R., farrier, 31a Gertrade it, F 
Qreen^ Jfttnes, 60 budlej tt, W M 
Ckeen, John, chemist and drnggisli 203 

Boarke tt eaat 
Qreen, John, Patteraoa st, E C 
Ofoen, John T., carrier, Commercial road, 

Oreen, John T., share hroker, Ac, 52 Qaeen 

Gieen, Mrs., tobaooonist, 88 Clarendon st, 

Oreen, Mrs., draper, 83 Yicfeoria st, Carl 
Green, Mrs., Hiiph st, Fra 
Oreen, Mrs, Highett st, Rd 
Green, Mrs., Fitxroy st, St K 
Green, Mrs. £., 108 Albert st, E M 
Green, Robert W., Highett tt, Rd 
Green, T., boarding-hoose, 28 Latrobe st 

Green, Thomas, lirery staUes, Gfeen*s 

lane. Little Lonsdale st east 
Greee, Thomas, 5 Twyford st, S Wmn 
Green, Thomas S., plumber, painter, and 

glazier, 100 Cambridge st, £ C 
Green, W. R, 63 Pant road, Rd 
Green, Wm., bootmaker, Bay st, San 
Green, Wm., meifical botanist, 229 Bourke 

Green, Wm., 44 Dudley st, W M 
Green, Wm., Cremome st, Rd 
Green, Wm., R., Punt road, Bd 
Green, Wm., Kennngton 
€rraenaway, Mrs., Iranhoe 
Greenaway, Thomas, bootmaker, 49 Little 

Nelson st, Wmn 
Greenaway, Wm., Sir Henry Barkly hotel, 

Gape st, Heid 
Greene, Charles C, solicitor, 20 CoUint st 

west, and Btn 
Greene, John, Peel st, Pra 
Greening, Benjamin, High st, Pra 
Greenhill, Wm., solicitor, 147 Titzroy 

Greenland, W. F., boatbnilder, Pont road, ' 

Greenlaw, Wm., Stndley park, Eew 
GreenloTe, J., 211 George st, F 
Gfeeaoegd, John, 17 Palmer st, F 
Greenshields, John, builder, &c., 191 Little 

Collins st east 
GreensUule, Henry, tobacconist, Chapel st, 

Greenslade, Joseph, fruiterer and oonfec- 

tioner, 209 Elizabeth it 
Greeosmith, J., 16 Cross st. Hot 
Greenway, Mrs., 1 Apsley phu)e, Gtsborne 

Greenwood, James A., grocer and wine 

merchant, 58 Swan st, Rd 
Greenwood, John, 1 and 2 a'Beokett at 

Greenwood, J., Thomas, Gipps st, E M 
3i«6iNiK)od and LeaTer, com store, Pent 

Greenwood, Mrs., lanndress, 7 Cobden ft^ 

Greenwood, Samuel, 60 Moray st, Em H 
Greer, Mrs., 162 Victoria parade, £ H 
Greece, J., boardiog-hoose, 156 Boarke il 

Greeves, AugnsCos, F. A., M.]aA.^ 8in> 

geon, 205 Swanston st 
Greg, Wm., 124 Qaeen st 
Gregory, Charles, 3^ Wellington st, E C 
Gregory, David, i;lowerdale hotel, 65 

Bonrke st we^ 
Gregory, James, lu.D., Lennox st, Rd 
Gregory, F^ward, boot and shoe dealer, 

56 Krroll st. Hot 
Gregory, E«]win, Jolimont road, E M 
Gregory, G. A., 135 Cecil st, Em H 
Gregory, Gkorge, 57 Napier st, Em H 
Gregory, George and Henry, timber mer- 
chants, 37 William st 
Gregory, George, Domain road, S T 
Gregory, Henry, WaUh st, S Y 
Gregory, Henrv, Uoyal hotel, FlemingtOB 

road, and Vi'lliers st. Hot 
Gregory, James, painter and grainer, 159 

Little Collins it east 
Gregory, John, grocer, 105 Queen st 
Gregory, John, Dover road, Wmn 
Gregory, John A., solicitor, 9 EUiabeth 

st, and Caulfleld 
Gregory, Mrs., Napier st, F 
Gregory, Rev. J. H., Chapel st, St E 
Gregory, Robert K., Church st, Rd 
Gregory, T., Hope st, Bk 
Gregory, Walter, bootmaker, 161 Bmnt- 

wick st, F 
Gregory's free stores. Stoke st, San 
Greig, Edward D., Orrong road, Tk 
Greig, J., Gardiner's creek road Pra 
Greig, James, 60 Raglan st, Em H 
Greig, James, Prahran st, S Y 
Greig, John, Queensberry st. Hot 
Greig, Miis, school, 49 Coventry st, Em 

Greig, Mrs., 91 Church st, Em H 
Greig, Mrs., fancy repository, 144 Brttn»- 

wick st, F 
Greig and Murray, auctioneer!, 50 CoUuia 

at west 
Greig, Walter, confectioner, 113 Viotof^ 

st. Hot 
Greig, William, importer of fancy goods, 

36 Gertrude tt, F 
Greig, Wm., Gardiner's creek road, S T 
Greig, W. J., and Co., brokers, &c., 2 Hall 

of Commerce, 48 Collins st west 
Grene, R., settler, Flem 
Gresson, Robert C, solicitor, 81 LitHe 

Collins st west, and Eoomong park, 

Greville and Bird, telegraphic and adver- 
tising agents. Hall of Commeroe, 48 

Collins st west 
Greville, C, Park st, Btn 





Grey and Brewer, bootmakers, 193 Little 

Collins St east 
Grey, Mrs., Chapel st, St K 
Grey, R., contractor, Brunswick st, F 
Grey stock, R., 30 Gore st, F 
Grice, R., 59 Victoria parade, F 
Grice, Sumner, and Co., merchants, 24 

Flinders lane, and 17 Flinders st west 
Grier, C, surgeon, 85 Parks st east, Em H 
Grierson, £d., 53 Stanley st, W M 
Grierson, Mrs., 309 Victoria parade, £ C 
Grieve, James, engraver, 217 King st 
Grieves, Wm., tailor, 7 Royal lane 
Griffin, John, Star inn. Chapel st, Fra 
Griffin, John, Wellington st, Pra 
Griffin, Joseph, surveyor, Trinian st, off 

High st, Pra 
Griffin, Margaret, grocer, 152 Little Lons- 
dale st east 
Griffin, Miles, cooper, Chapel st, Pra 
Griffin, Mrs., 1 1 Dorcas st, Em H 
Griffin, Mrs., Bedford st. Hot 
Griffin, Mrs., Clyde st, St K 
Griffin, T., Arden st. Hot 
Griffin, T., 210 Gore st, F 
Griffith, C, Cleveland House, Flinders 

lane east 
Griffith, Charles, and Co., merchants, 20 

Queen st 
Griffith, D., Pres 
Griffith, Eran, 3 Cole st, Wmn 
Griffith, J., Perry st, E C 
Griffith, Mrs., Capel st, W M 
Griffiths, Cornelius, Commercial road, Pra 
Griffiths, George, 16 Little Latrobe st, 

Griffiths, G., Marion st, F 
Griffiths, John, Railway place, San 
Griffiths, John, Villiers st, Hot 
Griffiths, Joseph, Church st, Rd 
Griffiths, Mrs., 45 Hanover st, F 
Griffiths, Mrs., Hoddle st, E C 
Griffiths, T., bootmaker, 120 Elgin st, Carl 
Griffiths, Wm., 27 Stanley st, E C 
Griffiths, Wm., Curzon st, Hot 
Griffiths, Wm., 5 Hanover st, F 
Grigg, Thomas, carpenter, Lothian st. Hot 
Grimhly, Wm. H., Royal Terminus hotel. 

Beach road, Btn 
Grimes, Edward, butcher, Arthur's seat 

road, Btn 
Grimoldi, John, meteorological instrument 

maker, 81 Queen st 
Grimwade, F. S., Fitzroy st, St K 
Grim wood, Richard, Station place, San 
Grimwood, S., musician, 32 Latrobe st 

Grimwood, Thomas, Victoria hotel, Hoddle 

st, EC 
Grindlay, Mrs., grocer, Drummond st, 

Grindrod, W., Highett st, Rd 
Grinrod, J., carpenter, Nth 
Grogan, Daniel, Hoddle st, Rd 

Grogan, Charles, bootmaker, 12 Lonsdale 

st west 
Grogan, James, bootmaker, 190 Elizabeth 

Groom, Edward, 14 Cardigan st, Carl 
Groom, Henry, contractor, 189 Smith ft, 

Groom, Joseph, 28 Little Lonsdale st, east 
Groom, S. R., shipowner, 39 William st, 

and Haw 
Grosse, Frederick, engrayer on wood, 62 

Collins st east, and Murphy st, S Y 
Grout, James, New st, Btn 
Grove, Mrs., preparatory school, Henry st, 

Grove, Wm., 16 Barkly st, St K 
Grover and Baker, sewing machine makerSy 

80 Collins st east 
GroTer, R., Dryburgh st. Hot 
Grover, Wm., Queensberry st. Hot 
Groves, D. and J., grocers, 99 Stevedore 

st, Wmn 
Groves, Edward, dealer, Hosier lane, off 

Flinders lane, east 
Groves, G. W., 203 Cecil st, Em H 
Groves, George, 13 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Growley, H, 81 Rose st, F 
Growley, Thomas, 88 Rose st, F 
Gruber, E. E., chemist, 82 Wellington st, 

Gruenert, 0., Highett st, Rd 
Grul, James, Twyford st, Wmn 
Grum, Joseph, miller, Flem bank 
Grundy, Joseph L., accountant and estate 

agent, Temple court 
Grunst«d, W. T., 35 Russell st 
Grut, Thomas C, Park st, S Y 
Grylls, G. W. F., Sydney road, Bk 
Gubbin, Wm., bootmaker, Curzon st, Hot 
Gudemann, R., accountant, Treasnry, 

Spring st 
Guerard, Eugene Von, artist, Gipps st, 

Guest and Ball, bakers, Alphington 
Guest, George, fruiterer, Wellington st, 

E C 
Guest, John, 207 Wellington st, EC 
Guest, Samuel, butcher. Chapel st, Pra 
Guest, Thomas B., and Co., steam biscuit 

bakers, 97 and 99 William st, and 199 

Lonsdale st west 
Guest, Wm. S., 21 Spencer st 
Guiding Star Mining Company, IS Swan- 

ston st 
Guillaume, J. J., deputy registrar of 

births and deaths, &c., Gardiner^s creek 

road, Tk 
Guither, George, Station place, San 
Guley, Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, 30 Market 

st, Em H 
Gullan, Wra., 151 Moor st, F 
Gulland, Wm., 145 George st, F 
Gullett, Edmund, 135 Rose st, F 
Gummer, Job, grocer, Chapel st, Pra 





Gammer, Thomas, Bigneirs lane, Bonrke 

8t east 
Gann, Kemieth, plasterer, 120 Cardigan 

St, Carl 
Goon, George, store, Sydney road, Bk 
Gmm, G., Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Gonn, G., stables. Commercial road, Pra 
Gann, Micbad, Koden at, Wmn 
Ganniford, Mrs., Goodwood st, Rd 
Gunning, Charles £., Westbory st, St E 
Gonning, D., 129 Park st, Em H 
Gonuing, Joseph, grocer, Gardiner*s creek 

road, Tk 
Gonter, H., dyer, 88 Little Lonsdale st 

Gnmer, Henry F., crovn solicitor, 192 

Collins st east 
Garner and Simms, dressmakers, Bowena 

parade, Bd 
Gutheridge, Joseph, batcher, 78 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Gutherie, H^ 95 Boayerie st, Carl 
Gathridge, H., Carlton st, Carl 
Guthrie, Hugh M., 104 George st, £ K 
Guthrie, Jas., baker, 16 Dudley st, W M 
Guthrie, John, Pelham st, Carl 
Gutman, W., 43 Napier st, F 
Guyatt, George, St. Edmond's road, Pra 
Guyatt, Thomas, Richmond terrace, Rd 
Gymnasium, Esplanade, St K 
Oyton, B. J., Grange road, Tk 

Haber, Wm., 13 Victoria st, E C 

Hack, Benjamin, stationer, 223 Swanston 

Hacker and Son, piunters and deooraters, 

77 Fitzroy st, St K 
Hackett, B. H., Yarra st, Heid 
Hackett, C. P., police magistrate, Robe st, 

Hackett, J., coachbullder, 257 and 259 

Brunswick st and Argyle st, F 
Hackett, Martin, 52 LitUe Nelson st, Wmn 
Hackett, Michael, Governor Bourke hotel, 

122 Little Lonsdale st east 
Hacking, Wm., greengrocer, 165 Little 

Collins st east, and 13 Eastern Market, 

Bourke st east 
Backward, J., Weston st, Bk 
Hadden, John W., physician and sorgeon, 

10 Napier st, F 
Haddon, B., Rowden st, W M 
Haddow, Andrew, corn dealer, 47 Queens- 
berry st. Hot 
Haddrell, Jacob, 71 Condell st, F 
Hadfleld, John, schoolmaster, Peel st, Pra 
Hadley, John, coachbullder, 63 High st, 

St K 
Hadley, Robert, Prince's st, F 
Hadley, Thomas H., Beach road, Btn 
Hagerty and Wright, tinsmiths, 41 Post 

Ol&oe place 

Hagarty, John, Baillie st. Hot 
Hagg, John, 71 Johnston st, E C 
Haggart, Henry, fancy repository, Sydn^ 

road, JBk 
Haggett, D., Victoria st, Rd 
Hagin, John, Nicholson st, Carl 
Hagon, J., Arden st. Hot 
Hague and Co., plumbers and baths, 63 

and 65 York st, Em H 
Hague, Wm., plumber, Chapel st, Pra 
Haig, Wm., M.D., 48 York at. Em H 
Haigh Bros., outfitters, 56 and 58 CoUint 

Haigh, Samuel, Punt road, S Y 
Uailes, George B., 35 Nicholson st, F 
Haines, J., Jackson st, St K 
Haines, Thomas, 118 Victoria st, Rd 
Hair, James, Wreckyn st. Hot 
Haird, Joseph, Inkerman st, St K 
Halbert, Wm., 130 Johnston st, F 
Haldane, T., draper, 101 Wellington st, 

Hale, W., Peel st, Pra 
Haleman, John, 83 Moor st, F 
Uaies, G., bootmaker, 208 WelUngton st, 

Hales, S. W., Cremome st, Rd 
Hales, Wm., Queensberry st, Carl 
Haley, C, 9 George st, F 
Halfey, John. M.L.A., merchant, 144 Col- 
lins st west 
Halford, Professor, 1 Royal terrace, Nic- 
holson st, F 
Halfpenny, D., grocer, 105 Cremome st, 

Halifax, — , 213 Gore st, F 
Halifax, C, High st, Pra 
Hall, —, Barkly st, St K 
Hall, — , 178 Cardigan st, Carl 
Hall, — , farmer, Strand, Wmn 
Hall, A. R., 33 Napier st, F 
Hall and GiUespie, contractors, &c., Aos- 

tralian wharf, and Dry burgh st. Hot 
Hall, C, plasterer, 126 Moor st, F 
Hall, C, Wilson st, Btn 
Hall, Dayid, iron worker and plumber, 69 

Lygon st, Carl 
Hall. E., plasterer, Grattan st, Carl 
Hall, Edward, 127 Little Bourke st west 
Hall, G., Court House hotel, 51 Cecil st, 

Hall, G., draper, 39 and 62 Nelson place, 

Hall, G. W., Silrer Gate hotel. Clarendon 

st, Em H 
Hall, George, store, Arthur st, Pra 
Hall, George Thomas, 34 Johnston st, E C 
Hall, H., chimney sweep, Moor st, F 
Hall, H., 28 Pelham st, Carl 
Hall, Henry, chemist, 113 Bourke st east 
Hall, Henry, Heath st, San 
Hall, Henry, nightman, Faraday st, Carl 
Hall, Henry, Twyford st, South Wmn 
HaU, Uurtley, Kew 





Hall, J., Albert tt east, Bk 

Hall, James, carrier, 82 Cedl st, Wmn 

Hall, James, Lygon st, Carl 

Hall, John, butcher, 188 Smith st, £ C 

Hall, John, Carlisle st, Bast St K 

Hal), John, machine sewer, Railway place, 

Hall, John, Swan st, Bd 
Hall, John, 1 Villiers st, Hot 
Hall, John, 109 Little Bovrke st west 
Hall, Joseph, tailor, 64 Collins st west 
Hall, M., Chambers st,Pm 
Hall, Miss, 85 Stanley st, W M 
Hall, Mrs., 22 Church st, £m H 
HhU, Mrs., 47 Brunswick st, i* 
Hall, Mrs., 121 Moray st, Em H 
Hall, N., 61 Napier st, F 
Hall, Neil ley, and Co., shipping agents, 81 

Flinders st west 
Hall o^ Commerce, 48 Collins st west 
Hall, Richard, restaurant keeper, 215 £11- 

zabeth st 
Hall, S. W., 57 Napier st, F 
Hall, T., Dover road, Wmn 
Hal), T. W., grocer, 184 Bridge road, Rd 
Hall, W., Church st, Btn 
Hall, Wm., store, Steredore st, Wmn 
Hall, Wm., Strand, Wmn 
Hall, Wm., 40 McArtlinr place, Carl 
Hal), Wm., carpenter, 72^ Oxford st, £ C 
Hall, Wm. K., fruiterer, 180 ColUns st 

Hal lam, Joshua, Lennox st, Rd 
Hallam, Wm., greengrocer, &c., 118 Cam- 
bridge st, £ C 
Hallenstein, G., and Co., tanners, 110 

Swanston st 
HallensteiD, J., 57 Rosslyn st, W M 
Hallenstein, M., Barkly st, St K 
Haller, F., and Co., merchants, 26 Queen 

Haller, Frederick, GIpps st, E M 
Hallers, Henry, 85 Moor st, F 
Hallett, Charles, draper, Chapel st, Pra, 

and High st, St K 
Hallett, £., baker, 156 Smith st,£ C 
Hallett, George, South Melbourne hotel, 

Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Hallett, Mrs., midwife, 156 Smith st, £ C 
Halliburton, John H., importer of tweeds 

and wool broker, 19 Lonsdale st west 
Halliburton, John H., 85 Nelson road, 

Halliday, D., Errol st, Hot 
Hallion, P., Union st, Bk 
Halliwell and Co., french polishers, 87 

Halliwell and Regan, french polishers, 74 

Lonsdale st east 
Halliwell, Henry, 138 George st, F 
Halloran, Margaret, grocer, 145 King st 
Hallows, Jose^, 56 Cbetwynd st Hot 
Hallum, — , greengrocer, Cambridge st, 

£ C 

Halpin, Richard, Qneensberry st. Hot 
Halstead, James, 1 1 1 Bonyerie st, Carl 
Halstead, Kerr, & Co., timber mercbant*, 

a'Beckett st 
Halstead, R., oonf^ioner, 19 Leicester tfL 

Halstead, Thomas, Drummond st, Oarl 
Haly, Miss, dressmaker, Commercial io«d, 

Halyburton, Robert M., 13 Cecil st, Wnm 
Ham, Cornelius J., house and estate agent, 

45 Swanston at, aud Grey st, £ M 
Ham, T. J., Grey st, K M 
Hamalton, John, plumber and gasfltter, 

15 Curzon st. Hot 
Hambretch, G., 16 Drummond st, Carl 
Hamel and Ferguson, engravers^ &c., 85 

Queen st 
Hamel, Julias, High st, St K 
Hamer, Louis, cutler, 57 Vietoria st, CrI 
Harney, Wm., Nugget hotel, 39 BoaTerie 

st, Carl 
Hamford, T. W., Gore st, F 
Hamilton, ~, 63 Rosslyn st, W M 
Hamilton, A., Moreland road, Bk 
Hamilton, Daniel, Abbotsford at, W M 
Hamilton, J., 132 Kerr st, F 
Hamilton, Jamesy Abbotsford st. Hot 
Hamilton, James Smith, 2U Lonsdale st 

Hamilton, John, plumber and gasfitter, 15 

Curzon st. Hot 
Hamilton, John, 155 Cecil street, Em H 
Hamilton, Mrs., infanta' school, Cowper 

st, Fey 
Hamilton, Mrs., 124 Latrobe st wect 
Hamilton, Rev. R., 58 Napier st, F 
Hamilton, Robert, Princess st, Flem 
Hamilton, Robert, 17^ Victoria st, Carl 
Hammersley, H., Lygon st, Carl 
Hammill, Wm., Orrong road, Tk 
Hammond, £. £., Victoria st west, Bk 
Hammond, Henry G. S., saddler, Ba/ at^ 

Hammond, H. T., Haw 
Hammond, J., Cochrane st, Btn 
Hammond, Mrs., dressmaker, 117 Bossell 

Hammond, Richard, 140 Lonsdale st east 
Hammond, R. E., Lower Crescent, Btn 
Hampson, C, 210 Cardigan st, Carl 
Hampson, R., engineer, 68 Dudley st,W U 
Hamson, J., painter. Crescent, Btn 
Han, Kee, grocer, 81 Little Bourke st east 
Hanaway, Stephen^ 49 Twyf ord st. South 

Hanbury, O. L., solicitor, 87 Little CoUins 

st west, and High st, Pra 
Hancke, Miss, ladies* school, Victoria 

parade, £ M 
Hancock, David J., Wellington st, £ C 
Hancock, W. T., 77 Johnston st, E C 
Hand, Selby, wire worker, &c, 29 Little 

Collins st west 



Handuyde, Gflbert, T«m Noneriet, 8 Y 
Banduyde, M'MUkii and Co., aeedsmen, 
60 Elizabeth at, and Tazra Knneriea, 
Handerfon, Wm., Heoiy at, Pra 
Baodfeld, Ber. Henry P., Giabonie st« 

Eandfleld, Wm. H., Bowena parade, Bd 
Handldrd and Co., mooej brokera, 55 

Temple ooort, and Chapel at, Pra 
Handford, Bdward, painter, lakermaa aft 

Haodfbrd, Sarah, Pnnt road, Pra 
Haaghome, F. E., Hotham Arma hotel, 19 

Leveaon at. Hot 
Hasdren, John, Grattan at, Carl 
Bands, Benjamin W., Jolimont, £ M 
Baodaford, J.. 68 Oxfoid at, £ C 
Bandj, K., 2 Geor^ee at» F 
Bandyaide, F., 29 Corentry at, Em H 
Bang Chnn Hong, merchant, 65 little 

Boorke at eaat 
Banify, M. J. P., Bleatiagton at, St E 
Bank, Foo and Co., Chintae merchanlB, 

53 Little Bourke at eaat 
Baoly and M'Donough, Jan., tailora, 164 

Johnaton at, £ C 
Banmer, Edward, 96 Wellington at, £ C 
Bann, Aaher, Golden Gate hotel, 104 

Clarendon at, Em H 
Bann, F. B., botcher, 152 Ferran at, and 

88 Moray at weat, Em H 
Banna, P., 121 William at 
Bannalord, M., Commercial road, Pra 
Baanah, Mra., Abbotafoid at, W M 
Hannah, Tbomaa, pilot, 8 Macqnarie at, 

Bannan, A., 125 Baglan at, £m & 
Baanan, Denia, Galway Gab hotel, 26 

little Bonrke at eaat 
Bannan, £., Moray place, Em H 
Hannan, M.,Dabiin tavern, 162 Elizabeth 

Banney, D., 2 and 4 Coventiy at, Em H 
Bannigan, P , Horae Market hotel, Flem- 

iogton road, Hot 
Banning, Thonoaa, 6 Bailway place, Wmn 
Hannon, Bobert, Marion at, F 
Hannyngton, Sarah, boarding-houae, 144 

little Lonadale at weat 
Barnard, John, 73 Clarendon at, Em H 
Hansen, J. H., boarding-houae, 72 Lona- 
dale St west 
Hansen, N., coachbuilder, Hoddle st, E C 
Hansen, Peter, Carlisle hotel, 147 Bonrke 

St eaat 
Bansen, Peter, reataaeant and lodging* 

)Mmse keeper, 153 Bonrke st eaat 
Hansen, Wro.,j»ilot, Gifford st, Wmn 
Hansford, J., Tarrangower at. Fey 
Hansford, J.Jnn., Orena at. Fey 
Hansiow and Sampaon, tailora and outfit- 
ten, 101 Swanaton at 
Hanalow, Jamea, Korthoote 

Hanalow, John, coadi proprietor, 140 

Victoria at, Bd 
Hanalow, Peter, hay and oom dealer, 80 

Yietoria at, Bd 
Haaaon, Mra^, Charlea at, F 
Haphazard Gold Mining Compaqy, 164 

Elizabeth at 
Happerfield, A. T., 66 Dudley at, W M 
Harber, Thoaaa, 68 George at, F 
Harbiaon, John, M JLA^ 103 Bo«^ ft, 

Harbiaon, W., Bay at, Btn 
Harbottle, — , 43 Flindera lane weat 
Harbour, Mra., 80 Yicloria at, Bd 
Harcombe, Jehoiada, carpenter, 70 Moor 

Harconrt, A. J., manufactnrar ef aapbaltB, 

vamiab, &c., 64 FUadara lane weat, and 

Haroonrt, Ann, Wieckyn at. Hot 
Harcourt, Burant, aolidtor, 88 Swanaton 

Harcourt, Ber. J., Cecil at, Em H 
Hareonrt, Bobert, wholeaale ironmonger, 

64 Flindera lane weat 
Hard, Mra., general dealer, 43 Cardigan at, 

Hardeaatle, Wnu, Chvrch at, Bd 
Hardcaatle, Wm., woolbroker, 09| CoUina 

at weat 
Harden, Frederick, Stoke at, San 
Hardeaa, George M., 115 Qaeenaberry at, 

Hardie, Joaeph, AToea at, Fpy 
Hardinoan, Darid, Cremome at, Bd 
Harding, — , Chapel at, Pra 
Harding, D., Pentridge 
Harding, £., Union at, Bk 
Harding, Ellen, draper, 145 Lonadale at 

Harding, Frederick, Punt road, S Y 
Haiding, G., 3 Little lAtrobe at eaat 
Harding, John, bootmaker, 142 Cardigan 

at, Carl 
Harding, John, 149 Cardigan at, Carl 
Harding, John, bootmaker, Grattan at, 

Harding, Mra.. Jackaon at, St K 
Harding, Bobert, 89 Barkly at, Carl 
Harding, W. B., 133 Johnaton at, E C 
Harding, Wm., oontractor, 41 Stanley at, 

£ C 
Harding, Wm., Eingaton hotel, Highett 

at, Rd 
Harding, Wm., 54 Madeline at, Cari 
Harding, Wm. W., confectioner, 154^ 

Bourke at eaat 
Hardingham, Joaeph, Donmin road, S Y 
Hardman,D., 189 Cecil at. Em H 
Hardreaa, -r, 17 Kerr at, F 
Harda and Leverett, aaddlera, 50 Bonrke 

at weat 
Hardwick, Wm., upholaterer, Chapel it 





Hardly Benjamin, S Y 

Hardy, Alexander, Pdham st, Carl 

Hardy, Georgia, produce merchant, 25 

Swan St, Rd 
Hardy, Jamet , Wellington parade, E M 
Hardy, John H., Fanlkner st, St M 
Hardy, John, 19 Peel st. Hot 
Hardy, Wilson, Lyndhnrst, Pent 
Hardy, Wilson, and Co., produce mer- 

chimts, 83 Flinders st west 
Hare, — , Bay st, San 
Hare, F. H., baker, 982 Victoria st, Bd 
Hare, George, baker, 280 Victoria st, Rd 
Hare, Mrs. R., school, comer Blackwood 

and Courteney sts, Hot 
Hare, Wm., grocer, 116 Latrobe st east 
Harford, Wm., 28 Carzon st, Hot 
Haren, James, grocer, ISl Little Boorke 

Haren, Robert, Munster Arms hotel, 137 

little Boorke st east 
Harford, T., bootmaker, Victoria parade, 

Hargrave, Wm., master mariner, Station 

place, San 
Hargreaye, James, High st, St E 
Hark, Mrs., Walter st. Fey 
Harker, George, M.L.A., 119 Victoria 

parade, F 
Harker, John, Hoddle st, E M 
Harkness, J., grocer, &c., 173 Bourke st 

Harley, Edward S., tea broker, 34 Qneen 

st, and 1 Eden terrace, St E 
Harley, Frederick, Chapel st, St E 
Harman Brothers, clothing manufacturers, 

62 Collins st east 
Harmer, Henry, Haw 
Harmstead, George, Banksia st, Heid 
Harmsworth, John G., plumber, 54 

Queensberry st, Cari 
Harnett, David, Old Governor Bourke 

hotel, comer of Spring and Little 

Lonsdale sts 
Hameman, J. C, produce store, 62 Wil- 
liam st 
Haraett, E., boarding-house, 8 Little Lons- 
dale st west 
Ham well, Wm., blacksmith, 245 Swan- 

ston st 
Harper, — , carpenter, 29 Napier st, F 
Harper, Alfred, accountant, 54 Queen st 
Harper, G. G., Highett st, Rd 
Harper, George, Chetwynd st, Hot 
Harper, H., Hoddle st, E C 
Harper, H., Berkeley st, Carl 
Harper, H., Pelham st, Carl 
Harper, Henry, 154 Madeline st, Carl 
Harper, John, 24 Barkly st, Carl 
Harper, Mrs., Perry st, E C 
Harper, Robt., 15 Victoria parade, F 
Harper, Robt., and Co., cofiec roasters, 55^ 

Flinders lane east, and 15 Victoria 


Harper, Robert,saddle and harness 

54 Elizabeth st extension 
Harper, Wm., 47 Victoria st, Cari 
Harper, Wm., bootmaker, 242 Swanrton it 
Harratt, Henry, Blackwood st. Hot 
Harrigan, Thomas W., 39 Curzon st. Hot 
Harrington, C. H., butcher, Pelham at, 

Harrington, D., greengrocer, 27 Yustfxni^ 

st, Carl 
Harrington, John, 48 Stanley st, W M 
Harrington, Patrick, saddler, 18 Kliza- 

Harris, Abraham, pawnbroker, 3 Little 

Bourke st west 
Harris, Abraham, boot and shoe desder, 

163 Little Lonsdale st east 
Harris, Alfred, Dalgety st, St E 
Harris and Co., locksmiths, &c.. Chapel 

st, Pra 
Harris and Heymanson, manufacturers, 

and boot importers, 2 Flinders lane east 
Harris, G., broker, Chapel st, Pra 
Harris, H., Pelham st, Carl 
Harris, H., painter, 78 George st, F 
Harris, Henry, accoantant, 39 Franklyn 

st west 
Harris, Isaac, confectioner, 66 Clarendon 

st, Em H 
Harris, Jacob, 145 Collins st east 
Harris, James, builder, Victoria st, E C 
Harris, James, Sydenham hotel, Elizabeth 

st, off Hoddle 8t,Rd 
Harriss, James, builder, Nicholson st, 

Victoria st, E C 
Harris, James, Chapel st, Pra 
Harris, John, 167 Spring st 
Harris, John, 95a Nicholson st, F 
Harris, John, bootmaker, 36 Bridge road, 

Harris, Joseph, seedsman and florist, Pont 

road, SY 
Harris, Josiah, grocer, 97 Gore st, F 
Harris, M., fancy repository, 162 Stephen 

Harris, Miss, 103 Victoria st, E C 
Harris, Mrs., 38 Gore st, F 
Harris, Nathaniel, and Co., office, 30 Col- 
lins st west 
Harris, R., Miller st, W M 
Harris, Thomas R., 71 Rosslyn st, W M 
Harris, Thomas, storekeeper, 240 Napier 

Bt, F 

Harris, Thomas, nightman, 41 Hanorer 


Harris, Thomas, Flemington road, Hot 
Harris, W., blacksmith, Barkly st, Btn 
Harris, Walter H., dairyman, 197 Smith 

st, F 
Harris, Wm. G., barrister, 73 Little Col- 
lins st west 
Harrison, Captain H., 117 Cecil st, Em H 
Harrison, C. J., Rising Sun hotel, Geeloog 
road, Fey 





Hanitoo, Daniel, Gardiner's creek road, 

HarrisDD, Daniel W., Wilson st, Pra 
Harrison, E. G., Haw 
Harrison, George, fancy repository, (9 

Gertrode st, F, and 75 Swanston st 
Harrison, H., 99 George st, F 
Harrison, Henry C, Gloucester hotel, 

Hoddle st, £ C 
Harrison, J. B., bootmaker. Commercial 

road, Pra 
Harrison, John M., chemist, Gardiner's 

creek road, S T 
Harrison, L., 127 Moor st, F 
Harrison, Mrs., 165 Victoria parade, F 
Harrison, Mrs., Napier st, F 
Harrison, Mrs., Fitzroy st, St K 
Harrison, T., Sydney road, Bk 
Harrison, Thomas, fishmonger, Bay st, 

Harrison, W., joiner, Gardiner's creek 

Harrison, Wm., Dudley st, W M 
Harrison, Wm., furniture dealer, 14 Little 

Collins st east 
Harrison, Wm., Wilson st, Pra 
Harrison, Wm., store, Hoddle st, Bd 
Harrison, Wm., wholesale grocer, wine 

and spirit merchant, 37 Flinders st east 
Harsey, C, china dealer, 140 Brunswick 

st, F 
Harston, A. W., Auburn road, Upper 

Harston and Co., law stationers, 77 Little 

Collins st west 
Hart, Daniel, boot dealer, 223 Smith 

Hart, Edwin, 71 Faraday st, Carl 
Hart, H., general dealer, 143 Little Lons- 
dale st east 
Hart, H., 130 Moor st, F 
Hart, Henri J., merchant, 73 Russell st 
Hart, Henry, Westgarth st, F 
Hart, Henry H., miscellaneous repository, 

42 Collins st west 
Hart, Hyam, Albert road. Fey 
Hart, J., 59 Dorcas st west, E H 
Hart, John, Albert st, Pra 
Hart, John, brickmaker, Chapel st, Pra 
Hirt, Jos., wood yard, Queensberry st, 

Hart, Moss H., general importer, 1 7 Little 

Collins st west 
Hart, Mrs., wax florist, 66 Collins st east, 

and 51 Coventry st, Em H 
Hart, Mrs., Barkly st, St K 
Hart, Beuben, 29 Fitzroy st, St K 
Hart, Beuben, grocer, &c., 246 Lonsdale 

st east 
Hart, Robt., cab driver, 116 Little Bourke 

tt west 
Hart, S., toy manufacturer, 66 Collins st 

east, and 86 Cecil st, Em H 
Hart, Samuel, 17 Grattan st, Carl 

Hart, Walter, draughtsman and engraver 
on wood, 64 Little Collins st east 

Hartlett, Wm., Supreme Court hotel, cor- 
ner Russell and Lattobe sts 

Hartley, — , bootmaker. High st, St K 

Hartley, E., and Co., bonded store, Collins 
st west, comer King st 

Hartley, Edward, Inkerman st, St E 

Hartley, J., Chapel st, St K 

Hartley, John, butcher, High st, St K 

Hartley, Joseph, ironmonger, 151 Bussell 
st, and 12 Pelham st, Carl 

Hartley, Mrs., school, Inkerman st east, 

Hartley, W., Bridge road, Rd 

Hartley, Wm., Cole st, Wmn 

Hartman, Mouritz, Rokeby st, E C 

Hartnett, Richard, saddler, Whitehall st' 

Hartnett, Wm., Moreland st. Fey 

Hartney, John, Capel st, Hot 

Hartuhg, Nicholas, boarding-house, 96 
Lonsdale st west 

Hartwell, George, 152 Moray st, Em H 

Harty, Thomas, Spencer st north 

Harvey, H. and F., merchants, 17 Queen 

Harvey, J. F., turner, 47 Franklyn st 

Harvey, James, bootmaker, 108 fitzroy 
st, F 

Harvey, John, Queensberry st, Hot 

Harvey, John, Carlisle st, St K 

Harvey, John, Queen st 

Harvey, Mrs., High st, St E 

Harvey, Mrs., school, Pres 

HarTey, R. J., 49 Roden st, W M 

Harvey, Richard, cork importer, 24 Little 
Collins st east 

Harvey, Robert, tailor, 45 Lonsdale st 
west, and Balaclava road, Caul 

Harvey, Thomas, builder, Pres 

Harvey, Wm., agent Denison Plains Pas- 
toral Company, 69 Bourke st west 

Harvey, Wm., greengrocer, Beach st, San 

Harvie, Montague, Docker st, Rd 

Harving, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 60 Made- 
line st, Carl 

Harwood, Henry, Grosvenor Arms hotel. 
High st, St E 

Harwood, Mrs., Gardiner's creek road, 

Harwood, Wm., Telegraph hotel. Chapel 
st, Pra 

Haselden, Herbert, oil and lamp importer, 
36 Swanston st 

Haskell, John, hairdresser, 172 Smith st, 

Haskin, Wm., 239 Swan st, Rd 

Haslam, James, tailor, 178 Drummond st, 

Haslam, Richard, Ulawarra st, Wmn 

Haslam, Thomas, Morris st, Wmn 

Haslen, Mrs., Nott st, San 

Harrey, Edward, Nicholson st, Carl 





Hassel, Josias N., 98 Napier 8t, Em H 
Hastle, D., Cardigan st, Carl 
Hastings, James, 98 Leicester st, Carl 
Hastings, Thomas, Ch&rles st, F 
Hastleton, James, Elgin st, Carl 
Hatfield, George, blacksmith, Cremome 

st, Rd 
Hatt, J., general dealer, 98 Brunswick st, F 
Hatton, Henry, butcher, Mount Alexander 

road. Ess 
Haucke, Miss, school, 1 Elmbank terrace, 

Victoria parade, E M 
Havaty, Jas. J., 45 Three chain road, 

Hawey, Ed., Nicholson st. Hot 
Hawkers, W., 10 Rosslyn st, W M 
Hawkers and Darbyshire, case makers, 94 

Little Bourke st west, and 95 William 

Hawkins, Copeland, and Bailey, share- 
brokers, 33 Queen st 
Hawkins, Jeffrey, photographer, 20 

Queensberry st, Carl 
Hawkins, John, grocer, Nicholson st, Carl 
Hawkins, M., butcher, Barry st, Carl 
Hawkins, Mrs., 109 Argyle st, F 
Hawkins, R., 11 Greeves st, F 
Hawkins, Wm., Dalgety st, St K 
Hawkins, Wm., shoemaker, Pres 
Hawks, John, oyster dealer, 148 Little 

Bourke st east 
Hawkshaw, Wm., 108 Rose Bt,F 
Hawley, Joseph, 143 Moor st, F 
Hawley, R., auctioneer, St Kilda st, Btn 
Hawthorn, B., Nth 
Hawthorn, Mrs., 22 Grattan st, Carl 
Hay, J., 72 Cobden st, Em H 
Hay, J. H., upholsterer, 120 Stephen st 
Hay, James A., accountant. Garden st, 

Cbapel st, S Y 
Hay, W., Elgin st, Carl 
Hay, Wm. T., 97 Br.rkly st, Carl 
Hay, li\ m. A., coffee roaster. Bridge road, 

Hayball, Robert, builder and ironmonger. 

New st, Btn 
Haydn, F. A., 1 Cardigan st, Carl 
Haydn, J. F., Cecil st, F 
Hayes, Andrew, 31 Baillie st. Hot 
Hayes, Dennis, Shannon hotel. Nth 
Hayes, Edward, Provost st, Hot 
Hayes, George, 24 Moor st, F 
Hayes, Henry, 26 Moor st, F 
Hayes, J., Hampton st, Btn 
Hay IS, James, Alma hotel. Chapel st,StK 
Hayes, James, Blue Post hotel, 23 Little 

Collins st east 
Hayes, John, dairy, 21 Little Latrobe st 

Hayes, John, 129 Rose st, F 
Hayes, John, 174 Brunswick st, F 
Hayes, Luke, Peel st, S Y 
Hayes, Misses, ladies' seminary, Victoria 


Hayes, Miss, dressmaker, Pelham at, Carl 

Hayes, Mrs., Leyeson st, Hot 

Hayes, Mrs., machine sewer, 7 Yonng 

st, F 
Hayes, P., Saltwater river, Fey 
Hayes, Patrick, contractor, 1 Wellington 

Hayes, Patrick, merchant. Ess 
Hayes, Robert, 21 Howard st. Hot 
Hayes, T., 168 Kerr st, F 
Hayes, T. R., upholsterer, 7 Young st, F 
Hayes, Wm., 75 Queensberry st, Hot 
Hayfleld, — , fruiterer, 110 Smith st, E C 
Hayhow, Henry, house decorator, 226 

Lonsdale st east 
Hayles, Mrs., Queensberry st, Hot 
Hayman, Philip, and Co., importers of 

jewellery, 18 Collins st east, and 28 

Burnett st, St K 
Haymarket Theatre, 172 Bourke st east 
Haynes, F., 29 Fitzroy st, F 
Haynes, P., woodyard, 65 Faraday at, 

Ha3mes, Thomas, Leveson st, Hot 
Haynes, Thomas, 73 Victoria st west. Hot 
Hays, Miss J., Heath st, San 
Hayson, Henry, Young st, F 
Hayter, H. H., Margaret terrace, Bk 
Haythorne, Frank, brickmaker, Flem bank 
Haythorpe, George, 89 Napier st, Em H 
Hay ward, C. H., Denby road, Btn 
Hayward and Co., commission merchants, 

49 Flinders lane west 
Hayward, H., cabinetmaker, 140 Collins st 

Hayward, Henry George, repository, 19 

Coventry st, Em H 
Hayward, J., Sarah Sands hotel, Bk 
Hayward, John, 50 Ferguson st, Wmn 
Hayward, Mrs., dressmaker, Rowena pa* 

ade, Rd 
Hayward, Mrs., 38 Victoria st, W M 
Hayward, Rev. Rowland, Kew 
Hayward, Robert, 142 Moray st, Em H 
Hayward, W. G., bootmaker, 299 Victoria 

parade, B C 
Hazleton, James M., jeweller, 85 Little 

Bourke st east 
Haslegrove, T., carpenter, Church st, Btn 
Hazlehurst, Joseph, furniture broker, 2S2 

Elizabeth st 
Head, Joseph, 41 Stanley st, W M 
Heal, Hy., Vere st, E C 
Heale, Wm., Caroline st, S Y 
Heales, Henry, carpenter, Flem 
Heales, Mrs. R., 1 1 Nicholson st, F 
Heales, R., 84 Oxford st, E C 
Heales, R., 44 Wellington st, E C 
Healey, Robert, bootmaker, High st, St K 
Healing, George, bootmaker, 106 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Healy, — , hay and com store, Johnston 

st, EC 
Healy, Charles, baker, Bonverie st, Cari 





Healj, F., boardiDg-hoiue, 121 Bourke at 

Healy, J., pawnbroker, 91 Clarendon at, 

Healj, James, Qneenaberry at. Hot 
HealjT, Michael, 13 Corzon st, Hot 
Healy, Michael, Alma hotel, 161 King st 
Healy, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 174 

Elizabeth st 
Healj, Mra, Barkly st, St E 
Healy, Patrick, 26 Pelham st, Carl 
Healy, Wm., 38 Jeffcott st, W M 
Heape Brothers and Co., merchants, 11, 

13, and 15 Flinders stwesc 
Heape, Charles, Brighton 
Heaps, J., Edward st, Bk 
Heard Brothers, fishmongers, 50 Swan- 

Heard, Gideon, Argyle st, Pra 
Heard, Henrietta, fruiterer, 9 and 10 

Eastern Market 
Heard, John, bootmaker, 208^ Bourke st 

Heard, Thomas, 85 George st, F 
Hearlield,DaTid, carpenter. Nelson st,Pra 
Hearle, Wm., Williams road, Pra « 
Beam, Josiah, High st, St K 
Hearn, W. E., I^LJ)., barrister, 73 Little 

Collins st west, and Melbourne TJniTer- 

Hearaden, John, Fulton st, St K 
Heaslip, D., Bridge hotel. Bridge road,Bd 
Heatb, A. E., Bond st, £ C 
Heath, George, Ascot rale, Flem 
Heath, Henry, oilman, &c., 104 Bruns- 
wick at, F 
Heath, Joseph, Harney st, Rd 
Heath, John, 219 Gore st, F 
Heath, Joseph, and Co., wholesale grocers 

and wine and spirit merchants, 43 

Swanston st 
Heath, Joseph, 99 Moray st, Em H 
Heath, Reuben, 66 Greeves st, F 
Heath, B. R,, South Audley st, E C 
Heather, £., circulating library, 214 East- 
ern road, Em H 
Heathcote, Rowland, greengrocer, 38 

WeUingtun st, E C 
Heatherton, D., Weston st, Bk 
Heaton, Jamen, bootmaker, 89 Gore st, F 
HeatoD, John, White Horse hotel, Swan 


Hebbden, George, Gardiner's creek road, 

E )blethwaite, R., 67 Rathdownc st, Carl 
1 )rew Church and Schools, corner Ste- 

>hen and Little Lonsdale sts 
E iderwick, A., 68 Argyle st, F 
E Iderwick, Henry, Kew 
i Iderwick, Robert, house and land 

fent, Brighton st, Rd 
£ Iges, Thomas, 36 Bank st west, Em H 
i ^, H., Kangaroo hotel, 84 Drum- 

lond It, Carl 

Heelis, Ed. S., compositor. Grey st, E M 
Heffeman, J., 20 Stanley st, W M 
Heffernan, James, 134 Latrobe st west 
Heffeman, James, 23 Victoria st. Hot 
Heffeman, Mrs., Melboume tavern, 104 

Lonsdale st east 
Hegarty, Mrs., 70 Raglan st, Em H 
Hegarty's Baths, Beach, St K 
Heicksh, S., 2 Falkland terrace, Greeves 

st, F 
Heikcher, B., Charles st, Pra 
Heinbocker, H., 81 Smith st, F 
Heinecke, F. W., and Co., wholesale to- 
bacconists, 59 Swanston st 
Heintz, C, 96 York st, Em H 
Heir, Mrs., Wreckyn st, Hot 
Hellewell, Edward, whip maker, 3 Little 
Collins st west, and 33 Pelham st, Carl 
Hellins, W., Btn 
Hellor, J., Union st, Bk 
Helm, Thomas, carver and gilder, 150 

Bourke st east 
Helms, Richard, tobacconist, 135 Bourke 

st east 
Helmond, George, Capel st. Hot 
HeltUB, J., Abbotsford st, W M 
Hemert, Van J., 251 Smith st, F 
Hemingway, John, Moray st, Em H 
Hemmons, F. and J., druggists' sundry- 
men. Little Collins st east 
Hemphill, C. E., Albert st east, Bk 
Hems, Richard, Highett st, Rd 
Hemsford, G., Gore st, F 
Hemsworth, Thomas, Barkly st, Carl 
Henden, G., Cecil at, Wmn 
Henden, Wm., Cecil st, F 
Henderson, A., 26 Barry st, Carl 
Henderson, Andrew, tinsmith and gasfit- 

ter, 76 Elizabeth st north 
Henderson, Charles, grocer, 143 Queens- 
berry st. Hot 
Henderson, Edward, mechanical engineer, 

63 Little Collins st west 
Henderson, George, Bail lie st. Hot 
Henderson, George, 6 Dover place, Wmn 
Henderson, Hewitt, dairyman, Smith 8t,F 
Henderson, Hugh, blacksmith, Little La- 
trobe st 
Henderson, J., crinoline manufacturer, 

128 and 130 Spring st 
Henderson, J., 23 Cardigan st, Carl 
Henderson, James, store, 10 Bridge road, 

Henderson, James, Grey st, St K 
Henderson, James, 172 Moray st, Em H 
Henderson, James, 38 Argyle st, F 
Henderson, J., 23 Cardigan st, Carl 
Henderson, John, confectioner, 17 Little 

Latrobe st 
Henderson, Joseph, 10 Condell st, F 
Henderson, Mrs., 154 Nicholson st, F 
Henderson, Mrs., 34 Bank st, Em H 
Henderson, Mrs. Ellen, private boarding- 
house, 5 Dorcas st, Em H 





Henderson, P. E., civil and mining engi- 
neer, Glenljon road, Bk 
Henderson, Rev. A. M., Madeline st, Carl 
Henderson, Robert, Elgin st, Carl 
Henderson, Robert, draper, 53 Bank st 

west, Em H 
Henderson, S., crinoline manufacturer, 

130 Spring st 
Henderson, Thomas, 179 Flinders lane 

Henderson, Thomas P., Haw 
Henderson, Thomas, and Co., millwrights, 

Elizabeth st north 
Henderson, W., 75 Webb st, F 
Henderson, W., blacksmith, Gardiner's 

creek road, Pra 
Henderson, Wm., Ralston st, S Y 
Henderson, Wm., Dow st, San 
Hendrick, Hugh, Richmond terrace, Bd 
Hendj, John, greengrocer, Sackville st, 

E C 
Hendy, Greorge, Miller st, W M 
Henger, Michael, cabinetmaker, 172 

Lonsdale st east 
Henkel and Patterson, tinsmiths, 30 Little 

Collins st east 
Hennelle, G., 40 Moor st, F 
Hennessj, J., 105 Kerr st, F 
Hennessy, James, 82 Elgin st, Carl 
Hennessey, James, Kerr st, F 
Hennessey, Wm„ fishmonger, 66 Swan- 

Bton st 
Henningham, R. M., Ralston st 
Henriques, A., Victoria parade, F 
Henriques, A. L., printing office, Angelo 

lane, 9 Bourke st east 
Henriques, Mrs., 93 York st west, Em H 
Henry, D., 45 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Henry, David, jeweller and watchmaker, 

31 Collins st east 
Henry Jenkin, 104 Pelham st, Carl 
Henry, Jenkin, 104 Cardigan st, Carl 
Henry, Jos., 48 Latrobe st west 
Henry, Mrs., 150 Bridge road, Rd 
Henry, Mrs., 100 Kerr st, F 
Henry, R, Village Belle inn, Barkly st, 

Henry, Thomas, surveyor, 5 Stephen st 
Henry, Wm., Blue Bell hotel, 179 Little 

Collins st east 
Henson and Brearly, saddlers, Elizabeth 

Henson, J., gunmaker, 62 Little Collins 

st east 
Henty, Edward, Studley park 
Henty, H. J.,Roxeth, Wellington st, Kew 
Henty, Henry, Church st, Rd 
Henty, Hon. James, M.L.C., Waltham st, 

Henty, Hon. S. G., M.L.C., merchant, 60 

Collins st west and Kew 
Henty, James, and Co., merchants, 11 

Little Collins st west 
Hepay, J., Rathdowne st, Carl 

Hepburn, Mrs., Elgin st, Carl 
Hepburn, Robert, Auburn road. Haw 
Hepburn, Wm., 100 York st, Em H 
Hepin stall, Wm., Lygon st, Carl 
Herald newspaper office, 9 Bourke st east 
Herbert, Mrs., 45 York st west, Em H 
Herbert, Mrs., 114 Latrobe st east 
Herbert, Wm., butcher, Railway place, 

Hercules Quartz Mining Company, 64 

Elizabeth st 
Herman, Ferd., Victoria parade, E M 
Hermitage, G., 34 Elgin st, Carl 
Heron, W. K., stationer, 116 Gertrude at, 

Herron, James, Marian st, F 
Herring, Thomas, Richmond terrace, Rd 
Herring, Wm. M., Henry st, Pra 
Herrington, W. J., 3 Napier st, F 
Hertogs, Mons., 4 Park terrace, Fitzroj 

st, St K 
Hervey, Matthew, High st, St K 
Hervey, Wm., Park st, S Y 
Hess, F., musician, 147 LitUe Lonsdale at 

Hester, Thomas, general dealer, Noti at^ 

Saa ^ 
Hester, W., 233 Smith st, F 
Hetherington, Charles, saddler, 8 CoUiiu 

st west, and Jolimont terrace, E M 
Hetherington, Rev. Lrving, 91 CoUizta st 

Heveran, J., Johnston st, E C 
He wet, George, cider manofactorery 216 

Moray st, Em H 
Hewett, Joseph, general dealer, 149 

Spring st 
Hewett, Mrs., Lennox st, Rd 
Hewitt, — , Elgin st, Carl 
Hewitt, Cyrus, coach proprietor, 35 

Bourke st east 
Hewitt, J., Barkly st, Btn 
Hewitt, James, accountant, 52 Collins st 

Hewitt, W., contractor, Bay st, Btn 
Hewlett, — , surgeon, Gertrude st, F 
Hews, J., Hoddle st, E C 
Hewson, — , saddler, 272 Elizabeth st 
Hew son, Richard, Flemington road, Hot 
Hewton, J., baker, 36 Coventry st, Em H 
Heyde, Wm. Von der, 6 Walsh st, S Y 
Heymanson and Co., warehousemen, 15 

Flinders lane west 
Heymanson, W., 8 Victoria parade, F 
Heyne, E. B., 26 Swan st, Rd 
Hey wood. Captain, Jolimont place, E M 
Hibberd, Alfred, Whitehall et, Fey 
Hibberd, Wm. George, hairdresser, Eliza- 
beth street extension 
Hi Chung, Chinese store, 61 Little Bourke 

st east 
Hick, Benjamin, Forest hill, S Y 
Hick* W. and B., merchants, 109 Collini 

st west 




Hick, Wm., Grange rood, Tk 
Hickey, Donald, Berkeley st, Carl 
Hickey, John, IS^ttoI si, Hot 
Hickey, Jofanf caryer and gilder, 220 

Bonrke at east 
Hickey, John, 28 Fitzroy at, F 
Hlckey, John, Davis st, Pra 
Hiekey, Mrs., 148 Bonrke st west 
Hickey, Peter, 82 Montagne st, £m H 
Hlckey, Thomas, bookseller, &c., Eliza- 
beth st 
Hlckford, James, sign writer, 83 Swan- 

ston st, and Sydney road, Bk 
Hickinbotham, Wm., upholsterer, 27 Col- 
lins st east 
HIckling, A., machine sewer, 219 Smith 

Hickling, Rd., 84 Rowena parade, Rd 
Hickling, Samuel, greengrocer, 17 Cre- 

morne st, Rd 
Hickling, Wm., Caroline st, Pra 
Hickling, Wm., 186 Drammond st, Carl 
Hickmott, W., 117 Napier st, £m H 
Hicks, A., plumber, 235 Lygon st, Carl 
Hicks, Alfred, Glenlyon road, Bk 
Hicks, F., Ascot Tale, Flem 
Hicks, Johnson, 233 Swan st, Rd 
HickB, Joseph, Gertrude st, Pra 
Hicks, Mrs., greengrocer, Pelham st, Carl 
Hicks, R. M., Albert st, Pra 
Hickson Brothers, marine store, Derby st, 

Hickson^ L., marine yard, Franklin st 
Hickson, Samuel, dealer, 2 Franklin st 

Hiddle, James, Morris st, Wmn 
Hiddlestone, Wm., store, Leicester st, Carl 
Hide, T., Bay st, San 
Hide, W., 134 Nicholson st, F 
Hieland, Henry, Gardiner's creek road, Tk 
Higginbotham, Mrs., boarding-house, Cla- 
rendon st, Em H 
Higginbotham, Thomas, 59 Gore st, F 
Higginbotham, W., Waterloo st, St K 
Higginbotham, Wm., hairdresser, 90 

Brunswick st, F 
Higginbotham, Wm., hairdresser, 234 

Bourke st east 
Higgins, Andrew, Burgundy st. Held 
Higgins, George, 86 Oxford st, E C 
Higgins, J., dairyman. Wells st, Btn 
Higgins, John, contractor. Ascot vale, 

^liggins, Mrs., Victoria st, St K 
liggins, Patrick, J.P., contractor, Ascot 
yale, Flem 

[iggins, Thomas, Station place, San 
ii^inson, Rer. Henry, Gisborne st, E M 
tiS9>j Wm., Royal hotel. Punt road, Rd 
jgham, Henry, Moor st, Fey 
lighett, Wm., M.L.C., Bridge road, Rd 
liginbotham, George (Attorney-General) 
barrister, 73 Little Collins st west, and 
St. KUda road, Btn 

Higinbotham, Thomas, railway engineer- 
in-chief, Spencer st 

Hildreth, J. A., 9S Lygon st, Carl 

Hill, — , 36 Stephen st 

Hill, Alexander, ironmonger, 129 Swan- 
ston st 

Hill, Alfred, Church st, Rd 

Hill, Charles, contractor, 20 Errol st, Hot 

Hill, Charies, Highett st, Rd 

Hill, David, Haw 

Hill, G. H., ship chandler, 17 Nelson place 
east, Wmn 

Hill, George, solicitor, 82 Collins st west, 
and Palermo st, Pra 

Hill, George, watchmaker, Sydney road, 

Hill, Henry, Berkeley st, Carl 

HUl, J., 81 Moray st, Em H 

Hill, J. M., Union st, Pra 

Hill, James, house decorator, 132 CoUms 
st east 

Hill, James S., Clarendon hotel, 203 Cla- 
rendon st, Em H 

Hill, John T., hairdresser, 82 Swanston st 

Hill, John W., baker, 22 Little Lonsdale 
st east 

Hill, Joseph, undertaker and com mer- 
chant, 75 and 77 Clarendon st, Em H 

Hill, Joseph, Moor st, F 

Hill, Joseph, Railway place, San 

Hill, Mrs., 236 Swan st, Rd 

Hill, Mrs., 60 Arden st. Hot 

Hill, Mrs., baby linen warehouse, 63b 
Bourke st east, 19 Collins st east, and 7 
Princes st, F 

Hill, Mrs., Pelham st, Carl 

Hill, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 211 
Lygon st, Carl 

Hill, Mrs., Argyle st, Pra 

Hill, Mrs., dressmaker, George st, F 

Hill, Mrs., school, 30 CoYentry st, Em H 

Hill, Mrs., Otago hotel, 93 FUnders st 

Hill, Rd., Templemore hotel, 56 Latrobe 
st west 

Hill, Sarah, 10 Cross st. Hot 

Hill, T., 7 Princes st, F 

Hill, T. A., Inkerman st west, St K 

Hill, Thomas, 54 Jeffcott st, W M 

Hill, Walter, 1 King William st, F 

Hill, Wm., 70 Drummond st, Carl 

Hill, Wm., 11 Little Lonsdale st east 

Hill, Wm., builder and contractor, 139 
Latrobe st west 

Hill, Wm., Sir Henry Barkly hotel, West- 
garth st, F 

Hill, Wm. Rowland, chemist and druggist, 
63 Collins st east 

Hill, Wm. C, Murphy st, S Y 

HilU, Thomas, Inkerman st, St K 

HiUiard, R. I., ferryman, Rirer side south 

Hillier, Edward, hatter, 55 Errol st, Hot 

Hilligan, Patrick, Fawkner st, St K 

HUlings, — , Gore st, F 





HUIyard, £., 83 Bank at, Em H 
Hilflon, John, 63 Cardigan at, OEiri 
Hilaon, John, store, Bay 8t, San 
£^ton, Francis James, grocer and pro- 
vision merchant, 207 Bourke st east 
Hilton, Wm., 96 Cecil st, Em H 
Himming, G., 55 Faraday st, Carl 
Hinchliffe, (^eorge, smith, Kew 
Hmchliffe, Wm., plamber,^toke st, San 
Hincks, J., musUn stamper, 116 Smith st, 

E C 
Hinds, Wm., Ulster hotel, 61 Spring st 
Hindson, John, 1 Fitzroy terrace. Claren- 
don st, E M 
Hine, F. W., 36 Latrobe st west 
Hine, Samuel, boarding-house, 204 Rus- 
sell st 
Hines and Sedgefield, solicitors, 60 Little 

Collins st west 
Hines, J., EUternwick 
Hines, James W., 33 Gore st, F 
Hines, John, Victoria st, Bk 
Hinge, John, Wreckyn st. Hot 
Hingston, J., and Co., law stationers, 76 

Little Collins st west 
Hingston, James, St K 
Hinkins, John Thomas, Moonee Ponds 
Hinkins, John Wm., Moonee Ponds 
Hinkster, James, 259 Napier st, F 
Hinton, Henry B., Wellington parade, 

Hippesley, F., Rosslyn st, W M 
Hippesley, Fredk., bootmaker, 61 Coventry 

St. Em H 
Hipsworth, John, 125 Bouverie st, Carl 
Hird, Joseph, cabinet maker, Franklyn st 
Hislop, John P., master mariner, 51 Dou- 
glas parade, Wmn 
Hislop, Mrs., 49 Wellington st, E C 
Hitchcock, Wm., Henry st, S Y 
Hoad, G., fruiterer, 22 Gertrude st, F 
Hoar, Miss, grocer. Bridge road, Rd 
Hobart, Alfred, 43 Victoria st. Hot 
Hobart Town and Launceston Marine 
Insurance Company, 82 Collins st west 
Hobbs, A., Chapel st, Pra 
Hobbs, George, Capel st, Hot 
Hobbs, James, Burnett st, St K 
Hobbs, Mrs., Bhickwood st, Hot 
Hobbs, Stephen Kentlcy , cook and confec- 
tioner, 29 Collins st cast 
Hobsoir, Francis, 84 Hotham st, E M 
Hobson, Mrs. S., 72 Cardigan st, Carl 
Hobson, Robert, Vine st, Heid 
Hobson, Thomas, Hoddle st, E C 
Hobson's Bay Soap and Candle Company, I 
78 Collins st west, and works corner of I 
Latrobe and Addcrley sts, W M 
Hockin, Wm., Hockin's hotel, 185 Eliza- 
beth st 
Hocking, Francis, engineer and general 

smith, 274 Elizabeth st 
Hocknell, idaac R., Acland st, St K 
Hockley, Louisa, school, Peel st. Hot 

Hoddle, Robert, 223 Boarke st west 
Hoddy, James, lUawarra st, Wmn 
Hodge, J., hame and saddletree maker, 40 

Bourke st west 
Hodges, Henry George, photographer, 83o 

Brunswick st, F 
Hodges, J., Union st, Bk 
HodgetU, G., Capel st, W M 
Hodgins, Robert, Long st. Fey 
Hodgkins, G., 12 Curzon st, Hot 
Hodgkins, T., clothier, &c., 161 Bourke 

st east 
Hodgkinson, Clement, assistant oonunis- 

sioner of lands and survey, Hotham st, 

Hodgson, A., Argyle st, Pra 
Hodgson, Alexander, 45 Faraday it, Carl 
Hodgson, Alfred G., outfitter and draper, 

13 Lonsdale st west \ 

Hodgson, E., Wellington st, St E 
Hodgson, Henry, butcher, 76 Swan st, Bd 
Hodgson, Henry, Cecil st, F 
Hodgson, John J., 13 Macquarie at, Wmn 
Hodgson, John, 4 Argyle st, Pra 
Hodgson, Mrs., miscellaneous repository, 

Chapel st, Pra 
Hodgson, Richard, importer, 123 Lons- 
dale st west, and 143 Latrobe st west 
Hodgson, W. P., painter, Faulkner at, 

Hodson, Walter, Tarra hotel, 71 Flinders 

st west 
Hodgson, Wm., 32^^ Clarendon st, Em H 
Hodgsons, Thomas, blacksmith. Burgundy 

st, Heid 
Hodnett, David, 24 Howard at. Hot 
Hodnett, Wm., ^7 Moray st, Em H 
Hodson, Robert, Greville st, Pra 
Hoelskin, Victor, confectioner, 167 Swan- 

ston st 
Hoffman, C, tobacconist, 96 4 Swanston st 
Hoffmann, W. B., Em H 
Hoffmann, Wm., Ess 

Hogan, James, Prince's Bridge hotel, cor- 
ner of Swanston and Flinders sts 
Hogan, James, Robert Burns hotel. Smith 

Hogan, John, Courteney st. Hot 
Hogan, Joseph, 44 Little Latrobe st west 
Hogan, M., Park st, S Y 
Hogan, Mrs., 22 Bank st west, Em 11 
Hogan, Mrs., Pel ham st, Carl 
Hogan, R., Thompson st, South Wmn 
Hogan, Thomas, earthenware dealer, 202 

Elizabeth st 
Hogarth, Julius, chaser and goldsmith, 13 

Bourke st west, and 66 Rosslyn st, 

Hogarth, Wm., Darling st, S Y 
Hogg, E. J., Grange road, Tk 
Hogg, Mrs., 95 Gore st, F 
Hogg, Mrs., Victoria parade, E C 
Hogg, Peter, 85 Corentry st, Em H 
Hogg, Thomas, Sydney road, Bk 





Hogg, Wm., 44 Johnston st, F 
Hogges, James, I Chetwjnd st, Hot 
Holden, D., china dealer, Sydney road, Bk 
Holden, Henry, Cremome at, IM 
Holder, Henry, 10 Barkly at, Carl 
Holder, James, 133 Weatgarth at, F 
Holder, , fishmonger, 64 Clarendon at, 

£m H 
Holder, Mrs., 5 Pelham st, Carl 
Holdoway, James, baker, 34 York st, £m 

Holdsworth, J. R., 166 Victoria st, Rd 
Hole, James, Commercial road, Pra 
Holgate, Enoch, grocer, 266 Victoria st, 

Holland, H., saw setter, 81 Smith st, F 
Holland, Henry, Esa 
Holland, W., paperhanger. Robe at, St K 
Holland, W. H., Southey at, St K 
Holland, Wm. C., Lothian at, Hot 
Hollans, A., Nott at, San 
Holliek, Mrs., Pant road, Rd 
HoUick, Mrs., laundress, 90 Spencer st 

HolUday, Wm. H.,^utcher, 110 Moray st, 

Em H 
Hollingworth, — , 90 Moor st, F 
Hollingworth, A., 160 Brnnawick at, F 
Hfdlis, Daniel, Bay at, San 
Hollow, M., Bay at, Btn 
HoHoway, F., bootmaker, 46 Fergnaon at, 

Holloway, J., Preaton 
HoUoway, John, Lothian at, Hot 
Holioway, Mrs., Robe at, St E 
Holman, Jas., 35 Three- chain road, Em H 
Holman, R., 97 Fitzroy at, F 
Holme, J. W., 2 Latrobe at weat 
Holmes, Abel, tailor, 25 Cardigan at, Carl 
Holmes and Russell, merchants and ahip 

owners, 8 Queen st 
Holmes, C-, Stoke st, San 
Holmes, Captain, Dorcas st, Em H 
Holmes, Edwin, 4 Nicholson sf, F 
Holmes, George, contractor. Ess 
Holmes, J., bootmaker, Condell st, F 
Holmes, J., John st, Bk 
Holmes, J., Pelham at, Carl 
Holme?, John, hawker, Latrobe parade, 

Collins st east 
Holmes, John, Jolimont place, E M 
Holmes, John, saddler, 70 Bridge road, Rd 
Holmes, M., Bay st, Btn 
holmes, Mrs. S., dressmaker, 1 73 Russell 

lohnes, Thomas, 88 Leicester at, Carl 
Tolmes, White, and Co., merchants, 48 

William st 
Tolmes, Wm., Nott st, San 

[olmes, Wm., 86 Leicester st, Carl 
{olroyd, Edward D., barrister, 16 Temple 

court, Collins st west 

olt, D., wheelwright, 173 Brunswick st, 


Holt, David, Hoddle st, £ C 
Holt, Edward, Hoddle st, E C 
Holt, Richard (of Briscoe and Co.) 
Holt, T., fancy repository. Chapel st, Pra 
Holt, W.m., Kew 

Holten, Richard, 19 John st, Wmn 
Holton, John, Grattan st, Carl 
Holton, Thomas, tea and sugar sorter, cor- 
ner Queen and a*Beckett sts 
Home, John Walter, machine broker, and 
importer, comer Elizabeth and Latrobe 
Homeward Bound Gold Mining Company, 

9 Elizabeth st 
Homewood, A., coppersmith, 53 Twyford 

st. South Wmn 
Homewood, Charles, 20 Gifford st, Wmn 
Hommel, T., Nth 

Hommel, Theodor, and Co., tobacco ma- 
nufacturers, 127 and 129 Lonsdale st 
Honden, Tliomaa, Dover place, Wmn 
Hood, A., manufacturing chemiat,59 Little 

Bourke st west 
Hood and Co., manufacturing chemists, 
160 Elizabeth st, 59 Little Bourke st 
west, and 78 Lonsdale st west 
Hood, John, Chetwynd st. Hot 
Hood, John, Richmond terrace, Bd 
Hood, R., Church st, Rd 
Hood, T., 183 Wellington st, E C 
Hood, Thomas, rate collector, 49 Stanley 

st, EC 
Hood, Wm., 2 Victoria terrace, Cardigan 

st, Carl 
Hoof, Ann, boarding-house, 48 Stephen st 
Hook, Mrs., 85 Weatgarth st, F 
Hooke, John S., Haw 
Hooke, Thomas, blackamith, Lonadale st, 

and 39 Easy st, E C 
Hooker, Henty, and Co., clothiera, hatters, 

and hoaiera, 169 Bourke at east 
Hookina, Robert, Punt road, S Y 
Hookins, Robert, share and money broker, 

20 Collins at east 
Hoon, — , 198 Gore st, F 
Hooper, J., 12 Little Latrobe at east 
Hooper, Jamea, 46 Johnaton at, E C 
Hooper, Mra., Little Nelaon at, Wmn 
Hooper, Mra., 135 Leicester at, F 
Hope and King, importera of glass and 

china, 48 CoUina at east 
Hope, Arthur, Greville at, Pra 
Hope, Charlea, 38 Little Nelaon at, Wmn 
Hope, D., bootmaker, 61 York at, £m H 
Hope, Jamea, Pra 
Hope, Mra., 46 Argyle at, F 
Hopkina, C. F., Barkly at, Carl 
Hopkins, Edward, Moreland at. Fey 
Hopkina, George, 39 Dryburgh at, Carl 
Hopkina, Isaiah, Stevedore at, Wmn 
Hopkina, J. R., M.L.A., Parliament houae 
Hopkina, John, solicitor, 17 Eldon Cham- 





Hopkini, Wm., grocer, 50 Madeline at, 

Hopkins, Wm., Faraday at, Carl 
Hopkins, Wm., hairdresser, 71 Flinders st 

Hopkins, Wm. H., general dealer, 106 

Brunswick st, F 
Hopkinson, Samuel, 133 Bridport st, 

Hopwood, Thomas, outfitter, 5 Collins st 

east, and Eew 
Hordem, Anthony and Wm., agents, 84a 

RusseU st, and Nth 
Hordern, W., 30 George st, F 
Hore, George, 28 Baillie st, Hot 
Hore, James, musician, 167 Lonsdale st 

Hore, Thomas, Illawarra st, Wmn 
Horiball, J., 71 Bosslyn st, W M 
Horigan, James, dairyman, 78 Cardigan 

st, Carl 
Horley, A., Darling st, S Y 
Horn, A., Johnston st, F 
Horn, R., hairdresser, Cardigan st, Carl 
Horn, W., 89 Rose st, F 
Horncastle, H., Provost st. Hot 
Home, A., blacksmith, 199 Smith st, F 
Home, G. S. W., solicitor, 60 Collins st 

Home, George, tailor, woollen draper, and 

outfitter, 1 Collins st east 
Home, H., 160 Toung st, F 
Homeman, Henry Alfred, Swan st. Fey 
Horneman, James C, produce dealer, 62 

William st, and Yarra st, Fey 
Horner, Henry, secretary to the Austra- 
lasian Financial Agency Company, EU 

don Chambers, and Williams road, Tk 
Horner, James, Albert st, Pra 
Hornidge, J. P., Park st, Em H 
Homsby, F. K., Roden st, W M 
Horosby, J., tailor, 205 Napier st, F 
Hornsfall. J., 40 Gore st, F 
Horrell, Charles, C, High st, Pra 
Horrown, W. H., Adderly st, W M 
Horsburg, David and Alexander, boot- 
makers, 85 Swanston st 
Horsenail, Wm., lithographic printer. 

Heath st, San 
Horsey, A. M., 79 Young st, F 
Horsewell, Wm., Heath st, San 
Horsfall, George, Hoddle st, Rd 
Horsfall, J. A., draper, Gardiner*s creek 

road, Pra 
Horsfall, John, Murphy st, S Y 
Horsley, — , 81 Kerr st, F 
Horsley, Wra., Railway place, San 
Horsebauld, 237 Swan st, Rd 
Horticultural Society of Victoria, ofl!ce, 

Horton, C, Elgin st, Carl 
Horton, John N., grocer, 132 Spencer st 

Horton, Samuel, Commercial road, Pra 

Horton, Joseph, woodyard, 69 Lygon at, 

Horwitz, H., 1 Victoria parade, F 
Horwood, H., 106 Oxford st, E C 
Horwood, B., Sawyers* Arms hotel, Perry 

Hose, F. W., Provost st. Hot 
Hose, Wm., Jeflcott st, W M 
Hosie, James, confectioner, 38 Bonrke st 

Hosking, W. N., Park st, S Y 
Hoskins, J., carrier, Flem 
Hoskins, John, Crockford st, San 
Hoskins, W. H., 63 Kerr st, F 
Hoskins, Wm., 48 Hanover st, F 
Hospital, comer of Lonsdale and Swan- 
ston sts ; out-door patients* depart- 
ment, Little Lonsdale st east 
Houghton, Henry, 9 Hanmer st, Wmn 
Houghton, Mrs., laundress, 57 Cobden at, 

Houghton, Mrs., 46 Hanover st, F 
Houghton, W. G., perambulator manufac- 
turer, 6 Bridge road, Rd 
Hourigan, John, Twyford st, South Wmn 
House, Miss, milliner, 78 Bmnswick at, F 
House, S., Barkly st, St K 
House, Samuel, and Co., com and produce 
merchants, 264 Elizabeth st, and 17 
Queen st 
Houseley, N., Fitzroy hotel, Napier at, F 
Houses of Parliament, Spring st 
Houston, — , Palmerston st, Carl 
Houston, Hugh, 17 Rosslyn st, W M 
Houston, John, Beach road, Btn 
Houston, P., 94 Fitzroy st, F 
. Houten, Henry, drawing master, Garden 

st, Pra 
Horendon.F., 72 Napier st, Em H 
How, — , steam chaff works, Gipps st, E C 
Howard, — , Berkeley st, Carl 
Howard, E. C, Wangaratta 
Howard, G., 62 Stanley st, W. M. 
Howard, R. F., 170 Lygon st, Carl 
Howard, J., locksmith, 128 Gore st, F 
Howard, Mrs., general store, 155 Victoria 

st, EC 
Howard, Mrs., ladies* school. Gore st, F 
Howard, Mrs.Edward, 15 Jeffcott 8t,WM 
Howard, Wm., Palmerston st, Carl 
Howard, Wm., carpenter, McEillop st, 

Bourke st west 
Howarth, R., 54 Johnston st west, F 
Howat, David, 21 Dorcas st, Em H 
Howden, Charles, broker, 18 Queen at, 

and Albion st, S Y 
Howe, John, 26 Railway place, Wmn 
Howe, John, cigar manufacturer. High at, 

Howe, R., bootmaker, 74 Brunawick at,F 
Howe, Sarah, greengrocer, 71 Queena- 

berry at, Carl 
Howell, — , photographer, 47 Victoria pa- 
rade, F 





Howell, — , nurseryman. Chapel st^ St K 
Howell, Edward, 9 Baillie st. Hot 
Howell, Kdward, 17 King William st, F 
Howell, 6., 129 Kerr st, F 
Howell, George T., 127 Kerr st, F 
Howell, Thomas, fruiterer, 95 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Howes, James A., 272 Brunswick st, F 
Howes, James, 77 Moor st, F 
Howes, W., butcher. South road, Btn 
Howgate, Abraham, Yorkshire hotel, 

Wellington st, E C 
Howie, Robert, draper, &c., 25 Bourke st 

east, and Barklj st, Carl 
Howiaon, Alex., Stawell st, W M 
Howitt, Godfrey, M.D., 198 Collins steast 
Howitt, J., HI Moray st. Bm H 
Howitt, W.G., surgeon, 153 Collins st east 
Howlett, Mrs., Dover road, Wmn 
Howlett, R, 219 Napier st, F 
Howorth, Jeremiah, auctioneer and estate 

agent, 83 Collins st west 
Howre and Blake, saddlers, 15 and 31 

Bourke st west 
Howse, W. B., tailor, Cremome st, Bd 
Howson, A., 9 Church st, Em H 
Hoyt, Henry, coach proprietor and livery 

stable keeper, 90 Bourke st east 
Hubbard, J., 50 Johnston st west, F 
Huberts, John, Palmerston st, Carl 
Hudson, C, Royal Dane hotel, Faraday st, 

Hudson, Charles, 184 Cardigan st, Carl 
Hudson, J. G., draper, Chapel st, Fra 
Hudson, Mark, Elgin st, Carl 
Hudson, Mrs, machine sewer, 186 Wel- 
lington st, £ C 
Hudson, Mrs., Brighton st, Rd 
Hudson, R. J., Marion* st, F 
Hodson, W., Abbotsford st, W M 
HudsQii, Wm., cattle salesman, Flem 
Hudspeth, J., painter, Leicester st, Carl 
Hudspeth, Mrs., 3 Woodland terrace, 

George st, F 
Huesker and Erause, hay and corn deal- 
ers, 34 Little Lonsdale st east 
Huggett, Wm., Victoria st, Rd 
Huggios, John, house and land agent, 41 

Swanston st 
Hughan, John, steam saw and moulding 

mills, comer of Bourke and Speucer 

sts, and Moonee Ponds 
Hughes, — , Leicester st, Carl 
Hughes, A., 28 Raglan st, Em H 
Hughes and Harvey, tinsmiths, 97 Little 

Boarke street east and 142 Lonsdale st 

Hughes, Charles, saddlers* ironmonger, 

Lonsdale st east and 142 Latrobe st west 
Hughes, D., 63 Napier st, F 
Hughes, Daniel S., provision merchant, 4 

Lonsdale st east 
Hughes, David T., barrister, 6 Temple 

court, Collins st west 

Hughes, Edward, draper, &c., 144 Claren- 
don st, Em H 
Haghes, George, blacksmith, 79 Moor st,F 
Hughes, George, 55 Drummond st, Carl 
Hughes, Hugh, manager Agra and Mas- 
terman's Bank, Union Club, Collins st 
Hughes, J., Carlisle st east, St K 
Hughes, J., 13 Victoria parade, F 
Hughes, James, 164 Napier st, F 
Hughes, James, locksmith, 152 Little 

]£:>urke st east 
Hughes, James, Sir Walter Scott hotel, 

295 Elizabeth st 
Hughes, James, pawnbroker, 45 Smith st, 

Hughes, James Vincent, hotel broker, 2 
Flinders lane west, and Moray st, EmH 
Hughes, Jos., 60 Bouverie st, Carl 
Hughes, M., Noah's Ark hotel, Leicester 

st, Carl 
Hughes, Mrs., 64 York st east, Em H • 
Hughes, Mrs., Chapel st, St K 
Hughes, Mrs., dressmaker, 162 Collins st 

Hughes, Rev. E., 164 Johnston st, E C 
Hughes, Richard, Rouse st, San 
Hughes, Samuel, Alma st, St K 
Hughes, Thomas, 30 Grattan st, Carl 
Hughes, W. H., furniture dealer, Victoria 

st, WM 
Hughes, Wm., 89 Wellington st, Pra 
Hugo, George, baker. High st, Pra 
Hulbert, B., High st, St K 
Hull, Henry N., commission agent, 13 

Swanston st 
Hull, Wm., M.L.C., Bridge road, Rd 
Hull, Wm., Lothian st. Hot 
Hull, Wm. Henry, receiver and paymaster, 

Hulse, Thomas, 61 Roden st, W M 
Hulston, Wm., Stephenson st. Fey 
Hultgren, A., Hanover st, F 
Humberston, Henry, 180 George st, F 
Hume, H., Chetwynd st, W M 
Hummerston, M., Commercial road, Pra 
Hummerston, Michael, Lincoln hotel, 

Faraday st, Carl 
Humphrey, — , nightman, 78 Smith 8t,EC 
Humphrey, F., Pilgrim st, Fey 
Humphrey, H., tailor, Gifford st, Wmn 
Humphrey, J., Byron st. Hot 
Humphreys, C, 118 Little Bourke st west 
Humphreys, Captaiu H. W., Wellington 

road, Pra 
Humphreys, George, cabinetmaker, 8 Cre- 
mome st, Rd 
Humphreys, Wm., carpenter, 175 Cam- 
bridge st, E C 
Hung, Shing, Chinese chemist, 49 little 

Bourke st east 
Hunt, D., 19 Little Lonsdale st east 
Hunt, E. H., importer of boots and shoes, 
28 Flinders lane west 





Hunt, Fredk., costoma agent, Caatom- 

Hunt, George, hatter, 148 Smith at, £ C 
Hunt, Henry, Kew 
Hunt, J. J., painter, Black at, Btn 
Hunt, J. W., Dryburgh at. Hot 
Hunt, Jamea, Stoke at, San 
Hunt, John, poulterer, 52 Swanaton at 
Hunt, John, Uoaalyn at, W M 
Hunt, Joahua, hatmaker, 245 Boorke ft 

eaat, and Palmeraton at, Carl 
Hunt, Mrs., 90 Dryburgh at, Hot 
Hunt, Samuel, 37 Palmer at, F 
Hunt, Wm., druggist, Pent 
Hunt, Wm., restaurant, 17 Elizabeth at 
Hunt, Wm. J., Odd Fellowa' hotel, Webb 

Hunt, Wm., 28 Perry at, E C 
Hunter, A., Gore at, F 
Hunter and Co., blackamitha, 73 Flinders 

lane eaat 
Qunter, Daniel, 42 Cecil at, Em H 
Hunter, E., Heidelberg road 
Hunter, Jamea, boot and ahoe merchant, 

159 Bourke at east 
Hunter, John, tailor and clothier, 154 

King at 
Hunter, John, 32 Little Lonadale at weat 
Hunter, John, 23 Little Lonadale at weat 
Hunter, John, Argyle at east, St E 
Hunter, Mra., Franklin at weat 
Hunter, Mra., 3 Beynold'a terrace, George 

at, F 
Hunter, Mra., 1 Granite terrace, Gertrude 

Hunter, Robert, 178 George at, F 
Hunter, Robert, 8urgeon,&c,.87 Cardigan 

at, Carl 
Hunter, T. A., atraw hat maker, 76 Lona- 
dale at eaat 
Hunter, T. 8., Argyle at, Pra 
Hunter, Wm., Waterloo at, St K 
Huntington, H. V., Drummond at, Carl 
Huntaman, Benjamin, 90 Elgin at, Carl 
Hurley, Thomaa J., grocer, Cardigan at, 

Hurlaton, A., miller, Prea 
Hurlatone, P., miller. Union at, Btn 
Hurren, John, bootmaker, 56 Swan at, Rd 
Hurry, George, cuatoma agent, 15 Market 

at, and Commercial road, Pra 
Hurry, H., Commercial road, Pra 
Hurry, John, auctioneer, 58 Elizabeth at, 

and Boorondara 
Hurat, Robert, High at, St K 
Hurat, Wm., commiaaion agent, &c, 

Kirk*B Bazaar, Bourke at west 
Husband, J. F., and Co., importera, 74 

Little Collina at weat 
Huaband, Mra., dreaamaker, 72 Park at 

eaat, Em H 
Huaband, Wm., 193 Victoria parade, E M 
Huaband, Wm. H., aolidtor, 99| Collina at 


Hutchings, Charlea, wholeaale fruiterer, 5 
Weatern Market, and St. Edmnnd'a 

road, Pra 
Hutchinga, Jamea, comer of William and 

Capel ata, W M 
Hutchina, J., Canning at, Carl 
Hntchina, Jamea, 42 Wellington at, £ C 
Hutchina, Wm., 161 Fitzroy at, F , 
Hutchinaon, L., carpenter, 9 Barklj et, 

Hutchinaon, Matthew L., 64 Elizabeth ft 
Hutchinaon, Mra , 153 CecU at, Em H 
Hutchinaon, R., Sydney road, Bk 
Hutchinson, S., Hope at, Bk 
Hutchinaon, Thomaa, Clarendon at east, 

Hutchinaon, Thomaa, 59 BouTerie at,Gari 
Hutchinaon, Wm., china and glaaa dealer. 

114 Drummond at, Carl 
Hutchinaon, Wm., Station place, San 
Hutchinaon, Wm., Phmnix flour milU, 

Bay at, San 
Hutchiaon, Alexander, compoattor, Simp- 

aon at, E M 
Hutchiaon, Andrew, cabinetmaker, 72 

Smith at, E C 
Hutchiaon, B., timber yard, Auatratian 

Hutchiaon, J., Yere at, EC 
Hutchiaon, J., Albion at eaat, Bk 
Hutchiaon, Jamea, Abbotaford at. Hot 
Hutchison, Robert, Palmeraton place, 

Madeline at, Carl 
Hutchiaon, W., 22 Grattan at, Carl 
Hutchiaon, W., machiniat and amith, IS 

Poat Office place, and Baillie at. Hot) 4| 
Huthwaite,Wm.,atore, Abbotaford at. Hot 
Hutton, Charlea B., houae agen^ 41 

Swanaton at, and 3 Cromwell at, £ 
Hutton, Jamea B., Hanmer at, Worn 
Hutton, Wm., 47 Cardigan at, Carl 
Htttty, Jamea, bootmaker, M*Gnith place. 

Little Lonadale at eaat 
Hutty, Wm., Ill Victoria at, B C 
Huxley, Parker, and Co., monumental 

acnlptora, &c, 126 Little Collina at eaat, 

comer of Ruaaell at 
Hnxtable, J., Moore at. Fey 
Huxtable, John Alfred, commiaaion agent, 

&c., 133 Bourke at weat 
Huxtable. John, Caroline at, S T 
Huybera, Alfred, Barnett at, St K 
Huybera and Wilkina, merchants, 31 

Market at 
Hyam and Co., 38 Elizabeth at 
Hyama, H., bootmaker, 126 Little Bourke 

at east 
Hyams, Nathan, Victoria Basaar, 57 

Swanston at and 27 Stephen at 
Hyama, S., pawnbroker, 59 Elizabeth at 
Hyde Brothera, produce merchants, 169 

Brunswick at, F 
Hyde, George, Labour in Vain hotel, 

corner Brunawick and Moor ata, F 





Hyde, J., nddler, 80 Coventry at weft, 

Hjde, R., and Co., marine store dealers, 1 1 

Albert tt, £ M 
HjUuid, C, Burke and WUle hotel, Vic- 
toria at, £ C 
Hyland, Chariei, batcher, 239 Victoria st, 

Hf land, Mrs., Peel et, Pra 
Hyland, W., Pelbam st, Carl 
Btduui, Moeely, 7 Mackenzie st 
Hynde, Wm., 4 Jeffcott st, W M 
Hjndman, J., Park View hotel, Pant road, 

HTBdman, Wm^ gardener, 75 Bathdowne 

ft, Carl 
Hjne, Jamee F., coachboUder, Elizabeth 

Hjslop, Henry T., manufacturer and 

dealer in horse hair, 15 Latrobe st west 


Ibbotaon, James, 50 Chetwynd st. Hot 
Iddlea, J., Graham st, Toung st, F 
levers, Daniel, furniture dealer, 122 Swan- 

ston st 
levers, Wm., lOl Cardigan st, Carl 
levers, Wm., jun., 99 Cardigan st, Carl 
Bea, Samuel, Rowcna parade, Bd 
Illingworth, Frederick, fancy repository, 

100 Spencer st 
lUin^worth, John G., hay and |Com dealer, 

248 Smith st, £ C 
nimAB, George, Stanley st, W M 
Ulsley, Samuel, High st, Pra 
JUiutraUd Pott office, 9 Bourke st east 
lUwrattb, Thomas, William st north 
Imes, C. G., druggist, 5 Madeline st, Carl 
Immigrants' Aid Society, Collins st east, 
corner Swanstonst; and Prince's bridge 
Immigration Depot, Little Collins st west 
Immigration Hospital, 213 Bourke st west 
Immigration Offices and Store, Latrobe st 

west, and 27 Thompson st, Wmn 
Imperial fire Insurance Company of 

London, 50 Elizabeth st 
Impett, Jane, grocer, 34 Ljgon st, Carl 
Imri, W. W., Park st, £m H 
Inch, George, 116 £lgin st, Carl 
Ind, W., 99 Smith st, F 
Independent CbamiMon Gold Mining Co., 

64 Klizabeth st 
Industrial Building and Investment So- 
ciety, 68 Gertrnde st, F 
Indnstrial Home, Punt road, S Y 
Ingamells, Joshua, teacher, 168 Kussell st 
faigbam, N., Ewen st, Bk 
Ingle, J. E., butcher, 51 Market st, Em H 
Ingles, Adam, and Gresham, ship chan- 
dlers, &c.. Beach st, San 
Inglls,C. M., 3 Alexander terrace, Vic- 
toria parade, F 
Inglis, Danid, 33 Cedl st, Wmn 

Inglis, Frank, baker, Cremorne st, Bd 
Inglis, Rev. J. W., Bay st, San 
Ingram, Arthur, 88 Ferguson st, Wmn 
Ingram, Daniel, general dealer, 238 John- 
ston st, E C 
Ingram, James, draper and outfitter, 137a 

King st \ 

Ingram, John, 136 Westgarth st, F 
Ingram, John D., 56 Bouverie st, Cari 
Ingwoitb, Mrs., 58 Bridge road, Bd 
Inkley, Wm., farrier, Carlisle st, St K 
Inkpen, Henry F., carpenter, Acland st, 

Inkson, James, Johnston st, £ C 
Inselmann, H., baker, comer Cambridge 

and Victoria sts, £ C 
InMciveney Weekly Begieiery 56 Little Col- 
lins st west 
Insolvent Court, 98 Lonsdale st east 
Inspector General of Penal Establish- 
ments' offices, corner Latrobe and Wil- 
liam sts 
Inspector of Distilleries* office, Latrobe st 

Inspector of Markets, Eastern Market, 

Stephen st 
Inspector of Waterworks' office, Latrobe 

st west 
Institution for Diseases of the Eye and 

Ear, 2 Albert st, £ M 
International Exhibition, Offices of, 64 

Elizabeth st 
Iredale, Andrew T., coal merchant. Spring 

Ireddale, Timothy, 195 Lygon st, Carl 
Ireland, Charles, 3 Villiers st, Carl 
Ireland, George, fancy repository and in- 
surance agency, 182 Smith st, £ C 
Ireland, George, 1 Moor st, F 
Ireland, George, 3 Bath terrace, Faraday 

st, Carl 
Ireland, J., 173 Napier st, F 
Ireland, Bicfaard D., Q.C^ barrister, 5 

Temple court, Collins st west 
Ireland, S., Sydney road, Bk 
Ireland, W., 49 Nelson road, £m H 
Ireland, Wm. J. A., seedsman and florist, 

94 Smith st, £ C 
Irene Gold Mining Company, 3 Collins st 

Irish, Arthur, 59 Twyford st. South Wmn 
Irish, John, Railway hotel. Bay st, Btn 
Irons, John, contractor, 2 Hall of Com- 
merce, Collins st west, and Hotham st, 
Irvine, --, 36 Moray place, £ M 
Irvine, £., Bank st east, Em H 
Irvine, George, Graham st. Young st, F 
Irvine, J. A., Milton st, St K 
Irvine, James A, and Co., ale and porter 
bottlers and wine merchants, 89 Flin- 
ders st east 
Irvine, Joseph, 56 Montague st, Em H 
Irvine, Mrs., Wreckyn st. Hot 





Irvine, Mrs. Ann, grocer, 211 Ljgon and 
Faraday sta, Carl 

Irvine, P., Oxford at, Hot 

Irvine, Wm. F. D., chemist, 88 Queen st, 
and St E 

Irving, — , 62 Park st east, £m H 

Irving, A., 109 Argyle«t, F 

Irving, J. L., Howard st, Hot 

Irving, James L., and Co., produce mer- 
chants, 278 and 280 Elizabeth st 

Irving, Joseph, surveyor, Whitehall st. 

Irving, Mrs. C, 74 Park st east, Em H 

Irving, Mrs., 85 Leicester st, Carl 

Irving, Wm., 38 Lothian st. Hot 

Irwin, Andrew, Flem 

Irwin, Catherine, 14 Dudley st, W M 

Irwin, E., 13 Madeline st, Carl 

Irwin, Wm., carrier. Queen st north 

Isaac, James, 218 Swan st, Rd 

Isaacs, A. M., 35 Stephen st 

Isaacs, Abraham, dealer, 31 Little Lons- 
dale st east 

Isaacs, B., and Son, London Tavern, 65 
Elizabeth st 

Isaacs, Benjamin, 147 Collins st east 

Isaacs, Brothers, importers, 15 Lonsdale 
st west 

Isaacs, G., 75 George st, F 

Isaacs, Moss, pawnbroker, 203 Elizabeth 

Isaacs, Solomon, grocer, wine and spirit 
merchant, 202 Latrobe street east 

Isaacs, W., 25 Stephen st 

Isard, Wm., fancy repository, 107 Swan- 
ston st 

Isbister, John, 161 Cecil st,F 

Isbister, Mrs., Fitzroy st, F 

Isherwood, E., tailor, 8 Alfred place, Col- 
lins st east 

Isles, Nathan, 5 Baillie st. Hot 

Israel, S., tailor, 32 Madeline st, Carl 

Israelite Sanctuary, 111 Fitzroy st, F 

Is worth, B., cab 'proprietor, Pres 

Ives, W. J. B., undertaker. Punt road, Pra 

Ivey, George Pearse, St Eilda st, Btn 

Izard, Henry J., shoemaker, 159 George 
st, F 

Izard and Sons, bootmakers, 114a Wel- 
lington st, E C 

Izod, John T., grocer, Commercial road, 


Jack, Andrew and Richard, importers, 75 

Flinders lane east 
Jack, James, Barkly st, Carl 
Jack, John, George st, F 
Jack, Mrs., Simpsou st, £ M 
Jack, Mrs., Wellingtoiw st, Kd 
Jacka, George, 46 Berkeley st, Carl 
Jackman, Thomas, ganger, 82 Collins st 


Jackman, Thomas J., Inkerman st, Eaat 

Jackson, A., commission agent, 151 Col- 
lins st east 

Jackson, B., greengrocer, 251 Ylctona 
parade, E C 

Jackson, Charles J., engraver and litho- 
grapher, 79 Queen st 

Jackson, Charles, tailor, 128 Little Bimrke 
st east 

Jackson, E., 5 Eing William st, F 

Jackson, Edward, 110 George st, F 

Jackson, F. W., British Lion hotel, West- 
garth st, F 

Jackson, G., 138 Eerr st, F 

Jackson, H., baker. Nth 

Jackson, Isaac, Chambers st, Pra 

Jackson, J., bootmaker, 101 Westgarth 
st, F 

Jackson^ J., Peel st, W M 

Jackson, J., Sydney road, Bk 

Jackson, James, Footscray hotel, Albert 
road. Fey 

Jackson, James, 3 Charlotte terrace, Ross- 
lyn st, W M 

Jackson, James, 1 1 Flinders lane west 

Jackson, James, 35 Montague st, Em H 

Jackson, John, Barkly st, Carl 

Jackson, John, 17 Marian st, F 

Jackson, Joseph, smith and waggon buil- 
der, Elizabeth st extension 

Jackson, M., 47 St. Darid st, F 

Jackson, Margaret, milliner and dreas- 
maker, 151 Collins st east 

Jackson, Mrs. E., Railway place, San 

Jackson, Mrs., Moor st, F 

Jackson, Rev. T. H., Strand, Wmn 

Jackson, Robinson, engineer, 51 Ferguson 
st, Wmn 

Jackson, Robert, dairyman, 81 Victoria 
st, Carl 

Jackson, T., Grey st, E M 

Jackson, Thomas, bootmaker, Cecil at 
north, Wmn 

Jackson, Thomas, ironmonger, 81 Eliza- 
beth st, and 6 Little Collins st west 

Jackson, Thomas Wm., Prince's st, F 

Jackson, W., letter carrier, 37 Pasooe st, 

Jackson, W. B., warehouseman, 131 Brid- 
port st, Em H 

Jackson, Wm., Stoke st. San 

Jacobe, Louis, butcher, 10 Arden st, Ho 

Jacobs, Bernard, Canning st, Carl 

Jacobs, Colman, Victoria st, St E 

Jacobs; E., Esplanade, St E 

Jacobs, H., cabinetmaker, 88 Napier st, F 

Jacobs. Henry, 1 Union terrace, Cardigan 
st, Carl 

Jacobs, Li Adand st, St E 
Jacobs, Joseph, 30 Wellington st, E C 
Jacobs, Lawrance, 49 York st west, Em H 
Jacobs, Mrs. Arthur, 31 Johnston at, E C 
Jacobs, Thomas, baker, &c., Pre* 





Jftcobflon, James, 31 Twjrford at, Wmn 
JacobtoD, S. H., pawnbroker, 128 Kassell 

James, Thos. Reynolds, manager electric 

telegraph, William st, corner of Little 

Boorke st 
Jacomb, Bobert £., official assignee, 11 

and 12 £ldoa chambers, Collins st west 
Jaffraj, W. K., 40 Bank st, Em H 
Jager, £., cabinetmaker, Victoria st, Kd 
Jago, J,, Crockford st, San 
Jago, Mra.^ Bichmond terrace, Rd 
James, — , mason. Pel ham st, Carl 
James, — , iiendigo st, Hot 
James, B., Albert st, I'ra 
James, Benjamin, 42 Barkly st, Carl 
James, Charles, tailor, 19 Greeyes st, F 
James, Charles, boarding-house keeper, 

139 Little Collins st east 
James, Charles, Feel st, Pra 
James, David, 143 Collins st east 
James, £., contractor, Uoddle st, £ C 
James, £dmand, Nth 
James, £dw., upholsterer, 62 Victoria st, 

James, F., 1 Clarendon terrace. Clarendon 

James, O. P., Boyal George hotel, GreTille 

st, Pra 
James, George, fancy repository, 63 Peel 

James, George, blacksmith, Preston 
James, Uenrj, Albert st. Wind 
James, Uenry, plumber, Pres 
James, j/, 50 King William st, F 
James, J. C, Nott st, San 
James, Jane, £arl of Zetland hotel, IS 

Stanley st, £ C 
James, John, fioddle st, £ C 
James, John P., Royal George hotel. 

Chapel st, Pra 
James, Mary, boarding-house keeper, 132 

Lonsdale st east 
James, Mrs. Mary, 31 Moor st, F 
James, Mrs., 1 Dover place, Wmn 
James, Mrs., school, Barry st, Carl 
James, S. W., Boundary hotel, corner 

Uotham and Hoddle sts, £ M 
James, T. H., 65 Kerr st, F 
James, Thomas C, Nott st, San 
James, Wm., S Y 

Jameson, K., boardmg-house, 150 King st 
Jameson, £., 122 Little Bonrke st west 
Jameson, George, pawnbroker, 154 Rus- 
sell st, and 139 Lonsdale st east 
Jameson, Graham, storekeeper, £8S 
Jamieson, Alexander, grocer, 151 Moor 


Jamieson, Alexander, Punt road, S Y 
Jamieson, Captain S. G., 103 Napier st, 

Jamieson, David, tailor, M*Killop st, off 

Bonrke st west 
Jamieson, Francis, baker, Kew 

Jamieson, George, and Co., wholesale 

warehousemen, &c., 4 Swanston st 
Jamieson, J. P., Neptune st, St £ 
Jamieson, James, Preston Arms hotel, 

Jamieson, Hiss, Lennox st, Rd 
Jamieson, Mrs., 28 Smith st, £ C 
Janes, H., 25 Dover place, Wmn 
Japp, John, boarding-house, Bay st, San 
Jarman, Henry, cabinetmaker, 209 Lons- 
dale st west 
Jarratt, R., grocer, 64 Smith st, £ C 
Jarratt, Thomas, Peel st. Hot 
Jarrett, F. C, commission agent, 104 Col- 
lins st east, and Bk 
Jarrett, Rer. W., Bi^inswick road, Bk 
Jarrett, Thomas, farrier, £lizabeth st 

north, and BouTcrie st, Carl 
Jarrett, W. Henry, 38 Powiett st, £ M 
Jarvie, A., Brunswick road, Bk 
Jaryie, W., Glenlyon road, Bk 
Jarrie, Joseph, Princess hotel, 149 Smith 


Jayes, F., Gore st, F 

Jetf. Davis Quartz Mining Company, 66 

Little Collins st west 
Jeffries, — , watchmaker. Swan st, Rd 
Jeffries, George, Rowena parade, Rd 
Jeffries, T. R., painter, 331 Fitzroy st, F 
Jeffers, Mrs., 78 Kerr st, F 
Jeffery, Alfred, Victoria parade, £ M 
Jeffery, Henry, grocer, 182 Clarendon st, 

Jeffery, Matthew, bootmaker, 61 Victoria 

parade, F 
Jeffery, Robert, 83 Capel st. Hot 
Jefferson, John, Lothian st. Hot 
Jeffray, R. J., Grey st, St K 
Jeffrey, — , grocer, 28 Utter st, £ C 
Jeffrey, D., 15 Drummond st, Carl 
Jeffrey, J., Chapel st, Pra 
Jeffrey, John, Park st, S Y 
Jeffrey, R. J., secretary £aglefleld Pas- 
toral Co., 115 Collins st west 
Jeffrey, Samuel, farrier, Pres 
Jeffreys, Charles, Railway place, San 
Jeffreys, Joseph, Roden st, W M 
Jeffreys, Joseph, french polisher, 3 Church 

st, Em H 
Jeffries, Henry, Hoddle st, £ C 
Jeffries, J., Richmond Brewery, Church 

st, Rd 
Jefls, Samuel, Hoddle st, Rd 
Jeliett, Mrs., 102 Fitzroy st, F 
Jellie, J., Carpenter st, Btn 
Jenklne, Lewis, Peel st, Pra 
Jenkins and Hallifaz, pawnbrokers and 

auctioneers, 63 Errol st, Hot 
Jenkins, Henry, carpenter. Peel st, Pra 
Jenkins, James, 215 Gore st, F 
Jenkins, John, saddler, &c., 49 Bourke st 

Jenkins, John, blacksmith, 60 George st, F 
Jenkins, John, 55 Coventry st, £m H 





Jenkins, John, saddler, Chapel it, Pra 
Jenkins, Jos., pawnbroker, 13 LeTison st^ 

Jenkins, Thomaf, builder, 65 Napier st, 

Jenkins, W., 93 Douglas parade, Wmn 
Jenkins, Zachariah, blacksmith, 244 John- 
ston St, K C 
Jenkinson, Mrs., 69 Cremorne st, Rd 
Jenkinson, Samuel, carpenter and builder, 

25 Little Collins east 
Jenkinson, W., Hoddle st, E C 
Jenkinson, Walter, Barry st, Carl 
Jenman, Thomas, 87 Gore st, F 
Jenner, C. J., M.L.C., iron merchant, kc, 

47 Flinders lane east, and 55 Flinders 

st east 
Jenner, Mrs., Coventry st east, Em H 
Jenning, J., Cole st south, Wmn 
Jenning, Joseph J., hon. sec. to Bible So- 

ciety, 17 Swanston st, and S T 
Jennings and Coote, solicitors, 37 Queen st 
Jennings, George James, builder, 6 and 6 

Grattan st, CSirl 
Jennings, H., Kew 
Jennings, Henry N., solicitor, 83 Siraneton 

st, and Francis st, £ C 
Jennings, J. K., Walsh st, S Y 
Jennings, James W., Ferguson st, Wmn 
Jennings, James, 20 RatMowne st, Carl 
Jennings, John H., tea dealer and grocer, 

105 Swanston st 
Jennings, Mrs., 56 Moray st, Em H 
Jennings, Samuel, bootmaker. High st, 

Jennings, Thomas, Blackwood st. Hot 
Jennings, Thomas, 142 Lonsdale st west 
Jennings, Thomas, undertaker, 128 Queen 

Jennings, W. T., 74 Moray st, Em H 
Jenvy, Mrs., schoolmistress, 44 Moor 

st, F 
Jenyns, J., tailor. 4 Madeline st, Carl 
Jeremy, James, Wmn 
Jeremy , John, traffic superintendent, Spen- 
cer street station 
Jermann, W., 15 Dorcas st, Em H 
Jervis, John, Hoddle st, Rd 
Jervis, Mrs., Hoddle st, £ C 
Jerrems, T. C, Richmond terrace, Rd 
Jessup, J., 12 Hanover st, F 
Jessup, Thomas, 117 Elgin st, Carl 
Jewell, J., carrier, Harcourt st, Hot 
Joachimi, G, Gipps st, E M 
Joblln, J. R., Station place, San 
Jobton and Walland, furniture carters, 

175 Napier st. F 
Jobson, George, Punt road, S Y 
Jobson, Thomas 8., fruiterer, 54 Gertrude 

st, P 

John, E., Lennox st, Rd 

John Knox Free Church and Schools, 

Swanston st, corner Little Lonsdale st 
Johns, Edward, Gipps st, R M 

Johns, P., galraniaed uron woika, SI Hin- 
ders lane eaat 
Johns, Saml., 40 Curzon at. Hot 
Johns, Wm., 33 Moor st, F 
Johnson, ~, Hoddle st, E C 
Johnson, — , 93 Faraday st, Carl 
Johnson, A., Barkly at, Bk 
Johnson, Alfred J., Stoke st 
Johnson and Co., importers of photo- 
graphic goods, 28 Swanston it 
Johnson, Annie, grocer, 106 Rnssell at 
Johnson, Arthur £., architect, FormoM 

terrace, Barkly st, St K 
Johnson, C, 197 Cecil st, Em H 
Jolinson, C. J., 124 Moor st, F 
Johnson, Frederick, Creswick at. Haw 
Johnson, Frederick, Kew 
Jo^uson,G., coal dealer, 45 Gertrude st» F 
Johnson, G. A., cabinet maker. Grey wt, 

Johnson, G. F., 66 Napier st, Sm H 
Johnson, G. T., Nth 
Johnson, G. and J., importera of fmlt. 

&c., 39 William st 
Johnson^ George, 134 Westgarth st, F 
Johnson, George, Nicholson st, F 
Johnson, George, plumber and glaiier, 61 

Smith st, F 
Johnson, H., Rowena parade, Rd 
Johnson, Henry, conveyancer, 26 Temple 

court, Collins st west 
Johnson, J., draper, 5 Nelson plaee, Wmn 
Johnson, J., bandmaster, Prea 
Johnson. J., wheelwright. Bay st, Btn 
Johnson, J., Weston st, Bk 
Johnson, J., blacksmith. Bay at, Btn 
Johnson, J., 213 Gore st, F 
Johnson, J. T., Esplanade, St K 
Johnson, J. W., 4 Franklyn st, W M 
Johnson, Jacob, Leveson st. Hot 
Johnson, James, Johnston st, £ 
Johnson, James, greengrocer, 188 Wel- 
lington st, £ C 
Johnson, James £., warehoueemna, 37 

Flindera lane east 
Johnson, John G., Upper Northcote 
Johnson, John, 73 Webb at, F 
Johnson, John, greengrocer, 93 Napier at, 

Johnson, John, diningrooms, 1 1 6 Queen st 
Johnson, John, 176 Victoria at, Rd 
Johnson, John, 117 Westgarth at, F 
Johnson, John, Union st, S Y 
Johnson, Martin, 159 Moray at, £m H 
Johnson, Mrs., Darling at, S Y 
Johnson, Mrs., 108 Cardigan st, Carl 
Johnson, Mrs., grocer. Little Lonadale at 

Johnson, P.. cooper, 147 Smith at, F 
Johnson, Philip, solicitor, 34 CoUina at 

west, and Clifton st, Rd 
Johnson, R., 20 Oxford st, £ C 
Johnson, R., 51 Johnston at, F 
Johnson, R., Thompson st^ Sottth WoHl 





Mdioii, R., Ghetwynd tt, W M 
Johnson's Reef Gold Miaes Companj, 10 

JQizaheth st sooth 
Johoioa, Richard, a*Beckett tt eaal 
Johnson, S. W., Royal Mail hotel, Wel- 
lington St, Pre 
Johnson, T., Vale st, Hot 
Johnson, T., gardener, Mill st, Btn 
Johnson, T. G., Rosslyn st, W M 
Johnson, Thoma*, 186 Drammond st, Carl 
Johnson, Thomas, Haw 
Johnson, W. H., 108 Leicester st, Carl 
Johnson, Wm., chemist. Pant road, and 

Nelson st. Pre 
Johnson, Wm., Nicholson st. Fey 
Johnson, Wm., Barkly st, St K 
Johnson, W. R., Bay st, Btn 
Johnson, W. 8., Heath st, San 
Johnson, W., Post Office hotel. Chapel st, 

Johnson, Wm., 6 George st, F 
Johnson, Wm., 194 Gore st, F 
Johnston, Andrew, plnmberand gasfitter, 

9 a'Beckett st evt 
Johnston, Archibald, painter, Nicholas 

lane, 216 Bonrke st east 
Johnston, B. J., Elgin st, Cari 
Johnston, D., Capel st, Hot 
Johnston, D. and E., cabinetmakers, &c., 

29 Latrobe st east, and Capel st. Hot 
Johnston, £., Capel st. Hot 
Johnston, E. C, 34 Latrobe st west 
Johnston, Edward, 112 Young st, F 
Johnston, Greorge K , auctioneer and fur- 
niture warehouse, 118 Bourke st east, 
and Victoria cottage, Gipps st, E M 
Johnston, Henry J., Robe st, St K 
Johnston, J., Howard st, W M 
Johnston, J., Stanley st, E C 
Johnston, J. A., Station place, San 
Johnston, James, goods and luggage store, 

17 King st 
Johnstoik, James A., bootmaker, 187 Cla- 
rendon st, Em H 
Johnston, James E., St. Vincent's place, 

Park st west, Em H 
Johnston, James, 54 Thompson st, Wmn 
Johnston, Joseph, 283 Moray st, Em H 
Johnston, Joseph R., 89 Park st, Em H 
Johnston, Miss, dressmaker, 41 Madeline 

Johnston, Miss, dressmaker, High st,St K 
Johnston, Mrs., 82 Ferrars st, E H 
Johnston, Mrs. Jane, 17 Peel st. Hot 
Johnston, Mrs. M., 14 Fitzroy st, F 
Johnston, Mra. M., fancy repository, 85 

Raglan st, Em H 
Johnston, O'Shannessy, and Co., photo- 
graphic artists, 3 Bourke st east 
Johnston, P., bootmaker. Rouse st, San 
Johnston, R.,sign writer, SackTille st,EC 
Johnston, Her. Kerr, San 
Johnston, Robert, Brick st, Rd 
Johnston, Robert, builder, Hotham 8t,E M 

Johnston, Robert, 5 Alma st, F 
Johnston, Samuel, 152 Bourke st west 
Johnston, Thomas, 18 Dorcas st, Em H 
Johnston, Thomas, 131 Little Bourke st 

Johnston, W., Bouverie st, Carl 
Johnston, W. C, Geelong st. Fey 
Johnston, Waldron, Kew 
Johnston, Wm., 7 Nicholas lane 
Johnstone, H. J., Robe st, St K 
Johnstone, Robert V., High st, Pn 
Johnstone, S. P., Nott st, San 
JoUiffe, —, cabinetmaker. Chapel st. Pre 
Jolly, J., fruiterer, 31 Market st, Em H 
Jolly, John, fruiterer, Bay st, San 
Jolly, Thomas, carpenter, 98 Drybnrgh 

Jolly, Thomas, carpenter, 16 little Lons* 

dale st east 
Jonas, John, bootmaker. Haw 
Jonasson, Hermann, M.O., 174 Collins st 

Jones, A. B., Quarry hotel, Weston st,Bk 
Jones and Gnyatt, surgical instrument 

makers, 106 Lonsdale st east 
Jones and Moses, boot and shoe ware- 
house, 222 Bourke st east 
Jones and Thomas, bakera. High st, St K 
Jones, Arthur Travor, carpenter, off Gis- 

bourne st, E M 
Jones, B., 125 Little Lonsdale st east 
Jones, Beigamin, carrier, 73 Iicveson st. 

Jones, Benjamin, and Co., wholesale glass- 
ware merchants, 101 Queen st 
Jones, C, greengrocer, 27 Rathdowne st, 

Jones, C, Berkeley st, Carl 
Jones, C., butcher, Graham st, San 
Jones, Charles, Peel st. Pre 
Jones, Chas. Edwin, M.L. A., Charles st, F 
Jones, David, cabinetmaker, 3 Nelson 

place, Wmn 
Jones, David, builder, Eleanor st. Fey 
Jones, David, 100 Dorcas st, Em H 
Jones, David, Drummond st, Carl 
Jones, David, Albert st, E M 
Jones, E., 61 Little Oxford st, E C 
Jones, E., bootmaker, 77 Wellington st, 

Jones, E. B., 27 Moor st, F 
Jones, Edward, 7 Hanmer st, Wmn 
Jones, Edwin, Gertrude st, F 
Jones, Edwin, Murphy st, S Y 
Jones, Edwin, basket maker, 17 Johnston 

st, EC 
Jones, F., Carlisle st east, St E 
Jones, Francis, commissioner of audit, 

Jolimont terrace, E M 
Jones, G., bootmaker, 8 Rathdowne st, 

Jones, Griffith, Uttle Hanover st, F 
Jones, Henry, photogrepher, 19 Collins st 

east and 107 Elizabeth st 





Jones, Henry, teacher^FalmerstOQ tt, Carl 
Jones, Henry, Commercial road, Pra 
Jones, Henry, 19 Cecil st, Wmn 
Jones, H. S., Chetwynd st, W M 
Jones, H. L., postman, Queen st north 
Jones, Isaac H., sharebroker, 145 Eliza- 
beth sc 
Jones, J., 62 Argyle st, F 
Jones, J., 130 Moor st, F 
Jones, J., 128 Cardigan st east 
Jones, Jas., sharebroker, 145 Elizabeth st 
Jones, James, Curzon st, Hot 
Jones, J., lilawarra st. South Wmn 
Jones, J., bootmaker, Victoria st, Hot 
Jones, J., 43 Cecil st. North Wmn 
Jones, J., dairy, Punt road, S T 
Jones, James, Highett st, Rd 
Jones, J. M., Station place, San 
Jones, J. P., 4 Little Latrobe st east 
Jones, J. P., 243 King st 
Jones, J. R., boatbuilder 
Jones, J. T., Lennox st, Rd 
Jones, John E., lirery stables, 87 Ger- 
trude st, F 
Jones, John, BouTerie st, Carl 
Jones, John, Fortune of War hotel, 203 

Napier st, F 
Jones, John, blacksmith, Rirer side south 
Jones, John, Steredore st, Wmn 
Jones, John, greengrocer, 55 and 57 Bank 

st west, Em H 
Jones, John, grocer, Bouverie st, Carl 
Jones, John, 106 Lonsdale st east 
Jones, John, 222 Bourke st east 
Jones, John, window-blind maker, 78 

Lonsdale st east 
Joi^es, John, 18 Marian st, F 
Jones, John, 71 Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Jones, John, 99 and 133 Leicester st. F 
Jones, John C, chemist. Bridge road, Rd 
Jones, John E., County Court hotel, 

a'Beckett st east 
Jones, John M., grocer, Capel st, Hot 
Jones, Joseph, Greeves st, F 
Jones, L., 182 Russell st 
Jones, Misses, school, Elgin st, Carl 
Jones, Mrs., dressmaker, Palmcrston st, 

Jones, Phillip F., reporter, Hanmcr. st, 

Jones, R., 5 John st, Wmn 
Jones, R. D., 6 Studley park terrace, Vic- 
toria st, Pra 
Jones, R. J., Heath st, San 
Jones, Richard, accountant, 69 Collins st 

west, and Argo st, S Y 
Jones, Robert, grocer, 238 Elizabeth st 
Jones, Robert, Cole st, South Wmn 
Jones, Robert, Junction hotel, Whitehall 

st. Fey 
Jones, Stephen, Elgin st, Carl 
Jones, Stephen, Inkerman st east, St K 
Jones, T. A., New Rising Sun hotel, Gee- 
long road, Fey 

Jones, T. R., John st. Moor st, F 
Jones, Thomas, Elgin st, Carl 
Jones, Thomas, 5 Ferguson st, Wmn 
Jones, Thomas, 34 Franklyn st, W M 
Jones, Thomas, 53 Park st, Em H 
Jones, Thomas H., Rifle Brigade and Jor- 
dan road hotel, Brunswick st, F 
Jones, W., farrier, Barkly st, St E 
Jones, W., land agent. Fey 
Jones, W., tobacconist, 158 Clarendon at, 

Jones, W., 39 Faraday st, Carl 
Jones, W., 160 Moray st, Em H 
Jones, W. W., painter and paperhanger, 

228 Bourke st east 
Jones, Wm., blacksmith, 160 Little Col- 
lins st east 
Jones, Wm., grocer, Lennox st, Rd 
Jones, Wm., horse dealer, 67 Argyle at, F 
Jones, Wm., Howard st. Hot 
Jones, Wm., land agent, Geelong road, 

Jones, Wm., Nelson st, Pra 
Jones, Wm., pilot, OstKime st, Wmn 
Jones, Wm., produce merchant. Church 

st, Rd 
Jones, Wm., Temple court Collina at west^ 

and Whitehall st. Fey 
Jones, Wm., 9 John st, Wmn 
Jones, Wm., 201 Lygon st, Carl 
Jones, Wm., station master, 26 Bank st 

east, Em H 
Jones, Wm., 20 Little Latrobe st east 
Jones, Wm. B., lighterman and free store 
keeper, 149 Collins st west and 97 Flin- 
ders lane west 
Jonnes, S. W., 39 Wellington st, St K 
Jordan, Alexander, Macarthur place, Carl 
Jordan, James, jam manufacturer, 21 La- 
trobe st west 
Jordan, James, upholsterer, Parker st^ 

Jordan, John, mason, Brennan st, Eas 
Jordan, Mrs., Russell st 
Jordan, W., 181 Little Lonsdale st east 
Joseph and Co., watchmakers, &c., 59 

Collins st east 
Joseph, Henry, analytical chemist and as- 

sayer, 6 Collins st east 
Joseph, Israel, clothier and draper, 69 

Bourke st east 
Joseph, Nathan, general importer, 21 Little 

Collins st east and 65 Swanston st 
Josephs, Henry, 40 Nicholson st, F 
Josephs, Joseph Solomon, merchant, 13 

Elizabeth st, and Avoca st, S T 
Joshua Brothers, merchants, 46 William 

Joshua, J. M., Acland st, St E 
Joshua, Moss, High st, St E 
Joske, Alexander, Church square, St E 
Joske Brothers, merchants, 2 Little Col- 
lins st west 
Jouianneans, J., 44 Goro st, F 


lOT) Btjfemttos. 


JonrdftiD, H. D., Yam at, Heid 

Jontmal of Commerce office, 51 and 53 

FUnden lane west 
JooTety A., and Co., merchants, 3 Bond st 
JooTet, A., 204 Victoria parade, £ M 
Jor, Alfred, auctioneer, land agent, and 

hotel broker, 56 Little Collins st west 
Joyce, — , builder, 110 Oxford st 
Jofce, R. D., Bay st, San 
Joyce, Edward, Station place, San 
Joyce, John, 59 Drummond st, Carl 
Joyce, R., bootmaker, Howard st. Hot * 
Joyce, Wm., Church st, Bd 
Joynson, John, shoemaker, 265 King st 

Jodd, J^ Jodd st, Rd 
Jttdd, John, 45 Dover place, Wmn 
Jttdd, Thomas, Kew 
Jude, Ascher, watchmaker and jeweller, 

294 Bourke st east 
Jodson, Charles, 142 Firzroy st, F 
Julians. £., contractor, corner of Clyde 

and Adand ets, St K 
Jaliff, James Charles, SackTiUe st, £ C 
Jnpp, Wm., Albert st, Pra 

Kabat and Tjecky, stock and share brokers, 
Hall of Commerce, Collins st west 

Kahl, F., cooper, Nott »t. San 

Kai, Schnlam B., watchmaker and jewel- 
ler, 129 Gertrude st, F 

Kailtow, Jos., Peel st. Hot 

Kaines, C. and O., Duke of York hotel, 
High st, Pra 

Kalz, Mrs. S., grocer, 40 Little Latrobe st 

Ksfloer and Moss, opticians, 17 Collins st 

Katxenstein, Isaac, merchant, 149 Collins 
st west, and Argyle st, St K 

Katzenstein, J., Argyle st, St K 

Kavanagh and Co., drapers, Queensberry 
and Leveson sts, Hot 

KaTanagh, Francis P., 64 George st, F 

Karaoagb, H., Shamrock hotel, Cardigan 

Karanagh, Miss, dressmaker, Victoria st. 

Kawerau, F. F., 3 Apsley place, Gisbome 

Kay, Andrew, Wilson st, S T 

Kay, Captain Joseph, Caroline st, S Y 

^ay, J. H., Captain, R.N., clerk to Kxecu- 
tiTe Council, government house 
ly, James, bootmaker, 35 Victoria st, 

^ay, James, painter, Kew 

aye, — , draper, 166 Bridge road, Bd 

lye, Btttchart, and Co., cattle and sheep 

lalesmen and commission agents, 56 

Boorke st west 

aye, £dward, farmer, £s8 

Tm, Wm., Kicholion st, Carl 

Eeane. James, Yorkshire Stingo hotel, 

Hoddle st, E C 
Eeane, J. G., wood yard, 83 Faraday st, 

Keane, Wm., Victoria st, W M 
Keane, Wm., Ilia war ra st, Wmn 
Kearman, J., teacher. Pent 
Keaney, John, Stevedore st, Wmn 
Kearnan, — , teacher. Pent 
Kearney, Arthur, Bull st, St K 
Kearney, John, 43 Swanston st, and 88 

Barney st, Rd 
Kearney, P.. school, Lothian st, Hot 
Keating, J., Chetwynd st, Hot 
Keating, James, 278 Smith st, E C 
Keats, James, leather merchant, 281 Eli- 
zabeth st 
Keay, Wm., 5 Jackson st, Wmn 
Keeble, Samuel, general dealer, 184 Smith 

St. E C 
Keedle, C, Sydney road, Bk 
Keele, Henry, baker, Sackrille st, £ C 
Keety, James, 144 Lonsdale st west 
Keely, M., cabinetmaker, Murchison st, 

Nicholson st, Carl 
Keen, G., painter, &c., Gardiner's creek 

road, Pra 
Keenan, T., 94 Elgin st, C4trl 
Keene, Henry, grocer, 58 Errol st. Hot 
Keene, James, surgeon and ooculist, 127 

Collins st east 
Keens, John A., ironmonger, 161 Eliza- 
beth st 
Keep, Ell ward, wholesale ironmonger, 37 

Elizabeth st, and Dandenong road 
Keep and Waters, drapers and outfitters, 

101 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Kecr, John, 20 Rosslyn st, W M 
Keffbrd, R., 25 Oxford st, E C 
Keighery, J., bootmaker, Dover road, 

Keighery, — , shoemaker, Wellington st, 

Keily, Josh., bootma]cer, 86^ Swanston st 
Kelly, Michael, 95 Flinders st east 
Keily, Thomas, bootmidcer, 14 Flindera 

lane west 
Keir, Richard, Franklin st, W M 
Keith, Augustus, Temple court, Collins st 

Keith, C. F., upholsterer, 132 Cardigan st, 

Keith, Mrs., 138a George st, F 
Kell. Wm., Highett st, Rd 
Kelleher, Jeremiah B., Court House hotel. 

Grey st, St K 
Kelleher, John, 80 Rose st, F 
Kelleher, Robert, Albion hotel, corner 

Chapel and High sts, Pra 
Kellett, Abraliam, drayman, George st, 

Kellett, Edward, grocer and corn dealer, 

Hoddle st, E C 
Kellett, J., fruiterer, 38 Gertrude st, F 






Kellett, Mn., 279 Victoria parade, E C 

Keliett, S., storekeeper, Kew 

Kellett, Wm., Volanteer Armi hotel, 70 

Montague at, Em H 
Kellej, — , 143 Johnston st, E C 
Kellock, J., 109 Oxford st, E C 
Kelly,— , senior oonstable, police barracks^ 

Kelly, Alexander, cab proprietor, 116 

Argyle st. F 
Kelly and Co., coal merchants, 200 Eliza- 
beth st north 
Kelly, Anne, Madeline hotel, 47 Madeline 

st, Carl 
Kelly, C, Dryburgh st. Hot 
Kelly, Edward, draper, &c , 112 High st, 

Kelly, F., Victoria parade, E C 
Kelly, F., wigmaker, 287 Bourke st west 
Kelly, G., surveror. Stoke st, San 
Kelly, H. L., C.E.. 81 Napier st, Em H 
Kelly, Hugh, 58 Victoria st, Rd 
Kelly, Jm 80 Kerr st, F 
Kelly, James, inspector of police. Fey 
Kelly, James, Brennan st, Ess 
Kelly, James, Berkeley st, Carl 
Kelly, James, Kelly's hotel, comer of 

Nott and Beach sts, San 
Kelly, John, GrOTernment inspector. Fey 
Kelly, John, Pont road, 8 Y 
Kelly, John, Station place, San 
Kelly, John C, painter and paperlianger, 

id Chnrch st, Em H 
Kelly, M. J., Rathdowne st, Carl 
Kelly, Michael, Reilly st, F 
Kelly, Miss, ladies' school, Bmnswick 

road, Bk 
Kelly, Mrs., boarding-house, 123 Flinders 

lane east 
Kelly, Mrs., 117 Argyle st, F 
Kelly, Mrs., 119 Cecil st, Em H 
Kelly, P., baker, 46 Napier st, F 
Kelly, Patrick, Grosvenor st, Pra 
Kelly, Patrick, Railway place, San 
Kelly, Peter, contractor, 79| Collins st 

east, and Newlsnds, Merri creek 
Kelly, Peter, 19 Dorcas st, Em H 
Kelly, Robert, Hoddle st, E C 
Kelly, T., Victorian Pottery, Sydney road, 

Kelly, W., Miller st, Bk 
Kelly, W. L., Stephen st 
Kelly, W. L., jun., solicitor, 30 Swanston 

Kelly, Wm. Henry, 62 Moray st, Em H 
Kelly, Wm. Henry, gas inspector, 48 Grey 

Kelson, Edward, tailor and clothier, 175 

Smith St. F 
Kelson, Frederick, boot and shoe dealer, 

99 Gore st, F 
Kelson, J. H., Henry st, Pra 
Kelson, W., baildcr, 132 Eastern road, 


Kemble, George, cabinetmaker, 63 Wil* 

Ham st 
Kemp, Alex, and James, grocers and car- 
penters, 2 Macarthur place, Carl 
Kemp, Owen, 35 Gore st, F 
Kemp, Mrs., 6 Charles st, F 
Kemp, Mrs., Barry st, Carl 
Kemp, Mrs., 20 Napier st, F 
Kemp, Mrs., stationer, Bay st, San 
Kemp, Samuel V., C.E. and architaet, 8S 

Collins st west 
Kemp, Thomas, news agent, 19 Qoeena* 

berry st, Carl 
Kemp, Wm., 11 Barkly st, Carl 
Kemplen, Alexander, Henry st, Pra 
Kempton, C. 1^., 27 Johnston st, E C 
Kenaelly, E. J., commission agent and 

broker, 59 Bourke st west 
Kendall. J., Johnston st west, F 
Kendall, J. B., Pent 
Kendall, Thomas, 157 Little Collins st 

Kendall, Thomas, Thompson st, Wmn 
Kendy, John, Arden st, Hot 
Kenn, Wm , greengrocer. Chapel st, Pra 
Kennard, Mrs., Bouverie st. Carl 
Kennedy, A., 35 Young st, F 
Kennedy, A. C, 45 Napier st, F 
Kennedy. Alexander, tinsmith, 73 Oer* 

trade st, F 
Kennedy, Alexander, 55 Gertrude st, F 
Kennedy, D., 191 Cecil st, Em H 
Kennedy, D. S., Station place, San 
Kennedy, Edward F., messenger, 61 La- 

trobe st east 
Kennedy, George D., corn store. Hot 
Kennedy, J., butcher. Fey 
Kennedy, James, plumber and gasttter, 

168 Elizabeth st 
Kennedy, John, bootmaker, Church at, Rd 
Kennedy, John, 139 Johnston st^ F 
Kennedy, John, grocer, 325 Bruntwlck 

st, F 
Kennedy, John, 20 Cobden st, Em H 
Kennedy, Joseph, butcher, Moreland st, 

Kennedy, Michael, Caroline st, S T 
Kennedy, Morgan, Edinburgh Castle hotel, 

Courtney st, Hot 
Kennedy, Mrs., 34 Smith st, E C 
Kennedy, Mrs., 55 Brunswick at, F 
Kennedy, Mrs., Trafalgar place, Hot 
Kennedy, Owen, Inkerman st, St K 
Kennedy, Patrick, butcher, Flem 
Kennedy, Patrick, London hotel, Market 

Kennedy, Robert. Church st, Rd 
Kennedy, Wm., Washington hotel, comer 

of Collins st west and William st 
Kennedy, Wm., commercial traveller, 63 

Little Collins st east 
Kenneth, J. F., 20 Market st, Em H 
Kennett, C. A., butcher. Station place, 8aa 
Kenney, G. £. A., saddler, 67 Stephes «l 




Xnney, Bobert A., auctioner, Arthur it, 

KeonitoD, James L., baker, comer Fraok- 

Ijn and Spencer sts 
KeoDon, Hugh, Black Eagle hotel, 161 

Lonsdale tt east 
Kenney'tf Batlia, beach, St K 
Keoojr, A. C, 56 St David at, F 
Kennj, D., constable, 166 Ruuell tt 
Kfony, Jaraea, dairyman, 160 Ferrari st, 

Kamy, Jamea, 90 Leicester st, Carl 
Kenny, Michael, general store, Fleming- 
ton road. Hot 
KennXp Mrs. F., 5 George st, £ M 
Keony, B. A., saddler, Charles st, Pra 
Kenny, Thomas, 33 Roden st, W M 
Kenny, Thomas, 28 Collins st west, and 

Kenrick, Michael, bootmaker, 227 Swan- 

Kent, B. S., Rowena parade, Bd 
Kent, G., Kdward st, Bk 
Kent, J., Chapel st, Pra 
Kent, W., CecU st, F 

Kentish, George, greengrocer. Bay st, San 
Kenwood, Mrs., dressmaker, Corson st, 

Kenworthy, Charles J., 2 Swan st, Rd 
Keogh, £u and M., wholesale druggists, 11 

Latrobe st east 
Keogh, Joseph, 133 Nicholson st, F 
Keogli, Midiael, Fitzroy terrace, Claren- 

don st, K M 
Keppel, Mrs^ grocer, 155 Little Lonsdale 

Ker, Robert, 10 Hall of Commerce, 48 

Colltns st west 
Kerferd, G. B., M.L.A., 57 King William 

Kernohan, W. J., hardware merchant, 12 

Kerr and Co., timber yard, SO Electra st, 

Kerr, Andrew, Moor st, F 
Kerr, Archibald, Barkly st, Carl 
Kerr, David, 80 Cecil st, Wmn 
Kerr, J., butcher, 41 Queen st 
Kerr, James, Argyle st east, St K 
Kerr, James, 83 Young st, F 
Kerr, John, bootmaker. High st, Pra 
Kerr, John, sailmaker, 10 Coventry st, 

Kerr, John, boarding-house, 107 Collins st 

1 rr, M., wood yard, 205 Lonsdale st west 
1 rr, Mrs., 14 Perry st, £ C 
] fT, Mrs., Octavia st, St K 
^ rr, Mrs., Lennox st, Rd 
1 rr, Nathaniel, 6 Victoria st, W M 
1 rr. P., Miiilwiiy place, San 
1 rr, Rubert, estate agent, 10 Collins st 

^ ET, Thomaa, saddler, Gordon st, Fey 

Kerr, Wm.,Flem 

Kerr, Wm., grocer, Capel st. Hot 

Kerr, W., draper, 104 Wellington st, B C 

Kerr, Wm., greengrocer, Roden st, W M 

Kerrison, James, bootmaker, 18 and 20 

£lisabeth st extension 
Kersey, H., 97 Park st, Em H 
Kersliaw and Co., agents. Swan st, Rd 
Kershaw, R., grocer, Hoddle st, £ C 
Kershaw, Wm., naturslist, 142 Johnston 

Kersley, Robert, Grey st, St K 
Kertland, W., 75 St. David st, F 
Kesterton, W., Acland st, St K 
Kestle, Mrs., 122 Elgin st, Carl 
Ketin, Thomas, 16 Arden st, Hot 
Kcttels, David, Sution place, San 
Key, David, Uilor, 23 Napier st, Em H 
Key, Thomas, 91 Bridport st, Em H 
Keyans, J., Flemington road. Hot 
Keybum, Edward, tinsmith, 234 Elizabeth 

st, and Btn 
Key burn, M., Leveson st. Hot 
Keys, ~, 204 Moray st, Em H 
Keys, John, 18 Cross st, Hot 
Keys, R., Keys' hotel, Arthur road, Btn 
Keys, Wm., Yarra st, E C 
Khun, A., dealer, 9 Little Lonsdale st west 
Kibble. John, High st, Pra 
Kidd, £., bonnet cleaner, Dorcas st, Em H 
Kidd, Mrs., 81 Faraday st, Carl 
Kidd, Mrs., 57 Erroll st, Hot 
Kidd, Robert, builder, 231 King st 
Kidd, Thomas, blacksmith, Moonee ponds 
Kidd, W., 34 Church st, Em H 
Kidd, W. and E., bonnet makers, Bay st, 

Kidner, George, butcher, Hyde st. Fey 
Kidner, J., timber yard. High st, St K 
Kidney Bros., outfitters and tailors, 168 

Smith st, E C, and 187a Elizabeth st 
Kidney, Thomas, 3 Condell st, F 
Kidney, Wm., 3 Condell st, F 
Kidson, James, stationer, 5 Gertrude st,F 
Kiel, John, Flemington road. Hot 
Kierulf, John Palmer, merchant, 9 Eliza- 
beth st 
Kiessling, Gustavo A., importer, 18 Flin- 
ders lane west 
Kilbee, Charles, veterinary surgeon, Al- 
bert st, Pra 
Kilburn, John, 46 Derby st, E C 
Kilby, Thomas, Peel st. Hot 
Kilgour, James, 31 Hanmer st, Wmn 
Killinghausen, £., jeweller, 105 Queen st 
Kilmartin, Denis, Pent 
Kilmartin, Joseph, Twyford st, Wmn 
Kilpatrick and Co., watchmakers and 

jewellers, 39 Collins st west 
Kilpatrick, Captain, 182 Moray st, Em H 
Kilwary, Mrs., 2 Dryburgh st, Hot 
Kiniber, F., Blackwood st, Hot 
Kimber, W. T., poulterer and fruiterer, $ 
Swaoston st 





Kimber, jRine*, market grardener, Prei 
Kim ma nee, Mrs., 32 Wellington (st, £ C 
Kimpton, W. S., baker, 255 Brunswick 

•t, F 
Kimpton, Wm., baker, 101 Argyle 8t, F 
Kinane, JHmes, 28 Frnnkljn st, W M 
Kinane, T., nurseryman, New st, Btn 
Kinder, C, All>ert st, Pra 
Kinder, James, butcher. Peel st, Pra 
Kinder, James, contractor, Wellington st, 

King, — , hairdresser, Swan st. Rd 
King, —, baker, 61 Condell st, F 
King, — , Chetwjnd st, W M 
King, A., Charles st, Pra 
King, A., St K 
King, A., 86 Young st, F 
King and Cunningham, stock and station 

agents, 67 Bourke st west 
King and Parsons, warehousemen, 43 Col- 
lins st east 
King, Andrew, Summerhill place, Welling* 

ton parade, E C 
King, Arthur Septimus, Haw 
King, Bernard, Catholic bookseller, 19 

Lonsdale st oast 
King, Charles, Ferguson st, Wmn 
King, Dennis, Patterson st, £ C 
King, E , professor of music, 75 Young st, 

King, Edward, Albert st, Pra 
King, Emanuel, FiUroy st, St K ^ 

King, Emanuel, umbrella and parasol 

maker, 41 Bourke st east 
King, H. £., gingerbeer manufacturer, 260 

Brunswick st, F 
King, Henry, Lothian st, Hot 
King, Jacob, Cole st, South Wmn 
King, Jacob, store, Blawarra st, South 

King, Jacob, Bay st, San 
ffing, James, Church st, Rd 
King, James, 62 Cobden st, £m H 
King, Jesse, coachbuilder, 185 Smith st,F 
King, John B., 22 Oxford st, E C 
King, John C, manager Argvs newspaper, 

78 Collins st east 
King, John, general store, Hoddle st, R C 
King, John, Octavia st, St K 
King, John, plumber and gasfltter, 94 

Park st, Em H 
King, John, Westbury st, St K 
King, John, Haw 

Ling, Joseph, Argyle st west, St K 
King, Joseph, boot and shoemaker, comer 

of Sackville and Smith sts. £ C 
Ring, M., baker, Condill st, F 
King, Mark L., M.L.A., Wellington pa- 
rade, E M 
King, Matthias, D., agent, Errol st, Hot 
King, Mrs., dressmaker, 5 Wellington st, 


King» Mn., pastrycook, 86 aod 82 Swan- 
•ton ft 

Kinp, Robert W..»tr»-wl'at manufacturer, 
117 Brunswick st, F 

King, Samuel, ClifTst, Pra 

Kmg, Samuel G., draper and outfitter, 64 
Krrol st, F 

King, Thomas, butcher and baker, Al- 

King, Thomas, Railway place, San 

King, W., 5 Wellington st, St Kilda 

King. W., bailiflT, 56 Little Collina at west 

King, Wm., Essendon and Haw 

King, Wm., 22 Pelham st, Carl 

Kingsland, George, chemist, 139 Lonsdale 
st west 

Kingsley, Mrs., school. Ascot Vale» Flem 

Kingston, John, draper. Nelson place. 
North Wmn 

Kingston, J. T., Prorost st. Hot 

Kingston, Mr«., fancy repository, 63 Nel- 
son place, Wmn 

Kingston, Wm., Brown st. Held 

Kininmont, Rev. A. D., 7 Hawkc st, WM 

Kinkade, John, 128 Nicholson st, F 

Kinna, M. T., Kinna*s hotel, 217 Swan- 
stem st 

Kinross, J., coachbnilder and importer of 
coachbnilders' materials, 214 Elisabeth 

Kinsella, Cash]on,and Co., wine and spirit 
merchants, 42 Little Collins st west 

Kinsella, Michael, farmer. Bray brook road. 

Kinsey, Mrs., dressmaker, 207 George st, 

Kinsley, M.. OctaTia st, St K 

Kinsman, Nathaniel, auctioneer, 3 Moor 
st, F 

Kinson, J., Fleet st. Palmer st, F 

Kirby, Captain Thomas, 31 Bnrkly st, Cari 

Kirby, James, greengrocer, 23 Le^esoQ st. 

Kirby, Jeremiah, bootmaker, 80 Queens- 
berry st, Carl 

Kirby, Robert, Baillie at. Hot 

Kirk, David, blacksmith, 46 Dudley st. 

Kirk, G., Caroline st, S Y 

Kirk, George, and Co., auctioneers, &c., 
12 Bourke st west 

Kirk, George, printer, 24 Park st east. 

Kirk, John, farmer, Ess 

Kirk, Mrs. £., midwife, 22 Park st east. 

Kirkbsnk, T., bootmaker, 301 Elisabeth 

Kirkby, A., and Co., wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 9 Flinders st west 

Kirkby, A., Williams road, Tk 

Kirkby, J., Chapel st, St K 

Kirkhum, Georm», Argyle st, St K 

Kirkley, Mrs., 22 Bank st west, Em H 

Kirkness, James, 106 Westgartb at, F 

Kirkpatrick, A., grocer, Psql 



Kirkofl, Eilfriird, Flem 

Kirkvood, Mm., 72 Nicholson st, F 

Kirk wood, W., carpenter, Macquarie it, 

Eirnan, Andrew, Dore hotel, Swan at, RJ 
Kirwan, — , 50 Park at eaat, Krn H 
Kirwan, P. T., watchmaker, 79 Little Col- 

lini at eaat 
Kirwood, Chartea, draper, Kew 
Kisslinfr, A. U.. 1 10 Fitzrojr at, F 
Kisaock, Wm., stock aaleaman, 47 Bourke 

at we«t, and North-park, Raa 
Kitchen, J., and Sons, candle and aoap 

makers, near Uaglan at, San 
ffitehen, John, sen., Waterhm st, St K 
Kjtchen, K. W^ lloyal Saxon hotel, 

Cliorch at, Kd 
Eilchlogiiiaii James, 55 Qaeenthenr ft, 

Kiter, M., 3 Canninfr st, Carl 
Kitt, — , Yarra st, off Hoddle st, £ C 
Kitt, James, secretary First and Second 

fiowkett Building Society, Studley park, 

Kitton, Charles, chemist, 136 Swanston st 
Klausch. J. F., 37 Jeffcott st, W M 
Klein, Bredius, and Co., merchants and 

commission agents, 28 Queen st 
Klein, C, Orey st, St K 
Kleisor, Anton, jeweller, 203a Bourke st 

Kiingender, Charsley, and liddle, solici- 
tors, &c^ Bfiuk place, Collina st west 
Kiingender, E., Urrong road, Tk 
Kkwe, J., store. Bridge road, Kd 
Snaggs, Robert, surgeon, 137 King st 
Knape, R., Brighton >t, Kd 
Knapman, George, blacksmith, Iranhoe, 

Knarston, Captain, 126 Ferrars st, Em H 
Kneale, J. P., shoemaker, 190 Cambridge 

Knee, Ephraim, Dryburgh st. Hot 
Kneen, Hugh, Tuung st. F 
Kneller. Isaac, 227 Smith st, F 
Kniese, H., clothier. 105 Flinders it west 
Knight, Andrew H., Ill Flinders lane 

Knight, C, medical gaWanist, Foundry 

lane, Lonsdale st east 
Knight, K. D., wholesale fruiterer, 10 

Western Market 
Kniglit, K. L.. 59 Smith st, F 
knight, G., blacksmith, 44 King William 

st F 

Inight. G. G., Flem 
"jiight, George Henry, fruiterer, Western 


'night. J., locksmith, &c., 56 Queens- 
berry st, Carl 

^ni|!ht, J G., nrehitect and C. E., secre- 
tary Intercolonial Exhibition, 64 £li2a- 

beth st and 26 Collins st east 

Digbt, Jodftfa, 45 Victoria st, Hot 

Knight, John, Somerset Arms hotel, Ni* 
cliolson st, Carl 

Knight, John, 3 Somenet cottages, Ni- 
cholson St. Carl 

Knight, P., Ifi«lward it, Bk 

Ktiighr, liobert. Bay st, San 

Kiitght, 8»mael, Elgin st, Carl 

Knight, W. M., whitesmith. Chapel 8t,Pm 

Knight, Wm., inmmonger, 8 Franklyn st 
west, W M 

Knight, Wm., painter and paperhanger, 
Cremorne st, Rd 

KiiiKhc, Wm. F, Telegraph hotel, Ann st, 

Knipe and Kyte, auctioneers, &c., 70 Eli- 
zabeth st 

Knipe, J. H., Nelson st east, St K 

Knock, Mrs., grocer, 91 Fitsroy st, F 

Knockenhauer, C. £., tobacconist, 74 
Flinders st west 

Knoff, G., Webb st. F 

Knoop, Wm. H., broker, 69 Collins st west 

Knott, W., 66 Qoro st, F 

Knowell, James H., Black wootl st. Hot 

Knowles, — , grocer, Gardiner*i creek 
road, Tk 

Knowles, Miss, milliner, 77 1 Brunswick 
st, F 

Knowles, Thomas, 24 Ferguson st, Wmn 

Knox, — , 137 Moray st, Em H 

Knox, George, 126 Lygon st, Carl 

Knox, James, grocer, &c.. High st, St K 

Knox, Mrs , Neptune st, St K 

Knox, T. W., Lennox st. Rii 

Knox, Thomas, 45 Little Nelson st, Wmn 

Knox, Wm., 82 Drummond st, Carl 

Koch, Johann, dyer, Lesney st, Brighton 
st, Rd 

Kofland, Peter, 65 BouTerie st, Carl 

Kohler, F. A., outfitter, 45 and 47 FUn- 
ders st west 

Kohng, S., Victoria st, St K 

Kohry, 8. G., Haw 

Kolling, Louis, 1 1 Little Latrobe st 

Kolmetz, Alexander, engraver, Bignell*t 
lane, Bourke st east 

Kong Meng and Co., merchants, 96 Little 
Bourke st east 

Koppen, Rudolph, wood and ivory turner, 
22 and 25 Lonsdale st west 

Korne, Captain, Fitzroy st, St K 

Kost, Charles, bootmaker, 125 Little Col- 
lins st east 

Kost, Sam ael, Rose of Australia hotel, 126 
King st 

Kostadt, Henry, Blackwood st, Hot 

Kraetzer, Leopold, manufacturing clothier, 
28 Little Collins st west 

Krakowski, Moses, pawnbroker, 86 King 

Kronberg, F., chaser, 117 Russell st 

Kronheimer, Joseph and Co., tobaceo im- 
porters and mercbanu, 21 Queen n 

Ej^nheimer, Joseph, Nicholson st, F 





Eitige, Adalbert, broker, Prastian couaul, 
60 Queen it 

Knise, John, manufacturing chemist, 96 
Bnstell St and 119 Flinders st east 

Knrsteiner, Alfred F., architect and sor- 
reyor, 64 Collins st east 

Kyle, Archibald, Queensberry hotel, cor- 
ner Queensberry and Madeline sts, Carl 

Kyle, Mrs., 122 Gore st, F 

Kyte, Ambrose, M.L.A., merchant. Com- 
mercial lane, Bourke st east 

Kyte, Andrew, Douglas parade, Wmn 


Labdon, Mrs., Oraham st, San 
Labdon, Wm., Dow st, San 
Ijibertoucho, P. P., 61 King William st,F 
Lacelles, Edwin, Frank lyn st, W M 
Lacey, U. W., Chapel st, Pra 
Lacey, Nicholas, builder, 20 Lincoln 

square, Carl 
Lacey, Patrick, grocer, 117 Little Bourke 

st east 
Lacey, W., 31 Fitzroy st, F 
La Chapelle, A., Bobe st, St K 
Lachmere, B., fruiterer, Davis st, Pra 
Lackpy, James, 24 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Lackie, — , 183 Victoria parade. E C 
Lacy, Michael, Coachmokers* Arms hotel, 

113 Cardigan at, Carl 
Lade, George, greengrocer, Spencer st 
Lade, S., brick maker, Victoria st west, Bk 
Laden, Mrs., 53 Bosslyn st, W M 
Laffan, Michael, grocery store, 77 Queen- 
berry st, Hot 
La Fonta, Bichard, grocer. Church st, Bd 
Laggen, J., High st, Bd 
Lagget, Bichard, 129a Johnston st,£ C 
Lagoe,Wm.H., deputy registrar of births, 

&c., Bowena parade, Bd 
Lagogiannis, Andrea, Chusan hotel. 

Beach st, San 
Lahrmell, Wm., tailor, Bigneirs lane, 

Bourke st east 
Laidlaw, John, Provost st. Hot 
Laidlow, W., Oxford st, Hot 
Laighton, W., Howard st. Hot 
Lain, H., 78 Bank st west, Em H 
Laing and Webster, warehousemen, 16 

Flinders lane east 
Laing, James, general dealer, 253 Swan- 

ston st 
Lainson, Alfred, 1 18 Faraday st, Carl 
Lake, Wm., Quarries, Fey 
Lakeman, £. F., Globe hotel, comer of 

Swanston and Little Bourke sts 
Lalor, D., Fey 
Lalor, J., boarding-house, 93 Flinders st 

Lalor, James, Beehive hotel, corner, of 

Bussell and Lonsdale sts 
Lalor, P., M.L^., Parliament House 
Lalor, Peter, High st, Pra 

Lamb, — , 3 Baillie st. Hot 

Lamb, F. C, druggist, 84 Clarendon at, 

Lamb, Fred., merchant, 30 Queen st 
Lamb, J., Caroline st, S Y 
loimb, J., 115 Bose st, F 
I/amb, Jas., baker, 80 Stevedore at, Wmn 
Lamb, John, Haw 
Lamb, Mrs., store. Bouse st, San 
Lamb, Mrs., 4 Cohden at, Em H 
Lamb, Peter, 97 Cardigan st^ Carl 
Lamb, Wm., Cape st. Held 
Lamb, Wm., saddler, 130 Bridge road, Bd 
Lamb, Wm., 153 Moor at, F 
Lambard, John S., gunmaker, 1 14 Little 

Lonsdale st west 
Lambert, Ann, 94 DryburKh st. Hot 
Lambert, Henry, general dealer, 109 Fits- 

roy st, F 
Lambert, J. C, 61 Gore st, F 
Lambert, John, Patterson st, E C 
Lambert, Louis, 88 Bussell st south 
Lambert, Mrs., Hoddle st, Bd 
Lambert, Thomas, Kew 
Lambert, Thomas, tanner and carrier, 28 

Lonsdale st east 
Lambert, W. A., 117 Napier st eaat,EraH 
Lambing, Wm., 4 Ann st, Wmn 
Lamble, John, 10 Moor st, F 
Lamble, T. and J., farriers, 2a Gertrude 

st, F 
Lamble, Wm , blacksmith and farrier, 173 

Little Bourke st east 
Lambom, W., Caulfield 
Lamborn, Wagner, and Clarke, goldamiths 

and jewellers, 42 Lonsdale st weat 
Lambourn, John, farmer, Fletcher at, Ess 
Lambrick, John, Harcourt st. Hut 
Lambrick, Nicholas, Harcourt st. Hot 
Lambrick, Bichard, Harcourt st, Hot 
Lamburne, Wm., Cliapel st, St K 
Laming, Wm. F., store, 6 Nelson place, 

I^mley, W., Swan st, Bd 
Lamond, Mrs., 177 Moray st, Em H 
Lamond, Wm. H., coal and produce mer- 
chant, 65 Flinders st east 
Lament, Edward H., broker, 68 Flinders 

lane west 
Lamont, John, house and ship joiner, 79 

Cecil st, Wmn 
Lampes, George, upholsterer, 36 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Lancashire, Samuel, Court House hotel. 

Enrol st. Hot 
Lancaster, George, 92 Dorcas st, £m H 
Lam-aster, John, cab proprietor, 32 Ar- 

gyle st, F 
Lancaster, Mrs., milliner, Twyford st, 

Lancaster, Mrs., school, Nicholson at, Fcgr 
Lancaster, Bobert, 22 Macquariest,Wmn 
Lance, J., bootmaker, 96 Flinders lane 



A^D SttBtTBlte. 



Lancua. Mn^ school, Nicholson st, F 
Land Mactgage Bank of Victoria, 28 Col- 
lins St east 
Lander, John, 58 Cbetwjrnd st, Hot 
Landor, G. W., Aiyyle st eaat, St K 
LandeUa, Qeorge, King st nortli 
Landhall, C, 337 Victoria parade, E C 
Landles, James, 60 a* Beckett st west 
Landriizgin, 'l\ Arden st, Hot 
Lands' Titles office, corner William and 

Lonsdale sta 
Landsell, A., jeweller, 84 Flinders lane 

Landwehr, W., shoemaker, 58 Stanlej st, 

Landj, .Fohn, 8 Bendigo st, Hot 

Landj, M. A., Bonverie st, Carl 

Lane, Henry, saddler, Inkerman st east, 

Lane, Jamea H., Harvest Home hotel, 
comer of Flinders and Queen sts 

Lane, M^ Mexican terrace, Hoddle st, E C 

Lane, Mrs., Berkeley st, Carl 

Lane, Richard, Carlisle st east, St K 

Lane, Wm., Alma st, St K 

Lanett. Richard W., Haw 

Lang and Co., lime merchants, 88 Queen 

lAng, Andrew, grocer, 187 Little Bourke 
at west 

Lang, G., 100 George st. E M 

Lang, G. S., barrister. Temple court, Col- 
lins st west 

Lang, J., Fitzroy st, St K 

Lang, John, 18 Faraday st, Carl 

Lang, lu, Punt road, Bd 

Lang, Lodwig, engraver, 60 Little Collins 
st east 

Lang, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 
83 Collins st west 

Lang, W., Ashling st, Btn 

Langan, P. J., market inspector, 144 La« 
trohe st west 

Langdon, H., Westbury st, St K 

Lsngdon, H. J., merchant, 8 Flinders lane 

Langdon, John, Flcm 

Langdon, P., post office, Inkerman st east, 

Lsnge and Tboncman, merchants, 35 Mar- 
ket st 

Lange, Charles, surgeon dentist, 64 Col- 
lins st east 

Lange, F. C, Alma terrace, Chapel st, 

Lsngfoid, J., Bowena parade, Rd 

Laogford, Mrs., midwife, 116 Lygon st, 

Lsngford, Richard, Railway hotel, Cecil 
st, Wmn 

Langham, Geoige, 8 Twyford st, Wmn 

Lsngfaam, James, 81 Kerr st, F 

Laogliom, George, grocer, 83 Coventry st, 

Ijinglands Brothers and Co., engineers, 

141 Flinders lane west 
Langlands, F., Brunswick road, Bk 
Langlands, George, Swan st, Rd 
Langlands, H. W., 37 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Langlands, John, 63 Victoria parade, F 
Langlands, Mrs., 503 Lygon st, Carl 
Langlands, Thomas, Prince's st, F 
Langley, John M., importer of glass, 

china, &c., S08 Bourke st east 
Langley, Wm., 69 Qneensberry st, Carl 
Langridge, George D., general contractor, 

72 Stephen st 
Langridge, John, contractor. Perry st, E C 
Langster, Mrs., Lennox st, Bd 
Langstreth, E., grainer, 82 Madeline st, 

Langton, Dayid E., butcher, 66 Brunswick 

st, F 
Langton, Edward, accountant, &c., IS 

Collins st west 
Langton, Joseph, 3 Blsckwood st, Hot 
Langton, Mrs., 162 Moray st, Em H 
Langiree, John, broker, 56 Little Collins 

st east 
Lang will, Craig, and Co., ironmongers, 12 

Collins st west 
LangwMi, Peter, Burnett st, St K 
Lanigan, John, bootmaker, 81 Madeline st, 

Lanigan, Rev. — ,16 Cole st, Wmn 
Lanroan, G., china and glass warehouse, 

Chspel st, Pra 
Lannigan, Stephen, Yarra st, Held 
Lansby, Thomas, Haw 
Lansdell, Stephen, glass case maker, &c., 

81j^ Flinders lane east 
Laptliorne, H., 39 Coventry st, Em H 
Lardner, Captain J., Westb^iry st, St K 
Lnrkin, James, grocer, &c., 42 Cardigan 

st, Carl 
Larkin, Michael, dairyman, 49 Park st 

west, Em H 
Larkins, A., 149 Moor st, F 
Larkins, Jas., bootmaker, 26 Chetwynd st, 

Larkins, W. S., Temple Court hotel, 49 

Queen st 
Larmar, M., bootmaker, 142 Brunswick 

st, F 
Larnach, George, 32 Stanley st, W M 
La Roche, Louis, house decorator, 4 Cole 

st, Wmn 
Larrard, Alfred, Cremorne st, Rd 
I^Arrett, R. W., Haw 
Lascelles, Edwin, 10 Franklyn st, W M 
Lassen, Laurity, oyster dealer, 170 Bourke 

st east 
Lasson, D., 113 Kerr st, F 
Last, H., 128 Elgin st, Carl 
Latch, C, Nicholson st, F 
Latham, Edward, 77 Berkel^ st, Carl 
Latham, John, Leicester st, Carl 
Latham, W. J., 72 York st, Em H 




lAtiioer, J. A., grocer, 68 Cunbridge tt, 

lAtimer, B., Builders* Armi hotel, James 
tt, WmQ 

La Teuche, £ D., 82 Collins st west 

Lattaoe, Bobert, Blessiogton st, St E 

Lauder, John, Provost st, Hot 

Laughton, B., Peel st, Hot 

Laughton, James, P., 114 George st, F 

Laughton, Joseph, ironfounder, &c., Vul- 
can Works, Latrobe st west 

Laughton, N., Soho Foundry, Franklyn st 

Laughton, T., Weston st, Bk 

Launcestoii and Melbourne Steam Navi- 
gation Company, office, 23 Market st 

Laurence, James, Station plsce, San 

Laurens, J., storekeeper, 89 Spencer st 

Laurenson, Arthur, Cremorne st, Bd 

Laurenson, L., Stewart st, Bk 

Lftussen, Henry, restaurant keeper, Beach 
st, San 

Lavers, Bobert, curry powder manufac- 
turer, 185 Swanston st 

LaTers, Wm. D., bottle merchant, 185 
Swanston st 

LaTington Gold Mining Company, 3 Queen 

Law Brothers, upholsterers, 27 Collins st 

Law, E.F., Mount Gambler hotel. Palmer 
st, F 

Law Institute of Victoria, 63 Temple court, 
Collins st west 

Law, Mrs. Jane, dress and mantle maker, 
19a Lonsdale st west 

Law, P., 22 George st, F 

Law, Sf>mner, and Co., seedsmen, 87 Swan- 
ston st 

Law, Wm., Pra 

Lawder, David, Abbotsford st, W M 

Lawes, Henry, barrister, 13 Temple court, 
Collins st west 

Lawes, Henry, Haw 

Lswee, jHmes, Elgin st, Carl 

Lawler, John, cab proprietor, 67 Smith 
st, F 

Lawler, P., Chnrch st. Bd 

Lawlor, James, Elisabeth st extension 

Lawlor, H., 13 Bail way place, Wnm 

Lawlor, B., 15 Bailway plare, Wmn 

Lairior, Bd., Terminus hotel, Hanmer 
st, Wmn 

Lawn, Thomas, photographist, 146 Swan 

Lawrance, James, ship auctioneer and 
broker, 95 Collins st west 

Lawrance, Wm., broker, &c., 37 William 
st. Punt road, S Y 

Lawrence, — 2 Pelham st, Carl 

Lawrence and Adam, wholesale grocers 
and wine and spirit merchants, 188 
Elizabeth st 

Lawrence, Ci^tain, Strand, Wmn 

Lawrence, Charles, Flem 

Lawrence, Edward, bootmaker^ 141 

Queen sherry st. Hot 
Lawrence, F. J., 149 Moray st, Em H 
Lawrence, James, 13 Hussell st 
Lawrence, James, Dover place, Wmn 
Lawrence, James B., Victoria buildings^ 

Queen st 
Lawrence, James, contractor, Victoria 

buildings. Queen st 
Lawrence, John, upholsterer, &c., 158 

Swan st, Bd 
Lawrence, Mrs., Carlisle st west, St E 
Lawrence, Samuel, bootmaker, a*Beckett 

st east 
Lawrence, W. F., Station place, San 
Lawrence, Wm., 32 Perry st, £ C 
Lawrence, Wm., broker, 37 William st 
Lawrence, Wm.H., Likerman st east. St K 
Lawson, Andrew, 27 Bouverie ft, Carl 
Lawson, Charles G., grocer, 75 Drum- 

mond st. Curl 
Lawson, F., Carson*s cottagi;s, 138 ColUoa 

st east 
Lawson, J., 105 Bank stwest, Em H 
Lawson, John B., Charles st, Pra 
Lawson, Matthew, slater, Dryburgh at» 

Lawson, Bobert, 1 Cecil »t, Wmn 
Lawson, Wilfred.H., 17 B^nt st, F 
Lawson, Wm., Clyde st, St K 
Lawson, Wm. S., sewing machine maker, 

101 Elizabeth st 
Law ton, Madame, school. High st, Pra 
Lawtou, N., Peel st, W M 
Lay, George, Station place, San 
Lay, Mrs.. Brighton st, Bd 
Laycock, Wm., baker, 140 Johnston at, 

Layton, John, greengrocer, Madeline st, 

Laysell, John C, carpenter, &c., 76 Little 

Collins st cast 
Lazarus, A., and Co., importers, 42 Eliza- 
beth st 
Lazarus Brothers, importers, 21 Little 

Collins st west 
Lozanis, C, crinoline manufactory, 21 

Lonsdale st west 
Lazarus, J., 1 Alexander terrace, 113 

Smith 8t» F 
Laziirus, James, 63 Bouverie st, Carl 
Lazarus, Joseph, 62 Boden st, W M 
Lazarus, L., 80 Young st, F 
Lazarus, Sainl., Victoria buildings. Queen 

st north 
Lazarus, Solomon, Victoria buildioga. 

Queen st north 
Lazarus, Thomas, ironmonger, 47 Little 

Collins st east 
Lea, Wm., saddler, 46 and 48 Little Col* 

lins st east 
Leabst, A., upholsterer, 116 Swanston at 
Leach, Charles, Bathdowne st, Carl 





Leacfa, Amram, draper and clotliier^ 151 

Brnntwick it, F 
Leach, G. W.^ Curzon st» Hot 
Leach, Nelson, Bailders' Armi, Grertrude 

fit, F 
Leadbeater, John, Capel at, W M 
Leader office, 67 Elizabeth at 
Leage, Jamea, Domain road, S Y 
Leahy, Wm. Henry, money broker, 79| 

Collins St east 
Leake, Richard, Flemington hill 
Lear, F., 6 Palmer rt, F 
Lear, G. W., Nicholson st, Carl 
Lear, Hugh, 128 Bridge road, Rd 
Lear, W. H., 97 Faraday st. Carl 
Learoyd, J., woolbroker, 78 Collins st west 
Leary, George, batcher, 18 Dover place, 

Leber, John, 39 Lygon st, Carl 
Lechte, F., 117 Smith st, F 
Leckenby, Thomas, hay and corn dealer, 

Bi^h st, Pra 
Leckington, A., 176 Drammond st, Carl 
Lecroisette, Thos., Latrobe st west 
Lecky, Oliver B., 48 Collins st west 
Le Clerc, Wm., 87 Argyle st, F 
Le Compte, Louis, Forester^s hotel, Fitz- 

roy st, F 
Le Cren, Charles, accountant sewerage 

department, Kew 
Le Cren, Thomas, Argyle st, Pra 
Leddin, Martin, broker and commission 

agent, 68 Flinders lane west 
Ledger, Mrs., boarding-house, 30 Latrobe 

st east 
Ledward, S. P., druggist. Bay st, Btn 
Lee, Benjamin, ironmonger, 1 77 and 179 

Bourke st east 
Lee, C, 26 Brunswick st, F 
Lee, D., professor of music, 32 Coventry 

st, Em H 
Lee, Frank, 72 Swan st, Ed 
Lee, James, Drummond st, Carl 
Lee, James, grocer, 37 Provost st. Hot 
Lee, John D., tobacconist, 49 Bourke st 

Lee, John, Carlisle st west, St E 
I<e, Joseph S., Arden st. Hot 
Lee, Josh., bootmaker, 10 Gertrude st, F 
I^, Michael M., agent and broker, 18 

Collins st east 
Lee, Mrs. Emma, 147 Cecil st, Em H 
Lee, Mrs. C, Powlett st, Em H 
I^, Mrs., tailoress, 15 Little Nelson st, 

I^, Oriel, Queensberry hotel, 53 Made- 
line st, Carl 
Lee, Riebard, 1 10 Gore st, F 
Lee, Wm. L., medical galvanist, 25 Napier 

st, X 

Lee, Wm., 20 Parker st, Wmn 

Lee, Yick, merchant, 60 Little Bourke st 

I«ech, J., DoTcaa it, Em H 

Leek, Charles, 63 Osborne st, Wmn 

Leeke, H., E C 

Leer, D., Bay st, San 

Lees, Alexander, Walsh st, W M 

Lees, F., saddler, Lothian st, Hot 

Lees, John, 147 Queensberry st. Hot 

Leeson, J., Lygon st, Carl 

Leetch, Connolly, commission merchant, 

41 Flinders lane east 
I^eftley, Mrs., dressmaker. Stoke st, San 
Legg, John, 47 Ferguson st, Wmn 
Leggan, James, Heath st, San 
Legge, Samuel, Robe st, St E 
Leggett, Charles, 43 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Lehrman, Wm., tailor, Bigrreirs lane, 

Bourke st west 
Le Huray, James, 297 Fitzroy st, F 
Leigh, Mrs., Alma st, St K 
Leighton, Darid, Market st 
Leighton, John G., pilot, 6 Macquarie st, 

Leishman, Rev. W., Canning st, Carl 
Leitch, A., grocer, 29 Coventry st, Em H 
Leitch, George, Cremorne st, Rd 
Leitch, Mrs., grocer, Nicholson st, F 
Leith, Alex., Pelham st, Em H 
Leith, Alexander, accountant and house 

factor, 28 Collins st west 
Leith, James, veterinary surgeon, Darby 

Lemmon, M., Berkeley st, Carl 
liemoD, David, Powlett st, E M 
Lemon, Wm., 120 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Lempriere, Charles, M.D., surgeon, Bur- 
nett st, St K 
Lempriere, Thomas Henry, auctioneer, 

sharebroker, &c., 79 Collins st west 
Lempriere, W. G., Balaclava road, East 

Lendrum, James, plumber, Moonee Ponds, 

Lennard, Mrs., Rouse st, San 
Lennington, James, 107 Dover place, 

Lennon, Hugh, blacksmith, Elizabeth st 

Jjcnnon, John, 1 75 Spring st 
Lennox, Duncan, Moray st, Em H 
Lenny, John, Prince's st, F 
Leomau, John, Brighton st, Rd 
Leonard, J. W., grocer, Villiers st, Hot 
Leonard, M., 23 and 25 Smith st,.F 
Leonard, Miss, Chetwynd st, W M 
Leonard, Thomas, 65 Barkly st, Carl 
Leonard, Thomas, draper, 173 Spring st 
Leonard, Wm., 61 Rosslyn st, W M 
Leopold, T., 91 Kerr st, F 
Leopold, T., 8 Bell st, F 
Leplastrier, H. H., Barkly st, St K 
Leplastrier, J., High st, St K 
Leplastrier, Louis H., Williams road, Pra 
Leplin, George F., Queensberry st. Hot 
Lequerc, A., Punt road, Rd 
Lerone, John, 172 Moray st, Em H 






Lesh, George Case, grocer, 143 Bourke st 

Leslie, David, 69 Courteney st, Hot 
Leslie, Donald, BruDSwick road, Bk 
Leslie, R., 119 Napier st, Em H 
Leslie, Wm., Stanley st, W M 
L'Estrange, Joseph, solicitor, Brougham 

place, off Highctt st. Kd 
Letcher, E., 59 Cambridge st, £ C 
Letham, John, 1 15 Cardigan st, Carl 
Letham, Mrs., milliner, 83 Gertrude st, F 
lietheby, Joshua, powder magazine keeper, 

Whitehall st. Fey 
Lett, John, toy dealer. Bay st, San 
Lett, R., hflckmaker, 31 1 Victoria parade, 

Letty, John, Abbot st, Hot 
Levator, G., Carlisle st, St K 
Levens, James, greengrocer, 65 Welling- 
ton it, E C 
Lever, Benjamin R., 58 Bouverie st, Carl 
Lever, James, 76 Dudley st, W M 
Leverett, George T., steel and brass cutter, 

88 Napier st, Em H 
Leverett, James, Boroondara 
Leverett and Trantum, die sinkers, 29 

Post Office place 
Levey and Robson, printers* brokers, 9 

Bourke st east 
Levey, G. C, M.L.A., Bourke st east 
Levi, Alfred, and Co., tobacco merchants, 

78 Collins st west 

Levi, Barnett, professor of music, 60 
Cambridge st, E C 

Levi, John, 2 Carlton terrace, King Wil- 
liam st, F 

Levi, Nathaniel, M.L.A., King William 
st, F 

Leviathan Clothing Company, 68 Bourke 
st east 

Levick, Robert, 58 King William st, F 

Le Vierge. E., Clyde st, St K 

Levinger, Bernard, broker and commis- 
sion agent, 78 Collins st west 

Levis, Mrs., Station place, San 

Levitt, Samuel J., watchmaker, 58 High 

• st, St K 

Levy, Abraham, general dealer, 83 Ste- 
phen st 

Levy, Abraham, Nicholson st, F 

Levy, Abraham, boot and shoe warehouse, 

79 Stephen st 

Levy Brothers, importers of Birmingham 
and Shetfieid goods, 24 Bourke st east 

Levy, Goodman, Prince's st, St K 

I>evy, Henry, 124 Bourke st west 

Levy, Jacob, 206 Russell st 

Levy, John, 2 Carlton terrace. King Wil- 
liam st, F 

Levy, John, and Sons, Discount Bank, 
corner of Collins and William sts 

Levy, Joseph, tobacconist, 243 Bourke st 

Levy, Lewis, 38 Elizabeth ft 

Levy, Lewis, 40 Nicholson st, F 

Levy, Lyons, 129 Little Lonsdale st east 

Levy, N., clothier, 157 Elizabeth st 

Levy, S., 99 Napier st, F 

Levy, Samuel, merchant, 61 Elizabeth st 

Lewellen, E. G., chemist, Whitehall »t» 

Lewellin, J. H. H., surgeon. Chapel ft, 

Lewer, Henry, Dryburgh st. Hot 
Lewis, A. F., draper, 130 Bridge road. Rd 
Lewis, All, draper, 68 Bridge road, Rd 
Lewis and Tipping, dress and mantle 

makers, &c., 53a Russell st 
Lewis, Arthur, Inkermau st, St K 
Lewis, C, High st, St K 
Lewis, Charles, and Co., ship brokers and 

commission agents, 4 Elizabeth st 
Lewis, Charles,iron monger, Chapel st,Pz» 
Lewis, Charles, 74 Barkly st, Carl 
Lewis, Charles J., Williams road, Pra 
Lewis, Daniel, plasterer, 35 McArthor 

place, Carl 
Lewis, E., Peel st. Pra 
Lewis, Edward, Chapel st, Pra 
Lewis, Edward G., Inkerman st, St K 
Lewis, G., bootmaker, 26 Bridge road, Bd 
Lewis, George, Punt hill, S T 
Lewis, George, Vauduse, Rd 
Lewis, George, and Co., ship ownen, &c, 

141 riinders lane west 
Lewis, George, chemist and drnggist, 5 

Collins st east 
Lewis, George, Punt road, S Y 
Lewis, George, Haw 
Lewis, James, 14 Carlton st, Carl 
Lewis, James, 119 Nicholson st, F 
Lewis, John, china and glass waxtehoiue» 

Sydney road, Bk 
Lewis, John, Greville st, Pra 
Lewis, John, tailor, 10 Faraday st, Carl 
Lewis, Joseph, restaurant keeper, 21 

Bourke st west 
Lewis, Joseph, Peel st, Pra 
Lewis, Joseph, St K 
Lewis, Julius, wine and spirit agent, 5 

G rattan st, Carl 
Lewis, Louis L., broker, 95 Collins st west 
Lewis, Mrs., 73 Kerr st, F 
Lewis, Mrs., midwife, 27 Queensberry st, 

Lewis, Mrs., High st, Pra 
Lewis, P., inspector of police, 117 Fitsroy 

st, F 
Lewis. Rev. W. R., Black st, Btn 
Lewis, R. E., Victoria parade, F 
Lewis, Richard, undertaker, 162 Toung 

st, F 
Lewis, Robert, dyer and scourer, 132 Cla- 

rendou st. Km H 
Lewis, Robert, Mechanics' Arms Inn, 195 

Little Collins st east 
Lewis, Rose, dressmaker, 163 Little Col- 
lins st eas^ 





Levis, JRobert, 33 Victoria parade, F 
Lewis, Samnel, pawnbroker, 164 King st 
Lewis, Thomas, Capel st, Hot 
Lewis, Wm., general dealer, 1 8 Swanston 

Lewis, Wm., painter, &a, 18 Macarthur 

place, Carl 
Lewis, Wm., Canning st, Carl 
Lewis, Wm., engineer, 1 Carson's cottages, 

Collins st east 
Lewis, Wm., 181 Cambridge st, F 
Lewis, Wm., Old England hotel, Buckland 

st, Heid 
Lewis, Wm., tailor, 33 Dorcas st west, 

Lqrden, Ellen, Newmarket hotel, 185 

Bonrke st east 
Leyden, James, 104 Latrobe st east 
Ley land, J., Hanmer st, Wmn 
L^s, A., 45 Nelson road, £m H 
L'Hag^in, Dardell, importer, 8 Lonsdale 

st west 
Liddall, Ann, Union st, S Y 
Liddall, Thomas, baker and grocer, Row- 

ena parade, Rd 
Li/ldiard, J., batcher. Church st, Rd 
Uddle, J., Westbury st east, St K 
Lidstone, Wm., plumber andgasfltter, 131 

King st 
Lidwill, Robert A., Esplanade, Wmn 
Lieson, Ellen, 47 Fitzroy st, F 
Ligar, Charles W., Surveyor- General, 105 

Bridge road, Rd 
Liggins, Daniel, Union st, S T 
Lightbody, R., fruiterer, Spencer st 
Lightfoot, Joseph, hairdresser, 52} Claren- 
don st, Em H 
Lightfoot, Robert, Flem 
lightfoot, Theophilus, senr.. Park st. Do- 
main road, S x 
lihoo, Peter, Peel st. Pro 
Lilbume, James, hay and corn merchant, 

129 King 8t 
Liley, Wm. T., river pilot, 16 Strand, 

Lilienteld, Bernard, M.D., 118 Collins st 

Lillev, Charles H.^ London tavern, Lennox 


Lilley, Wm., ironmonger, &c., 155 Swan- 
ston st 

Lillie, Alexander, 137 Bridport st, Em H 

Lilly, ~, compositor, 48 Little Latrobe st 

^ly. — ) Carlisle st west, St E 

Lilly, J., Fey 

Ijliy, Henry, 74 Drummond st, Carl 

Limond, Mrs., general dealer, 155 Claren- 
don st, Em H 

linacre, A., 135 Lygon st, Carl 

Linahan, William, grocer, 193 Lygon st, 

Linard, B., King William st, F 

Linck, Wm., 65 Faraday st, Carl 

Lincker, John R., shipbroker, Hall of 

Commerce, Collins st west 
Lincolne, Abraham, agricultural agent, 48 

Bourke st west 
Lindbloom, Schmidt, and Wang, tailors, 

158 Russell st 
lande, G. C, bootmaker, 104 Victoria st, 

Lindesay, Mrs., Grey st, St K 
Lindlay, Clement, 78 George st, E M 
Lindley, H., steam saw mills, Argyle st, F 
Lindner, Victor, upholsterer, 24 Russell st 
Lindsale, — , hairdresser, 7 Gertrude st, F 
Lindsay, Alexander, 39 Cecil st, Wmn 
Lindsay, Alexander, draper, 184 Claren- 
don st, £m H 
Lindsay, Captain S., George at, F 
Lindsay, Edward, Canning st, Carl 
Lindsay, George, Hosier lane, Flinders 

lane east 
Lindsay, George, slater, Howard st, W M 
Lindsay, George, Mill st, Btn 
Lindsay, Henry L., C.PI. and surveyor, 3 

Little Collins st west 
Lindsay, J., paperhanger, 289 Victoria 

parade, E C 
Lindsay, James, 131 Victoria st. Hot 
Lindsay, Joseph, Rowena parade, Rd 
Lindsay, Wm., Byron st. Hot 
Lindsell, C, hairdresser, 7a Gertrude st, F 
Lindsey, Algernon, 9 Little Nelson st, 

Lindsey, Edward, Faraday st, Carl 
Lindsey, M., Crescent, Btn 
Linegar, James, 61 Johnston st, E C 
Lineker, John, saddler, 49 Smith st, F 
Ling, Wm., 48 Market st, Em H 
Lingham, Henry, 140 Moor st, F 
Linsey, H., 57 Rose st, F 
Linson, Walter, Rob Roy hotel, 61 Bruns- 
wick st, F 
Linton, George, butcher, High st, Pn 
Linton, George, 79 Lygon st, Carl 
Linton, John, Flem 

Linton, Thomas, 10 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Lion and Royal Mail Gold Mining Com- 
panies, 64 Elizabeth st 
Lipshut, John, tobacconist, 143 Elizabeth st 
Liscomb, Wm., Jolimont square, E M 
Lister, Charles, Clarendon st, Em H 
Lister, Charles, Bendigo hotel, aud wine 
stores, 196, 198, and 200 Bourke st east 
Liston, James, Thompson st, S Wmn 
Lithgow, Richard, bootmaker, 39 Cardigan 

st, Carl 
Litolff, F., Rd 

Little, J., draper, 250 Wellington st, E C 
Little, John, undertaker, 72 and 74 Vic- 
toria st, Rd 
Little, John, grocer, 24 Fitzroy st, F 
Little, John More, 94 Johnston st, F 
Little, Lambert, corner of Eastern road 

and Cobden st, Em H 
Little R., bootmaker, Clyde st, St K 






Little, Richard, merchant tailor, 51 CoUinB 

St east 
Little, Wm., 14 Palmer at, F 
Little, Wm., 86 Stanley et, W M 
Littlejohn, James, Albert st west, Bk 
Little wood, John, painter, Peel st, Pra 
Liverpool Association of Underwriters, 

B. R. Mathews, agent, 23 Market st 
Liverpool and London and Globe Insur- 
ance Company, 9 £lizabeth st 
Livesey, Benjamin, cabinetmaker. Bay st, 

Livesey, J., Moray place, Em H 
Livesly, John, gasfitter, 70 Qertrnde at, F 
Livie, David, 37 Cobden st, Em H 
Living, Mrs., 9 Royal terrace, Nicholson 

st, F 
Livingston, G. C, 112 Moray st, Em H 
Livingstone, Daniel, modeller, 15 Queens- 
berry st, Carl 
Livingstone, James, 271 Fitaroy st, F 
Livingstone, John, 51 Provost st, Hot 
Livingstone, W. J., 137 Victoria st, W M 
Lizar, Louis B., importer, 55 Elizabeth st 
Lewellen, Mrs., Williams st north 
Llewellyn, E. V., Chapel st, Pra 
Lloyd, F., painter, &c., 54 Elizabeth st 

Lloyd, George W., wood carver, 90 Gore 

fit, F 
Lloyd, H. H., clothier, 69 Bourke st west 
Lloyd, John, farrier, Queensberry st, Carl 
Lloyd, John, boarding-house, 43 Frankly n 

st west 
Lloyd, John, Church st, Rd 
Lloyd, John, 245 Albert st, E M 
Lloyd, John, forge, 5 Berkeley st, Carl 
Lloyd, John, wholesale grocer, 13 Swan- 

Bton st 
Lloyd, John, Corry st, Cardigan st, Carl 
Lloyd, Jonn C, insurance agent, &c., 34 

Collins st west 
Lloyd, John T., butcher, 89a Qaeen at 
Lloyd, J. T., butcher, 173 Spencer st 
Lloyd, Richard, Pel ham st, Carl 
Lloyd, Richard, boarding-house keeper, 

142 Qaeen st 
Lloyd, S., butcher, Haw 
Lloyd, Thomas W., Jolimont square, EM 
Lloyd, W., 81 Moor st, F 
Lloyd, Wm., 31 Bridport at, Em H 
Lloyd's Universal Veritas, 49 Collina at 

Lloyd^s Underwriters' Association, B. R. 
Mathews and Son, agents, 23 Market 
liOader, Thomas, Inkerman road, St K 
Loader, Thomas, and Co., wholsesale sad- 
dlers and general merchants, 193 Eliza- 
beth st 
Loan, Lewis, 28 Bridge road. Rd 
Lohascher, David, clothier, Beach st, San 
Lobb, Wm. J., Hanmer st, Wmn 
Loby, John, 86 Ferguson at, Wmn 

Local Staff and Brigade Office of Volun- 
teer Force, 45 Stephen st south 
Loch, John D., Caroline st, S Y 
Lochhead, John. Abbotsford st, W M 
Lock, Wm. H., 46 Charles st, F 
Locke, Charles, Chambers st, S T 
Locke, Charles, Brewster st, Ess 
Locke, Charles, Millswyn st, S T 
Locke, J., potato dealer, 43 Flinders at 

Locke, J., Union st, S T 
Locke, James, Rouse st, San 
Locke, Wm., Punt road, Rd 
Locke, William, Gardiner*s creek road, 

Locke, Wm., 25 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Lockeyear, Alfred, hairdresser, 91 Bourke 

st east 
Lockeyear, J. R., hairdresser, 87 Bruns- 
wick st, F 
Lockhart, R., 116 Ficholson st, F 
Lockhart, Robert, Walsh st, W M 
Lockington, Henry, Cardigan st, Carl 
Lockhurst, John, wheelwright, Flem 
Lockie, Bernard, 1 25a Kerr st, F 
Lock wood and Tomlinson, bootmakers, 49 

Thompson st, Wmn 
Lockwood, J., Herald agency, High at, 

Lockwood, James, 55 Osborne st, Wmn 
Lockwood, S. H., Fitzroy st, F 
Lockwood, Wm., bootmaker, Osborne at, 

Logan, John, 43 Howard st, Hot 
Logan, John, storekeeper, 21 Nelson place 

east, Wmn 
Logan, Mrs., 177 Moray st, Em H 
Loggie, J., sausage maker, WelUngtOD at^ 

Loise, Alexander, 98 Flinders lane east 
Lokey, F., Brunswick road, Bk 
Loller, J., shoemaker, Halifax st, Btn 
Lolly, Richard, 90 Oxford st, E C 
Lomas, Charles, farrier, 37 Little Bourke 

st west 
Lomax, 8., butcher, Park and Cecil ata, 

London and Lancashire Fire and Life In- 
surance Company, 82 Collins st west 
London and Melbourne Gold Mining Co., 

64 Queen st 
London and Oriental Steam Transit In- 
surance office, 5 Flinders st east 
London Chartered Bank of Australia, 70 

Collins st west 
London Clubs Marine Insurance, 23 Mar- 
ket st 
London and Colonial Company agent's 

office, 80 Collins st west 
London Reef Amalgamated Gold Mining 

Company, 23 Post Office place 
Loney, John, chaffcutter, Flem 
Long and Sou, chemists and druggista, 
183 Bourke st east 





LoDg, Charles, dairymap, 12 Little La- 
trobe 8t east 

LoDg, Daniel Rutter, Wellington st, Pra 

Long, Denis, mining agent, 3 Little Col- 
lins St west 

Long, Henry J., 183 Bourke st east 

Long, H. and J,, cbairmakers, Barkly st, 

Long, James, 120 George st, F 

Long, John, grocer, 166 Ferrars st, EmH 

Long, Jno. H., importer of kerosene lamps 
and oil, 166 Bourke st east 

Long, John, 15 Cecil st north, Wmn 

Long, M. L., 191 Spring st 

Long, Miss, dressmaker, 15 King st 

Long, T., 101 Oxford st, E C 

LoDgley, Mrs^ High st, ^ra 

Longmore, F., M.L.A., Rotherwood st, Rd 

Longuehaye, Wm. E., Union st, Punt 
r(»d, Wr 

Lonie, W. and H., grocers, 146 Smith st, 

Lonnen, James, boot and shoe maker, 178 
Little Bourke st east 

Lonsdale, Henry, undertaker and cabinet- 
maker, Ferguson st, Wmn 

Looke, Charles, Milsy wn st, Pra 

Loomes, George, butdier. Little Latrobe st 

Looney, Mrs. Mary, 102 Bank st west, 

I^pes, M. J., bottle merchant, Leicester 
St. Carl 

Lord and Co., merchants, 126 Collins st 

Lord, J., 38 Cobden st, Em H 

Lord, Mrs., milliner, 65 Cardigan st, Carl 

Lord, R. P., draper, Pelham st, Carl 

Lord, Samuel Perkins, Carlisle st west, St K 

Lording, J. B., Railway hotel, Chapel st, 

Lorey, Wm., Hoddle st, Rd 

Lorimer, dames, 4 Fitzroy terrace. Claren- 
don st, £ M 

Lorimer, Marwood, and Rome, merchants, 
48a William st 

Loviot, John, bootmaker, 129 Victoria st, 

Lormer and Co., bakers and confectioners, 
Gardiner's creek road, Pra 

Lonaer, Kobert, biscuit manufacturer, 92 
Spencer st north 

Lofrrie, Andrew, dairyman, Market street, 
Tonng st, F 

Lorrie, John, Leveson st, Hot 

Lory, James H., Harcourt st. Hot 

Lostina, A., dining rooms, Flinders st 

Lotherington, Joseph K., chemist, 16 Na- 
pier st, F 

Lott, L., Nicholson st, F 

Louden, John, builder, 121 Nicholson st, F 

London, James, boot and shoe dealer, 45 
Qneensberry st. Hot 

Lough, £., bootmaker, 25 Coventry st, 

Lough, John, 1 1 9 Smith st, F 

Loughlin, J., 17 Cross st, Hot 

Lough man, Alfred, Fiem 

Loughnan, B., produce merchant, 49 Flin- 

ders st west 
Ix>ughnan Bros., tobacco manufacturers, 

147 Little Lonsdale st west 
Loughnan, C, 127 Little Lonsdale st west 
lioughnan, James, 145 Little Lonsdale st 

Loughnan, Richard, Little Miller st, Rd 
Loughray, W. J., 1 14 Nicholson st, F 
Louis, Louis, Clyde st, St K 
Louttitt, James, shipmaster. Little Nelson 

st, Wmn 
Love, David, Lothian st, Hot 
Love, J., grocer, comer Brunswick and 

Leicester sts, F 
Love, James, wheelwright, Moonee Ponds, 

Love, R., Baillie st. Hot 
Love, Thomas, fruiterer, Eastern Market 
Love, W. McNaughton, Upper Haw 
Love, Wm., Devonshire Arms, 21 Fitzroy 

Lovelace, Charles, 8 Wellington st, £ C 
Lovell, Wm., cabinetmaker, 93 and 95 

Bourke st west 
Lovering, Wm., 29 Smith st, F 
Lovering, Wm., 107 Clarendon st, £ M 
Lovett, J., commercial traveller, Fey 
Lowcock, Henry, Charles st, Pra 
Lowcock, Misses, ladies* school, Charles st, 

Lowden, Mrs., 23 Coventry st, Em H 
Lowe, Captain, 195 Cecil st, Em H 
Lowe, D., 43 King William st, F 
Lowe, E., Union st, S Y 
Lowe, G. E., Drummond st, Carl 
Lowe, George Gregory, tobacconist, 32 

Bourke st east 
Lowe, James, Ivanhoe, Held 
Lowe, John, Rouse st, San 
Lowe, John, Charles st, Pra 
Lowe, Joseph, 77 Drummond st, Carl 
Lowe, Mrs., machine sewer, 45 Peel st, E C 
Lowe, S. T., Rainbow hotel, corner Swan- 

ston and Little Collins st east 
Lowe, Wm., 1 13 Leicester st, F 
Lowing, Wm., Drummond st, Carl 
Lowman, Joseph, 155 Fitzroy st, F 
Lowrey, John, town clerk, Kew 
Lowrie, John, 3 Hawke st, W M 
Lowrie, John, boat builder. River bank 
Lowrie, Mrs., working cutler, 98 Swan- 

ston st 
Lowrie, Thomas, Gravesend, Fey 
Lyall and Co., merchants, 9 Market st 
Lowry, Alexander, Faraday st, Carl 
Lowry, James, 95 Cardigan st, Carl 
Lowry, Mrs., 52 Pascoe st, Wmn 
Lowry, Mrs., 59 Wellington st, E C 
Lowry, Robert, Star of the West hotel, 

comer of King and Little Bourke sts 





Loyd, Win., 45 Cremorne st, Hd 
Loyne, Mrs , milliner, 217 King it 
Luby, James, 27 Pelham st, Ou'l 
Lucas and Sons, confectioners, 88 and 82a 

Swanston st 
Lncas, B., Cardigan st, Carl 
Lucas, Benjamin, Church st, Bd 
Lucas, C, Neptune st, St K 
Lucas, Captain, 1 1 1 Park st west, Em H 
Lucas, Charles, 4 Villiers st. Hot 
Lucas, Charles James, Henry st, Wr 
Lucas, H., 199 Cecil st, Em H 
Lucas, H., Weston st, Bk 
Lucas, J., Edward st, Bk 
Lucas, J., Ill Bank st west, Em H 
Lucas, John, 75a George st, F 
Lucas, John, Market st, Em H 
Lucas, Thomas, 47 York st, Em H 
Lucas, Wm., Pelham st, Cari 
Lucas, Wm. J., printer and^tationer, 213 

Swanston st 
Lucey, Thomas, Courteney st, Hot 
Lucity, Frank, 25 Jeffcott st, W M 
Luckman, Alfred, 58 Baillie st, Hot 
Ludgater, Wm. G., 42 King William st, F 
Ludman, —,119 Moor st, F 
Ludwick, Henry, Dudley st, W M 
Ludwicke, C, Rouse st, San 
Luffln, Michael, ProTost st. Hot 
Lugton, Alexander, engineer, 144 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Luke, David, Hotham st, Fey 
Luke, Robert, 98 Cecil st, Wmn 
Luke, Thomas, 3 Simpson st, E M 
Lukey and Rimmer, ship brokers, ftc, 48 

Collins st west 
Lukey, Captain, Mary st, Rd 
Lulman, Augustus, Kew 
Lumsden, Daniel, stationer and printer, 

22 Swanston st 
Lumsden, David, Hoddle st, E C 
Lumsdan, J., Fitsroy st, F 
Lumsden, Robert, gardener. Grey st, E M 
Lunatic Asylum, Yarra Bend 
Lunam, Robert, Fitzroy st, St K 
Lunch, Michael, baker, 97 Faraday st, 

Lund, R. W., E C 

Lundborg, — , McArthur place, Carl 
Lupson, G. T., 67 Cambridge st, F 
Lopton, George, Williams road, Pra 
Lush, George, 17 Perry st, E C 
Lush, Joseph, Studley park 
Lush, Mrs., Hotham st, E M 
Lush, Mrs., 38 Palmer st, F 
Lusher, Mrs., Brunswiok hotel, Brunswick 

st, F 
Lutheran Church, Gisbome st, E M 
Lutroytch, Harold, Marian st, F 
Luty, Wm., 102 Oxford st, E C 
Luxmore, John, 64 King William st, F 
Lyall, James, Courteney st, Hot 
Lyall, W. A., Robe st, St K 
Lyall, Wm., Carlisle st east, St K 

Lyell and Brown, grocers, 100 Qoeen at 
Lyell, Andrew, 48 Howe crescent, £m H 
I^ell, J., 265 Victoria parade, E G 
Lyell, George, Aroca st, S Y 
Lyell, Mrs., Wellington parade, E M 
Lyhane, James, 60 Arden st. Hot 
Lying-in Hospital, Cardigan st, Cail 
Lynan, J., Lothian st. Hot 
Lynar, Rev. James, Held 
Lynch, — , grocer, Gipps st, E C 
Lynch, Alfred, inspector of weighta and 

measures, High st, Pra 
Lynch, Dennis, 121 Napier st, Em H 
Lynch, George, Victoria st, E C 
Lynch, James, baker, 187 Cardigan at, 

Lynch, Michael, Haw 
Lynch, Michael, Lynch alley. Post Office 

Lynch, P., 140 Nicholson st, F 
Lynch, Patrick, Wicklow hotel, BouTcrie 

st, Carl 
Lynch, Wm., solicitor, 15 and 16 Eldon 

chambers, Collins st west 
Lyne and Guthrie, shipsmiths. Kelson 

place, Wmn 
Lyon, Henry, pawnbroker, 189 Bourke st 

Lyon, John, boarding-house, 88 King at 
Lyon, Mrs., 6 Trafalgar place. Hot 
Lyons, A., and Co., boat builders, RiTer 

side south 
Lyons, Abraham, tobacconist, 205| Eliza- 
beth st west 
Lyons and Co., mining agents and share 

brokers, 5 Collins st west 
Lyons, Cornelius, 4 Capel st, Hot 
Lyons, Cornelius, S ViUiers st, Hot 
Lyons, D., Sydenham villa, Brigfatoo road 
Lyons, D., Murphy st, S Y 
Lyons, E., Herald agent, 29 Queensberry 

st. Hot 
Lyons, Isaac, and Co., auctioneera, 16 

Collins st west 
Lyons, J., Church st, E C 
Lyons, J., Thompson st, South Wnm 
Lyons, J., greengrocer, 92 Fitzroy st, F 
Lyons, John, greengrocer, 10 Palmer at, F 
Lyons, John, farmer, Ess 
Lyons, Joseph, clothier and outfitter, 87 

Elizabeth st 
Lyons, Louis, 12 Victoria st, W M 
Lyons, Robert, Davis st, S Y 
Lyons, S. T., Murphy st, S Y 
Lyons, Samuel, wine and spirit merchant, 

53 Little Collins st east 
Lystcr and Cooke, stove manu&cturera, 

&c., 192 Little Bourke st east 
Lyttleton, Thomaa H., Jolimont square, 

E M 


Mabbott, J. P., Kew 

McAdam, G. R., scboolmaater, Flem 




KcAidam, Aleaukter, grocer and wine 

merchant, St. David b%, St K 
McAdam, W., 4 Rathdowne at, Carl 
MoAinth, Wm., draper. Bay tt, San 
McAllister, — , Hoddle at, Rd 
IfcAilitter, £., Bowena parade, Bd 
McAlliater, Geo., 80 Montague 8t,£m H 
McAlliater, Jainea, 108 Rose at, F 
McAipiae« J. and C, coach baildera. 

Bridge road, Bd 
McAnenj, Owen, 20 Cobden st, Em H 
McAnnff, Hugh, TankenriUe Arma hotel, 

Nicholaon at, F 
McAonff, John, Oabome at lonth, Wmn 
McAra, John, amith and wheelwright, 30 

Bridge road, Bd 
McArtlinr, A., Nott at, San 
McArthor, Alexander, Heath at, San 
UcArthnr, Capt., Hampton at, Btn 
McArthnr, D. C, Heidelberg road 
HcArthnr, John, 104a Gore at, F 
McArtbur, Mra., 8 Raglan at. Km H 
McArthnr, Mra., ladiea* aeminary, Bobe 

at, St K 
UcArthnr, Sherrard, and Copeland, im- 

portera, warehousemen, and manufac- 

toren, SO and 32 Ck)Uina at eaat 
McAakell, D., Stewart st, Bk 
UcAnley Brothera, grocera, 310 Bridge 

McAuley, Charlea, atorekeeper, Haw 
McAuley, D., carpenter, 121 Brunawick 

McAnley, David, general atore, Sydney 

McAToy, John, Sydney hotel, William at 
HcBean, Alexander, grocer, 93 Cardigan 

MeBean.Jamea, watchmaker and jeweller, 

73 Elizabeth at 
UcBean, James, Barry at, Carl 
McBean, John, Capel st, W M 
HcBean, Mary, dresamaker, 169 Lonadale 

It west 
McBride, J., 44 Howe crescent, Em H 
McCaffey, Wm., Wellington at, Rd 
UcCall, Samuel, furniture broker, 112 

Wellington at, £ C 
McCallam, A. K., Kew 
MeCalliater, E. F., 20 Bowena parade, Rd 
McCallnm Brothera, importera, &c., 108 

Collina at weat 
KcCallum, D., 49 Roae at, F 
McCallum, Daniel, marine aurveyor, 37 

Flindera st west 
McCallum, J., Morria at, South Wmn 
McCallum, Neill, and Co., merchants, 22 

Flindera lane west 
McCallum, li^atrick, Kew 
McConn, — , 3 Napier st, Em H 
McCann, Daniel, Morria at, South Wmn 
McCann, J., Bay View hotel, 159 Cecil at, 

McGum, Thomas 168 Brunawick at, F 

McCann, W. N., M.L.A., Parliameafe 

McCarthy, —, carpenter, 220 Johoaton at, 

McCarthy, — , Punt road, Pra 
McCarthy, Charlea, M.D., aorgeon, 34 

Lonadale at eaat 
McCarthy, D., 7 Little Latrobe at eaat 
McCarthy, Dennia, Boae of Denmark ho- 
tel, Bedford at. Hot 
McCarthy, Jamea, 41 Boaslyn st, W M 
McCarthy, M., 40 Lothian at. Hot 
McCarthy, Timothy, 85 Young st, F 
McCarthy, Wm., tailor, 59 Queenaberry 

st. Hot 
McCartney, M. C, New st, Btn 
McCartney, 8. H^ 21 Cole st, Wmn 
McCarty, J., Begeut st, F 
MuCarty, Mrs., Arden st. Hot 
McCathie, James, Powlett st, E M 
McCaul and Campbell, grocera, 6 Faraday 

at, Carl 
McCaul, G. J., Alma road, St K 
McCaul, Mrs., Buny at, Carl 
McCaul, R., 18 Gore st, F 
McCauley, — , Princesa at, St K 
McCauley, Mra., Dalgety at, St K 
McCaw and Another, auctioneera and 
general commiaaion agents, 48 Bourke 
st west 
McCaw, M., Victoria parade, E M 
McCean, Miss, milliner, Argyle at, St K 
McCheane, E., 228 Moray at, £m H 
McChesney, J., 205 Cecil st, Em H 
McClean, Mra., 82 Errol at. Hot 
McClean, Samuel, Curzon at, Hot 
McCleao, Agnea, Chetwynd at. Hot 
McCiellaud, J., Surrey hotel, 131 Johnston 

at, EC 
McClelland, Samuel, 41 Little Bourke at 

McCloskey, Mra , midwife, Johnston at, 

McCluskey, Thomaa, bootmaker. Queens- 
berry 8t,.Carl 
McClure, Andrew, 23 Three chain road, 

McClure, John Leslie, Esplanade, Btn 
McClure, Richard, grocer, 124 Smith at, 

McClure, Valentine, and Co., wholesale 
grocers, wine and spirit merchants, 240 
Klizabeth st 
McCoU, Alexander, 4 Rathdowne st, Carl 
McComas, Francis, 8 Royal terrace, Nichol- 
son st, F 
McComas, John W., general agent, Tem- 
ple court, Collina st west 
McComas, Mrs., ladiea* seminary, Cowper 

st, Fey 
McComas, W. R., Elgin st, Carl 
McConaghy, Jas., Capel st, Hot 
McConchie, — , draper, 70 Queeoaberry at, 





McGonchie, Wm., bootmaker, Bobe at, 

McConkay, George, Palmerston st, Carl 
McOonnell, James, 22 Adderly st, W M 
McConnell, James, Flem 
McConnochie, John, coppersmith and 

brazier, 84 Queen st 
McConnochie, John, and Co.,'grocers, cor- 
ner of Pelham and Cardigan sts, Carl 
McConochie, J., Berkeley st, Carl 
McConochie, Wm., Argyie st, St K 
McConley, James, 57 Stanley st, W M 
McConville, John, Bray brook road. Ess 
McCorkell, John, contractor, 95 Nicholson 

st, F 
McCorkell, Samuel, Flem 
McCormack, — , 136 Swan st, Kd 
McCormack, Ander, 35 Bouverie st, Carl 
McCormack, Mrs., 80 George st, F 
McCormick, Dayid, Greyhound inn, 52 

Swan st, Rd 
McCormick, M., 204 Bridge road, Rd 
McCormick, P., Railway place, San 
McCormick, S., watchmaker, 83 Swanston 

McCormick, Thomas, Railway place, San 
McCormick, Wm., bootmaker, 67 High st, 

McCowan, A., 44 Latrobe st west 
McCoy, James, 94 Flinders lane east 
McCracken, Peter, J. P., Ess 
McCracken, Robert, Flem 
McCracken, R., and Co., brewers, 1 10 

Little Collins st west, and Flem 
McCrae, Andrew, 4 Hoddle st, E M 
McCrae, Captain A., Rotherwood st, Rd 
McCrae, Farquhar, Rotherwood st, Rd 
McCrae, George, 116 Flinders lane east 
McCrae, Hon. John, M.L.C., Flint st, EM 
McCraig, Alex., 7 Cecil st, Wmn 
McCrea, George, 116 Flinders lane east 
McCrea, John, 24 Market st, Em H 
McCrea, Wm., chief medical officer, 152 

Collins st east 
McCree, James, 73 Stanley st, W M 
McCree, John, 71 Stanley st, W M 
McCrossan, Hy., 19 Market st, Em H 
McCrum, Alex., 172 Stephen st 
McCuUam, Mrs., ferry, River side, south 
McCubbin, Alexander, baker, 165 King st 
McCubbin, Walter, 18 Ferguson st, Wmn 
McCulloch, F., &c., musicseller, 59 Collins 

st west 
McCulloch, Hon. James, Alma road, St K 
McCulloch, Hugh, grocer, 15 Flinders lane 

McCulloch, Mrs., 141 Little Collins st west 
McCulloch, Sellar, and Co., merchants, 31 

Queen st; bonded stores, corner King 

and Little Collins sts 
McCulloch, W. N., painter, Beach st, San 
McCulloch, Wm., and Co., general carriers, 

50 Elizabeth st 
McColloagh, J., Station place, San 

McCuUough, John, 7 Simpson st, B M 
McCullum, D., Waterloo st, St K 
McCully, John James, Fiemington 
McCutcheon, C, 134 Eastern road, Em H 
McCutcheon, J., Capel st, W M 
McCutcheon, Robert G., Victoria at, W M 
McCurk, J., Rouse st, Sian 
Mc Dermott, C, John st, F 
McDermott, Malcolm, Domain st, S T 
McDonagh, James, Mac's hotel, 116 Ste- 
vedore st, Wmn 
McDonald, —,210 Napier st, Em H 
McDonald, — , 64 Cambridge st, £ 
McDonald, — , bookseller, 17 Oxford st, 

McDonald, A. B., 1 Grattan st, Carl 
McDonald, Alexander, grocer, 199 Swaa- 

ston st 
McDonald, Alex., Simpson st, E M 
McDonald, Alexander, coach builder, 95 

Queensberry st. Hot 
McDonald, Archibald, photographic artist, 

St. George's Hall, Bourke st east 
McDonald, C, grocer, 37 Howard at, Hot 
McDonald, D., blacksmith. Pent 
McDonald, Daniel, Charles st, F 
McDonald, Donald, 79 Queensberry at, 

McDonald, Donald, 27 Little Nelson st 

McDonald, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 139 

Webb st, F 
McDonald, F., builder, Nicholson st, Carl 
McDonald, J., 10 Carlton st, Carl 
McDonald, J., Douglas parade, Wmn 
McDonald, J., 46 Hanover st, F 
McDonald, J. B., 128 Spencer st north 
McDonald, John, estate agent, 58 Little 

Collins st east 
McDonald, John, Berkeley st, Carl 
McDonald, John, Millswyn st, 8 Y 
McDonald, John, 12 Carlton st, Carl 
McDonald, John, 1 1 1 Queensberry st. Hot 
McDonald, Miss, 202 Little Collins st east 
McDonald, Mrs., 139 Victoria parade, F 
McDonald, Mrs., Dorcas st, Em H 
McDonald, P., Twyford st south, Wmn 
McDonald, Peter, tailor, 108 Russell st 
McDonald, U. A., M.D., Heidelberg road 
McDoimld, Rev. D., Dorcas st, Em H 
McDonald, S., Weston st, Bk 
McDonald, Thomas, Wellington st, Rd 
McDonald, W., Roden st, W M 
McDonald, Wm., seedsman, 128 Bourke st 

McDonnell, G., Franklyn st, W M 
McDonnell, John, and Co., grocers, wine 

and spirit merchants, 85 Elizabeth st 
McDonnell, John, Williams road, Tk 
McDonnell, M. A., Murphy st, S T 
McDonnell, R., ("haries st, Pra 
McDonnell, 8. M. C, Williams road, Tk 
McDonnougli, Patrick, boot and shoe* 

maker, 55 Lonsdale st west 





HcDonoogh, Edward, Jan., 164 Johnstoii 

HcDonoagh, J., Berkeley st, Carl 
McDonough, James, Spencer at 
McDooougfa, John, Queen st 
HcDoDDugh, Joseph, Queen st 
McDonough, Patrick, Lonsdale st west 
McDougal, John F., Haw 
McDougal, Robert, farmer, Ess 
McDougal, Robert, Alma road east, St K 
McDougal, Thomas D., accountant, &c., 

13 Collins st west 
McDougall, C, Sydney road, Bk 
McDougall, Donald, restaurant, 18 Swan- 
McDougall, Dugald, Haw 
McDougaU, Duncan, Grey st, St K 
McDougall, E., 79 Little Bourke st east 
McDougall, J. W., s; Studley Park ter- 
race, Yictoria st, Rd 
McDougall, John, Raglan st, San 
McDougall, John, printer, St Kilda Stan- 

dard office. High st, St K 
McDougall, Mrs. D., Simpson st, E M 
McDougall, Robert, 146 Lonsdale st, west 
McDougall, Thomas W., Cliff st, Pra 
McDowell, Alexander, Barkly st, St K 
McDowall, J., Cochrane st, Btn 
McDovall, J., grocer, 98 Johnston st, £ C 
McEachern, N., 144 Napier st, F 
McElvoy, — , 28 Chetwynd st. Hot 
McEnery,T. G., 113 Young st, F - 
McEotee, John, 126 Madeline st, Carl 
McEvoy, James, Studley park 
McEvoy, Peter, grocer, Brighton st, Rd 
McEwan and Co., importers, and wine, 

spirit, « and provision merchants, 23 

Swansion st 
McEwao, James, Merrivale st, St E 
McEwan, James, Spencer st north 
McEwan, James, and Co., wholesale and 

retail ironmongers, 79 and 319 Eliza- 
beth st 
McEwan, P., 94 Lygon st, Carl 
McEwen, Alexander, bone crusher, Flem 

McEwen, Alexander, Flem 
McEwen, James, 74 Stanley st, W M 
McEwen, James, Railway place, San 
McEwin, James, Tarra st. Held 
McFadzean and Lambert, hairdressers and 

perfumers, 41 Collins st east 
McFadzean, Archibald, 88 Russell st 
McFadzen, D., 5 Hosier lane,, Flinders 

lane east 
'. iFarland and Sons, wholesale saddlers, 

3 Lonsdale st west 
'. ^Fariand, James, fellmonger, 101 Col- 

'ins st west 

Farland, John, Cardigan st, Carl 

:FarIand, W., 2 Little Latrobe st east 

sFarland, Wm., house decorator, 106 

Latrobe st east 

iFarlane, — , Spenoer st 

McFarlane and Morris, tailors, 167 Bourke 

st east 
McFarlane, Cunningham, watchmaker and 

goldsmith, 165 Elizabeth st 
McB'arlane, G., Albert st, £ C 
McFarlane, J., Whitehall st. Fey 
McFarlane, J. A., school, Welling^n st, 

McFarlane, James, Punt road, Pra 
McFarlane, James, 243 Moray st, Em H 
McFarlane, John, 83 Leicester st, Carl 
McFarlane, Mrs., 107 Albert st, E M 
McFarlane, Snodgrass, 30 Cobden st, Em H 
McFarlane, Thomas, Miller st, W M 
McFarlane, Walter, Avoca st. Fey 
McCaffrey, Thoma-, 3 Rosslynst, W M 
McGauran, T. F., surgeon, 213 Bourke st 

McGaw, Mrs., dressmaker, 184 Smith st, 

McGee, H. J., 18 Elgin st, Carl 
McGee, J., 134 Rose st, F 
McGee, John, Nicholson st, F 
McGee, John, Cochrane st, Btn 
McGee, John, and Co., wholesale wine, 
spirit, and proTision merchants, 189 
Elizabeth st 
McGee, R., 1 16 Victoria st, Rd 
McGee, Wra., Princes st, F 
McGee, Wm., Pelham st, Carl 
McGenty, J., 63 Argyle st, F 
McGesch, A., Koyal Standard hotel, Wil- 
liam st north 
McGie, James, Provost st, Hot 
McGie, John, Victoria st, Carl 
McGill, Frederick and George W., book- 
sellers, &c., 127 Elizabeth st 
McGill, Mrs. George, teacher of music and 

singing, Lang st, S Y 
McGill, Richard F., Punt road, S Y 
McGill, Wm. (T., importer of iron pipes 

and machinery, 139 Collins st west 
McGinley, J., Corkscrew hotel. King st 
McGinty, J., bootmaker, 22 Gertrude st, F 
McGirr, W. P., Gardiner's creek road, S Y 
McGlone, J., police barracks, F 
McGlone, James, storekeeper, 164 Smith 

st, EC 
McGlue, W., 85 Argyle st, F 
McGo wen, James, Great Britain hotel, 109 

Flinders st west 
McGrath, — , confectioner, Rouse st, San 
McGrath and Churchman, cemetery ma- 
sons, corner Little Collins and Stephen 
McGrath, James, Alfred place, Collins st 

McGrath, John, 196 Little Collins st east 
McGrath, Michael, bootmaker, 227 Swan- 

ston st 
McGrath, Patrick, Rouse st, San 
McGraw, Robert, Elizabeth st extension 
McGregor and Aignew, coachbuilders, 245 
Swanston st 





HeGr^or, — , Three chain road, Em H 
McGregor, Daniel, bootmaker, Rowena 

parade, Rd 
McGregor, Duncan, Bk 
McGregor, John, 134 Cardigan st, Carl 
McGregor, John, 80 Napier st, £m H 
McGregor, Maiy, Colonial Bank hotel, 2 

Little Collins st east 
McGregor, P., Park st, Pra 
McGregor, P., 19 Dover road, Wmn 
McGregor, R., teaclier, Clarendon st,£m H 
McGregor, Wm , 34 Elgin st, Carl 
McGuigan, Henry, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 176 Elizabeth st 
McGuigan, John, bootmaker, 44 Collins st 

McGuiness, Mrs., Little Park st, S Y 
McGninness, J., Miller st, W M 
McGuire, Mrs., 149 Fitzroy st, F 
McGuirk, T., bootmaker, 33 Victoria st, 

McHatBe, Mrs., Grey st, St K 
McUaitte, G., shipwright, 33 Electra st, 

McHarg, Andrew, Capel st, Hot 
McHarg, Mrs., Pelham st, Carl 
McHugh, John^ 162 Ferrars st, Em H 
McHutcheson, John, fancy repository, 255 

Elizabeth st 
McHutchison, Duncan, 109 Bank st west, 

McHutchison, T., 87 Bridport st, Em H 
Mcllreayy, W., mason, 245 Fitzroy st, F 
Mcllwraith, John, lead pipe manufacturer, 

167 and 169 Little Collins st east 
Mclndoe, John B., grocer and wine mer- 
chant, Thompson st, and Cecil st, Wmn 
Mclnerney, T., Dryburgh st, Hot 
Mclnerny, M., 85 Lygon st, Carl 
Mclnerny, Wm., 159 Queensberry st. Hot 
Mclnnes, Duncan, greengrocer and black- 
smith, 169 Clarendon st, Em H 
Mclnnes, Mary, 200 Moray st, Em H 
Mcintosh, — , dairyman, 59 Dudley st, 

Mcintosh, — , Princes st, F 
Mcintosh, Alexander, wine, spirit, and 

provision merchant, 186 King st 
Mcintosh, Daniel, Alma st, F 
Mcintosh, DaTid, Raleigh st. Fey 
Mcintosh, D. H., 128 Fitzroy st, P 
Mcintosh, G., Wellington st, St K 
Mclntyre, A., grocer, 143 Cecil st, F 
Mclntyre, Abraham, 62 York st, Em H 
Mclntyre, D., grocer, 96 Oxford st, E C 
Mclntyre, H., tailor, 8 Latrobe st west 
Mclntyre, S., Robe st, St K 
Mclntyre, Stephen, 74 Argyle st, F 
Mclver, Donald, 16 Lincoln square, Carl 
Mclrer, Duncan, Lincoln square, Carl 
MclTor, John, 56 Bouverie st, Carl 
MclTor, T., galTanist, Market lane, 141 

Bourke st east 
McJunkin, James, storekeeper, 11 King tt 

McEaige,Robt., commission agent, Whitto* 

hall st. Fey • 
McKay, Captain, Roden st, W M 
McKay, J., bootmaker. Spring st 
McKay, J., Carlisle st, St K 
McKay, J., Pent 
McKay, John, plumber and coppersmifh, 

86 Collins st west 
McKay, Mrs., 5 Palmer st, F 
McKean, — , 43 Charles st, Pra 
McKean, James, attorney, 49 Elizabeth st 
McKean, John, 66 George st, F 
McKeand, C, engraver, 41 SwantCon at 
McKeckney, Robert, William st, Gardi- 

ner^s creek road 
McKecknie, Donald, 175 Lygon st, Cari 
McKecknie, John, crinoline mtamfeuctoTj, 

Bridge road, Rd 
McKee, John M., 27 Gore st, F 
McKee, Samuel, Osborne st, Pra 
McKee, Wm., importer and comraiaaioa 

agent, 75 Flinders lane east 
McKee ver, Bernard, Derby st, E C 
McKeller, Alexander, blacksmith, 62 Ly- 
gon st, Carl 
McKelsen, O., 164 Little Lonsdale st west 
MuKeWey, Elizabeth, 10 Raglan st, Em H 
McKelvie, James, shipwright. Heath at, 

McKendrtck, A., Spencer st 
McKendrick and McEwan, cabinetmakeny 

361 Spencer st, north 
McKenna, A., Hampton st, Btn 
McKenna, M., 32 Latrobe st east 
McKenna, Wm., 158 Spencer st 
McKenrie, A., bootmaker, Raglan st, Em H 
McKenzie, — , Barkly st, St K 
McKenzie, A., butcher. Rouse st, San 
McKenzie, A., bootmaker. Pent 
McKenzie, Adamson, and Miller, coffee 

and spice merchants and general millert, 

3 Queen st 
McKenzie, Alex., carrier, Leveson st. Hot 
McKenzie, Alex., Abbotsford st, W M 
McKenzie, D., Dryburgh st. Hot 
McKenzie, D., boarding-house, 109 Bnms- 

wick st, F 
McKenzie, George, 93 Chetwynd ft. Hot 
McKenzie, J., High st, Pra 
McKenzie, J. F., IJnion st, Rd 
McKenzie, John, Burnett st, St K 
McKenzie, John, 36 Nicholson st, F 
McKenzie, Kennetli, grocer, 187 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
McKenzie, Miss, boarding-house, 5 Frank- 

lyn st 
McKenzie, R., Clyde st, St K 
McKenzie, Roderick, Argyle st, St E 
McKenzie, Roderick, undertaker, &c^ 80 

Clarendon st, Em H 
McKenzie, Wm., High st, Pra 
McKeogh, Daniel, 31 Rodney st, W M 
McKeown, James, Wellington st, St E 
McKernan, H., 17 BouTeiie b^ CM 




UcKiernui, Bichard, 120 Dramroond ft, 

McKillop, Mrs., 10 Oharch st, Em H 
IfcKinUjr, J., Barkljr gt, Bk 
McKinlajr, James, Berkeley it, Carl 
McKinlej, Mrs., midwife, 199 Wellington 

McKioley, Bobert, 215 Napier at, F 
HcKinDon, Henry, Great Britain hotel, 

Fergason at, Wmn 
McKinnoo« L., Tooronga 
McEirby, J., Bell at, F 
McKnight, Greorge, Yice-Begal hotel, 

Church at, Bd 
HcKnigbt, W. A., chemiat, Swan at, Bd 
McLachlan, Capt. John, ahipping agent, 

16 Elizabeth at 
McLachlan, Daniel, horse dealer, 49 John- 
ston at, £ C 
McLachlan, J., 57 Bridport at east, £m H 
MeUchlan, J., 19 King at 
McLachlan, John, carver, ftc, U Stephen 

McLachlan, Michael, 20 Bonverie at, Carl 
McLaren, — ,116 Coventry st, Em H 
Mclaren, Alexander, 92 Madeline st, Carl 
McLaren, George, 77 Stanley at, W M 
McLaren, Mrs., 72 Nicholson at, F 
McLaren, Mrs., Simpson st, E M 
McLaren, Bobinson, Glasgow Arms hotel, 

Elizabeth st 
McUren. Wm., 64 lUglan st, Em H 
McLanghlan, — , 125 Little Bourke st east 
McLaughlin, Charles, grocer, 91 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
McLaughlin, Henry, grocer, 16 Cardigan 

McLaughlin, J., White Horse brewery, 

Johnston st, E C 
McLaughlin, J., blacksmith. King st 
McLaughlin, J., cordial manufactnrer, 

Patrick st, Lonsdale st east 
McLaughlin, John, tailor, Boyal lane, 

Bourke st east 
McLaughlin, P., Acland st, St K 
McLay, C, Bacecourse hotel, Flem 
McLean, Angus, Flem 
McLean, Captain, Boden at, W M 
McLean, D., 59 York at west, Em H 
McLean, D., liay and corn dealer, Chapel 

McLean, D. P., surgeon, Cecil st east, 

McLean, James, 21 Leveson st, Hot 
McLean, John, shipmaster, William at 
McLean, John, 5 Dover villas, Victoria 

parade, £ C 
McLean, John, Hawke at, W M 
McLean, John, Buck'a Head hotel, 15 

Little Lonadale st west 
McLean, Joseph, 96 Lygon st, Carl 
McLean, Mrs., George st, F 
McLean, Neil, wine and spirit merchant, 


McLean, Patrick, chemist, 131 Brunswick 

McLean, Peter, cabinetmaker, 79 Spring 

McLean, Peter, 18 Pelham st, Carl 
McLehose, Mrs., 68 Hanover st,F 
McLeish, J. P., 137 Little Bourke st weft 
McLeisb, Wm., 27 Gifford st, Wmn 
McLellan, — , Hoddle st, E C 
McLellan, — , carpenter, 193 Johnston at, 

£ C 
McLellan, Anthony, Hoddle st, E C 
McLellan, D., 63 York at eaat, Em H 
McLellan, J., baker, 13 a*Beckett at east 
McLellan, John, nightman, 84 Latrobe st 

McLellan, Mrs., Wellington st, Pra 
McLellan, Mrs., 25 Bathdowne st, Carl 
McLellan, Robert, 60 Roden at, W M 
McLellan, Wm., M.L.A., Parliament 

McLelland, James, Cardigan st, Carl 
McLeod, Donald, 51 Young st, F 
McLeod, J., shoemaker, Pentridge 
McLeod, John, 148 Lonsdale st west 
McLeod, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 66 Cobden 

st, Em H 
McLeod, Norman, sailmaker, Railway 

place, San 
McUod, Norman, 89 Stanley st, W M 
McLiolock, John, Nicholson st, Carl 
McLoy, James, fruiterer. Swan st, Bd 
McLoon, James, 189 Little Lonsdale at 

McLoughlan, J., Pelham st, Carl 
McLuckie, Robert, Heath st, San 
McLuckie, T., Edward st, Bk 
McMahon, Benjamin, greengrocer, Leve- 
son st, Hot 
McMahon, Captain Charles ; office, Queen 

McMahon, F., Young st, F 
McMahon, John, toy dealer, 9 Grertrude 

McMahon, Michael, Council hotel, 85 

Johnston st, E C 
McMahon, Mrs., 3 Cardigan st, Carl 
McMahon, Patrick, Darling st, S Y 
McMain, Peter, 71 Stephen st 
McManus, A., Gardiner's Creek road, Pra 
Mc Master, James, 189 Littie Collins st 

west * 

McMaster, Wm., grocer and confectioner, 

62 Errol st, Hot 
McMeckan, Blackwood, and Co., mer- 
chants, ship-owners, &c., 2 King st 
McMerneny, M., Bedford st. Hot 
McMichael, Bev. L C, 121 Gore st, F 
McMickan, Captain, Hawke st, W M 
McMillan, D., tailor, Cecil st, Em H 
McMillan, G., 130 Napier st, Em H 
McMillan, John, Howard st. Hot 
McMillan, Bichard, auctioneer and home 

agent, 86 Little Collins st west 





McMillan, Thomas, Yarra st, S Y 
McMillan, Wm., Union et, Btn 
McMillan, Wm., butcher, Whitehall st. 

McMillan, Wra. Henry, 2 Somerset place, 

Docker st, Rd 
McMillin, John, tail or, Wellington st, StK 
McMonican, — , Iicveson st. Hot 
McMuin, James, 85 Brunswick st, F 
McMurtrie, David, builder, 8 Grattan st, 

McMurtrie, John, grocer, 148 King st 
McNair, James, 239 Smith st, F 
McNaly, John, ropemaker, 89 Little Lons- 
dale st east 
McNamara, Edward, farmer, Ess 
McNamara, James, Pascoevale road, Ess 
McNamara, James, collar maker, 18 Little 

Latrobe st east 
McNamara, John, boarding-house, 125 

Little Bourke st vest 
McNamara, M., Dover road, Wmn 
McNaughtan, Duncan, bootmaker, 21 

York st, Em H 
McNaughton, A., Barry st, Carl 
McNaughton, D., ironmonger, 99 High st, 

St. K 
McNaughton, John, bootmaker, 80 Made- 
line st, Carl 
McNaughton, John, 138 Lonsdale st west 
McNaughton, Love, and Co., warehouse- 
men, 69 Flinders lane east 
McNaughton, Wm., Haw 
McNay, Thomas, farmer, Moonee Ponds, 

McNee, James, High st, Pra 
McNee, John, shoemaker, 25 Johnston st, 

McNee, Wm., blacksmith, 154 Little 

Bourke st west 
McNeil, Hugh, 26 Bank st west, Em H 
McNeil, J., Spencer st 
McNeil. Mrs., 76 Elgin st, Carl 
McNeill, — , 29 Clarendon st, Em H 
McNeill and McDonald, plumbers and 

gasfltters, 75 Stephen st 
McNeill, John, dyer, 108 Lonsdale st east 
McNeill, John, 29 Church st, Em H 
McNeill, L., Little Lonsdale st 
McNerin, James, 45 Electra st, Wmn 
McNichoU, Mrs., 125 Johnston st, E C 
McNicol, Daniel, clothier and outfitter, 

193 Bourke st east 
McNield, Jane, 9 Thompson st south, 

McNise, Mrs., Carlisle st east, St K 
McNish, Wm., boarding-house, 98 Queen 

McNulty, M., Bedford st. Hot 
McPhail, Dugald, farmer. Bray brook road, 

McPhail, Wm., Nott st, San 
McPhee, Donald, carrier, 73 Bourke st 


McPhee, John, Bunhury st, Fey 
McPherson, A., Berkeley st, Carl 
McPherson, Arthur, Howard st, Hot 
McPherson, Edwin, tailor and outfitter, 17 

Beach st, San 
McPherson, J. A., M.L.A., Parliament 

McPherson, J. A., Albion st, Bk 
McPherson, James, hairdresser, 210 Smith 

st, EC 
McPherson, James, carpenter, Flem 
McPherson, James, draper, Bourke st east 
McPherson, John, Nott st, San 
McPherson, John, 19 Nicholson st, F 
McPherson, Mrs., 59 Stanley st, W M 
McPherson, Robert. Highett st, Rd 
McPherson, Thomas, iron merchant, 205 

Bourke st west 
McQuade, J., 148 Moray st, Em H 
McQuade, James, grocer. Railway place, 

McQualter, Thomas, 28 Faraday st, Carl 
McQueen, George, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 149 Napier st, F 
McQueen, John, draper, Hoddle st, E C 
McQueen, John H., 116 Bank at west, 

McQueen, Mrs. H., 6 Raglan st, Em H 
McQueen, S. C, Cardigan st, Carl 
McQueen, W., shipmaster, 27 James st, 

McQuick, A., shipwright, 7 Cecil 8t,Wnin , 
McQuicken, John, Byron st. Hot 
McQuinney, Alexander, Provost st, Hot 
McQuirk, Michael, Robe st, St K 
McRichie, J., 28 Clarendon st, Em H 
McShain, A.. 145 Drummond st, Carl 
McShane, James, Pelham st, drl 
McShea, T., boarding-house, 176 Queen 

McSweeney, Peter, Three-chain road, 

McSymon, John, and Co., produce mer- 
chants, 286 Elizabeth st 
McTaggart, Dl., 105 Faraday st, Carl 
McTaggart, Mrs., milliner, Inkerman st 

west, St K 
Mc.Tier. H., 18 Hanmer st, Wmn 
McTurk, Charles, Blackwood st, Hot 
McVean, Rev. A., Brunswick road, Bk 
Mc Vicar, Daniel, 114 Nspicr st, Em H 
McWilliam, A.. 47 Rosslyn st, W M 
McWilliams, Henry, 191 Cardigan st,Carl 
McWilliams, Mrs., milliner, 32 Welling- 
ton st, E O 
Macadam, Mrs., Powlett st, E M 
Macardy, A. H., 221 Swan st, Rd 
Macardy, James, Williams road, Pra 
Macarthy, Thomas, Swan st, Rd 
Macartney, Arthur, 109 Alhert st, E M 
Macartney, the Very Rev. H. B., Dean of 

Melbourne, Grey st, E M 
Macaulay, Wm., manager Asiatic Bank- 
ing Corporation, 21 Collins st west 





Macbain, James, M.L.A., Alma road, St K 
Macdermott, J., solicitor, 50 Temple court, 

Collins St west 
Macdonnell, £., barrister, 3 Temple court, 

Collins St west 
Macdougall,A.,and Co., printers, High st, 

Macey, John, Wood st, F 
Macev, Wm., blacking manufacturer, Moor 


Macfarlan, Alexander, and Co., commis- 
sion merchants, 13 Flinders lane east 
Macfarlan, D., money broker, &c., Neave*8 

buildings, Collins st east 
Macfarlan, Patrick, Hot ham st, £ M 
Macfarland, James (H.M.C.)} Thompson 

st, Wmn 
Margibbon, John, printer and stationer, 

49 Qoeensberry st, Hot 
Macgrcgor and Henderson, solicitors, 57 

Little Collins st west 
Macgregor, J., M.L.A., Nicholson st, F 
Macgregor, John, 18 Napier st, Em H 
Macgregor, John M., commission agent, 

Hall of Commerce 
Macgrottj, H., tailor, 13 Errol st, Hot 
Macguiness, John, Park st, S Y 
Mack, John, 146 Little Bourke st west 
Mack, John, 41 Cobden st, Em H 
Mackareth, James, Station place, San 
Mackay, A., 13 Drummond st, Carl 
Mackay, A., SO Bouverie st, Carl 
Mackay, F., 284 Victoria st, Rd 
Mackay, George, LL.D., barrister, 23 

Temple Court, Collins st west 
Mackay, James, Nelson st, Pra 
Mackay, M., Crockf ord st, San 
Mackay, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 

48 Russell st 
Mackay, Mrs., 63 Madeline st, Carl 
Mackay, Robert, bookseller and stationer 

66 Elizabeth st 
Mackay, R., Swan st, Rd 
Mackennal and Scurry, architectural and 

figure modellers, 94 Russell st 
Mackennal, J. S., Jolimont road 
Mackenzie, Alexander, wholesale saddler, 

63 Bourke st west 
Mackenzie, D., tailor, 180 Little Collins st 

Mackenzie, D., Grey st, E M 
Mackenzie, John, estate agent, 88 Collins 

st west 
'lackey and Partridge, grocers, 44 Rosslyn 
8t, W M 

lackey, F., Victoria st, Rd 
lackey, James, 46 Gertrude st, F 
[ackey, Mrs., bonnet cleaner, ^ 3 Claren- 
don st, Em H 

[ackie, Alexander, mason, 7 Latrobe pa- 
rade, Collins st east 

ackie, George, store, 1 1 1 Flinders lane 
Ackifl, James B., 5 Napier st, Em H 

Mackie, James B., hat and cap manufao- 

turer, 5 Collins st west 
Mackie, Mrs., 10 Brunswick st, F 
Mackie, R., 158 Moray st, Em H 
Mackie, Uev. George, Punt road, Pra 
Mackie, Richard, shoemaker. Cape st, Held 
Mackie, Thomas, confectioner, 6 1 Victoria 

St. Carl 
Mackinnon, L., Toorong 
Mackintosh, A., baker, Elgin st, Carl 
Mackintosh, John, Carlisle st east, St K 
Mackintosh, John, builder, 118 Nicholson 

st, F 
Mackintosh, Mrs., boarding-house, 94 

Lonsdale st west 
Mackie, Peter, bootmaker, 17 Flinders 

lane west 
Macklin, W., 116 Moray st, Em H 
Maclellan, John, store, 15 Market st, Em 

Macleod, David, marine surveyor, II Little 

Collins st west 
Maclymont, J. G. M., schoolmaster, Wil- 
liam st north 
Macmeickan, James, and Co., Flemington 

Bone Mills 
Macmillan, James, clothier, 26 Nelson 

place, Wmn 
Macnamana, John, Flemington road. Hot 
3'Iacnamara, John, merchant, 20 Collins st 

Macnamara. P., 184 Drummond st, Carl 
Macoboy, James, solicitor, 92 Little CoU 

lins st west 
Maconochie, P., slater, 55 Smith st, F 
Macquay, S. W., electro-plater. Moor st. 

Macquistan, A., contractor, &c.,' 201 and 

199 Latrobe st west 
Macredie, Wm., Domain road, S Y 
Mactier, John, ironmonger, 4 and 6 Lons* 

dale st west and 177 Elizabeth st 
Madden, D., 140 Little Lonsdale st west 
Madden, David, Flem 
Madden, Henry R., M.D., 90 Collins st 

Madden, James, bootmaker, 65 Welling- 
ton st, E C 
Madden, James, 25 Hanmer st, Wmn 
Madden, James, 47 Cardigan st, Carl 
Madden, James, Blacksmiths* Arms hotel, 

260 Bridge road, Rd 
Madden, John, solicitor, 33 Bourke st west 
Madden, P., Freemasons* hotel, 166 Moray 

st, Em H 
Madden, Timothy, general store, 1 18 Little 

Collins st west 
Maddock, George, 60 Hanover st, F 
Maddocks, Joseph, 26 York st east, Era H 
Mad docks. Miss, school, 34 Barkly st, 

Maddocks, Mrs., grocery store, 26 York 

st, Em H 
Maddoz, Emma, 23 Lygon st, Carl 




Maddox, Wm., batcher, 381 Brunswick 


Madeley, John, 61 Charles at, F 
Maddifi^n, J. L., 4 Barkly at, Carl 
Madigan, M., Howard at, Hot 
Madigan, Mrs., dreaamaker, Francis st 
Magee, J., Victoria at, Carl 
Magehie, C, 77 York at east, Em H 
Magher, M., grocer, 37 Curzon at, Hot 
Magness, Edward, baker, Flem 
Magrath, Daniel, Flemington road, Hot 
Maggs, Greorge, general dealer, 31 Errol 

St, Hot 
Maggs, Mrs., milliner, 36 High st, St E 
Maguire and Co., importers, 26 King st 
Maguire, John, boot and shoe dealer, 114 

Swanston st 
Maguire, J. F., Orrong, Tk 
Maher, James, boarding-house, 62 Latrobe 

st east 
Maher, John, Byron st. Hot 
Maher, Mary, 88 Dryburgh st, Hot 
Maher, Patrick, butcher, 137 Little Lons- 

cale street east 
Maher, Thomas, Victorian Railways hotel, 

228 King st 
Mahncy, John, Wilson st, Pra 
Mahon, Charles, grocer, Druromond st, 

Mahon, L., 19 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Mahon, Mrs., 24 Pelham st, Carl 
MaHou, Stephen, 1 15 Leveson st. Hot 
Mahoney, Frederick, modeller, 194 Russell 

Mahoney, James, 109 Park st, Em H 
Mahoney, John, Highett st, Rd 
Mahoney, John, Flem 
Mahoney, Jotin, Madeline st, Carl 
Mahoney, Patrick, Flem 
Mahoney, Timothy, 46 Perry st, E C 
Mahoney, Wni., Waltham st, Rd 
Mahony, Charles, grocer, 73 Victoria st, 

Mahony, T., hardware dealer, 159 Eliza- 
beth st 
Maidment, W. H., 151 George st, F 
Mailer and Co., importers, 11 Flinden 

lane west 
Mailer, Robert, Moreland road,Bk 
Maillard, Fredk. Louis, Domestic Bazaar 

and Labour office, 122 Bourke st east 
Maillard, VV., butcher, Swan st, Rd 
Main, Frederick, 30 Lothian st. Hot 
Main, James, 106 Westgarth st, F 
Main, J. P., 74 Leicester st, Carl 
Main, Robert, 53 Osborne at, Wnm 
Main. Thomas, engineer, George st, E M 
Maine, Crawford, merchant, 113 Collins 

st west 
Mair, Alexander, timber merchant, 10 

Leicester st, Carl 
M^jor, F., 104 Oxford st, E C 
Major, John, 46 Park st, Em H 
Maker, E. D., 104 Moray st, Em H 

Malcolm, H., Arden st. Hot 

Malcolm, J. F., builder, 135 Latroba at 

Malcolm, J., bootmaker, 151 ClMendon 

st, Em H 
Makepeace, John, Albion st east, Bk 
Mnle, S., butcher, Wells st, Btn 
Maline, James, 1 74 Swan st, Rd 
Malisom, Alfred, 37 Brunswick st, F 
Malleson, A. B., notary public, Blenheim 

House, F 
Malleson and England, solidtora, &c.» 24 

Queen st 
Mallett, C, 53 Johnston at, F 
Mallet, Dayid, Botanical hotel, DonuuB 

road, S Y 
Mallett, James, ink and blacking manu- 
facturer, Albert st, Pra 
Mallett, Thomas, Charles st, Pra 
Malley, Henry, public laundry, 8 Oxfocd 

st, EC 
Mallinson, Bridget, 136 Queen it 
Malrosbury and Taradale Gold Miniqg 

Company, 31 Collins at west 
Malone, Stephen, Victoria st, Hot 
Maloney, D., Thompson st, South V^mn 
Maloney, Matthew, Leveson st. Hot 
Maloney, Mrs., 127 Queensberry st. Hot 
Maloney, Mrs., Roden st, W M 
Maloney, Peter, boarding-house, 57 Little 

Bourke st west 
Maltby, Miss, dressmaker, 123 Bourke si 

Manallack, T., Cornish Arms hotel, Syd- 
ney road, Bk 
Manby, H. R., stationer, Elgin -at, Carl 
Manchester Unity Hall, Swanston st 
Mandelberg, Nathan, general dealer, 46 

Madeline st, Carl 
Mangan, Michael, 22 Leicester st, Carl 
Man, Wm., boarding-house, 98 Tiorndale 

st east 
Man Shing, carpenter, 49 Little Bourke 

st east 
Manihan, M., 41 Park st west, Em H 
Mann, Frank, butcher, 177 Victoria iti 

Maun, John, Alfred place, 101 Collins at 

Mann, John, nurseryman. High st, St E 
Mann, Mrs., scliool, Ralston st, S T 
Mann, Mrs., 43 Victoria st, Carl 
Mann, S. F., Union st, S Y 
Mann, Samuel, Freemasons* hotel, 9 

Swanston st 
Mannifield, Stephen, toolmaker, 121 Little 

Collins st east 
Manning, G., coach proprietor, Wright*s 

lane, Bourke st east 
Manning, George, Grosvenor st, E C 
Manning, George, butcher. Peel st, Pra 
Manning, James, bootmaker, Berkeley st, 

Manning, John, Dover road, Wmn 




HanniDg, Mn., Easej at, E C 
ManDings, John, 79 Oertrnde st, V 
Mannix, John, hairdresser, 904 Lonsdale 

3iaDns, George, Bobe st, St K 
Maosergh, John C, 36 liule Bonrke st 

Mansergh, Peter, reterinary surgeon, 19 

Little Lonsdale st west 
Mansfield, Mrs., 69 Stanley st, W M 
Mansfield, Mrs., 40 Moor st, F 
Manael, Freeman, 58 Moray st, Em H 
Manael, H. W., road inspector, Flem 
Manzies, R., 137 Gore st, F 
Maozkie, Wm., 11 Russell st 
Maplesione, Charles, architect, Iranhoe 

Lodge, near Heid 
Maplesione, H., Berkel^ st, Carl 
Maplestone, Henry, timber merchant, 90 

and 9S Klinbeth st extension 
Mappin, W., High st, Fra 
Maquay, Samuel W., Rennie st, Fey 
Maqaay, Wm., electro plater and gilder, 

3 ColUns st west 
Uarcham, P. H., draper, 109 Cardigan st, 

Marchant, Greorge F., tinsmith, 80 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Marchant, James, 42 Little Latrobe st 

Margrie, George, undertaker, Rowena pa- 

Marine Yard, Ann st, Wmn 
Mariners' Church, or Bethel, Beach st, 

Mariners' Reef Mining Co., 37 Market st 
Mark, James, Greorge hotel, Victoria st, 

Maricet Lispector's office. Eastern market, 

Stephen st 
Markey, Thomas, Bouverie st, Carl 
Markham, J., boarding-house, Latrobe st 

Markham, John, 88 Stanley st, W M 
Marks, Adolphus, AcUnd st, St K 
Marks, Benjamin, pawnbroker, 197 Eliza- 
beth st 
Marks, Caspar, merchant, 83 Swanston st 
Marks, Edward, merchant, 118 Collins st 

Marks, Henry, pawnbroker, 131 Eliza- 
beth st 
Marks, Henry, general merchant, 117 
Little Lonsdide st west 
[arks, Joseph, wholesale grocer, 223 
Elizabeth st 
darks, Julia, clothier and outfitter, 241 

Elizabeth st 
tf arks, Lewis, tailor, 113 Little Lonsdale 

8t west 
tfiarks, Mark, tailor and clothier, 21 
Bourkest east 

larks, Rer. H. D., 3 Richill terrace, W M 
[arks, 8., dairyman, Mal?eni 

Marley, John G., Errol st, Hot 

Marlow, Douglas, tailor, 147 Albert st, 

Marmion, Peter, storekeeper, Ess 
Maron, John,car proprietor, 31 Little Lons- 
dale st west 
Maroney, James, bootmaker, 145 Russell 

Maroney, Patrick, Howard st, Hot 
Marr, James, Chetwynd st. Hot 
Marr, Thomas, Walsh st, W M 
Marrett and Sniders, china, glass, and 

earthenware importers, 129 Russell st 
Marrett, Wm., 106 Fitzroy st, F 
Marriott, Sarah, 10 Little Latrobe st east 
Marriott, Thomas, 51 Queensberry 8t,Carl 
Marris, — , 270 Johnston st, E C 
Marris, — , Clarke st, E C 
Marris, H. M., 197 Gore st, F 
Marris, Mrs. H., 36 Faraday st, Carl 
Mars, Wm., Nott st, San 
Marsden and Deacon, saw and tool 

makers, 213 Smith st, F 
Marsden, F. W., accountant, 8 Eldon 

chambers, Bank place, Collins st west 
Marsden, J., Barkly st, Bk 
Marsden, John R., Charles st, Pro 
Marsden, Stephen, Stafibrdshire st. Fey 
Marsh, B., 163 Lygon st, Carl 
Marsh, Henry, Vaucluse, Rd 
Marsh, Henry, and Co., warehousemen, 43 

Elizabeth st 
Marsli, Mrs., draper. Church st, Rd 
Marsh, Samuel, Pembroke hotel, High st, 

Marsh, W., coppersmith, Bay st, San 
Marsh, W., and Co., painters and paper- 
hangers, 2 Swanston st and Stephen st 
Marshall, — , Lothian st. Hot 
Marshall, Abraham, cabinetmaker, 12 

Gore st, F 
Marshall, B., Brighton st, Rd 
Marshal], F., Weston st, Bk 
Marshall, Frederick, 10 Stanley st, E C 
Marshal], George, fancy repository and 
cricketing emporium, 57 Collins steast 
Marshall, George, Brunswick hotel, Syd- 
ney road, Bk 
Marshall, Henry, 229 Swan st, Rd 
Marshal], J., Berkeley st, Carl 
Marshal!, J., Albert st, Bk 
Marshall, J. J., and Co., commission mer- 
chants, 41 Flinders lane east 
Marshall, James, solicitor, 6 Bourke st 

Marshall, James, William st north 
Marshall, James, 20 Park st east, Em H 
Marshall, James J. (vice-consul for Spain, 

and of Marshall and Co.), Kew 
Marshall, John, Packington st, Kew 
Marshall, John, Fawkner st, St K 
Marshall, John, 3 Chetwynd st. Hot 
Marshall, Mrs., Provost st. Hot 
Marshal], Samuel, 2 Grattan st, Carl 





Marshall, W., Charles st, Pra 
Marshall, Wm., 84 Montague st, Em H 
Marsham, J., Queensberry st, Hot 
Marston, Carlingford, chemist and drug- 
gist, 152 Smith St, E C 
Marshner, E., Commercial lane, 145 

Bourke st east 
Martelli, Alexander, architect, Carrara 

Marble Works, Latrobe st west 
Martin, «>, school, Chapel st, Pra 
Martin, — , 168 Kerr st, F 
Martin, — , 87 Victoria st, Carl 
Martin's bonded store, corner William and 

Little Bourke sts 
Martin, A., Stoke st, San 
Martin, Alfred G., grocer, Villiers st, Hot 
Martin and Hastings, grocers, 39 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Martin and Monash, general merchants, 

19 Little Collins st west 
Martin, Andrew, Australian hotel, 60 

Bourke st west 
Martin, Andrew, Perry st, E C 
Martin, Capt. Septimus, Vaucluse, Hd 
Martin, Charles, Bay st, San 
Martin, Charles K., gold laceman and 

military embroiderer, 2 Flinders lane 

Martin, D., Lennox st, Rd 
Martin, David, Garden st, Pra 
Martin, Denis, Albert st, Em H 
Martin, Edward, Pel ham st, Carl 
Martin, English, 116 George st, F 
Martin, F., jun., Hope st, Bk 
Martin, G., 18 Johnston st, E C 
Martin, George, Brighton road east, St E 
Martin, George, and Co., merchants and 

importers, 25 Market st 
Martin, H., 15 Kerrst, F 
Martin, J., bootmaker, J^use st, San 
Martin, J., Oxford st. Hot 
Martin, J., dairyman, 155 King st 
Martin, J., 115 Leicester st, Carl 
Martin, J., photographer. High st, St K 
Martin, James, bootmaker, 3 Little La- 
trobe st east 
Martin, James, bootmaker, 8 Little Bourke 

st west 
Martin, James, butcher, 88 Wellington st, 

Martin, James, 20 G reeves st, F 
Martin, James, 80 Johnston st, F 
Martin, James, Lennox st, Kd 
Martin, James, saddler, 22 Swanston st 
Martin, James B., draper, Victoria st, Rd 
Martin, James, 20 Greeves st, F 
Martin, John, 87 Victoria st, Carl 
Martin, John, 17 Kerr st,F 
.Martin, John, Moonee Ponds, Ess 
Martin, Johu S., mining engineer, 66 

Little Collins st west 
Martin, Jos., and Co., merchant tailors, 

185 Fiizabeth st 
Martin, Louis, Carlisle st, St K 

Martin, Lawrence J., MJ>., anrgeon, 126 

Collins st east 
Martin, Mrs., l78jVictoria st, Rd 
Martin, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 114 Napier 8t»F 
Martin, P., bootmaker. High st, St K 
Martin, Peter, John, brewer, 175 and 177 

Flinders lane eaat 
Martin, R., surgeon. Vine st, Held 
Martin, Rev. H., Haw 
Martin, Richard, dairyman, 52 Madeline 

st, Carl 
Martin, Robert, 89 Cardigan st, Carl 
Martin, Robert W. K., barrister, 41 Tem- 
ple court and Melbourne Club 
Martin, S. R., draper, 22 Farday st, Carl 
Martin, T., sen., Cumberland Arms hotel, 

Sydney road, Bk 
Martin, Thomas J., Tivoli place, S T 
Martin, T. J., and Co., general commisaion 
and insurance agents, 82 Collins st west 
Martin, T., junior, Hope st, Bk 
Martin, T. W., baker. 195 Smith st, F 
Martin, Thomas, 98 Leicester st, F 
Martin, Thomas, 115 Raglan st, Em H 
Martin, W., hay and corn dealer, 18 Ger- 
trude st,F 
Martin, W., Pelham st, Carl 
Martin, Wm., 72 Errol st. Hot 
Martin, Wni., cab proprietor, 122 Welling- 
ton st, E C 
Martin, Wm., Park st, S Y 
Martin, Wm. H., butcher, 194 Swan Bt,Bd 
Martin, Wm., Hay and corn dealer, 54 

Gore st, F 
Martin, Wm., cooper. Commercial lane, 

Bourke st east 
Martin, Wm., buUder, Rosslyn st, W M 
Martingley, Albert, Dryburgh at. Hot 
Marum, John, tailor. Chapel st, Pra 
Mnrwick, D., Queensberry st. Hot 
Marwick, James, grocer, 20 Johnston st, 

Marwood, Matthew, Caroline st, S T 
Mason, A., mattraas maker, a^Beckett st 

Mason, A., publisher, 51 Flinders lane 

west, and 49 Latrobe st west 
Mason, A. P., 47 Latrobe st west 
Mason, Cyrus, Octavia st, St K 
Mason, F. II., Argyle st, Pra 
Mason, H., grocer, Roden st, W M 
Mason, J., M.L.A., Parliament house 
Mason, James, J.P., 25 Drummond st, 

Mason, James, baker, 212 Wellington st, 

Mason, John, general dealer, 224 Little 

Collins st east 
Mason, John, 229 Clarendon St., Em H 
Mason, Mrs. A., store, Abbotsford st. Hot 
Mason, Thomas Williams, hat and cap 

manufacturer, 67a. Collins st east 
Mason, Thomas, auctioneer and commis- 
sion agent, 64 NeUon place 





l£i80o, Thomas, carpenter. Ess 
Mason, Thomas C, Bay st, San 
Mason, W., grocer, comer King and 

Boden sts 
Mason, W., 207 Lonsdale st west 
Mason, Wm., Provost st. Hot 
Masonic Journal and Victorian Gazette, 

26 Collins st east 
Masons' Society, meet at Trades' Hall, 

Ljgon st, Carl 
Manej, George, hatter. Chapel st, Pra 
Massej, John, 155 Cardigan st, Carl 
Massie, J., blacksmith, 125 Wellington st, 

Masrina, A. H., 231 Swan st, Rd 
Masson, Alexander, 59 Madeline st, Carl 
Maason, David, professor of music, 135 

Bridport st, Em H 
Master in Equity, offices of, 51 Latrobe st 

Masterman, A. F., printer, Brunswick st, 

Masters, James, Cole st, South Wmn 
Masters, Joseph, agent, 122 Bridge road, 

Masters, John G., haircutter, &c., 65 Col- 

iias st west 
Masters, Thomas, hairdresser and tobac- 
conist, 111 Elizabeth st 
Mikters, Wm., carpenter, 5 Nelson place, 

Masterson, Mrs., 67 Clarendon st, Em H 
Masterton, David, provision merchant, 25 

and 34 Latrobe st east 
Masterton, Wm., nightman, Punt road, 

Matear, Emma, Registry office, 81 Collins 

Matier, James, Queensberry st, Hot 
Matier, Thomas, Flem 
Mather, George, poulterer, 6 Eastern 

Mather, J., 24 Adderley st, W M 
Mather, Mrs., 81 Cardigan st, Carl 
Mather, W., Villiers st. Hot 
Mather, Wm., hairdresser, 72 Elizabeth st 
Mathesoo, Alexander, merchant, Eliza- 
beth st 
Matheson, J. (Bank of Victoria), CoUms 

Mathew, James, Pent 
Mathews and Tallerman, boot importers, 

30 Lonsdale st east 
Mathews, Barnard, 109 Albert st, E M 
Mathews, B. B., and Son, commission 

merchants, and agents to Lloyds and 

laverpool and Glasgow Underwriters* 

Association, 23 Market st 
Mathews, B. R., Esplanade, Wmn 
Mathews, J., Union st, Btn 
Mathews, J., Commercial road, Pra 
Mathews, John, general merchant, 27 

Pranklyn st ^ 

Mathews, John, 44 Faraday st, Carl 

Mathews, John, 3 Berkeley st, Carl 
Mathews, S., boot importer, 241 Bonrke 

st east 
Mathewson, ^Irs., 216 King st 
Mathewson, W., St. Andrew's st, Btn 
Mathewson, W., Montague st, Em H 
Mathieson, A., Waltham st, Rd 
Mathieson, James, toolmaker, &c., 82 

Bourke st west 
Mathison and Co., commission merchants 

and forwarding agents, 61^ Little 

Bourke st east 
Mathison, G. T., Fawkner st, St K 
Mathison, James, Dudley st, W M 
Matthes, John, pork butcher, 312 Bruns- 
wick st, F 
Matthews Brothers, ironmongers, Nott st, 

Matthews, Edward, shipwright. Bay st, 

Matthews, Edwin, ironmonger, 121 Napier 

Matthews, J., butcher, Errol st. Hot 
Matthews, J., Flemington road. Hot 
Matthews, John Felix, architect and sur- 
veyor, 67 Swanston st 
Matthews, Patrick, chemist, Robe st,StK 
Matthews, Peter, carpenter, Brighton st, 

Matthews, Peter, architect and surveyor, 

52 Collins st east 
Matthews, S., Dock hotel, Morris st, Wmn 
Matthews, Thomas, bootmaker, 117 

Leicester st, F 
Matthews, Wm., house decorator, 152 

King st 
Matthews, Wm., buteher, 48 Victoria st, 

Matthewson, J., 94 Kerr st, F 
Matthewson, Mrs., 78 Stanley st, W M 
Mattingly, A., schoolmaster, Errol st, Hot 
Mattingly, C, schoolmaster. Cape st,Heid 
Mattinson, John, Pelham st, Hot 
Maule, Francis, bootmaker, Lennox st, Rd 
Maume, E., bootmaker. Church st, Rd 
Maver, J., plumber, 215 Swanston st 
Mawbry, Henry, butcher, Kensington 
Mawhinney, James, 83 Lygon st, Carl 
Max ton. P., Osborne st, Pra 
Maxwell and Co., surgical instrument 

makers, 95 Swanston st 
Maxwell, Benjamin J., bootmaker, Gardi- 

ner^s creek road, Pra 
Maxwell, Henry, Curzon st. Hot 
Maxwell, James, saddler, Moonee ponds, 

Maxwell, John, 80 Coventry st, Em H 
Maxwell, W. H., draper, Kew 
Maxwell, Wm., Pent 
May, — , Plenty road, Nth 
May, Alfred, Highett st, Rd 
May, Elias, butcher. Robe st, St K 
May, G., Cardigan st, Carl 
I May, George, chemist, 243 Elizabeth st 





May, Henry E., 17 York place, offTork 

St, Em H 
May, J., and Co., salt merchants, 4 Spencer 

May, John, Hanover st, F 
May, John, 10 Rosslyn st, W M 
May, R. W., Carlisle st, St E 
May, Sampson, Macarthur place, Carl 
May, Thomas, 10 Rosslyn st, W M 
May, Thomas, tailor, 6 Union lane,Bonrke 

st east 
May, W., hatcher, Bay st, San 
Maybelle, Joseph, fruiterer. Swan st, Rd 
Mayes, H. J., Commercial inn, 140 Little 

Bourke st east 
Mayes, Robert, High st, Pra 
Mayfleld, Wm. G., wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 83 Queen st 
Maynard, Frederick, wood dealer, 174 

Drummond st, Carl 
Maynard, J., Little Hanover st, F 
Maynard, Philip, coachbuilder,51 Hanover 

st, F 
Maynard, Mrs., Perry st, E C 
Mayne, James, wholesale grocer, &c., 114 

Elizabeth st 
Mayne, Mrs., St. David st, F 
Mayston and Co., stationers, printers, &c., 

178 Elizabeth st 
Mayston, R., 3 Brunswick st, F 
Mazeau, Mrs., Inkerman st, St K 
Mead, T., butcher, 159 Victoria st, E C 
Meaden, John W., 178 and 180 Welling- 
ton st, E C 
Meagher, Wm., armourer, Eastern road, 

Meake, A., 29 Three-chain road, Em H 
Mealmakcr, Duncan, grocer, 57 Johnston 

st, F 
Mealy, Mrs., 67 Kerr st, F 
Meany, J. T., bootmaker. Bay st, San 
Mearce, Miss, 16 Barry st, Carl 
Mearcs, George, Barkly st, St K 
Meares, George, and Robert S., drapers 
and outfitters, 1 1 9 and 1 2 1 Bourke st east 
Mears, Eml., 36 Queensberry st. Hot 
Mears, J. and A., herbalists, 138 Smith 

st, EC 
Mears, J., bootmaker, Hoddle st, E C 
Mears, John, Dryburgh st. Hut 
Mears, Mrs., Walsh st, S Y 
Mechanics* Institute, Melbourne, 81 Col- 
lins st east 
Mechanics* Institutes^New st, Brighton; 
Chapel st, Pra ; Etectra st, Wmn ; 
corner of Cecil and Dorcas sts, Em H ; 
Napier st, Fey, &c. 
Medcalf and Hunt, importers of boots and 

shoes, 28 Flinders lane west 
Medcalf, Charles, Derby st, E C 
Medcalf, George, baker, 117 Little Lons- 
dale st east 
Medhurst, Alfred and Frederick, carpen- 
ters, 17 Little Bourke st west 

Medical Board of Yictorta ofBoe, 178 Col- 
lins st east 

Medical Society of Yictoiia office, CoUiiM 
st east 

Medley, John, blacksmith, Chetwynd at. 

Medlioott, H. A., fitzroy at, St K 

Meek, W. J., solicitor, 5 mad 6 EldoD 
chambers, Collins st west 

Meeks, Alfred, 222 Moray st, Em H 

Meeks, Henry, 70 Leicester st, Carl 

Meeks, Wm., bootmaker, 5 Queensberry 
st. Hot 

Mehegan, Robert, 9 Leicester st, Carl 

Meher, J., draper, 83 and 84 Brunswick 
st, F 

Meikle, Robert, Simpson st, £ M 

Mehrtens, Herman, carrier, Elizabeth, st 

Mei8sner,G. Otto, tobacconist, ISSBonrke 
st east 

Melbourne and Adelaide Steam Kavig&- 
tion ; agents, McMeckan, Blackwcrad, 
and Co., King st 

Melbourne and Geelong Steam Naviga- 
tion ; Wharf, Flinders st west, and II 
Market st 

Melbourne and Hobson's Bay United 
Railway Company's stations and offices. 
Flinders st east and west 

Melbourne and Launceston Steam Navi- 
gation ; agents, Bayles and Co., CoUinfl 
st west 

Melbourne and Newcastle Miami Coal 
Company, 95 Collins st west 

Melbourne and Sandridge United Carry- 
ing Company, Western Market 

Melbourne and Suburban Building suid 
Investment Society, 56 Little Collins at 

Melbourne and Williamstown Railway 
station, Spencer st 

Melbourne Anglers* Society, 81^ EUsb- 
betb st 

Melbourne Banking Company, comer of 
Queen and Little Collins sts 

Melbourne, Castlemaine, and Sandhurst 
Railway station, Spencer st 

Melbourne Club, 137 Collins st east 

Melbourne Deutscher Turn Verein, 200 
Lonsdale st east 

Melbourne Exchange, Hall of Commerce, 
Collins st west 

Melbourne Exchange Company, 31 Queen 

Melbourne (City of) Gas and Coke Com- 
pany, 9 Collins st west 

Melbourne, Geelong, and Ballaarat Rail- 
way station, Spencer st 

Melbourne Home, Flinders lane east 

Melbourne Hospital, Lonsdale st east 

Melbourne Ice Company*s office, 60 Col- 
lins st west 

Melbourne Orphan Asylums, Em H 





Mdboarne Jewish Phibuithropic Society 

(collector), 7 Mackenzie st 
Helbourne Loan and Diacoont Compaoy, 

90 Chancery lane 
Melbourne, Mount Alexander, and Mur- 
ray BiTer Railway office, Spencer at 
Melbourne Patent Stearine Candle Com- 
pany, limited, 60 Queen at; works, Flem 
Melbourne Prices Current office, 69 

Bonrke st west 
Melbourne Public Library, Swanston st 
Melbourne Punch, office, Collins st east 
Melbourne Savings' Bank, Market st 
Melbourne Total Abstinence Society, Hail, 

Bussell st 
Melbourne Typographical Provident As- 
aociation, Mechanics' Institute, Collins 
Melbourne, Warrnambool, Port Fairy, and 
Portland Steam Navigation Company; 
agent, 8. G. Uenty, 60 Collins st west 
Melbourne Young Men's Association, 

Spring st 
Melcher, W., brickmaker, Plockhart st, 

Meloomb, Mrs., Lennox st, Bd 
Melen, Edward, High st, Pra 
Mellon, James, Wreckyn st. Hot 
Mellon, 8., greengrocer. Church st, Bd 
Melody, Patrick, Cremorne st, Bd 
Melville, A., Faraday st, Carl 
Melville, Donald, Albion st west, Bk 
MelviUe, Wm., Acland st, St K 
Melvin, J., baker, 154 Wellington st, EC 
Melvin, P., Oxford st. Hot 
Mendes, George, pawnbroker, 39 Coven- 
try s^ Em H 
M^ina and Forsyth, boat builders, Nott 

at, San 
Menser, Louis, fancy repository, 92 Swan- 
ston st 
Menziea, Archibald, Menxies' hotel, 20 La- 

trobe st east 
Menzies, Mrs., Acland st, St K 
Mercer, J., store, Collins st, Btn 
Mercer, Wm., coach painter, 269 Napier 


Merchant, Charles £., school, Ess 
Merhant, F., Park st, S Y 
Merfield, Wm., 8 Park st west, Em H 
Merick, Charles, bootmaker, 248 Eliza- 
beth st 
Merick, Mrs., ladies' school, 134 Church 

Merifield, Wm., draper, 1 Wellington st, 

St El 
Moker, F. W., Highett st, Bd 
Merrall, E., wheelwright, Pres 
Merrigan, J., grocer, 70 and 72 Spencer st 
Meniman, Josiah, Tanner st, Bd 
Merriman, Lewis A., Elizabeth st 
Merriman, Wm., 32^ Clarendon st, Em H 
Merritt, W., E., Times hotel. Clarendon st, 

Merry, Peter, draper, 35 Enrol st, Hot 
Merry weather, B., Abbotfsord st, Hot 
Merson, ~, Fulton st, St K 
Messenger, Francis, builder. Punt road, 

Messer, James, pastrycook, Commercial 

road, Pra 
Messer, Mrs., fancy warehouse. Commer- 
cial road, Pra 
Messerry, George, Chapel st, Pra 
Messiter, Thomas, Lennox st, Bd 
Messieurer, John, 53 George st east, E M 
Messiter, Josiah, builder, Bowena parade, 

Meston, J. C, 1 Eyte*s buildings. Prince's 

st, F 
Metcalf, T., draper. Haw 
Metherell, £., grocer, Lygon st, Carl 
Metropolitan and General Building, In- 
vestment, and Loan Society, 18 Collins 
st east 
Metropolitan and Permanent Building and 

Investment Society, 18 Collins st east 
MetropoUtan Quartz-Mining Company, 31 

Collins st west 
Metters, James, bricklayer, &c., 76 Lons- 
dale st east 
Metzger, E., professor of gymnastics, 17 

Stephen st 
Meyer, F., Union st, Bd 
Meyer, F., 29 Dorcas st, Em H 
Meyer, Francis, 45 York st east, Em H 
Meyer, George, 126 Elgin st, Carl 
Meyer, John, hay and corn store, Eliza- 
beth st north 
Meyer, Menk, and Co., importers, &c., 63 

Queen st 
Meyers, Abraham, Capel st. Hot 
Meyl, H. L., hairdresser, 62 Bourke st 

Meynell, G., Malvern Hill 
Meyring, Louis, Nicholson st, Carl 
Meyring, Ludwig, chemist, 90 Swanston 

Michael, John, 145 Moor st, F 
Michaelis, Boyd, and Co., merchants, 1 and 

3 Elizabeth st 
Michaelis, M., Esplanade, St E 
Michel, J., 42 Jeffcott st, W M 
Michel, Lewis J., Duke of Wellington ho- 
tel, 83 Flinders st east 
Michie, Archibidd, Minister of Justice, 

barrister, 73 Little Collins st west 
Mickelburgh, J., greengrocer, St. David 

Mickelburgh, John, Peel st, Pra 
Mickleborough, John, greengrocer, Gre- 

ville st, Pra 
Mickner, Louis, 84 Victoria st, Bd 
Middlecoat, George, Bichmond terrace, 

Middlemiss, Mrs., 105 Cardigan st, Carl 
Middleton, D., saddler, Victoria st, Carl 
Middleton, George, bootmaker, Pent 





Middletoii) Henry, 3 Sydney terrace, Wel- 
lington parade, E M 
Middletou, J. W., 91 York st west, Em H 
Middleton, James, 123 Little Bonrke Bt 

Middleton, M., 6 Jeffcott st, W M 
Middleton, M. F., Gardiner's creek road, 

Middleton, Mrs., Grey st, St K 
Middleton, Thomas, Princess st, St K 
Middleton, Wm., Albert st, Pra 
Mier, Barras, surgeon dentist, 77 Swan- 

ston st 
Miers, Henry A., tobacconist, 23 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Miers, Thomas H., baker and steam bis- 
cuit manufacturer, 22 Little Collins st 

east, and 2, 4, and 6 Brunswick st, F 
Miles, Alfred, broker, 44 Brunswick st, F 
Miles and Co., merchants, 99 ^ Collins st 

Miles, Charles, 272 Victoria st, Rd 
Miles, Edward, Haw 
Miles, Henry, shoemaker, 3 Thompson st, 

Miles, John, 270 Victoria st, Rd 
Miles, John E., Domain st, S Y. 
Miles, John R., teacher. Commercial road. 

Miles, Mrs., fruiterer, 177 Lonsdale st east 
Miles, Thomas, boarding-house keeper, 

129 Bourke st west 
Mill, David, slater, 157 Little Lonsdale st 

Mill, Thomas, grocer, 167 Bourke st cast 
Mill, Wm., Thomson st, E C 
Millar and Anderson, merchants, 7 La- 

trobe st east 
Millar, J., grocer, 30 Elgin st, Carl 
Millar, John, cooper, 13 Little Collins st 

Millar, Mrs., 63 Nelson road, Em H 
Millar, Peter, Dayiesford 
Millar, Wm., Elsternwick 
Millard, H., Union st, Btn 
Millard, J. P., confectioner, 91 Flinders st 

Millard, Rev. J. G., 166 Victoria parade, 

Millard, Wm., hat manufacturer, 78 Swan 

ston st 
Millbank, Mrs., 7 Jackson st, Wmn 
Miller, A., Garden st, Pra 
Miller, A., Cecil st, Em U 
MiUer, A. G., 121 King st 
Miller, A. P., chemist, 222 Lonsdale st east 
Miller, Alexander, Jolimont square, E M 
Miller, Alexander, 7 Cremoone st, Ud 
Miller and Douglas, ironmongers, &c., 32 

Nelson place, Wmn 
Miller and Gray, rope makers, 61 Flinders 

st west 
Miller and Macquistan, wheelwrights, 

Spencer st 

Miller and Johnston, agents for Neva 

Stearine soap and candle works, 55 

Little Collins st west 
Miller Bros., coachbuilders and importer!, 

80 Lonsdsle st east 
Miller, C, corn merchant, 104 Collins tt 

Miller, E., 18 Little Lonsdale st west 
Miller, Francis McDonald, cartridge manu- 
facturer, Nicholson st, F 
Miller, George^ Wellington st, Rd 
Miller, George, Union st, Rd 
Miller, Henry, M.L.C., 5 George st, F 
Miller, Henry, stock and share broker, S8 

Collins st east 
Miller, J., mattress maker, High at, St K 
Miller, J. J., Victoria hotel, Fitzroy b%, 

St K 
Miller, J. S., Darling st, S Y 
Miller, James, Dunsmnre, Church st, Rd 
Miller, James, bootmaker, Little Bourke st 

Miller, James, Park st, Em H 
Miller, John, painter, Argyle st, St K 
Miller, John, 106 Leicester at, Carl 
Miller, John, Henry st, Pra 
Miller, John, store and post office, Chapel 

st, Pra 
Miller, John T., Darling st, S Y 
Miller, Mars, secretary Melbourne and 

Suburban Building and Investment So- 
ciety, 56 Little Collins at east 
Miller, Mara, jun., Brighton at, Rd 
MUler, Mrs. M., 5 Apsley place, Qiabome 

st, EM 
Miller, R., Cremome st, Rd 
Miller, R., coachbuilder, IxLatrobesteaat 
Miller, R., Victoria parade, £ C 
Miller, Rev. W. B., 45 Charles at, F 
Miller, Richard, confectioner, 120 Bourke 

at eaat 
Miller, Robt., bootmaker, 15 Little Bourke 

at west 
MUler, Robert, com atore, 41 Wellington 

at, EC 
Miller, Kobert C, commiaaion merchant, 

104 Collins st west 
Miller, S., Commercial road, Pra 
Miller, T. S., Blessington st, St K 
Miller, Thomas, eolicitor, 64 Little Collina 

st east 
Miller, Thomas, photographer, 98^ Swan- 

ston st 
Miller, W., Peel st, Pra 
Miller, W. M., Ess 
Miller, Wm., Lennox st, Rd 
Miller, Wm., baker. Commercial road, Pra 
Miller, Wm., boarding-house, 67 Flindera 

lane east 
Miller, Wm., shipmaster, 224 Moray at, 

Em H 
Millership, W., 72 Kerr st, F 
Milligan, T. D., 48 Park at, Em H 
Millington, Samuel, Highett at, Rd 





IGlUon, H.^ wood dealer , 3 Palmer at, F 
MiQa, A., draper, 258 Brunswick at, F 
Mill8.C., Gardeners* Arms hotel, Brighton 

Mills, Henrj, timber merchant, Flinders 

lane west and King st 
Mills, J., Emerald hotel, 48 and 50 Cla- 
rendon St, £m H 
Mills, JamcB, bootmaker, 59 Cardigan st, 

Mills, James, dealer, 96 Madeline st, Carl 
Mills, John S., solicitor, 41 Swanston st, 

and Greeyes st, F 
Mills, B. S., 71 Bank st, Em H 
Mills, Thomas, 68 Ljgon st, Carl 
Mills, W., engineer, &c., 14 a*Beckett st 

Mills, Wm., Punt road, S T 
MU18, Wm., tinsmith, 146 Little Lonsdale 

Milne, —, Victoria st, E C 
Milne, A., 80 Raglan st, Em H 
Milne and Rankin, grocers, Barkly st, 

Milne, Charles, saddler, High st, St K 
Mihie, George, accountant, 30 Russell st 
Milne, George M., 25^ Barkly st, Carl 
Milne, J., ironmonger, 58 Brunswick st, F 
Milne, James, 28 Johnston st, F 
Milne, James, cabinetmaker, 33 Flinders 

Milne, James, 19 Richmond terrace, Rd 
Milne, Wm., 67 Collins st west 
Milne, Wm. S., coppersmith and brazier, 

47 Queen st 
Milner, Wm., Church st, Rd 
Milibam, Henry, Barkly st, Carl 
Milton, Dr., Mission office, 98 Royal lane, 

Bourke st east 
Milton, George, tailor, 225 Bourke st east 
Milton, John B., Commercial road, Pra 
^ton, John B., and Co., military tailors, 

&C., 54 Collins st east 
Minahan, John, bootmaker, 74 Gertrude 

8t, F 
Minahan, Thomas, 65 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Minchen, J., 80 Cobden st, Em H 
Mincbin, Mrs., Cliff st, Pra 
Minford, Thomas, 22 Raglan st, Em H 
Mioifle, Wm., oil and colour dealer, 77 

Wellington st, E C 
Mining Department offices, Queen st 
Minnes, J., Wells st, Btn 
Minns, Rer. George, 3 Stephenson st, Rd 

into, — , Electra st, Wmn 
• inty, Wm. M., builder, 68 Park st, Em 


irams, Rev. James, 9 Grattan st, Carl 
*fin, George, lamp manufacturer and 
lealer, 152 Bourke st east 
Kamble, J., veterinary surgeon, Condell 
ane, Post Office place 
tcbell, — , office, 50 Temple court. Col- 
ins 8t west 

Mitchell, A., gardener, Rotherwood st,Rd 
Mitchell, A., restaurant, 259 Elizabeth st 
Mitchell, Alexander, Station st, Fey 
Mitchell, Alexander, Victoria st, W M 
Mitchell and Bonneau, merchants, 15 Eli- 
zabeth st 
Mitchell and Co., brewers, Cremorne st, Rd 
Mitchell, Archibald, Argyle st, St K 
Mitchell, DaTid, store and post office, 

Moreland st. Fey 
Mitchell, F., 17 Queensberry st, Carl 
Mitchell, George, Railway place, San 
Mitchell, J., 55 Market st, Em H 
Mitchell, J., plumber and gasfitter, 55 

Market st, Em H 
Mitchell, James, store. Little Lonsdale st 

Mitchell, James, 7 Owen st, Nicholson st, 

Mitchell, James, ProYOst st, Hot 
Mitchell, John, Gardiner's creek road, Tk 
Mitchell, John, Hotham st east, E M 
Mitchell, John, Hotham st, E M 
Mitchell, John, Commercial road, Pra 
Mitchell, John, dairyman, 64 Mapier st, F 
Mitchell, John, grocer and ironmonger. 

Commercial road, Pra 
Mitchell, John, 44 Perry st, E C 
Mitchell, John, tailor, Eleanor st. Fey 
Mitchell, M., 50 Bank st east, Em H 
Mitchell, Mrs., Fey 
Mitchell, Mrs., Argyle st, F 
Mitchell, Mrs., 7 Henry st, F 
Mitchell, Mrs. Jane, dressmaker, Dorcas 

st, Em H 
Mitchell, Peter, St. DaTid st, F 
Mitchell, R., Rotherwood st, Rd 
Mitchell, S., Victoria hotel. Stevedore st, 

Mitchell, T., butcher. Nth 
Mitchell, Thomas P., Kew 
Mitchell, Wm., Nicholson st, Fey 
Mitchell, Wm., collar maker, 255 Victoria 

parade, E C 
Mitchell, Wm., watchnrnker, 53 Errol st. 

Mitchener, Henry T., windowblind maker, 

&c., 84 Russell st, and Haw 
Mixner and Campbell, lime merchants, 47 

William st 
Mixner, J. F., 61 Spring st 
Moallar, Adolph, 72 Argyle st, F 
Moate, George F., grocer, 62 Gertrude st, 

Moate, R., butcher, 150 Clarendon st, Em 

Model Training Schools, Spring st 
Modral, J. J., Wilson st, Pra 
Moeller, C, Mill st, Btn 
Moeller, Philip, merchant, 53 Franklyn st 

Moer, James, 60 Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Moffat, J., 218 Cardigan st, Carl 
Moffat, S., Grey st, E M 





Moffat, Wm. Turner, Lennox nt, Rd 
Moffatt, DaTid, secretary Southern Inior- 

ance Company, 31 Qaeen at 
Moffatt, G. B. Gm Murphy at, S Y 
Moffatt, John, M.L.A., Parliament Hoote 
Moffatt, W., 36 Kerr st, F 
Mofiatt, Wm., Goodwood 8t, Ed 
Mohr, John, stock broker and mining 

agent, 3 Collins st west 
Moir, John, 9 Provost st, Hot 
Moir, RcT. Charles, Esplanade, St E 
Moles, Richard, 57 Napier st, F 
Molesworth, H., barrister, 22 Temple 

court, Collins st west 
Molesworth, His Honor Judge, Haw 
Moline, C, Haw 
Moloney, Daniel, Exford hotel, 93 little 

Bourke st east 
Moloney, Daniel, Peel st, Pra 
Moloney, John, 12 Arden st. Hot 
Molony, James, bootmaker, 94 King st 
Molross, Charles, fancy box maker and 

bookbinder, 87 Little Collins st east 
Molseed, Henry, Young Queen hotel, Ma- 
deline st, Carl 
Monahan, E. J., 154 Stephen st 
Monahan, James, High st, St K 
Monahan, John, farmer, PascoeTale road, 

Monahan, Thomas, 19a Gore st, F 
Monash, L., Dudley st, W M 
Monck, Mrs., 3 Hotham terrace, Hotham 

st east, E M 
Money, A., and Co., coopers, 46 lattle 

Bourke st east 
Money Wigram and Sons, line of packets, 

W. P. White and Co., agents, 10 Eliza- 
beth st 
Monk, A., St. Andrew's st, Btn 
Monk, Joseph, carrier, Brewster it, BiS 
Monk, Mrs., grocer, 149 Lonsdale st east 
Monshin, Franco, Jolimont, E M 
Monster Clothing Company, 21 Bourke st 

Montague, Alfred, 20 Hotham st east, E M 
Montague, J., 192 Napier st, F 
Mont de Pidtd Loan and Livestment Co., 

105 Elizabeth st 
Montefiore, E. L., secretary Australasian 

Insurance Company, Collins st west 
Monteith, — , 234 Napier st, F 
Monteith, J. A., 34 Faraday st, Carl 
Montgomery, Richd., corkcutter, 77 Smith 

st, F 
Moodie, James B., shipwright, Riyer-aide 

Moody, Claude L., Haw 
Moody, J. J., parliamentary and patent 

agent, 38 Collins st east 
Moody, J. O., Haw 
Moody, James, Pascoe st, Wmn 
Moody, Leslie A., immigration agent and 

chief inspector of distilleries, Latrobe 

st west 

Moody, Robert, Bell st, F 

Moody, Robert, Dryburgh st. Hot 

Moody, WUliam, Condeil st, F 

Moon, Frederick, 3 Ann st, Wmn 

Moon, George, 189 King st 

Moon, John, ticket writer, Hoddle at, £ C 

Mooney, Daniel, grocer, 57 Spenoer st 

Mooney, J., Preston 

Mooney, J., Neptune st, st K 

Mooney, James, 21 Chetwynd at, W M 

Mooney, James, Royal hotel. Robe at, St K 

Mooney, Joshua, Liverpool Arms hotel, 
corner of Brunswick and Johnston at«y F 

Mooney, Thomas, Little Nelson st, Wmn 

Mooney, Wm., surgeon-dentist mod che- 
mist, 91 Elizabeth st 

Moonie, Wm., Osborne st, South Wmn 

Moore, A. G., 90 Young st, F 

Moore, Alfred, Spread Eagle Hotel, 312 
Bridge road, Rd 

Moore, Captain, ProTost st. Hot 

Moore, Charles W., watchmaker, Gardi- 
ner's creek road, Pra 

Moore, David. M.L.A.« Moorefleld, Merri 

Moore, David, butcher. Free 

Moore, F., 59 Kerr st, F 

Moore, F., Condeil st, F 

Moore, G., 5 Little Latrobe at east 

Moore, George, bootmaker, 150 Lonsdale 
st east 

Moore, George, 101 Napier st, Em H 

Moore, George, medical practitioner, 40 
Queensberry st. Hot 

Moore, George W., judge's aasodatey Su- 
preme Court 

Moore, H., 134 Leicester st, Call 

Moore, H., and Co., merchants, 7 Latrobe 
st east 

Moore, Hawthorn, and Co., merchants, 14 
Queen st 

Moore, Henry, ttonecatter, 21 S Eaaten 
road, Em H 

Moore, Hugh, 6 George st, E M 

Moore, Isaac, Cardigan st, Carl 

Moore, J., sign writer, 119 Smith at, F 

Moore, J., Bay st, Btn 

Moore, J., ticket writer, Hoddle at, £ C 

Moore, J., 109 Moor st, F 

Moore, J., under secretary, Govenunent 

Moore, J. S., Beach, Btn 

Moore, J. V., Gardiner's creek road, Pra 

Moore, James, Union st, Btn 

Moore, James, official assignee, 10 Eldon 
chambers, Collins st west 

Moore, John, iron merchant, 137 Boorke 
st west 

Moore, John, Rowena parade, Rd 

Moore, John H.. Domain road, S T 

Moore, Joseph S., barrister. Temple court, 
Collins st west 

Moore, Michael, farmer, Ess 





Moore, Micbael, Peel tt. Hot 
Moore, Mrs., Victoria parade, E G 
Moore, Mrs., 37 Yoang st, F 
Moore, Mrs., Lennox st, Rd 
Moore, Mrt^ 20 SUnley at, £ C 
Moore, Mrs., 29 Lygon st, Carl 
Moore, Kicbard, Stidfordshire st. Fey 
Moore, Samuel, f araitare carter, 74 Na- 
pier ft, F 
Mooie, Samuel, fmiterer, 61 Golline it 

Moore, Samuel, fomitare dealer, 39 little 

Boarke st east 
Moore, Thomas, saddle and harness mi^ 

nafiictarer, 194 Elizabeth st 
Moore, Wm., 46 Bank st east, Em H 
Moore, Wm., wood and ivory turner, Fed 

Moore, Wm. A., jadge^s associate. Su- 
preme Court 
Moorhead, Barid Jc^nston, stock and 

share broker, 69 Collins st west 
Moorhead, James, Margaret st, Fta 
Moorman, R. A., butcher, 225 and 250 

Smith st, E C 
Moors, Henry, Westbury st, St K 
Morsn, Anthony, 81 George st, F 
HoraD, J., Catholic schoolhonse. Fey 
Moran, James, Treasury hotel, 148 Queen 

Moran, M., Bay View hotel, Walsh st, 

Moran, Michael, slater, 131 Gertrude st, F 
Moran, Mrs., Punt road, S Y 
MoraD, Owen, Macarthur place, Carl 
Moran, Boderick, grocer, 27 Little Lons- 
dale st east 
Moian, T., 87 Montague st, Em H 
Moran, T. J., Waltham terrace, Rd 
Morant, — , 4 Cardigan st, Carl 
Morcombe, £. B., auctioneer, 124 Smith 

Morcur, J., carpenter, Fawkner st, St K 
Mores, H. J., Arden st. Hot 
Morey, Ephraim, 9 Webb st, F 
Morgan, — , 27 Fitzroy st, F 
Morgan, — , baker, 86 Ferguson st, Wmn 
Morgan and Mackintosh, squatters, 107 

Collins st west 
Morgan, Arthur, Lothian st. Hot 
Morgan, B., 14 Brunswick st, F 
Morgim, C, painter, &&, 9 Little CoUins 

Morgan, C. F., 84 George st, F 
Morgan, Charles, 121 Johnston st, £ C 
Morgan, D., 14 Brunswick st, F 
Morgan, G., Graham st, San 
Morgan, G., hatter, 70 Clarendon st, EmH 
Morgan, G. A., 74 CoTentry st, Em H 
Morgan, George, wood and coal yard, 

Cedl st, Wmn 
Morgan, George, 22 John st, Wmn 
Morgan, H., Weston st, Bk 
Moigao, H. G.| Feel it, Fia 

Morgan, J., bootmaker. Commercial road, 

Morgan, J., outfitter, 4 Beach st, San 
Morgan, J., and Co., shipping brokers, 34 

Nelson place, Wmn 
Morgan, John, Carlisle st, St K 
Morgan, John, coppersmith, &&, Queens* 

berry st. Hot 
Morgan, John S., dairy farm, Fres 
Morgan, John, Capel st. Hot 
Morgan, Mrs., Graham st, San 
Morgan, Mrs., Park st west, Em H 
Morgan, O., 25 Smith st, F 
Morgan, Patrick, cattle dealer, Flem 
Morgan, R., South Yarra Club hotel, Grar- 

diner*s creek road, Pra 
Morgan, R., 46 Lygon st, Carl 
Morgan, Richard, off 58 Little Collins st 

Morgan, Robert, Arthur st, Pra 
Morgan, Robert R., architect, 26 Collins 

st east 
Morgue, The, Nelson place, Wmn 
Morgan, Thomas, Cole st, Wmn 
Moriarty, Jeremiah, tailor, 38 Little Col- 
lins st east 
Moriarty, Patrick, 36 Elgin st, Carl 
Moriarty, Jeremiah, Spring st, F 
Morison, Alexander, grain store, 199 King 

Morison and Co., commission agents, 91 

Flinders lane west 
Morison, D., produce merchant, West- 
garth st, F 
Morison, G., Osborne st, Pra 
Moritz, J., Neptune st, St K 
Moritz, Solomon, merchant, 60 Elizabeth 

Morland, Wm., Wilson st, Pra 
Morley and Carrick, general carriers, 14 

Collins st east 
Morley's Free Stores, Stoke st, San 
Morley, Wm., grocer, Elgin st, Carl 
Morley, Wm., Grattan st, Carl 
Morley, Wm., Nott st, San 
Morman, Ed. L., 5 Peel st. Hot 
Mornay, A. A., M.D., Electra st, Wmn 
Morne, Mrs., Cremorne st, Rd 
Moroney, James, Carriers' Arms hotel, 

211 Elizabeth st 
Moroney, M., bootmaker, 99 Stephen st 
Morphy, Mrs., 131 Lonsdale st west 
Morrab, Arthur, Kew 
Morrell, Frederick, Curzon st, Hot 
Morrell, John, Clarence hotel, 2 Collins st 

Morricks, J., Princess st, F 
Morris, — , Railway place, San 
Morris, D., 60 Queensberry st, Carl 
Morris, David, 66 Raglan st, Em H 
Morris, £., 50 Moor st, F 
Morris, Edward, 105 Lygon st, Carl 
Morris, Edward, Catherine st, Rd 
Morris, George, Windsor st, Fey 





Morris, H., hotel broker, 114 Eliznbcth 8t 
Morris, Henrj, gardener, Douglas parade, 

Morris, Hugh, Swan at, Fey 
Morris, J., Ess 

Morris, J., general dealer, Johnston st, E C 
Morris, J. W., saddler, 115 William st 
Morris, James, Rathdovrne st, Carl 
Morris, John, Nth 
Morris, John, Robe st, St K 
Morris, John, Albert st, Pra 
Morris, John, and Roberts, J. S., com- 

mision agents, 21 Flinders lane west 
Morris, Joseph, but<;her, 78 Spencer st 
Morris, Mrs., boarding-house, 199 Bourke 

st west 
Morris, R., Brighton st, Rd 
Morris, Richard, Hoddle st, Rd 
Morris, Robt., Riosslyn st, W M 
Morris, Samuel, 89 Flinders lane east 
Morris, Thomas, butcher, 34 Madeline st, 

Morris, Thomas, Curzon st. Hot 
Morris, Thomas A., Baptist lane, 64 Lit- 
tle Collins st east 
Morris, W. K., 34 Gore st, F 
Morris, W. J., 30 James st, Wmn 
Morris, Wm., 24 Grattan st, Carl 
Morrish, Frederick, French polisher, Mac- 

killop st, 56 Bourke st west 
Morriso, Mrs., ladies* school, Napier st, F 
Morrison, A., carpenter, Gipps st, E M 
Morrison, Alex., Oxford st, Hot 
Morrison, Alex., merchant, 1 Western 

market, 209 King st 
Morrison, Alexander (A.M.), principal 

Scotch College, Lansdowne st, £ M 
Morrison, Charles, Charles st, F 
Morrison, George, Chambers st, S Y 
Morrison, H., 295 Fitzroy st, F 
Morrison, James, baker, Queensberry st. 

Morrison, Miss, Millswyn st, S Y 
Morrison, Mrs., grocer, 81 L^veson st. Hot 
Morrison, Peter, 266 Elizabeth st 
Morrison, Robert, Curzon st, Hot 
Morrison, Thomas, Davies st, Pra 
Morrison, Wm., 5 Napier st, F 
Morrow, J., Simpson st, E M 
Morrow, John, Charles st, Pra 
Morrow, Mrs., Nicholson st, F 
Morrow, Itobert, St. Andrew's hotel, Ni- 
cholson st, F 
Morrow, Thomas, Morrow's hotel. High 

st, Pra 
Mort and Watson, storekeepers, 91 Bourke 

st west 
Mort, James, comer of Milton and Tenny- 
son sts. East St K 
Mortimer, E., Hoddle st, Rd 
Mortimer, H. W., 3 Gertrude st, F 
Mortimer, Henry, upholsterer, 187 Swan- 

ston st 
Mortimer, Mrs. S. H., 26 Franklyn st west 

Mortimore, T., Commercial laoe 

Mortley, Wm., Bond st, E C 

Morton, Alfred, Polytechnic Cafe, Bourke 

st east 
Morton, Charles, storekeeper, Flemington 

Morton, George, bootmaker, 18 Bathdown 

st, Carl 
Morton, James, butcher, Millswyn st, S Y 
Morton, James, chemist, 112 Brunswick 

st, F 
Morton, John, Haw 
Morton, Mrs., 31 Lygon st, Carl 
Morton, R., bootmaker, 131 Bourke st east 
Morton, Thomas, 93 Leicester st, F 
Morton, W. J., Grattun st, Carl 
Morton, Wm., provision merchant, 78 Col- 
lins st west 
Morton, Wm., Kew 
Morton, Wm., draper, Haw 
Morton, Wm. L., Walsh st, S Y 
Morton, Wm., Criterion hotel, Collini st 

Moseley, Alfred, Madeline st, Carl 
Moses, Hyam, clothier and outfitter, 115 

Elizabeth st 
Moses, John, draper, 247 Bourke st east 
Moses, M., 228 Bourke st east 
Moss, A., 36 Little Lonsdale st west 
Moss, C, bootmaker. Church st, Kd 
Moss, D., Queen st north 
Moss, Edwin O., 32 Church st, Em H 
Moss, George, 6 Chapel st, W M 
Moss George, tent and flag maker, 7 

Bourke st west 
Moss, Henry, Bay st, San 
Moss, Hugh, 20 Regent st, F 
Moss, J., greengrocer, 99 Young st, F 
Moss, James, news agent. Haw 
Moss, James, Hanmer st, Wmn 
Moss, John, 161 Little Collins st east 
Moss, Mark, merchant, 84 Little Collins 

st west 
Moss, Moton, proTision merchant, IDS 

Flinders lane east 
Moss, Peter, Rowena parade, Rd 
Moss, Rev. W., Commercial road, Pra 
Moss, Reuben, 17 Collins st west 
Moss, White, and Co., cigar manafiehctiirers, 

124 Queen st 
Mossman, — , Prince of Wales hotel. Otter 

st, EC 
Mossman, James, Norfolk hotel, Easy it, 

Motherwell, James B., surgeon, 107 Col- 
lins st east 
Mottram, Samuel, earthenware dealer, 180 

Bridge road, Rd 
Mouat, Thomas, 10 York st east, Em H 
Moubray, Lush, and Co., importera and 

drapers, 45 Collins st west 
Moubray, Thomas, 5 Gloucester terrace, 

Fitzroy st, St K 
Mould, C., Upper Haw 





Mould, Charles, and Co., boot and shoe 

importers, 61 Swanston st 
Moalder, George, Blandford at, Fcj 
Moolder, Wm., Yarra st, Held 
Moale,F. 0., Btn 
Moale, Wm., 125 Moor st, F 
Mooltan, Joseph, 17 Alma st, F 
MoaltoD, Mrs., 129 Johnston st, £ C 
Mounser, C, Feel st, Pra 
Moansey, Mrs., 4 Bank st east, Em H 
Moantain, — , Station place, San 
MoQDtain Queen Qoartz Mining Company, 

10 Elizabeth st 
HoQDtain View Qoartz Mining Company, 

55 Elizabeth st 
Moanter, J., Park st west, Em H 
Mourant, J. T., wood turner, 71 Oxford 

It, EC 
Moornane, Mrs., 61 Nelson st, Em H 
Mourilyan, Thomas, Argyle st, St K 
Moaritz, G. A., coal merchant, 16 King st, 
Flinders st terminus, and Powlett st, 
Mowbray, Mrs., greengrocr, 64 Ferrars st, 

Mowbray, William, Hoddle st, E C 
Mowbray, Wm., painter and paperhanger, 

64 Ferrars st, Em H 
Mowling, G., 29 Regent st, F 
Mowling, George, importer of boots and 

shoes, 29 Bourke st east 
Mozam, John, 37 Dryburgh st, Hot 
Moxham, Edward, butcher. Stevedore st, 

Moxham, James, auctioneer. Stevedore st, 

Moxham, Wm. J., Caroline st, S T 
Moylan, Michael, Flemington road, Hot 
Moylan, Thomas, 115 Little Lonsdale st 

Moyles, John, Weston st,Bk 
Moyneham, Wm., greengrocer. Robe st, 

Mucklow, John, wheelwright. Chapel st, 

Mudge, B. P., P.O., Malvern 
Maeller and Co., ale and porter bottlers, 

Cremome st, Rd 
Mueller, F., Government botanist, Botanic 

Maeller, V. A., tobacconist, 104 Bourke 

st east 
Muir, Cornelius, Caroline st, S Y 
^uir, James, 34 Raglan st, Em H 
uir, James, 69 OsN)me st. South Wmn 
.uir, James Henry, accountant, 34 Queen 

air, John, Heath st, San- 
lir, Mrs., mantle maker, 31 Curzon st, 

nir, Robert, grocer, Graham st, San 
lir, Stephen, 39 King William st, F 
lir, Wm. P., manager Land Mortgage 
Bank of Victoria, Gipps st, £ M 

Muir, Wm., accountant, &c., 41 Swan- 

ston ft 
Muir, Wm., grocer, 26 Little Lonsdale st 

Muirhead, James, poulterer, 64 Swanston 

Muirhead, James, 187 Lygon st, Carl 
Muirhead, James, Flem 
Muirhead, John, 94 Arden st. Hot 
Mulcahey, Cornelius, 3 Bendigo st. Hot 
Muleahey, Edward, grocer, 55 Victoria st, 

Mulcahey, P., Elizabeth st 
Mulcahey, Thomas, Harp of Erin hotel, 

114 Queen st 
MulhoUand, Mrs., tobacconist, 44 Gertrude 

st, F 
Mullan, John, 34 Rosslyn st, W M 
Mallaly, John, customs agent. Custom- 
house, and 56 Clarendon st, £ M 
Mullen, John, Ralston st, Pra 
Mullen, Samuel, bookseller and stationer, 

55 Collins st east 

Muller, Mrs., straw bonnet maker, 27 
Lonsdale st east 

MuUin, John, 231 Swan st, Rd 

Mullinger, George, nightman, 23 Little 
Bourke st west 

MuUins, Thomas, 186 Drummond st, Carl 

MuUins, Timothy, grocer, 29 Toung st, F 

Mulready, W. J., cartage contractor, 74 
Westgarth st, F 

Mulway, Robert, draper, Elgin st, Carl 

Mumby, B., baker, Coventry st west, Em 

Mumby, Benjamin, baker, 13 Wellington 
st, St K 

Mumby, Joseph, baker, 15 Wellmgton st, 

Munce, Wm. R., Lothian st, Hot 

Munday, Charles, Rosslyn st, W M 

Munday, Charles, 109 Queensberry st, Hot 

Munday, H., 105 Napier st, F 

Munday, Mrs., Curzon st. Hot 

Munday, Wm., boarding-house, 37 Russell 

Mundell, Mrs., 5 Granite terrace, Gertrude 
st, F 

Mundell, Sarah, 2 McKenzie st 

Mundheng, John, storekeeper, Flemington 

Municipal Council Chambers: Town Hall, 
Swanston st ; New Court House, Btn ; 
Court House, Sydney road, Bk; Court 
House, Johnston st, E C ; Dorcas st 
west, Em H; Court House, Flem; Mar- 
ket square, F; Town Hall, Haw; Town 
Hall, Errol st. Hot ; AthensBum, Kew ; 
Town Hall, Chapel st, Pra ; Bridge 
road, Rd ; Graham st, San; Town Hall, 
St K; Court House, Wmn 

Municipal Delegates' Conference Office, 

56 Little Collins st east 
Munkhouse, R., Station place, San 





Mann, Henrj, Peel st, Hot 

Munro, George, tailor, 212 Victoria st 

west, W M 
Munro, H. C, Latrobe parade, Collins st 

Munro, J., and Son, 195 Bourke st west 
Munro, James, Wilson st, S Y 
Munro, John, engineer, ironfounder, &c, 

131 King st 
Munro, John, 122 Cardigan st, Carl 
Munroe, Donald, 92 George st, £ M 
Munroe, James, grocer, 54 Victoria st, Rd 
Munroe, Robert, Queensberry st. Hot 
Munyard, J., turner, 63 George st, F 
Munyard, John, 88 Bouverie st, Carl 
Murdison, George, Simpson st east, E M 
Murdoch, A.., grocer, 8 Nelson place, N. 

Murdoch, Alexander, grocer, 98 Dorcas st, 

Murdoch, Andrew, grocer, 46 Victoria st, 

Murdoch, Andrew, grocer, 63 Stanley st, 

EC, 155 Stephen st, and Johnston st, 

Murdoch, J., grocer, Park st, Em H 
Murdoch, James, grocer, 150 and 290 

Brunswick st, F 
Murdock, James, grocer, Raglan and Bay 

sts, San 
Murdock, James, fruiterer, 98 Drummond 

st, Carl 
Murdock, James, grocer, Johnston st, E C 
Murdock, R. J., Stoke st, San 
Murphy and Leplastrier, wine and spirit 

merchants, 110 Collins st west 
Murphy and Sutherland, milliners, Argyle 

st, St E 
Murphy, Andrew, Murphy st, S Y 
Murphy, Daniel, bootmaker, 127 Cardigan 

st, Carl 
Murphy, Dennis, cab proprietor, Dry burgh 

st. Hot 
Murphy, E., 51 Fitzroy st, F 
Murphy, E. J., Kew 
Murphy, Edward Joseph, 24 William st, 

and Orrong road, Tk 
Murphy, H. M., M.L.C., Parliament House 
Murphy, H. M, merchant, 67 Flinders st 

Murphy, Hon. Sir Francis, speaker Legis- 
lative Assembly, Church st, E C 
Murphy, Hugh, Robe st, St K 
Murphy, J., Happy Home hotel. Swan st, 

Murphy, James, blacksmith. Pent 
Murphy, James, Leura, Tk 
Murphy, John, Stoke st, San 
Murphy, John, Quarry reserve. Fey 
Murphy, John, general dealer, 13 Queens^ 

berry st. Hot 
Murphy, John D., Arden st. Hot 
Murphy, Matthew, Kilkenny inn, 200 

King st, corner ot Loubdale'st 

Murphy, M., trunk maker, 38 William at 
Murphy, M., produce store, 65 William 

st, F 
Murphy, M. B., The Reefers' hotel, comer 

of Stephen and Lonsdale sta 
Murphy, Miss, Jackson st, St K 
Murphy, Miss, 132 Queen st 
Murphy, Mrs., Stoke st, San 
Murphy, Mrs., Arden st. Hot 
Murphy, P. G., solicitor, 95 SwanstoD st 
Murphy, Patrick, 29a Bouverie st, Carl 
Murphy, Patrick, grocer, 119 Bouverie st, 

Murphy, Patrick, Arden st, Hot 
Murphy, Peter, coachbuilder, Gardiner's 

creek road, Tk 
Murphy, Peter, 107 Bridge road, Rd 
Murphy, Philip, Maine st. Held 
Murphy, Richard, Nth 
Murphy, Thomas, 41 Rose st, F 
Murphy, Thomas, greengrocer, Adelaide 

st. Fey 
Murphy, W., bootmaker, 31 i Bourke st 

Murphy, Wm., 87 Rose st, F 
Murphy, Wm., 28 Lothian st. Hot 
Murphy, Wm., Ill Cardigan st, Carl 
Murphy, Wm., tailor, 162 Russell st 
Murrall, Wm., river pilot, Stevedore st, 

Murray, — , Leicester st, Carl 
Murray, A., 23 James st, Wmn 
Murray, Andrew, Domain road, S Y 
Murray, Andrew, proprietor of The Eco- 
nomist, &c., 69 Bourke st west 
Murray, Ann, Tam o' Shanter hotel, Lo- 
thian st. Hot 
Murray, Brothers, tailors, &c., 21 Collins 

st east 
Murray, C, 37 Jeffcott st, W M 
Murray, D., Station hotel, Napier st. Fey 
Murray, D. W., wood and coal mereiiiint, 

16 Little Bourke st west 
Murray, Darling, and Murrumbidgee 

River Steamers' Office, 100 Spencer st 
Murray, F., 38 George st, F 
Murray, Hui^h, undertaker, Madeline st, 

Murray, J., painter, Blackwood st. Hot 
Murray, J., New Constitution hotel, Lo- 
thian st, Hot 
Murray, J. G., F 
Murray, James, Sydney road, Bk 
Murray, James, 22 Market st, Em H 
Murray, James, Sackville st, E C 
Murray, James, and Co., watch, clock, 
and chronometer makers, 107 Bourke st 
Murray, John, bootmaker, 63 Elizabeth st 
Murray, John, 159 Queensberry st, Hot 
Murray, Mrs., Chapel st, Pra 
Murray, Mrs., 70 Kerr st, F 
Murray, Mrs. A., Mac's hotel, 130 Smith 





Murray, Mrs., 83 Chetwynd at, Hot 

Murray, Mrs. M., Stoke st, San 

Murray, P., Jeffcott st, W M 

Murray, Peter, Flemiogton road, Hot 

Murray, Robert, draper. Robe st, St K 

Murray, Thomas, 82 Cambridge st, E C 

Murray, W. H., Paraday st, Carl 

Murray, W. S. P., Pent 

Murray, Walter, Bedford hotel, comer ot 
Lonsdale and Swanston sts 

Murray, Wm., bootmaker, 145 King st 

Murray, Wm., Carlisle st east, St K 

Murray, Wm., contractor, 49 Three-chain 
road, Em H 

Murray, Wm., Station place, San 

Murray, Wm., Barkly st, Carl 

Murray, Wm., 91 Kerr st, P 

Murray, Wm., 15 Stanley st,W M • 

Murray's Meiffourne Prices Current office, 
69 Boarke st west 

Murreli, Wm., Ferguson st, Wmn 

Murson, J., Asling st, Btn 

Murtagh, Thomas John, Railway place, 

Museum of Art, at the Public Library, 
Swanston st 

Museum of Natural History, Geology, 
Economic Geology, Agriculture and 
Mining, University, Carl 

Musika, Predk. W., baker and confec- 
tioner, 6 1 Nelson pliace, Wmn 

Muskett, C, 78 Bourke st east, and 102 
Brunswick st, P 

Muspratt, J., Miller st, W M 

Musson, J., Pent 

Mutimer, Henry, butcher, Moonee ponds, 

Myatt, S., Peel st. Hot 

Myer, G., grocer. Canning st, Carl 

Myers, A., II Cardigan st, Carl 

Myers and iZox, auctioneers and job ware- 
housemen, 105a and 111 Elizabeth st 

Myers, Edward, grocer, 25 Little Lons- 
dale st east 

Mjers, J., Station place, San 

My Jes, Harriet, fruiterer, 162 Bourke st 

Myles, Thomas, brewer, Sackville st, E C 

Nagle, — ,45 Lygon st, Carl 

Nagle, G. P., registrar, 2 Franklyn st east 

Nagle, James, 101 Paraday st, Carl 

Nagle, Patrick, 56 Madeline st, Carl 

Nairn, Robert, Lothian st. Hot 

Naime, James, 99 Queensberry st. Hot 

Kalty, Henry, medical practitioner, 157 

Little Bourke st east 
Nand, R., Church st, Em H 
Nangle, Patrick, cooper, 218 Elizabeth st 
Nankervis, James, Harms worth st, E C 
Nankivell, T. J., High st, St K 
Napier, John, grocer, 41 Victoria st, Carl 

Napier, Thomas, J.P., Ess 
Narracott, J., Pent 
Nash, — , Provost st, Hot 
Nash, A. S., insurance agent, 83 Swan- 
ston st 
Nash, E., boarding-house, 50 Lonsdale st 

Nash, Henry, 14 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Nash, Michael, 41 Paraday st, Carl 
Natham and Durham, Argus and Age 
agency, and general store, Clarendon st, 
Nathan, B., cigar manufacturer, 80 Smith 

st, EC 
Nathan, Bertram, money broker, 89 Swan- 
ston st 
Nathan, John, 98 Latrobe st east 
Nathan, L , Provost st. Hot 
Nathan, Mrs. J., Spring st 
Nathan, S. D., 49 York st, Em II 
Nation, J., and Co., carpenters and cabinet 

makers, 50 Flinders lane east 
National Bank of Australasia, 18 Collins 

st west 
National Building Society, Bank place, 

Collins st west 
National Hall, King William st, F 
Naughan, R., painter, 60 Little Oxford st, 

Naunton, W. B., baker, Charles st, F 
Nay lor, Jonas, American stables, 61 Vic- 
toria st, Carl 
Naylor, Joseph, Bouverie st, Carl 
Naylor, W., carpenter, Crescent, Btn 
Naylor, Wm. H., auctioneers, 46 Collins st 

Neal, Wm., timber merchant, Ess 
Nealer, James, Railway hotel, 119 Swan- 
ston st 
Neare, R., 35 Napier st, F 
Neave and Wiseman, woollen warehouse- 
men, 45 Elizabeth st 
Neave, Robert, Studley park road 
Neck, Charles, 47 Moor st, F 
Need, W., Wright lane, Lonsdale st west 
Needhani, John R., teacher of writing, 

Elizabeth st 
Need ham, Louisa, teacher [of writing, 84 

Elizabeth st 
Needham, J. R., junior, teacher of writing, 

Brunswick st, F 
Needle, E., grocer. Chapel st, Pra 
Neeley, Henry, 99 Queensberry st, Hot| 
Neeson. Mrs. A., Butchers' Arms hotel, 

97 Elizabeth st 
Negus, E., Weston st, Bk 
Negus, J., 21 Yorkst, Em H 
Neighbour, John, cattle dealer, Flem 
Neighbour, H. 8., 84 Drummond st, Carl 
Neil, P. A., Brunswick road east, Bk 
Neild, James E., M.D., 166 Collins steast 
Neill, John, 7 Napier st, Em H 
Neill, John, Argyle st east, St K 
Neill, John, 19 Napier st, Em H 





Neill, Pat., 68 York Bt, Em H 

Neill, Robert, Inkerman st, St E 

Neill, Robert, Inkerman road, St E 

Neill, W„ 140 Eerr st, F 

Neill, Wm. Punt road, Pra 

Neillej, W., secretary to Gipps I^nd 

Steam Navigation Company, 35 Bank 

8t east, Em H 
Neilson, E., 45 Cobden st, Em H 
Ncilson, J., 3 Elgin st, Carl 
Neilson, Wm., 61 Darkly st, Carl 
Nelder, C, coachbuilder, South Audley st, 

E C 
Nelder, Charles, 9 Felham place, Carl 
Nelder, E., grocer, Hoddle st, E C 
Nelson, — , 87 Napier st east, Em H 
Nelson, E., general dealer, 293 Elizabeth 

Nelson, Horatio G., land and estate agent, 

13 Swanston st 
Nelson, James, bootmaker, 54 Bourke st 

Nelson, John, 51 Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Nelson, John, 53 Baillie st. Hot 
Nelson, John G., Rathdowne st, Carl 
Nelson, M., Bouverie st, Carl 
Nelson, Michael, hawker, 123 Little 

Bourke st west 
Nelson, Mrs., Victoria parade, £ C 
Nelson, Philip, draper, 155 Little Collins 

st east 
Nelson Reef Quartz Mining Company, 66 

Little Collins st west 
Nelson, Simon, clothier, 283 Elizabeth st 
Nelson, Thomas, locksmith, &c., 118 High 

st, St E 
Nelson, Wm., 31 Yilliers st. Hot 
Nesbitl, James Patrick, ironmonger, 247 

Elizabeth st 
Nesbitt, John, 92 Park st, Em H 
Ness, Mrs. E., 5 Greeves st, F 
Ness, Thomas, 78 Dudley st, W M 
Ness, Wm., Rosslyu st, W M 
Netherlands Consulate, 49 Collins st west 
Nettleship, Wm., 16 Johnston st, E C 
Nettleton, Charles, photographer, 19 

Madeline and Bouverie sts, Carl 
Nettleton, Peter, fellmonger, Victoria st, 

Neven, J., Fitzroy st, St E 
Neville, J. C, Nott st San 
New Adventure Gold Mining Company, 

9 Elizabeth st 
New Alpine Gold Mining Company, 64 

Elizabeth st 
New Chum Mining Company, office, 37 

Market st 
Fish Market, corner of Flinders andSwan- 

ton sts 
New Holland Gold Mining Company, 9 

Elizabeth £t 
New, Rev. Isaac, Grey st, E M 
New South Wales Marine Assurance Co., 

80 Collins st west 

New Wesleyan College, Pant roa4, S Y 
New Zealand Insurance Co.*8 Agency, 37 

Flinders st west 
Newberry, Charles, Chapel tt, Pra 
Newbigin, Edward, 97 Bridge road, Bd 
Newbigin, J., 71 Wellington st 
Newbry, F. E., Clyde st, St E 
Newbury, Charles H., cab proprietor, 82 

Coventry st, Em H 
Newbury, W. H., bootmaker, Napier st, 

Newcome, Simon, Douglas parade, Wmn 
Newell, A. H., Avoca st, S Y 
Newell and Co., merchants, 28 Eing st 
Newenham, Henry, 16 Dryburgh st, Hot 
Newham, Thomas, and Co., land and 

estate agunts, 22 Bridge road, Bd 
Newhonse, Thomas, Franklyn st, W M 
Newing, John, Pelbam st, Carl 
Newing, Thomas Robert, oilaadoolorman, 

182 and 184 Bourke steast 
Newlando, John, shipping agent, Cole's 

Newman, A., draper, 181 Wellington st, 

Newman, Captain W. H., Morris Bt, South 

Newman, Charles, Haw 
Newman, Charles T., confectioner, 159 

Brunswick st, F 
Newman, Edward, 27 Regent st, F 
Newman, George, 83 Barkly st, Carl 
Newman, George, Railway place, Saa 
Newman, George, bootmaker, 190 Church 

st, Rd 
Newman, Henry, watchmaker and jewel- 
ler, 123 Elizabeth st 
Newman, John, restaurant keeper, 51 

Bourke st west 
Newman, S. C, engineer, 151 Welliogton 

st, EC 
Newman,' Wm. Henry, undertaker and 

furniture dealer. Bay st, San 
Newman, Mrs., Waterloo st, St E 
Newnham, George, butcher. Chapel 8t,Pm 
Newport, Mrs., dressmaker, &c., 67 Ger- 
trude st, F 
Newson, James, Myross, Saltwater river 
Newton, Hibbert, barrister, 34 Temple 

court, Collins st west 
Newton, M., livery stables, Franklyn at 

Newton, Mrs., 68 Rowena parade, Bd 
Newton, Thomas, 135 Raglan st, Em H 
Newton, Thomas, 148 Little Bourke at 

Newton, Thomas, contractor, 66 High at, 

Newton, Thomas, Miller st, Bk 
Neylan, D., 240 Swan st, Rd 
Niall, John, Nag's Hotel, Queen at 
Niall, Peter, Limerick Arms hotel. Park 

st west, Em H 
NiaU, Peter, Pont road, Pra 





Mcho), (jfiorge, Studley park 

Nicbol, James, coachbaiider, 44 Latrobe 

ft west 
Nichol, B., 10 Lincoln square, Carl 
Nichol, W., Reilly »t, F 
Kichol, Wm., 69 Clarendon st, £m H 
Nicholas, Gregory, 16 Fitzroy st, F 
Nicholas, H. C., music warehouse, High st, 

Nicholas, James, 1 7 Druromond st^ Carl 
Nicholas, James, 43 Montague st, £m H 
Nicholas, James, Doreas st west, £m H 
Nicholl, A., 88 Latrobe st east 
NichoU, Allan, Victoria st east, Bk 
Nicholl, J., 8& Johnston st, F 
Nicholl, John, 61 Bathdowne st, Carl 
Nicholl, Hobert, 6 Bank st east, £m H 
Nicbolls, Charles F., mining agent, 26 

Collins st east 
Nicholls, Charles, draper and P. O., Haw 
Nicholls, George, 33 Thompson st, Wmn 
Nicholls, George M., 136 Church st, Bd 
Nicholls, Wm. T., Wellington st, Bd 
Nichols, — , Wellington st, Bd 
Nichols, — , Prince's st, F 
Nichols and Cooper, bootmakers, Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Nichols, Frederick W., Dudley st, W M 
Nichols, George, bookseller, stationer, and 

news agent, 2 Bourke st west 
Nichols, J., Biver bank 
Nichols, Joseph, bootmaker, 187 Victoria 

parade, £ C 
Nicholion, Alexander, Haw 
Nicholson, B. B., and Co., merchants and 

diipowners, 8 £lizabeth st 
Nicholson, Benjamin B., Dalgety st, St K 
Nicholson, D., Graham st, San 
Nidiolson, Durham, 26 poUins st east 
Nicholion, Grermain, grocer, 69 Collins st 

Nicholson, J. B., 62 Napier st, £m H 
Nicholson, J., £lgin st, Carl 
Nicholson, James, blacksmith, Hoddle st, 

Nicholson, James, Arden st. Hot 
Nicholson, Jeptha, Dow st, Sanh 
Nicholson, John, 242 King st 
Nicholson, Joseph, agricultural implement 

maker, 21 Bouverie st, Carl 
Nicholson, Miss, 40 Argyle st, F 
Nicholson, Neil, Fleanor st. Fey 
Nicholson, Bicfaard, 202 Gore st, F 
N' lolson. Sir A., Bowena parade, Bd 
N iiolson, Wm., engineer, 60 Ann st, 

N lolson, Wm., 55 Thompson st, Wmn 
N lolson, Wm. H., Fulton st, St E 
N ms, Fritz, 138 Little Lonsdale st east 
N dn, Bobert, Grange road, Tk 
N >), John, Australia Felix hotel, 231 

cmsdale st west 
N il, Walter, private boarding-house, 86 
indert lane east 

Nicol, Allan, broker, 26 Collins st east 
Nicolas, Captain M., Nott st, San 
Nicole, F., watchmaker, 133 Little Collins 

st east 
Nicoll, Alex., tailor, 120, 122, and 124 

£lizabeth st, and 86 and 88 Latrobe st 

Nicoll, Wm., Arden st. Hot 
Nicolson, Charles Hope, superintendent 

of police, detective force, Little Collins 

Nightengale, T., Hawke st, W M 
Nightingale, £dward, carton maker, 94 

Bussell st 
Nihil!, Mary, Plough inn, 123 King st 
Nimmo, John, 69 Nelson road, £m H 
Nimmo, Win., Gurner st, St K 
Ninnis, Thomas B., watchmaker, &c., 137 

Bourke st east 
Niven, D., and Co., iron and brass 

founders, 235 Victoria parade, £ C 
Niven, David, Chambers st, S Y 
Niven, Wm., George st, E M 
Nixon, J., Bay st, San 
Nixon, James, 15 Dorcas st, Em H 
Nixon, Thomas, 28 Coventry st west, 

Noall, Wm., stock and share broker, 34 

Collins st west 
Noar, Henry, bookseller and stationer, 59 

George st, F 
Noard, Wm., 55 Little Bourke st west 
Nobbs, James, Hoddle st, £ C 
Nobbs, Wm., Miller st, Bk 
Noble, A., 7 Queensberry st, Carl 
Noble, John, store. Church st, Hd 
Noble, Kay, Barry st, Carl 
Noble, S. W., coffee roaster, 279 Elizabeth 

Noble, T., comedian, 145 Wellington st, 

E C 
Noble, Thomas, auctioneer and land agent, 

89 Clarendon st 
Noble, Thomas, 13 Capel st, W M 
Noble, W., 72 Moor st, F 
Noel, Mrs., ladies' seminary, 123 Bath- 
downe st, Carl 
Noel, Wriothesley B., chief commissioner 

of Insolvent estates, Studley park 
Nolan, Luke, pottery. Bank road east, Bk 
Nolan, John, Yorkshire Family hotel. 

Punt road, Pra 
Nolan, Miss, Howard st. Hot 
Nolan, Thomas C, solicitor, 55 Bourke st 

Noonan, James, Stanley st, W M 
Noonan, James, contractor, 50 Dudley st, 

Noonan, P., Clare Castle hotel, 84 Stephen 

Noone, — , 64 Bank st east, Em H 
Noonen, Michael, dairyman, 18 Coventry 

st, £m H 
Norman, Mrs., Nicholson st, Carl 





Norman, Mrs., 89 Bridport st east, Em H 
Korman, W. J., cabinetmaker, carver, and 

gilder, 170 Elizabeth st 
Norman, Wm. G., grocer, 75 Faraday st, 

Normoyle, J. J., Formosa terrace, St K 
Norrie, John, Punt road, S Y 
Norris, Christopher, butcher, 7 and 5 Lit- 

tie Bourke st west 
Norris, James, 110 Fitzroy st, F 
Norris, M., 166 Victoria parade, E M 
Norris, Thomas, saddler, Elizabeth st 
Norrish, John, 70a Young st, F 
Norriss, Robert, Nicholson st, Carl 
Norsworthy, J., butcher, Bay st, Btn 
North China Insurance Co., 31 Queen st 
North Grenviile Mining Co., 122 Collins 

st west 
North Melbourne Building Society, Errol 

st. Hot 
North, Miss, Barkly st, St K, and Flem 
North Specimen Hill Quartz Mining Co., 

5 Collins st west 
North, W., 184 Russell st 
North, Wm., 133 Little Lonsdale st east 
Northcott, John, bootmaker, 239 Eliza- 
beth st 
Northern Insurance Company, 105 Collins 

st west 
Norlhmore, G., bootmaker, Church st, Rd 
Norton, Charles, architect, 1 Spring st 
Norton, Graham, and Co., lighter agents, 

83 Flinders st west 
Norton, H. E., Rowena parade, Rd 
Norton, H. F., Haw 

Noseda, Francis, japanner, 193 Little Col- 
lins 6t east 
Norton, R., tailor, 200 Russell st 
Norton, R. F., 89 Napier st, F 
Norwood, Ed., 61 Drummond st, Carl 
Notley, Charles, Notley's Toorak hotel, 

Gardiner*8 creek road, Tk 
Notman, A., baker, 46 Clarendon st, Em H 
Notman, Geo., coachbuilder, 29 Victoria 

st, Carl 
Nott, E., butcher. Haw 
Nott, Edwin, mattrass maker. Commercial 

road, Pra 
Nott, J., Pelham st, Carl 
Nott, James, carpenter, 81 Dorcas st, 

Nott, James E., Dow st, San 
Nott, Thomas, greengrocer. Peel st, Pra 
Nott, Thomas H., confectioner, off 173 

Little Bourke st east 
Norwell, Robert, 41 Cecil st, Wmn 
Nowlan, M., wood yard, 42 Stanley st, 

Nowlan, Michael, Canning st, Carl 
Nowlan, Patrick, Lothian st, Hot 
Noyes and Reed, stock, station, land, and 

estate agents, 68 and 70 Queen st 
Noyes, Arthur Ryder, Caroline st, S Y 
Nudd, Edwin, 38 Johnston st, F 

Nugent, John, 87 Coventry st east, Em H 
Nugent, John R., boot and shoe dealer, 184 

Smith st, E C 
Nugent, John, 7 Bouverie st, Carl 
Nugent, Martin, grocer, 24 Queensberry 

st, Carl 
Nunn, Phillip Henry, 64 George st, £ M 
Nunn, Wm., Stoke st, San 
Nutt and Murphy, solicitors, 24 William 

Nutt, Robert Wm., Caroline st, S Y 
Nuttall, James, painter, 170 George st, F 
Nuttall, James, Cape st, Heid 
Nutting and Leek, wholesale tingniths, 

japanners, &c., 15 Little Collins st east 
Nutting, G., 52 Rosslyn st, W M 
Nutting, Miss, dressmaker, 61 Elgin st, 

Nuttman, A., dealer, 155 Brunswick st, F 
Nyberg Brothers, merchants, 40 Little 

Collins st west, and 6 Victoria buildings. 

Queen st 
Nye, James, Abbotsford st, E C 


Oakford, Thomas, Wellington st, St K 
Oakley, E., Roden st, W M 
Oakley, G. H., Williams road, Pra 
Oukley, John, glass importer, &c., 102 

Lonsdale st east, 175 Swanstou st, and 

Faraday st, Carl 
Oakley, Mrs., 131 Victoria st, Hot 
Oakley, R., Williams road, Pra 
Oakley, Wm., 15 Johnston st, E C 
Oakshott, St. John, 37 Gertrude st, F 
Oastler, J., and Co., auctioneers, 25 LygoQ 

st, Carl 
Oaten, Charles, 124 Gertrude st, F 
Oaten, J. P., grocer, Hoddle st, E C 
Oaten, James, manufacturing saddler, 37 

Lonsdale st west 
Oaten, John, 75 Smith st, F 
Oaten, Mrs., Victoria st, E C 
Gates, — , teacher. Nth 
Gates, J., Kerr st, F 
Gates, Richard, Dryburgh st. Hot 
Gates, Thomas, Vere st, E C 
O'Brian, Patrick, 25 Victoria st, Carl 
O'Brian, T., boarding house, 105 Lonsdale 

O'Brien and Gillott, solicitors, 114 Eliza- 
beth st 
O'Brien, Daniel, Flemington road, Hot 
O'Brien, Henry, 22 Bouverie st, Carl 
O'Brien, James, grocer, 116 Little Collins 

st west 
O'Brien, John, Sleight's lane, 58 Little 

Collins st east 
O'Brien, John, 93 Victoria st, Carl 
O'Brien, John, 44 Park st west, Em H 
O'Brien, Michael, 110 Latiobe st east 
O'Brien, Mrs., greengrocer, 67 Bank ft 

west, Em H* 





0*Brien, Mrs., Bedford st, Hot 

O'Brien, P., schoolmaster, Cape st, Heid 

O'Brien, P., Vale st, Hot 

O'Brien, P., 8 Bank st east, Em H 

O'Brien, P. K, J. P., Haw 

O'Brien, Patrick, Commercial lane, Boarke 

st east 
O'Brien, R. G., Richmond terrace, Rd 
O'Brien, Simon, Highett st, Rd 
O'Brien, Thomas, 55 St. Andrew st, F 
O'Brien, Thomas, dairyman, McKUlop st, 

Boarke st west 
O'Brien, Thomas, Shamrock hotel, 81 

Napier st, F 
O'Brien, Thomas, police sergeant, Nott st, 

O'Brjan, C. Palmerston, Madeline st, Carl 
Observer office, Smith st, F 
Obarne, George, 32 Grant st, Em H 
O'Callaghan and Swan, wholesale grocers, 

&c., 149 and 151 Bourke st east 
O'Callaghan, Denis, Crown hotel, Lons- 
dale st west 
O'Callaghan, O., 95 Faraday st, Carl 
O'Callaghan, Thomas, Strangers' Home 

hotel, 163 Swanston st 
Occleston, Thomas J., cork merchant, 8^ 

Little Collins st east 
Occolowitz, Wra., and Co., watchmakers 

584 Bourke st east 
Och, Martin, hoot and shoe maker, 141 

Flinders st west 
O'Connell, M., 89 Lygon st, Carl 
O'Connell, P., tailor, 32 Lonsdale st west 
O'Connell, Richard, 22 Little Lonsdale st 

O'Conner, James, Toung st, F 
(^Conner, John, Madeline st, Carl 
O'Conner, ^fartin, Dryburgh st, Hot 
O'Conner, Murtough, Acland st, St K 
O'Conness, Catherine, dressmaker, 138 

Queen st 
O'Connor, A., solicitor, 5 Neave's build- 
ings,' Collins st east 
O'Connor, Anthony, 262 Collins st east 
O'Connor, D. F., Fitzroy st, St K 
O'Connor, Daniel Francis, anctioneer and 

estate agent, 55 Bourke st west 
O'Connor, J., 84 Napier st, F 
O'Connor, J., Bedford st. Hot 
O'Connor, M., 16 Pelham st, Carl 
O'Connor, Mrs., Peel st, Pra 
O'Connor, Mrs., 14 Victoria st west, 

O'Connor, Nicholas, chemist and drug- 
gist. Bridge road, Rd 
O'Connor, P., Bedford st. Hot 
O'Connor, T., bootmaker, Sydney road, 

O'Connor, Thomas, Lothian st, Hot 
Odd Fellows, A. I. 0., secretary, Commer- 

cial road, Pra 
Odd Fellows G. U. O., secretary, 117 

Stevedore st, Wmn 

Odd Fellows' Hall, (M.U.), 205 Swan- 
ston st, and Pascoe st, Wmn 
Oddie, Richard, Burgundy st, Heid 
Oddy, Ezekiel, boot warehouse, 203 Swan- 
ston st 
Oddy, Hutton, fellmonger, 216 Elizabeth 

O'Dea, James, Franklyn st west, W M 
Odell, Re7. Thomas, 122 Little Lonsdale 

st west 
Odgers, Mrs., 143 Moray st, Em H 
Odgers, W. H., aecretery Civil Service 

Board of Examiners, Haw 
Odon, Theodore, shoemaker, 161 Stephen 

O'Donnell, John, bootmaker, 95 Bruns- 
wick st, F 
O'Donnell, P., Nott st, Siln 
O'Donnell, P., 324 Brunswick st, F 
O'Donnell, W., bootmaker, 127 Fitzroy 

st, F 
O'Donohue, John, grocer, 122 Little Col- 
lins st west 
O'Donovan, B. J., Moor st, F 
O'Donovan, J., grocer, 69 Madeline st, 

O'Driscoll, Rev. J., Montague st, Em H 
O'Dwyer, — , butcher. Pent 
Oelrich, Augustus, undertaker, &c., 253 

Church st, Rd 
Oels, Louis, saddler, 90 Victoria st, Rd 
O'Farrell, A., 56 Kerr st, F 
O'Farrell, Hugh, George st east, E M 
O'Farrell, John, Moreland st. Fey 
O'Farrell, M., 250 Johnston st, E C 
O'Farrell, Mrs. E., Jolimont square, E M 
O'Farrell, Patrick, Palmerston st, Carl 
Offord. W., veterinary surgeon, Cremorne 

st, Rd 
O'Flaherty, Martin, Sackville st, E C 
O'Flannagan, C, 77 Franklyn st west, 

Oftwinning, — , school. Bridge road, Rd 
Ogbern, Mrs., Lygon st, Carl 
Ogbourne, George, butcher, Kew 
Ogbourne, Henry, Kew 
Ogden E., Vine hotel, Moray st, Em H 
Ogden, James, 242 Moray st, Em H 
Ogden, John, 91 Lygon st, Carl 
Ogden, John, Palmerston st, Carl 
Ogg, Charles, chemist, Gardiner's creek 

road, Pra 
Ogilvy, David, solicitor. Punt road, S Y 
Ogilvy, John S., accountant, 65 Queen st 
O'Gorman, — , draper, 110 Victoria st, Rd 
O'Gorman, Cornelius, 218 Little Collins 

st east 
O'Gormon, John, ironmonger, 32 Post 

Office place 
O'Grady, Michael, M.L.A., manager Aus- 
tralian Alliance Assurance Co., 2 Col- 
lins st west 
O'Grady, Thomas, contractor, 50 Drum- 
roond st, Carl 




0*Hagan, — , house painter. Rouse st, Sau 
O'Hagan, J., house painter, Bay at, San 
O'Hagan, P. F., teacher, Lyons st, Wmn 
O'HaUoran, — , bootmaker, 88 Bridge 

road, Kd 
O'Hailoran, D., Union st, Bk 
0*Halloran, Denis, City hotel, Bourke st 

O'Halloran, Edward M. T., St K 
0*Ha11oran, T., 186 Drummond st, Carl 
O'Hanlon, Wm., carpenter, Palmerston st, 

0*Hara, P., potato dealer, Flemington rd, 

O'Haran, D., 155 Cambridge st. E C 
0*Hare, Edward, grocer, Berkeley st, Carl 
O'Hea, ReT. Charles, Pent 
O'Hea, Wm. J., High st, Pra 
O'Hoy, John, carriers* agent, 74 Little 

Bourke st east 
O'Keeffe, M. S., storekeeper, Tarra st, 

O'Keiffe, Thomas, Inkerman st, St K 
0*KelIy, Clarke and Brooks, mining agents 

and hotel brokers, 54 Bourke st east 
O'Kiefe, Wm., Arden st, Hot 
Oldfield and Lindley, timber merchants, 

108 Nicholson st, F 
Oldfield, Law, builder and contractor, 57 

Elgin st, Carl 
Oldfield, Robert, pottery works, Moreland 

st, Fey 
Oldfield, Wm., 183 Cardigan st, Carl 
Oldham, G., Napier st, Em H 
Oldham, James, 35 Lereson st, Hot 
Oldham, John, solicitor, 49 Collins st west 
Oldham, M. W., 93 Flinders lane east 
Oldham, R., contractor, 39 Cecil st east 
Oldis, Wm., 121 Bouverie st, Carl 
O'Leary, David, Wellington st, Rd 
0*Leary, Dennis, cooper, 7 Little Lons- 
dale st west 
0*Leary, L., 21 Pelham st, Carl 
O'Leary, — , Ralston st, S Y 
O'Leary, M. W., 93 Flinders lane east 
O'Leary, Mary, 204 Little Collins st east 
Olifant, Thomas, 19 Spencer st 
Oliver, A., Hoddle st, E C 
Oliver, Charles, bootmaker, Chapel st, Pra 
Oliver, James, ship and house joiner, 281 

King st north 
Oliver, Joseph, 12 Queensberry st, Carl 
Oliver, R., butcher, Nth 
Oliver, W., Star Inn, Wellington st, St K 
Oliver, W., grocer, 14 Wellington st, E C 
Ollard, R., solicitor, 1 1 Palmer st, F 
Ollis, Eliza, Apollo hotel, 104 Flinders 

lane east 
Olliver, A., timber merchant, Ireland st, 

W M 
Ollivera, Jos., 12 Queensberry st, Carl 
Olmey, Robert W., Barkly st, St K 
O'Loghlen, Brien, barrister, 4 Temple 

court, Collins st west 

Olsen, F., bootmaker, 132 Spring st 

Omand, John, Hotham st, £ M 

Omand and Miller, corn factors, 60 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Omand, Peter, Villiers st. Hot 
O'Mara, L., blacksmith, Vine st, Heid 
0*Meara, M., tailor, 71 Bouverie st, Cari 
O'Meara, Mary, firuiterer, 51 Lonsdale tf 

O^Meara, P., Palmerston st, Carl 
O'Meary, W., Clyde st, St K 
O'Mullane, Mrs., 3 Wellington tomoe, 

Wellington parade, E M 
Omond, J., Kew 

Omond, Robert, cooper, 261 Elizabeth st 
O'Neal, — , Queen st 
O'Neal, — , 189 Queen st 
O'Neal, J., bootmaker, 27 Caidigan st, 

Onealy, Patrick, Pelham st, Cari 
O'Neil and Co., shipwrighu, &c, River 

side south 
O'Neil, C, Union st, Bk 
O'Neil, D., Union st, Bk 
O'NeU, D., Darling st, Pra 
O'Neil, H. J. P., North road, Btn 
O'Neil, J., Luscomb st, Bk 
O'Neil, R., 51 Pelham st, Carl 
O'Neile, John, Abbotsford st. Hot 
O'Neile, Daniel, 28 Swanston st 
O'Neile, P., Canning st, Carl 
O'Neill, Daniel, 9 Leveson st, Hot 
O'Neill, Denis, Pent 
O'Neill, J., 87 Elgin st, Cari 
O'Neill, M., Barkly st, Cari 
O'Neill, Mrs., 1 Leicester st, Carl 
Opie, John, boot and shoe dealer, 133 

Brunswick st, F 
Oppenheimer and Co., merchants, Man- 
chester lane, Collins st eaat 
Ord, — , 7 Condell st, F 
Ord, R. J., grocer, Cremome st, Rd 
Ord, W. B., 7 Condell st, F 
Orchard, Mrs., 80 Ferrars st, Em H 
Orderly Room, Royal Engineers, Lygon 

st, Carl 
Orderly Rooms: Chapel st, Pra; Osborne 

st, Pra; Qisbome st, E M; Chetwynd 

st, Hot; G rattan st, Cari; Bridge road, 

Rd; Napier st. Fey; and Gertrude st,F 
0*Regan, C., clothes dealer, 79 Stephen st 
O'Regan, James, butcher, 183 LLtUe 

Lonsdale st east 
O'Regan, James, 134 Russell st 
O'Regan, Michael, butcher, 219 Elizabeth 

O'Regan, Thomas, 16 Bridport st, Em H 
O'Reilly, Bernard, Canning st, Carl 
O'Reilly, Mrs., Esplanade, St K 
Organ, H., Berkeley st, Cari 
Oriel, Thomas, Peel st, Pra 
Oriental Bank Corporation, 13 Queen st 
Oriental Rice Company ; office, Eldoo 

Chambers, Collins st west 





OrieDtal Biee Milb, 5 Flinders it eaat 
Orknej, James, Esplanade, St E 
Orleman, Philip, Oxford st, Hot 
Orme, Frederick, brewer, Chapel st, Fra 
Orme, James, baker, 101 CoTentry st, 

Orne, Bd.. Berkely st, Carl 
OrmtsoD, Wm., 1 1 1 Rossljn st, W M 
Ormiston, Andrew, Corzon st. Hot 
Ormond, James, EspUnade, St K 
Onnond, James, Eiskine villa, Nth 
Ormond, John, Prospect Hill hotel, Kew 
Onnond, T., Kew 
Ormond, Thomas, grocer, 173 Yictoria st, 

Oltorke, J. B., Neptnae st, St E 
O'Ronrke, Hugh, 37 Market st, Em H 
O'Soarke, H., Fitzxoj st, F 
Orphan Asylnms, Em H 
Orr, J., 73 Napier st, F 
Orr, J., li.L.A., Parliament hoase 
Orr, John, 76 Victoria st west, W M 
Orr, John, Esplanade, St E 
Onick, W., 51 Hanover st, F 
Orion, J. W., Baglan st, st, Em H 
Osbom, —, Hoddle st, Bd 
Osbom, Cashing, and Co., importers and 

commission agents, 44 William st 
Otbom, D. A., St E 
Osbom, J., Davis st, Pra 
Otbom, John Bobert, aoooantant, Clark 

st, Abbotsford 
Oiboro, Mrs., 1 1 Cardigan st, Carl 
Osbome, D., 7 Park st west, Em H 
Osborne, James T., hairdresser and to- 

baeoonist. 23 Elizabeth st 
Oibome, M. W., tea broker, Qoeea st, 

and Argyle st west, St E 
Osborne, Thomas, ooraer Lonsdale and 

Spencer sts 
Otbome, W., Higbett st, Bd 
Osborne, W., hairdresser, 60 Churendon ft, 

Otbome, Wm., S Trafalgar place, ^ot 
OtKood, B., Caj-digan st, Carl 
0*Sbanass7, Hon. John, M.LA.., Haw 
O'Shanasaj, J., bootmaker, 18 Madeline 

O'Shanessy, £. F. B., Fitzroy st, St E 
O'Sfaanes^, P., 398 Ljgon st, Carl 
O'Shannasay, Maurice, Hibernian hotel, 8 

little Lonsdale st east 
O'Shannessr, Miss, Fitzroy st, St E 
O'Shangnessy, Patrick, Eew hotel, Eew 
0*8hea, James, painter and decorator, 

105 Qneensberry gt. Hot 
Omea, 6., Welsh Harp hotel, 116 Eing 

O'Sbea, James, 28 Bank st east, Em H 
O'Shea, John, painter, &c., 262 Elizabeth 

O^i^iea, L., Eureka hotel, comer Victoria 

Osmond, 0., Baj st, Bto 

Osmond, Walter Byle, compositor, 36 

Moray place, Dorcas st, Em H 
Ostler, James, Bay tt, Btn 
Ostler, Jos., auctioneer and commission 

agent, 81 Collins st east 
O'SuUiyan, J., Eerry hotel, comer Eing 

st and Flinders lane 
O'SuUiyan, Pat., batcher, 167 Boorke st 

Oswald and Inglis, shfp chandlers, ftc, 

123 Flinders st west 
Oswald, John. 155 Albert st, £ M 
Oswald, John, bootmaker, 122 Little 

Bourke st east 
Oswald, B., Park st, Btn 
Oswin, J., Eew 
Oswin, Wm., Eew 
Otago Marine Insurance Company, 82 

Collins st west 
Otago Steam Ship Company ; agents' 

office, 16 Elizabeth st 
0*TooIe, Joseph, Palmerston st, Carl 
O'Toole, P., Bridge Boad hotel, 94 Bridge 

road, Bd 
Otter, Bobert, Greenhythe, Fey 
Otter, Wm., Greenhythe, Fey 
Ovens Gold Fields Water Company, 64 

Elizabeth st 
Ovens, Walter, baker, Moonee ponds, Em 
Ovenson, J., 36 Queensberry st, Hot 
Overend, B., Sydney road, Bk 
Ovran, Mrs. C, 6 Cobden st, Em H 
Owen, Dudgeon, and Arnell, tobacco ma- 
nufacturers, 159 Elizabeth st 
Owen, E. F, Elgin st, Carl 
Owen, Evan F, 75 Young st, F 
Owen, H. Fountain, and Co., wine and 
spirit merchants, 29 Flinders lane west 
Owen, J., Mount Erica, Fra 
Owen, John, gardener, Moonee ponds. Ess 
Owen, Mrs., 32 Leicester st, Carl 
Owens, John, 123 Stevedore st, Wnm 
Owston, Wm., and Co., merchants, 108 

Bourke st west 
Owston, W., Dalgety st, St E 
Oxford, Greorge, Marian st, F 
Ozley, — , grocer, 230 Wellington st, £ C 
Ozley, A., Bowena parade, Bd 
Oxley, Charles, Pelham st, Carl 
Ozley, J., plumber, York st, Em H 
Oztoby, Charles C, Alma st east, St E 



Pablo Fanque, equestrian, Carson's cot- 
tages, 138 Collins st east 

Pace, G. T., 36 Chetwynd st, H 

Pacific Fire and Marine Insurance Com- 
pany, 60 Collins st west 

Packman, J., Sydney road, Bk 

Packman, S., 39 Gore st, F 

Padbury, John, carpenter, Eew 

Page, E., cigar manufacturer, 58 Lygon 
st, Carl 

_■ ■_ 





Page, Henry Fleet, Palmer st, F 

Page, James, Galloway Arms hotel, 90 

Johnston st, E C 
Page, James, 76 Johnston st, E C 
Page, James, 78 Park st east, Em H 
Page, James, 101 Rose st, F 
Page, Martin, inspector of police, 57 St. 

David st, F 
Page, R., Wmn 
Page, Wm., Rennie st. Fey 
Pain, Cliarles Charlton, merchant, Con- 

delPs lane, Post Office place 
Pain, George, Sydney road, Bk 
Pain, Mrs., French laundress, Pelham st, 

Pain, W., 84 Rose st, F 
Paine, H. E., 8 Berkeley st, Carl 
Paine, Wm., Fail-Me-Never hotel, 181 

Flinders st east 
Painham, W. O., Church st, Rd 
Painters and Paperhangers' Society, 

Trades* Hall, Lygon st, Carl 
Paley, Edward, medical superintendent of 

Lunatic Asylum, Yarra Bend 
Paling, Richard John, music seller and 

pianoforte importer, 35 Collins st east 
Paliscini, Jos., wire-worker, Caroline st, 

Palk, Mrs., 107 Raglan st east, Em H 
Palmer, — , 64 Montague st, Em H 
Palmer and Hedderwick, solicitors, &c., 

28 William st 
Palmer, Charles, Dalgety st, St K 
Palmer, D. C, Octavia st, St K 
Palmer, Edward, High st, Pra 
Palmer, George, 26 LeTCson st, Hot 
Palmer, H., Wellington st, St K 
Palmer, H., bricklayer and plasterer, 

Sackville st, E C 
Palmer, H. P., Alma st east, St E 
Palmer, James, Barkly st. Fey 
Palmer, James, 115 Bank st west, Em H 
Palmer, Mrs., Garden st, Pra 
Palmer, S., Kew 
Palmer, Sir James F., President Legisla- 

tWe Council, Haw 
Palmer, T. W., judge's associate, Supreme 

Palmer, Wm., Mercantile hotel, corner of 

King and Flinders sts 
Palmer, Wm , dairy. Stoke st, San 
Palmer, Wm., Kerr st, F 
Palmer, Wm., printer and engraver, 41 

Swanston st 
Panama, New Zealand, and Australian 

Royal Mail Company, 4 Elizabeth st 
Pannifex, Maximilian, insurance and ad- 
vertising agent, 46 Elizabeth st 
Pan ton, J. A., police magistrate, Alphing- 

Panzall, J., Grey st, B M 
Paragelli, A., River bank, Rd 
Parchum, Captain, 108 York st east, 


Pardee, Charles Caygill, dentist, 29 

Bourke st east 
Parer and Arenas, restaurant keepers, 40 

Bourke st east 
Park, Andrew, 116 Johnston st, F 
Park, James, Punt road, Rd 
Parke, B., Wheatsheaf hotel, Brontwick 

st, F 
Parker, Alex., 99 Cremome st, Rd 
Parker, B., Wheatsheaf hotel, 89 Rote st, 

Parker Brothers, Fitzroy brewery, Cecil 

Parker, Charles, and Co., procers, 138 

Clarendon st, Em H 
Parker, D., Lennox st, Rd 
Parker, G. K., 154 Bourke st east 
Parker, Henry, 104 Johnston st, E C 
Parker, Hugh, Caroline st, S Y 
Parker, James, grocer, 79 Madeline st, 

Parker, James, contractor, IS Smith st, F 
Parker, James, Albert st, E M 
Parker, John, Provost st, Hot 
Parker, John J., bricklayer, &c., 20 Little 

Collins st west, and Blenheim st, St K 
Parker, Mrs., Alpbingstone 
Parker, Mrs., draper, Sydney road, Bk 
Parker, Mrs. J., Medway st, Fey 
Parker, Richat^d, carpenter, 190 Little 

Bourke st west 
Parker, Thomas, baker, Hoddle st, E C 
Parker, Thomas A., hatter, 210 Bourke st 

Parker, Thomas J., shipping agent and 

broker (Geelong Steam Navigation), 1 1 

Market st 
Parker, W., 82 York st, Em H 
Parker, W., shipwright, Railway place, 

Parker, W. H., 20 Rathdownc st, Carl 
Parkin, ffohn, Oxford and Cambridge 

hotel, Rowena parade, Rd 
Parkin, John A., Quarryman^s Arms 

hotel. Church st, Rd 
Parkin, R., 18 Oxford st, E C 
Parkington, B. L., British hotel, 108 

Queen st 
Parks, J., 9 Victoria st, Hot 
Parks, Thomas, comer of Elgin and Car- 
digan sts, Carl 
Parlane, John, Illawarra st, Wmn 
Parlett, C, 143 Johnston st 
Parlon, L., Victoria st west, Bk 
Pamecott, George, off 112 Little Lonsdale 

st west 
Paroissien, C, painter, &c., Church st,Rd 
Parr, D., Charles st, F 
Parrey, George, Gipps st east, E M 
Parrott, T. E., Bouverie st. Carl 
Parry, — , Alma st west, St K 
Parry, Charles, Moor st, Fey 
Parry, David, 49 Faraday st, Carl 
Party, Hugh, Highettst,Bd 





fury, John, joiDer and builder, off 85 

Little CollinB st west 
Ffcrrj, Mrs. D., Southaiupton st, Fey 
Parry, Thomas, 90 LygoQ st, Carl 
Panlow, Ttaomas, oU and coloarman, 313 

Klizabeth st 
Pttsoos, Charles, Patterson st, £ C 
Parsons, G., St. Andrew st, Btn 
Parsons, G^rge, baker, 212 Charch st, Bd 
Parsons, George, blacksmith, Fiem 
Parsons, J., St. Andrew st, Btn 
Parsons, James, Flem 
Parsons, John, Chetwynd st, W M 
Persons, John, Bay st, San 
Parsons, L., St. Andrew st, Btn 
Parsons, S., tailor, 42 Victoria st, Rd 
Parsons, Thomas, barrister, 27 Temple 

Parton and Hellins, solicitors, 28 Queen st 
Parton, J., Alma st east, St K 
Partridge, F. J., 90 Bank st west, £m H 
Pascoe, John, 120 Johnston st, F 
Paser, Julius, billiard table maker, 196 

Little Bourke st east 
Paab, George, 65 Cecil st, Em H 
Pashley, G., Hugh st, St K 
Pashley, G., Gasometer hotel. Smith st, 

Paaker, J., 75 York st, £m U 
Passmore, Joseph C, Devonshire hotel, 

l^ew st, Btn 
Paterson, Archibald and Wm., photogra« 

phic artists, 8 Bourke st east 
Paterson, £., 124 George st, F 
Paterson, J. C., 76 Collins st east 
Paterson, James, coal merchant, 139 Flin- 
ders st west 
Paterson, John, grocer, 215 King st 
Paterson, John, 30 Dorcas st, Km H 
Paterson, Mrs. £mma, confectioner, 249 

Bourke st east 
Paterson, Kay, Palmer, and Co., ware- 
housemen, 31 to 35 Flinders lane west 
Paterson, Bobert, 24 Curzon st, Hot 
Paterson, Wm., photographer, 57 Bourke 

PUon, Andrew, builder, 164 William st 
Paton, J., ironmonger, 64 Queensberry st, 

Paton, James, 217 Albert st, £ M 
Paton, James, 25 Ferry st, £ C 
Paton, John, 40 Bathdowne st, Carl 
PatoD, N., 57 Leveson st, Hot 
Paton, Wm., 36 Lothian st, Hot 
Patrick, Charles, cab proprietor. 111 Ar- 

ffirle st, F 
Patrick, K., grocer, 2 Argyle st, F 
Patrick, £., grocer, 233 Smith st, F 
Patrick, Miss, WelUngton st, St K 
Patten, T., Felham st, Carl 
Patten, W., 1 19 Park st west, £m H 
Patterson, Ann, storekeeper, Nicholson st, 

Patterson, D., sailmaker, Rirer-side south 

Patterson, Donald, Villiers st, Hot 
Patterson, Hugh, Barry st, Carl 
Patterson, J., Nicholson st, Fey 
Patterson, J., storekeeper, Nicholson st, F 
Patterson, James, 160 Moor st, F 
Patterson, James, M.D., surgeon, Bobe st, 

Patterson, James, Lennox st| Rd 
Patterson, Mrs., Barkly st, St K 
Patterson, Mrs., 14 Bank st west, £m H 
Patterson, Mrs., 3 Carlton st, Carl 
Patterson, B., sailmaker, Clifford st, Wnm 
Patterson, W., Abbott st, W M 
Patterson, W., Ashling st, Btn 
Patterson, W., Corry st, Cardigan st, Carl 
Patterson, W., 94 York st east, £m H 
Patterson, Wm., Pelham st, Carl 
Patterson, Wm., photographer, 86 Latrobe 

st east 
Pattison, W., Peel st, Pra 
Fatten, David, draper, 315 £lizabeth st 
Paul, J., 42 Chetwynd st. Hot 
Paul, Mrs., Harcourt st, Hot 
Paul, Key. Arthur, Alma st east, St K 
Paulett, T. A., Bond st, £ C 
Paulin, £., 123 Moray st, £m H 
Paulin, James, greengrocer, 156 Claren- 
don st, £m H 
Pausacker and £vans, portmanteau manu- 
facturers, 117 Lonsdale st west 
Pavey, Joseph, greengrocer, 87 Leveson 

st, Hot 
Pavey, Thomas, solicitor, 60 Collins st 

Pawley, G., 93 Moor st, F 
Paxton, B., Balston st, S T 
Faxton, Robert, 178 Moray st, £m H 
Paxton, Wm., 62 Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Faydon, A., van proprietor. Swan st, Rd 
Paynder, Robert, Austin st. Fey 
Payne, — , 35 Johnston st 
Payne, Captain, Tennyson st, St E 
Payne, Charles, Kew 
Payne, Charles B., Dover road, Wmn 
Payne, Charles, Barry st, Carl 
Payne, G., 168 Kerr st, F 
Payne, G., 74 Johnston st, F 
Payne, G. W., sign writer, 203 Victoria 

parade, £ C 
Payne, J., Bay st, Btn 
Payne, J. W., painter and paperhanger, 

Sackville st, £ C 
Payne, John, Bed Lion hotel, 104 Lons- 
dale st west 
Payne, John, tailor, Barkly st, Carl 
Payne, Lieutenant, 31 Dover road, Wmn 
Payne, Mrs., Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Payne, R., Chapel st, Pra 
Payne, Robert, Fitzgerald st, Pra 
Payne, S. J., Kew . 
Payne, S. W., tobacconist, 75 Gertrude st, 

Payne, Thomas, Gardiner's creek road , 





Payne, Thomas B., 35 Queen at 

Payter, Henry, Cole at, Wmn 

Peace, Joseph, bootmaker, 82 Elizabeth st 

Peach, Sirs., millmer, 197 Victoria parade, 

Peach, Mrs., dressmaker, 10 Bridge road, 

Peachy, Mrs., dressmaker, 101 Rathdowne 

St, Carl 
Peacock, Alex., Marine hotel, Nott st, San 
Peacock, David, greengrocer, 111 Moor 

st, F 
Peacock, George, Station place, San 
Peacock, George, Twyford st, Wmn 
Peacook, John, carpenter, 153 William st 

Peacock, Mrs., 58 Acland st, St K 
Peacock, Robert, Qaeensberry st, Hot 
Peacock, Robert, Spread Eagle hotel. 

Bridge road, Rd 
Peacock, Samuel, 25 Moor st, F 
Peacock, Thomas, bootmaker, 71 Made- 
line st, Carl 
Peagram, W,, timber yard, Charles st, Pra , 
Peak, H. and T., produce dealers, 37 Mar- 
ket st 
Peake, John, master mariner, 159 Collins 

st east 
Peake, John, shoemaker, 10 Johnston 

st, F 
Peake, Mrs., ladies* school, 159 Collins st 

Peake, S., watchmaker, 192 Wellington st, 

Peanlan, D., Prospect Hill hotel, Kew 
Pearce, Albiart, Punt road, Pra 
Pearce, Andrew R., operater, Hall of 

Commerce, 48 Collins st west 
Pearce, H. E., Barkly st, Bk 
Pearce, Isaac, 27 Jeffcott st, W M 
Pearce, J., cabinetmfdEer, Barry st, Carl 
Pearce, John, Ralston st, S Y 
Pearce, Mrs., 197 Lygon st, Carl 
Pearce, R. W., seminary, 16 Raglan st 

west, Em H 
Pearce, Samuel, 111 Lygon st, Carl 
Pearce, Stephen H., boarding-house keeper, 

111 Little Lonsdale st west 
Pearce, Thomas, general dealer, 158 Smith 

st, F 
Pearce, >Vm., 60 Stanley st, W M 
Peardon, Solomon, Abbotsford st. Hot 
Peardon, Solomon, leather merchant and 

tanner, 14 Bonrke st east 
Peardon, Solomon, pork butcher, Swan- 

ston st 
Pearl, Mrs. C, boot and shoe dealer, 143 

Brunswick st, F 
Pearse, S., painter and paperhanger, 157 

Clarendon st, Em H 
Pearson, Charles, Williams road, Pra 
Pearson, George, bottler, Condell's lane. 

Post Oflioe place 

Pearson, H. O., Cliff st, Pra 

Pearson, J., Charles st, Pra 

Pearson, J., Cochrane st, Btn 

Pearson, John W., and Co., engfaveny 

lithographers, and stationers, 67 Collins 

st east 
Pearson, John, leather merchant, 94 Bnuis* 

wick st, F 
Pearson, Wm., Crown hotel, 44 Cecil st, 

Pearson, Wm., M.L.A., Parttameot Honse 
Peart, Mrs., seminary. Grey st, St K 
Peart, Robert, draper, 84 Stevedore at» 

Pease, J. C, Haw 
Peatt, T., Freemasons' hotel, Sfeoke el, 

Peck, Hugh, money broker and estate 

agent, 28 Collins st west 
Peck, John M., auctioneer, Flem 
Peddle, Cornelius, 25 Cnrson st, Hot 
Pedley, Edward, 28 Railway place, Wmn 
Pedley, J., Miller st, Bk 
Peebles, John, 18 Cole st, Wmn 
Peebles, Wm., clothier and outfitter, 155 

Bourke st east 
Peebles, Wm., Jolimont, B M 
Peebles, Wm., bootmaker, 31 William at 
Peel, James, Albert st, Pra 
Peel, James A., 10 Bank st west, Em H 
Peel, S. R., engineer, 141 Latrobe st west 
Peel, Wm., Williams road, Pra 
Peers and Frew, tailors and outflttete, 54 

Bourke st east 
Peers, F. W., 149 Collins st east 
Peers, Mrs., teacher of music, 149 Collins 

st east 
'Peers, Thomas, Crown hotel. High st, Pla 
Fegg, Robert, Banksia st. Held 
Pegg, S. H., butcher, Chapel st, Pra 
Pegler, John, Nelson st, Pra 
Pegns, Wm. T., academy, Barkly st, 8t E 
Pein, Wm., broker, 68 Flinders lane west 
Peirce, James W., hairdresser and^ tebac* 

oonist, 199 Elisabeth st 
Peirce, Jehn, Peel st. Hot 
Peirce, Thomas, Capel st, Hot 
Pellet, Wm., Garden st, Pra 
Pelletier, Arthur, 129 Collins st east 
Penal Establishments, offices of, comer of 

William and Latrobe sts 
Pender, Michael, 134 Lonsdale st west 
Pender, Wm., Ivanhoe, Hdd 
Pendegaast, A., Powlett st, E M 
Pendreigh, Adam, Royal Park hotel, 

Queensberry st. Hot 
Peninsular and Oriental' Steam Naviga- 
tion Company's Office, 5 Flinders st 

Penman, J. C, greengrocer, 196 Swan st, 

Penman, J. G., broker, 192 Swan st, Rd 
Pennefeather, Frederick, 98 Little Bcvrke 

st west 





Fenndl, J. G., fruiterer, Nelson place. 

East Wmn 
Fennj, J., brewezv Cochrane at, Btn 
FenoyfiUher, D., Cochrane at, Btn 
Pearice, John, cabinetmaker, 147 Moor 

•t, F 
FenUand, Wm., solicitor, 61 Cedl at, Wmn 
Penzhok, H., mannfiicturing jeweller, 

Angelo lane, 7 Boorke at eaat 
Pepper, G., Charles at, Pra 
Pepper, John, Derby hotel, 66 Gertrude 

St, F 
Peppeid, Thomaa, 27 Victoria at, Carl 
Peram, George, Latrobe parade, Collins st 

Berefaard, Thomas, bnilder, 129 Lennox 

Pcmral, H^ Berice^y st, Carl 
Perqr, Charles £., schoolmaater, 28 James 

st, Wmn 
Perein, Luia A., Cecil at, Em H 
Peier, Joseph, Highett st, Bd 
Pcrkms, J. P., Brighton st, Bd 
Perkins, James, baker, 182 Little Collins 

Bt cast 
Perl, M. M., importer, 78 Elizabeth at 
Perraton, Wm., produce merchant, 54 

Plinders st west 
Fterrett, Tbomaa, Heath at, San 
Penrin, James, Marian st, F 
Penin, Bev. J. G., J.P., Haw 
Perrin'a Beef Mining Association, 86 £11- 

Perns, Kichard, Haw 
Penott, T. W., school, Lennox st, Rd 
Perry, Alexander, greengrocer, Yere st, 

Perry, Charles, Barclay st, Carl 
Perry, Charlea J. C, Stevedore st, Wmn 
Peny, Gtoorge, smith and apringmaker, 

170 Latrobe at eaat 
Parry, George, Barkly at, StK 
Pen-y, George W., photograper, 49 Eliza- 
beth st 
Peny, Henry, gunmaker and machinist, 

15 Post Office place 
Perry, J. and Co., coach painters, 188 

Little Bourke st east 
Perry, James, painter, 225a King st 
Ptery, Jamea, Nott st, San 
Perry, John, wheelwright and timber 

merchant, 165, 167, and 169 BusseU st 
Perry, Miss, seminary, Kew 
Perry, Miss, school, Kew 
Perry, Mrs., comer of Elgin and Cardigan 

Peny, Bichard, nurseryman, HeideH>6rg 

Perry, Right Ber. Charles, D.D., Bishop 

of Melbourne, Clarendon st, E M 
Perry, Wm., auctioneer, 30 Collins st west 
Peny, Wm., upholsterer, 51 Oxford st, 

Perryman, F., Brighton st, Bd 

Perugia, A., figure maker, 16 Latrobe st 

Peter, F., hairdresser, 4 little Bourke st 

Peter, Mrs., Gumer st, St K 
Peters, — , restaurant, Bouse st, San 
Peters, Alfred, 6 Ahna st, F 
Peters, F., 25 Villiers st, Hot 
Peters, James, farmer, Pres 
Peters, John J., Gardiner's creek road, 

Peters, Thomas, boot and shoe dealer, 60 

and 62 Smith st, E C 
Peters, Thomas, Pelham at, Carl 
Peters, Thomas, Leicester st, Carl 
Peterson, Fredk., estate agent, &c., Junc- 
tion, St K 
Peterson, Henry, 184 Moray st, Em H 
Peterson, John S., 21 Begent st, F 
Peterson, Wm., and Co., merchants, 6 

Queen st 
Peterson, Wm., Westbury st, St K 
Pethbridge, E., 136 Cardigan st, Carl 
Pethbridge, Anthony, outfitter, 220 Eliza- 
beth st 
Pethbridge, Edward E., 220-Elizabeth st 
Petherick, P. J., Studley Arms hotel, 206 

Wellington st, E C 
Petigrew, James, Punt road, Bd 
Peto, Mrs., 141 Moray st, Em H 
Petrie, John, tobacconist. Bay st, San 
Petrie, Miss, private school. Bay st, San 
Pett, James, draper, Bobe st, St K 
Pett, Warwick, Grosvenor st, Pra 
Petterd, G. U., 19 Barkly st, Carl 
Pettet, John G., 39 Smith st, F 
Pettett, Wm. H.,M.L.C., contractor. Haw 
Pettifer, Mrs., Hawke st, W M 
Pettifer, S. W., Nth 

Pettigrew, George Henry, 23 Bobe st, St K 
Pettigrew, James, Swan st, Bd 
Pettit Bros., basket makers, 20 Post Office 

Petty, G., Hope st, Bk 
Petty, George Wm., butcher, 205 Bourke 

st east, 217 Elizabeth st 
Petty, John, Morland st. Fey 
Penglase, Elizabeth, Eglinton Castle ho- 
tel, 298 Brunswick st, F 
Pewtress, Henry, 50 King William st, F 
Pfeil, John F., grocer, &c.. Chapel st, Pra 
Pflel, J., baker, 269 Victoria parade, E C 
Pfund, James, Fawkner sc, St K 
Phaup, A., 17 Twyford st, Wnm 
Phelan, Daniel, Pent 
Phelan, Henry, 25 Napier st, Em H 
Pbelan, James, Domain road, Pra 
Phelan, James B., Bowena parade, Bd 
Phelan, K., corn store, 38 CoYentry st 

west, Em H 
Phelan, M., 85 Kerr st, F 
Phelan, Martin, storekeeper. Haw 
Phelan,^Michael, Bourerie hotel, 47 Bou- 
▼erie B% west 





Philharmonic Society, Mechanics' Insti- 
tute, Collins St east 

Philips, Constantine, Highett st, Bd 

Philips, £. H., cabinetmaker, 65 High st, 

Philips, Mrs., Franklyn st, W M 

Phillips, A. B., Commercial road, Pra 

Phillips and DaTidson, oyster saloon, 91 
Bourke st east 

Phillips, C, bootmaker, Osborne st, South 

Phillips, C. and F., hay and com store, 40 
Victoria st, Rd 

Phillips, £., hairdresser, Madeline st, Carl 

Phillips, Henry, grocer, Vere st, £ C 

Phillips, J., clothier, 6 Gertrude st, F 

Phillips, J., china dealer, 49 Victoria st, 

Phillips, J., painter, Derby st, E C 

Phillips, J., tailor, Baj^ st, San 

Phillips, James, pawnbroker, 224 Bourke 
st east 

Phillips, James, 30 Stanley st, W M 

Phillips, John, Fiem 

Phillips, John, surgeon, 29 Rathdowne st, 

Phillips, John, fruiterer, 18 Eastern mar- 

Phillips, Myles, messenger, Australasian 
Insurance Company, 75 Collins st, west 

Phillips, P., Flem 

Phillips, Philip David, Warwick terrace, 
Drummond st, Carl 

Phillips, Phineas S., china and glass ware- 
house, 136 Bourke st east 

Phillips, Richard, Elgin st, Carl 

Phillips, S., bootmaker, 151 Little Collins 
st east 

Phillips, Samuel, 112 Kerr st, F 

Phillips, Samuel, grocer, Sydney road, Bk 

Phillips, T. D., Peel st, Pra 

PhUlips, Thomas, 33 Bell st, F 

Phillips, Thomas T., boarding-house 
keeper, 98 Lonsdale st east 

Phillips, W., Fitzroy st, F 

Phillips, W., Derby st, E C 

Phillipson, P., gold broker, 123 Elizabeth 

Philp, Margaret, Royal Oak hotel, Qaeen 

Philp, Thomas, 29 Franklin st west, W M 

Philpott, Wm., ironmonger, Pent 

Philpott, Wm., merchant. Hall of Com- 
merce, 48 Collins st west 

Phipps, Henry F., solicitor, 36 Collins st 

Picher, Stephen, 18 Pelham st, Carl 

Pickard, Henry, ?▲ McArthur place, 

Picard, T., Berkeley st, Carl 

Plcken, Samuel, marine surveyor, 37 Flin- 
ders 8t west 

Pickering, Arthur, grocer, Cremome st, | 
Rd I 

Pickering, J., nightman, Gardiner*! creek 

road, Pra 
Pickering, Mrs., Robe st, St K 
Pickering, Thomas, contractor, 92 Goto 

st, F 
Pickett, George, butcher, 127^ Brnmwick 

Pickett, Margaret, Maribymong st, Fcj 
Pickles, £. and J., tinsmiths, 16 Little La- 

trobe st east 
Pickles, J., blacksmith, 27 Station place, 

Picott, P. H., grocer, 149 Elizabeth at 
Pidd, George, painter, 57 } Wellington at, 

Pierce, — , carpenter, Charch st, E G 
Pierce, Mrs., 4 Napier st, F 
Piesse, Charles A., 40 Otter st, £ C 
Plgdon, John, builder and contractor, 69 

Faraday st, Carl 
Pigott Brothers, merdianta and conunb- 

sion agents, 45 William st 
Pigott, £., general smith, 162 Little Bourke 

st east 
Pigott, Henry Capel, Elstemwick 
Pigott, James, Barkly st, Bk 
Pigott, Louis John, Grey st, St K 
Pigott, P. H., tea and coffee warehouse, 

corner Elizabeth and Little Bourke sts 

Piggott^s veterinary forge, Stephen st 
Pike, Benjamin, 40 Villiers st. Hot 
Pike, John, Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Pike, Mrs., teacher, St. James' tchoola, 

Bourke st west 
Pike, Robert, coachbnilder. Bay st, San 
Pilliner, J., 46 Moor st, F 
Pile, Mrs., dressmaker, 153 Lygon st, Carl 
Pilkington, Mrs., professor of music. 

Princes st, F 
Pillar, Thomas M., Albert st, Pra 
Pilley, George, mining agent, 54 Collins 

st east 
Pillinger, A. S., Bk 

Pilot Board offices, Thompson st, Wmn 
Pinkey, Samuel, bootmaker, 305 Victoria 

parade, £ C 
Pinn, Mrs., Marine hotel. New* st, Btn 
Pinner, Mrs., grocer, 93 Stephen at 
Pinniger, John, butcher, Rowena paimde, 

Pinnock, James Denham, Wellington pa- 
rade, £ M 
Pinser, Joseph, Punt road, Rd 
Pipe, Joseph, butcher, High st, Pra 
Piper, Ellen, Crimean hotel, Moray sL 

Em H 
Pirani, H. C, wine, spirit, and tea mer- 
chant, 9 Queen st, 92 little Boarice st 

Pirani, James C, Barkly st, St K 
Pitcher, Mrs. Sarah, general dealer, 227 

Wellington st, £ C 
Pitches, George, carrier. Ess 





Pitches, Joseph, Fanners* hotel. Ess 

Pitches, Peter, Royal Saxon Hotel, 283 
Elizabeth st 

Pitchfork, S., Pilgrim inn, Nth 

Pitman, J., 44 Coventry st, Em H 

Ktmann, Mrs., Gurner st, St K 

Pitt, C, 136 Leicester st, F 

Pitt, Edward, 72 Douglas parade, Wmn 

Pfu, G., storekeeper, 22 Johnston st, F 

Pitt, R. G., Macarthur place, Carl 

Pitt, Wm., Garrick*s Head hotel, 173 
Boarke st east 

Pittard, Ed., Bridge road, Rd 

Pittiard, J., gardener, Pres 

Pitti, Mrs. James, 7 Spring st 

Plain, David, baker, 31 Dover place, 

Plain, J., andertaker, Gipps st, E C 

PUisted, Arthar, 4 Woolf 's cottages, Fara- 
day st, Carl 

Plaisted, Thomas, 48 Brunswick st, F 

Plant, G., Peacock inn. Nth 

Plant, Mrs., dressmaker, 20 Ann st, Wmn 

Plants, Mrs., 13 Little Nelson st, Wmn 

Piatt, James, Brunswick road, Bk 

Piatt, J., 204 Cardigan st, Carl 

Platts, Rer. F. C, Bay st, San 

Player, Thomas, bootmaker, 153 Spring st 

Pleace, Mrs., Dorcas st, Em H 

Pleasants, J., shoemaker, 212 Smith st, 

Pleiades Gold Mining Company, 52 Collins 

Pienro Pneumonia Commission, Queen st 

Plock, Adam, outfitter, 14 Collins st west, 
and IBgh st, Pra 

Plomer, John, Carlton Club hotel, Cardi- 
gan st, Carl 

Pioos Van Amstel, J. W., and Co., mer- 
chants, 49 Collins st west 

Ploos Van Amstel, John Wm., Consul- 
general for the Netherlands, 86 Hotham 

Plowman, Robert, 26 Ann st, Wmn 

Plammer, Andrew, surgeon and M.D., 
Bay st, San 

Plommer, K. S., butcher, Sydney road, Bk 

Plammer, James K. B., solicitor, 36 Wil- 
liam st 

Pfainket, Charles T., chemist, 33 Lonsdale 

Plnnkett, George, 23 Franklyn st, W M 

Pijmin, Mrs., 253 Victoria parade, E C 

Post, R., Corzon st. Hot 

Poat, S., 43 Cecil st, Em H 

Podberry, F., grocer, Gipps st, E C 

Podbary, Frederick, baker, 112 Smith st, 

fbdger, Charles, fruiterer, High st, St E 

Podger, £., Alma st, St K 

Pohlman, His Honour Judge, Punt road, 

Poile, Wm., Chambers st, Pra 

Poiniin, F. J., Cremorne st, Rd 

Pokomy, J. J., mining and share broker, 

69 Collins st west 
Polak and Davis, money brokers, 61 Eli- 
zabeth st 
Polak, N., Acland st, St K 
Pole, J., Victoria parade, E C 
Pole, Wm., 19 Stephen st 
Poles, Wm., 241 Victoria parade, £ C 
Police Barracks, Russell st 
Police Barracks, Mounted, Richmond road 
Police Commissioner, offices of, 176 Col- 
lins st east 
Police Courts (see Index) 
Police Offices, Water, Nelson place, Wmn 
Politz, Julius, cigar manufacturer, 99 and 

101 Bourke st west 
Pollard, E. A., broker, 69 Collins st west 
Pollard, T., Vere st, E C 
Polleykeit, H., Hoddle st, E C 
PoUitt, J., Rowena parade, Rd 
Pollock, J., dealer, 175 Stephen st 
Pollock, John, butcher, 201 Wellington st, 

Pollock, John, 97 Nicholson st, F 
Pollock, Mrs., 35 Rosslyn st, W M 
Pollock, Thomas, butcher, 118 Welling- 
ton st, E C 
Polytechnic, 194 Bourke st east 
Pond, W., Pelham st, Cari 
Pontin, George, Lennox st, Rd 
Poole, Ed., Junction hotel, Pres 
Poole, George, hay and corn dealer, 266 

Smith st, £ C 
Poole, Isaac, grocer, 77 Lygon st, Carl 
Poole, J. C, Electra st, Wmn 
Poole, John, pilot, Electra st, Wmn 
Poole, Mrs., fruiterer. Bay st, San 
Poole, Thomas, solicitor, 83 Swanston st 
Poole, Wm., Abbotsford st. Hot 
Pool man, H. K., manager of Victoria 

Sugar Company's Works, San 
Pope, Edward, wheelwright and black- 
smith, 7 Little Lonsdale st west 
Pope, John, carpenter, Webb st, F 
Pope, M. M., M.L.A., Duke of Rothsay 

hotel, Elizabeth st 
Popham, John, Bouverie st, Carl 
Popplewell, Benjamin, teacher, 65 Coven- 
try st, Em H 
Porrit, F., Church st, Rd 
Porritt, Edmund G., 190 Johnston st, EC 
Port, Jas., and Co. (John Wright, mana- 
ger), timber merchants, corner Spencer 
and Bourke sts 
Port Phillip and Colonial Gold Mining 

Company, 127 Flinders lane east 
Port Phillip Farmers' Society's office, 48 

Bourke st west 
Porter, A. T., mining agent, 10 Elizabeth 

Porter, George Wallich, 2 Summerhill 

place, Wellington parade, £ M 
Porter, John Alfred, prothonotary of tho 
Supreme Court, 22 Lonsdale st east 





Porter, John, comer of Elgin and Cardi- 
gan 8t8, Carl 
Porter, John J., Victoria st, Hot 
Porter, John, tailor, 148 Little Lonidale 

st east 
Porter, Miss, 75 Napier st, F 
Porter, Mrs., 43 Douglas parade, Wmn 
Porter, Wm., contractor, Chapel st, Pra 
Portland Steam Packet Company's office, 

60 Collins st west 
Ports and Harbours office. Nelson parade, 

Portway, W., 26 Toung st, P 
Post Office (General), comer Bourke and 

Elizabeth sts 
Postle, Mrs., registry office, Chapel st, 

Potter, John, Lord Raglan hotel, Hoddle 

st, Rd 
Potter, Miss, school, 24 York st west, 

Potter, Rev. W., Cecil st, Em H 
Potter, T., 201 Clarendon st, Em H 
Potter, W. P., boot warehouse, 151 Swan- 

ston st 
Potts, — , Marian st, F 
Potts, John, Arden st, Hot 
Potts, M., 222 Little Collins st east 
Pottu, Madame, accoucheuse, 25 Queens- 
berry st, Hot 
Poulter, E. J., 47 Dorcas st, Em H 
Pound, J., blacksmith, 173 Branswick st, 

Pound, John, carrier, Flem 
Pounds, John, Faraday st, Carl 
Pow, Francis, blacksmith, 102 Dorcas st, 

Em H 
Pow, John K., accountant and auditor, 52 

Collins st east 
Powell, — , baker, Studley st, E C 
Powell, Giles, 36 Elgin st, Carl 
Powell, H., Reilly st, F 
Powell, H. T., 80 Cardigan st, Carl 
Powell, J., and Co., bakers, 185 Welling- 
ton st, E C 
Powell, James, 109 Victoria parade, F 
Powell, John, watch and clock maker, 118 

Russell st 
Powell, John, bowling saloon keeper, 67} 

Bourke st east 
Powell, John, 14 Pelham st, Carl 
Powell, L., Drummond st, Carl 
Powell, Mrs. Maria, 24 Argyle st, F 
Powell, Mrs., Flemington road. Hot 
Powell, P., 79 George st. F 
Powell, Stephen, 11 Flinders lane west 
Powell, W. H., Whitehall st. Fey 
Power, H., Melbourne Club 
Power, Hon. Thomas H., Haw 
Power, James, 10 Palmer st, F 
Power, Michael, gardener, Johnston st, 

E C 
Power, Mrs., Gardiner's creek road hotel, 
Ralston st, Pra 

Power, Robert, Boundaty road, Tk 

Power, Thomas, Palmer st, F 

Power, Thomas, Marion st, F 

Power, Wm., grocer and wine and spirit 

merchant. Clarendon st, Em H 
Power, Wm., Gardiner's creek road. Pirn 
Powers, — , woodyard. Strand, Wmn 
Powers, P. J., Sydney hotel, 141 Smitk 

st, F 
Powers, Rutherford, and Ca, •took and 

station agents, 122 Queen st 
Pownall, Thomas, 152 Spencer st 
Pownceby, John, bookbinder, 132 CoUim 

st east 
Poyntcr, Mrs., Caroline st, S T 
Poynter, Robert, draper, 74 Smith at, B 
Praagst, G. W., civil engineer, manufac- 
turer Hobson's Bay Soap and Candle 

Company, 205 Latrobe st west 
Pratt, Palmer, coffee roaster andipice 

merchant, 90 Bourke st west 
Pratt, Andrew, general ironmonger, 159 

Pratt, George C, printer, 98 Fitiroy atjP 
Pratt, James, 37 Rosslyn st, W M 
Pratt, John, Pelham st, Carl 
Pratt, Joseph H., Grange road, Tk 
Pratt, Mrs., 4 Pelham st, Carl 
Pratt, Robert, Buckley st, Fey 
Pratt. Wm., gardener, Preston 
Prebble, Thom^is C, accountant, 35 Queen 

Prell, F. W., and Co., merchants, 38 

Queen st 
Prender, John, Rowena parade, Rd 
Prendergast and O'Halloran, solicitors, 5 

Eldon chambers. Bank place, Collins st 

Prendergast, Leonard, St K 
Prendergast, P. F., Warerley hotel, Little 

Collins st west 
Prendergast, W.. 168 Madeline st, Carl 
PrendiTill, — , Union st, Btn 
Prentice, A., 113 Little Bourke st west 
Prentice, W., 8 Palmer st, F 
Presbyterian Churches (see Index) 
Prescott, Alfied, 3 Berkeley st, Carl 
Presnell, — , shoemaker, 197 Wellington 

st, EC 
Presse, — , 75 Wellington st, E C 
Presswell and Goodson, dairymen, 58 

Johnston st, F 
Presswell, W., shoemaker, 89 Moor at, F 
Prest, John, Osborne st, Wmn 
Preston, George, Charles st, 8 Y 
Preston, H., 47 Rose st, F 
Preston, Mrs., Berkeley st, Carl 
Preston, Robert, blacksmith, 56 Lothian 

st, Hot 
Pretty, Wm., 21 Pelham st, Carl 
PreTost and Bessieres, hairdressers and 

perfumers, 96 Bourke st east 
Prevdt and Co., cordial mannfactoteii, 

120 Queen st 





Preroi, E. Joseph, Haw 

Prewett, James, 72 Errol tt, llot 

Price, Fred., engrarer, 59 Swanston st 

Price, J., Marphy b%, S Y 

Price, Mn., hatmaker, 108 Victoria at, Rd 

Price, Philip, Faraday st, Carl 

Price, T., Chapel it, Pra 

Price, T., Qarendon at, £m H 

Price, Wm.,.196 Gore st, F 

Price, Wm., waiter, Royal lane, Bonrke 

St east 
Price, Woo., engraTer and painter, 20 

little Collins st east 
Prichard, C. A., grocer, Gipps st, £ C 
Prickett, Edward, solicitor, 57 Little Col- 
lins st east 
Pridffson, Thomas, Thompson st, Wmn 
Pridbam, Robert, batcher, Banksia st, 

Priest, £., carpenter. Church st, £ C 
Priestley, A. (accoantant National Bank), 

Priestley, A. F., 222 Smith st, £ C 
Priestley, C, Union st, Windsor 
Priestley, Samuel, 143 George st, F 
Primitive Methodist Chapels (see Index) 
Primrose, £. B., Haw 
Primrose, £., Wilson st, Btn 
Prince, Henry, 19 Regent st, F 
Prince, James, Wellington parade, E M 
Prince, Wm., blacksmith, 1 Mackenzie st 
Princess Theatre, Spring st 
Pringle, G. R. G., professor of music, 157 

Collins st east 
Prinn, W., Punt road, Pra 
Prinn, Wm., 30 Raglan st, Em H 
Prior, J., carpenter, 56 Gore st, F 
Prior, Mrs., 202a Cardigan st, Carl 
Prior, W., Sydney road, Bk 
Priston and Small, photographic chemists, 

73 Liitle Collins st east 
Priston, G. W., Charles st, Pra 
Pritchard, £., York st, Btn 
Pritcbard, John, butcher, 271 Smith st, 

Pritchard, Osgood, Eew 
Pritchard, P., 96 Leicester st, Carl 
Pritchard, Wm., Peel st, Pra 
Proctor, J., ironmonger, High st, St E 
Proctor, John, store, Clinrles #t, Pra 
Pronall, T., 95 Kos-^Iyn st, W M 
Prosen, Rcbert, 161 Toung st, F 
Protestant Hall, comer Little Collins st 

east, and Stephen st 
Prothonotary's Office, 22 Lonsdale st east 
Prondfoot, James, 7 Howard st. Hot 
ProQse, Charles, Albert st, Pra 
Prowse, Henry, Pent 
Prowse, Mrs., 63 Rose st, F 
Prowse, W., Sydney road, Bk 
Prueo, Charles J., and Keane, Wm., 
general carriers, corner of Elizabeth and 
Little Latrobe sts 
Fiyce, George, Argyle st east, St E 

Pryce, Rer. C. S. Y., 33 Bridport st w€£t, 
Km H 

Pryde, George, importer, 10 Eing st 

Prytherch, Wm., saddler, 24 Wellington 
terrace, E C 

Public Library, Swanston st 

Public Works Department Offices, Lons- 
dale st west, corner Queen st 

Puckey, Thomas, 163 Fitzroy st, F 

Puckle, Re7. E., Flem 

Pugh, Wm. R., M J)., surgeon, 131 Collins 
st east 

PuUan, Thdmas W., brewer, Chapel st,Pra 

Pullar and Co., coal merchants, 313 Eliza- 
beth st 

Pullar, D., 9 Mary st, Hot 

Pullar, James, iron and coal merchant, 22 
Lothian st. Hot 

PuUe, S., Leveson st. Hot 

Pullen, John, Hotham st, £ M 

Pullen, Mary, wharf contractor, comer of 
Eing and Rosslyn sts 

Pullen, Thomas, Corry st, off Cardigan st, 

Pulling, Charles, Peel st, Pra 

Pulver, Isaac, tobacconist, 99 Queen st 

Pummeroy, Wm., plasterer, off 93 High st, 

Punch, Michael, Fitzroy st, F 

Punch office, 77 Collins st east 

Punshon, Mrs., grocer, 156 Eing st 

Punton, Andrew, baker, 184 Church 8t,Bd 

Purcell,— , 89 Fitzroy st, F 

Pnrcell, Alfred, 89 Fitzroy st, F 

Purcell, Ann, Gla«sbouse hotel, Gipps st, 

Purcell, Charles P., solicitor, 78 Eliza- 
beth st 

Purcell, George C, barrister. Temple 

Purcell, J., messenger. Royal Bank of In- 
dia, 1 09 Collins st west 

Purcell, James, Loughrea hotel, 106 Elgin 
st, Carl 

j^rcell, Martin, general store, 73 Bouverie 
•st, Carl 

Purcell, R., 106 Victoria st, Rd 

Purchas, Albert, architect, civil engineer, 
and surveyor, 20 Temple court, CbUins 
st east 

Purday, Samuel. 28 John st, Wmn 

Purdue, W., 37 Three chain road, Em H 

Purdy, —,214 Napier st, F 

Purnell, Harriet, 117 Flinders st east 

Pornell, Juhn, timber merchant. Chapel 
st, Pra 

Pursell, J., batcher. Commercial road, Pra 
I Purton, E<lward, and Co., stationers, 106 
I Elizabeth st 
* Purvis, H. S., plumber, 107 Lygon st, Carl 

Purvis, John, 37 Faraday st, Carl 
I Purvis, T., engineer, 49 Kosslyn st, W M 
I Puryer, R., Inkennan st, St K 
I Putmau, H. M., 3a James st, F 






Futtmann^ HermanD, Hoddle st, Rd 

Putts, T., Inkerman st east, St K 

Pye, Mrs., chemist and druggist, 71 Drum- 

mond St, C^rl 
Pye, Samuel, Highett st, Rd 
Pyle, Wm., Waltham st, Rd 
Pyne, Beath and Co., warehousemen, 25 

Flinders lane west 
Pyne, Charles, 25 Flinders lane west 
Pyne, John, Union st, S Y 
Pynell, Alexander, Rouse fit, San 
Pyrke, John, and Co., stationers. Bridge 

road, and Church st, Rd (P. 0.) 
Py well, H., grocer, &c.. Rouse st, San 

Quail, Charles, 64 Lothian st, Hot 
Quail, Wm., Hoddle st, £ C 
Quarrier, Thomas, Cole st, Wmn 
Quedong Copper Mining Company, 9 

Elizabeth st 
Queen Insurance Co., 31 Queen st 
Quick, F. G., 74 Coventry st, Em H 
Quick, George, bottle merchant, Leicester 

st, Carl 
Quigin, D., 198 Moray st, Em H 
Quigley, Edward, Queen*s Head hotel, 17 

Cecil st, Wmn 
Quigley, James, farmer, 108 Stevedore st, 

Quigley, John, Prince Albert hotel, Doug- 
las parade, Wmn 
Quigley, Wm., Macquarie st, Wmn 
Quilty, Dennis, Wingfleld st, Fey 
Quin, — , Abbotsford st. Hot 
Quin, Daniel, Barkly st, Carl 
Quin, Mrs., dealer, 114 Gore st, F 
Quin, Patrick, Church st, Rd 
Quinan, James, Rowena parade, Rd 
Quiney, Edward, toy and fishing tackle 

warehouse, 107^ Swanston st 
Quinlan, Edward, Peel st. Hot 
Quinlan, Francis, barrister, 15 Temple 

court, Collins st west . 

Quinlan, G., Waltham st, Rd • 

Quinlan, Jeremiah, Kilkenny hotel, Ther- 

ry st 
Quinlan, Michael, Flem 
Quinlan, Michael, Glenmore hotel, Frank- 

lyn st, W M 
Quinlan, Michael, 150 Spencer st 
Quinlan, Thomas, Errol st, Hot 
Quinn, J., Oxford st. Hot 
Quinn, J. E., grocer, Cambridge st, E C 
Quinn, James, Punt road, Rd 
Quinn, Joseph, 3 York st, Em H 
Quinn, Mrs., Barkly st, OeLrl 
Quinn, Robert, provision store, Bay at, 

Quinn, T., fruiterer, Chapel st, Pra 
Quinn, Thomas, 116 Elgin st, Carl 
Quirk, D., bootmaker. Church st, Pra 
Quirk, James, 35 Rathdowne at, Carl 

Quirk, Thomas, Kilkenny boarding-honso^ 
64 Latrobe st east 

Radcliff, Charles, wood turner, 38 LitUe 

Bourke st west 
Radcliffe, Wm., Bainbridge terrace^ Bon- 

verie st, Carl 
Radden, Wm., 61 Dudley st, W M 
Radden, Wm., Canning st, Carl 
Rademacher, L., hat maker, 139 Monj 

st, Em H 
Radford, 76 Napier st, F 
Radford, Wm. John, earthenware dealer, 

62 Queensberry st, Carl 
Rady, James, 53 Rose st, F 
Rae, Mrs., 60 Young st, F 
Rae, R., 37 Lygon st, Carl 
Rae, W., hay and com ttore, Victoria aL 

Rae, Wm., Bouverie st, Carl 
Raeby, John, 107 Leicester st, F 
Rafierty, Thomas, farrier, Sooaerrille 

road. Fey 
Rafflne, David R., baker, 13 Little Lons- 
dale st west 
Rafter, Jos., school, 16 Dover place, Wmn 
Rahilly, Ellen, Olive Branch hotel, 112 

Little Collins st west 
Raid, John, 1 Highett st, Rd 
Railway Department, Chief Engineer'a 

office, Spencer st 
Railway Department offices, William at 
Raine, John, coachbuilder, 240 Napier at, F 
Raine, John M., 36 Park st, Sm H 
Raine, T., Kew 
Raine, Thomas, wholesale ironmonger^ 6 

Bourke st, east 
Rains, Thomas, gardener, Dryburgh at, 

Rainsbury, Thomas, provition merchant, 

243 Swanston st 
Rainsford, John, grocer, 41 York st, Em H 
Rainsford, John B., 216 Wellington st,£ C 
Rainson, Thomas, Johnston at, £ C 
Rake, Thomas, cook and confectioner, 

Thompson st, Wmn 
Rakestraw, G., bootmaker. High st, St K 
Rakowski, S., merchant, 37 Flinders tt 

Raleigh, Michael, 40 Little Bourke at west 
Raleigh, Walter, 156 Young st, F 
Ralph, — , miller, Mill st, Btn 
Ralph, R. J., 329 Fitzroy st, F 
Ralph, Thomas S., surgeon, Kew 
Ralston, John, Quarries, Fey 
Ramadge, S., grocer, Spencer st 
Ramage, John, Abbotsford st, F 
Ramage, Richard and George, tailors and 

clothiers, 79 Collins st east 
Ramond, Mrs., 125 Fitzroy at, F 
Ramsay, A., engineer, 28 Oabome at, 






Ramsay, A., 15 Howard st. Hot 
Bamsay, George, 64 Electra at, Wmn 
Bamaaj, John, M.L.A., 116 Fitzroy at^ F 
Sanoaay, Ber. A. M., 96 Collina at eaat 
BazDiay, Robert, Bowena parade, Rd 
Bamaay, Robert, aolicitor, 82 Queen at 
Bamsay, W., Lincoln oottagea, Boa? erie 

Bamsay, W., 78 Raglan at, Em H 
Bamsay, W. P., Stawell at, W M 
Bamsdale, James, Berkeley at, Carl 
Bamsden, J., Chetwynd at, W M 
Bamsden, Samael, Carlton floar mills, 

Leicester at, Carl 
Bamsden, Samael, 7 Fitzroy terrace, Clar- 
endon at, £ M 
Bamsey, Mrs., milliner, 13 Little Nelson 

8t, Wmn 
Bamns, John, merchant, 9 Qneen st 
Bandail, Mitchell, and Bo ward, solicitors, 

109 Collins st west 
Bandall, T., Carlisle st east, St E 
Baodall, Thomaa, 109 Young at, F 
Bandall, Thomas, Wilson st, Pra 
Bandell, J. W., and Co., drapers, 23 

Bourke st east, and 125 and 127 Bruns- 
wick st, F ' 
Bandle, W., 24 Oxford st, E C 
Banelagh, Mra., Baillie at. Hot 
Baney, J., Pent 

Bankin and Son, tailors, 229 Swanston st 
Bankin, Dr., anrgeon. High st, St K 
Bankin, Henry, dealer, 10 Little Boarke 

tt west 
Bankin, James, cartage contractor, 149 

Little Lonsdale st west 
Bankin, James, Elgin at, Carl 
Bankin, John, Kensington 
Banking, Wm., builder, 85 Barkly at, Carl 
Bannard and Co., bootmakers, 186 Smith 

Bannard, Darid, importer of boota and 

■hoes, agricultaral machinery, &c., 18 

Elizabeth st 
Bansie, Mrs., Berkeley st, Carl 
Bansom, Isaac, Stoke at, San 
Bansom, Thomaa, Highbury Barn hotel, 

Hoddle at, E C 
Baper, John, Capel st. Hot 
Baphael, — , 4 George at, F 
Baphael, R, 121 Victoria parade, F 
Baphael, J. S., 117 Flindera lane east 
Bapion, J., Sydney road, Bk 
r usliffe, J., High st, Pra 
] tcliffe, J., President Lincoln hotel, Bay 
idiffe, James, 7 Macqnarie st, Wmn 

teiifie, John M., Station place, San 
tenbuxy, E., store, Dover road, Wmn 
tray, Alex., contractor, 139 Little 
Joarke st west 

iTen, J., Swan st, Rd 
Ten, J., Victoria st, W M 
ren, ClaadiaB J., Stadley park 

Rareo, J. C, 70 Johnston st, F 

Ra?eii, John C, house painter, 121 Smith 
st, F 

Raven, Joseph, Swan st, Rd 

Raven, Wm., 140 Johnston st, F 

Raven, Wm. G., undertaker, 145 Smith 

Ravenscroft, G., Berkeley st, Carl 

Rawle, Wm., chemist and electoral regis- 
trar. Haw 

Rawlinga, James, 44 King William st, F 

Rawlinson, Miss, draper, Kevr 

Rawlinson, Thomaa George, C.E. and sur- 
veyor, 26 Queen st 

Rawlinson, Wm., Clarendon st, Em H 

Rawson, H., 1 Ban bridge terrace, Bouverie 
st, Carl 

Rawson, H., Wreckyn st. Hot 

Ray, Briscoe, merchant, 31, 33, and 35 
Flinders lane west 

Ray, Henry N., Haw 

Ray, James, Pent 

Ray, Mrs., shopkeeper, Victoria lane 

Ray, Robert, physician and surgeon, 105 
Collins st east 

Ray. T., 23 Dorcas st, Em H 

Raybonid, James, undertaker, Commercial 
road, Pra 

Rayfleld, John, Cecil st,Em H 

Rayflcld, W., 4 Raglan st, Em H 

Rayment, Henry, 231 Moray st, Em H 

Raymond, B., 149 Moor st, F 

Raymond, James, 78 Cobden st, Em H 

Raymond, John, Punt road, Rd 

Raymond, Thomas, 17 Hanover st, F 

Rayne, S., 66 Johnston st, F 

Rayne, Thomas, Octavia st, St K 

Rayner, Samuel, 84 Bouverie st, Carl 

Ray nor, W. H., Hull and London hotel, 
Bourke st east 

Raynor, T. R., Carlisle st, East St K 

Rayson, Harold, draper, 142 Clarendon st, 

Rayson, Walter, draper, 98 Spencer st 

Rea, Robert, Strand, Wmn 

Read, Albert, solicitor, 59 Swanston st 

Read, D., Vale st, Hot 

Read, D., 54 Kerr st,F 

Read, Henry, 150 Madeline st, Carl 

Read, James, Grange road, Tk 

Read, James, Cremome st, Rd 

Read, John, 101 Elgin st, Carl 

Read, John, lilawarra st, Wmn 

Read, John W., bootmaker. High st, St K 

Read, Mrs., 68 Gore st, F 

Read, Mrs., Barkly st, St K 

Read ford, Joseph, Nott st, San 

Readshaw, R., 233 Gore st, F 

Ready, Jeremiah, Clare hotel, 45 Little 
Bourke st west 

Readle, John, Nicholson st, Carl 

Really, G. F., 133 Kerr st, F 

Reany, Joseph, 40 Latrobe st west 





Bcaney, Robert, saddler, 62 Bourke tt 

Reaney and Roberts, machinists, 30 Post 

Office place 
Reardon, Andrew, Dryburgh st, Hot 
Reardon, Patrick, bootmaker, 35 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Reardon, Patrick, George hotel, corner of 

Cecil and Coventry sts, £m H 
Reav, E. W., sailniuker. Little Nelson st, 

Reay, Joseph, 87 Victoria st. Hot 
Rcclmbite.", Order of. District Chambers, 

112 Russell sc 
Redan Gold Mining Co., 85 Flinders st 

Reddan, Michael, bootmaker, Whitehall 

st, Fey 
Reddaw, Patrick, 35 Market st, £m H 
Redden, Mrs., wood yard, Elgin st, Carl 
Reddin, J., Newcastle hotel, 179 and 181 

Stephen st 
Redding, John, fishmonger, Whitehall st. 

Redding, Thomas, furniture dealer, 83 

Rathdowne st, Carl 
Reddish, Richard, Curzon st. Hot 
Reddish, Wm., pawnbroker, Queensberry 

st, Hot 
Redman, Charles, wood yard, 65 Rath- 
downe st, Carl 
Redman, Hannah, grocer, 58 Lothian st. 

Redman, Wm., 24 Dover road, Wmn 
Redmond, Thomas, glass and earthenware 

dealer, 192 Elizabeth st 
Reed and Barnes, architects and surveyors, 

9 Elizabetli st 
Reed, Daniel, 54 Kerr st, F 
Reed, F., Caroline st, S Y 
Reed, George, 186 Moray st, Em H 
Reed, Henry, 231 Victoria st, E C 
Reed, Joseph, Bay st, Btn 
Reed, Joseph, bootmaker, Queensberry st, 

Reed, Richard, 105 Rosslyn st, W M 
Reed, Robert, Carlisle st east, St K 
Reed, Thomas, fancy repository, 49 Col- 
lins st east 
Reed, Thomas, 24 King William st, F 
Reedy Creek Gold Mining Company, 9 

Elizabeth st 
Reedy, J.. 63 Raglan st, Em H 
Hees, Benjamin, 91 Gore st, F 
Rees, D., Queen st 
Rees, Frederic, Rees*s hotel, corner of 

High and Argyle sts, St K 
Rees, John, 4 Parker st, Wmn 
Rees, Rev. D., Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Rees, Wm. L., 1 52 Ferrars st, Em H 
Reeve, H., 189 Victoria parade, E C 
Reeve, John, iron foundry. Bay st, San 
Reeve, R., dealer, Derby st, E C 
Reeve, Wm., 75 Napier st, Em H 

Reeves, Charles, Otter st, E C 
Rei'ves, James, Uighett st, R<1 
Reeves, Samuel, 48 Charles st, F 
RefTvm, — , baker. Little Lcmsdale st west 
Refuge, Female, Madeline st, Carl 
Recrau Brothers, locksmiths, &&, 6 Uttle 

Collins st east 
Regan, James, Lang st, S Y 
Regan, John, Emerald st, Em H 
Regan, John, 1 38 Gertrude st, F 
Regnn, John, boatbuilder, Ronse tt, San 
RegAU, John, 8 Dover place, Wmn 
Regan, John, 89 Moray st, Em H 
Regan, Michael J., butcher, 219 Elizabeth 

Registrar GeneraVs office, Treasury, 

Spring st ; branch office, old Govern- 
ment House, William st 
Registration Office for Births, &c., Prince's 

Registry Office for Diocese of Melbouroe, 

91 Little Collins st west 
Regnert, Charles, Bay st, San 
Rcid, A., 88 Dorcas st east, Em H 
Reid, Alexander, 3 Spencer terrace, Little 

Bourke st west 
Reid, Charles, Kew 
Reid, Charles, Carpenter st, Btn 
Reid, D., Cardigan st, Carl 
Reid, D., New st, Btn 
Reid, George, 137 Latrobe st west 
Reid, H. R., Electra st, Wmn 
Reid, J., 69 Coventry st, Em H 
Reid, J., bootmaker, 133 Little Bourke st 

Reid, J., 28 Barkly st, Carl 
Reid, James, 70 Napier st, Em H 
Reid, James, Gipps st, Rd 
Reid, James, Rowena parade, Rd 
Reid, James W., sign writer, 35 Post 

Office place 
Reid, James, 33 Baillie st, Hot 
Reid, John, 18 Victoria st, Hot 
Reid, John, Punt road, Rd 
Reid, Mrs., fancy repository, High st, St E 
Reid, Mrs., greengrocer, 173 Smith st, F 
Reid, Mrs., post office, Pent 
Reid, Mrs., feather cleaner, 108 Lygon st, 

Reid, Peter, grocer, 120 Ferrars st, Km H 
Reid, Poole, and Co., merchants, I Queen 

st south 
Reid, Robert, Punt road, Rd 
Reid, Samuel, bootmaker, 15 Little Boorke 

st west 
Reid, Thomas, baker, Blackwood st. Hot 
Reid, Thomas, Illawarra st, Wmn 
Reid, Wm., Bay «c, San 
Keily, James, Ivanhoe, Heid 
Reily, W., teacher, Albert st, Bk 
Rellly, J., 239 Victoria parade, E C 
Reilly, John, Ess 
Reilly, Mrs., dairy, 60 Bank at w«st, 






Beillj, Mrs., l&imdreM, 1 Cambridge it, 

Bellly, T., butcher, Cardigan at, Carl 
Beillj, Wm., grocer, Bridge road, Bd 
Reitz, Frederick G., store. Church st, £ C 
Benard, Jules, wool broker, 20 Collins st 

Beoehan,L. F., Clarke st, £ C 
Benifion, George, 14 Pelham st, Carl 
Renney, Mrs., Reilly st, F 
Bensbaw, Noah, 212 Welh'ngton st, £ C 
Benton, James, Peel st. W M 
Benwick, Samuel, Caulfield 
Bestorck, Mrs., dressmaker, 100 Flinders 

lane east 
Scttwig, John, turner, 157 Russell st 
Bevley, J. J., Northcote 
Beyburn, James, draper, 24 Curzon st, 

Beyleigb, Thomas, 146 Moray st. £m H 
B^olds, C. W., painter, Acland st, 3 Y 
Beynolds, £., New st, Btn 
Beynolds, £dirard, solicitor, &c., 13 

Bourke st west 
Beynolds, £noch, saddler, Haw 
Beynolds, Frederick,! 16 Madeline st,Carl 
Beynolds, G., Carlisle st west, St E 
Beynolds, H., Bsplanade, St K 
Beynolds, I., grocer, York st, £m H 
Beynolds, J. N., seed merchants, 33 and 

35 Swanston st 
Beynolds, Samuel, 81 Johnston st, £ C 
Beynolds, Thomas, Station place, San 
Beynolds, W., 15 Argyle st, F 
Beynolds, Wm., 69 Victoria parade, F 
Beynolds, Wm., 19 Bouverie st, Carl 
Beynolds, Wm., Bay View hotel. Beach 

st, San 
Beysted, Charles G., photographer, 110 

Elizabeth st 
Bhimes, A., blacksmith, 201 Smith st, F 
Bhind, Thomas, 127 Victoria st. Hot 
Bhoddo, Rd. D., Simpson st, £ M 
Bbodes, Charles, tin and copper smith, 

250 Elizabeth st 
Bhodes, Edward, Union st, Pra 
Bh«Kles, F., Weston st, Bk 
Bhodes, John, 262 Brunswick st, F 
Bice, C, 117 Kerrst, F 
Bice, James, 11 Thompson st, Wmn 
Bice, Thomas, 1 19 Kerr st, F 
Bice, Wm., 50 Charles st, F 
Bice, Wm., 136 Kerr st, F 
Bich, £., pawnbroker, 96 Brunswick st,F 
Bich, Richard J., pilot, 29 Dover road, 

Bichards Brothers, grocers, High st, St K 
Bichards, Charles and Wm., grocers, 

Lygon st, Carl 
Bichards, David, Mechanics' Arms hotel, 

. Cecil st, Em H 

Bichards, F., 72 Bridge road, Rd 
Biehards, J., grocer, Chapel st, Pra 
Bkfaardp, J^ Punt road, 8 Y 

Richards, John, 30 Queensberry st, Carl 
Richards, John, grocers. Miller st, W M 
Richards, John, Villiers st, Hot 
Richards, Jos., 42 Elizabeth st extension 
Richards, Joseph, shoeing forge, 35 Vic- 
toria st, Carl 
Richards, W., gunmaker, 105 Bourke st 

Richards, W., Blackwood st. Hot 
Richards, Wm. W., 18 Faraday st, Carl 
Richards, Wm., Electra st, Wmn 
Richards, Wm., 176 Moray st, Em H 
Richardson, — , 32 Brunswick st, F 
Richardson, — , Clarendon st, £ M 
Richardson, Alexander, 30 Drummond st» 

Richardson, £dward,-Ess 
Richardson, J., M.L.A., Parliament House 
Richardson, J., gardener, Carlisle st, St K 
Richardson, J. H., hairdresser, 55 Errol st. 

Richardson, John, Inkerman st east, St K 
Richardson, John Francis, bootmaker, 45 

Queen st 
Richardson, Jos. F., Gray st east, E M 
Richardson, Joseph, estate agent, 28 Col- 
lins st east 
Richardson, Joseph, Chapel st, Pra 
Richardson, Joshua, 114 Leicester st, Carl 
Richardson, M. A., house and land agent, 

High st, Pra 
Richardson, Mrs., 63a Gore st, F 
Richardson, Miss H., Johnston st, £ C 
Richardson, Mrs., ladies' seminary. Robe 

st, St K 
Richardson, Mrs., Dalgety st, St K 
Richardson, K., Tivoli place. Punt road, 

Richardson, Richard, American hotel, 243 

Swanston st 
Richardson, Robert, Nicholson st. Carl 
Richardson, Robert, Faraday st, Carl 
Richardson, T., Haw 
Richardson, Tliomas, 2 Sydney terrace, 

Canning st, Carl 
Richardson, W., Faraday st, Carl 
Richardson, W., corn store, Commercial 

road, Pra 
Richardson, W. £., draper, Yarra st. Held 
Richardson, Wm., Caledonian hotel, Jeff- 

cott st, W M 
Richelieu, Robert, 127 Argyle st, F 
Richie, Andrew, 38 Nicholson st, F 
Richman, P., protision dealer, Latrobe st 

Richmond, George, Marion st, F 
Richmond, V. W., surgeon, Cochrane st 

Richter, John, 48 Barkly st, Carl 
Richter, L., bootmaker, 36 Little Bourke 
• st west 

Rickards, Charles, Peel st, Pra 
Rickardfi, F., cabinetmaker, 72 Bridge 






Rickards, John, Garden st, Pra 
Bicketson, — , New st, Btn 
Ricketson, Mrs., Darling st, S Y 
Rieketty C, Cochrane Bt, Btn 
Ricketts, Thomas, carpenter, Bay st, Btn 
Ricketts, W., greengrocer and peramba- 
lator manufacturer, 56 Bridge road, Rd 
Ridde, Wm., 30 Chetwynd st, Hot 
Riddell, J. C, M.L.A., Melbourne Club 
Riddett, Robert, Trinnian st, off High at, 

Ridding, Thomas, larniture dealer, Elgin 

Bt, corner Rathdowne st, Carl 
Rider, A., bookbinder, 4 York st, £m H 
Rider, Andrew, stationer and photogra- 
phist, 55 Nelson place, Wmn 
Rider, James, Lennox road, Rd 
Rider, Jonathan, 60 Bou^erie st, Carl 
Ridler, liobert, butcher, 187 Bridge road, 

Ridley, George, 41 Wellington st, E C 
Ridley, J., pilot, 44 Parker st, Wmn 
Ridley, W., 13 Smith st, F 
Ridoutt and Sons, oil and colour mer- 
chants, Commercial road, Pra 
Riedy, Michael, Eildare Castle hotel, 

Queen sherry st. Hot 
Riemann, Bruno, publisher, 41 Swanston 

Rigby, Edward, Council Club hotel, corner 

of Lonsdale and Queen sts 
Rigg, Anthony, 121 Swanston st 
Rigg, George, 38 Drummond st, Carl 
Rigg, Rev. — , Ann st, Wmn 
Rigg* W., bootmaker, Cochrane st, Btn 
Rigg. W. G., bootmaker, 13 Thompson st, 

Rigley, — , milliner, 129 Cambridge st, 

Riley, E., Jeffcott st, W M 
Riley, Francis, Latrobe st west 
Riley, Francis, 70 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Riley, George, store, 178 Victoria st, Rd 
Riley, J., 9 Lygon st, CarW 
Riley, J., Adderley st, W M 
Riley, J., 4 Miller st, W M 
Riley, J. George, Seven Stars hotel, 12 

Madeline st, Carl 
Riiey, James J., Graham st, San 
Riley, John, Ess 
Riley, John, Station place, San 
Riley, John, Nott st, San 
Riley, T., tobacconist, Beach st, San 
Riley, Thomas, painter and paperhanger, 

37 Lonsdale st west 
Riley, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 288 Elisa- 
beth st 
Riley, Thomas, 182 Drummond st, Carl 
Rilistone, Miss, dressmaker. Bridge road. 

Rimmer, Christopher, 235 Moray st, Em H 
Rimmer, CM., Octavia st, St K 
Rimmington, Thomas, toy dealer, Greville 
8t, off Chapel st, Pra 

Rimpler, — , Moor st, F 

Ring, Ed., Bridge road, Rd 

Ring, P., Golden Cross hotel, comer 

and Latrobe sts 
• Ring. R., 147 Johnston st, F 
Rintel, Henry, Fitzroy st, F 
Rintel, Rev. Moses, 13 Rathdowne st, 

Carl; school, Latrobe st east 
Riordan, Dennis, 82 Bank st west, Em H 
Riordan, Patrick, grocer, 31 Howard «t. 

Ripley, Thomas, coachmaker, Bay st, San 
Rippon and Phillips, solicitors, 8 CoUim 

st east 
Rippon, Charles, Nth 
Rippon, Charles, 24 Johnston st, F 
Rippon, Mrs., school, 24 Johnston st, F 
Risk and Co., general carriers, 184 Elisa- 
beth st 
Rismondo, George, general dealer, 17S 

King st 
Ritchie, Charles, joiner, 26 Little Bonrke 

st west 
Ritchie, David, V5d Cardigan st, Carl 
Ritchie, Henry, office, 60 Elisabeth at 
Ritchie, James, 83 Cecil st, Wmn 
Ritchie, Mrs., 1 1 Cecil st, Wmn 
Ritchie, Mrs.. Peel st, Pra 
Ritchie, S. S., wine and spirit merchant 

and importer, 4 Klizabeth st 
Ritchie, W., bootmaker, 137 Latrobe st 

Roach, J., butcher, 96 Douglas parade, 

Roach, Leonard, Queentberry st. Hot 
Roach, Thomas, Graham st, San 
Road, James, Cremorne st, Rd 
Roads and Bridges Department offices, lOl 

WillUm st 
Robb, J.. Barkly st, Bk 
Robb, James, blacksmith, Flemingtoa hill 
Robb, Wm., Pant road, Pra 
Robb, Wm., general broker, 21 Queen st 
Robbins, Charles F., commission merchant, 

49 Collins st west 
Robbins, F.. stevedore, Stoke st, San 
Robbins, G. W., stevedore, Stoke st, San 
Roberts, — , taUor, 201 Little CoUins st 

Roberts, — , office, 18 Collins st east 
Roberts, — , 24 Barkly st, Carl 
Roberts, — , Dry burgh st, Hot 
Roberts, — , 108 Rose st, F 
Rob^'rts and Co., blacksmiths, 55 Little 

Nelson st, Wmn 
Roberts, Ann, laundress, 21 Little Latrobe 

st east 
Roberts, B., Nott st, San 
Roberts, B., gardener. Centre road, Btn 
Roberts, C. F., 158 Victoria parade, £ M 
Roberts, Daniel, fiirnicure dealer, 319 

Victoria parade, E C 
Roberts, Edward, sign writer and |Mdnter, 

Chapel st, Pra 





Boberts, Edward J., batcher, 182 and 184 

King Bt 
Bobertfl, Frederick, watchmaker, 5 Thomp- 
son St, Wmn 
Boberts, G., greengrocer, Charch st, Rd 
Boberts, George, fruiterer, Bay st, San 
Boberts, Henry, 195 Napier st, F 
BoberU, J., Chapel st, St K 
Boberts, J., general dealer, 85 WeUington 

st, £0 
Boberts, J., Haw 
Boberts, J., Nth 
Boberts, J., Fitzroy st, St K 
Boberts, J., turner, Hoddle st, £ C 
Boberts, J., marble mason, Madeline st, 

Boberts, J. S., commission agent, Alma 

st, St K 
Boberts, J. W., Rochester Castle hotel, 

Johnston st, F 
Boberts, J. W., 18 Collins st east 
Boberts, J. W., 124 Cardigan st, Carl 
Boberts, J. W., Henry st, Pra 
Boberts, J. W., butcher, 19 Thompson st, 

Boberts, James, 12 Little Nelson st, 

Boberts, James, 79 Capel st. Hot 
Boberts, John, bootmaker, 219 Swan st, 

Boberts, John, hairdresser, 22 Post Office 

Boberts, John, Bay st, Btn 
Boberts, John, 13t> Napier st, F 
Boberts, John, marble mason, 178 Fara- 
day st, Carl 
Boberts, John, 41 Lereson st. Hot 
Boberts, K., Swan st, Rd 
Boberts, Lydia, dressmaker, 138 Queen st 
Boberts, Mr. and Mrs. William George, 

ladles' institute, Hotham st, £ M 
Boberts, Mrs., laundress, 14 Leicester st, 

Boberts, R J., cabinetmaker, 140 Little 

Collins st east 
Boberts, Richard, bootmaker, 317 Victoria 

parade, £ C 
Boberts, Richard, contractor, Fey 
Boberts, S., marble mason, 178 Madeline 

st, Carl 
Boberts, Samuel, stationer, &c., 5 Nelson 

place north, Wmn 
Boberu, Samnel &, signwritter, &c., 116 

Swanston st 
Etoberts, Sarah Anne, South Park hotels 
corner of Moray and Raglan sts east, 
ioberts, T. J., Berkeley st, Carl 
Roberts, Thomas, 29 Blawarra st, Wmn 
toberU, W., 80 Moor st, F 
ioberts, Wm., 51 Faraday st, Carl 
loberts, Wro., reaping machine maker, 

fto, 59 a'Beckett st west 
Roberts, Wm., Punt road, Rd 

Robertson, — , grocer, corner Stanley and 
Cambridge sts, E C 

Robertson and Ferguson, coachbnilden 
and wheelwrights, 64 Bourke st west 

Robertson and Jacques, tailors and out- 
fitters, 25 Collins st east 

Robertson and Moffatt, drapers, &c., 11 
Bourke st east 

Robertson, A., and Son, bakers, 97 Raglan 
st, Em H 

Robertson, A. W., Castlemaine 

Robertson, Andrew, Haw 

Robertson, Andrew, Argyle st east, St K 

Robertson, Ann, Clarendon Hotel, Punt 
road, Pra 

Robertson, Charles, Scotch Pie shop, 
Bourke st east 

Robertson, D., Woolpack hotel, comer of 
Queen st and Flinders lane 

Robertson, Donald, 18 Curzon st, Hot 

Robertson, Flora, 2 Fitzroy terrace, Clar- 
endon st, £ M 

Robertson, Francis, Ess 

Robertson, Francis, Kew 

Robertson, G., Waltham st, Rd 

Robertson, G., Grange road, Toorak 

Robertson, George, Hoddle st, £ C 

Robertson, George, bookseller and sta- 
tioner, 23 Collins st east, and 69 Eliza- 
beth st 

Robertson, George, 11 University st, Carl 

Robertson, George, Stephen st 

Robertson, George B., Blackwood st, Hot 

Robertson, Gilbert, Palmerston st, Carl 

Robertson, Hugh, blacksmith, High st, 

Robertson, Hugh, Argyle st east, St K 

Robertson, Isaac, Lonsdale st west 

Robertson, J., butcher, Pelham st, Carl 

Robertson, J. C, and Co., tea brokers, 32 
Flinders lane west 

Robertson, James, 156 Spencer st 

Robertson, James, accountant, 73 Temple 
court, Collins st west 
•Robertson, James, Alma st west, St E 

Robertson, James. Haw 

Robertson, James, butcher, Barkly st, 

Robertson, James, Haw 

Robertson, James, MJ)., surgeon, Vic- 
toria st, Carl 

Robertson, James M., architect and sur- 
veyor, Catherine st, Richmond hill 

Robertson, James, Weinberg road, Upper 

Robertson, John, dyer and scourer, 78 
and 89 Lonsdale st east 

Robertson, John, hay and com dealer, 219 
King st 

Robertson, John, blacksmith, Angelo 
lane, 7 Bourke st esst 

Robertson, John, 114 Madeline st, Carl 

Robertson, John, 50 Cardigan st, Carl 

Robertson, John, Faraday st, Carl 





Robertson, John, grocery store, 53 Market 

8t, Em H 
Robertson, Joseph, corn dealer, 250 

Brunswick st, F 
Robertson, Miss J., 13 Young fit, F 
Robertson, Mrs., Alma st west, St K 
Robertson, Mrs., Railway place, San 
Robertson, Mrs. W., Darling st, S Y 
Robertson, Gates, and Hallows, plumbers, 

130 Collins st west 
Robertson, Peter, Courteney st. Hot 
Robertson, R., store, 149 Johnston 8t,E C 
Robertson, Rev. A., William st north 
Robertson, T., Robert, 19 Lygon st, Carl 
Robertson, Rob^t, Miller st, W M 
Robertson, Robert, watchmaker and jew- 
eller, 18 Collins st west 
Robertson, T., baker, Bay st, San 
Robertson, T., 56 Electra st, Wmn 
Robertson, T., Brunswick road, Bk 
Robertson, Thomas, Reilly st, F 
Robertson, Thomas, Queensberry hotel, 

Robertson, W., draper, 56 Gertrude st, F 
Robertson, W., Heath st, San 
Robertson, Wagner, and Co., coach pro- 
prietors, 35 Bourke st east 
Robertson, Wm., farrier, 23 Little Collins 

st west 
Robertson, Wm., 52 Dudley st, W M 
Robertson, Wm., barrister, 39 Temple 

Robertson, Wm., Barry st, Carl 
Robertson, Y., 6 Cardigan st, Carl 
liobins, A. G., Nicholson st, F 
Robinson, — , Moor st, F 
Robinson, — , Napier st, Em H 
Robinson, A., corner of Victoria and 

Nicholson sts, F 
Robinson, A., schoolmaster, Black st, Btn 
Robinson, Abraham, cartage contractor, 

&c., 29 Flinders lane west 
Robinson, Blakiston, estate factor, White- 
hall st. Fey 
Robinson, C, Gardiner's creek road, Tk • 
Robinson, Chris., Burgundy st, Heid 
Robinson, Daniel, horse trainer, 206 East- 
ern road, Em H 
Robinson, E., 156 Kerr st, F 
Robinson, E. G., Vine st, Wr 
Robinson, Francis, Hanmer st, Wmn 
Robinson, F., machine sewer, 108 Brans- 
wick st, F 
Robinson, Hy., Lennox st, Rd 
RobinsoQ, J., 62 Dorcas st, Em H 
Robinson, J., Rosslyn st, W M 
Robinson, James, 26 YAn'm st, Carl 
Robinson, John H., 8 a*Beckett st 
Robinson, John, wheelwright and smith, 

24 Johnston st, E C 
Robinson, Julia, 54 Latrobe st west 
Robinson, Kate, store, 225 King st 
Robinson, I^eonard, draper, 37 Collins st 

Robinson, Miss, 20 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Robinson, Mrs., Church st, Rd 
Robinson, Mrs.,grocer, 403 Lygon st. Call 
Robinson, Mrs., 68 Bridge road, Rd 
Robinson, Mrs., 117 Raglan st east, Em H 
Robinson, Robert, produce merchant, 39 

Flinders st east 
Robinson, Sydney Radge, sargeon and 

dentist. Robe st, St K 
Robinson, T., Commercial road, Fra 
Robinson, T., 113 Gertrude st, F 
Robinson, T., and Co., agricultural imple- 
ment manufacturers and importers, 247 
Elizabeth st 
Robinson, Thomas, Spencer st 
Robinson, Thomas, 101 Bouverie st, Caii 
Robinson, Thomas, wheelwright and ma- 
chine maker, Therry st, and Leicest^ 
st, Carl 
Robinson, W., M.L.A., Parliament House 
Robinson, W., Fitzroy st, St K 
Robinson, W. F., Powlett st, E M 
Robinson, W. F., Hotham st east, E M 
Robinson, W. J., Elgin st, Carl 
Robinson, Wm., 42 Dudley st, W M 
Robinson, Wm. V., 5 Studiey park ter- 
race, Simpson's road, Rd 
Robinson, Wm., Garden st, Fra 
Robison Brothers and Co., plumbers and 

coppersmiths, 31 Flinders st west 
Robison, J., Hoddle st, E C 
Roble, Alex., Flinders st west 
Robottom, Henry, gold chaser, 15 Post 

Office place 
Robson, — , Bourke st east 
Kobson, Charles, 138 Lygon st, Carl 
Robson, G. H., undertaker, 98 Brunswick 

Robson, John, Abbot st, Hot 
Robson, Mrs., 34 Oxford st, £ C 
Robson, Richard, 146 Drummond st, Osrl 
Robson, Wm., 80 Cambridge st, E C 
Rochard, J. W., 85 Cecil st, Em H 
Roche, Francis, Errol st, Hot 
Roche, Miss, school, 51 Queensberry st^ 

Roche, Thomas, Post Office hotel, Pent 
Roche, Thomas, Edinburgh Castle hotel, 

Rochfort, Benjamin, 72 George st east, 

Rochford, L. J., Twyford st, Wmn 
Rochford, Thomas, tailor, 18 Latrobe st 

Rochford, Wm., carpenter, 18 Latrobe st 

Rocke, Wm. H., Howe crescent, 50 Cecil 

st, Em H 
Rockford, Thomas, 18 Latrobe st east 
Rodd, Augustus W., storekeeper, Kew 
Rodda, J. W., Pent 
Roddick, Joseph, Wellington st, Rd 
Rode, August, bootmaker, 37 Post Office 





Koden, M., 361 Victoria parade, £ C 
Eodger and Alorraf, grocers, &c., Fergu- 

•OD 8t, Wmn 
Bodger, Thomas, 73 Cecil at, Wmn 
Bodgert, C, fruiterer, 151 Smith st, E C 
Bodgersi David, 1 35 Little Boarke at west 
Rodgers, G., and Co., general store, Bay 

St, San 
Bodgers, Thomas, Bridport st west, Em H 
Bodway, F., Dentist, 103 Collins st east 
Boe, John, 269 Fitzroy st, F 
Boebnck, J. P., chemist, Kew 
Boff, Isaac, bill |y>ster and tailor, 119 Lit- 
tle Collins st east 
Bogan, M., grocer, 12 Lygon st, Carl 
Bf^an, Mnrk, 58 Latrobe st east 
Bogers, B. H., ironmonger, 128 Smith st, 

Bogers, Charles, saddler, 174 King st 
Bogers, F., 56 George st, F 
Bogers, F. H., photographer, Commercial 

road, Fra 
Bogers, F. T., Gifford st, Wmn 
Bogers, George, 25 Twyford st, South 

Bogers, George, cooper. High st, Pra 
Bogers, George, tailor and outfitter, 109 

Boarke st east 
Bogers, Henry, Canning st, Carl 
Bogers, J., plumber, Bay st, Btn 
Bogers, John, photographer, 150 Smith st, 

Bogers, Miss Maria, schoolmistress, 15 

Dorer road, Wmn 
Bogers, Robert, carrier, Flemington hill 
Bf^ers, Robert R., loan and share broker, 

and land agent, 3 Collins st west 
Bogers, Thomas, 240 Napier st, F 
B<^r8, W. A., draper, 7 Gertrude st, F 
Bogers, Wm., baker. Bay st, San 
Bogerson, Francis, farmer, Brennan st,Ess 
BogersoD, Wm , Abbotsford st, W M 
Botilar, — , grocer. High st, St K 
Boland, Charles, Morris st, Wmn 
Bolf, G. F., Goodwood st, Rd 
Bolf, Mrs., Chapel st, Pra 
Bolfe,— , 127 lUglan st, Em H 
Bolfe and Bailey, merchants, 98 Bourke 

Bolfe, Captain, High st, Pra 
Bolfe, Charles, Bathdowne st, Carl 
Bolle^ George, Carlisle st, East St E 
Bolfe, George, jun., Regent st, F 
Boll, J. B., Western st, Bk 
BoUeston, Hugh, Walsh st, W M 
BotUsgs, Wm., contractor* 96 Little 

Bonrke st west 
Bolls, B., and Son, boot importers, 14 

Flinders laoe west 
Bolls, J., cab proprietory's Young st, F 
Bomanis, John, house and land agent, 

Gardiner*s creek road, Pra 
Bomanis, John, undertaker. Chapel st, 


Roman Catholic Chapels (see Index) 

Ronald and Mac Bain, managers Austra- 
lian Land and Finance Company, 22 
and 24 Queen st 

Ronald, B., Commercial road, Pra 

Ronald, John, baker, 256 Brunswick st, F 

Ronald, R. B., Gardiner's creek road 

Ronalds, Nathaniel, nurseryman, Cre- 
morne st, Rd 

Rooke, Mrs., 123 Cecil st, Em H 

Rooklidge, Thomas, and Co., saddlers, 60 
Bourke st east 

Rooklidge, Thomas, Waterloo st, StK 

Rook wood. Miss, dressmaker. Chapel st, 

Rooney, M., Leitrim hotel, 119 Little 
Lonsdale st east 

Rooney, Patrick, bootmaker, 89 Little 
Lonsdale st east 

Roose, James, 15 Dover place, Wmn 

Rose, — , plumbur, Charles st,*F 

Rose, A., Church st, Kd 

Rose, Alexander, hay and corn store, 160 
King st 

Rose, Alex. O. G., judge's associate, Su- 
preme Court 

Rose, C, Stewart st, Bk 

Rose, C. M., Argyle st, Pra 

Rose, Henry, broker, &c., 65 Little Col- 
lins st east 

Rose of Denmark Mining Company, 6 
Collins st east 

Rose, W., tailor, Barkly st, St K 

Rosendale, Anthony, 127 Moray st, Em H 

Rosengren, Gustaf, pianoforte manufiu:- 
turer, 29 Lonsdale st east 

Rosenthal, David, wholesale jeweller and 
importer, 2 Little Collins st west 

Rosenthal, Julius, 133 Collins st east 

Rosen wax, Elias, pawnbroker and sales- 
man, 75 Elizabeth st 

Rosewarne, Thomas, greengrocer, 90 Wel- 
lington st, E C 

Rosie, Thomas, 27 Electra st, Wmn 

Rosier, James, W., gun maker, 45 Little 
Collins st east 

Ross and Co., grocers, Gardiner's creek 
road, Pra 

Ross and Smith, grocers. Grey st, St K 

Ross and Smith, grocers, corner of Ger« 
trnde and George sts, F 

Itoss andSpowers, merchants, 31 Market 

Ross, AndreW) merchant, 29 Flinders lane 

Ross, C. S., and Co., timber and tobacco 
brokers and auctioneers, 60 Collins st 

Ross, Captain, High st, Pra 

Ross, D., 10 John st, Wmn 

Ross, D., Queen st north 

Ross, D. H., Lieutenant R.N., Charles st, F 

Ross, David, blacksmith, Gardiner's creek 
road/Ik ' 






Ross, Donald, 23 M'Arthnr place, Carl 
Boss, E., Gardiner's creek road, Tk 
Boss, Francis, Trinnian st, off High st, 

Ross, G., Carlisle st, St E 
Boss, H. F., 5 Baglan terrace, Bobe st, 

Boss, J., 94 Gore st, F 
Boss, J., Turnbuirs point, Punt road, S Y 
Boss, J., bootmaker, 101 Victoria st, Carl 
Boss, J. H., Hampton st, Btn 
Boss, James, livery stable keeper. Flinders 

lane east 
Boss, James, 36 Coventry st, Em H 
Boss, John, 14 Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Boss, John, 82 Leicester st, Carl 
Boss, Mrs., 119 Gertrade st, F 
Boss, Mrs., grocer, 201 Victoria parade, 

Boss, Mrs., 17 Pelham st, Carl 
Boss, P. F., wholesale saddler, 9 Lonsdale 

st west 
Boss, B., tailor, Bourke st west 
Boss, Bobert, and Co., merchants, 110 

Collins st west 
Boss, Bobert, tailor, 164 Bourke st west 
Boss, W. B., bookseller, Chapel st, Pra 
Boss, Wm., Eew 

Boss, Wm. M., secretary Liverpool and 
London and Globe Insurance Company, 
9 Elizabeth st 
Bossen, — , Bridge road, Rd 
Bosser, C, Sydney road, Bk 
Bosser, E., Sydney road, Bk 
Bossiter, G, P., Richmond terrace, Bd 
Bosslter« Miss, milliner, 221 Victoria pa- 
rade, E C 
Bossiter, T, grocer, Victoria and Swan st, 

Rostron, Laurence, jnn., Eew 
Rostron, Laurence, squatter. Ess 
Rostron, P., Peel st, Pra 
Roth well, Gaorge, 89 Napier st, F 
Rothwell, Wade, 22 Vi(.'toria st, Hot 
Rouch, C. E., grocer, Cambridge st, E C 
Rough, W., Coventry st west, Em H 
Roulston, Harvey, printer, Bridge road, 

Rourke, John, Drumniond st, Carl 
Rouse, F., Pentridge hotel. Pent 
Rouse, John H., plumber and gasfitter, 14 

Johnston st, F 
Rouse, Wm., 75 Dorcas st, Em H 
Row, Frederick, and Co., wool merchants, 

64 Flinders st west 
Rowan, Andrew, provision merchant, 78 

Collins st west 
Rowand, James, accountant, 149 Collins st 

Rowden Brothers, tinsmiths, 75 and 77 

Russell st 
Rowden, Charles, Napier st, F 
Rowden, Frederick, pianoforte maker, 197 
Stephen st 

Rowden, Henry and John, 83 Russell st 
Rowe, Brothers, butchers and grocers, 831 

Church st, Rd 
Rowe, B., Waltham st, Rd 
Rowe, C, hay and corn store, Conunercial 

road, Pra 
Rowe, Dr., Gardiner's creek road, Tk 
Rowe, Rev. James, Perry st, E C 
Rowe, Thomas, land and commission 

agent, 93 Fitzroy st, F 
Rowe, Wm. P., grocer, 152Drammond st, 

Rowe, Wm., Flem 
liowell, Wm., 2 Villiers st. Hot 
Rowland, Henry, tinsmith, Eew 
Row Ian and CuUeo, shipping brokers, 53 

Flinders st west 
Rowland, J., nightman, 29 Little Bourke 

st west 
Rowley, H., 6 Twyford st, Wmn 
Rownie, J., Highett st, Rd 
Rowsell, Mrs., 115 Cambridge st, £ C 
Roxburgh and Co., merchants, 20 Queen 

Roxburgh, George, Tivoli st, Punt hill,** 

Roy, Charles, solicitor, 58 Little Collins 

st west 
Roy, Jas, carpenter, McEillop st, Bourke 

st west 
Roy, Mrs., Stoke st, San 
Royal and Co., engineers, Barry st, Carl 
Royal Bank of India, 109 Collins st west 
Royal Society's Building, corner Stephen 
and Latrobe sts; secretary's office, 26 
Queen st 
Royce, Rev. James S. H., Pres 
Roycraf t, Mrs., 22 George st, F 
Ruck, E. S., 59 Faraday st, Carl 
Rucker, W. F. A., accountant and arbi- 
trator, 35 Queen st 
Rudall, James T., surgeon and oculist, 

168 Collins st east 
Rudd, Anthony P., cattle salesman. Ess 
Rudd, Mrs., boarding-house keeper, 135 

Collins st east 
Ruddell Brothers, grocers, &c., 1 Eastern 

Ruddell, Joseph, 57 Queensberry st, Carl 
Huddle, Alfred, 425 Eing st north 
Ruddle, James W., draper, Bay st, Btn 
Rudduck, J. B., draper, Chapd st, Pra 
Rudland, Wm., Rotherwood st, Rd 
Rudman, John, builder, 89 Rathdowne st, 

Ruff, Abraham, soap and candle manufK- 

tiirer, 41 Queensberry st, Hot 
Ruff, James, Trinnian st, off High st, Pra 
Ruffle, Mrs., 70 Dover road, Wmn 
Ruglan, John, ship carpenter. River side, 

Rugless, Henry, 103 Collins st east 
Rugley, — , schoolmaster, New st, Btn 
Rule, F., grocer, Henry st, Pra 





Bole, Edward, grocer, Chapel it and High 

Bole, Frederick, bootmaker, Curzon tt, 

Buie, John J., nnrserjman, Church tt, Bd 
Bale, Joseph, Prince of Wales hotel, 136 

Lunsdale st esst 
Bale, T., Osborne st, S Y 
Bttle, Thomas, 40 Stanley st, W M 
Bumbell, Mrs. Isabella, midwife, 127 

George st, F 
Bnotiog, W. J., 4 Bridport st, Era H 
Banting, Wm., 71 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Bnppin, F., cigar manofactarer, 27 Kui- 

Bapprecht, Charles, Sabloniere hotel, cor- 
ner Queen and a'Beckett sts 
Bosden, G. W. (clerk of parliaments). 

Ashling st, Btu . 
Bosden, Henry, TItoII place. Punt road, 

Bosh, J., Berkeley st, Carl 
Bosh, Wm., tailor, High st, St K 
Basball, George, land agent, 46 Gertrude 

st, F 
Bushall, Mrs., Fawkner st, St E 
Bushton, John, Union st, Pra 
Bass, George and Henry, butchers. Grey 

st, St K 
Russell, — , school, 37 Osborne st, Wmn 
Bossell, A., Victoria st, Rd 
Bassell, A., 32 John st, Wmn 
Bossell, D., Bay st, San 
Bassell, E., produce merchant, 59 Flin- 
ders st west 
Bassell, F., Chambers st, S Y 
Bassell, F. G., Morland st. Fey 
Bossell, G. P., timber yard, Crockford st, 

Bassell, Henry, Hoddle st, E C 
Bossell, Henry, Inkerman st west, St K 
Bussell, J., printing office, 23 Church st, 

EmH . 
Bossell, J., 175 Moray st, Em H 
Bassell, J., Robe st, St K 
Bassell, James, baker, 77 Coventry st, 

Bossell, John, mining manager and share 

broker, 33 Queen st 
Baseell, John J., painter, Gardiner's creek 

road, Pra 
Bossell, Mrs., 207 King st 
Bossell, Robert, architect and surveyor, 46 

Elizabeth st 
Bassell, T., Calthorpe hotel, corner of Kerr 

and Brunswick sts, F 
Bussell, lliomas, 142a Latrobe st west 
Kossell, Thomas, 1 14 Latrobe st west 
Bossell, W., bootmaker, Nott st, San 
Bussell, W., 26 Barry st, Carl 
Bussell, Wm., corner of George and Pow- 

lett sts, £ M 
Bossell, Wm., 21 Victoria st, E C 
Bossell, Wm., Falmerston st^ Carl 

Russell, Wm., Richmond terrace, Rd 
Rutherford, James, 20 Lothian st. Hot 
Rutherford, Mrs., 27 Pnlmerston st, F 
Rutherford, Mrs. Sarah Ann, 88 George 

st, F 
Rutherford, Thomas, Punt road, Rd 
Rutherford, Wm., wood carver, 5 Frank- 

lyn st east 
Rutherford, Wm., 17 Derby st, E C 
Rutherwood, John, Abbotsford st. Hot 
Rutledge, W., GardinerU creek road, Pra 
Rutter, George, stevedore, 30 Hanmer it, 

Rutter, Robert, Peel st. Hot 
Ruttledge, James, Peel st, W M 
Ruxtoo, Mrs., Neptune st, St. K 
Ryall, Henry, carpenter, Grosvenor tt, Pra 
Ryan, — , Cecil st, Wmn 
Ryan and Hammond, stock agents, 57 

Bourke st west 
Ryan, Chas., St. Kilda road, Btn 
Ryan, Dennis, Cowper st. Fey 
Ryan, Edwd., bootmaker, 84 Swanston st 
Ryan, John, 13 Baillie st, Hot 
Ryan, John, greengrocer, 19 Errol st, Hot 
Ryan, John, Fleroington rd. Hot 
Ryan, John, 53 Faraday st, Carl 
Ryan, John, Lalla Rookh hotel, QueeuB- 

berry st, Hut 
Ryan, John, blacksmith, Pickett st, Fey 
Ryan, John, Courtney st, Hot 
Ryan, John, 85 Queen sberry st, Carl 
Ryan, Michael, tailor, 11 Lonsdale st east 
Ryan, Miss, 9 Barry st, Carl 
Ryan, Mrs., dressmaker. 111 Little Bourke 

st west 
Ryan, Mrs., 36 Lygon st, Carl 
Ryan, Mrs., 55 Pelham st, Carl 
Ryan, P. J., Enniscorthy hotel, 38 Little 

Bourke st east 
Ryan, Patrick, 10 Cecil st, Wmn 
Ryan, Patrick, Latrobe parade, Collins st 

Ryan, Patrick, Abbotsford st. Hot 
Ryan, Philip, Haymarket hotel, Black- 
wood st, Hot 
Ryan, Robert, Loughmore hotel, Peel st, 

Ryan, Rody, Canada hotel, Madeline st, 

Ryan, Stephen, Railway place, San 
Ryan, T., 35 Barkly st, Carl 
Ryan, Timothy, Ross's hotel. King st 
Ryan, Thomas, 45 Park st, Em H 
Ryan, W., farrier. Little Lonsdale st west, 

corner Queen st 
Ryan, Wm., 76 Lygon st, Carl 
Ryan, Wm., Yarra hotel, Cremorne st, Rd 
Ryan, Wm., Shakespeare hotel, Dryburgh 

st. Hot 
Ryan, Wm., Courteney st. Hot 
Ryce, John, Union way, Bourke st east 
Ryden, Michael, Berkeley st, Carl 
Ryder, Geo. H., Arthur st, Pra 





Bjder, B., Glenmore hotel, Franklyii at. 

Ryland, James, Pelham it, Carl 
Ryland, John, green grocer, Barry st, 

Byland, John, 10 Pelham st, Carl 


Sabelhcrg. Jos., Pant hill, S Y 

Sachs, John Gottlieb, wheelwright, &c., 

Elizabeth Bt extension 
Sadden, W., Capel st, Hot 
Sadler, J., store, Elgin st, Carl 
Sadler, J. M., 172 Dmmmond st, Carl 
Sadlier, John, Powlett st, E M 
Sadlier, T., bootmaker, Wright lane, Lons- 
dale st west 
Sagan, Bobn., 23 Railway place, Wmn. 
Sailors* Home, corner Spencer and Little 

Collins st west 
Sainsbary, James, 117 Park st west, Em H 
Sainsbury, James, 33 Nelson road, Em H 
Saiusbnry, Miss, High st, Pra 
Saint, Mrs., draper, 8a Victoria st, £ C 
Saker, George, Dover st, Wmn 
Saker, Mrs., 113 Queen st 
Salenger, Julias, 132 Collins st east 
Salesberg, John, 9 Cobden st, Em H 
Salisbury, Isaac, Bowena parade, Bd 
Salkeld, Henry, 179 Punt rd, Rd 
Salker, James, Argyle st, St K 
Salmon, B.. Graham st, San 
Salmon, John, Btn 
Salmon, Saul, 86 Johnson st, F 
Salom, Isaac H., sign writer, &c., 88 

Courtney st, Hot 
Salomon, J., jeweller, 17 Lonsdale st east 
Salomon, M., importer, 60 Elizabeth st 
Salter, H. P., accountant and ' mining 

agent, 64 Elizabeth st 
Saltmash, Wm., Highett st, Bd 
Salway, Benoni, 180 Madeline st, Carl 
Sambrook, P., 172 Swan st, Bd 
Sampford, Miss, 75 Spencer st 
Sampson, D. B., 101 Swanston st 
Sampson, George, 89 Oxford st, E C 
Sampson, John, carrier, Elizabeth at 

Sampson, L., 68 Hanorer st, F 
Sampson, Mathew, 90 Arden st, Hot 
Sampson, T. C, Palmcrston st, Carl 
Sampson, Wm., 109 George st, F 
Samson, Horace, Kew 
Samuel, E., and Co., general importers, 25 

Little Collins st west 
Samuel, Elias, 50 Nicholson st, F 
Samuel, Elizabeth, confectioner, 76 Lont* 

dale st east 
Samuel, Francis, dairyman, 98 Wellington 

st west 
Samuels, A., Napier st, F 
Samuels, James W., 128 Nicholson st, F 
Samuels, Wm., baker. Bridge road, Bd 

Samwells, — , Collins tt east 
• Sanders, — , bootmaker. Bay st, San 
Sanders, C. C, and Co., saddlers, 36 

Bourke st west 
Sanders, Henry, saddlers' ironmonger, 26 

Lonsdale st east 
Sanders, J., carpenter. High st, St K 
Banders, J., cab pioprieter, Yarra it, £ C 
Sanders, John, Balston st, Pra 
Sanders, John, 18 Kerr st, F 
Sanders, L., Nicholson st, F 
Sanders, M., Nicholson st, F 
Sanderson, George, Graham at, San 
Sanderson, George, hatter, 28 Bourke st 

Sanderson, Henry, commission and mining 

agent, 34 Qaeen st 
Sanderson, Isaac, engineer. Grey st, £ M 
Sanderson, J., 6 Victoria parade, £ M 
Sanderson, J., baker, Bailway place, San 
Sanderson, J., hat manufacturer and im- 
porter, 65 Collins st east 
Sanderson, John, and Co., merchants, 54 

Queen st 
Sanderson, Joseph, Domain st, S T 
Sandford, Henry, tailor, 34 Nelson place, 

Sandford, Robert, 5 Montague st, £m H 
Sandford, S. G., 94 Cecil st, Em U 
Sand ham, iVliss, Clyde st, St K 
Snndilands, B. N., Cecil st, Em H 
Sands and MacDougall, printers, station- 
ers, &c., 46 and 48 Collins st west 
Sands, G. J., M.L.A., Parliament House 
Sands, Robt. Jas., greengrocer, 202 John- 
ston st, E C 
Sandy Creek Poverty Reef Quartz Mining 

Company, 66 Little Collins st west 
Sandy, Robert, 16 Macarthur place, Carl 
Sangster, David, public baths, Swanston 

Sanguinetti, J. B., and Co., tailors, 30 

Little Collins st east 
Sanson, George, general dealer, 52 little 

Bourke st west 
Sargeant, D., draper, 85 Clarendon st, 

Sargent, G., store, Church st, Bd 
Sargent, Henry, Bailway place, San 
Sargent, Henry, Nott st, San 
Sargent, Mrs., Nott st, San 
Sargood, King, and Sargood, warehoose- 

men, 27, 29, and 31 Flinders st east 
Saijeant, James, muffin baker, 90 Ger- 
trude st, F 
Sarker, Mrs., Arden st. Hot 
SursQeld, J., 40 Latrobe st west 
Satchell, James, 124 Baglan st, Em H 
Saubrey, J. G., Henry st, Pra 
Sault, Richard, Pres 
Saunders, Chas, F., G rattan st, Carl 
Saunders, Frederick, Perry st, £ C 
Saunders, John, Church st, Bd 
Saunders, Lewis, 15 Spring st 





Sannden, Mrt., achool, High tt, St K 
Saonden, Mri., fchool, WeUiugton parade, 

Saonden, Richard J., 41 Fitzroy it, F 
Saonderv, W., Pant road, Pra 
Saunders, W., Essex st, Fey 
Saunders, Win., draper, 60 High at, St E 
Saondera, Wm. H., shipmaster, 2 Prinoe*s 

terrace, Fitzroy st, Sc E 
Sanrbery, Ann, Chapel st, Pra 
Sarage, Kichaxtl, River-side south 
Sarage, Robert, High st, St E 
Sanll, A. M. J., 15 Palmer st, F 
Sarill and Tong, frniterera, 4 Western 

Savill, Thomaa, Hoddle st, Rd 
SaTille, The Misses, ladies' school, 1 Vic- 
toria terrace, Napier st, F 
Savings* Bank, Market st 
Sarioga' Banks, Commiaaionera of. Market 

Sawbridge, W. H., Sandridge inn. Bay at, 

Sawden, Wm., Eeot st, Moor st, F 
Sawdey, J. C., boarding-house. Bay at, 

Sawds, J. B., HJghett st, Rd 
Sawda, Jos., Chetwynd st, W M 
Sawdy, Wm., batcher, Bay st, San 
SaweU, Henry, Gippa st eaat, £ M 
Sawer, John, Fleet st, Palmer st, F 
Sawers, R. W., 98 Moor st, F 
Sawyer, John, 50 Wreckyn st. Hot 
Sawyers, A., nursery, Pres 
Sawyers. Mra. Martha, Londonderry hotel, 

190 Wellington st, £ C 
Sawyers, W., 18 Market st, Em H 
Saxby, J. R., Railway place, San 
Sizton, M., 37 Thompson st. South Wmn 
Say, W. B., atraw hat maker, Madeline at, 

Sayce and Co., chemists, Elizabeth st 
Sayce, Edward, Wellington at, Dandenong 

road, Pra 
Sayce, Lewis, 16 Gore at, F 
Sayera, Alex., Davies st, Pra 
Say era, John K., letter-preaa printer, 218 

Bourke st eaat 
Sayers, Wm., produce merchant. Western 

Scammell, George T., builder, Henry at, 

Scammell, William, Union at, Wr 
Scanlan, Lawrence, 60 Arden st. Hot 
Scanlan, Louis, bootmaker, 151 Victoria 

parade, F 
Scanlan, Patrick, S., 75 Gore st, F 
Scarborough, George, Een 
Scarborough, J., b^tmaker, 180 Victoria 

Scarlet, George, bootmaker, 170 Johnston 

st, £C 
Scarlett, T. difibrd, fruiterer, 233 Eliza- 
beth at 

Scarsdale Great Extended Gold Mining 

Co., 64 Elizabeth st 
Schabel, C, 8 St. David at 
Schnbel, Charles, 1^1 Greevea st, F 
Scheckell, Thomaa, boot manufactory, 71 

Spring st 
Scheele, C, 168 Bridge road, Rd 
Scheitger, C, 105 Gore st, F 
Schemmel, — straw bleacher, 224 Lons- 
dale st east 
Scherell, Frederick, 7 Palmer at, F 
Schierwagen, G., shoemaker. Commercial 

Schild, John C. C, news agent, Hyde at. 

Schilling, Joseph, watchmaker, 40 Little 

Bourke st west 
Schimmer, Wm., 65 Queensbury st, Carl 
Schinnerling, F. A, myall pipe manufac- 
turer, 106 Bourke st west 
Schleischer, C, 103 Gore st, F 
Schlesinger, Mrs., Nicholson st, F- 
Schlesinger, Richard, mining manager, 

37 Market st 
Schlessinger, F., 79 Gore st, F 
Schlobach, £., Alma road. East St. Eilda 
Schlestein, A. and Co., merchants, 38 

Flindera lane west 
Schlostein, Adolph, Consul for Hamburg 
and Bremen, and Acting Consul for 
Hanover, 38 Flinders lane west 
Schmidt, Francis, German cottages, Ni- 
cholson st, Carl 
Schmidt, George, 72 Victoria st, N M 
Schneider, George, bootmaker, Elgin st, 

Schobbert, L. F., hairdresser, 90 Bourke 

st east 
Schober, A., 107 Eerr st, F 
Schoenfield, Frederick, Faraday st, Carl 
Schofleld, Andrew, solicitor, 62 Collina at 

Schofleld, George, bootmaker, 126 Claren- 
don st, Em H 
Schofleld, John, 112 Madeline at, Carl 
Schofleld, M., 110 Cecil st, Em H 
Scholes, Mrs., 43 Jeffcott st, W M 
Scholes, James, general dealer, 18 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Scholtz, J., Yarra hotel, Johnston st, E C 
Schoman, William, Morland st. Fey 
Schott, Augustus, 12 Young st, F 
Schott, J., professor of music, 119 Collins 

st east 
Schreiber, Henry, mathematical instru- 
ment maker, 110^ Queen st 
Schreibers, Mrs., milliner, High st, St. E 
Schubert, W., linguat, 108 Lonadaie st 

Schufor, Carl, grocer. Punt road, Pra 
Schuler, Gustav, tobacconist, 45 Victoria 

parade, F 
Schuhkrafl^, Wm., Grey at east, E M 
Schwab, William, 7 Weyland'a lane, F 





ScbyleB, B., Station place 

Scithers, G., 9 Elizabeth at 

Scoff, Wm., Graham at, Young st, F > 

Scorfield, A., 138 Fitzroy st, F 

Scotch Churches (see Index) 

Scotch College, Lansdowne st, £ M 

Scotchmer, William M., 92 Young st, F 

Scotland, Mrs. J., 149 Latrobe st vest 

Scots* School, 89 Collins st east 

Scotson, John, 8 Gore st, F 

Scott, ^, 48 Adderley st, W M 

Scott, — , Acland st, St. K 

Scott, — , Pelham st, Carl 

Scott, — , 109 Bouverie st, Carl 

Scott, — , tailor, 190 Lygon st, Carl 

Scott, — , dressmaker, 53 Napier st, F 

Scott, A., Barry st, Carl 

Scott, A., 60 Baillie st. Hot 

Scott, Alexander, grocer, Berkeley st, Carl 

Scott, Andrew, butcher, Bridge road, Ed 

Scott, C, Peel st, Fra 

Scott, D., 177 Boreas st, Em H 

Scott, Daniel, 24 Curzon st, Hot 

Scott, Edwin, Scott's hotel, 107 Collins st 

Scott, Edward, Victoria parade, E M 
Scott, G., blacksmith, 48 Johnson st, E C 
Scott, George, 4 Church st, Em H 
Scott, George, schoolmaster, Pent 
Scott, George, engineer and millwright, 

78 Young st, F 
Scott, Hugh, Palmerston place, Madeline 

st, Carl 
Scott, J., printer. New st, Btn 
Scott, J., Raglan st, Em 11 

Scott, J., butcher, 11 CoTentry st, Em H 

Scott, J. A., shoeing smith, 36 Little 
Bourke st west 

Scott, James, Thompson st, Wmn 

Scott, James, bootmaker, 55 Bouverie st, 

Scott, James, solicitor, notary public, &c., 
62 Little Collins st west 

Scott, James, 7 Dorcas st, Em H 

Scott, James, nurseryman. Haw 

Scott, James, Elgin st, Carl 

Scott, James, Arran st. Fey 

Scott, James, Miller st, W M 

Scott, John, secretary City of Melbourne 
Gas and Coke Company, Collins st west 

Scott, John, Spencer st 

Scott, John, grocer, 137 Bouverie st, Carl 

Scott, John, grocer, 47 Johnston st, E C 

Scott, John, 54 Park st east, Em H 

Scott, John, brickmaker, Flem 

Scott, John, Flem 

Scott and Co., coppersmiths and braziers, 
1 13 Flinders st west 

Scott, Jos., coach painter, 12 Lincoln 

Scott, M., Fitzroy st, St K 

Scott, M. J., 130 Johnston st, E C 

Scott, Mrs., dressmaker, 108 Lonsdale st 

Scott, Mrs., 93 George st, E M 
Scott, Mrs., Waltham st, Rd 
Scott, Mrs., 21 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Scott, Mrs., boot dealer, 87 High st, St K 
Scott, Mrs. A., boarding-house, 146 Lona- 

st west 
Scott, Peter, butcher, 35 Coventry at, 

Scott, R., surgeon dentist, 229 Elizabeth st 
Scott, R., 44 Swan st, Rd 
Scott, Robert, baker, 84 Smith st, £ G 
Scott, Robert, Leviathan hotel, corner 

Napier and Gertrude sts, F 
Scott, T., 214 King st 
Scott, T., Miller st, W M 
Scott, T., 51 Coventry st, Em H 
Scott, T. H., 35 Gertrude st, F 
Scott, Thomas, ship broker, 10 King st 
Scott, Thomas R., 198 Eustern road, EmH 
Scott, W., greengrocer, 68 Clarendon at, 

Scott, W. C, 259 Victoria parade, E C 
Scotts, John, 11 Stanley st, W M 
Scoullcr, John, 17 Young st, F 
Scratton, Daniel, solicitor, 66 Latrobe ft 

Screene, James, 17 Richmond terrace, Bd 
Scripture Free Schools: 34 Little Bourke 
st west; 21 Smith st, F; 109 Little 
Bourke st east; 11 Cremome st, Bd; 
Victoria st, Rd; Commercial road, Pra 
Scriven, John, Greenhythe, Fey 
Scrivenor, T. C, 84 Young st, F 
Scrivener, F. W., 96 Aygyle st, F 
Scrivenor, Mrs., 84 Young st, F 
Scuffan, C, Red Lion inn, Kew 
Scully, E., 15 Victoria st, Carl 
Scurry, J., Jolimont road, E M 
Seaforth, H., 168^ George st, F 
Seaker, Alfred, bootmaker, 97 Stephen st 
Seamark, G., and Co., contractors, 57 Flin- 
ders lane east 
Seamen's Church, corner Beach and Nott 

sts, San 
Seanier, Mrs., 152 Kerr st, F 
Search, Frederick, Flem 
Searle, Edward, 36 Hanover st, F 
Searle, James, butcher, S3 Queensberry 

st, Carl 
Seath, Mrs., 135 Lonsdale st west 
Seaver, Patrick, Argyle st, Pra 
Sebastopol Lease Quartz Mining Com- 
pany, 55 Elizabeth st 
Sebire, Henry, 83 Johnston st, E C 
Sebo, George, fruiterer, 13 Id Brunswick 

st, F 
Secombe, John, 30 Lygon st, Carl 
Second Richmond Building and Invest- 
ment Society, Bank place 
Second Union Building Society, 82 Col- 
lins st east 
Second Victoria Building and Investment 

Society, 56 Little Collins st east 
Seddon, Arthur, Twyford st, Wmn 





Seddon, S.^jdniper, Pent 
Sedgcumbe, Mrs., 98 Oxford st, £ C 
Sedgefield, S. W., Howe crescent, Em H 
Sedgwick, Henry, 106 Leicester at, F 
Seekamp, C, 16 King William 8t, F 
Seicie, Madam, 106 Lonsdale st west 
Seidensehnar, H. H., 34 Stanley st, E C 
Selby, George W., Ayoca st, S Y 
Selick, A., Brighton st, lid 
Selkirk, F. T., 34 Clarendon st, Em H 
Selkrig, Robert, 115 Gore st, F 
Sellam, J., painter, Coarteney st. Hot 
Seliar, Robert, Tennyson st, St K 
Seliars, Robert, Tennyson st, St K 
Selle, C. H., pewterer, Canning st, Carl 
Sellers, C. H., Pelham st, Carl 
Sellers, Thomas, Pelham st, Carl 
Sellers, W., shoemaker, 327 Brunswick 

st, F 
Sellers, Wm., Reilley st, F 
Sellwood, Richard, Fitzroy st F 
Semkins, W., carpenter, York st, Btn 
Semonsum, P., 15 King William st, F 
Senior, James, Hanmer st, Wmn 
Senior, Thomas, Charles st, Pra 
Sercy, Frederick, Inkerman st cast, St E 
Sergeant, C. W., Chapel st, Rd 
Serle, F. W. D., Victoria hotel, Condell 

st, F 
Serle, Henry, Lothian st. Hot 
Serrell, Thomas, sargeon, 99 Victoria pa- 
rade, F 
Servais, Henry, piano maker, 4 Charles 

Service, James, and Co., merchants, 139 

Bourke st west 
SerTice, James, Carlisle st east, St K 
Service, Jolm, 96 Gore st, F 
Service, Mrs., 80 George st, E M 
Setford, James, sign writer and painter, 

42 Bridge road, Rd 
Seward, J. M., Somerset park, Plenty road 
Sewell, Isaac, wholesale grocer, 213 Eliza- 
beth at 
Sewell, J., Williams road, Pra 
Sewell, Mrs., 137 Latrobe st west 
Sewell, W., Cochrane st, Btn 
Sewerage and Water Department Offices, 

80 Lonsdale st west 
Sexton, Daniel, Capel st, Hot 
Seyfarth, Henry, tailor, 87 Rassell st 
Sejrfried, J. B., watchmaker and jeweller, 

150 Little Collins sc east 
Seymour, James, Hotham st, E M 
Symour, John, carver, 214 Bonrke st 

Seymour, Jot., David, carver, 230 Bourke 

Seymour, Mrs., draper, 68 Wellington st, 

Seymour, Wm., storekeeper, 23 Thompson 

Shacklock, Peter, 6 Market st, Em H 
Shade, W., ironmonger, Kth 

Shade, Walter, carpenter, Nth 
Shadforth, J., bootmaker, 31 Stanley it, 

E C 
Shadwick, John, Flem 
Shaio, Alexander, 145 Drummond st, Carl 
Shakespear, R. H., C.E. and surveyor, 69 

Bourke st west 
Shakespeare, Wm., hay and corn store, 

112 Cambridge st,E C 
Shall, J., Railway place, San 
Shalless, Henry, builder, 24 Leveson st, 

Shallow, Wm., Abbotsford st, Hot 
Shanahan, James, baker, 53 Wellington 

Shanahan, John, Mount Pleasant hotel, 

Lygon st, Carl 
Shane, John, 133 Little Bourke st west 
Shanks, Matthew, Abbotsford st, Hot 
Shankly, John C, signwriter and painter, 

107 Little Lonsdale st west 
Shann, Richard, Bank of Victoria, Collins 

st east 
Shannahao, D., blacksmith, Bedford tt, 

Shannahan, M., Royal Australian hotel, 

Lygon st, Carl 
Shannon, Edward, saddler, 45 York it, 

Shannon, John, 215 Clarendon at, Em H 
Shannon, P., 61 Raglan st, Em H 
Shannon, P. F., last modeller and boot- 
maker, 3 Collins st west 
Shannon, Thomas, 46 King William st, F 
Shappere, Solomon, Williamstown hotel, 

Thompson st, Wmn 
Sharman, T., bootmaker, McGrath place, 

Little Lonsdale st east 
Sharp, A., blaclcsmith, 90 Bridge road, Rd 
Sharp, C, 16 Bank st, Em H 
Sharp, Charles C, Ship hotel, Bay st, San 
Sharp, Isaac, Clyde st, St K 
Sharp, J., Jackson st, St K 
Sharp, John, timber merchant, Collint at 

Sharp, Jos., 153 Nicholson st, F 
Sharp, R. W., agent, 83 Qaeen st 
Sharp, W., dealer. Chapel st, Pra 
Sharp, Wm., blacksmith. Bridge road, Rd 
Sbarpe, Andrew, store, 70 Drummond st, 

Sharpe, Colman, 62 Bank st east, Em H 
Sharpe, Henry L., flour factor, 13 Eliza* 

beth st 
Sharpe, J„ 26 Clarendon st, Em H 
Sharpe, J., Station place, San * 
Sharpe, Mrs., 26 Raglan st, Em H 
Sharpe, Wm. Henry, stationer, 1 Barkly 

st, Carl 
Sharpies, Mrs., greengrocer, 188 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Sharrel, Wm., 177 Lygon st, Carl 
Sharwood, L. J., Darling st, S Y 
Shaw, Charles, solicitor, 113 Stephen st 





Shaw, Alfred, ironmonger, 236 Elizabeth 

Shaw, G. and G., wholesale grocers, wine 

' and spirit merchaius, 36 Flinders st east 

Shaw, Henry S., official assignee,' 2 and 3 
Eldon Chambers, Collins st west 

Shaw, James, painter, Inkerman st east, 

Shaw, James and John, gingerbeer mann- 
facturers, &c., 20 Yorke st east, £m H 

Shaw, James, Graham st, San 

Shaw, John F., yeterinary sorgeon, 87 
• Flinders lane east 

Shaw, Joseph , Carlisle st west, St K 

Shaw, Mrs., 138 Brunswick st, F 

Sliaw, P., Cross st, Hot 

Shaw, Thomas, oil importer, 99^ Collins 
st west 

Shea, £. O., 5 Barkly st, Bk 

Shea, G. W., 11 Peel st, W M 

Shea, John G., solicitor, 90 Little Collins 
st west 

Sheahan, P., 35 Cecil st, Em H 

Sheahan, Patrick, and Co., prodace mer- 
chants, 6 Western market 

Shean, Wm., 71 Charles st, F 

Shearer, J. and D., wine and spirit mer- 
chants, William st north 

Shearwood, H., 4 Greeyes st, F 

Sheedy, John, Council hotel, 204 Bridge 
road, Rd 

Shehan, — , 291 Victoria st, E C 

Shehnn, P., 128 Madeline st, Carl 

Shehan, Patrick, Harp of Erin hotel, 75 
Madeline st, Carl 

Sheehane, Mrs. J., 48 Cobden st, Em H 

Sheeliy, John, bootmaker, 207 Lygon st, 

Sheeky, W., Cooper's hotel, Little Lons- 
dale st east 

Sheffield, J., Bowena parade, Bd 

Slieil, Patrick, general store, Elgin st, 

Shtldrake, J., 91 Gore st, F 

Sheldrake, JoDfltban, 7 Alma terrace, F 

Sheldrick, GeoVge, Railway place, San 

Siieiley, W. W., North Richmond hotel, 
Victoria st, Bd 

Shcllow, Mrs., Arden st, Hot 

Shclton, Henry, Domain st, S Y 

Shephard, Mary, dressmaker, 32 Lonsdale 
st east 

Shepherd, — , grocer, Studley st, E C 

Shepherd, — , teacher, Pres 

Shepherd, C, bootmaker, 70 Little Oxford 
st, EC 

Shepherd, Albert, Punt road, Pra 

Shepherd, Janet, confectioner, 249 Swan* 
ston st 

Shepherd, Mrs., Chapel st, Pra 

Shepherd, Thomas, Studley st, E C 

Sheppard, A., 22 Collins st west 

Sheppard, E., Swan st, Fey 

Sheppard, George, 31 Jeffcott st, W M 

Sheppard, J., Rowena parade, ftd 

Sheppard, John A., Ess 

Sheppard, R., 156 Ferrers st, Em H 

Sheppard, Sherborne, High st, St K 

Sheppard, Thomas, Moore st. Fey 

Sheppard, Thomas, 44 ft|fer st, Em H 

Sheran, P., Bouyerie st, (Svi 

Sherer, C, Nicholson st, F 

Sherer, Caleb, Old Diggers* hotel, ooraer 

of Smith and SackviUe sts, E C 
Sherer, D., Howard st, W M 
Sherer, H., Peel st. Pra 
Sheridan, J., 55 King William st, F 
Sheriff, G., saddler, Johnston st, £ 
Slieriock, W., York st, Em H 
Sherrard, John S., fancy repositoiy, 75 

Victoria st, E C 
Sherrard, Leslie James, Haw 
Sherren, J. C, butcher, 166 CUrendon st, 

Sherrott, Edward, bootmaker, Hoddle st, 

Sherry, John D., dealer in hides, 60 Wil- 
liam st. River bank north 
Sherry, Wm., fruiterer. Smith st, E C 
Sherwin, J., M.L.Am Parliament House 
Sherwin, Mrs., 1 Cambridge st, E C 
Sherwood, Charles J., Baptist lane, little 

Collins st east 
Sherwood, George, nursery, Backla^d st, 

Sherwood, Thomas, tailor, Franklyn st 
Shiel, John, 140 Flinders lane east 
Shiel, Patrick, 200 Cardigan st, Carl 
Sliields and Co., cornf actors, 245 Elistr 

Shields and Co., grocers, &c., 10a*Beckett 

st east 
Shields, £., Alma st, St K 
Shiels, Margaret, ladies' school, Hotham 

st, EM 
Shiels, Wm. J., Watt hotel, 79 Spencer st 
Shier, Thomas, watchmaker, 124 King st 
Shillinglaw, Henry, Richmond terrace, Rd 
Shill, John, Hoddle st, EC 
Shimells, E., 71 York st, Em H 
Shine, Daniel, 157 Cardigan st, Carl 
Shipp, F., bootmaker, 61 York st, Em H 
Shipp, T., bootmaker, 74 Clarendon st, 

Shipp, Thomas, wireworker. 111 Little 

Bourke st west 
Siiippey, Henry, 143a Johnston st, E C 
Shipping Office, Sulors' Home, Spencer 

Shirra, A., Cardigan st, Carl 
Shoddock, d bw>tmaker, Gtotrenor Bt» 

Shoosmith and Curtis, Custom bonis 

agents, &c., 70 Flinders lane west 
Short, Alex. £., Union Hotel, 369 Spencer 

Short Bros., photographers, 142 Smith st, 






Short, DaiH, 167 Mornn st, Em H 

Short, 6., Commercial road, Pra 

Short, Henry, Sir Charles Hotham hotel, 

149 FItaders at west 
8|iort, Michael, tailor, 239 Swan st, Rd 
Short) Thomas, oorner Koden and Adder- 
ley 8t<, W M 
Short, W., 104 Nicholson st, F 
Sboxtal, P., 25 Little Lonsdale st west 
Shorter, James, 79 Carzon st. Hot 
Sborthouse, Mrs. Ann, 90 York st, Em H 
Shortt, Wm. C, chemist, 54^ Boarke st 

Shot, Ricliard, 28 Grattan st, Carl 
Shottoo, Richard, Grosvenor st, Pra 
Showers, Robert, West of England hotel, 

Kerr st, E 
Shubridge, John, 144 Qaeen st 
SImdeli, Charles, 14 Carzon st, Hot 
Sbultz, H., boarding*hoase, 105 Little 

Bourke st east 
Shurey , W,, Jan., pastrycook, 78 Gertmde 

Shurey, Wm., baker, comer of Gertrude 

and Fitzroy sts, F 
Shwl, J., Miller st, W M 
SJjute, F., 90 Dorcas st east, Em H 
Shattiewortb, F., solicitor, 231 Swanston 

ims, 45 Felham st, Carl 
SibbaUl, li. Y., broker, 66 Collins st west 
Sibering, £. B., 130 Collini^st east 
SIddeiey, Wm., Elm Lodge, Kew 
Sieaman, F., Beach st, San 
Sieviirright, A., William st north 
SieTwright, J., carpenter. Peel st, W M 
SierwrighC, M., solicitor, 51 Elizabeth st 
Sigalski, D., 125 Flinders lane east 
Signal Station, Nelson place, Wmn 
Siliitoc, Edwin, Errol st, Hot 
Silk, H., 19 J^over place, Wmn 
Silk, Robert M., grocer, Kew 
Silsby, Joseph, Cbetwynd st, Hot 
Sill, Mark, gardener, Cape st, Held 
Sills, J. H., 19 Dover place, Wmn 
Silfer, John, Peelst, Pra 
Silvester, Henry, 18 Greeves st, F 
Sim, Wm. Geo., baker, 22 Little Bourke 

Sime, B. and S., boarding-house, 46 Lons- 
dale st west 
Simes, John, tailor, Madeline st, Carl 
Simoon, J., 2 Granite terrace, Gertrude 

Simcoz, Howard, agent, 73 ^ Flinders lane 

Simmers, James, grocer and ship chandler, 

4 Kelson place, Wmn 
Simmoods, John, 63 Druromond st, Carl 
Simraonds, S. P., St Andrew's st, Btn 
Simmons, J. G., Corry st, Cardigan st, 

Simmons, Joshua, pawnbroker, Franklyn 

Simmons, James, Peel st, Pra 

Simmons, Morris, dentist, 192 Bourke st 

Simmons, Mrs., 92 Douglas parade, Wmn 
Simmons, Wm., tinsmith, 171 Brunswick 

st, F 
Simons, J., 36 Church st, Em H 
Simons, Wm. P., journalist, Greville st, 

Simons, Wm. V., analytical and operative 

chemist and lecturer, 75 Swanston st 
Simpkins, J., 64 Ann st, Wmn 
Simple, Peter, Bay st, San 
Simpson, Alexander, Reilly st, F 
Simpson, Fredk. W., baker, Johnston st, 

Simpson, George, cordial manufacturer 

and merchant, 9 1 Little Bourke st west 
Simpson, George, painter and paperhanger, 

24 Errol st, Hot 
Simpson, J., Miller st, W M 
Simpson, John, Peacock hotel, Stephen st 
Simpson, John J., greengrocer, Bedford 

st. Hot 
Simpson, Miss, Grey st, St K 
Simpson, Mrs., ladies' school, 126 Fitzroy 

st, F 
Simpson, Mrs., 53 Coventry st, Em H 
bimpson, Mrs., Fitzroy st, St K 
Simpson, Mrs., Joseph, draper, 100 Moray 

st, Em H 
Simpson, Robert, wholesale confectioner, 

Johnston st, F 
Simpson, Robert, bootmaker, 84 Coventry 

st, Em H 
Simpson, W., surgeon, &c., Whitehall st, 

Simpson, William, Caroline st, S Y 
Simpson, Wm., hay and corn dealer, 158 

Bridge rd, Rd 
Sims, — , 193 Smith st, F 
Sims, Edward, Crockford st, San 
Sims, G. W., 38 Moor st, F 
Sims, Geo. John, solicitor, |8 Collins st 

Sims, George, 47 Wellington st, E C 
Sims, H. C, Royal hotel. Clarendon fit, 

Sims, Henry, timber and coal merchant, 

&c., Napier st. Fey 
Sims, J., draper, 181 Clarendon st, Em H 
Sims, John, Aiadeline st, Carl 
Sims, W., 83Gor^6t, F 
Simson, Robert, Grardiner*s creek rd, Tk 
Sinclair, — , Stoke st, San 
Sinclair, Chas., Stoke st, San 
Sinclair, D., Maribynong st. Fey 
Sinclair, George, 36 Young st, F 
Sinclair, James, carpenter, 64 Little 

Bourke st west 
Sinclair, John, baker, 84a Victoria st, Rd 
Sincldir, John, engineer, &c.. River side 

Sinclair, John, Jolimont road, £ M 





Sinclair, John, Palmerston place, Made- 
line St, Carl 
Sinclair, Mrs. Eliza, 53 Nelson rd, Em H 
Sinclair, P., hairdresser, 13 Little Bourke 

St west 
Sinclair, Peter, 84 Bouverie st, Carl 
Sinclair, Robert, 19 Twyford st, Wmn 
Sinclair, Robert, 68 Greeves st, F 
Sinclair, Thomas, 13 Montagae st, Em H 
Sinclair, W., 103 George st, F 
Sinclair, William, builder, Farrady st, Carl 
Sincock, WiUiam, accountant, 28 Collins 

st east 
Singleman and Reidle, cabinet makers, 147 

Lonsdale st east 
Singer, J., Gardiner's creek road, Tk 
Singleton, Robert, Domain road, S Y 
Sin Kong Hap, iherchant, 46 Little Bourke 

st east * 

Sinner, Thomas, 49 Little Bourke st west 
Smnet, Denis, 52 Jeffcott st, W M 
Sinnock, J., bootmaker, Railway place, San 
Sinnock, W., Wellington st, Pra 
Sinnott, Willicm, ship chandler, 23 York 

st, Em H 
Sinnott, William, 27 Fitzroy st, F 
Sircom, John, Bull st, St K 
Sitch, Samuel, plumber, &c., Bridge road, 

Sivell, Abraham, 110 Argyle st, F 
Skardon, Charles, surgeon dentist, Argyle 

st, St K 
Skarratt, Charles, 4 Swiss terrace, Fitzroy 

Skarratt, Charles Carleton, Royal Mail 

hotel, 70 Bourke st east 
Skeane, A. J., Barkly st, St K 
Skeats, Clias., timber merchant and iron- 
monger, 161 Clarendon st, £m H 
Skeen, J., tailor, 125 Bourke st east 
Skews, Thomas, baker, Flem 
Skidmore, Thomas, Albion st, Bk 
Skilton, J., Chambers st, S Y 
Skinner, — ^ M* Arthur place, Carl 
Skinner, F., crinoline manufacturer, 123 

Russell st 
Skinner, Fredk., Sandridge road 
Skinner, George, Walsh st, W M 
Skinner, George, 105 Farraday st, Carl 
Skinner, J., carpenter. Park st, Btn 
Skinner, J. W., Swan st, Fey 
Skinner, Jacob, Union st, Pra 
Skinner, Mrs., 50 Hanover st, F 
Skinner, Mrs., Alma st east, St E 
Skinner, R., bootmaker, Railway place, 

Skinner, Samuel, Park st, S Y 
Skinner, Thomas, Grey st, £ M 
Skurham, W., 39 Cecil st, Em M 
Slack, Joseph Bragg, commission agent, 
->^0 Queen st 
:^ck, Thos. Edward, j Albert st, E M 
.Gladden, James, poulterer, 17 Eastern 


Slade, — , bootmaker, 61 ClKendon st, 

Slade, Philip, 76 Johnston st, F 
Slade, Wm., Gardiner*s creek road, Tk 
Sladen, Charles, M.L.C., Melbourne Club 
Slater, James, grocer, Yarra st, £ C 
Slater, James, Lancashire Arms hotel, 

Yarra st, E C 
Slater, John, Kew 
Slater, Mrs. Geo., draper, 159 Cecil st, 

Slater, T,, coffee roaster. Bay st, San 
Slater, Thomas, 102 Spencer st 
Slater, Walter, 17 Argyle st, F 
Slater, William, Cardigan st, Carl 
Slatford, Mrs., boot and shoe dealer. Cha- 
pel st, Pra 
Slatterie, Apollos, printer. Haw 
Sleight, Edwin, Higbett st, Rd 
Sleight, John, undertaker, 71 Collins st 

Sleven, Miss, machine sewer, 12 Gertrude 

Slip, Government Patent, Nelson place, 

Slip, Wright's Patent. Nelson place, Wmn 
Sloane, — , 75 York st west, Em H 
Sloane, James, 87 Flinders st east 
Sloane, Thomas, cooper, 15 Parker st, 

Sloane, W., Waterloo st, St K 
Sloane, W., and Co., merchants and com- 
mission agents, 115 Collins st west 
Slogan and Son, furniture warehouse, 59 

Queen st 
Sloman, H., Peel st, Wr. 
Sloman, Herman, 54 Little Latrobe st 
Sloman, N., Inkerman st, St K 
Slop, J., York st, Em H 
Sly, Benjamin, 18 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Sly, Benjamin, 63 Farraday st, Carl 
Sniale, A. W., Bay st, Btn 
Small, T., draper, Victoria st, Rd 
Small, Thos. Stephen, Clmrch st, Bd 
Small, W. E., Cecil st, F 
Smart, — , 73 Raglan st, Em H 
Smart, Charles W., 116 Johnston st, E C 
Smart, G. J., professor of dancing, 189 

Swanston st 
Smart, Geo,, €4 Young st, F 
Smart, John, Rosslyn st, W M 
Smart, Peter, bootmaker, Haw 
Smart, Peter, 89 Victoria st, Cari 
Smart, W., dairv, 172 Swan st, Rd 
Smart, Wm., 19 Wellington st, E C 
Smeaton, Thomas, fruiterer, 48 Swanston 

Smothers, H., builder, Lennox st, Rd 
Smibert, Alex., Osborne st, Wmn 
Smith, — , Graham st, San 
Smith, — , 87 Argyle st, F 
Smith, — , farrier, Carlisle st west, St K 
Smith, — , grocer, Berkeley st, (>ul 
Smith, A., butcher. Commercial road, Prs 




Smith, A., boarding house, 71 Flinders 

lane east 
Smith, A., carpenter, 134 Kaglan st, Em H 
Smith, A. J., bookseller, &c., 30 Swanston 

Smith, A. K, Carlton foundry, 56 JE^ices- 
ter sf , Carl 

Smith, Adam, Suburban Railway hotel, 
Gaidiner's creek road, S Y 

Smith, Adam B., bootmaker, 110 Claren- 
don St, £m H 

Smith, Alexander, bootmaker. Bay st, San 

Smith, Alfred, brassfounder, 24 Post office 

Smith, Alfred, bookbinder, 4 Union way, 
Bonrke st east 

Smith, Alfred, tailor, 37 Stanley st, £ C 

Smith, Alfred L., Bank place, Collins st 

Smith and Banks, agents for Murray 
Steam Navigation Company, 100 Spen- 
cer st 

Smith and Co., wholesale grocers, 23 Flin- 
ders lane west 

Smith and Son, biscuit manufacturers, 71 
and 73 Gore st, F 

Smith and Stewart, bootmakers, 196 Swan 

Smith and Watts, sunreyors, &c., Bank 
place, Collins st west 

Smith and Willan, solicitors, 38 Collins st 

Smith, B., 100 George st, F 

Smith, Benjamin D., 113 Park st, Em H 

Smith, Brook, merchant, 8 Queen st 

Smith, C, 19 Church st, £m H 

Smith, C, 148 Swan st, Rd 

Smith, ^pt.. Darling st, Fra 

Smith, Captain W. H., Tennyson st, St K 

Smith, Charles, general dealer, 76 Smith 
st, £C 

Smith, Charles, Rotherwood st, Rd 

Smith, Charles, 15 Spencer st 

Smith, Charles and John, timber mer- 
chants, Albert st, £ H 

Smith, Christopher N., and Co., iron mer- 
chants, 147 Latrobe st west 

Smith, D., 9 Stephen st 

Smith, D., stoneworks. Bay st, San 

Smith, David, 106 Spencer st north 

Smith, £., accountant, 68 Temple Court, 
Collins st west 

Smith, £., Peel st, Pra 

Smith, £., draper, 4 Victoria st, Rd 

Smith, Eliza, 4 Alma st, F 

Smith, Elizabeth, tailoress, 46 Latrobe st 

Smith, F. L., barrister. Temple Court, 
Collins st west 

Smith, F. L., Punt road, Pra 

Smith, F. T., Union st, Pra 

Smith, Francis, Reilly st, F 

South, Francis G., manager Bank of Aos- 
tnkaiMy Barkly st, St K 

Smith, Frcdk. C, 66 Napier st, F 
Smith, G., 45 George st, F 
Smith, G., Railway place, San 
Smith, G. F., Little Nelson st, Wmn 
Smith, G. v., M.L.A., 110 Cardigan st, 

Smith, George, J., Church st, Rd 
Smith, George, Nicholson st, F 
Smith, George, earthenware pipe manu- 
factory, Spencer st . 
Smith, George, 96 Smith st, E C 
Smith, George, 66 Argyle st, F 
Smith, George, Kew 
Smith, George P., barrister, 13 Temple 

court, Collins st west 
Smith, Gilbert, farrier, 36 Victoria tt, Rd 
Smith, H., Raglan st, £m H 
Smith, H., High st, Pra 
Smith, H. G., Wellington st» St K 
Smith, H., J., 176 Carlton st, Carl 
Smith, Harold S., accountant, merchant, 

&c., 122 Collins st west 
Smith, Henry, grocer, 'aS Bridge road, Rd 
Smith, Henry, Spencer st north 
Smith, Henry, surgeon, Abbotsford 
Smith, Henry, hairdresser, 85 Stephen st 
Smith, Henry, 29 Villiers st. Hot 
Smith, Henry, gasfltter, 85 Lygon st, 

Smith, Henry, marine store, Cnrzon st, 

Smith, Haghy blacksmith, 30 Park st, 

Smith, J., bootmaker, 212 Wellington st, 

Smith, J., gardener, Mill st, Btn 
Smith, J., 84 Dorcas st, Em H 
Smith, J., 43 Nelson road, Em H 
Smith, J., Dryburgh st, Hot 
Smith, J., Canning st, Carl 
Smith, J., builder, 13 King William st, F 
Smith, J., Hoddle8t,Rd 
Smith, J., Blackwood st, Bot 
Smith, J., oilman, 89' Brunswick st, F 
Smith, J., 53 Bouverie st, Carl 
Smith, J., 63 Gore st, F 
Smith, J., 99i Oxford st, E C 
Smith, J., paperhanger, 54 Bridge st, Rd 
Smith, J. B., Commercial road, Pra 
Smith, J., F., Pres 
Smith, J. H., 145 Cecil st, Em H 
Smith, J. J., and Co., leather merchants, 

198 Elizabeth st 
Smith, J. W., 23 Regent st, F 
Smith, James, bootmaker, 118 Smith st, 

Smith, James, 89 Cecil st, Wmn 
Smith, James, engineer, Nott st, San 
Smith, James, shoemaker, Thompson st, 

Smith, James, 40 Young st, F 
Smith, James, Bond st, E C 
Smith, James, bootmaker, Qaeensberry 

st, Carl 





Smith, James, Canning at, Carl 
Smith, Jamos, Krrol st, Flot 
Smith, fjames. Rose, Thistle, and Sham- 
rock hotel, Pres 
Smith, James, Leveson st, Hot 
Smith, James A., Fitzroy at, St E 
Smith, James, musician, 137 Gertrude 

St, F 
Smith, James, 89a Queen at 
Smith, Jesse, tailor, 197 Swanaton st 
Smith, John, 44 Jeffcott at, W M 
Smith, John, hairdresser, 78 High at, St K 
Smith, John, 77 Leicester at, F 
Smith, John, tailor. Bay at, San 
Smith, John, oil and colorman, 93 and 95 

Smith at, F 
Smith, John, plumber and gasfitter, 24 

Little Collina at wcat 
Smith, Jolm, Nott at, San 
Smith, John, Argyle at, Pra 
Smith, John, 15 Nelson road, Em H 
Smith, John, Chapel at, St K 
Smith, John, junior, 50 William at 
Smith, John M., fruiterer, 69 Swanaton st 
Smith, John M., bookseller and stationer, 

235 Elizabeth st 
Smith, John M., boot importer, 26 Little 

Collins at eaat 
Smith, John Matthew, solicitor, 58 Little 

Collina at west 
Smith, John Thomas, M.L.A., oflBce, 41 

Little Lonadale at west 
Smith, Joseph, wireworker, 43 Little Col- 
lins st east 
Smith, Joseph J., 197 Lonsdale st west 
Smith, Joseph, 85 Cobden st, Em H 
Smith, L. F., Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Smith, Louis Lawrence, medical practi- 
tioner, 192 and 194 Bonrke st east 
Smith, M., 100 York st, Em H 
Smith, Margery, fruiterer and confec- 
tioner, 53 Flinders at west 
Smith, Mark, Roden st, W M 
Smith, Mrs. Ann, 87 Napier st, F 
Smith, Mrs., Granite terrace, Gertrude 

St. F 
Smith, Mrs., Grattan st, Carl 
Smith, Mrs., Little Latrobe st east 
Smith, Mrs., Moor st, F 
Smith, Mrs., 43 Lygon st, Carl 
Smith, Mrs., 88 York st, Em H 
Smith, Mrs., Little Nelson at, Wmn 
Smith, Mra., 28 Young st, F 
Smith, Mrs., 66 Napier st, F 
Smith, Mrs., lace mender, 73 Collins st 

Smith, Mrs., 88 York st eaat, Em H 
Smith, Mrs. Annie, Napier st, F 
Smith, P., 148 Madeline st, Carl 
Smith, P., 152 Little Lonsdale st west 
Smith, P. W., Alphington 
Smith, Peter, Spencer terrace. Little 

Bourke st west 
Smith, Peter H., Grange road, Tk 

Smith, R., gardener, New st, Bta 

Smith, H., Barkly st, St K 

Smith, R., tailor. Clarendon at, Em U 

Smith, R. M., Wallace st, Tk 

Smith, Rev. J. D., Bridge road, Rd 

Smith#Richard, Chapel st. Pra 

Smith, Robert; hairdresser, 7 Thompson 

st, Wmn 
Smith, Robert, Cremome st, Rd 
Smith, Robert (electoral regiBtrar for 

Carl), 129 Lygon st, Carl 
Smith, Robert, and Co., merchanti, 35 

Flinders lane west 
Smith, Robert Haden, Abbotsford 
Smith, Samuel, Murphy st, S Y 
Smith, Stanford, Carlisle st west, St K 
Smita, Strachan, and Co., merchants, cor- 
ner of Queen st and 0)llina st 
Snhith, Sydney, Darling st, S Y 
Smith, Sydney W., C.E., Punt road, Pr» 
Smith, T., 12 Victoria parade 
Smith, T., bootmaker, 131 Clarendoa st, 

Smith, T., Capel st. Hot 
Smith, T., printer, 68 Gertrude at, F 
Smith, T., nightman, 102 Smith st, F 
Smith, T., 121 Smitli st, F 
Smith, T., bootmaker, 73 Collins st eaat 
Smith, T. D., stationer. Beach st, San 
Smith, T. W., bootmaker, 53 Peel st, E C 
Smith, Thomas, Inkerman st west, St K 
Smith, Thomas, 6 Bell st, F 
Smith, Thomas, grocer, &c., 21 Errol at. 

Smith, Thomas, 12) Victoria parade, Em H 
Smith, Thomas, 107 Leicester st, F 
Smith, Thomas G., greengrocer, 87 Vic- 
toria st, E C 
Smith, Thomas H., Kew 
Smith, Thomas H., 29 George st,F 
Smith, Thomas Wm., 13 Argyle st, F 
Smith, Thomas Y., Chetwynd st. Hot 
Smith, Thomas, Governor Arthur hotd 

27 Little Bourke st west 
Smith, Thomas, baker, Sydney road, Bk 
Smith W., 15 Stephen st 
Smith, W., Wallis st, Tk 
Smith, W., draper, 164 Clarendon at, 

Smith, W., Park st, S Y 
Smith, W. A., boot and shoe merchant, 135 

and 145 Brunswick st, F 
Smith, W. C, William st north 
timith, W. F.,82 Blackwood st. Hot 
Smith, W. G., Kew 
Smith, W. H., White Horse hoteU 2S8 

Bourke st east 
Smith, W. H., 110 Little Lonsdale st wetl 
Smith, AV. H., 68 Kerrst. F 
Smith, W. P., Corry st, Cardigan st. Carl 
Smith, W. T., bootmaker, 60 Oxford st, 

Smith, W. W., upholsterer and cfaina 

dealer, Gardiner's sreek road» Pra 





Smith, Wm., National hotel, King Wil- 
liam St. F 

Smith, Wm., 202 Smith at, E C 

Smith, Wm., Mill at, Btn 

Smith, Wm., 137 liatrobe tt west 

Smith, Wm., hay and corn merchant, 31 
Latrobe st eaat 

Smith, Wm., restaurant keeper, 17 Boorke 
St west 

Smith, Wm., 12 Victoria parade, E M 

Smith, Wm., carpenter, Ascot vale, Flem 

Smith, Wm., 25 Derby st, B C 

Smith, Wm., Victoria st, £ C 

Smith, Wm., Twyford st, Wmn 

Smith, Wm., ham curer, 100 Victoria st, 

Soyth. Wm., 45 Cecil st east, Wmn 

Smith, Wm., Condell st, F 

Smith, Wm., 8tar hotel. Swanston st 

Smith, Wm., and Co., timber merchants, 
Therry st 

Smith, Wm. H., shipowner, 29 Market st 

Smith, Wm. H., junior, auctioneer and 
shipping agent, 29 Market st 

Smith, Wm. Henry, painter, &c., 2 Car- 
son's cottages, Collins st east 

Smith, Wm. S., importer of oils, paints, 
glass, &c, 62 Elizabeth st 

Smith, W. Villenenve, barrister, 15 Tem- 
ple court 

Smithett, Wm. P., Little Bourke st west 

Smithson, John, 126 Nicholson st, F 

Smyth) B., Williams road, Pra 

Smyth» Charles A., barrister, 40 Temple 
eoort, Collins st west 

Smyth, 6., 15 John st, Wmn 

Smyth, G. £., tinsmith, 36 Cardigan st, 

Smyth, G. J.,NichoUon st,F 

Smyth, K. Brough, Office of Mines, Queen 

Smith, Rer. P., Bridge road, Rd 

Smyth, Samuel, Sandhurst hotel, 46 Col- 
st east 

Smytherick, Wm. Cooper, 132 Wellington 

Smythers, E. G. G., wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 41 Elizabeth st 

Snadden, James, Albert st. Fey 

Soadden, Joseph, Buck's iiead hot9l, Na- 
pier st, F 

Soaith, W. O., Nicholson st, Fey 

Snsre, Hichard, builder, Wilson st, Pra 

Sanre, Richard, Garden st, Pra 

Soead, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 26 Coven- 
try St. Em H 

Snell, Henry, Walsh st, S Y 

Sseli, Horatio, furniture broker, ISO 
Young st, F 

Sndl, Mrs., iialston st, Pra 

SnellgroTe, Charles, draper and outfitter, 
17 Lonsdale st west 

Saelttng, W., chief clerk, penal establish- 
ment, Obtham road, Kew 

Snelling, S., 1 5 Bouveric st, Carl 
Snewin, Captain F., Aroca st, Pra 
Sniddon, J., Albert st. Fey 
Sniders, Joseph, 96 Latrobe st west 
Snillgrove and Son, drapers, Church st, 

Snodgrass and Co., 67 Qopen st 
Snodgrass, P., Cliapel st, Pra 
Snodgrass, P., M.L.A., 67 Queen st 
Snook, Miss, 120 Napier st, F 
Snow, Alfred, Southey st, St K 
Snow, Charles, Berkeley st, Carl 
Snow, G., goldsmith, Gardiner's creek 

road, Pra 
Snow, John, 35 Pelham st, Carl 
Snow, Packwood, and Co., carriers, 3 

Little Collins st west 
Snow, Richard, Barry st, Carl 
Snowball, Joshua, commission merchant, 

Australian wharf 
Snowden, A., St Hilliers st, E C 
Snowden, Mrs. Caroline, 119 Park st west, 

Snowden, Mrs., 4 Courtney st. Hot 
Snowdon, John, Barry st, Carl 
Sobee, G. W., 291 Lygon st, Carl 
Sobey, Thomas, contractor, Pres 
Societe Conimerciale Beige (Antwerp), 20 

Collins st west 
Society of Blues; sec, 25 Flinders lane 

Soden, Henry, timber merchant, 139 Flin- 
ders st west 
Soden, Joseph, watchmaker. Chapel st, 

Sohier, Philemon, waxworks, 97 Bourke 

st east 
Solcberg and Son, warehousemen, 71 Rus- 
sell st 
Solomon, Barnard, Waterloo st, St K 
Solomon, Isaac, oyster saloon, 82 Gertrude 

st, F 
Solomon, Isaac, and Co., hop and malt 

merchants, 1 Queen st 
Solomon, J., 137 Leicester st, F 
Solomon, J. S., Fitzroy st, St K 
Solomon, J. S., and Co., outfitters, 91 

Swanston st 
Solomon, Joel, dealer, 108 Latrobe st east 
Solomon, Joseph, 1 1 Grattan st, Carl 
Solomon, Lewis, furniture broker, 148 

Russell st 
Solomon, M., draper, 1 96 Smith st, E C 
Solomon, Morris, general dealer, 182 Smith 

st, EC 
Solomon, Mrs., 45 and 47 Gore st, F 
Solomon, S., and Co., furniture dealers 

and cabinetmakers, 118 and 130 Swan- 
ston st 
Solomon, Saul, 251 Swanston st 
Solomon, Saunders, dealer, 39 Post Office 

Solomon, Solomon, jeweller, 102 Collins 

st east 





Solomon, Sifoon, 150 Russell st 
Solomons, A., dealer, 177 Stephen st 
Solomons, Abraham, outfitter, 103 Eliza- 
beth st 
Solomons, H., draper, 101 Stephen st 
Solomons, H., fruiterer, High st, St K 
Solomons, Lewis, 5 Queen st 
Solomons, Lewis, furniture dealer, 41 High 

st, St K 
Solomons, Louis, broker, 38 Little Lons- 
dale st east 
Somers, Thomas, Edinburgh Castle hotel, 

Somerville, Samuel, dairjman, Gardiner's 
^ creek road, Pra 
Somerville, Townsend, Ess 
Somner, Wra., Rd 
Soper, Wm., 119 Raglan st. Em H 
Soues, E. L., Domain st, S Y 
Sounners, Mrs., machine sewer, 239 King 

South Ajax Bolivia Reef Quartz Mining 

Company, 55 Elizabeth st 
South Clunes Gold Mining Company, 122 

Collins st west 
South Crinoline Quartz Mining Company, 

52 Collins st east 
South Melbourne Building and Inyest- 

ment Society, 82 Collins st east 
Southey, W. II., Latrobe st west 
Southgate, Edward, bootmaker, 50 Bank 

st west, Em II 
Sowtor, R., Miller st, W M 
Spaight, Theresa, Union st, Pra 
Spain. George, surgeon dentist, 114 Smith 

st, F 
Spain, Wm., draper, 79 High st, St K 
Spann, Edvfard, importer of watch mate- 
rials, 94 Elizabeth st 
Sparey and Bryant, galvanized iron manu- 
facturers, 5 Latrobe si east 
Sparey, M., 147 William st north 
Spark, Henry, 97 Rosslyn st, W M 
Sparkes, — , 97 Rosslyn st, W M 
Sparkes, Mrs., 97 Cecil st east, Wmn 
Sparling, Ellen, 101 Lonsdale st east 
Sparrow, Francis, 154 Drummond st, Carl 
Sparrow, G., livery stables. High st, St K 
Sparrow, George, Sparrow's hotel, Fitzroy 

st, St K 
Sparrow, Henry, 61 Jeffcott at, W M 
Speakman, Edward, 178 Madeline st, Carl 
Spear, Mrs., dressmaker, Sydney road, Bk 
Spear, Richard, blacksmith, Charles st, F 
Speculation Gold Mining Company, 9 

Elizabeth st 
Spence, Bros., and Co., merchants, 40 

Flinders lane west 
Spence, D., Avoca st, S Y 
Spence,' Francis, accountant and broker, 

92 Collins st east 
Spence, George, grocer, 41 Johnston st, 

Spence, H., Arden st, Hot 

Spence, James, Murphy st, S Y 
Spence, James, Avoca st, S Y 
Spence, John, Avoca st, S Y 
Spence, Misses, dressmakers, 41 Napier 

st, F 
Spence, Peter, 96 Moray st, Era H 
Spence, Thomas, 82 Gore st, F 
Spence, Wm., builder, 43 Johnston st,EC 
Spencer, Edward, 53 Bouverie st, Carl 
Spencer, James, 34 Kerr st, F 
Spencer, Joseph, bootmaker, Drummond 

st, Carl 
Spencer, Thos. Wm., schoolmaster, Flem 
Spensley, Howard, Albert st, Pra 
Spensley, James, ironmonger, comer of 

Brunswick and Moor sts, F 
Spicer, Annie, grocer, 11 Rathdowne st, 

Spidding, James, Stawell st, W M 
Spiker, Jacob, cigar maker, 63 Little 

Bourke st west 
Spiller, Wra., Nott st, San 
Spillers, Philip, Faraday st, Carl 
Spink and Son, lapidaries, 100 Collins st 

Spink, Henry, grocer, 80 Flinders lane 

Spiro, F., Dalgety st, St K 
Splatt, E. S., Studley park 
Spollan, K., 9 Little Lonsdale st cast 
Spooner, Robert J., Flemington hill 
Spooner, Samuel, Port Phillip Club hotel, 

35 Flinders st east 
Spottiswood and Son, builders. High st, 

Spowers, Allen, 74 Collins st east 
Spowers, J., Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Spracklin, James F., 28 Wellington tt, 

Sprague, Edward, stock and share broker, 

49 Collins st west 
Spray, Henry, 71 Johnston st, F 
Sprigg, George, secretary Acclimatisatioa 

Society, Royal park 
Sprigg, 'W. G., importer, 8 Queen st 
Spring, Francis, 15 Cecil st, Wmn 
Spring, James, 32 Chetwynd at. Hot 
Springthorpe, John, Wesibury st east, 

Sprofilc. Andrew, 19 Dorcas st, Em H 
Spry, Alfred, 127 Latrobe st west 
Spry, Joseph^ cigar manufacturer, 27 

Market st 
Spurr, A., Henry st, Pra 
Spyer, L. and S., merchants and commis- 
sion agents, 30 Queen st 
Squils, F., 49 York st east, Em H 
Squire, — , George st, F 
Squire, John, Henry st, Pra 
St. Arnaud Silver Mines Company, 64 

Elizabeth st 
St. George, Frederick, livery stables, 16 

Little Bourke st west 
St. George^s Hall, 73 Bourke st east 





St. Helena Gold Mining Company, 5 Col- 
lins 8t west 
St. Jameses Cathedral, Collins st west, 

corner of William st 
St John, A., djer, 45 Moor st, F 
St John, Frederick, 3 Alma st, F 
St John, James, Railway place, San 
St. Kilda and Frahran Telegraph office, 

Chapel st, Pra 
St Patrick's (R.C.) College and Schools, 

Lansdowne and Grey sts, E M 
St. Patrick's Hall, 85 Bourke st west 
St. Paul, A., dyer, 45 Moor st, F 
St Paul Brothers, manufacturing confec- 
tioners, 7 Collins st west ; steam works, 
Elizabeth st north 
St Paul, G., Peel st, Hot 
St Paul, John, 3 Pelham st, Carl 
St Paul, Ralph, O'Connell st, Hot 
St. Paul, W., O'Connell st, Hot 
St Paul, W. H., Peel st. Hot ^ 

St Stephen's Church Schools, Richmond 

terrace, Rd 
Stacey, Pease, and Co., wholesale iron- 
mongers, 16 Little Collins st east 
Stacey, W., bootmaker, 44 Little Boarke 

st west 
Stacey, Wm. Robert, hairdresser, 212 

Bourke st east 
Stackpole, A., J. P., Haw 
Staff, Chas., wax and paper flower maker, 

91 Swanston st 
Stafford, James, 131 Moray st, Em H 
Stafford, James S., Church st, San 
Stafford, Misses, seminary, Elgin st, Carl 
Stafford, Wm., 17 Stanley st, E C 
Stakeman, H. C, teacher of piano, Rich- 
mond hill 
Staley, A., Court House hotel, Sydney 

road, Bk 
Stamp, J., carpenter. Bay st, Btn 
Stamp, Miles, grocer, New st, Btn 
Stamp, Mrs., Domain st, Pra 
Stampford, — , dairyman, Carpenter st, 

Standard office. High st, St K 
Standeren, John, 14 Bell st, F 
Standford, £., Millswyn st, S Y 
Slanesby, Geo. H., joiner and builder, 72 

Fitasroy st, F 
Stanford and Co., sewing machine impor- 
ters, &c., corner of Bourke and Russell 
Stanley and Nicholls, military tailors, 52 

Collins st east 
Stanly, £., egg and butter merchant, 7 

Eastern Market, Bourke st east 
Stanley, £., Cremorne st, Rd 
Stanley, J., Railway place, San. 
Stanley, John, Gardiner's creek rc)ad 
Stanley, R. S., Catholic bookseller, 9 Lons- 
dale st eadt 
Stanway, John, china, earthenware, and 
glass importer, 175 Bourke st east 

Staples, Miss, school. Ess 

Stapleton and Taylor, slaters, Cardigan 

st, Carl 
Stapleton, J. B., 127 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Star of tiie Morning, the Riverina, and 

the Vulcan Amalgamated Companies, 

Wood's Point, 92 C^ollins st east 
Star Reef Quartz Mining Company, 48 

Collins st west 
Stark, John, grocer, Napier st, F. 
Stark, Wm., Grey st, St K 
Stark, Wm. £., secretary European As- 

BUi^^nce Society, 74 Collins st west 
Starr, R., fruiterer, 20 Lonsdale st west 
Staughton, Mrs., 1 Prince's terrace, Fitz- 

roy st, St K 
Staughton, S. T., squatter, 17 Little Collins 

st west 
Staunton, Captain, 131 Moray st, Em H 
Staunton, Mrs., boarding house, 123 King 

Staveley, George, solicitor, 26 Queen st 
Stawell, Sir Wm. F., Knt., Chief Justice, 

Studley park 
Steabben, J., grocer, 76 J Smith st, E C 
Stead Bros., fruiterers, poulterers, &c., 

71^ Little Collins st west 
Stead, James, Punt road, Rd 
Stead, John, Punt road, Rd 
Stead, T. and J., iron and timber mer- 
chants, 4 Park st east, Em H 
Stead, Thomas, 92 Napier st, Em H 
Steadman, Charles, nightman, 78 Coventiy 

st east, Em H 
Steains, Mrs. G., 15 Smith st, F 
Steam Navigation Board Offices, King st 
Steane, — , Punt road, Pra 
Steam, E., tailor, BignelPs lane 
Stearhouse, J., tailor, 88 Gertrude st, F 
Stebbing, A., 287 Lygon st, Carl 
Stedman, C, grocer, 265 Brunswick st, F 
Stedman, Charles, Bay st, San 
Stee, W., 10 Barry st, Carl 
Steedman, John and Thos., tailors, 81 

Russell st 
Steel, Edwin, 52 Ann st, Wmn 
Steel, James, Neptune st, St K 
Steel, J. C, Leicester st, Carl 
Steel, John, iron broker, &c., 137 Bourke 

st west 
Steel, Mrs., Graham st, San 
Steel, Robert, carpenter, Argyle st east, 

Steel, Robert John, 41 Dryburgh st, Em H 
Steele, David, baker, 305 Brunswick st, F 
Steele, M., 69 Cobden st, Em H 
Steele, R. C, Park st, Em H 
Steele, Robt. C, and Co , butchers, 147 

Flinders st west 
Steele, Thomas, Queensberry st, Hot 
Steele, Thos,, Wreckyn st, Hot 
Steiglitz Mining Company, 85 Flinders 

st west 
Steiling, G. P., pottery. Church st, Rd 





Stein, William, tailor, 22 Boarke st cast 
Steinock, A., 57 Wellington st, £ C 
Steling, Charles, grocer, 21 Madeline st, 

Stenson, Joseph, Arthur st, Pra 
Stent, £. J., grocer, Elgin st, Carl 
Stenton, T., Rose st, F 
Steny, R., store. Ashling st, Btn 
Stephen, F. J. S., solicitor, 53 Little Col- 
lins st cast 
Stephen, J., plumber, Charles st, Fra 
Stephen, James, bootmaker, Errol st. Hot 
Stephen, James Wilberforce, barrister, 11 

Temple Court, Collins st west 
Stephen, James, Darling st, Pra 
Stephen, Sir George, Knt., barrister, 11 

Temple Court, Collins st west 
Stephen, Wm. R., Inkerman st east, St K 
Stephens and Delany , grocers, &c., Chapel 

st, Pra 
Stephens, David, mason, Brennan st, Ess 
Stephens, E., 200 Gore st, F 
Stephens, Eiiz., Swan hotel. Church st, Rd 
Stephens, Fredk., 236 Moray st, Km H 
Stephens, G., bootcloser, 166 Albert st, 

Stephens, James, Albert st, Pra 
Stephens, Samuel, 63 Roden st, W M 
Stephens, Stephen, solicitor, 65 Queen st 
Stephens, Thomas, King's Arms hotel, 

Madeline st, Carl 
Stephens, W., 71 Cobden St., Em H 
Stephens, W., house decorator, 128 Moor 

st, F 
Stephens, W. B., stores, Collins place, 

Collins st west 
Stephens, W. B., bookseller and stationer, 

15 Collins st west 
Stephenson, D., Albert st., Bk 
Stephenson, J., Hoddle st, E C 
Stepheuson, J., watchmaker, 13 Bourke st 

Stephenson, John, 22 Smith st, E C 
Stephenson, P., Heidelberg road 
Stephenson, Rev. F. E., Pros 
Stephenson, Thomas, 134 Swan st, Rd 
Sterckand Shrimpton, bay and corn deal- 
ers, Chapel st, Pra 
Sterck, Mrs., Claremont hotel, Commer- 
cial road, Pra 
Sterling, W. I., solicitor, &c., 83 Swanston 

Stern, Philis, 203 Albert st, E M 
Sterne, Samuel, solicitor, 3 Little Collins 

st west 
Sterry, Wm , blindmaker, 134 Russell st 
Stery, Wm., 1 16 Rose st, F 
Stevens, — , 2 Carlton st, Carl 
Stevens, Edward, bread and biscuit baker, 

Graham st, San 
Stevens, G. P., grocer. Perry st, E C 
Stevens, George, cabinetmaker, Chapel st, 

Stevens, George, Foundry hotel. King st 

Stevens, George, 75 Coventry st east, 

Em II 
Stevens, James, harness maker, 65 Smith 

st, F 
Stevens, James, Robert Burns hotel, 

Courtney st. Hot 
Stevens, John, blacksmith, Hot 
Stevens, John, 203 Moray st, Em H 
Stevens, John, carpenter, 271 King ft 

Stevens, L., builder, 106 Park at, Em H 
Stevens, W., High st, St K 
Stevens, W., Oxford st. Hot 
Stevens, Wm., bootmaker, 13 Derby st, 

Stevenson, A., 106 Latrobe st west 
Stevenson and Anketell, house, land, and 

insurance agents, 13 Bourke st west 
Stevenson and Elliott, coachbnilders and 

importers, 181 King st 
Stevenson, George, Studley park 
Stevftison, Henry, stock, station, and land 

agent, 90 Queen st 
Stevenson, J., Westgarth st, F 
Stevenson, John, Studley park, Kew 
Stevenson, John, Wallis st, Tk 
Stevenson, John, ironmonger, 80 Bourke 

st east 
Stevenson, John, Nott st, San 
Stevenson, L., and Sons, merchants and 

warehousemen, 14 Flinders lane east 
Stevenson, R., 91 Nicholson st, F 
Stevenson, T., 90 Queen st 
Stevenson, T., 46 Latrobe st west 
Stevenson, Thomas, heraldic painter, 46 

Latrobe st west 
Stevenson, Thomas, mayor. Ess 
Stevenson, Thomas, Ascot vale, Flem 
Stevenson, Thomas, land and estate agent, 

48 Elizabeth st 
Stevenson, Walter H., 170 Lygon st, Carl 
Stevenson, Wm., Studley park, Kew 
Stevenson, Wm., auctioneer, 48 Elizabeth 

Steward, F., hay and corn store, 30 Little 

Collins st east 
Steward, F., sen., working jeweller, Big- 

neirs lane, 161 Bourke st east 
Steward, Henry W., importer of china, 

glass, earthenware, &c., 15 Flinders lane 

Stewart, A., Stewart st, Bk 
Stewart, A., Grange road, Tk 
Stewart, A., Victoria st, Hot 
Stewart, Alexander, Capel st, Hot 
Stewart, Alexander, Berkeley st, Carl 
Stewart, Alexander, Iferguson st, Wmn 
Stewart and Co., ship chandlers, Railway 

place, San 
Stewart, C, 51 Coventry st, Em H 
Stewart, Captain, Moray st. Km H 
Stewart, Cornelius, surgeon, Clmrch st, 

Stewart, K, Park st west, Em H 





Stewart, E., hay and com merchant, Little 

Collins 8t east 
Stewart, George, japanner, 40 Post Office 

Stewart, H. W., 51 Hanover at, F 
Stewart, Henry, blacksmith, 104 Douglas 

parade, Wmn 
Stewart, J., Miller st, W M 
Stewart, J., bootmaker, 50 Bosslyn st, 

Stewart, J., fomiture dealer, 27 High st, 

Stewart, J., 86 Chnrch st, Em H 
Stewart, J. S., Swan st, Rd 
Stewart, James C, Moor st, F 
Stewart, James, 22 Dorcas st, £m H 
Stewart, John, manager Oriental Bank, 

Alma road, St K 
Stewart, John, blacksmith, Inkerman st 

west, St K 
Stewart, John, general smith, 190 King st 
Stewart, John, 212 King st 
Stewart, Mrs., staymaker, 6 Wellington st, 

Stewart, Mrs., Conrteney st. Hot 
Siewart, Mrs., Lennox st, Rd 
Stewart, Mrs., 45 Moray st, Em H 
Stewart, Mrs., Darling st, S Y 
Stewart, Mrs., school. Alma st east, St B 
Stewart, Mrs. C, 95 Napier st, F 
Stewart, Mrs. C, 16 Montague at, £m H 
Stewart, ()., Cardigan st, Carl 
Stewart, P., 53 Dudley st, W M 
Stewart, P., Maine st. Held 
Stewart, R., 25 Smith st, E C 
Stewart, Robert, Walsh st, S Y 
Stewart, T. VV., carpenter, Hotham st, 

Stewart, Thomas, Lyons st, Wmn 
Stewart, W., Cardigan st, Carl 
Stewart, W. S., Heidelberg road 
Stewart, Wm., Buckley st. Fey 
Stewart, Wm., greengrocer. Clarendon st, 

Stewart, Wm., grocer, 45 Thompson st, 

Stewart, Wm., tinsmith, Raglan st, San 
Stibbs, Wm., cabinetmaker, Frankiyn st 

Stickland, Francis, general smith, 137 

Latrobe st east 
Stidston, Wm., 8 Condell st, F 
Stieling, G. P., potter. Bridge road, Rd 
StUl, W., 55 Leicester st, Carl 
Still man, Thomas, surgeon, Bridge road, 

SUUwell, J., 7 Carlton st, Carl 
Stirling, G. P., 183 Bridge road, Rd 
Stirling, George, draper, 190 Bridge road, 

Stirling, John, Curzon st, Hot 
StiTey, John, carpenter, Rouse st, San 
Stock Exchange of Melbourne, Hall of 

Stock, John W., 6 Carlton st, Carl 
Stockdale, Benjamin, baker. Punt road, 

Stocks, Thomas, Henry st, Pra 
Stockwell, £., herbalist, 199 Wellington st, 

Stockwell, J., boot importer, Elgin st, 

Stodart, James, Chapel st, Pra 
Stoddart, — , Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Stoddart, J., Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Stoddart, Matthew, 218 Victoria st, Pra 
Stokes, C., Arden st. Hot 
Stokes, Charles, Dryburgh st, Hot 
Stokes, James, M.D., surgeon. Chapel ft, 

Stokes, Robert, grocer, Condell st, F 
Stokes, S., 380 Bridge road, Rd 
Stokes, Thomas, die sinker and engraTeri 

100 Collins st east 
Stokes, Wm., Kew 

Stolworthy, Charles, 76 Brunswick st, t* 
Stombuce, A., 137 Johnston st,F 
Stone and Ze^enboom, brushmakers, Flin- 
ders lane east 
Stone, B., 16 Errol st. Hot 
Stone, C, Mill st, Btn 
Stone, F., gardener, Hodder st, Btn 
Stone, George, confectioner, 141 Bruns- 

st, F 
Stone, George M., draper, 51 Peel st, E C 
Stone, John, Barkly st, Carl 
Stone, John, 117 Napier st, F 
Stone, Mrs., Williams road, Pra 
Stone, Mrs., 43 Victoria parade, F 
Stone, R., Nor 

Stone, R., bootmaker, 125 Gertrude st, F 
Stone, R., carpenter. Mill st, Btn 
Stone, R. H., surveyor, 121 Spencer st 
Stone, Robt., bootmaker, 96 Fitzroy st, F 
Stone, Robert, smith, 103 Little Bonrke st 

Stone, Thomas, blacksmith, 45 Little Ox- 
ford st, E C 
Stone, W. G., High st, Pra 
Stone, Wm., Osborne st, Wmn 
Stone, Wm. A., Hyde st, Fey 
Stoneham, Wm., turner, 303 Elizabeth st 
Stones, T., 26 Cobden st, Em H 
Stonley, Stephen, Hoddle st, Rd 
Stoukee, George H., butcher, 139 Flinders 

st west 
Stooke, John, butcher. Mill st, Btn 
Storey, Edwin, Lothian st. Hot 
Storey, — , teacher, Brunswick road, Bk 
Storey, J., butcher, 183 Clarendon st. 

Storey, J., Swan st, Rd 
Storey, John, butcher, 201 Moray st. 

Em H 
Storie, G., Edward st, Bk 
Storie, J., Edward st, Bk 
Storr and Barnes, butchers, 54 Swan st. 





Story, Joseph I Artillery hotel, Elizabeth 

8t north 
Stott, George, com store, Charles st, Pra 
Stott, Henry, cabinetmaker, 93 Bruns- 
wick 8t, F 
StoQckey, Frank, 10 Alfred place, Collins 

Stow, Wm., carpenter, Gore st, F 
Stow, Wm., cai^enter, St. David st, F 
Stracey, J., general agent, High st, St E 
Stracey, John C, Inkerman st east, St E 
Strachan, G., 10 Hanover st, F 
Strachan, J., 4 Eden place, St K 
Strachan, J. F., M.L.C., Qneen st south 
Strachan, James, horse dealer, 58 Argyle 

st, F 
Strachan, John, boot and shoemaker, 170 

finmswiok st, F 
Strachan, Wm., (secretary Warrenheip 

Distillery Company) Acland st, St K 
Strahan, James, Barkly st, St K 
Strange, G., Auburn road. Upper Haw 
Stranger, Elijah, 119 Kose st, F 
Stranger, Mrs. Eliza, 119 Kose st, F 
Stranger, T., Barkly st, Bk 
Stratford., W., 3 Swiss terrace, Fitzroy 

st, F 
Stratton, A., 17 Dorcas st, Em H 
Straubel, Bertrand, 27 Swan st, Rd 
Straw, T., Sydney road, Bk 
Street, James, boot store, 98 Clarendon 

st, Em H 
Streeteman, — , Cecil st east, Wmn 
Streeting, J., Union st, Pra 
Streit, Lewis, store, 33 Little Collins st 

Strettle, Abraham, and Co., stock and sta- 
tion agents, Bourke st west 
Strickland, J., 42 Gertrude st, F 
Strickland, L., coachbuildcr, Stephen st 
Strien, T., baker, 17 Brunswick st, F 
Strode, T., Punt road, Richmond 
Stronach, Wm., Murphy st, S Y 
Strongman, Wm., Miller st, Rd 
Stroud, J., Albert st west, Bk 
Strudwicke, J. L., Halifax st, Btn 
Stuart, John, Aima st, east St K 
Stuart, Wm., Avoca st, S Y 
Stub, 0., mining agent, 13 Swanston st 
Stubbs, Ann, fancy repository, 10 Lons- 
dale st west 
Stubbs, John, William st, Rd 
Stubbs, R., 147 Cardigan st, Carl 
Stubbs, Thomas, auctioneer, 81 Collins st 

Stubbs, Thomas, printers* broker, 24 La- 

trobe st west 
Stubbs, Wm., artist, 88 Argyle st, F 
Stuckey, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Church 

st, Btn 
Studdert, Rev. George, 2 Franklyn st west, 

W M 
Studley, George, baker, Cape st. Held 
Stump, Richard, 206 Victoria parade, E M 

Sturgess, Wm., 9 Miller st, W M 

Sturman, J., herbalist, 248 Wellington it, 

Sturt, Captain £. P. S., comer of Spen- 
oer and Dudley sts 

Stately, Henry 0., solicitor, 62 little Col- 
lins st west 

Stutt, Wm., City Buffet cafe, Boorke tt 

Stuttaford, A., 161 Collins st east * 

Stttttaford, Madame, professor of music, 
161 Collins st east 

Stuttor, Charles, draper, 157 Bourke tt 

Stutzer, J. J., barrister, 25 Temple court, 
Collins st west 

Sueur, Gustave, watchmaker, 111 Stephen 

Suffolk, E., Dow st, San 

Suffren, Matthew M., watchmaker and op- 
tician, 48 Nelson place, Wmn 

Sugars, W. C, York st, Em H 

Sugden, Thomas, tanner, Flem 

Sugden, W. J., Grand Junction hotel. 
High st, St K 

Suhard, l^uis, corner Grey and Simpson 
sts, EM 

Snlivan, — , Cardigan st, Carl 

Sullivan, D., Fountain inn, Howard st, 

Sullivan, D. H., coachbuilder, 96 Ger- 
trude st, F 

Sullivan, Daniel, Ivanhoe, Held 

Sullivan, Isaac, 131 Leicester st, Carl 

Sullivan, J., Eerry hotel ^corner of Eing 
st and Flinders lane 

Sullivan, J., builder, &c., Coromandel 

Sullivan, James F. (Minister of Mines), 
Victoria parade, £ M, and GfBce of 
Mines, Queen st 

Sullivan, John, 131 Raglan st, Em H 

Sullivan, John, 61 Osborne st,Wmn 

Sullivan, Joseph, Cock hotel, 168 Bourke 
st east 

Sullivan, Martin, 35 Little Collins st east 

Sullivan, Michael, 48 Faraday st, Carl 

Sullivan, Michael, Baptist lane, Little 
Collins st east 

Sullivan, Patrick, Spread Eagle hotel, 
Elizabeth st 

Sullivan, T., Condell st, F 

Sullivan, T., William st, Rd 

Sullivan, Thomas, Vine st, Heid 

Sullivan, Timothy, Australia Felix hotel, 
22 L Lonsdale st west 

Sullivan, W. H., Parliamentary hotel, 
Spring st 

Summerfleld, Augustus, 55 Lygon at, Carl 

Summers, C, sculptor, 105 Collins st east 

Summers, J., Mus. Bac., Oxon, 105 Col- 
lins st east 

Summers, Henry, 23 Barkly st, Carl 

Summers, J., Miller st, Bk 





Sommen, Joseph, Dudley st, W M 
SttmmoDs, Isaac, grocer, 170 Stephen st 
Sumner, T. J., Stony park, Merri creek 
Samner, Z^ 10 St David st, F 
SoDg Chong On, merchant, 72 Little 

Boarke st east 
Son Choon Cbeong, merchant, 55 Little 

Bourke st east 
Sonday School Union of Victoria, 219 

Swan st, Rd 
SuDderoombe, John, shoemaker, 20 and 

34 High st, St K 
Sunderland, Jos., Flem 
Sunderland, Rev. J. P., Hoddle st, E M 
Sunderland, T., Deputy Registrar-General, 

Snoderson, George, Boundary road, Tk 
Sttohung, Cheong, butcher, 75 Little 

Bourke st east 
Sunnon, — , 157 Cecil st, Em H 
Supple, G. H., barrister, 7 Temple court, 

Collins st west 
Supreme Court, corner Latrobe and Rus- 
sell sts 
Sussmann, David, boot and shoe dealer, 

191 Bourke st east 

Sotcliffe, Alfred, wool sorter, 125 Bourke 

st west 
Sotcliffe, Richard, New st, Btn 
Sater, H., Mrs., Courtney st, Hot 
Sotherland, — , accountant, Haw 
Sutherland, Andrew, Barkly st, St E 
Sutherland, Charles, and Co., merchants, 

31 Qneen st 
Sutherland, Charles, Fawkner st, St K 
Sutherland, James, Murchison st. Curl 
Sutherhuid, John, 38 Toung st, F 
Sutherland, John, Heidelberg road 
Sutherland, Mrs., 6 Cobden st, Em H 
Sutherland, Mrs., Robe st, St K 
Satherliuid, Robert, Walsh st, W M 
Sutherland, Roderick Alison, solicitor, 

192 Collins st east 
Sutor, O., 65 Young st, F 
Sotton, John, Garden st, Fra 

Sutton, Michael, 103 Little Bourke st 

Sutton, W., Osborne st, Wmn 
Sotton, Wm., 42 Bank st, Em H 
Soy Yick, merchant, 86 Little Bonrke st 

Swain, John, 6 Peel st, W M 
Swain, Mrs., 64 Bouverie st, Carl 
Swainger, Thomas, bootmaker, Bay st, 

Swale, G. A., 31 Smith st, F 
Swallow and Ariel 1, ship bread and biscuit 

bakers, Stoke st, San 
Swallow, James, butcher, 100 Clarendon 

8t, Em H 
Ssmger, Thomas, bootmaker. Bay street, 

Swan, Charles, 11 George st, F 

Swan, Isaac, butcher, 66 Wellington st, 

Swan, Joseph, butcher, 7 WellingtoB st, 

Swan, Margaret, 197 Albert st, E M 

Swan, Mrs., 274 Fitzroy st, F 

Swan, Robert, 17 Church st, Em H 

Swan, S., Blackwood st. Hot 

Swan, Thomas, watchmaker. High Bt, St E 

Swan, W., 125 Faraday st, Carl 

Swan, W., 56 Roden st. W M 

Swan, Wm., butcher, 13 York st, Em H 

Swan, Wm., 1 12 Coventry st, Em H 

Swannell, James, butcher, Ess 

Swanson, — , Victoria st, W M 

Swanson, John, furniture dealer, 64 
Brunswick st, F 

Swasey, J. B., merchant, 116 Collins st 

Sweatman, Charles, storeman, 164 Boarke 
st west 

Sweatman, W., accountant, 122 Queen st 

Sweeny, Mathew, Pahnerston plaoe, Ma- 
deline st, Carl 

Sweet, H.. ham curer, Pres 

Sweetland, Stephen, Haw 

Sweetman, James, 118 Leicester st, Carl 

Sweetman, John, musician, 155 King st 

Swetnam, Edmund, Hoddle st, E C 

Swift, Charles R., Willow Tree hotel, 
Vere st, E C 

Swift, Jas., accountant, 31 Queen st 

Swift, Richard, 141 Cecil st, Em H 

Swinbom, Mrs., corset maker, Gardiner's 
creek road, Pra 

Swinbourn, James, steam saw mills a&d 
engineer, 163 Bourke st west 

Swindell, John, dairyman, Commercial 
road, Pra 

Swindley, S. J., South Audley st, E C 

Swindley, Thomas, 210 Moray st. Em H 

Switzer, E. H., bootmaker, 61 Little Col- 
lins st east 

Sydenham, Walter, Peel st. Hot 

Sydes, Edward, Grey st, St K 

Sydserff, John B., Gardiner's creek road, 

Sykes and Terry, boiler makers, River 
bank south 

Sykes, Fred., Marian st, F 

Syle, Robert, 230 Swan st, Rd 

Syme, David, newspaper proprietor, 67 
Elizabeth st 

Syme, G., 127 Park st west, Em H 

Symonds, C. H., Commissioner of Audit, 
1 78 Collins st east 

Symonds, E. S., Under Treasurer, Go- 
vernment office, Spring st 

Symonds, Rev. J. C, Rathdowne st, Carl 

Symons, J., Excelsior hotel, 231 Great 
Bourke st east 

Synagogue, Jewish, 85 Bourke 8t west 

Synot, M., Nth 






Tabb, David, Iranhoe, Heid 

Tabilk Vineyards Proprietary office, 70 

Queen st 
Tadgell, F. J., builder, 31 Provost st, Hot 
Taegtow, Fred., tinsmith, 1 Parker st, 

Tait, Andrew, rate collector, 22 Macar- 

tliur place, Carl 
Tait, Hugh, 135 Latrobe st west 
Tait, John, Union st, Pra 
Tait, Joseph, Commercial hotel, Nott st, 

Tait, Mrs., 94 George st, E M 
Tait, W., greengrocer, 48 Hoddle st, E C 
Tait, W. B., 46 Market st, Em H 
Tait, Wm., 90 Stanley st, W M 
Talbett, Mary, grocer, 134 Russell st 
Talbot, Dr. R.. Sydney road, Bk 
Talbot, Edward, house and land agent, 2 

Collins st east 
Talbot, Miss, seminary, Sydney road, Bk 
Talbot, T. W., draper, 85 Bourke st east 
Talbot, Thomas, surgeon, Pent 
Talbot, Wm., shoemaker, Webb st, F 
Tallerraan, I)., commission merchant, 18 

Collins st east 
Tame, Thomas, bootmaker, 88 Gertrude 

st, F 
Tankard, J., Tankard's Temperance hotel, 

66 Lonsdale st west 
Tankard, John, Albert st, Pra 
Tanner, A. F.. 38 Barkly st, Carl 
Tapley, J., Bridge road, Rd 
Taplin, W. M., house and land agent, 226 

Napier st, F 
Tapping, — , contractor, Reilly st, F 
Tardy, James E., Arthur st, Pra 
Tarrant, Edmund, Robe st, St K 
Tarrant, John, 69 Napier st, F 
Tarratt, J., Sons, and Co., hardware mer- 
chants, 49 Collins st west 
Tarry, John, bricklayer, Grosvenor st, 

Tartakover, Marcus, pawnbroker, 68 

Smith st, E C 
Tartakover, Mitchell, pawnbroker, 53 

High st, St K 
Tarver, James, iron foundry, Nott st, San 
Tasmanian Fire Insurance Company, 82 

Collins st west 
Tasmanian Steam Navigation Company, 

8 Elizabeth st 
Tate, Archibald, 64 Hanover st, F 
Tate, Frederick, customs agent, 13 Market 

Tate, W., greengrocer, 257 Victoria pa- 
rade, E C 
Tate, Walter, 303 Victoria parade, E C 
Tawton, Wm., painter and paperhanger, 

47 Coventry st, Era H 
Tayler, Lloyd, architect and surveyor, 82 

Collins st west 

Tayler, Walter, 198 Russell st 
Taylor, — , Lennox st, Rd 
Taylor, —,48 Napier st east, Em H 
Taylor, — , Easey st, E C 
Taylor, A. G., draper. High st, St K 
Taylor, Alfred, Garden st. Chapel st, 8 Y 
Taylor and Buckland, solicitors and nota- 
ries public, 71 Little Collins st west 
Taylor, C, 18 Park st west, Em H 
Taylor, C, bootmaker, 152 Russell st 
Taylor, C. F., Rowena parade, Rd 
Taylor, C. J., engineer sewerage depart- 
ment, Lonsdale st west 
Taylor, Charles, 1 14 Lygon st, Carl 
Taylor, Clement, professor of penmanship, 

83 Elizabeth st 
Taylor, Dr., Dover st, Wmn 
Taylor, E., gardener, Gardiner's creek 

road, Tk ^ 

Taylor, Edward B., stationer, QardJBer'i 

creek road, Pra 
Taylor, Enoch, importer of boots, &c., 57 

Bourke sc east 
Taylor, F., Market lane, 143 Bourke st 

Taylor, George, 78 George st, F 
Taylor, George, 51 Twyford st, South 

Taylor, George, bootmaker, Kew 
Taylor, George, leather merchant, 2 Ni- 
cholson st, F 
Taylor, George, butcher, 93 High st, St K 
Taylor, George, Gore st, F 
Taylor, George, Cunning st, Carl 
Taylor, George, bootmaker, 105 Lonsd&le 

st east 
Taylor, George H., solicitor, 22 Eldon 

chambers, Collins st west 
Taylor. H., High st, Pra 
Taylor, H., draper, 172 Clarendon st, 

Taylor, Henry, Waterioo hotel, 68 Little 

Collins sc west 
Taylor, Henry, Cardigan st, Carl 
Taylor, Henry, 45 King William st, P 
Taylor, J., 47 Market st. Em H 
Taylor, J., 192 Gore st, F 
Taylor, J. B., Octavia st, St K 
Taylor, J. H., tailor, 113 Lygon st, GWl 
Taylor, J. T., chemist, Stephen st 
Taylor, James, Johnston st, E C 
Taylor, Jas., gardener, 68 Johnston st, F 
Taylor, James, Miller st, W M 
Taylor, John, china dealer, 83 Brunswick 

st, F 
Taylor, John, Hoddle st, Rd 
Taylor, John, Arthur st, Pra 
Taylor, John, bootmaker, 7 Cardigan st, 

Taylor, John B., 74 York st, Em H 
Taylor, Joseph, and Co., merchants and 

importers, 114 Collins at west 
Taylor, Joseph, Victoria st, St K 
Taylor, M. W., Alma st west, St K 





Tajlor,Mn^ grocer, Inkerman st west, 

Taylor, Mrs., 109 Qaeensberrj st, Hot 
Tsylor, Mrs., Pant road, Pra 
Taylor, Mrs., dressmaker, 165 Spring st 
Taylor, Airs., 52 Charles st, F 
Taylor, Mrs. E., 135 Johnston st, P 
Taylor, Mrs., 79 Faraday st, Carl 
Taylor, R., dairy, Stanley st, E C 
Taylor, R, carpenter, Church st, Btn 
Taylor, SeT. James, George st, £ M 
Taylor, Rev. S., New st, Btn 
Taylor, Richard, Ferguson st, Wmn 
Taylor, Samael, dairyman, Studley st, E C 
Taylor, Samael, 59 Argyle st, F 
Taylor, Samuel, boarding-hoase keeper, 

16 Nelson place, Wmn 
Taylor, Samuel, musician, Palmerston st, 

Taylor, T., butcher, 78 Bridge road, Rd 
Taylor, T., bootmaker, 228 Lonsdale st 

Taylor, T. H., Aeland st, St K 
Taylor, Thomas, Station place, San 
Taylor, Thomas, 323 Victoria st, E C 
Taylor, Thomas, 131 Victoria st, E C 
Taylor, Thomas, 140 Leicester st, F 
Taylor, Thomas, Cremorne st, Ud 
Taylor, Thomas, cheesemonger. Eastern 

Taylor, Thomas, cheese factor and bacon 

curer, 33 Swanston st 
Taylor, W., butcher, 103 Lonsdale st east 
Tayiur, W. R., painter and paperhanger, 

Greville st, Pra 
Taylor. Win., M.L.C., Melbourne Club 
Taylor, Wm., Stoke st, San 
Taylor, Wm., Wreckyn st, Hot 
Taylor, Wm., 73 Faraday st, Carl 
Taylor, Wm., Alma st, St K 
Taylor, Wm. Henry, draper, corner of 

Cardigan and Queensberry sts, Carl 
Teague, J., saddler, Pent 
Teagae, J. P., homoeopathic physician, 160 

Collins st east 
Teale, Wm., builder, Queen st north 
Teste's bonded stores, 105 to 109 William 

Tebbutt, James, Rowena parade, Rd 
Tecke, B., cabinetmaker, 120 Gertrude st, 

Teerly, James, hairdresser, 221 Bourke st 

Teeson, D., grocer and draper, Moonee 


egethoff, B., professor of mathematics, 

Little Hanover st, F 

»t, Mrs. Margaret, 36 Stanley st, W M 

elegraph line of Royal Mail Coaches, 35 

Boorke st eftst and 153 Elizabeth st 

:ifer. A., ironmonger, Gardiner's creek 

road, S Y 

*elfer, R. S., Cecil st east, Wmn 

'elford, John, FiUroy st, St K 

Tdl, Wm., Peel st, Pra 

Tempany, George, 41 Barkly st, Carl 

Tempany, Wm., wireirorker, 33 York st, 

Temperance Hall, 112 Russell st 
Tempest, S., bootmaker, 102 Clarendon 

st, Em H 
Templeton, Hugh, teacher, Greeres st, F 
Templeton, S., 22 Errol st. Hot 
Templeton, W., P.M., Church st, Btn 
Tenant, John A., 22 Stanley st, W M 
Tennant, Mrs., 2 Victoria parade, E M 
Tennant, W. E., engineer, Victoria st, 

Terlecki, F., carver, 191 Lygon st, Carl 
Terlecki, P., Palmerston st, Carl 
Terrey, JohnT., cabinetmaker, 94 Raglan 

st, Em H 
Terry, Albert, Chapel st, Pra 
Terry, Alfred, Bouverie st, Carl 
Terry, Alfred. 143 Cardigan st, Carl 
Terry and Co., Victoria brewery, Chapel 

st, Pra 
Terry, Captain, 4 Nelson place, Wmn 
Terry, George, 130 Young st, F 
Terry, George, 181 Victoria parade, E C 
Terry, James, draper, 58 Gertrude st, F 
Terry, Leonard, architect, 50 William st 
Terry, R., 9 Wellinjfton st, Pra 
Terry, Robert and Wm., grocers and spirit 

merchants, High st, St. K 
Teutonic Gold Mining Company ,;i 22 Col- 
lins st west 
Tewdall, John, Drummond st, Carl 
Tewsley, R., Chapel st, Pra 
Thain, Alexander (Melbourne Loan and 

Discount Company), 90 Little Collins st 

Thallon, Henry, 205 Elizabeth st 
Thames' and Mersey Line of Packets, 48| 

William st 
Tharratt, W., Nth 

Thatcher, Richard Henry, Izett st, Pra 
Theatre Royal, 79 Bourke st east 
Theis, H., 127 Rose st, F 
Theobald, James, 14 Barkly st, CarL 
Thibou, £. W. 8c S., furniture dealers, 

257 Swanston st 
Thibou, Samuel, Victoria st, E C 
Thibow and Crabb, school, 66 Cardigan st, 

Third Union Building Society, 82 Collins 

st east 
Third Victoria Building and Investment 

Society, 56 Little Collins st east 
ThiBtlethwaite, Edward, grocer and wine 

merchant, 154 Clarendon st 
Thistlethwaite, Mrs., dressmaker, 64 Park 

st east, Em H 
Thistlethwaite, Wm., house and land 

agent, 37 Dorcas st east, Em H 
Thorn, J., 3 Macarthur place, Carl 
Thom, R., plasterer, Charles st, Pra 
Thom, W„ 4 Dudley st, W M 





Thomas, — , brickmaker, Duke st, K C 

Thomas, — , Lennox st, Rd 

Thomas and Meares, drapers, 178 Bridge 

road, Bd 
Thomas and Rash, flour mills, Flem 
Thomas, C. S., 7 Hanover st, F 
Thomas, David, chemist, &c.. Bay st, San 
Thomas, David John, H.D., 172 Collins st 

Thomas, E., SOS Eastern road, Em H 
Thomas, E., Wallis st, St E 
Thomas, Ellis, shoemaker and boarding- 
house keeper, 9 King st and 221 Bourke 
st west 
Thomas, F. H., architect and civil en- 
gineer, 83 Swanston st 
Thomas, G., Heath st, San 
Thomas, G., 28 Regent st, F 
Thomas, G. B., 117 Nicholson st, F 
Thomas, Geo. D., Chetwynd st. Hot 
Thomaa, Geo. F., M.D., 212 and 97 Lons- 
dale st east 
Thomas, George, Yarra st, Heid 
Thomas, H., Grey si, St K 
Thomas, Henry, printer, 75 Little Collins 

st west 
Thomas, Herbert, Hotham st, E M 
Thomas, Isaac, draper. Chapel st, Pra 
Thomas, John, draper, 40 and 44 Claren- 
don st, Em H 
Thomas, John, 14 Drummond st, Carl 
Thomas, John, Cardigan st, Carl 
Thomas, John, crane office, Australian 

Thomas, John, Royal George hotel, 132 

Bourke st east 
Thomas, I^ewis, boot merchant, 25 Ger- 
trude st, F 
Thomas, Mrs., 159 Lygon st, Carl 
Thomas, Mrs. Samuel, 66 King William 

st, F 
Thomas, Patrick, 164 Russell st 
Thomas, Paul, bootmaker, 3 Collins st 

Thomas, Stephen, bootmaker, 101 Eliza- 
beth st 
Thomas, Theophilus, draper. Chapel st, 

Thomas, Thomas, house carpbnter, 3 Ste- 
vedore st, Wmn 
Thomas, Thomas, 19 Stevedore st, Wma 
Thomas, W., Brunswick road, Bk 
Thomas, W., 40 Elgin st, Carl 
Thomas, W. C, 93 Dudley st, W M 
Thomas, Wm„ carrier, 108 George st, F 
Thomas, Wm., fishmonger, Brunswick st, 

Thoma«, Wm., engineer, 128 Little Lons- 
dale st east 
Thompson, — , Commercial road, Pra 
Thompson, — , Adderley st, W M 
Thompson, A., Stoke st, San 
Thompson and Son, painters and paper- 
hangers, 212 Swan st, Rd 

Thompson, A. C, Charles st, Pra 
Thompson, Ann, crinoline manufacturer, 

19 Gertrude st, F 
Thompson Brothers, grocers. Nelson place 

east, Wmn 
Thompson, C, 98 Cecil st, Em H 
Thompson, C. W., 68 Bouverie 8t, Carl 
Thompson, D., Lennox st, Rd 
Thompson, D., Rouse st, San 
Thompson, David, butcher. Bay st. Sin 
Thompson, E., Bay st, Btn 
Thompson, E., Peel st, Pra 
Thompson, E., school. Grey tt, St K 
Thompson, Edward, money broker and 

estate agent, 92 Queen st 
Thompson, Frederick, house and land 

agent, 75 Collins st east 
Thompson, G., Wells st, Btn 
Thompson, Hamilton, Punt road, Pra 
Thompson, Henry, Royal hotel, Bay st, 

Thompson, .f., Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Thompson, J., Bouverie st., Carl 
Thompson, J., Macarthur place, Carl 
Thompson, J., Railway place, San 
Thompson, J., Illawarra st, S Wmn 
Thompson, J., Ill Napier st, Em H 
Thompson, J. A., Greeves st, F 
Thompson, J. P., Gordon st,Fcy 
Thompson, Jos., Arthur st, Pra 
Tiiompson, James, livery stable keeper, 

117 Queen st 
Thompson, James, Wilson st, Btn 
Thompson, James, 110 Nicholson st, F 
Thompson, James A., 14 Young st, F 
Thompson, John, draper, Haw 
Thompson, John, 90 Cardigan st, Carl 
Thompson, John, ironmonger, Flemington 

road, Hot 
Thompson, John, 129 Kerr st, F 
Thompson, John, greengrocer, 87 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Thompson, John, Elgin st, Carl 
Thompson, John, 72 Nicholson st, F 
Thompson, John, Dry burgh st, Hot 
Thompson, John, Neptune st, St K 
Thompson, John, Avoca st, S Y 
Thompson, Joseph, Arthur st, Pra 
Thompson, Joseph, Tatteraairs hotel, 99 

Bourke st east 
Thompson, Joshua, engineer, 123 William 

Thompson, M. A., 146 Little Bourke st 

Thompson, Mark, Stoke st, San 
Thompson, Miss, ladies' seminary, 69 

Rosslyn st, W M 
Thompson, Misses, ladies* college, Turn- 
bull's point, S Y 
Thompson, Mrs., 307 Victofia parade, E C 
Thompson, Mrs. E., sdiool, 15 Napier st, 

Thompson, Mrs., 72 Napier st, F 
Thompson, Mrs., 72 Leicester st, Carl 





Thompson, Mrs., Grey at, E M 
Thompson, Mrs. and the Misses, academy, 

Grey st, St K 
Thorn pson , Ralph , accountant Union Bank, 

Alma road, St K 
Thompson, Robert, accountant, 51 Eliza- 
beth st 
Thompson, Thomas, 265 Napier st, F 
Thompson, Towers, Mac's hotel, Franklyn 

Thompson, W., tailor, Grattan st, Carl 
Thompson, W. H., bootmaker, 164 Bridge 

road, Rd 
Thompson, W. S., 145 Johnston st, E C 
Thompson, Wm., bootmaker, 16 Leicester 

Thompson, Wm. H., Abhot st. Hot 
Thompson, Wm., 70 George st, F 
Thompson, Wm., boot importer, Clarendon 

st, £m H 
Thompson, Wm., pocketbook maker, 132 

Nicholson ft, F 
Thompson, Wm., M.D., surgeon, Gardi- 
ner's creek road, Pra 
Thompson, Wm., 199 King st 
Thompson, Wm., 45 Condell st, F 
Thoms, George, 108 George st, F 
Thomson, Alexander, Latrobe hotel, 90 

Fitzroy st, F 
Thomson, Alexander L., 26 Queen st 
Thomson, Andrew, Whitehall st, Fey 
Thomson, Andrew, blacksmith, 32 Young 

st, F 
Thomson, Andrew, blacksmith, Queens- 
berry st. Hot 
Thomson, Archibald, huilder, 161 Cam- 
bridge st, E C 
Thomson, Donald, Rose of Melbourne inn, 

corner of Hanover and Toung sts, F 
Thomson, Dr., Walsh st, S T 
Thomson, Edward, carrier, Ramsden st, 

Thomson, H., bootmaker, 41 Errol st. Hot 
Thomson, J., 30 Bank st west, Em H 
Thomson, J., Chapel st, St K 
Thomson, J. H., 101 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Thomson, James, sexton, Gipps stwest, 

Thomson, James, Davis st, Pra 
Thomson, James W., mining agent, 3 

Little Collins st west 
Thomson, John, grocer, 170 Smith st,EC 
Thomson, John, M.L.A., Avoca st, S Y 
Thomson, John, Nicholson st, Carl 
Thomson, John, school, 98 Queensberry 

st, Carl 
Thomson, John, 52 Rosslyn st, W M 
Thomson, Joseph, 19a Cardigan st, Carl 
Thomson, Mrs., dressmaker, 97 Cecil st, 

Thomson, Mrs., Dudley st, W M 
Thomson, Mrs., Arthur st, Pra 
Thomson, Mrs., Cardigan st, Carl 
Thomson, Peter, livery stables, Therry st 

Thomson, Peter, tailor and clothier, 16 

Little C<Ulins st west 
Thomson, Ralph, Alma st east, St E 
Thomson, Rev. James, Cardigan st, Carl 
Thomson, W., taifer, Rathdowne st, Carl 
Thomson, W. E., Greenfield, Elstemwick 
Thoneman, Emil, Highett st, Rd 
Thorley, J., 48 Market st, Em H 
Thorley, Jabez, 60 Marian st, F 
Thorn, Richard, bricklayer, Argyle st, 

Thome, Charles, Caroline st, S Y 
Thome, James, professor of music, 3 

Lansdowne st, E M 
Thorne, Thomas, 65 Spring st 
Thorney, F., bootmaker, 37 Napier st, 

Thorns, J., Union st, S Y 
Thornton, J. C, 77 Argyle st, F 
Thornton, Robert, 204 Eastern road, Em 

Thornton, Robert, 5 Pelham st, Carl 
Thorp, Mrs., 119 Wellington st, E C 
Thorp, R. T., gasfitter, 95 Little Collins 

st east 
Tliorpe, Henry, 66 Dover road, Wmn 
Thorpe, Mrs. Leah, Bridge hotel, Mary- 

byrnong st. Fey 
Thorpe, H. P., Fitzroy st, St E 
Thorpe, Samuel, mining agent and salvage 

officer to the Fire Brigade, 49 Collins 

st west 
Thorpe, Thomas, office, 49 Collins st west 
Thresher, Henry, Exchange hotel, High 

st, St E 
Thuner, C, and Co., cabinetmakers, 17 

Little Lonsdale st west 
Thurgarland, J., 129 Johnston st, F 
Thurgood, W., confectioner, 209 Swan- 

ston st 
Thurtell, A., Queen's Arms hotel, 25 

Dorcas st west, Em H 
Thwaites, G., and Co., cabinetmakers, 64 

Little Collins st east 
Thwaites, J. W., chemist. High st, St E 
Thwaites, John, 74 Lygon st, Carl 
Twaites, Thos. H., 64 Little Collins st east 
Tickle, W. H., Rotherwood st, Rd 
Tidd. Thomas, Pres 
Tieraey, Francis, 9 Victoria st. Hot 
Tierney, Martin, 183 Eing st 
Tiemey, Mrs., tailoress, 11 Victoria st, 

Tietzner, Henry, hay and com merchant, 

246 Elizabeth st 
Tiffen, James B., picture dealer and print- 
seller, 72 Brunswick st, F 
Tiggins, C, dairy, 167 Victoria st, E C 
Tighe, J., 132 Cecil 8t,F 
TiUett, Alfred, pawnbroker, 16 Grertrude 

st, F 
T'Uett, George Wm., pawnbroker, 101 

Brunswick st, F 
Tilley, G., High st, Pra 





Tilley, George, jun., contractor, Cliff si, 

Timlw, Henry, Nott st, San 
Timbury, Charles J., commission agent, 

68 Flinders lan^ weit 
Timbury, F. H., llotherwood rt, Rd 
Timbury, John R., Haw 
Timbury, W., Rotherwood st, Rd 
Timewell, J., tailor. Bank place, CoUins st 

Timmins, J., Sydney road, Bk 
Tims, G. W., 21 St. David st, F 
Tindal, William, 18 Queensberry st, Carl 
Tinning, J., Sydney road, Bk 
Tipper, George li.. Royal Haymarket 

hotel, Bourke st east 
Tippet, Cornelius, wood turner, Highett 

st, Rd 
Tippet, Mrs., Highett st, Rd 
Toal, A., printer, 96 Moor st, F 
Tobelman, W. G., 143 Russell st 
Tobias, W., 122 George st, F 
Tobin, J., Barry st, Carl 
Tobin, M., Hawke st, W M 
Tobin, Michl, 9 Cardigan st, Carl 
Tobin, R., teacher, Nih 
Toche, Paul, S Y 
Tocknell, William, engrarer, 41 Swanston 

Tod, Alexander, and Co., grocers, 114 

Gertrude st, F 
Tod, John, 36 Regent st, F 
Todd, Alexander, 104 Leicester st, F 
Todd, Hugh, baker, Bigneirs lane, Bourke 

st east / 

Todd, John, 95 Bouverie st, Carl 
Todd, John, 92 Leicester st, Carl 
Todd, John, Caple st, Wmn 
Todd, William, 107 Rose st, F 
Toennies, Heinrich, boarding house, 31 

Ix)nsdale st east 
Tolhurst, J. E., butcher, Cardigan st, Carl 
Tolhurst, J. K., Commercial road, Pra 
Tolley, George, Millswyn st, Pra 
Tolmie, Simon, tailor, 9 1 Flinders st west 
Tomett, John, Goodwood st, Rd 
Tom kin, John Royce, solicitor, 24 Wil- 
liam st 
Tomkins, James G., 135 Little Lobsdale 

st west 
Tomlinson, John, sawmaker, 134 'Little 

Bourke st east 
Tompsitt, A., bootmaker, Chapel st, Pra 
Tompson, G. H. B., 9 Elmbank terrace, 

Victoria parade, EM 
Toms, Chas., Henry st, Pra 
Toms, Charles, builder, 148 Smith st, 

Toms, R., Coventry and Birmingham 

hotel, 48 Little Bourke st east 
Toms, William, plumber, 138 Swan st, Rd 
Torason, C. E., 114 Moray st, Em H 
Tondeur, O., and Co., merchants, 3 Flin- 
ders st east 

Tong, W. S., corner of Napier and St. 
David sts, F 

Tongue, James, perambulator maker, &c^ 
Chapel st, Pra 

Toole Brothers, grocers, 162 Bridge roid, 

Tooher, Thomas, boarding house, 134 
Bourke st west 

Toohey, M., Great Britain hotel, dsren- 
don st, Em H 

Toohey, M., 4 Bendigo st, Hot 

Toohey, Patrick, greengrocer, 287 Eliza- 
beth st 

Toohey, Thomas, and Cx, merchants, 37 
Latrobe st east 

Toolin, Thos., tailor, 98 Little Collins st 

Toomey, James, 15 Cross st. Hot 

T^n, John, Town Clerk of Hawthorn, 

Tope, Mrs. Ann, dressmaker, 154 Moray 
st, Em H 

Tope, William, valuator, 65 Cobden st, 

Topp, S., Ringwood, Caulfield 
' Topp, Samuel, and Co., importers, 9 Flin- 
ders lane west 

Torpey, Danl., Old Lamb inn, comer of 
Elizabeth and Franklyn sts 

Torbin, M., 26 Johnston st, F 

Torode, Peter, 106 Rose st, F 

Torpey, Mrs,, Catherine, 6 Henry st, F 

Torrance, Andrew, painter and paper- 
hanger, 72 Lonsdale st east 

Torrance, Andrew, baker, Inkerman si 
east, St E 

Torrance, Charles E., Punt road, Pra 

Toslin, — , tailor, S8a William st 

Tough, D., Sydney road, Bk 

Tourdriner, James, stationer. High st, 

Touzel, George, comer Carlisle and Chapd 
st east, St K 

Tovell, Charles J., surgeon. New st, Btn 

Tovey, Charles, 6 Hanmer st, Wmn 

Towcll, Isaac, 129 Leicester st, F 

Towers, George, carver and guilder, 72 
Brunswick st, F 

Towers, Thompson, Mac's hotel, Franklyn 
st east 

Towers, Thompson, wheelwright, Franklyn 
st east 

Town Hall, Swanston st 

Towns, J. R. S., store, Cochrane st, Btn 

Towns, R., and Co., merchants, 26 Wil- 
liam st 

Townsend, James, fruiterer, &c, 125 
Elizabeth at 

Tozar, — , 159 Victoria parade, F 

Tozer, —, 84 Park st, Em H 

Tozer, John, nautical instrument maker, 
Beach st, San 

Tozer, Thomas, 7 Murchison st, Nicholson 
st, Carl 





Tnicey, John, tanner, Haw 

Twxj, Wm., Punt road, Rd 

Tneey, Wm., Marco Polo hotel, Grant et, 

Tracy, Richard T., MJ)., aorgeon, 188 

Collins at eaat 
Tndes' Hall, Lj^n st, Carl 
Trjdll, William, Charles st, Pra 
Tranan, Joseph, greengrocer, 30 Ferguson 

Trangmar, T., Brighton st, Rd 
Trantnm, Mrs., dressmaker, 73 Gertrude 

st, F 
Trapp, H., Alma st., St K 
Tratman, Caleb, grocer, 165 Little Lons- 
dale st east 
TraTers, Geo., Canel st, Hot 
Tnivers, J., Capei st. Hot 
TraTers, John, Station place, San 
Traynor, Patrick, general dealer, comer 

of Leveson and Byron sts. Hot 
Treacy, J., Railway hotel. Miller st, W M 
Treacy, William Winter, auctioneer, 31 

Boorke st west 
Treacy, Wm., farrier, 14 and 20 Little 

Lonsdale st west 
Treasury, The, Spring st 
Treen, Q., chemist, 170 Clarendon st, 

Treffry, John, Freemasons' hotel, comer 

of Smith and Gertrude sts, F 
Tregarthur, Captain W., pilot, Dover 

road, Wmn 
TrdeaTen, W., 18 Grattan st, Carl 
Tremiils, Henry, grocer, &c., 68 Moor st, 

Trenberth, Richard, coal merchant, 9 

Kathdown st, Carl 
Treuchard, John, solicitor, 69 Temple 

Trenowan and Simpson, butchers, 5 Co- 

veotry st, Em H 
T^neweth, J. and H., brickmakers, Vic- 
toria st west, Bk 
Trentworth, Miss, school, 212 Moray st, 

Trescowthick, Henry, 40 Queensberry st, 

Tressider, W., wheelwright, Edward st, 

Trew, Edwin, Flem 

Trevett, John, carman, George st, E M 
Tribe, James, bricklayer, 27 Cobden st, 

EmH • 

Trickett, Edward, saddler and hamess 

maker, 29 Bourke st west 
Trickett, Mrs., teacher of music, 1 Lans- 

downe st, E M 
Triggs, Wm., 70 Argyle st, F 
Triller, H., Chapel st, Pra 
Trinick, John, bootmaker, Kew 
Tripp, Mrs., ladies* seminary, Commercial 

road, Pra 
Itist, George, Ferguson Bt, Wmn 

Trodd, Geo., dealer in treacle, Rouse st, 

Trodd, George, Graham st, San 
Troedel, Charles, lithographic printer and 

engraver, 100 Swanstpn at 
TroUope, Mrs., Wellington parade, E M 
Tronson and Hill, manufacturers of flock, 

35 Lygon st, Carl 
Trott, W., 114 High st, St K 
Trott, W., cabinetmaker, Argyle tt west, 

Trott, Wm., grocer, Spencer st 
Trotter, B. H., Inkerman st west, St K 
Trotter, G., 8 James st, F 
Trotter, James, Napoleon UI. hotel, cor- 
ner of Bank and Ferrars sts, Em H 
Trotter, Mark, 95 Victoria st, Carl 
Trotter, Miss, schoolmistress, Pent 
Trotter, R., grocer, 131 Brunswick st, F 
Trottman, Thomas, 51 St David st, F 
Trowell, J., 24 Bridport st, Em H 
Tmdgeon, William, 29 Johnston st, E C 
Trudgeon, Wm. Hy., Marian st, F 
Tmmble, J., 22 Coventry st, Em H 
Truss, Mrs., 7 King William st, F 
Trust and Agency Company of Austra- 
lasia, 36 Flinders lane west 
Tryot, David, 19 Stevedore st, Wmn 
Trythall, S., teacher, Hoddle st^ E M 
Tschentscher, Frederick, bootmaker, 123 

Swanston st 
Tucker and Browse, butchers, 55 Peel st, 

Tucker^ Francis, grocer, 61 Lygon st, Carl 
Tucker, R. B., M.L.A., Temple Court 

hotel, Little Collins st west 
Tuckett, Joseph R., merchant and broker, 

20 Collin st west 
Tuff, George, Errol st. Hot 
Tuff, Mrs., 12 Bank st, Em H 
Tulk, Augustus H. (public librarian), 

Bay st, btn 
Tullett, Henry, ironmonger, &c.. Grey st, 

Tullidge, Wm., money broker, 56 Little 

Collins st east 
Tulloch, Capt. James, 40 Park st, Em H 
Tulloch, David, engraver, 91 Cecil st, 

Tulloch, John, Avoca st, S Y 
Tulloch, Wm., grocer. Cole st, S Wmn 
Tully, Christopher, draper and outfitter, 

159 Bourke st east 
Tunks, James, importer of frait, 2 West- 
ern Market 
Tunmer and Wiley, millinery warehouse, 

Gardiner's creek road, Pra 
Tunnaclifle, Mrs., 43 Boden st, W M 
Turia, D., Highett st, Rd 
TurnbuU, Henry, 67 Osborne st, Wmn 
TurnbuU, Henry, bootmaker, 70 Welling- 
ton st, E C 
TurnbuU, J., Auld Reekie hotel, Rouse at, 





TurnbuU, J., Chapel at, St K 
Tarnbull, James, 41 Howard st, Hot 
Turnbull, Jane, 25 Johnston st, E C 
TurnbuU, Jolrn, baker and grocer, Nott 

8t, San 
Turnbull, John, Octayia st, St K 
Turnbull, Mrs., Henry st, Pra 
Turnbull, Mrs., 61 Stanley st, E C 
Turnbull, P., 58 St. David st, F 
Turnbull, Phipps, Alma st, St K 
Turnbull, R. and P., and Co., merchants, 

71 William st 
Turnbnll, Robert, 79 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Turnbull, Robert, 49 Drummond st, Carl 
Turnbull, Robert, M.L.C., William st 
Turnbull, Robert, Alma st, St E 
Turnbull, Wm., 80 Oxford st, E C 
Turnbull, Wm., Cliff st, Pra 
Turnbull, Wm., 71 George st, F 
Turnbull, Wm.M., physician and surgeon, 

Russell st south 
Turner, Alexander, Inkerman st east, StK 
Turner and Gill, stationers, account book 
manufacturers, and paper rulers, 39 
Flinders lane east 
Turner, C, Commercial road, Pra 
Turner, Caleb, Neptune st, St E 
Turner, Dominic A., Prahran st, S Y 
Turner, E., Neptune st, St E 
Turner, Edward, Darling st, S Y 
Turner, G., 38 Wellington st, E C 
Turner, George, 6 Cardigan st, Carl 
Turner, George, 1 Regent terrace, Fara- 
day st, Carl 
Turner, George, tinsmith, 88 Park at, 

Turner, H., 67 Raglan st, Em H 
Turner, H., 3 Montague st, Em H 
Turner, H. G., Robe st, St E 
Turner, Henry, 93 Cecil st. East Wmn 
Turner, Henry W., barrister, 57 Little 

Collins st east 
Turner, J., Commercial road, Pra 
Turner, J., 53 Dudley st, W M 
Turner, J. C, Murphy st, S Y 
Turner, J. E., boot store, 184 Bridge road, 

Turner, James, merchant, 83| Little Col* 

lins st east 
Turner, James H., wool scourer, 61 Flin- 
ders st west 
Turner, James, artist and photographic 

colourist, 140 Gore st, F 
Turner, John, and Co., manufacturers of 

oilmen's stores. Chapel st, Pra 
Turner, John, ship and estate agent, 45 

Flinders st west 
Turner, John, Murphy st, S Y 
Turner, John, carpenter, 36 Argyle st, F 
Turner, John, Prahran st, S Y 
Turner, John, 8 Lygon st, Carl 
Turner, John, William st, Pra 
Turner, Joseph, russia and morocco lea- 
ther goods manufacturer, 48 Queen it 

Turner, Matthew H., hairdresser, 132 

Brunswick st, F 
Turner, Mrs., bootmaker, Madeline •!, 

Turner, Mrs., 31 Oxford st, E C 
Turner, Mrs. J., Punt road, Pra 
Turner, Mrs. J., professor of music, 69 

Park st east, Em H 
Turner, Phillip, Vauduse, Bd 
Turner, Rev. John, 43 CondeU st, F 
Turner, Richard, tinsmith, 200 EUzabeih 

Turner, W., Domain road, S Y 
Turner, W., Trinnian st, Pra 
Turner, W. B., 234 Swan st, Rd 
Turner, W. H., Arthur st, Pra 
Tamer, Wm. F., 160 Victoria parade, EM 
Turpie, J., whitesmith and bellhanger, 49 

Cremorne st, Rd 
Turton, W., 16 Dover place, Wmn 
Turville, T., grocer. Railway place, San 
Turville, T., LocomotiTe hotel, Railway 

place, San 
Tutin, C., Rowena parade, Bd 
Tweddale, Thomas, grocer, 230 Little Col- 
lins st east 
Tweedel, Joseph, shipwright, BtTer bank 

Twentyman, Edward, furniture dealer and 

carpenter, 81^ Queen st 
Twentyman, George Osbom, seal, copper 

plate and die engraver, &c., Sl^ Colluj 

st east 
Twentyman, R., importer, 11 Ftinden 

lane east 
Twentyman, Richard, 8 Prince's temoe, 

Twentyman, Thomas, merchant, 25 Dor- 
cas st, Em H 
Twiddle, — , 50 Chetwynd st. Hot 
Twiddlebridge, Wm., 58 Lothian st. Hot 
Twigg, John, Morland st. Fey 
Twinem, John, storekeeper, FlemiDgUm 

Twitchell, Mrs., 20 Moor st, F 
Twycross, James, and Sons, merchants, 

19 lAitrobe st east 
Twycross, John, Toorak road 
Twyford, Edward, fruiterer, 100 Smith st, 

Tyas, Richard, butcher, Church st, Bd 
Tydeman, James, Williams st, Pra 
Tye, W.» Prahran hotel. Chapel st, Pra 
Tyler, J. C, collector customs, Wallace st, 

Tyler, James, nurseryman, Prea 
Tyree, Peter, Walsh st, W M 
Tyrell, Edwin, general dealer, Bridge 

road, Rd 
Tyrer, John, carrier, Flem 
Tyrie,Wm.,hayand corn dealer, 21 John- 
ston st, F 
Tyrrell, John, 10 Nicholas lane,Boiirkest 






Tjrrell, Miefaael A.> storekeeper, 7 Steve- 
dore at, Wmn 

Tyrrell, Mrs., grocery store, Heath Bt,San 

Tyrrell, Wm., boarding-house, 18 Little 
Lonsdale st east 

l!yrrell, Wm., 11 Nicholas lane, Bonrke st 

TjBOD, Edward, Walsh st, S Y 

Tyson, Thomas, merchant, 47 Elizabeth st 

Tyson's Keef Quarts Mining, Crushing, 
and Pamping Company, 64 Elizabeth st 

Tyssen, G. B., accountant, Bank of N.S. W., 
Ooliins st west 


Uggles, Mrs. Sarah, Old Times hotel, 254 
Elizabeth st 

Ullathome, Wm., and Co., manufacturers 
of shoe threads and grindery, 112 Swan- 
ston st 

Umphelby, C. W., and Co., wine mer- 
chants, 60 Collins st west 

Umphelby, Thomas, Hotham st, E M 

Underwood, Henry, Illawarra st, Wmn 

Underwriters of France, 49 Collins st 

Undoubted Quartz Mining Company, 
Eldoo chambers, Collins st west 

Uoiacke, M. A., store, Little Bourke st 

Unit, H., 42 Moor st, F 

Union, A., 3 Moor st, F 

Union Bank of Australia, 54 Collins st 

Union bonded stores, 61 William st 

Union Building Society, 2nd ; Union 
Building Society, 3rd; 82 Collins st east 

Union Club of Victoria, 90 Collins st west 

Union Gas Company's office, 82 Collins st 

Unitarian Church, Grey st, E M 

United Fire and Marine Insurance Com- 
pany, 26 Collins st west 

United Friends Jewish Benefit Society; 
secretary, 201 Bourke st east 

United Kingdom Temperance and Gene- 
ral Proyident Institute, 18 Collins st 

United Labourers' Friendly Society, meet 
at Trades' Hall, Lygon st, Carl 

United Methodist Church, Chapel st, Fra 

United Operative Bakers' Society, meet 
st Trades' Hall, Lygon st, Carl 

Universal Marine Insurance Company, 40 
Elizabeth st 

Unirersal Traction Railway Patent Com- 
pany, Eldon chambers, Collins st west 

UniTersity of Melbourne, Carl 

Unthank, G. F., tailor and draper, 197 
Bourke st east 

Unthank, J., draper, Hoddle st, £ C 
Unthink, Thomas, Lennox st, Rd 

Upson, Charies, 4 Marian st 

Upper Murray Steam Navigation Com- 
pany (Smith and Banks), 100 Spencer 

XJre, James A., Carlisle st east, St K 
Ure, Robt.,We8tbank terrace, Hawthorne 

Urie, Young, and Co., starch and maizena 

manufacturers, 5 Market st 
Urquhart, Alex., tinsmith, 10 Beach st, 

Urquhart, C. F. G., Builders' Arms hotel, 

Rowena parade, Rd 
Urquhart, E., Simpson's hotel, 99 Victoria 

Urquhart, George, Burnett st, St K 
Urquhart, James, dairyman, 172 Welling^ 

ton st, E C 
Urquhart, John, Station place, San 
Usher, Captain J., Macquarrie st, Wmn 
Usher, George T., and Co., upholsterers 

and mattress makers, 166 Lonsdale st 

Usher, Jon., 178 Madeline st, and 34 

Grattan st, Carl 
Utber, A. G., carpenter. Haw 
Uther, F. K., Wellington parade, E M 
Uther, Frederick, 2 Webb st, F 

Vail, Charles, tailor, York st, Em H 
Vail, Edward Luke, solicitor, 8 Collins st 

Valantine, David Hood, 70 Lygon st, Carl 
Vale, Edward, 102 Queensberry st, Carl 
Vale, John, 118 Lygon st, Carl 
Vale, John, 104 Spencer st 
Vale, John, Westbury st, St K 
Vale, W. M. K., M.L.A., Parliament 

Valentine, J., 128 Rose st, F 
Vallet, Peter, Lothian st, Hot 
Vallient, N., store, Ivanhoe, Heid 
Van Berckelaer, — , photographer. High 

st, St K 
Van Hemert, F. T., M.D., Grey st, St K 
Vans, Mrs. B., Domain road, S Y 
Vanguard, Zingari, and Wallace Deep 

Lead Mining Companies, Crooked River, 

Temple court, Collins st west 
Vaughan and Webster, clothing manufac- 
turers, 55 to 61 Russell st 
Vaughan and Wild, brewers, Bedford st, 

Vaughan, Benjamin, 124 Little Bourke st 

Vaughan, Henry, 15 Brunswick st, F 
Vaughan, John, Horse and Jockey hotel, 

144 and 146 Little Bourke st east 
Vaughan, M., Wreckyn st, Hot 
Vaughan, Moule, and Seddon, solicitors, 

&c., 71 Little Collins st west 
Vaughan, S. B., Walsh st, S Y 
Vaughan, Wm., Drummond st, Carl 





Vauheaden, J., Margnret terrace, Bk 

Vautier, Joseph, Barkly st, St E 

Vaux, James, Kew 

Vaux, M., 133 Roie st, F 

Veal, J. W., 87 Spencer st 

Yeal, John Wm., St. John's school. La- 
trobe st east 

Veal, Thomas, grocer, Gipps st, E C 

Veevers, R., 64 Argyle st, F 

Veirth, J., Berkeley st, Carl 

Veitch, Mrs., Commercial road, Pra 

Velyer, J., Capel st, W M 

Vent, jhomas, Nott st. San 

Vent, Wm., 13 Grattan st, Carl 

Verbrugge, Jacobus, store, Beach st, San 

Verdon, George F. (Colonial Treasurer), 
Strand, Wmn 

Verga, Thomas, printer and bag maker, 
78 Russell st 

Vergin, John, 75 Victoria st, Carl 

Verity, W., butcher, 170 Bridge road, Rd 

Vernon and Co., tanners and curriers, 204 
Elizabeth st 

Vernon, E., 118 Cardigan st, Carl 

Vernon, John, tanner, Flem 

Vernon, John, 4 Jolimont square 

Vernon, John C, 20 Curzon st, Hot 

Vevis, Robert, 170 Johnston st, E C 

Vibert, H., Pelham st, Carl 

Vickers, Charles, architect, Kew 

Vfckers, Joseph, watch makery 14 Ger- 
trude st, F 

Vickers, Richard, hosier, 139 Bourke st 

Victoria and Riverine Pastoral Associa- 
tion, Limited, Collins st west 

Victoria Coal Company, 117 Collins st 

Victoria Fire and Marine Insurance Co., 
82 Collins st east. Agency, Eldon 
Chambers, Collins st west 

Victoria Ice Company, office, 60 Collins st 

Victoria Life and General Insurance Co. 
and Savings' Institute, 82 Collins st 

Victoria Lime and Cement Company, 
Queen st 

Victoria Railways Department Office, 
William st 

Victoria Sugar Co.'s Offices, 12 Queen st, 
and Works, San 

Victoria Trade Protection and Debt Re- 
covery Association, 36 Collins st west 

Victorian and New South Wales Gazet- 
teers, office, 104 Collins st east 

Victoria Grammar School, 95 Collins st 

Victorian Gymnastic Institution, 106 
Flinders lane east 

Victorian Institute of Architects, 49 Eliza-, 
beth st 

Victorian Jam and Pickle Company,! Wil- 
liam st 

Victorian Manufacturing Asaociationi 47 

Bourke st cast 
Victorian Mining and Investment Ano* 

elation, 52 Collins st east 
Victorian Permanent Building Society, 

Collins st east 
Victorian Phonetic Society, Mechanics* 

Institute, Collins st east 
Victorian Poultry Society. Secretary, 55 

King William st, F 
Victorian Railways Goods Depot, Spen- 
cer st 
Victorian Rifle Association, offices, 45 

Stephen st 
Victorian Seamen^s Mission, Hobson'a 

Victorian Water Supply, Department of, 

125 Lonsdale st west 
Vieusseux, L., ladies' college, Clarendoii 

st, EM 
Vigurs, G. J., 37 Pelham st, Carl 
Villers, T. C, 90 Rowena parade, Rd 
Vincent, J., 276 Smith st, E C 
Vincent, J. R., Brighton st, Rd 
Vincent, John P., veterinary surgeon, 201 

Lonsdale st west 
Vincent, John J., grocer, 9 Vere st, E C 
Vincent. Mrs.. Pelham st, Carl 
Vines, F., Punt road, Rd 
Vines, J., baker, Commercial roftd, Pra 
Vines, Michael, Trinnian st, Pra 
Vipond, — , jeweller, 56 Cambridge st, 

Virgo, Francis, Argyle st west, St K 
Virgoe, Son, and Co., merchants, Collins 

place, Collins st west . 
Virgoe, Wm. Ricliard, junior, Btn 
Viset, Mrs., 118 Elgin st, Carl 
Volunteer Office, 45 Stephen st south 
Von der Ueyde, W., WaUh st. S Y 
Von Geyer, Mrs., 46 Napier st, Em H 
Von Reisen, Eliza, 115 Flinders st east 
Von Reicke, Mrs., 104 Russell st - 
Vorwerg, Traugott, grocer, 12 Johnston 

st, F 
Vos?, T., farrier, 101 Moray st, Em H 
Voyer, D., sweep. Bridge road, Rd 


Waddell, John, 90 Bouverie st, Carl 
Waddell, Wm., Vallient st, E C 
Waddington, J., cabinemaker, Iloddle st, 

Waddle, John, 321 Brunswick st, F 
Wade and Go wan, auctioneers and drapery 

saledmen, 20 Collins st west 
Wade, James, Domain road, S Y 
Wade, E. T., Church st, Rd 
Wade, Thomas N., 39 Gore st, F 
Wade, Wm., 91 Douglas parade. Wmn 
Wade, Wm. Richard, secretary Tract So- 
ciety, 17 Swanston st 
Wadeson, L., gardener. Buckland st, Heid 





WadeaoD, Herbert Temple, Wellington 
parade, £ M % 

Wadley, E., 76 Napier it, Em H 
Wadlejr, E. P., 201 Cecil st, Em H 
Wada, Mra., Stevedore st, Wmn * 

Wadgworth, J., Albutt st, Bk 
Wadsworth, James, Howard st, Hot 
Wadsworth, Robert, 93 Wellington st, 

Waggon, J. T., 56 Elgin st, Carl 
Wagner, F., tailo*, Wright lane 
Wagner, Leopold, Caulfield 
Wagshore, Mrs., 78 Victoria st, Rd 
Wagstaff, R., butcher, 138 Johnston st, 

Wainwright, Mrs., Herald agency, 65 Stan- 
ley st, E C 
Wainwright, Samuel, grocer, 187 Wel- 
lington st, E C 
Waite, — , bonnet maker, 1 58 Smith st, 

Waite, Thomas, 28 Brunswick st, F 
Waite. Wm., High st, Pra 
Wakefield, — , Argyle st cast, S^ K 
Wakefield, C, Charles st,F 
Wakefield, Mrs., Caroline st, S Y 
Wakebam, J., plumber, Queensberry st, 

Wakeman, John, wood yard. Church st, 

Waloot, J. B., Bay st, Btn 
Walden, James, dairyman, 21 Palmer st, F 
Waldie, Miss, dressmaker, Cochrane st, 

Walding, T., Henry st, Pra 
Waldock, Samuel, horse trainer. Ascot 

Tale, Flem 
Walduck, W. W., solicitor, 9 Elizabeth rt 
Wale, J., saddler, Inkerman st, St K 
Walford, J., Inkerman st east, St K 
Walkden, J., Essex st, F 
Walker, A., Balaclava road, St K 
Walker, Alfred, Darling st, S Y 
Walker, B., Osborne st, Pra 
Walker, B., Commercial road, Pra 
Walker, Ciptain Joseph, 4 Powlett sk 

Walker, David, 68 Rosslyn st, W M 
Walker, G., Cochrane st, Btn 
Walker, George, photographer and artist, 

113 Queensberry st, Hot 
Walker, George, Wellington st, St. K 
Iker, George S., Chapel st. Pra 
iker, H., 67 York st east, Em H 
ilker, Henry, Peel st, Pra 
ilker, J., 45 Coventry st, Em H 
ilker, J., I06a Fitzroy st, F 
Llker, J., grocer, Canning st, Carl 
I Iker, J. F., Schoolmaster, Punt road, 

Iker, John, 19 Pelham st, Carl 
Iker, John, tailor, 104 Queen st 
Iker, John, North British hotel, corner 
^>Brke and Swanston sts 

Walker, John, Chetwynd st. Hot 
Walker, Joseph Henry, miller, 303 Bruns- 
wick st, F 
Walker, Joseph, 189 Little Lonsdale st 

Walker, Joshua, Punt road, S Y 
Walker, May, and Co., printers, >itereotype 

ftunders, and electrotypists, 99 Bourke 

st West 
Walker, Michael, butcher, 46 Rosslyn st, 

Walker, Mrs., 3 Regent terrace, Moor 

st, F 
Walker, Mrs. E., 87 and 89 Young st, F 
Walker, Mrs. Elizabeth, 180 Moray st, 

Walker, Mrs., straw bonnet maker, 41 

Leveson 8t> Hot 
Walker, Mrs., Rosslyn st, W M 
Walker, O. E., news agent, 7 Madeline st, 

Walker, Parker N., wool and tallow 

broker, 20 Collins st west 
Walker, R., tallow factor, Victoria st, E C 
Walker, K., Gifford st. South Wmn 
Walker, Rev. — , Hoddle st, E C 
Walker, Richard, 53 BHilIie st. Hot 
Walker, Robert, wholesale grocer, &c., 25 

Swanston st, and 56 Flinders lane east 
Walker, Samuel, bootmaker, 161 George 

st, F 
Walker, T. H., Pres ' 

Walker, T. J. S., druggist, Chapel st, Pra 
Walker, Theodore, solicitor, 3^ Swanston 

Walker, Thomas, wharf agent and car- 
tage contractor, \l Flinders st east 
Walker,, Hanmer st, Wmn 
Walker, W. F., 82 Young st, F 
Walker, Wm., 103 Gertrude st, F 
Walkerdon, H., brickmaker. Union st, Bk 
Walkerdon, Joseph, brickmaker, Union 

st, Bk 
Walkey, Jos., Capel st, Hot 
Walk ley, H., 77 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Wall, George, Heidelberg road 
Wall, George, purveyor to private parties, 

Blcssington st, St K 
Wall, Henry, Provost st. Hot 
Wall, John, Charles st, Pra 
Wall, Wm., 1 Woolf s cottages, Faraday 

st, Carl 
Wallace, B., 2 Cross st. Hot 
Wallace, E., blacksmith, Arthur's Seat 

road, Btn 
Wallace, F., blacksmith, 179 Wellington 

st, E C 
Wallace, J., baker, Blackwood st. Hot 
Wallace, J., bookmaker, 118 Gertrude st, 

Wallace, John, 14 Adderly st, W M 
Wallace, John C, Elmbank terrace, Vic- 
toria parade, E M 
Wallace, Mrs., Stanley st, W M 





Wallace, Mrs., 82 Victoria at west, W M 
Wallace, Mrs., Madeline st, Carl 
Wallace, Peter, baker and grocer, 32 Pel- 

ham St, Carl 
Wallace, R., 34 Moray place, Em U 
Wallace, William, 12 Condell st, F 
Wallace, Wm., Nth 

Wallach Brothers, famltnre dealers, .Eli- 
zabeth st ' 
Wallen, R., Lennox st, Rd 
Waller, Francis, Cremorne st, Rd 
Waller, George, Carson's cottages, 13 

Little Collins st east 
Wallin, Frances, Waltham st, Rd 
Wallis, George, 17 Lygon st, Carl 
Wallis, J., carpenter, Albion st, Bk 
Wallis, James, agent, 150 Lonsdale st 

Wallis, James, Bridge road, Rd 
Wallis, James, timber merchant, Moonee 

Wallis, John, bootmaker, 13 Gertrude st, 

Wallis, Mrs., laundress, 41 Frankljn st, 

Wallis, R., wheelwright and blacksmith, 

20 Elizabeth st extension 
Wallis, Thomas, money broker and estate 

agent, 26 and 28 Collins st east 
Wallis, Wm. J., publisher and linguist, 56 

Little Collins st west 
Walls, J., butcher, Grattan st, Carl 
Walls, J., 147 Lygon st, Carl 
Wall worth. Smith, hatter and army cap 

maker, 4 Bourke st ea^^t 
Walsh, — , Adderly st, W M 
Walsh, —, 86 Argyle st, F 
Walsh, A., 44 Little Bourke st east 
Walsh Brothers, watchmakers, jewellers, 

and silversmiths, 53 Collins st cast 
Walsh, C, George st, F 
Walsh, D., gardener, Buckland st, Ileid 
Walsh, E., greengrocer, 171 Moray st, 

Walsh, Ellen, boarding house, 94 Lonsdale 

st west 
Walsh, F., Uaw 

Walsh, Francis A., 37 George st, F 
Walsh, Heniy, tailor, 76 Little Collins st 

Walsh, Henry S., Haw 
Walsh, J. J., 50 Condell st, F 
Walsh, J. K., stationer, 52 Gertrude st, F 
Walsh, James, 100 Queensberry st, Carl 
Walsh, James, Monteagle hotel. Queens- 
berry st, Carl 
Walsh, James, Shannon and Shamrock 

hotel, Queensberry st, Hot 
Walsh, James, 9 Victoria st west, W M 
Walsh, John, tailor, 55 Enrol st, Hot 
Walsh, John, Rose of Denmark hotel, 125 

Little Bourke st west 
Walsh, Mrs., dairy, 101 Little Oxford st, 


Walsh, R., bottle merchant, 45 Eert st, F 
Walsli, Patrick, contractor, Pres 
Walsh, Thomas, sailmaker, 45 Bourke st 

Walsh, Thomas, 262 Smith at, £ C 
Walsh, Thomas, 81 Stanley st, W M 
Walsh, Thomas, SUwell st, W M 
Walsh, William, 67 Faraday st, Carl 
Walshman, — , Tennyson st, St K 
Walstab,' George, auctioneer and estate 

agent, 72 Queen st 
Walter, C, Bell st, F 
Walter, F., cabinet maker, 6 Russell st 
Walter, Frederick, Highett st, Rd 
Walter, Thomas, merchant, 186 Flinders 

lane east 
Walters, Brown, and Ca, mining sur- 
veyors, Bay st, San 
Walters, Captain, marine surveyor. Bouse 

st, San 
Walters, James, 29 Franklyn st west 
Walters, John, High st, Rd 
Walters, Samuel, Lygon st, Carl 
Walters, Thos., merchant, 9 Bond st 
Walton and Sampson, dentists, l20CoUiiis 

st east 
Walton Brothers, chemists and dmggiata, 

48 Gertrude st, F 
Walton, Denys, coffee merchant, &c^ SI 

a'Beckett st 
Walton, J., 45 Bell st, F 
Walter, J. T., Heath st, San 
Walton, J. W., 73 Wellington st, E C 
Walton, Robert, 97 Lygon st, Carl 
Wang, Schmdit, and Lindblom, tailors, 

158 Russell st 
Wann, Hy., 17 Barkly st, Carl 
Warburton, Henry, Chapel st, Pra 
Warburton, Joseph, confectioner, 19 and 

21 Gertrude st, F 
Warburton, Thos., galvanized iron ware- 
house, 23 Bourke st west 
Warburton, W. J., grocer, 100 Wellington 

st, EC 
Ward, — , Swan st, Rd 
Ward, B., hairdresser, 92§ Bourke st east 
Ward, Burnet, 20 Park st, Em H 
Ward, C. S., 33 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Ward, E., 60 Stephen st 
Ward, Frederick, 16 Rathdowne st, Caxl 
Ward, Frederick William, surgical instm* 

raent maker, 44 Swanston st 
Ward, George M., agent, 51 Spring st 
Ward, J., Swan st, lid 
Ward, J., 20 Lonsdale st east 
Ward, James, 73 Faraday st, Carl 
Ward, James, 13 Cole st, Wmn 
Ward, James, 86 Napier st, Em H 
Ward, John, Coventry st, Em H 
Ward, John, 48 Thompson st, Wmn 
Ward, Lawrence, British hotel, Abbott- 
ford st. Hot 
Ward, Miss Mary, 47 Park at west, £m H 
Ward, Mrs., Argyle st, St K 





Ward, Mrs., milliner, ffigh st, St E 

Ward, Mrs., Bouse st, San 

Ward, P., grocer, 19 Little Boorke st, west 

Ward, P., Bouse st, San 

Ward, Patrick, Union hotel, 118 Moraj 

Ward, Patrick, bootmaker. Bay st, San 
Ward, Bobert, Arden st. Hot 
Ward, Samuel, builder, 80 Young st, F 
Ward, T., draper. High st, St K 
Ward, T., draper, Octavia st, St K 
Ward, W., Ann st, Wmn 
Ward, Wm., 72 Little Nelson at, Wmn 
Ward, Wm., hay and corn store, 211 King 

Warde, J., fruiterer, 97 Brunswick st, F 
Wardell, Wm. Wilkinson, Inspector- 
General of Public Works, Public Works 

Warden, James, Derby st, E C 
Warden, John, 65 Osborne st, Wmn 
Warden. William, 173 Moray st, Em H 
Wardill, B. W., Simpson st, E M 
WardiU, S., sweep, 148 Little Bourke st 

Wardlaw, Jas., wheelwright, 169 King at 
Wardlow, Alex., 70 Drummond st, Carl 
Wardlesworth, A., bootmaker, Church st, 

Wardrop, A. B., M.L.A., accountant. 

Bank place, Collins st west • 
Wardrop, James, plumber and gasfltter, 

tin and copper smith, 4 Little Collins st 

Ware, Alfred, fruiterer, 20 Gertrude st,F 
Ware. Edwin, 65 Victoria parade, F 
Warem, — , painter, Smith st, E C 
Warham, F., Napier st, F 
Waring, E., 39 Hanorer st, F 
Waring, Mrs., dressmaker, Victoria st. 

Warman, James, registry office, 22 Little 

Collins st west 
Warming, F., Albion hotel, Faraday st, 

Warmsley, Chas., 88 York st east, Em H 
Wamaas, Wm., Twyford st, Wmn 
Wame, £. K, Commercial road. Fey 
Wame, Henry, 135 Johnston st, E C 
Wame, J., grocer, Beech st, San 
Wsme, John, restaurant keeper, Bay st, 

Wame, WUIiam, Cecil st, F 
Waroeford, Henry, grocer, 30 Barkly st, 

Warner, Ashton, Westgarth st, F 
Warner, Charles F., 137 Haglan st, Em H 
Warner, F., Fitzroy st, St K 
Warner, George, Pentridge 
Warner, Joseph, Wreckyn st. Hot 
Warner, W. H., grocer, 119 Queensbeny 

Warren, — , 12 Greeves st, F 
Warren, A. 6., Heath it, San 

Warren, Ashton, Wellington st, Pra 
Warren, G. H., 31 Bathdowne st, Carl 
Warren, Hy., blacksmith, Latrobe parade, 
, 132 Collins st east 
Warren, James, Illawarra st, Wmn 
Warren, James, Twyford st south, Wmn 
Warren, Mrs., private boarding house, 23 

Napier st, F 
Warren, Mrs., Johnston st, E C 
Warren, Bobert, Whitehall st. Fey 
Warren, Samuel, 8 James st, F 
Warren, W., stationer. Bay st, San 
Warren, William Henry, blacksmith, &c., 

34 Post Office place 
Warrenheip Distillery Company, oiflce, 

23 Queen st 
Warmambool, Belfast and PortlandSteam 

Packet office, 60 Collins st west 
Warrow, James, Illawarra st south, Wmn 
Wartman, Lawrence H., pawnbroker, 

Chapel st, Pra 
Warwey, Charles, 32 Faraday st, Carl 
Warwick, Edward, undertaker, 21 Derby 

st, EC 
Warwick, Henry, bootmaker, 85 Barkly 

Wassettine, H., painter, Fawkner st, St K 
Washington, John, 251 Elizabeth st 
Watchom, T., Albert st, Pra 
Waterhouse, Thos., cabinetmaker. Chapel 

st, Pra 
Waterman, Isaac, picture-frame maker, 

116 Elizabeth st 
Waterman, J., Davis st, Pra 
Waters and Co., patent agents, 58 Little 

Collins st east 
Waters, E., Punt road, Bd 
Waters, James, Stevedore st, Wmn 
Waters, James, Albion st west, Bk 
Waters, John, 240 King st 
Waters, Miss, dressmaker, Baglan st, Em 

Waters, Samuel T., ship painter, Biver 

side south 
Waters, T., butcher, Conmiercial road, 

Waters, Thomas, 247 Albert st, E M 
Waters, Wm., insolvency accountant, 33 

Hanover st, F 
Waterstrom, George, engineer, Simpson 

st, EM 
Watkin, Walter, Punt road, Pra 
Watkins, F., butcher, 74 Clarendon st, 

Watkini, Wm., Carlton Club hotel, Ger- 
trude tt, F 
Watkins, Wm., 213 Victoria st, E C 
Watkinson, H. B., plumber, Cardigan st. 

Watkinson, Mrs., Garden st, Pra 
Watson, — , stonemason, 51 Bose st, F 
Watson, — , store. Pent 
Watson, A., WoodTille 
Watson, A., 32 Swan st, Bd 





Watson, A. S., Flem 

Watson, Alex., 9 Peel st, £ C 

Watson, Alfred, Gardiner's creek road, 

Watson and PattersOQ, bacon curers, Pres 
Watson, Benjamin, tailor, IS Collins st 

Watson, C, Beach, Btn 
Watson, Ch., 17 Errol st, Hot 
Watson, Charles, wholesale grocer, Sec, 

19 Flinders lane west 
Watson, Dayid, carpenter, Inkerman st 

east, St E 
Watson, E., Domain road, S Y 
Watson, E. G., Glencoe, S Y 
Watson, F., smith. Nth 
Watson, F., stonemason, 172 Church st, 

Watson, G. B., Elphlnstone, Fey 
Watson, George, cattle salesman, Kirk's 

bazaar, Bourke st west 
Watson, George, Burnett st, St E 
Watson, George, hairdresser, 151 Eing st 
Watson, George, 8 HanoYer st, F 
Watson, George, and Co., slaters, &c., 174 

Lonsdale st east 
Watson, George Wm., chemist, 271 Bruns- 
wick st, F 
Watson, J., 193 Cecil st, Em H 
Watson, J., Byron st, Hot 
Watson, J., Miller st, Bk 
Watson, J. T., confectioner, 239 Bourke 

st east 
Watson, James, grocer, corner Smith and 

Peel sts, E C 
Watson, James, agent, 23 Argyle st, F 
Watson, James, 197 Latrobe st west 
Watson, James, 90 Latrobe st east 
Watson, John, stock broker and insurance 

agent, 26 Collins st west 
Watson, John, butcher, Chapel st, Pra 
Watson, John, Bridge hotel, comer of 

Thompson and Osborne sts, Wmn 
Watson, John, Station place, San 
Watson, Jos., corn dealer, &c., 161 Bourke 

st west and 14 Swanston st 
Watson, McAuley, and Co., shipwrights, 

Hiver side south 
Watson, Mrs., 193 Latrobe st west 
Watson, R., 84 Hanmer st, Wmn 
Watson, Rev. J., Williams road, Pra 
Watson, Robert, Bay View hotel. High 

st, St K 
Watson, Samuel, Barkly st, Carl 
Watson, Samuel W., Punt road, Pra 
Watson, T. B., George st, F 
Watson, Thomas, 20 Smith st, E C 
Watson, Thomas B., conveyancer, notary 

public, and parliamentary agent, &c., 

88 Little Collins st west 
Watson, Wra., cooper, Gisborne st, E M 
Watson, Wm., carpenter, 125 Ijatrobe st 

Watson, Wm., 176 Napier st, F 

Watson, William, and Sons, warehoose- 

men, 41 Little Collins st east 
Watson, Wm., 2 Wellington terrace, Wel- 
lington st, St E 
Watson, Wm., Victoria st west, W M 
Watson, Wm., 58 Market st, Em H 
Watson, Wm., Eensington 
Watt, A., slater, 28 Faraday st, Carl 
Watt, Archibald, grocer, 135 Queensberry 

st. Hot 
Watt, Charles, 1 10 Albert st, E M 
Watt, E. J., electro gilder, Rd 
Watt, George, 120 Victoria st, Rd 
Watt, James, 31 Victoria parade, F 
Watt, James, River side south 
Watt, John, 197 Flinders lane east 
Watt, John, 41 Stephen st 
Watt, Joseph, boot warehouse, 129 Eliza- 
beth st 
Watt, Mrs., ladies' nurse, Welluigton st, 

Watt, Mrs., draper, 28 Faraday st, Carl 
Wattinne, Fidele, wool broker, 99^ Col- 
lins st west 
Watton, Edward, tinsmith, 311 Elizabeth 

Watton, Edward, 2 Princess terrace, F 
Watts, — , 21 John st, Wmn 
Watts, C, shoemaker, Pres 
Watts, C. J., Hampton st, Btn 
Watts, C. W., butcher. Cape st, Heid 
Watts, Edward, Alma st east, St E 
Watts, Edwin, Domain road, S Y 
Watts, George, 19 Johnston st, F 
Watts, James, Drummond st, Carl 
Watts, Jos., 45 Victoria st. Hot 
Watts, Martha, china and glass dealer. 

Grey st, St E 
Watts, Mrs., dressmaker, 191 Cambridge 

st, EC 
Watts, Mrs., Hosier lane 
Watts, Thomas, Cremorne st, Rd 
Watts, Thomas, C^ulfleld 
Wauchope, Andrew, Electra st, Wmn 
Waugh and Hastie, modellers, 1 Little 

Oxford st, E C 
Waugh Brothers, hay and corn store, 76 

Rathdowoe st, Carl 
Waugh, J., 6 Cross st. Hot 
Waugh, J., 48 Dudley st, W M 
Waugh, James, 3 Owen and Nicholson sts, 

Waugh, James, hay and corn store, Elgin 

st, Carl 
Waugh, John, 4 Bath terrace, Faraday st, 

Waugh, John, 77 Lygon st, Carl 
Waugh, John and Robert, corn £scton, 

143 Swanston st 
Waugh, R., 44 Lygon st, Carl 
Waxman, Aaron, pawnbroker, 177 Swan- 
ston st 
Waxwork Exhibition, 97 Bourke st east 
Way, George, 138 Eastern road, Em H 





WsTmooth, Bryan, jnn., broker and com- 

mittioD agent, 42 Elizabeth st 
WaTDioath, H., 89 Cecil tt, Em H 
Wajmouth, Samuel, tailor, 149 Bourke it 

Weall, Benjamin, agent, 17 Swanston st 
Wearing. R. W., Essex st, Fey 
Weatherhead, Robert, 39 Cecil st, Wmn 
Weatherbead, Wm., builder, Heath st, 

Weatheriey, Alfred, Union st, S Y 
Weaver, Kdward, 158 Church st, Rd 
Weaver, J., 29 Jeffcott st, W M 
Wearer, Mrs., Charles st, Pra 
Weaver, R , grocer, Nth 
Weaver, T. £., tobacconist, Greville st, 

Weaver, Wm., and Co., job warehousemen, 

14 Elizabeth st 
Weaver, Wm., Carlisle st east, St K 
Webb, Alfred, bootmaker, Chapel st, Pra 
Webb, Charles, architect, 102 Collins st 

Webb, Charles, 161 Spring st 
Webb, Danid, bootmaker, 53 Lonsdale st 

Webb, E., Church st, Pra 
Webb, F. J., 75 St. David st, F 
Webb, G. U. F., Government short hand 

writer and barrister, 1 Temple court, 

Collins st west 
Webb, George, New st, Btn 
Webb, H., oyster saloon keeper, 98a 

Bourke st east 
Webb, H. Lawrence, Station place, San 
Webb, John, schoolmaster. Mill st, Btn 
Webb, John, 185 Cambridge st, E C 
Webb, W. H., 73 George st, F 
Webb, Wm., Parade hotel, Wellington 

parade, £ M 
Webb, Wm., 60 York st east, Em H 
Webb, Wm., 21 Bell st, F 
Webbe, Mrs., 4 Barkly terrace, Barkly at, 

Webber, B. L., Cliff st, Pra 
Webber, S., Fitzroy st, F 
Webber, Samuel, Leveson st. Hot 
Weber, Albert, pianoforte maker, 77 Ger- 
trude st, F 
Webster, Alex., 12 Elizabeth st 
Webster, Alex., 122 Drummond st, Carl 
Webster Brothers, merchants, 28 Flinders 

lane west 
Webster, D., Westbourne terrace, St K 
Webster, Francis B., watchmaker. Bay st, 

Webster, J., 99 Kerr st, F 
Webster, J., carpenter, Strand, Wmn 
Webster, J., and Co., drapers, 283 Victoria 

parade, £ C 
Webster, J. T., watchmaker, 86 Clarendon 

It, Em H 
Webster, John Campbell, Cotham road, 


Webster, John R., watchmaker. Smith at, 

Webster, Joseph, and Co., wholesale gro* 

cers, 30 Queen st 
Webster, Joseph, Hurtley Hall, Kew 
Webster, Thomas D.. 157 Cecil st, Em H 
Webster, Thomas, 197 Cecil st, Em H 
Webster, W., upholsterer, 161 Cardigan 

st, Carl 
Webster, Wm., 17 Spring st 
Weedon, Henry, Morning Star hotel, 154 

Little Bourke st east 
Weedon, J., grocer. Chapel fit, Pra 
Weedon, Wm., Palmerston st, Carl 
Weekly Age office, 67 Elizabeth st 
Weeks, H., Peiham st, Carl 
Weeks, J., general dealer. Little Latrobe 

Wegner, Wm., 49 Napier st, F 
Wehsack Bros., cabinetmakers, 18 Little 

Collins st east 
Weighman, George, musician, 138 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Weinrenter, E., upholsterer, 117 Collins 

st east 
Weir, Alexander, grocer, 227 Bourke at 

Weir, J., livery stables, Gardiner's creek 

road, Tk 
Weir, Samuel, Perry st, E C 
Weir, Wm., builder, 76 Oxford st, E C, 

and 25 Gertrude st, F 
Welch, Henry P., Ashbourne, Tk 
Welch, Joseph, hatter, 86 Brunswick at, F 
Welch, Stephen, Liverpool hotel, 211 

Bourke st east 
Welch, Wm., High st, Pra 
Wellar, J., Union st, Btn 
Wellard, J., Victoria st, Btn 
Wellborne, George, boarding-house, 219 

Bourke st west 
Wellington Mining Association, 32 Col- 

Wells, Arthur, C.E., William st north 
Wells, C. J., grocer, Sydney road, Bk 
Wells, J., Lennox st, Rd 
Wells, James, Miller st, W M 
Wells, R., Peiham st, Carl 
Wells. Thoff., 34 Bouverie st, Carl 
Wells, Thos., High st, St K 
Wells, W. J., Graham st, San 
Wellsteed, George, grocer, 139 Brunswick 

st, F 
Welsford, Samuel J., importer of fancy 

goods, 157 Swanston st 
Welsh Chapel, Latrobe st west 
Welsh, James, 250 King st 
Welsh, Laurance, 65 Park st, Em H 
Welsh, T., 78 Montague st, Em H 
Welsby, Samuel, blacksmith. Church at 

Welton, John, Curzon st, Hot 
Wenborn, W. A. J., George st, E M 
Wenbome, C. F., 45 Drummond at, Carl 

2 A 




Wener, C, india-rubber manufacturer 

139 Flinders st west 
Wenk, A., 261 Fitzroy st, F 
Wenzel and Enes, watchmakers and 

jewellers, 127 and 129 Bourke st east 
Were, J. B., Alma st, St K 
Were, J. B., and Son, stock and share 

brokers, and consulate-general of Por- 
tugal, Denmark, Norway, Chili, and 

Lubec, 22 Collins st west 
Werner, John, 219 Moray st, Em H 
Wernicke, A., cabinetmaker, 15 Victoria 

8t, EC 
Werth, C., tobacconist, 155 Wellington st, 

£ C 
Westlake, Mrs., 79 Cobden st, Em H 
Wesleyan Home, Drummond st and 

Queensberry st, Carl 
West, George, oyster dealer, 211 Swan- 

ston st 
West, H., 35 Hanover st, F 
West, H., wood turner, 227 Moray st, 

Em H ^ 

West, J., bootmaker, 38 Brunswick st, F 
West, James, Victoria st, St K 
West, James, 48 Johnston st, F 
West, James, Prince Albert hotel, Chapel 

st, Pra 
West, John, blacksmith, Ess 
West, Richard, Edward st, Bk 
West, Richard, Inkerman st, St K 
West, Thomas, greengrocer. Chapel st, 


West, W., ironmonger, 136 Brunswick st, 

West, W. F., tobacconist, 157 Elizabeth st 
West, Wm. H., Cremorne st, Rd 
Westall, W. E., Lord Raglan hotel, Nott 

st, San 
Westcott, G., 48 Johnston st, E C 
West Melbourne Orderly room, corner of 

a*Beckett and Queen sts 
Western Clubs Marine Insurance office, 

23 Market st 
Western Market, Flinders lane west and 

Market st 
Westfield, Rennet, surveyor and cooper, 

14 King st 
Westhorp, Thomas, 43 Cecil st east, Wmn 
Westley, Henry, solicitor and conveyancer, 

26 Collins st west 
Weston, J., greengrocer, Ferguson st, 

Weston, Mrs., 24 Church st, E C 
Weston, Thomas, butcher, Blackwood st, 

Weston, W., butcher, 201 King st, and 

Westwood, John A., 5 Owen st, comer of 

Nicholson st, Carl 
Westwood, Samuel, Vere st, E C 
Wetheridge, C, 4 Cross st. Hot 
Weymark, M., dealer, 48 Cardigan st, Carl 
Whaite, J., Abbotsford st, W M 

Whalley, Charles, Wellington st. Fey 
Whalley, James, Victoria st, E C 
Whamond, Mrs., Twyford st, Wmn 
Whan, John, blacksmith, 14 Qaeensberry 

st, Carl 
Whannell, Thomas, 120 Rose st, F 
Wharton, George, architect and surveyor, . 

24 Collins st west 
Wharton, George, tailor, 78 Queen st 
Wharton, Robert, and Co., commission 

merchants, 85 Flinders st west 
WhatmufT, Mrs., school, 127 Johnston 

st, F 
Whatmuff, Stephen, Hoddle st, £ C 
Wheatley, A., Park st, Em H 
Wheatley, Mrs. Louisa, midwife, 74 Fiti- 

roy st, F 
Wheelan, John, toll collector. Bridge road, 

Wheeler, Ed., 19 Darkly st, Carl 
Wheeler, F., 151 Cecil st, Em H 
Wheeler, Henry, painter, plumber, and 

glazier, 35 George st, F 
Wheeler, Henry, Robe st, St K 
Wheeler, J., tailor, 54 Cambridge st, E C 
Wheeler, J.H., M.L.A., Parliament House 
Wheeler, Jabez, Emu hotel, corner of 

Pelham and Biouverie sts, Carl 
Wheeler, Mrs., 70 York st east, Em H 
Wheeler, Mrs. W. J., straw hat malcer, 55 

Errol st, Hot 
Wheeler, Mrs., school, 43 Smith st, F 
Wheeler, Robert, 112 Napier st, P 
Wheeler, Robert, Barkly st, Carl 
Wheelhouse, J., 45 Little Latrobe st 
Wheelhouse, John, machinist, 22 Post 

Office place 
Whelan, Daniel, cabinetmaker, 248 Lons- 
dale st east 
Whelan, James, Nott st, San 
Whelan, P., contractor, 150 Bourke it 

Whelan, Peter, Curzon st. Hot 
Whelehan, Michael, farmer, Ess 
Whigmore, — , master mariner, 33 Toric 

st west, Em H 
Whipp, Mrs. S., 67 Nelson road, Em H 
Whipp, Wm., Whipp*s hotel, Bridge rood, 

Whitaker, T., Brighton st, Rd 
Whitby, A. L., Kew 
Whitby, Edward, merchant, 25 Flindeps 

lane east 
Whitcomb, H., surgeon, 29 Stanley st,EC 
White, — , 85 Moor st, F 
White, A., grocer, 117 Flinders st west 
White, A., 45 Moor st, F 
White, Alex., grocer, corner of King and 

Flinders sts 
White, Alexander, 168 Young st, F 
Wliite, Alfred, Custom-house agent, 17 

Market st 
White, Augustus F., chemist, Chapel st, 






White, Alfred, 111 Victoria st, Hot 
White, B., boot and shoe dealer, 58 Bridge 

road, Rd 
White, Benjamin, Provost st. Hot 
White Brothers and Co., merchants, 3 

Market st 
White, C, 5 Park terrace, Fitzroy st, St K 
Wliite, C, brickmaker. Bay st, Btn 
White, Captain, Strand, Wmn 
White, Captain W., York st east, Em H 
White, Charles, joiner, 3 I^trobe st east 
White, D., 130 Fitzroy st, F 
White, E., grocer, 81 Brunswick st, F 
White, E., Stoke st, San 
White, E. A., 63 Powlett st, E M 
White, E. J., brewer, Cremorne st, Rd 
White, F. D.. Mitchell st, St K 
White, F. K., Simpson st, E M 
White, F. M., architect, 10 Elizabeth st 
White, G., Dover road, Wmn 
White, G., com dealer, 179 Bridge road, 

White, George, and Co., brassfounders 
and gasfitters, 9 and 10 Albert st, E M 
White, H., farrier, Flemington road. Hot 
White, Isaac, Dryborgh st, Hot 
White, Isaac, Cambridge Arms hotel, 

Cambridge st, E C 
White, J., 130 Raglan st east, Em H 
White, J., brickmaker. Bay st, Btn 
White, J. C, Palmerston st, Carl 
White, James, builder, 9 Park st west, 

White, James, Wellington st, Pra 
White, James, merchant, rice mills, 5 

Flinders st east, Dandenong road 
White, James, 161 Lonsdale st west 
White, James, parasol warehouse, 35 Ma- 
deline st, Carl 
White, James, Dandenong road, Wr 
White, James, 35 Madeline st, Carl 
White, James H.,and Co., shipping agents, 
101 Collins st west, and Fulton st, St K 
White, James, Stoke st, San 
White, John, hay store. Bridge road, Rd 
White, John, grocer, 112 George st, F 
White, John, dairyman, Chatham st, Fey 
White, John, quarryman, Whitehall, Fey 
White, Jos., Shamrock hotel, 40 Lonsdale 

st west 
White, Joseph, 3 Jackson st, Wmn 
White, Joseph, 206 Russell st 
White, Luke, Bouverie st, Carl 
White, Mrs., dressmaker. Chapel st, Pra 
White, Mrs., fruiterer and grocer, 79 

Brunswick st, F 
White, Mrs., Fitzroy st, St K 
White, Mrs., Graham st, San 
White, Mrs. Mary, 4 George st, E M 
White, P., plumber and gasfitter, 5 Bruns- 
wick st, F 
White, P. J., bookseller, &c., 6 Brunswick 


White, Patrick, Haw 

White, Peter James, 225 George st, F 
White, Richard C, 63 Cobden st, Em H 
White, Robert, contractor, 112 Latrobe st 

White Star Line of Australian Packets ; 

agent's office, 48a William st 
White, Thomas, harness maker, Pres 
White, Thomas, bootmaker, Barry st, Carl 
White, Thomas, Haw 
White, Thomas and Wm., wine and spirit 

merchants, 38 Flinders st east 
White, W., 95 Lygon st, Carl 
White, W. and G., ship builders and ship 

smiths. Nelson place, and coal-yard, 

Cecil st, Wmn 
White, W. D., Victoria and Nicholson sts, 

White, W. J., Haw 
White, W. P., and Co., merchants, 10 

Elizabeth st 
White, Walter, grocer, Dryburgh st. Hot 
White, Wm. B., veterinary surgeon, 

Chapel st, Pra 
White, Wm.. 77 Capel st. Hot 
White, Wm., land agent and surveyor, 

81^ Collins st east 
White, Wm., Haw 
White, Wm., Simpson st, E M 
Whitehead, Ed., Richmond terrace, Rd 
Whitehead, Edward, 32 Gore st, F 
Whitehead, Isaac, carver and gilder, 83 

Collins st east 
Whitehead, John, King st, W M 
Whitehead, Joseph, 9 Young st, F 
Whitehead, Miss, Williams road, Pra 
Whitehead, Richard, Nicholson st, Carl 
Whitehead, Richard, hall keeper, Hall of 

Whitelaw, D., painter, Moray st, Em H 
Whitelaw, James, Royal lane, Bourke st 

Whitelaw, Robert E., bootmaker, Simpson 

st, E M 
Whiteley, Joseph, Ralston st, Pra 
Whiteley, Mrs., greengrocer, 90 George 

st, F 
Whiteley, P., Commercial road, Pra 
Whitelow, Wm., 16 Howard st. Hot 
Whitely, Thomas, 51 Cobden st, Em H 
Whiteman, James, butcher, Chapel st,Tra 
Whiteraan, J. L., butcher, High st, Pra 
Whiteman, John, farrier, off 56 Bourke st 

Whiteman, Mrs., Pelham st, Carl 
Whiten, A., bookseller, 27 Stanley st, 

Wliiteoak, George, 151 Johnston st, E C 
Whilerod, James, Cremorne st, Rd 
Whiteside, James, bootmaker, 165 Little 

Bourke st east 
Whiteston, P., Hotham st, E M 
Whitfield, George, Capel st, W M 
Whitfield, Joseph, working cutler, 17 Post 

Office place 





Whitford, George T., Duke of Richmond 

hotel, Swan st, Rd 
Whitford, Mrs., private boarding-house, 

27 Russell st 
Whitford, Robert, grocer, Lothian st, Hot 
Whiting, A., bootmaker, 112 Nicholson 


Whiting, James, basket maker, 83 Post 
Office place 

Whiting, J., 2 Webb st, F 

Whiting, Wm., solicitor, 57 Little Collins 
st east 

Whiting, W., 94 Leicester st, Carl 

Whitlaw, David, baker, Peel st, Pra 

Whitling, John, general dealer, 199 Little 
Collins st east 

Whitman, Francis, wheelwright, Haw 

Whitmore, Frederick, saddler, 71 Ger- 
trude st, F 

Whitmore, George, carpenter, 30 Little 
Bourke st west 

Whitney, Chambers and Co., ironmon- 
gers, &c., Collins st east, and 103 Flin- 
ders st east 

Whitney, John, Tennyson st, St K 

Whittaker, J. H., Dryburgh st, Hot 

Whittaker, Mrs., 7 James st, F 

Whittaker, Thomas, Little Hanover st, F 

Whittenbury, Dr., New st, Btn 

Whittingham Brothers, wholesale grocers, 
7 Bond st. Flinders lane west 

Whittle, J., bootmaker, Cremorne st, Rd 

Whittle, John, 47 King William st, F 

Whitton, F., 143 Cecil st, F 

Whitton, George, printer, 101 Flinders 
lane east 

Whitton, H. J., 6 Napier st, F 

Whitton, Mrs., Hoddle st, E C 

Whitton, Thos., hairdresser, &c., 9 Bourke 
st west 

Whitty, A. L., Kew 

Whitty, John, money and hotel broker, 
60 Little Collins st east 

Whomes, George, painter, 79 Rosslyn st, 

Whyatt, J., grocer, Murchison st, Carl 

Why te, — , 50 Cobden st, Em H 

Whyte, A., grocer, King st, and 117 Flin- 
ders st west 

Whyte, B., grocer, 186 Smith st, E C 

Whyte, James, Fulton st, St K 

Whyte, John, store. Canning st, Carl 

Whyte, Jos., Queensberry st, Hot 

Whyte, Mrs., 76 Park st, Em H 

Whyte, Mrs., Fitzroy st, St K 

Whyte, Wm., builder and contractor, 85 
Park st east, Em H 

Whyte, Wm., 1 Errol st. Hot 

Wiber, John, 63 Condell st, F 

Wickham, John, Walsh st, W M 

Wickham, Wm., shoemaker, Flem 

Wicks, Edward, gardener. Ess 

Wicks, Richard, 131 Little Lonsdale st 

Wicks, T. B., pocket book and manifold 

writer maker, 89 Little Collins st east 
Widdicombe, John, draper, Chapel st, Pra 
Widgery, John, solicitor, 4S Bourke st 

Wiegman, A., basket maker, 33 Post 

Office place 
Wigg, H. S., Greville st, Pra , 

Wigg, Mrs., 4 Lygon st, Carl 
Wiggin, Thomas, horse breaker, Lothian 

st, Hot 
Wiggins, Wm., saddler. Swan st, Rd 
Wigglesworth, J., surveyor, St Andrew's 

st, Btn 
Wighan, John, plumber. Commercial lane 

Bourke st cast 
Wight, E. B., Kensington 
Wight, J., reward st, Bk 
Wight, J., wheelwright, Sydney road, Bk 
Wight, Thomas C, printer, Simpson st, 

Wightman, Peter, 69 Drummond st, Carl 
Wigley, J., solicitor. Beach st, San 
Wigmore, R. H., Bridge road, Rd 
Wilcox, Edwin, Roxburgh Castle hotel, 

Chapel st, Pra 
Wilcox, George, turner, 31 Napier st, P 
Wilcox, Henry, Roxburgh brewery, Ar- 
thur st, Pra 
Wilcox, John, coal and wood yard, 33 

Palmer st, F 
Wild, — , furniture broker, Swan st, Rd 
Wild, Benjamin, butcher, 285 Brunswick 

st, F 
Wild, Edward, 31 George st, F 
Wild, Thomas, blacksmith, Pres 
Wild, Wm., Elgin st, Carl 
Wild, Wm., Kensington 
Wildash, George, Young st, F 
Wilden, Wm., nightman, Swan st, Rd 
Wilder, D., share broker, commission 

agent, &c., 3 Collins st west 
Wilding, Samuel, bootmaker, 158 WelUng- 

ton st, E C 
Wilkie, David E., M.L.C., physician, 106 

Collins st east 
Wilkie, Joseph, Caulfield 
Wilkie, Ktlner, and Co., pianoforte man- 
ufacturers, Queen st north 
Wilkie, W^ebster, and Co., pianoforte and, 

music warehouse, 15 Collins st east 
Wilkie, Welch, and Co., agents, importers, 
and agricultural implement sellers, 32 
King st 
Wilkins, — , Twyford st, Wmn 
Wilkins, Alfred, 31 Market st 
Wilkins, Alfred. Burnett st, St K 
Wilkins, Jacob, 160 Cardigan st, Carl 
Wilkins, John, Cole st south, Wmn 
Wilkins, John M. B., surgeon, Nelson pa- 
rade, Wmn 
Wilkins, John, Cole st, Wmn 
Wilkins, Walter, surgeon. Bay st, San 
W^ilkinson, — , Chetwynd st, W M 





WilkiiifOD, A., 18 Moray place, Em H 
Wilkinson and Co., blacking manufac- 

turen, 59 Dodly st, W M 
Wilkinaon Brothers and (>>., merchants, 

112 Collins St west 
Wilkinson, Edward, 59 Elgin st, Carl 
Wilkinson, Frederick, Master in Equity, 

51 Latrobe st east 
Wilkinson, Henry, Inkerman st west, St K 
Wilkinson, Henry A., 24 Church st, Em H 
Wilkinson, J., draper, 76 Brunswick st, F 
Wilkinson, J., 189 King st 
Wilkinson, James, Dudley st, W M 
Wilkinson, John, Haw 
Wilkinson, Miss, dressmaker, 26 Madeline 

st, Carl 
Wilkinson, Miss Jane, artist, 174 Collins 

st east 
Wilkinson, Mrs., 46 Adderly st, W M 
Wilkinson, Mrs. W. A., professor of sing- 
ing, 174 Collins st east 
Wilkinson, Mrs., Howlett st, E M 
Wilkinson, Rer. George, Nelson place, 

Wilkinson, T., Sydney road, Bk 
Wilkinson, Thomas, 35 Cobden st, Em H 
Wilkinson, Thomas, agent Imperial In- 
surance' Company, 39 Grore st, F 
Wilkinson, Thomas, 4 Baillic st, Hot 
Wilkinson, Wm., taiier and clothier, 186 

Smith st, E C 
Wilks, — , chemist, Wellington parade, 

WQks, C, Brighton st, Rd 
Wilks, John, Millswyn st, S Y 
Willan, Robert, Nicholson st, F 
Willand, Thomas, 3 Palmer st, F 
Willdridge, Richard, Haw 
Willerson, H., general dealer, Rowena pa- 
rade, Rd 
Willet, J., 8 Henry st, P 
Willett, Mrs., Russell st 
Willey, George, grocer. High st, Pra 
Willison, C. H., Crown hotel. High st, 

Willison, Charles R., Bunch of Grapes, 

Siranston st 
Williams, — ,118 Raglan st east, Em H 
Williams, — , HanoTer st, F 
Williams, — , Easy st, E C 
Williams, — , 47 Rathdowne st, Carl 
Williams, — , 35 Argyle st, F 
Williams, Abraham, fruit importer. Wes- 
tern Market 
^ illiams and Co., kerosene merchants, 
and importers of sewing machines, 31 
Swanston ist 
^ illiams, B., M.L.C., 34 Bonrke st west 
^ illiams, Benjamin, Acland st, St K 
] illiams. Captain, 73 Raglan st, Em H 
[ iltiams, Charles, 26 Bank st east, Em H 
illiams, David, mason, 136 Raglan st, 
Uiams, Dr^ Douglas parade, Wmn 

Williams, Edward R., store, 151 Queens- 

berry st. Hot 
Williams, Evan, 1 Mc Arthur place, Carl 
Williams, F., dining rooms, 119 Flinders 

lane west 
Williams, F., Heath st, San 
Williams, F., 29 BatUie st,rHot 
Williams, Francis, grocer, Chapel st, Pra 
Williams, Francis, grocer, 5 Bouyerie st, 

Williams, Fred., carpenter, Nott st, San 
Williams, Frekerick, Graham st, San 
Williams, G., draper, Yarra st. Held 
Williams, G., butcher, Faraday st, Carl 
Williams, G. W., Chapel st, Pra 
Williams, Henry, 191 Cardigan st, Carl 
Williams, Henry, teacher, Pent 
Williams, Henry, Elgin st, Carl 
Williams, His Honor Judge, Punt road, 

Williams, J., 82 George st, £ M 
Williams, J., 75 Nelson road, Em H 
Williams, J., 37 Cecil st, Em H 
Williams, J., 7 Chetwynd st. Hot 
Williams, J., Canning st, Carl 
Williams, J., 94 SUnley st, W M 
Williams. J., 47 King William st, F 
Williams, J., Groodwood st, Rd 
Williams, J., 69 Gore st, F 
Williams, J. L., 134 Kerr st, F 
Williams, James, Nicholson st, Carl 
Williams, James, Flem 
Williams, James, Naral Brigade hotel, 

Bay st, San 
Williams, James, boarding-house keeper, 

100 Lonsdale st east 
Williams, James, butcher, 44 Ferguson 

st, Wmn 
Williams, James Slope, bootmaker, 135 

Gertrude st, F 
Williams, James T., 134 Kerr st, F 
Williams, John, Lamb inn. Little Latrobe 

Bt east 
Williams, John, 82 Leicester st, Carl 
Williams, John, 40 Little Nelson st,Wmn 
Williams, John, butcher, Haw 
Williams, John Joseph, 30 Johnston st, F 
Williams, Margaret, Cliff st, Pra 
Williams, Miss, dressmaker, 103 Napier 

st, F 
Williams, Mrs., 32 Regent st, F 
Williams, Mrs., dressmaker, Rowena pa- 
rade, Bd 
Williams, Mrs., 105 George st, F 
Williams, AJrs., Registry office, 199 Vic- 
toria parade, E C 
Williams, Mrs., midwife, 88 Elgin st, Carl 
Williams, Mrs., 2 Bank st east, Em H 
Williams, Owen, produce factor, 142 Col- 
lins st west 
Williams, P. J., Burnett st, St K 
Williams, Richard, 1 Canniug st, Carl 
Williams, Robert, wood, coal, and general 
store, 140 Rose st, F 





Williams, R., 176 Moray st, £m H 
Williams, Samuel, hay and com dealer, 

122 Lonsdale st east 
Williams, Spiro, store, Nott st, San 
Williams, T., Grange road, Tk 
Williams, T., Brunswick st, Bk 
Williams, T. H., 80 Alma st, F 
Williams, Thomas, Grey st east, E M 
Williams, Thomas, 138 Flinders lane east 
Williams, Thomas S., photographic artist, 

4 Collins st east 
Williams, Thomas, hairdresser, 253 Eliza- 
beth st 
Williams, Thomas, Gurner st, St K 
Williams, Thomas, Jackson st, St E 
Williams, W., surgeon, Graham st, San 
Williams, W., saddler, 221 Smith st, :^ 
Williams, W., coachbuilder, 112 Johnston 

St. EC 
Williams, W. B., 10 Queen st 
Williams, W. II., 121 Lonsdale st west 
Williams, Wm., railway and general car- 
riage builder, Collins st west, and Biver 

Side north 
Williams, Wm., 215 Albert st, E M 
Williams, Wm., 185 Lygon st, Carl 
Williams, William H., printer and label 

manufacturer, 23 Little Bourke st east 
Williams, Wm., dyer, 138 Lonsdale st east 
Williams, Wm., Caroline st, S Y 
Williams, Wm., Wellington st, Btn 
Williams, Wm., butcher, 108 Gertrude st, 

Williams, Wm., 142 Little Lonsdale st 

Williamson, B., timber yard, Gardiner's 

Creek road, Pra 
Williamson, Charles, stock and share 

broker, and mining agent, Hall of Com- 
merce, Collins st west 
WiUiamson, Ed., tailor. High st, St K 
Williamson, Geo., tailor and habit maker, 

249 Elizabeth st 
Williamson, John, and Co., curled hair 

manufacturers, 86 Elizabeth st north 
Williamson, Mrs., 5 Roden st. W M 
Williamson, Mrs., Wilson st, Pra 
Williamson, R., 80 Victoria st, W M 
Williamson, Thos., Wreckyn st. Hot 
Williamson, Wm., Victoria hotel, Charles 

st, Pra 
Williamson, Wm., Owen st, Nicholson st, 

Willis, G., 122 Johnston st, F 
Willis, James B., Grosvenor st, Pra 
Willis, N., Station place, San 
Willis, Richard, London 
Willis, Richard and Thomas, importers of | 

clocks, jewellery, &c., 37 and 39 Little 

Collins st east 
Willia, Samuel, ladies' bootmaker, 156 

Bourke st east 
Willis, T., 169 Victoria parade, E C 
Willis, Thomas, dairyman, Uighett st, Rd 

Willis, Thomas, manufactoring jeweller, 

39 Little Collins st east . 
Wniis, Wm., blacksmith, 56 M'KiUop at 
Willis, Wm. L., general store, Leioester 

st, Carl 
Willison, C. H., Builders' Arms hotel, 

Bridge road, Rd 
Willman, Mrs., 263 Napier st, F 
Willmott, George, oven manufacturer, 68 

Little Collins st east 
Willoughby, Howard, 201 Albert st, Em H 
WiUoughby, Mrs. C, 53 Cardigan st, Carl 
Willoughby, T., butcher, Charles st, Pra 
Wills, J., John st. Moor st, F 
Wills, H. C, High st, St K 
Wills, Thomas, Kew 
Wills, W., 99 CecU st, Em H 
Wills, Wm., Castle inn, 104 George st, F 
Wilmington, Mrs., 105 Victoria parade, F 
Wilmot, IL, ironmonger, a' Beckett st west 
Wilmot, Henry, general dealer, 20^ Post 

Office place 
Wilmot, William, ironmonger, 1 1 Eastern 

Market, Bourke st east 
Wilmoth, Joseph, Hotham st, E M 
Wilmott, Geo., colonial oven builder, 62 

Little Collins st east 
Wilms, C. A., and Co., ship chandlers, 13 

Beach st, San 
Wilshin and Leighton, merchants, 7 Mar- 
ket st 
Wilshin, Daniel, Tivoli st, S Y 
Wilson, — , Rouse st, San 
Wilson, — , Condell st, F 
WUson, — , plater, 183 Cambridge st, £ C 
Wilson, — , 23 Wellington st, E C 
Wilson and Mackinnon, general printers 

and publishers, 78 Collins st east 
Wilson, Bei^amin F., Brighton st, Bd 
Wilson Bros., butchers, Nicholson st, Carl 
Wilson Bros., drapers, 125 and 127 Brans- 
wick st, F 
Wilson, Buchanan, and Co., merchants, 

3 Queen st 
Wilson, C, boarding house, 125 Collins st 

Wilson, C. F., hotel broker, 66 Little 

Collins st west 
Wilson, Charles, tent maker, 243 Eliza- 
beth st 
Wilson, Crosbie and Co., merchants, 16 

and 18 Flinders lane west 
Wilson, D., Elgin st, Carl 
Wilson, David, 42 Napier st, Em H 
Wilson, Darid, 21 Rathdown st, Carl 
Wilson, Donald, coachbuilder, Franklyn 

st cast 
Wilson, E., bootmaker, Brighton st, Bd 
Wilson, Ed., accountant, 52 Queen st 
Wilson, Edward, 74 Collins st east 
Wilson, Edward, electro plater and gilder, 

128 Little Collins st east 
Wilson, Edward, M.D., surgeon, 132 

Church st, Rd 





W3$0D»Edirard, contractor, 170 JohnBton 

St, EC 
Wi]son, George, saddler, Flem 
Wilson, George, leather cutter, 89 Bridge 

road, Bd 
Wilson, Geo., Bichmond terrace, Bd 
Wilson, George, Park st, S T 
Wilson, George, Pen 
Wilson, George, Millswyn st, S Y 
Wilson, H., machinist and smith, Barklj 

st, Carl 
Wilson, Henry, Church st, Bd 
Wilson, Henry, tinsmith. Chapel st, Pra 
Wilson, Henry, miller, 140 Lonsdale st 

Wilson, Henry, plumber, 94 High st, St E 
Wilson, Horatio F., carpenter, 117 Stere- 

dore st, Wmn 
Wilson, Hugh, butcher. Bay st, San 
Wilson, Hugh, PrendergasVs hotel, Lons- 
dale st east 
Wason, J., Barkly st, St K 
Wilson, J., 5 Courtney st. Hot 
Wilson, J., jeweller, 76 Gertrude st, F 
Wilson, J., grocer, 45 little Lonsdale st 

Wilson, J. , carpenjter, McGrath's place 
Wilson, J., blacl[(smith, Sydney road, Bk 
Wilson, J., plumber, Gardiner's Creek rd, 

Wilson, J., bootmaker, 8 Beach st, San 
Wilson, J., greengrocer, Leicester st east, 

Wilson, J., 23 Condell st, F 
Wilson, J. H., Alphington 
Wilson, J, N., Haw 
Wilson, James, Bailway place, San 
Wilson, John, 3 Victoria st, Hot 
Wilson, John, 84 Cambridge st, E C 
Wilson, John, 13 Henry st, F 
Wilson, Jos., Dover st, San 
Wilson, Joseph, luumess maker, 7 Carson's 

cottages, Collins st east 
Wilson, M., hay and com store. Chapel 

Wilson, M., china store, 84 Wellington st, 

Wilson, M., 41 Moor st, F 
Wilson, Miss, George st, F 
Wilson, Miss, school, High st, Pra 
Wilson, Monro W., barrister. Temple 

Court, Collins st west 
Wilson, Mrs., 144 Little Bonrke st west 
Wilson, Mrs., 47 Napier st, F 
Wilson, P. J., 65 Dudley st. Wmn 
Wilson, B., Barkly st, St K 
Wilson, R, Dow st, San 
Wilson, Robert, Simpson st, E M 
Wilson, Robert, Admiral Napier hotel, 

Bridge road, Bd 
Wilson, Robert, bootmaker, 193 Clarendon 

Wilson, T., bootmaker, 115 Russell st 
Wilson, T., Btn 

Wilson, T. N., produce merchant, Grey st, 

Wilson, Thomas, Abbotsford st, E C 
Wilson, W., 171 Victoria parade, E C 
Wilson, W., grocery store, 27 Errol st. 

Wilson, W. M., barrister, 7 Temple Court, 

Collins st west 
Wilson, Wm., Cardigan st, Carl 
Wilson, Wm., greengrocer, 135 Cardigan 

st, Carl 
Wilson, Wm., Victoria parade, F 
Wilton, A., 59 Napier st, Em H 
Wilton, Mrs., Berkeley st, Carl 
Wilton, Wm., marine store, 8 Little 

Bourke st west 
Wimble, N., Nth 
Wincey, L., Fitzroy st, E 
Winch, John, Twyford st. South Wmn 
Winder, John, cattle dealer, Flem 
Winder, W. H., brickmaker, Ken 
Winder, Wm., Flem 
Wind ley, Alfred J., 174 Moray place, 

Windsor, A., George st, F 
Windus, Charles, saddler, 59 Lygon st, 

Wines, S., 26 George st, F 
Wing Chong, 59 Little Bourke st east 
Wing, George, fruiterer, 174 Elizabeth st 
Wing, H., lUilwajIplace, San 
Wing, Joseph, share broker, &c., 1 Collins 

st west 
Wing, Phillip, gold chain maker, Royal 

lane, Bourke st east 
Winnell, John, smith. Haw 
Winning, Alexander, 54 Hanmer st, Wmn 
Winsloe, Wm., tobacconist, 158 Bourke st 

Winter, Alfred, photographic artist, 172 

Latrobe st east 
Winter, S. V., Stevenson st, Rd 
Winter and Gregory, grocers, 172 High 

st, St K 
Winter, Charles, 52 Bouverie st, Carl 
Winter, Conrad, Rouse st, San 
Winter, John, coal and wood yard, 41 

Hanover st, F 
Winter, Mrs., fancy repository, 96 Clar- 
endon st, Em H 
Winter, Richard, cabinetmaker, 172 La- 
trobe st east 
Winter, Richard William, photographic 

artist, 172 Latrobe st east 
Winter, W., grocer, 188 Bridge road, Rd 
Winters, Charles, general store, 33 Little 

Bourke st west 
Wintress, F., 37 Coventry st, Em H 
Winwood, James, Wellington st, Rd 
Wip Coon, 82 Little Bourke st east 
Wiper, John, glass cutter, off 66 Little 

Collins st east 
Wippell, J., Heidelberg road 
Wisbey, A., BaUlie st. Hot 





Wue, A. J., 16 Toung st, F 

Wise, George Gordon, 16 Webb st, F 

Wise, J. G., bootmaker, 71 Fitzroy st, 

Wise, James, hairdresser, 29 Collins st 

Wise, Mrs. Jane, 64 Greeves st, F 
Wiseheart, D., die ^sinker, &c., 25 Lons- 
dale st west 
Wiseman, Arthur, 214 Napier st, F 
Wiseman, Henry, coal yard, Nott st, San 
Wise would, James, Rockhill, S Y 
Wise would and Gibbs, solicitors, 16 Ck>l- 

lins st west 
Witchell, John, wheelwright, Chapel st, 

Witchell, Samuel, boarding-house, 50 

Little Bourke st west 
Witham, Wm., 63 Leicester st, Carl 
Witheridge, F., Dover road, Wmn 
Withers, A., draper, 71 and 73 Cecil st, 

Withers, £., Bridport st, Em H 
Withers, Enoch, 34 Dorcas st, Em II 
Withers, George, Steam Packet hotel, 7 

Cole st, Wmn 
Withers, J., Punt road, Rd 
Withers, John R., solicitor, 17 Temple 

court, Collins st west 
Withers, Wm., cooper, 3 Graham st, San 
Withey, G., contractor, 72 Stephen st 
Withy, Arthur, 92 York st, Em H 
Witkowski, Julius, wholesale tobacconist, 

11 Collins st west 
Woinarski, George, mining agent and 
' share broker, 58 Elizabeth st 
Wolf, J. Rudolph, engraver. 111 Little 

Bourke st 
Wolfe, Edward B., master mariner, 57 

Nelson road, Em H 
Wolfe, J., engraver, 127 Little Lonsdale 

st cast 
Wolfenden, Wm., 91 Smith st, F 
Wolff, Mrs., 99 Gertrude st, F 
WollastoD, E., 66 Cardigan st, Carl 
Wollaston, Rev. H., Powlett st, E M 
Wollff, Marks, pawnbroker, 94 Swanston 

Wolmer, Mrs., 75 Cardigan st, Carl 
Wolstenholme, E., ironmonger, 70 Bruns- 
wick st, F 
Wolstenholme, John, 13 Lygon st, Carl 
Wolstenholme, Mrs., tobacconist, 83a 

Brunswick st, F 
Wood, — , dentist, 20 Russell st 
Wood, A., Fitzroy st, f 
Wood, A., lUawarra st, South Wmn 
Wood and Cash, dairymen, 49 Little 

Lonsdale st east 
Wood and Ware, brewers and spirit mer- 
chants, 82 Wellington st, E C 
Wood, C, and Co., corn dealers, Frankljm 

st west 
Wood, Captain, Grore st, F 

Wood, David, Royal Sovereign hotel, 1&5 

Smith st, F 
Wood, David, photographer, 29 Bourke st 

Wood, E., jun., storekeeper and registrar 

of births and deaths, Pres 
Wood, F., boot importer, 123 Bourke ^ 

Wood, Fredk., shoemaker, Moonee ponds, 

Wood, George, pastrycook, Chapel st, PrA 
Wood, George, sailmaker, Nott st, San 
Wood, Henry, greengrocer, 34 Lonsdale 

st west 
Wood, J., 219 Swanston st 
Wood, J., shoemaker, Carpenter st, Btn 
Wood, J., coachmakers* ironmonger, Ma- 
deline st, Carl 
Wood, J. R., Lennox st, Bd 
Wood, J. W., 3 Mc Arthur place, Carl 
Wood, James, Capel st. Hot 
Wood, James W., Swan hotel, 56 Ger- 
trude st, F 
Wood, James Williams, stock and share 

broker, &c., 35 Little Collins st west 
Wood, James, Cardigan st, Carl 
Wood, John, 4 Union terrace, Cardigan 

st, Carl 
Wood, John, plumber, 76 High st, St K 
Wood, John, corner Reilly and Brunswick 

sto, F 
Wood, John* DcnnistouQ, barrister, 24 

Temple court, Collins st west 
Wood, John, 82 Wellington st, £ C 
Wood, John T., Sir R. Peel hotel, Peel st, 

Wood, Jos., Cardigan st, Carl 
Wood, Matthew, Osborne st south, Wmn 
Wood, Miss, dressmaker, 92 Brunswick 

st, F 
Wood, Mrs., 97 Gertrude st, F 
Wood, Mrs., schoolmistress, Lennox at, 

Wood, Rev. Wm., Haw 
Wood, Samuel, Roweua parade, Rd 
Wood, Samuel, 207 Smith st, F 
Wood, Sampson, Walsh st, S Y 
Wood, T., grocer, Hoddle st. E C 
Wood, Wm., 94 Young st, F 
Wood, Wm., 49 Barkly st, Carl 
Wood, Wm. J., blacking manufactureff^ 

Gardiner*s creek road, Tk 
Wood, Wm., naturalist, 92 Brunswick st, 


Woodbridge, B., saddler, 29 Leveson at. 

Woodcock, Wm., Henry st, Pra 

Woodcroft, W. J., 154 Young st, F 

Woodfin, C. P., fancy repository, Claren- 
don st, Em H 

Wood bam, — , Peel st. Hot 

Woodhead, Benjamin, dairyman, 144 CeeQ 

Woodhead, D., 96 York st, Em H 




Woodhoaae and James, lithographers, 
print-sellers, &c., 25 Lonsdale st west 

WoodboQse, Boms, and Co., merchants, 
off 53 Hinders st west 

Woodhoose, E. A., and Co., ship and in- 
surance brokers, 85 Flinders st west 

Woodhottse, R., Felham st, Carl 

Woodin, Robert, Hosier lane, Bonrke st 

Woodroffe, L., Hoddle st, £ C 

Woodroffe, Mrs., 60 Electra st, Wmn 

Woodrow, J. F., accountant, 173 Welling- 
ton st, E C 

Woods, C, f ellmonger, Ess 

Woods, Ed., 159 -Stephen st 

Woods, Edward, Haw 

Woods, F., boarding-house, Little Latrobe 

Woods, Frederick G., 26 Rathdowne st, 

Woods, J., Batman's hotel, Spencer st 

Woods, J., Ess 

Woods, John, contractor, Argyle st, St K 

Woods, Lieut. J. A., Morris st south, 

Woods, Samuel, Greyille st, Pra 

Woods, W., Essendon hotel. Ess 

Woods, Wm., 41 BailUe st, Hot 

Woods, Wm. T., Lennox st. Haw 

Woodsworth, Thomas, Parker st, Wmn 

WoodTille, J., Wellington parade, E M 

WoodYllle, Jarrett, and Co., merchants, 
80 Collins st west 

WoodvUle, W. H., Wellington parade, 

Woodward, — , Kew 

Woodward and Co., potato salesmen, 
Eastern Market, Bourke st 

Woodward, George, surrejor, Punt hill, 

Woodward, F., milliner, Charles st, Pra 

Woodsworth, Thomas, Parker st, Wmn 

Woodyard, Henry, 55 Argyle st, F 

Woolcott and Turner, solicitors and proc- 
tors, 5 Collins st east 

Woolcott, H., 68 Drummond st, Carl 

Woolcott, John Spark, Gardiner's creek 

Woolcott, Mrs., Church st, Rd 

Woolcott, R. R., Vaucluse, Rd 

Woolcott, Wm. S., solicitor, 82 Collins st 

Wooldridge, Henry, surgeon, Aroca st, 

Wo(^, John, 35 Grattan st, Carl 

Wooley, R., contractor, Carlisle st west, 
8t K 

Woolf, -^, tailor, 131 Little Lonsdale st 

Woolf Brothers, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, &c., 225 Elizabeth st 

Woolf, F., Dalgety st, St K 

Woolf, Henry, TrayeUers' Rest hotel, Ni- 

Woolf, M. A., a*Beckett st west 

Woolf, M. L., Victoria buildings, a*Beck- 

Woolf, P., 129 Fitzroy st, F 
Woolf, P., bootmaker, 127 Little Lonsdale 

street east 
Woolfe, C, bootmaker, Church st, Rd 
Woolfe, E., Bay st. Btn 
Woollatt, H. and F., butchers, Hoddle st, 

Woolley, A., and Nephew, merchants, 

ship and insurance brokers, K) Queen st 
Woolley, Charles, Yarra st, Held 
Woolley, Charles, tailor, 168 Queen st 
Woolley, Harwood, and Dayies, solicitors, 

14 Eldon chambers, Collins st west 
Woolley, S. F., Fitzroy st, St K 
Woolley, Septimus F., Fitzroy st, St K 
Woolnough, Leander, Jolimont road, E M 
Woolnough, R. H., Haw 
Wootgate, H. W., 4 Swan st, Rd 
Wootten, John, Pelham st, Carl 
Wootton, Edward, Bay st, San 
Wootton, G., carpenter, Church st, Rd 
Wotton, F. K., Lothian st. Hot 
Wordsworth, Ambrose, plumber and gas- 

fltter, jl49 Swanston st 
Work, A., Fitzroy st, F 
Work, W., grocer, 129 Leicester st, F 
Worke, Mary, 29 Le^eson st. Hot 
Worley, G., Highett st, Rd 
Worley, John, grocer, 141 Wellington st, 

Wormald, F. G., chemist, 57 Latrobe st 

Worrall, J., tailor, &c., ISO Cardigan st, 

Worrall, J., Gardiner's creek road, Tk 
Worrell, Mrs., Nicholson st, F 
Worry, Robert, Church st, Rd 
Worsley, Peter, gardener. Robe st, St K 
Worthington, George, barrister, 14 Tem- 
ple court, Collins st west 
Worthington, T., plumber, Ferguson st, 

Wortley, V., grocer. Pent 
Wortmann, Charles W. M., fruiterer, 161 

Little Lonsdale st east 
Wouldham and Samwells, coach-builders, 

119 and 121 Flinders lane east 
Woulfe, F., 103 Westgarth st, F 
Woulfe, M., Cape st, Heid 
Wragg, G., timber yard, Charles st, Pra 
Wragge, George, chemist, 134 Collins st 

Wray, Peter, Pelham st, Carl 
Wray, Thomas, Acland st, St K 
Wray, Thomas Fawcett, accountant and 

broker, 55 Temple court, Collins st west 
Wray, Wm„ Union st, Pra 
Wrede, Mrs., Church st, Rd 
Wrigglesworth, Robert, 133 King st 
Wright, — , 35 Young st, F 
Wright, Andrew, contractor. Ess 

2 B 





Wright, Arthar J., manager Imperial In- 

inrance Company, 4 Collint at west 
Wright, Capt., Union st, Rd 
Wright, Charlei, Union hotel, Bourke it 

Wright. Charlei, Heath st, San 
Wright, Charles, Olire Branch hotel, 201 

Stephen st 
Wright, E., 80 Park st east, £m H 
Wright, Edward J., draper, 84 Elisabeth 

Wright, Smannel, Abbotsford hotel, 248 

Johnston st, E C 
Wright, George, Bay st, San 
Wright, George, Bull and Mouth hotel, 

Bourke st east 
Wright, George, 133 Queensberry st. Hot 
Wright, Henry C, Bush inn, Commercial 

Wright, J., Bay st, San 
Wright, J., 51 Flinders st east 
Wright, J., outfitter, 7 Lonsdale st west 
Wright, J. M., chemist, Bridge road, Rd 
Wright, J. W., Inkerman st, St K 
Wright, James, High st, Pra 
Wright, James, Stevedore st, Wmn 
Wright, James T., Capel st, W M 
Wright, John, Spencer st 
Wright, John, 18 Young st, F 
Wright, R., 55 Cecil st. Wmn 
Wright, R., shipbuilder, Nelson place, 

Wright, R. M., 118 George st, F 
Wright, Robert, 13 Peel st, Hot 
Wright, T. Walne, importer, 3 Jeffcott st, 

Wright, Thomas, grocer, &c.. New st, Btn 
Wright, Thomas, produce merchant, 243 

Elizabeth st 
Wright, Thomas, Albert st, E M 
Wright, Thomas, artist, 236 Bourke st 

Wright, W. H., secretary Railways, Crown 

Lands offices, William st 
Wright, Walter, Haw 
Wright, Wm., engineer, 101 and HI Little 

Bourke st west 
Wright, Wm., general store, 268 Elizabeth 

Wrixon, H. J., barrister, 73 Little Collins 

st west 
Wrixon, W. H., solicitor, 8 Collins st east 
Wroe, Mrs., 125 Nicholson st, F 
Wushnian, L., Victoria st, Rd 
Wostemann, Louis, Victoria st, Rd 
Wuth, Adolph, gunmaker, 61 Bourke st 

Wyatt, Alfred, barrister, 32j^ Temple 

court, Collins st west 
Wyatt, G., Railway place, San 
Wyatt, J., bootmaker, 232 Wellington st, 

E C 
Wybum, T. J., solicitor, 62 Little CoUms 

st west 

Wyld, E., Park st, S Y 

Wyleigh, G. T., oommissicMi agent, 51 

Temple court 
Wyley, Alexander, Adderiy st, W M 
Wyley, Vincent, Powlett st, B M 
Wylie, Andrew, 12 Rosslyn at, W U 
Wylie, Darid, 60 Arden st. Hot 
Wylie, H. G., academy, 71 Napier st, F 
Wymond, J. H., agent, 26 CoUins st esst 
Wymond, T. H., Heid 
Wymond, T. S., Chapel st, Pra 
Wymons, F. S., 149 Cecil st, Em H 
Wynfield, George, Robe st, St K 
Wynn, Matthew, plumber, 80 Jffigh st, 

Wjmne, A., Oxford st. Hot 

Yan Fatt, merchant, 58 Little Bourke st 

Yarra Yarra Gold Mining Compsny, 64 

Elizabeth st 
Yates, Benjamin, 120 Fitzroy st, F 
Yates, G. G., 96 Queensberry st, Csrl 
Yates, Geoiige Joseph, miller, Merri oraek 
Yates, James, hairdresser, 160 Snithst, 

Yates, Mrs., tailoress, 50 Cardigan st, Carl 
Yates, Thomas, 9 Canning st, Carl 
Yates, Thomas, 104 Elgin st, Oirl 
Yeaman, Andrew, 26 Lygon st, Carl 
YcUand, George, hairdresser, 8 Bouiks st 

Yencken, E. F., Hall of Commerce, Col- 
lins st west 
Yeomans, Richard, 115 Lygon st. Carl 
York, J., Victoria hotel, 162 Victoria st 

Yorke, Charles, Weston st. Fey 
Youl, J. B., draper. Clarendon st, Em H 
Youl, John, 47 Cobden st, Em H 
Youl, Richard, M.D., surgeon and city 

coroner, 111 Collins st east 
Youlden, Edmund, butcher, 141 Swanston 

st. Post Office place 
Young, A^ Gore st, F 
Young, A., goldsmith, 63 Stephen st 
Young, A. F., 7 Peel st. Hot 
Young and Martin, merchants, 117 Flin- 
ders lane west 
Young and Potts, grocers, 216 little Col- 
lins st east 
Young, Darid, Gore st, F 
Young, DaTid, Flem 
Young, David, 77 Westgarth st, F 
Young, G., Lennox st, Rd 
Young, George, 90 High st, St K 
Young, George, 99 Rosslyn st, W M 
Young, George, Dow st, San 
Young, George, grocer, Abbotsford st, 

Young, Henry, hay and com dealCT> 9 
Queensberiy st, Carl 





Ycnngt Thomaf , Kew 

Tmin^, J., Austin st, Fc/ 

TooDg, J. and J. C., merchants, 104a 
Bosrke st west 

YouDg, J. F., 130 Bridge road, Rd 

Tonng, James, Gipps st, £ M 

Tooog, Jas., coal and produce merchant, 
85 Flmders st east 

Toag, James, Boden st, W M 

Toong, James, contractor, 3 Grattan st, 

Toting, JohD,DaIgety st, St K 

Yoang, John, grocer, 169 and 171 Spencer 

Young, John, port ganger, Villiers st, Hot 

Young, John, contractor, Melbourne saw- 
mills, 163 Bottrke st west 

Yoong, John, medieval works manufac- 
turer, 163 Bonrke st weit 

Yong, John, Hotham st, St K 

Young, John, tailor, Flem 

Young, Mrs., 7 Bridport st, Em H 

Young, Mrs., 7 Feel st, Wmn 

Yonog, Mrs., 52 Pascoe st, Wmn 

Young, Mrs., 59 Raglan st, Em H 

YMBQg, Peter, wire worker, 12 little Col- 
lins st west 

Young, R., Stirling Castle hotel, 78 Smith 

YouDg, Robert Morgan, 50 William st, 

Young, Thomas, saddler, Ghurdiner*s creek 
mad, Pra 

Young, W., and Co., woollen warehouse- 
men, 36 Elizabeth st 
Young, W. C. S., carpenter, Vine st, Heid 
Young, Wm., Ivanhoe hotel, Ivanhoe, 

Young, Wm., Victoria Racing Club hotel, 

24 Little Bourke st west 
Younghusband and Co., merchants, 34 

34 Elizabeth st 
Younghusband, Isaac, Beach road, Btn 
Yonngman and Co., wholesale druggists 

and merchants, 125 Russell st 
Youngman, Henry, Avoca st, S Y 
YouDgman, Jos., 63 Elgin st, Carl 
Yuille, Wm. C, commSsion agent, Kirk's 
bazaar, 47 Bourke st west 


2^nder, Cecile, bonded storekeeper, High- 
lander lane, 101 Flinders st west 
Zeal, A. W., Gardiner's creek road, Tk 
Zeal, W. A., M.L.A., Parliament house 
Zelius, Martin, dining rooms, 5 William st 
Zeplin, G., and Sons, professors of music, 

William st 
Zeyenboom, John, 26 Barkly st, Carl 
Ziems, Henry, and Co., tobacconists, 80 

Gertrude st, F 
Zosky, W., 101 Lygon st, Carl 
Zoz, Ephraim, Robe st, St K 
Zumstein, Herman, importer and Swiss 
Consul, 32 Collins st west 






Adams, George, boarding-house, Corio st 
Adams, Edward, hawker, Bellerine st 
Ahem, Michael, builder, Bellerine st 
Ah Sem, James, cabinetmaker. Little 

llyrie st 
Albert, John, labourer, Gheringhap st 
Allan, Frederick, wire-worker. Union st 
AUinson, James, saddler, Byrie st 
Alpin, James, builder, James st 
Amiet, Louis, Pension Suisse, James st 
Anderson, Andrew, grocer, Victoria ter- 
Anderson, Andrew, plumber, James st 
Anderson, John, mining and general com- 
mission agent, Malop st 
Anderson, James, draper and clothier, 

Malop st 
Anderson, R., residence, Bourke crescent 
Anderson, T. Y., and Co., drapers, Moor- 

abool st 
Anderson, William, boat-builder, Eastern 

Anderson, Wm., mason, Little Ilyrie st 
Anderson, — , residence, Yarra st 
Anderson, W. S., wine and spirit mer- 
chant, Ivardinia st 
Andrews, Charles, warehouseman, Ryrie 

Andrews, Robert J., cabinetmaker, Moor- 
abool st 

Andrews, Samuel, coach-builder. Prospect 

Andrews, Wm.> turnkey, Kilgour st 

Andrews, H., draper, Moorabooi it 
Anstice, John, tailor, Ryrie st 
Appleton, James, furniture warehouse^ 

little Ryrie st 
Appleton, Mrs., confectioner, Mooxabool 

Arbuckle, Thomas, tailor, Myers st 
Argles, George, musician, Corio st 
Armand, Mary, dining rooms, Moorabooi 

Armstrong, Mrs., residence, Victoria ter- 
Artillery reserre, Ryrie st 
Ash, Mrs. C, schoolmistress, Bellerine st 
Ashmore, Wm., furniture manu&ctitrer, 

Moorabooi st 
Ashmore, Edward, cabinetmaker, Maude 

Ashmore, George, upholsterer, Matide ti 
Ashmore, J., upholsterer, Maude st 
Ashton, James, sharebroker, Malop st 
Atken, James N., watchmaker and jewel- 
ler, Moorabooi st 
Austin, C. H., bootmaker, Moorabooi st 
Austin, John, foundry, Mercer st 
Australasian Insurance office ; George 

Fraser, resident secretary, Yarra st 
Australian Mortgage, Land, and Finaooe 
Co. (Limited); K. Bowes, manager 


Baddely, K., residence, Yorra st 
Bailey, Thomas, detectire officer, Moora- 
booi st 





Baird, John, blacksmith, Little Malop at 
Baud, John, residence, James at 
Baird, Thomas, residence, Fenwick at 
Bicker, Mra., residence, Mundy at 
Baker, B., tinamith, Bellerine at 
Ball, Mrs., grocer, Little Kyrie at 
Baldock^ Thomas, tinsmith, Moorabool at 
Baldock, Thomas, tinsmith, Bjrie st 
Balding, Bobert, town sarreyor, Bellerine 

BtMings, Bobert, residence, Maude st 
Band, Thomas, residence, PcTensey st 
Bank of Victoria, Malop st ; Vincent W. 

Giblin, manager ; B. Gladstone, acting 

Bank of New Sonth Wales, Malop at; W. 

J. M. Lamoch, manager 
Bank of Anstralasia, Malop st; John B. 

Morris, manager ; John B. (joulston, 

Baonerman, John, butcher, Market place 
Bannister, Henry, clerk, Mftude st 
Banniater, B. D., reaidence, Bellerine st 
Bannister, Mrs., reaidence, Gheringhap st 
Barber, Samuel, dealer, William st 
Barbier, John, carrier, Malop st 
Bardwell, £., solicitor, Moorabool st 
Barnes, Bobert, photographic artist,Union 

Barnes, Wm., tailor, Myers st 
Bartlett, Edwin, draper, Moorabool at 
Barttett, G., cabinetmaker, Moorabool at 
Bartlett and Brunton, saddlers, St^,, 

Malop st 
Bartlett, John, general store, Myers st 
Baakin, Mrs., day school, Bellerine st 
Baydon and Graham, aoapworks, Gorio st 
Baylie, Mrs., residence, Tarra st 
Baylie, Dr. W. H., surgeon, Moorabool st 
Baxter, Wm., painter, Maude st 
Beattie and Longloft, bootmakers, Mercer 

BoBBond, Alfred, greengrocer, &c., Malop 

Beamond, Alfred, storeman, M*Eillop st 
Bean, Charlea, bootmaker, Myers at 
Beard, J., Manchester Arms, Malop at 
Bedford, Mrs., Terminus hotel, Mercer st 
Belcher, G. F., land ofBcer, Moorabool at 
Bell, James, wholesale and retail grocer, 

Bell, Thomas, baker, Kilgonr at 
Bell, Wm., residence, PeTensey crescent 
Bell, John, grocer and produce dealer, 

Milop at 
Bennett and Son, pastrycooks, Malop st 
Bennett- s dining rooms. Eastern beach 
Bent, A., Commercial hotel, Gorio st 
Bent*s dining rooms, Gorio st 
Bentwitb, Mark, residence, Victoria ter- 
Beran, — , pawnbroker, Union at 
Bible Christian Chapel, Bellerine st 
^%g>} *i residence, Fevensey st 

Biggs and Co., china and earthenware 

dealers, Moorabool st 
Birrell, James, residence, Myers st 
Bird, David, grocer, Latrobe terrace 
Binch, Wm., fisherman, McKillop st 
Birch, — , drayman, Eastern beach 
Blackney, George, fisherman, Prospect 

Blair, W., grocer, Corio st 
Blake, Benjamin, bootmaker, Myers st 
Blair, John, baker, Moorabool st 
Blashki, Philip, watchmaker, &c., Moor- 
abool st 
Blashki, Philip, residence, Little Malop st 
Bleuritt, Mrs., ladies' school, Maude st 
Bohanna, Thomas, wheelwright, Little 

Myers st 
Bolger, Martin, residence, Mercer st 
Booth, Mrs., residence, Cavendish st 
Berwick, Henry B., Western hotel, Mer- 
cer st 
Botanical Gardens and the Agricultural 

and Horticultural Societies' reserve 
Botanical Gardens hotel, Malop st 
Bottomly, J., labour office, Byrie st 
Bourke, Thomas, grocer. Little Malop st 
Bourke, Michael, produce merchant, 

Moorabool st 
Bowen, J., jun., confectioner, Corio st 
Bowen, — , warden of the gaol, Henry st 
Bowen, Joseph, jun., confectioner, Moora- 
bool st 
Bowen, Joseph, male and female registry 

office, Moorabool st 
Bowland, Edward, clerk, Myers st 
Bowman, George, estate agent, Ghering- 
hap st 
Bowman, G. H., estate agent, Byrie st 
Box, Wm., shopman, William st 
Brady, Owen, Freemasons' hotel, Malop 

Brady, Wm., grocer, Moorabool st 
Bradley, George, watchmaker, Mercer st 
Brazier, Chas., draper, Pevensey crescent 
Brag, Mrs., milliner, Moorabool st 
Bray, Joseph, tailor and outfitter, Moora- 
bool st 
Blearley Brothers, leather merchants, 

Malop st 
Brehault, Thomas, carpenter, Swanston st 
Brequet, Frederick, Little Malop st 
Breanen, Edward, labourer, Corio st 
Brew, Mary Ann, Byrie st 
Broadbent, George, collector. Little Malop 

Brodie, C, governor of the gaoh, Myers st 
Bright and Hitchcock, drapers, Moora- 
bool st 
Bright and Hitchcock's warehouse, Little 

Malop st 
Brinkley, Mrs., residence, William st 
Brinsley, Annie, ^essmaker, Myers st 
Brittian, Wm., carpenter, Latrobe st 
Britter, Samuel, compositor, Bellerine st 





Brod, Wm., laddler, Swanston at 

Brodee, Charles, Geelong 

Broderick, Patrick, produce storei Myen 

Brodie, Wm., carpenter, Gorio st 
Brook, Edward, Teterinary iurgeon, Bel- 

lerine st 
Brooks, Zachariah, residence, McEillop it 
Brown, Robert, painter, Garden st 
Browne, Wm., grocer, Uyrie st 
Browne, ~, grocer, &c., Bellerine st 
Brown, Mrs. Mary Ann, residence, Belle- 
rine st 
Brown, James, Tliistle inn, Corio st 
Brown, Nathaniel, monumental mason, 

Ryrie st 
Brown, Robert, painter, Myers st 
Brown, James, grocer, Mereer st 
Brown, Osborne, and Co., commission and 

forwarding agents, Mercer st 
Brown, Warren H., draper, &c., Malop st 
Brown, George, residence, Victoria ter- 
Brown, Robert, paperhanger, Moorabool 

Brown, G., bootmaker, Bellerine st 
Bryan, Thomas, labourer, Mundy st 
Buckingham, H., butcher, Ryrie st 
Buckingham, residence, Yarra st 
Bull, Wm. J., chemist, Yarra st 
BuUen, — , cooper, Ryrie st 
Bullock, R. H., merchant. Little Malop st 
Bullock, R. H., produce merohant. Little 

Malop st 
Bumpstead, 8., labourer, Mundy st 
Bunting, John, saddler. Prospect place 
Burgess, George G., watchmaker, Myers 

Burgess, John, hawker, Sydney place 
Burgess, G. G., watchmaker, Moorabool st 
Burke Brothers, gentlemen's outfitters, 

Malop st 
Burn, Mrs., residence, Fenwick st 
Bums, Mrs., ladies' college, Gheringhap 

Burns, £., tailor, Ryrie st 
Burns, John, Newmarket hotel, Little 

Malop st 
Burns, Charles, cooper, &c., Yarra st 
Burrows, Wm., residence, Ryrie st 
Burrowes and Adamson, produce stores, 

Ryrie st 
Burvill, Mrs., milliner, Moorabool st 
Bushby, John, bootnutker, Latrobe ter- 
Butler, Thomas, tailor, Bellerine st 
Byrne, Michael, carpenter, Little Ryrie st 


Cakebread, Wm., coalyard, Little Malop 

Cakebread, Wm., cement store. Little 

Malop st 

Calby, Philip McShane, xesidenoe, Lafttle 

Malop st 
Cameron, Gibson, and Co., grocers, wine 

and spirit merohants, Gheringhap at 
Cameron, Hugh, merchant, Maude st . 
Cameron, Mrs., residence, Gheringhap st 
Cameron, Donald, blacksmith, IsjQnbe 

Camp, — , coachbuilder, Little Myers at 
Camp and Glenister, coachbuilders, Mjen 

Campbell, James, residence, 81 Moorabool 
st; agent for the Austnlian Alliance 
Assurance, secretary for the Geriong 
and Western District UorticQltural So- 
ciety, and secretary Geelong Protestant 
Orphan Asylum 
Campbell, John, baker, Kilgour st 
Campbell, James, secretary to Hortical- 

tural Society, Moorabool st 
Canny, Daniel, cabman. Little Malop at 
Cannon, Thomas, French polisher, iittie 

Ryrie st 
Cantor, Bei^amin, general deder. Market 

Carr, J. G., auctioneer, Moorabool st 
Carr, — , land agent, Ryrie st 
Carr, Daniel, fruiterer, Ryrie st 
Carr, D., greengrocer, Yarra st 
Carley, John, labourer. Garden at 
Carne, John, sailmaker. Little Malop st 
Carpenter, Wm., coachbuilder, lattle 

li^lop st 
Carraway, J., carpenter. Prospect place 
Carroll, W., butcher, Swanston at 
Carter, Cluunpion, Malop st 
Cashan, Patrick, bootmaker, Kardinia at 
Catholic Church, Yarra st 
Catholic Parsonage, Yarra st 
Caranagh, Johana, residence, Latrobe tor* 

Chalder, John, greengrocer, Mercer at 
Chandler, Wm. Henry, postmaa. Little 

Myers st 
Chapman, George, coachbuilder, Sydney 

Chiddle, James, carrier, William st 
Christe, Arthur, clerk, Latrobe temuse 
Christ Church Common School, Moora- 
bool st ; Mr. and Mrs. Macklan, adKiol- 
master and schoolmistress 
Christ Church ; Rer. George Goodman, 

Moorabool st 
Clampett, Margaret, reridence, Myers st 
Cianchy, John, Brian Boru hotel 
Clanchy, M,, Queen's Head hotel, Ryrie st 
Clare, J. and S., naturalists, Corio st 
Clark Bros., grocers, Moorabool st 
Clarke, Alfred, residence, Corio st 
Clarke, Mrs., dressmaker, Myera st 
Clarke, — , labourer, Bellerine st 
Clarke, Michael, bootmaker, Myoa st 
Clarke, J., boot and shoe maker, 





CUfice, Richard, 46 Market sqnare 
Claricaon, Wm., seedsman, Ryrie st 
Okrkaon, Wm., seedsmaD, Gheringhap st 
CloftD, Michael, residence, Yam st 
Clements, James, laboarer, Mandy st 
Ooode, Josiah, boot and shoemaker, Moor- 

abool st 
Cobb and Co.*8 booking office, Malop st ; 

T. Stoneman and Co., proprietors 
Cocks, David, prodnce dealer,'Little Ryrie 

Cockerham, Charles, labourer, Myers st 
Oodsie* Wra., mason, William st 
Colbert, Wm., gneagrocer, Bellerine st 
Cole, Edward H., wine and spirit mer- 

chant^ Moorabool st 
Cblemnn, William, Soathey*s hotel, Tarra 

CoIUDgwood, Mrs., Prospect place 
Cdlina, John, bootmaker, Ryrie st 
CoUina, John, bootmaker, Moorabool st 
Collins, W. H., Kllgoar st 
Colonial Bank of Australasia, Malop st : 
A. S. Park, manager; Wm. Tait, ac- 
Colledge, Wm., chemist and drnggist, 

Moorabool st 
Coombe, Harrey, solicitor, Moorabool st 
Common School : Miss Brew, schoolmis- 
tress, Ryrie st 
Conway, Wm., upholsterer, Moorabool st 
Cook, Charles, Napier, Bellerine st 
Cook, Mrs., ladies* school, Victoria ter- 
Cook, Thomas, jeweller, Gheringhap st 
Copnag, A., fisherman, Bellerine st 
Cordell, Henry, residence. Little Ryrie st 
Corio Flour Mills, Gheringhap st 
Cottell, G., labourer, Cayendish st 
Cotton, Henry, compositor, Maude st 
Corres, Thomas N., baker, Moorabool st 
Cowie, James, residence. Garden st 
Cowley's Dining Rooms, Kardinia st 
Cox, Sarah, machinist, William st 
Cox, — , tailor. Little Malop st 
Craig, Alex., residence, Gheringhap st 
Creed and Son, lock and gunsmith, Ryrie 

Cries, Martin, residence. Little Myers st 
Crisp, Mrs., residence, Bellerine st 
Croker, Joseph, butcher. Market place 
Crook, Alfred, ironmonger, Ryrie st 
Crook, Alfred, ironmonger, Latrobe ter- 

Crooch, John, labourer, Garden st 
Conningham, — , iron bedstead manufac- 

torer, Ryrie st 
Conningham, George, M.L.A., residence, 

Smythe st 
CiuiQiDgham, William, carpenter, Mercer 

CimiiiDgfaam, Greorge, iron merchant, 

Cnrlie, Joseph, ourier, Oarendish it 

Curie, Thomas, wine merchant, Ryrie st 

Cumow, John, produce store, Ryrie st 

Cumow, Wm.| wheelwright. Little Ryrie 

Curron, Thomas, labourer. Little Ryrie st 

Curry, Michael, labourer, Myers st 

Curtain, Mrs., Little Ryrie st 

Curtis, Robt., wheelwright, Little Ryrie st 

Custom House, Eastern Beach 

Cuthbertson, George, corn store, Ghering- 
hap st 

CnthbertaoD, George, grocer, Myers st 


Dale, Henry, butcher, Maude st 
Dalgety, Ibbotson, and Co., merchants, 

Moorabool st 
Daniels, Thomas, residence, Kilgour st 
Daniels, J., ironmonger, Moorabool st 
Daniels, George, butcher. Little Ryrie st 
DaTey, Richard Peechee Lee, grocer, 

Moorabool st 
Darey, Richard, grocer. Little Myers st 
Davies, Henry, cabinetmaker, Myers st 
Davies, Tudor, mariner, Carendish st 
Dayies, H., cabinetmaker, Ryrie st 
Davis, W., tailor and clothier, Malop st 
Davison, John, Fevensey crescent 
Davison, Edward, carpenter, M*Killop st 
Davison, J., auctioneer, Little Malop st 
Daws, Robert, storeman. Little Ryrie st 
Dawson, Charles B., Princess of Wales 

hotel, Ryrie st 
Day, Joseph, farrier, Rjrrie st 
Day, John, miner, Malop st 
Day, Rev. Samuel,, Baptist minister, Little 

Malop st 
De Balk, E., photographic artist, Moora- 
bool st 
De la Hant,Wm., millwright and engineer, 

Cavendish st 
Delion, Henry, hairdresser and importer 
(next door to the Bank of Victoria), 
Malop st 
Demillo, Xavier, Clare hotel, Bellerine st 
Denmead, N., tinsmith, Little Malop st 
Denny, Chas. J., residence, Victoria ter- 
Dennys, C. J., woolmerchant, Victoria ter- 
Denny s, C. J., and Co., woolbrokers, Moor- 
abool st 
Dens, Robert, glass and china warehouse, 

Market place 
Dent, Mrs., dressmaker, Corio st 
Descrimes, Peter E., upholsterer. Little 

Myers st 
Dewar, John, labourer, Sydney place 
Dick, Alex., residence, Victoria terrace 
Dick, Alex., greengrocer, Malop st 
Dickins, Edward, smith, Mercer st 
Dickins, Edward, whitesmith, Smythe st 
Dilon, Mrs., storekeeper. Little Myers st 





Bitton, James, cutler, 23 Little Ryrie st 
Dleaney, Mrs., residence, Bourke crescent 
Dobinson, L., Presbyterian minister, La- 

trobe terrace 
Docharty, Wm., storeman, Maude st 
Domney, John, butcher, Bellerine st 
Donelly, J., jun., Carriers' Arms, Corio st 
Boogan, Matthew, blacksmith, Ghering- 

hap st 
Douglass, Alfred, proprietor Gedong Ad- 
vertiser newspaper, Malop st 
Douglass, Alfred, residence, Fitzroy st 
Douglass and Co., Alfred, wool merchants, 

Victoria terrace 
Dowling, Hy., carpenter, Latrobe terrace 
Downie, Wm., printer, Kilgour st 
Downie and Thompson, printers, Moora- 

bool st 
Downing, B. J., music teacher, Myers st 
Ducker, W. R, prirate residence. Little 

Malop st 
Ducker and Co., W. F., auctioneers. Little 

Malop st 
Duffy, Michael, residence, Moorabool st 
Duggan, Mrs., residence. Garden st 
Duncan, Joseph, storeman, Kilgour st 
Dunden, Edward, carpenter, Corio st 
Dunning, John, greengrocer. Little Byrie 

Dunthorne, George, carpenter Ghering- 

hap st 
Durran, John, carpenter, Kilgour st 
Dupe, John, gunmaker, Byrie st 


Earles, Edward, residence, Latrobe terrace 
Eastwood, Edward, hatter, Moorabool st 
Eastwood, Chas., hat manui^tory. Little 

Malop st 
Edddington, John, carter. Garden st 
Edwards, IVIrs., residence, Malop st 
Electric Telegraph Office, Kyrie st 
Elnor, Sarah, dressmaker, Little Ryrie st 
Espinasse, Robert, ironmonger, Malop st 
Etheridge, — , residence, Garden st 
Erens, Wm., cabman, Mercer st 
ExcelU, — , residence, Yarra st 
Eyre, Thomas, residence, Corio st 


Fahey, Michael, bootmaker, Little Byrie 

Fairbrother, James, residence, Corio st 
Fallen, Michael, Farmers* hotel, Moora- 
bool st 
Farley, Feter, storeman, Smythe st 
Farrell, Chas., accountant, Bank of Aus- 
tralasia, Malop st 
Farrell, John, Court House hotel, Tarra st 
Farrow, John, storeman, Kilgour st 
Fawkner, — , residence, Malop st 
Feehan, Mrs., residence, Bourke crescent 

Fenton, Mary, grocer, Maude st 
Ferguson, John, carriage builder, Ryxie st 
Ferguson, John, coach builder, Myers it 
Ferris, Mrs., straw hat manu&cturer, 

Bellerine st 
Field, Wm., sale yards, Ryrie st 
Finch, Sophia, residence, Little Myera at 
Fink, M. and H., wholesale grocers and 

prorision merchants, Malop it 
Fink, H., residence, Malop st 
Fink, Henry, grocer, Myers st 
Finn, Thomas, carter, Swanston at 
Finnegan, Henry, labourer, Kilgour at 
Firth, Joseph, butcher, Latrobe terrace 
Fischer, Mr., jeweller. Kirk place 
Fisher, Mrs., residence. Little Malop st 
Fitchett, Alfred, residence, Little Myos 

Fitchett's Labour Mart, Malojp st 
Fitzgerald, David, wheelwright, Littte 

Myers st 
Fitzpatrick, John, labourer, Myers st 
Fletcher, John, residence, Latrobe terrace 
Floyd, Benjamin, furniture dealer. Little 

Ryrie st 
Foot, Joseph, carpenter, 56 McKiUop at 
Forbes, Alex., Culloden Castle hot^, La- 
trobe terrace 
Forbes, Mrs., residence. Garden st 
Ford, George, labourer, Mundy st 
Forster and Co., valuators and general 

agents, Moorabool st 
Foster, Henry, mason, Mercer st 
Fouracre, Thomas, .cabinetmaker, little 

Ryrie st 
Fox, Henry, cabinetmaker, James at 
Fox, Henry, cabinetmaker. Little Myers 

Fox, W., produce merchant, Moorabool at 
Fox, Mrs., dressmaker, Myers st 
Franks, Henry, bookseller, Ryrie at 
Franks, Henry, stationer, bookseller, &c., 

Moorabool st 
Eraser, S., Miss, dressmaker, Malop at 
Eraser, Mrs., residence, Latrobe terrace 
Eraser, Hugh, saddler, Maude at 
Frazer, Mrs., residence, Munday at 
Free Church and Common School^ Little 

Malop st 
Freeman, James, labourer, Gheiinghap st 
Freeman and Gaydon, tinsmiths, Malop 

Freeman, Wm., fruiterer. Market place 
Friend, Mrs., boarding-house, Malop at 
Friend, Samuel C, solicitor, Tarra at 
Fyfe and Mackenzie, stock agents and 

wool brokers, Moorabool st 


Gabb, John, painter, Myers st 
Gain, — , coachbuilder, Sydney place 
Galletly, John, manager of London Char- 
tered Boak of Australasia, Malop si 





Cast, H. W.» watchmaker and jeweller, 

Orett B/rie ft 
Garratt, John M., loan and share broker, 

house and land agent, Malop 
Garratt, J. M., residence, Latrobe terrace 
Gasbome, James, grocer, &c., Yarra st 
Gcolton and Chapman, ooachbuilders, 

Gedong Advertiser office; Alfred Doa- 

glass, proprietor, Malop st 
G^oDg Gaol, Swanston st 
Geelong Gaol, Myers st 
Qeelong Hospital, Ryrie st 
Gtdoog Savings* Bank; A. R. Reed, ac- 

Gemeson, R, labourer, Victoria terrace 
Getratty, John, grocer, Yarra st 
Gerrard, Charles, storeman, Kilgour st 
Gibbios, J., cabinetmaker, Moorabool st 
Qibbs, Ronald, and Co., wool merchants, 

Brougham place 
Gibes, Thomas, watchmaker, Moorabool 

GiUin, Vincent W., manager, Bank of 

Victoria, Malop st 
Gibson Brothers and Co., land, estate, and 

general agents, Yarra st 
fflbson, Greorge, grocer, Pevensey crescent 
Gilbert, Mrs., residence, Fitzroy st 
Gillies, Robert, tailor, William st 
GOHs Henry, mariner, Corio st 
Gladstone, R., acting aoooontant, Bank of 

Victoria, Malop st 
Gladstone, Joseph, labourer, Kilgoar st 
Glen, — , labourer, Smythe st 
Glenister, 6., coachbuilder, Myers st 
Gljmn, ->, residence, Garden st 
Golden Horn Gold Alining Company; J. 

Inglis, manager. Little Malop st 
Goldsmith, C, general dealer, Yarra st 
Goodman, Rev. George, M'Killop st 
Goodwin, George W., grocer, Moorabool 

Gosbell, James, grocer, Mercer st 
Gosling, Richard,, Britikh hotel, Corio st 
Gosney, James, carpenter, Mercer st 
GoQ^ and Sons, grocers, Latrobe terrace 
Googh, W. J., Eureka hotel. Little Malop 

Ooaldea, S., moulder, Malop st 
Goiilton, W., coachpainter, Little Ryrie 

Goulston, John B., accountant. Bank of 

Australasia, Malop st 
Graham, Patrick, carter, Myers st 
Graham, Mrs., residence, Kilgour st 
Graham, Olive, residence, Latrobe terrace 
Grammar school, Yarra st 
Grammar School, M'Killop st 
Grant, — , labourer, Corio st 
Grant, H. P., ornamental hairworker and 

jeweller, Ryrie st 
Qnen, Tbomas, brushmaker, Little Ryrie 


Greenwood, Rer. E., residence, Latrobe 

Griffiths Brothers, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, Little Malop st 
Griffiths, v., wine and spurit merchant, 

Fitzroy st 
Griffith, Frank, residence, Mercer st 
Grigg, Tobias, baker, Ryrie st 
Griggs, John, Preston's hotel, Ryrie st 
Growdeo, Wm., builder, M*Killop st 
Grundy, Wm., builder. Fen wick st 
Guera, Auguste, Hotel de la Ville, Little 

Myers st • 

Gundry and Son, china and glass ware- 
house, Moorabool st 
Guthrie, George, residence, Grardcn st 
Guy, Arthur, solicitor, Yarra st 

Haasy, G., restaurant, Moorabool st 
Hackett, Wm., Royal Charter hotel 
Hall, Charles, builder, Swanston st 
Hall Brothers, drapers, Moorabool st 
Hall, Benjamin, draper. Little Ryrie st 
Hallifaz, Joseph, fruiterer, Moorabool st 
Halpin, C, compositor, Corio st 
Hamilton, John, jeweller and engrarer, 

Little Ryrie st 
Handley, tfohn, grocer, Ryrie st 
Harbour Office, Eastern beach 
Hare, Wm., bookseller, Mercer st 
Hare, John, coachman, Swanston st 
Hargraves, Mrs., residence, Bellerine st 
Hargrayes, Simon, wheelwright, Ghering* 

hap st 
Harmer, W., chimney sweep, Corio st 
Harrington, T. M., manager, Bank of 

Australasia, Malop st 
Harris, James, residence, Little Ryrie st 
Harris, Wm., carpenter, Malop st 
Harrison, James, Geelong Register, Kil- 
gour st 
Harrison, James, manageir of Geelong 

Register^ newspaper, Malop st 
Harrison, Thomas, tailor, Corio st 
Hartley, George, cowkeeper, Mundy st 
Hartley, Allan, cowkeeper, Kilgour st 
Hartly, M. J., collector for the hospital, 

Moorabool st 
Hartnup, — , coachbuilder, Corio st 
Harrey, Frederick, residence, Gheringhap 

Harvey, H. and F., produce merchants, 

Ryrie st 
Haseil, Samuel, fruiterer, Mooraboal st 
Haslem, — , residence, James st 
Haw, H. M.. grocer, Yarra st 
Hawkes Brothers, iron merchants, Malop 

Hawkes, Thomas, residence, Victoria ter- 
Hawkesford, Wm. H., agricultural imple- 
ment manufacturer, Ryrie st 

2 c 





Haworth, Edmand F., tanner and carrier, 

. Malop 8t 

Haj Market, Myers at 

Hayes, Captain, residence, Swanston at 

Hay ward, John, stevedore, Sydney place 

Heade, Mrs. P., residence, Sydney place 

Heady, John, grocer, Myers st 

Heady, John, chaff mills, Myers st 

Healy, Patrick, bootmaker, Yarra st 

Hearle, Mrs., residence, Malop st 

Heath and Cordeil, general printers, Malop 

Heath, Edwin, fruiter*. Little Malop st 
Heath, Mrs., residence, Corio st 
Heath, Richard, dentist, Malop st 
Henderson, Rev. James, Geelong 
Hedrick, J., grocer. Little Byrie st 
Hendrick, John, and Co., grocers, and wine 

and spirit merchants, Malop st 
Hendy, James, residence, Pevensey st 
Hendy, James, loan and share broker, 

Malop st 
Henry, James, dealer, M'Killop st 
Henty, Jas., and Co., merchants, Brougham 

Hewitt, Alex., labourer, Bourke crescent 
Hewitt, Wm., builder, Little Kyrie st 
Higgins, W., solicitor, Tarra st 
Higgins, John, bootmaker, Bellerine st 
Hill, Mrs., registry office, Gherinhap st 
Hillhouse, James, butcher, Myers st 
Hinchcliff, John, residence, Swanston st 
Hiscox, George, fishmonger, Mooraboot st 
Hitchins, Edward, residence, Kilgour st 
Hobday, Joseph, pianoforte warehouse, 

Yarra st 
Hoctor, Mrs., residence, Latrobe terrace 
Holden, — , grocer, Maude st 
Hoidsworth, Jos., builder. Little Malop st 
Holland, — , junior, plumber, Bellerine st 
Holland, Charles, mariner, Corio st 
Holland, Andrew, junior, plumber. Belle 

rine st 
•Holland and King, paperhangers, Ryrie st 
Holley, James, carpenter, Munday st 
Holligan, Mrs., greengrocer, Moorabool st 
Holroan, John, grocer, Mercer st 
Holmes, White, and Co., merchants, Gher- 

inghap st 
Holmes, White, and Co., merchants, Little 

Malop st 
Holmes, Alfred, bootmaker, Yarra st 
Holyoak, Frederick, cabinetmaker, Myers 

Hood and Co., coachbuilders, Little Malop 

Hooper, James, residence, M*EiIlop st 
Hopkins, Mrs., residence, Mundy st 
Ilopton, T., Swan hotel, Fyansford 
Horan, Miss, dressmaker, Bellerine st 
Hoeman, Wm., compositor, Swanston st 
Hornsey, Fredk., resider.ce, Sydney plsce 
Hornsey Bros., paper merchants, Moora- 
bool st 

Hospital Reserve, Little Byrie at 
Hotchin, Bobert, batcher, Gheringfasp si 
Hoarigan, Denis, grocer, Moorabool at 
Howanl, — , bandmaster, little Ryrie si 
Howard, Bobert, miner, Maade at 
Howe, Joseph, confectioner, Kilgour at 
Howe, Samuel, builder, Yarra at 
Howell, Wm. S., auctioneer, Byrie at 
Howey, Wm., gingerbeer maker, M'Killi^ 

Hubbard, Eliza, ahip inn, Yarra at 
Huckln, residence. Eastern Beach 
Hudson, Henry, Rising Sun hotel, Byrie st 
Hudson, John W., undertaker, Moorabool 

Huggins, Jalias, compositor. Moody at 
Huggon, Thomas, compositor, M*KxUop^afc 
Hughes, M., tailor, Mundy st 
Hughes, Josiab, ironmonger. Little Myers 

Humble and Co., foundry, Little Malop st 
Humphries, H., hairdresser, Bellerine st 
Humphrey, B., carpenter, M*Killop at 
Hunt, A., mason, Bellerine st 
Hunt, T. B., produce merchant, Ryrie st 
Hunt, Alexander, tailor, Myers st 
Hunt and Holmes, saddler, Malop at 
Hunter, B., labourer, Gheringhap at 
Hurst, Jacob, residence. Union st 
Hutchins, Francis, carpenter, Gheringliap 

Hutchison, James, coachbailder, William 

Hyde, Henry, labourer, Little Malop at 
Hyman, Mrs., &ncy goods merohant, 

Market place 
Hynes, Mrs., Prince Albert hotel, Yam at 

Icely, Bobert, cooper, Mercer at 

Imly, Mrs., residence, Corio st 

Immigration Depot, Ryrie st 

Independent Chapel, Byrie st 

Industrial School, Swanston st 

Inglis, Thomas, market inspector, little 

Ryrie st 
Irvine, John, bootmaker, Yarra st 
Irvine, Henry, master mariner, Malop st 
Isard, H. A., coal merchant, Moorabool st 
Isely, Wm., broker, Latrobe terrace 


Jackson, residence, Eastern Beach 
Jacobs, Morris, outfitter, Malop st 
Jacobs, Hyam, outfitter and fancy goods 

merchant, Moorabool st 
Jacobs, Morris, residence, Pevensey st 
Jaffrey, Mrs., fancy repository, Moorabool 

Jane, Mrs., dressmaker, Moorabool st 
Jef&ay, Mrs., residence, Maude st 
Jcnson, James, residence, Bellerine at 





Jaikxiif and Bennett, undertaker, Moorar 

JenjBgB^ Thomas, haudresser, Bjrie ft 
Jewish Synagogue, Tarra at 
Johnaon, Mr., residence, Malop st 
Johnson, Mrs. J., grocer, Bellerine st 
Johnson, James, bntcher, Gheringhap it 
Johnston, Thomas, greengrocer, Malop at 
Johnston, Wm., labourer, Bellerine st 
Johnston, John, saddler, Little Malop st 
Ji^mston, Robert, saddler, &c., Malop st 
Jones^ F., hairdresser, Ryrie st 
Jones, Cbas., railway porter, M'Eillop st 
Jones, Wm., tailor, Mnndy st 
Jones, Wm., tailor, Myers st 
Jones, Edward, labourer, Corio st 
Joy, John, labourer, Bellerine st 
Joyse, Robert, draper, Ryrie st 
Jidien, J., residence, Corio st 
Jnlien, Mrs., dressmaker, Moorabool st 
Jost, Jacob, cabinetmaker, James st 

Keaman, Koble, grocer, Latrobe terrace 
Keeble, Henry, natoralist, Moorabool st 
Keenan, Thomas, labourer. Little Ryrie st 
Kciermaa, Mrs., residence, Kilgour st 
Kelly, Patrick, contractor, Latrobe terrace 
Kdly, ThoB., Crown hotel, Latrobe terrace 
Kelsall, Mrs., residence, Corio st 
Kennedy, Wm., bootmaker, Bellerine st 
Kenny, Edward, grocer, Moorabool st 
Ksown, John, grocer, McEillop st 
Kernot, W. A., chemist and druggist, 

Moorabool st 
King, — , contractor, Gheringhap st 
Kirkland, J., grocer, Malop st 
Kirkwood, Alfred, draper, Latrobe terrace 
Kitchen, Thos., grocer, Latrobe terrace 
Kitchen, Robert, mason, Little Ryrie st 
Kitchen, Thos., tailor, Latrobe terrace 
Kitt, — , horse dealer, Swanston st 
Kitz, Lewis, watchmaker, Moorabool st 
Knight, Edward, Olive Branch hotel, 

Moorabool st 
Knowlton, James, storekeeper, Moorabool 



ladies' Benevolent Asylum, McEillop st 
Ladies* and Gentlemen*s Baths, Eastern 

lake, John, tailor and outfitter, Malop st 
Lambert, Mrs. J., Myers st 
Lamble, £., bUcksmith, Ryrie st 
Landon, J., clerk of Petty Sessions Su- 
preme Court 
Lane, Wm., carter, Maude st 
Langfaorne, Edwai^ hay merchant, Little 

Myers st 
langhome, Wm., shipping agent, Yarra st 
Laaghome, Wm., residence, Malop st 

Langley, Sarah, 47 Little Ryrie st 
Lamach, W. J. M., manager Bank of New 

South Wales, Malop st 
Laurence, J., Yarra st 
Laurie and Trasey, slaters, Eardinia st 
Lavenburry, Matthew, produce store. 

Little Ryrie st 
Lawrence, Samuel, bootmaker, McEillop 

Lawrence, J., dyer and cleaner. Little 

Malop st 
Lawton, P., tobacconist, Malop st 
Leckie, Mrs. John, grocer, Moorabool st 
Leech, Alfred, labourer, Bellerine st 
Leggitt, James, labourer, Eirk place 
Lenan, John, labourer, Mundy st 
Leon, S., pawnbroker, Eardinia st 
Leonard, Serjeant, McEillop st 
Le Patourel, Harbour office, Fitzroy st 
Le Seur, James, tent maker, Ryrie st 
Levien, B. G., seedsman, Moorabool st 
Levey, A., Union st 
Levy, Michael S., auctioneer, Ryrie st 
Lewis, Joseph, Victoria hotel, Moorabool 

Linford, Alfred, miner, Myers st 
Link, George F., schoolmaster, Pevensey 

Locknan, Mrs., residence, Garden st 
Lockwood, Thomas, bootmaker, Swanston 

London Chartered Bank of Australasia, 

Malop st: John Galletly, manager; 

James Nichol, accountant 
Loughlan, John, Royal Charter hotel, 

Yarra st 
Love, Rev. A., McEillop st 
Lowday, R., musician, Corio st 
Lowe, Henry, carpenter, Maude st 
Lowe, Isabella, Little Ryrie st 
Lowe and McEenzie, butchers, Moorabool 

Lowry, Mrs., grocer, Malop st 
Lucas, Wm., saddler, Latrobe terrace 
Lugg, Mrs., residence, Fitzroy st 
Lynch, John, labourer, Little Malop st 
Lynch, M., labourer, Corio st 

Macdonald, A. C, merchant, agent for 
the Imperial Fire Insurance Company, 
Austrauan Alliance Assurance Com- 
pany, Equitable Mortgage Bank of Vic- 
toria, Ryrie st 

Macdonald, — , residence, Victoria terrace 

Mackefer, Victor, billiard room proprie- 
tor, Yarra st 

Mackenzie, John, auctioneer, Victoria 

Mackie, Thos., mattress maker, Moorabool 

Mackie, Thomas, mattress maker. Little 
Ryrie st 





Macklin, H., schoolmaiter, M'Killop st 
Macpherson, — , carpenter, Bellerine st 
Macnamara, Patrick, turnkey, Bourke 

Malcolm, Robert, carter, Sm3rthe st 
Malcolm, Thos., carpenter, Kilgour st 
Maley, K., solicitor, Tarra st 
Maley, Mrs., Little Malop st 
Malloy, D., labourer, Corio st 
Maloney, — , carrier, Swanston st 
Manger, Mrs., residence, William st 
Manger, Samuel, carpenter, Little Myers 

Mann, John, shipsmith and boiler maker, 

Eastern beach 
Mansfield, Joseph, machinist, Cavendish 

Mansfield, John, baker and confectioner, 

Malop st 
Marendaz, F., grocer, Moorabool st 
Martin, David, residence, Bellerine 8t 
Martin, Richard, watchmaker, Yarra st 
Martin, B., and Sons, timber merchants, 

Ryrie st 
Martin, James, shoemaker, Yarra st 
Mason, T., candlcmaker, Gheringhap st 
Masonic Hall, Union st 
Matthews Bros., butchers, Malop st 
Matthews, £dward, chemist, Latrobe ter- 
Matthews, James, bootmaker, Bellerine 

Matthews, John, farmer, Pevensey cres- 
Maudsley, James, watchmaker, Eastern 

McAllister, — , waterman, Malop st 
McCallum, Mrs., residence, Malop st 
McCallum, Neil, confectioner, Aloorabool 

McCallam, Neil, confectioner, Maude st 
McCallum, — , saddler, Malop st 
McCallum, Neil, and Co., merchants. 

Brougham place 
McCall, Andrew, baker, Myers st 
McCarly, Thos., labourer, Kilgour st 
McConbrie, John, baker, M*KilIop st 
McCulIiim, Mrs., residence, Latrobe ter- 
McCore, Henry, boot and shoe warehouse, 

Moorabool st 
McDonald, Allen, Caledonian hotel. Little 

Ryrie st 
McDonald, Robert, chemist, Gheringhap st 
McDonald, Patrick, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, Moorabool st 
McDonald, R., New Drug Hall, Kyrie st 
McDouald, P., and Co., wine and spirit 

merchants, Moorabool st 
McDuff, P., brewer, Corio st 
McEUroy, James, labourer, Bellerine st 
McFarlane, Mrs., milliner, Malop st 
McGee, Dick, and Co., general waxehonse* 
men, Moorabool st 

McGouge, John, grocer, wine and apifflt 

merchant, Moorabool st 
McGregor, Thomas, carpenter, Bdlgoor it 
McGregor, F., jeweller, Bellerine st 
McEennon, Mrs., residence, Latrobe ter* 

McKinnon, — , residence, Malop st 
Mcintosh, David, butcher, Little Ryrie flt 
McKiever, Phillip, residence, Little Ryria 

McLauchlan, James, cabinetmaker, Lattle 

Malop st 
McMuUen, Jno., wine and spirit mercfasnt. 

Little Ryrie st 
McMullen, Wm., wine and general mer- 
chant, Ryrie st 
McMullen, Alexander, cabman, LitUe 

Ryrie st 
McMurrich, Mrs., Kilgour st 
McNab, Wm., general store, Myera st 
McNab, Wm., labourer, Smythe st 
McNamara, Peter, greengrocer, Malop at 
McNamara, J., merchant. Eastern Beach 
McPherson, John, livery stables, little 

Malop st 
McPhillimy, Hngh, merchant, '.Victoria 

McWilliams, Andrew, architect, Moon- 

bool st 
McWilliams, Andrew, architect, Mando 

Meakin, Henry, Derby Arms hotel, Little 

Malop st 
Mechanics* Institute, Ryrie st 
Meldrom, — , limeburner, Sydney place 
Melville, Mrs., labour office, Ryrie at 
Mercer, George, bookseller and stationec, 

Malop st 
Mercer, George, printer, Malop st 
Metcalfe, Benjamin, plasterer, M'Killop at 
Mildren, Edward, printer, Sydney place 
Miles, Frederick Wm., tailor, Ryrie st 
Miles, George, Excelsior clothing estab- 
lishment, Moorabool st 
Miles, George, draper and outfitter, Moor- 
abool st 
Mi I ford, James, residence, Myers st 
Miller, John, labourer, Fitzroy st 
Miller, John, bootmaker, Maude st 
Miller, James, Prince of Wales hotel* 

Little Malop st 
Miller, J., Albion hotel. Little Malop st 
Miller, Robert, mariner, Bellerine at 
Mills, Edward, coachbuilder, Myers st 
Miines, George, coachbuilder, Malop at 
Mingaye Syder, C. B., medical practi- 
tioner, Moorabool st 
Mitchell, Mrs., residence, Latrobe terrace 
Mitchell, James, residence, Corio st 
Mooney, Thomas, hay and corn merebaot, 

Uttle Malop st 
Mooney, John, mason, Corio st 
Montgomery, John, livery stables. Ear* 






Mmhc, W. S^ blacktmitb, Kardinia st 
Moore, Bct. A., residence, M'KiUop st 
Moore, Won., grocer, Gheringhap st 
Moore, Benjamin, bootmaker, Little Ryrie 

Moore Brothers, produce dealers, Kyrie st 
Moors, W. S., draper, Ryrie st 
Morkham, Wm., bootmaker, Moorabool st 
Morris, Edward, bookseller, Gheringhap 

Morris, James, batcher, Little Malop st 
Morris, John R., manager Bank ol Aus- 
tralasia, Malop st 
Morrison, Mrs., residence, M^Killop st 
Moses, Hjaro, merchant, Market place 
Motteram, Joseph, blacksmith, Ryrie st 
Mougher, James, gardener. Little Myers 

Mount, — , residence, Swanston st 
Morton, Mark, sergeant of police, Bourke 

Modie, Mrs., residence, Myers st 
Maicahy, Patrick, carrier, Swanston st 
Mulder, John F., hairdresser, Moorabool 

Mullen, Thomas, labourer, Cavendish st 
Mulligan, John, hay and corn store, Little 

Matop st 
Manro, Hugh, shoemaker, Bourke crescent 
Monro, James, cabinetmaker, Ryrie st 
Murphy, John, general merchant. Little 

Malop at 
Murphy, Michael, mariner, Gheringap st 
Murphy, Mrs., grocer, Bellerine st 
Murray, Donald, labourer, Kilgour st 
Murray, D., confectioner, Ryrie st 
Murray, Wm., labourer, Swanston st 

Nash, Stephen, blacksmith, Ryrie st 

Nash, Wm., painter, Mundy st 

National Bank of Australasia : T. M. 
Harrington, manager; Charles Farrei, 
accountant, Malop st 

Neal, Benjamin, signwriter, Ryrie st 

Needham, John, writing master, Moora- 
bool st 

Nelson, Henry, Garden st 

Nesbit, Wm., contractor, Maude st 

Newman, Samuel, mariner, Latrobe ter- 

Nicol, James, accountant of the London 
Chartered Bank of Australasia, Malop 

Nichol, J., grocer, Moorabool st 

Nichols, John, Little Ryrie st 

Nicholls, Thomas, and Co., wholesale and 
retail grocers and produce merchants, 

Nicholson and Son, timber merchants, 
Ryrie st 

Nidtson, Mrs., Corio st 

Nile, Gornelidfy labourer, Kilgour st 

Ninham, Thomas, cooper, Bellerine st 

Noble, John, Corio st 

Noble, Wm., grocer, Myers st 

Noble, W. and Co., grocers, &c., Ryrie st 

Noonan, J., Limerick Castle boarding- 
house, Corio st 

Noonan, W. P., Royal Exchange hotel, 
Malop st 

Noonan, James, labourer, Mundy st 

Norman, James, contractor, Corio st 

Norton, J., photographic artist, Malop st 

Nott, Robert, builder, Myers st 

Nott, R. G., painter, Myers st 


O'Brien, Thomas, Turf Club hotel, Malop 

Odgers, Elizabeth, draper, Myers st 
Ogilvie and Robinson, auctioneers and 

shipping agents, Moorabool st 
O'Halloran, Michael, dairyman, Little 

Ryrie st 
0*Halloran, Andrew, Union st 
O'Halloran, Michael, Red Lion inn, Moor- 
abool st 
O'Keene, John, tinsmith, Moorabool st - 
Ormerod, Lionel, photographic artist, 

Moorab(X)l st 
Ormerod, L., Eastern Beach 
Ormond, Mary Ann, Kirk place 
Osborne, G., hat manufacturer, Malop st 
Osgen, John, mariner, Yarra st 
Over, Henry, watchmaker, Union st 
Owen, John, homceopathic chemist, Ryrie 

Ozborough, Charles, George and Dragon 

hotel, Moorabool st 


Page, Frederick, Little Myers st 
Fankhurst, Mrs., Moorabool st 
Pardey, W. E., chemist, Moorabool st 
Park, A. S., manager Colonial Bank, 

Malop st 
Parker, Richard, ironmonger, Moorabool 

Parker, Chas., Iab6urer, Kilgour st 
Parkinson, James, storeman, Maude st 
Parrott and Mills, carriage repository, 

Yarra st 
Payne, John, carpenter, Bellerine st 
Pasmore, Wm., gunsmith, 54 M'Killop st 
Pasmore, Mrs., Yarra st 
Passelaigue, Francis, Colonial Wine Depot, 

James st 
Paterson, Wm., collector, Maude st 
Patelson, Lachlan, bootmaker, Latrobe 

Patten, Thomas, salesman, Little Ryrie st 
Patterson, Elizabeth, greengrocer, Moora- 
bool st 
Patterson, Mrs., M'Killop st 





PattertOD, — , Bellerine st 

Peak, Bobert, ooachtrimmer, Dttle Byrie 

Peecott, Thof ., carpenter, M'Killop at 
Peters, J., slate merchant, Ryrie at 
Peters, W., quarryman, M'Killop st 
Penrose, Henry, fruiterer, Moorabool st 
Phall, Chas., and Co., cabinetmaker, Gher- 

inghap st 
Pitman, Jacob, architect, Moorabool st 
Pitman, J., Victoria terrace 
Pittard, Wm., bootmaker, Gheringhap st 
Police Court, Tarra st 
Pool, Chas., coachbuilder. Little Malop st 
Pontin, James, carter, Corio st 
Portarlington hotel, Sydney place 
Port, James, timber merchant, Little Ryrie 

Post Office, Ryrie st 
Pounds, J. C, accountant. Union Bank, 

Yarra st 
Powell, Geo., miller, Little Myers st 
Powell, Thomas, brewer, Little Malop st 
Powers, John, cooper, Malop st 
Poynton, Edward O., chemist and drug- 
gist, Mnlop st 
Pride, Henry, plasterer. Little Ryrie st 
Prime, Richard, blacksmith. Little Malop 

Puflett, Thomas, Bush inn, Corio st 
Purdue, E. G., warder, Swanston st 

Quinan, James, deputy reg^trar of births, 

deaths, &c., Moorabool st 
Quiney, — , Royal hotel, Malop st 

Rasdale, — , labourer, Bellerine st 

Rashleigh, Mrs., teacher, Gheringhap st 

Ray, James, plasterer, Bellerine st 

Rea, Hugh, grocer, Mercer st 

Reed, A. R., actuary Geelong Savings* 

Reedy, Timothy, Steam Packet hotel, 
Yarra st 

Reeres Brothers, grocers, Moorabool st 

Reeves, Robert, grocer, Myers st 

Reeres, G., Corio st 

Reid, James, cooper, Bellerine st 

Reid, Alexander, produce merchant. Little 
Malop st 

Reid, A. R., Moorabool st 

Read, Charles, draper and tailor, Moora- 
bool st 

Reid, Mrs., Latrobe terrace 

Reid, — , labourer, Malop st 

Reid, Dr., surgeon, Ryrie st 

Rendell, Mrs., Kilgonr st 

Reynard, — , restaurant, Malop st 

Reyner, Walter, blacksmith, Little Malop 

Rice, George, Black Boll hotel, Halop at 

Rich, Mrs., Kilgour st 

Richardson, Mrs., music teacher, MdQi^ 

lop 8t 
Richmond, Wm., painter, &c., Moorabool 

Ricketts, David, oven maker, little 

Malop st 
Rider, Thomas, wool mcrcliant, Pevensey 

Riedy, Timothy, Steam Packet hotel 
Rippon, George R., reporter, Moorabool at 
Ritchie, C, bootmaker, Corio st 
Ritchie, Peter, tailor, Moorabool st 
Rix and Co., auctioneers and agents, 

Ryrie st 
Rix, Thomas, auctioneer, Swanston at 
Roach, Thomas, labourer, McKillop st 
Roberts, Francis, labourer, Bellerine at 
Roberts, Samuel, tinsmith, Malop st 
Roberts, Walker, Moorabool st 
Roberts, Jonah, photographic artist, 

Malop st 
Robertson and Nash, painters and glaziera, 

Moorabool st 
Robertson, John, City Saw-mill, Little 

Ryrie st 
Robertson, Joseph, mason, Swanston at 
Robertson, John, sawyer, William st 
Robertson, James, bootmaker, Corio st 
Robertson, Mrs., grocer, Corio st 
Robinson, Sydney H., homosopathic sur- 
geon, M.R.C.S.L. and L.S.A., Ryrie at 
Roche, R., wheelwright and blacksmith,. 

Moorabool st 
Roche and Sons, blacksmiths, Moorabool 

Roffey, C, fishmonger and greengrocer, 

Malop st 
Rogers, Patrick, labourer. Little Ryrie st 
Rose, R. J., wheelwright, Yarra st 
Rourke, Henry, contractor, Kilgour st 
Rowden, Edward, French polisher, Myen 

Rowseln, Joseph, embroidery warehouse, 

Ryrie st 
Roxburgh, Adam, draper, M*Killop at 
Royce, Walter, baker, Little Myera st 
Rudd, Mrs., draper, Moorabool st 
Rush, Mrs., residence, Bellerine st 
Ryan, Martin, Golden Age hotel, Gher- 
inghap st 
Ryan, Mrs., residence, Mundy st 
Ryan, L., Builders* Arms, Malop st 
Ryan, Patrick, labourer, McKillop st 
Ryan, Mrs., dressmaker, Little Myers st 


Sach, Charles, residence, Myers st 
Sander, Emil, tobacconist, Mabp tt 
Sander, £., and Co., tobacconists, Malop 

Santley, E., bookbmder, BeUedns at 



• iH * 



Stsegfiant, Jcitm, laddler, &a, Bjrie it 
Saiieanty Benjamm, carpenter, Mereer 

Sflsie, Edmiind, drawing-master, Myers st 
SaoBderSy E., residence, Victoria terrace 
Schwab, Abraham, bootmaker, James st 
Scotch Charch, McEillop st 
Sootdi School, Little Myers st 
Scotch School, Tarra st 
Scott, Benjamin, agent, Moorabool st 
Scott, James, engineer, Little Myers st 
Scott Brothers, timber merchants, Corio 

Scott, Donald, timber merchant, Ryrie st 
Seargeant, John, saddler, Mereer st 
Searle, — , carter, Moorabool st 
Searles, Robert, poultry merchant, Moor- 
abool st 
Sebastian, Robert, shipbuilder, Bellerine 

Seles, Hugh, carter, Gheringhap st 
Sepbenfelt, Frederick, labourer, Latrobe 

SewelJ, Frederick, bootmaker, Ryrie st 
Sharp, Wm., Pevensey st 
Shaw, Wm., china and earthenware 

dealer, Moorabool st 
Shaw, J. L., architect and suryeyor,Yarra 

Shaw, Francis, boot and shoe maker, 

Moorabool st 
Sfaaw, Dr. W., surgeon, My era st 
Sheckell, Thomas, basket manu&cturer, 

Malop st 
Sheedy, Patrick, mechanic, Mercer place 
Sheehy, — , boatbuilder, Swanston st 
Sheps, F., bootmaker, Corio st 
Shepperd, Thomas, bootmaker, Moora* 

Shepperd, Miss, ladies' seminary , Yarra st 
Shepperd, Mrs., Latrobe terrace 
Sherwood, — , general dealer. Little 

Myen st 
Shirty, Richard, bootmaker, Gheringhap 

Short, John, produce dealer, Mercer st 
Short, John, produce dealer, Latrobe ter- 
Shugg, Thomas, mason, Maude st 
Sldders, Thomas A>., Kent House and pri- 

Tate hotel, Ryrie st 
SQlett, S., London hotel, Moorabool st 
Sims, James, livery stable keeper. Little 

Malop st 
Sims, — , lirery stable keeper, Malop st 
Simson, James, official assignee, Yarra st 
Simpson, Charles, fisherman, Smythe st 
Sindair, J., boatbuilder. Eastern beach 
Skene, A. J., surveyor, Moorabool st 
Skirving, Peter, Little My^s st 
Skirring. Peter, tailor and outfitter, 

Moorabool st 
Smith, J., gun and locksmith, Ryrie st 
Smith, John, turner, Gheringhap st 

Smith, Henry, tamer, Mercer st 
Smith, Ann, Little Ryrie st 
Smith, Mrs., Myers st 
Smythe, Mary, Myers st 
Spalding, David, cabinetmaker, Ettgour st 
Speedy, Henry, solicitor, Yarra st 
Speoce, D., horsedealer, James st 
Spence, Mrs., grocer, Fitzroy st 
Spriggins, Mrs., dressmaker, Mercer st 
Solomon, E., greengrocer, Moorabool st 
Staines, Wm., turnkey, McEillop st 
Stainsby, Robert, draper, Bellerine st 
Stanley, J., coach builder, Yarra st 
Steedman, George, pianoforte maker and 

tuner, Yarra st 
Stent, J., greengrocer, Malop st 
SteTens, Wm., labourer, Swanston st 
Stewart, Archibald, mason, Maude st 
Stewart, Thomas, draper, Kilgour st 
Stock, Joseph, whitesmith and machinist 

Mercer st 
Stokes, Beigamin, quarry man, Mundy st 
Stirling, James, ]alx>urer, Corio st 
Stone, Ellas, jeweller, Ryrie st 
Stoneham, J., Temperance hotel, Yarra 

Stoneham, Samuel, cabman, Swanston st 
Stoneman, Samuel, Gheringhap st 
Stoneman, Thomas, coachbuilder, Latrobe 

Stoneman, Thomas, livery stables, Clare 

st, Malop st 
Stoneman, Thomas, Union hotel, Malop 

Stoneman, Samuel, coachbuilder, Gher- 
inghap st 
Strachan and Co., bonded stores, Eastern 

Strong, James, bootmaker, Mercer st 
Stubart, Wm., carpenter, Swanston st 
SuUiYan, John, Britannia hotel, Yarra st 
Sullivan, C., baker, Malop st 
Sullivan, — , Swanston st 
Summers, Wm., Australian hotel, Ryrie 

Superintendent's offices, Police, Little 

Myers st 
Sutherland, Alexander, manager of Union 

Bank, Yarra st 
Sutherland, A., bootmaker, Bellerine st 
Sutton, Mrs., draper, Bellerine st 
Swanston, Willis, and Co., merchants, 

Gheringhap st 
Swift, Charles, clerk, 60 McKillop st • 
Sykes, John, carpenter, Gheringhap st 
Synnot and Guthrie's wool stores, Clare 

st, Malop st 


Tait, John, timber merchant, Ryrie st 
Tait, J., timber merchant, Swanston st 
Tait, James, carpenter, Ryrie st 
Tait, Joseph, Royal Mail hotel, Yarra st 





Tait, Wm., accountant Colonial Bank, 

Malop Bt 
Tait, Peter, boatbuilder, Eastern beach 
Tann, Wm., bootmaker, Malop Bt 
Tannock, Archibald, confectioner, Moor- 

abool Bt 
Tarbett, David, Btoneman, William at 
Taylor and Buckland, Bolicitors, Yarra Bt 
Taylor, T., Bweep, Little Malop st 
Taylor, Richard, photographic artist, 

Kyrie st 
Taylor, J. C, carpenter, Maude st 
Taylor, Henry, cooper. Little Ryrie st 
Taylor, James, carpenter, McKiilop st 
Taylor, Charles, saddler, Gheringhap. st 
Tempest, G. H., ironmonger, Ryrie st 
Templeton, Andrew, cabinetmaker, Gher- 
inghap st 
Thacker, Henry, stationer, Ryrie st 
Thacker, Henry, printer. Kirk place 
The Geelong Gas Company, Little Malop 

st; G. G. Whalley, manager 
The Geelong Grammar School, Moorabool 

st; J. B. Wilson, director 
The Geelong Register newspaper office ; 

James Harrison, manager 
The Market Gardens, Little Malop st 
The Police Court Reserve, McKiUop st 
The Police Station, Moorabool st 
The Savings' Bank, Moorabool st 
The Supreme Court, Myers st 
The Troopers* Reserve, McKiilop st 
Theatre Royal, Malop st 
Thomas, — , cabman, Mercer st 
Thompson, Wm., printer, Ryrie st 
Thompson, Wm., Latrobe terrace 
Thompson, Thomas, paperhanger, Malop 

Thompson, Wm., bootmaker, Malop st 
Thomson, W., ironmonger, Gheringhap st 
Thorbum, Walter, carriage builder, Moor- 
abool st 
Thorburne, James, coachbuilder, McKii- 
lop st 
Thorpe, W., bootmaker, Bellerine st 
Tietgen, — , tailor, Pevensey crescent 
Tolson, — , Eastern beach 
Tomlinson, John, Ryrie st 
Tooh, Patrick, Star hotel, Myers st 
Toole, James, wheelwright. Little Myers 

Toohey and Sons, blacksmiths, Union st 
Tough, Robert, sailmaker, Moorabool st 
Townsend, Nathaniel, bootmaker. Little 

Ryrie st 
Tracey, Martin, brewer, Latrobe terrace 
Trainer, Wm., bootmaker, Malop st 
Treal, — , agent, Pevensey crescent 
Trear, Miss, la<lles' scliool, Bourke cres- 
Trear, Wm., Mac's hotel, Eastern beach 
Tremain, J., confectioner, Malop st 
Trevena and Gabby, builders, &c., Malop 

Tuppin, J. H., seedsman, Little .Mali^ 8( 

TurnbuU, W., McKiilop st 

Turner, Joseph, photographic artist, 

Moorabbol st 
Turner, J., photographic artist, Latrobe 

Tyler, Edward, tailor, Corio at 
Tynes, Mrs., Latrobe terrace 


Ulrich, Charles, schoolmaster, Myers st 
Union Bank of Australasia ; Alex. Suth- 
erland, nmnager ; Joseph C. Poud4s» 
accountant, Yarra st 
United Presbyterian ClfUrch, Ryrie st 
Upjohn, W., greengrocer, Malop st 
Upjohn, W., grocer, Malop st 
Upjohn, W., fruiterer. Market place 
Upton, Wm., soap and candle manufac- 
turer, McKiilop st 
Upwood, John, plasterer, Little Ryrie st 
Ure, Agnes, teacher, McKiilop st 
Usher, Patrick, National hotel, Moora- 
bool st 

Valentine, Francis, builder, McKiilop st 
Veitch, Thomas, wheelwright, Mundy st 
Vcy, James, watchmaker, Moorabool at 
Victoria Lime and Cement Company^ 

Little Malop st ; — Parker, manager 
Vile, James, water carrier. Little Ryrie at 
Vines, Joshua, farm, station, and com- 
mission agent, Ryrie st 
Volum, James, and Ca , brewers, Corio s( 
Volunteer Orderly Room, Yarra st 


Wade, Wm., potato merchant, Yarra at 
Wadelton, John, watchmaker, Ryrie st 
Walden, Miss, teacher, Victoria terrace 
Wale, G., draper, Moorabool st 
Walker, Robert, labourer, Corio st 
Walker, lioberts, and Co., grocers, Moora- 
bool st 
Walker, Samuel, labourer, Little Malop st 
Walker, Wm., labourer, Ryrie st 
Wall, Mrs., Pkoenix hotel, Moorabool st 
Wall, Robert, cabinetmaker, Yarra st 
Wallace, Alexander, clerk, Fenwick st 
Waldie, Mrs., baker, Kilgour st 
Wallis, Dr., homoeopathic doctor, Mycra 

Walsh, John, carpenter. Little Myers st 
Walsh, Mrs., dressmaker, Gheringhap st 
Walshe, Dr., Ryrie st 
Walters, Charles, grocer, Yarra st 
Ward, George, labourer, Latrobe terrace 
Ward, C, labourer, Bellerine st 
Ward, Richard, wheelwright, Myers at 
Ward, Mrs., dressmaker, Yarra at 





Warden* Qoarten of the Gaol, Little 

Myen it 
Wan^ W., coffee dealer, Little Malop vt 
Wa&e, Wm., coffee works, Union st 
Warner, Joaeph, bootmaker. Little Bjrie 

Warner, J. and R., bootmakers, Malop st 
Warren, John, produce dealer, Mooraoool 

Warr, Alfred, baaketmaker, William st 
Warr, Alfred, bootmaker, Moorabool st 
Water FOlioe Station, Eastern beach 
Waters, Joseph, labourer, Little Byrie st 
Waters, Robt., Yictoria terrace 
Watt, James, Eilgonr st 
Watt, John, carpenter, Bellerine st 
Watts, Mrs., storekeeper, Little Malop st 
Watts, Wm., labourer, James st 
Watts, Joseph, carpenter, Ryrie st 
Waogh, Robt., Harbour Office, Mundy st 
Weatheritt, Gerard, Myers st 
Webb, Thomas, Corio st 
Webber, John, cooper, Ryrie st 
Wd)ster, Lawrence, butcher, Moorabool st 
Weeks, H., galranist, Corio st 
Wdch, James, gasfitter. Little Malop st 
Welch, — , grocer, Malop st 
Wells, Robert, fruiterer, Ryrie st 
Wesleyan Schools^ Ryrie st 
Wesl^ Chapel; Rer. W. L. Rinks, 

Wedeyan Chapel and School, Little Ryrie 

Westacot, John, butcher, Mercer st 
Whalley, G. G., manager, Geelong Gas 

Company, Little Malop st 
Wheatiand, Mrs^ ladiea* school, Eilgonr 

Wheeler, Jamejk labourer, Myers st 
Whitchell, — , Eastern beach 
Whitchell and Co., boot importers, Moora- 
bool st 
Wbite, Michael, labourer, (harden st 
White and Brockbank, ag^cultural imple- 
ment manufacturers, &a, Ryrie st 
Whitfield, John, agent, Maude st 
Whitelaw and Co., grocers, Yarra st 
Whitelaw, Charles, and Co., grocers, Malop 

^^Hgney, John, printer, Latrobe terrace 
Wilcoz, Charles, monumental mason, Lit- 
tle Byrie st 
Wilkins, Benjamin, chemist and druggist, 

'loorabool st 
^ Ikmson, L., Corio st 
^ Ikinson, Robert, ironmonger, Ryrie st 
^V Qcs, Samuel, Farmers' hotel, Market 

Williams, James, Latrobe terrace 
Williams, John, Latrobe terrace 
Williams, T., bootmaker, Yarra st 
Williamson, Henry, draper, Ryrie st 
Williamson, Thomas, tailor, Bellerine st 
Williamson, J., miner, Malop st 
Whillie, Alexander, mason, William st 
Wilmot and Key, photographic artists 

Malop st 
Wilson, Wm., draper, Ryrie st 
Wilson, J. B., director of the Geelong 

Grammar School, Moorabool st 
Wilson, Buchanan, and Co., merchants, 

&c., Eastern Beach 
Wilson and Moore, painters, Myers st 
Wilson, Benjamin, dyer, scourer, and 

cleaner, Ryrie st 
Wilson, Mrs., dressmaker, Myers st 
Wilton, T., musician, Malop st 
Wilton Edward, leather merchant, Moora- 
bool st 
Wilton, E., Corio st 
Wise, €^rge, Malop st 
Wise, George, bookseller, Moorabool st 
Witham, Charles, James st 
Wood Brothers, timber merchants. Little 

Ryrie st 
Wood Brothers, timber merchants, Myers 

Wood, J. S., Sir Charles Hotham hotel. 

Cavendish st 
Wood, George, cabinetmaker and under- 
taker, Ryrie st 
Wood, Gtoorge, cabinetmaker, Gheringhap 

Wood, Mrs., 58 M'Eillop st 
Wood, W., J., baker, Latrobe terrace 
Wood, Robert, grocery store, Myers st 
Woods, James, labourer, Gheringhap st 
Woods, George, caachbnilder, Ryrie st 
Woodward, Thomas, coachbniLder, Little 

Malop tt 
Woodgatt, Thomas, Teterinaiy suzgeon, 

Ryrie st 
Wook Yan (chinaman), Corio st 
Woollard, John, bootmaker, Ryrie st 
Woolley and Harwood, solicitors, Yarra 

Wray, Thomas, fancy repository, Moora- 
bool st 
Wright, Thomas, watchmaker, Malop st 
Wyeth, Wm., gardener, Swanston st 


Young, Andrew, grocer, Ryrie st 
Young, C, carpenter, Bellerine tt 

2 l> 




Alexander, Henry Vanman, Lonsdale et 
Allasion, Elizabeth, Bellerine at 
Andrews, Wm., grocer, Moorabool st 
Ashton, Wm., labourer, Tarra st 

Badden, Thomas, batcher, Moorabool st 
Ball, Benjamin, bootmaker, Moorabool st 
Barnes, Robert, Lonsdale st 
Bartlett, — , Tonng Queen hotel, Moora- 
bool st 
Batten, Thomas, batcher, Lonsdale st 
Bedggood, Charles, plasterer, Fyans st 
Blakestone, Mary, grocer, Fyans st 
Bottrell, Wm., draper, Moorabool st 
Bowyer, James, labourer. Little Fyans st 
Boyd, Alexander, labourer, Fyans st 
Butterworth, Thomas, Little Fyans st 

Campbell, Donald, labourer, Bellerine st 
Coleman, John, labourer, Little Fyans st 
Comma Na Feinne grounds, Bellerine st 
Connor, Thomas, carter, Fyans st 

Dayey Thomas, butcher, Moorabool st 
Dent, Frederick, grocer, Moorabool st 
Douglass, John, bootmaker, Fyans st 
Doyle, James, policeman, Balliang st 
Dupe, Wm., labourer, Barwon terrace 

Eldridge, Wm., porter, Lonsdale st 

Fagg Brothers, builders and ironmongers, 
Moorabool st 

Female Goal, Yarra st 

Fitzpatrick, Thomas, baker, Moorabool st 

Fhmders, Minnie, Tarra st 

Flour MQl, vacant, Moorabool st 

Fraser, Hugh, saddler, Moorabool st 

Gates, John, Barwon Bridge botd, Moor- 
abool st 
Geelong Pound 

Greorge, John, labourer, Foster st 
Gibbs, William, engineer, Little Fyans st 
Gideons, Henry, miller. Little Fjrans st 
Goodman, Mrs., Barwon terrace 
Greenwood, Chas, Nelson's Victoiy hotel, 
Balliang st 

Ham, Samuel, carpenter, Foster st 
Hammond, Daniel, grocer, Fyans st 
Hampson, George, tailor, Little Fyans st 
Hardley, John, Yarra st 
Hassett, John, blacksmith, Moorabool st 
Hinchcliff, Matilda, Little Fyans st 
Howard, Nathan, dealer, Bellerine st 

Izod, Joseph, Esq., sheriff's officer, lyans 


Jewell, Wm., farmer, Fyans st 
Jewell, Elizabeth, Balliang st 
Johnson, Alexander, labourer, Yarra st 
Jones, James, general dealer, Moorabool st 

Kitchen, Patrick, labourer, little Fjwom it 





Ismble, Wm., grocer, Moorabool at 
Udgenrood, Margaret, Fyans at 
littlejolm, Isaac, carter, Fyanfl tt 
LoxuKwr, William, town herdsnuui, Yana 

Mackenzie, Boderick, labourer, "FjtaoB at 
Martin, George, bntcher, Foster at 
Martin, Bichiurd, labourer, Lonsdale st 
McCleUand, William, horse dealer, Balliang 

MeGracken, Joseph, policeman, Yarra st 
McDonald, John, labourer, Bellerine st 
McLanrin, Duncan, labourer, BaUiang st 
Miller, Margaret, Little Fyans st 
Mills, Shannon, little Fyans st 
Mitchell, Darid, labourer, Fyans st 
Moore, John, Bridge inn, Moorabool st 
Moms, Henry, sawyer, Foster st 

Nicholton, Peter, carpenter, Bellerine st 

(VNeil, John, labourer, Bellerine st 

Peki^ean, Augustus Henry, watchmaker, 

Moorabool st 
Fowtf, George, rate collector, Lonsdale st 

Price, Simeon, Balliang st 
Purdue, Mrs., Barwon terrace 

Bathleigb, Charles, schoolmaster, Balliang 

Bobinson, Reynolds, miller, I^ans st 

Sceneay, Thos., labourer, Little Fynsa st 
Scott, David, horse dealer, Foster st 
Shaw, Marcham, labourer, Bellerine st 
Shepherd, Thomas, bootmaker, Foster st 
Smyth, Peter, bootmaker, Moorabool st 
South Geelong Pound, Bellerine st 
Stewart, John, labourer, Fyans st 
Stone, Frederick, draper, Moorabool st 

Thomson, James, labourer, tLittle FyBUM 

Towie, Dr., Yarra st 
Turner, Hill, draper, I'yans st 

Veitch, William, saddler, Moorabool st 

Wade, Charles, labourer, Fyans st 
Water Works, Moorabool st 
Wesleyan Church and School, Balliang rt 
Wood, James, Uacksmith, Moorabool st 




Adams, George, engineer, Autumn st 
Adams, John, minw, Albert st 
AitchisoD, Jdin, drayman, Hope st 
Alder, Henry, engine driver, Candover st 
Alexander, Mark, letter sorter, Wheeler st 
Allen, George, butcher, Facking^on st 
Anderson, Alezr., squatter, Wellington st 
Anderson, Geo., coach driTer, Autumn st 
Anderson, David, cokeman Wheeler st 
Andrews, Chas., bricklayer, Spring st 
Aram, Wm., carter, Anderson st 
Archer, Keuben, farmer, Coronation st 
Armour, Wm., Railway hotel, Hope st 
Armstrong, Elizabeth, Autumn st 
Amott, Geo., bricklayer, EUzabeth st 
Arthur, Ann, Coronation st 
Ashby Common School, Wellington st ; 

teacher, Thomas Targie 
Ashton, James, shaiebroker, Fackington 

Atkinson, Samuel, gingerbeer manufac- 
turer, Hope st 
Atkinson, Matthew, labourer, Anderson st 
Audsl^, ThoB. E., labourer, Catherine st 


Bailey, Isaac, bricklayer, Wheeler st 
Bailiff, Jared, ironmonger, Fackington st 
Bannerman, John, butcher. Autumn st 
Baptift Churchy Aberdeen st 

Bamett, Peter, storeman, Gertrude tt 
Bates, Richard, quanyman, Little Clar- 
ence st 
Battersby, Thomas, bootmaker, Aberdeen 

Battle, Abraham, carter, Fackington st 
Baxter, John, carpenter, Clarence st 
Baylis, Robert, labourer, Addis st 
Beach, Richard, hawker, ViUamanta st 
Bean, Cornelius, baker, Waterloo st 
Bean, Jonathan, tailor. Autumn st 
Belfleld, Joseph, bootmaker, Coquet st 
Bell, Duncan, blacksmith, O'Gonnell st 
Bell, Wm., hide and sheepskin merchant, 

Autumn st 
Bemist, Mary Ann, Autumn st 
Bennett, Thomas, storeman, Villamanta st 
Best, J. F., pUsterer, Anderson st 
Betts, Thomas, miner, Hope st 
Birtrett, Joseph, sheep farmer, Autumn st 
Bisshop, James, salesman, Western st 
Blackball, Thomas, grocer, Kojpe st 
Bkckwell, Ebenezer, whitesmith, Aber> 

Blythe, Geo., brickmaker. King st 
Bohn, Marthi, bricklayer, Elizabeth st ^ 
Bond, Jonathan, railway porter, Aatnma 

Bone, Mary, Hope st 
Bonning, Theophilus, carter, WeUhigton 

Bonsford, John, builder, Wellington at 
Bowen, Frands, marine storas Keen at 





Bowjcr, *— , stofemaa, Gteitnide st 
Boyle, B. W., Andenon st 
Bnum, MorriSy labourer, Preston st 
Bninnel, Joseph, labourer, Elizabeth st 
Brash, Morris, general dealer. Western st 
Breariy, Thomas, carpenter, Keera st 
Brennan, Patrick, labourer, Britannia st 
Brennen, Edward, blacksmith, O'Connell 

Brewster, DaTid, gardener, Gertrode st 
Bridge, James, labourer, Western st 
Broadbent, George A., draper. Spring st 
Brodie, Charlotte, Gertrnde st 
Biogan, Martin, cowkeeper, Spring st 
Broomhead, Alfred, cabman, Wheeler st 
Brown, Wm., gardener, King st 
Brown, John, mason, Albert st 
Brown, Loois, painter. Autumn st 
Brown, John, butcher, Packington st 
Brown, John, O'Connell st 
Brown, Isaac, fireman. Autumn st 
Bmnger, George, storeman, Hope st 
Buchaoan, Bo^rt, labourer, Autumn st 
Buck, John, sen., carpenter. Church st 
Back, John, jun., labourer, Church st 
Bum, Wm., draper, Packington st 
Bnmobey, Mr., hawker, MdDougal st 
Boms, Mary, Britannia st 
Boms, Garrard, Elizabeth st 
Burr, Thomas, labourer, Albert st 
Burr, Robert, labourer, Albert st 
Burwell, Mrs., dressmaker, Packington st 
Bnshby, James, bootmaker, O'Connell st 
Butt, John, mason, Addis st 
Batters, John, draper, Preston st 


Campbell, Duncan, labourer, Wellington 

Canny, James, storeman, Wellington st 
Carlier, David, schoolmaster, 73 Welling- 
ton st 
Cannichal, John, carpenter, Autumn st 
Ouney, Wm., labourer, Britannia st 
Carr, Joseph, tailor, Coronation st 
Carr, Joseph, compositor, Gertrude st 
Carroll, Thomas, policeman, Britannia st 
Carton, John, fisherman. Spring st 
Carter, Mr., Britannia st 
Ony, James S., grocery store, Preston st 
Canady, Thomas, carter, Spring st 
Catterson, Wm., grocer, Villamanta st 
Chalmers, Samuel, grocer, Autumn st 
Chambers, George, Queen of the South 

hotel, Packington st 
Oiarlton, John, carpenter. Autumn st 
Charlton, Wm., gardener. Spring st 
Chevalier, Francis, settler, Preston st 
Chiselett, Joseph, labourer, Albert st 
Clark, Samuel, butcher. Autumn st 
Clark, David, labourer. Autumn st 
Churke, lEUciuurd, labourer, Albert st 
Choke, Biehazd, grocer, Aberdeen st 

Clarke, Johi^ wheelwright, Preston st 
Clarke, Wm., blacksmith. Spring st 
Clingan, Thomas, mason, Preston st 
Cochrane, James, labourer, O'Connell ttj 
Cohen, Morris, hawker. Western st 
Colman, Patrick, labourer, Packington st 
Colquhoun, ParUne, contractor, Packing- 
ton st 
Collier, Lee, clerk. Autumn st 
Collins, Wm., mason. Spring st 
CoUms, Thomas, labourer, King st 
Commins, Daniel B., grocer, Spring st 
Common School, Preston st 
Congregational Church, Packington st 
Connelly, John, wheelwright, Hope st 
Cook, Stephen, gardener. Little Clarence 

Cook, Thomas, labourer, Ann st 
Cook, J., hairdresser, Keera st 
Cooke, James, labourer, Preston st 
Corder, Wm., gardener, Wellington st 
Corrigan, Samuel, wool merchant, Aber- 
deen st 
Cottle, Bobert, baker, Aberdeen st 
Cozon, Mark P., buteher, Packington st 
Corrin, Henry, blacksmith, Aberdeen st 
Cow, Patrick, blacksmith, 0*Connell st 
Coy, John, engine driver, Hope st 
Cranch, Wm., dealer in skhis. Western st 
Craven, Thomas, giocer, Packington st 
Cripps, James, drill instructor, Villa- 
manta st 
Crook, Christopher, carpenter, Autumn 

Croker, Joseph, buteher, Aberdeen st 
Crooks, Wm., blacksmith, Packington st 
Crosby, John, labourer, Autumn st 
Cuizens, Susanna, day school. King st 
Curie, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 

Aberdeen st 
Curtis, Miss S., dressmaker, Packington 

Curtis, James, grocer, Packington st 
Cuthbertson, Jciin, grocer, Anderson st 


Dale, James, blacksmith, Villamanta st 
Daniel, Wm. H., storeman, Wellington st 
Dare, M. O., labourer, Autumn st 
Davies, Frederick, labourer. Church st 
Davies, James, mason, Mc Dougal st 
Dawe, Wm., labourer, O'Connell st 
Dawson, Mr., Aberdeen st 
Day School, Autumn st 
Denmark, James, City of Norwich hotel, 

O'Connell st 
Dennis, Jane, day school. Autumn st 
Denhan, John, hawker, Wellington st 
Denny, Thomas, carpenter, Villamanta st 
Dent, Wm., bootmaker, Packington st 
Dick, Alexander, stonemason, Hope st 
Dimelow, Joseph, grocery store, Autumn 






Dimelow, Joseph, grocer, Paddngton st 
DineSi Wm., carter, Aberdeen b% 
Dobson, Elizabeth, Hope at 
Docharty, Jane, narte, Spring ft 
Dolartj, Martin, labourer. King at 
DoUey, EUen, King at 
Dolley, Wm., batcher, Clarence at 
Dookn, Thomas, labourer. King at 
Dougheny, John, labourer, Autumn at 
Douglass, Mrs. M., machinist, Spring st 
Dovey, James, raUway inspector, Ander- 
son st 
Doyle, Matthew, labourer, Paddngton st 
Doyle, James, railway porter, Autumn st 
Driver, Richard, gardener, Coquet st 
Drummond, Stephen, Mrs., ladies* nurse, 

CtodoTor st 
Duffy, John, slipper maker. Spring st 
Duncan, Alexander, butcher, Addia st 
Duncan, George, mason. Spring st 
Dunlop, Thomas, baker. Autumn st 
Dunn, Richard, labourer, Spring st 
Dunn, Miss, Addis st 
Dunn, Peter, carpenter, Packington st 
Dtttton, Robert, joiner, Hope st 
Dymmott, Alfred, butcher, Albert st 


Eades, Samuel, Clarene st 

Eden, John, land agent, Yillamanta st 

Edwards, Frederick, builder. Coronation 

Elliott, Wm., labourer, 0*Connell st 
Elton, Mrs. Wm., Autumn st 
Emery, George, mason, McDougal st 
Estall, Wm. H., schoolmaster, Clarence st 
Eustace, John, cowkeeper. Autumn st 
Evans, Wm., blacksmith, Preston st 
Everett, Charles, plasterer, Coquet st 


Fagan, Patrick, labourer, 0*Connell st 
Fallow, Andrew, engine driver, Wheeler 

Fairchild, — , painter, Wheeler st 
Fargie, Thomas, schoolmaster, Yillamanta 

Fargies, Jeanet, boarding-house, O'Con- 

nell st 
Farr, James, carpenter, Addis st 
Farrell, John, carrier, Hope st 
Featom, George, carpenter, Elizabeth st 
Feltham, Henry, labourer. King st 
Fewster, Wm., printer, Autumn st 
Field, Margaret, Packington st 
Fielder, Harry, stationer, Hope st 
Fimmet, Jeremiah, labourer. Spring st 
Finney, Peter, grocery store, O'Connell st 
Fisher, Mrs., machinist and dressmaker, 

Autumn st 
Fisher, George, baker, Wheeler st 
Fleets John, mangleman, Wheeler at 

Ford, Michael, at tho railway, Omtamt 

Ford, Robert, storeman, O'Coifnell at 
Ford, Thomas^ labourer. Autumn at 
Foster, Henry, bootmaker and grocer, 

Packington st 
Foster, Louisa, ladies' achool, VillamaiiU 

Francis, John, oontractor, Autumn at 
Eraser, John, mason. Autumn st 
Frazer, Thomas, tailor, Tuille st 
Frend, John, practical gardener, John at 
Fynney, Wm., batcher, Packingfton at 


Gabally, James, cabman, Preston at 
Gardner, James, storeman. Spring st 
Garlic, Samuel, carpenter, Hope st 
Gatehouse, Robert, clerk, Autunm st 
Gatenby, John, painter, Britannia st 
Geelong Fire Brigade branch atatioo, 

Packington at 
Gentil, Charles George, Aberdeen at 
Giblin, Allan, tailor, Aberdeen st 
Gilmore, John, labourer, Britannia at 
Gleesby, Isaac, butcher. Spring st 
Glynn, Thomas, labourer. King at 
Goff, W., tailor. Autumn at 
Goff, John, grocer, Packington at 
Goosney, George John, grooer. Spring st 
Graham, Percival, schoolmaater, Coquet 

Green, Francis, labourer, daienee at 
Green, James, Spring st 
Green, Fredk., grinder. Autumn at 
Gregor, Alex., trareller, 45 0*ConneU at 
Grey, Jamea Henry, labourer, O'Conndl 

Grey, Thomas, labourer, Elizabeth st 
Griggs, Isaac, Sir Wm. Wallace hotels 

Autumn st 
Grierson, James, mason, Wheeler st 
Grundle, John, brickmaker. King st 
Gubby, James, shoemaker, 67 Wellington 

Gubby, John, carpenter, Wellington at 
Guest, John, engine drirer, Wheeler at 
Gullick, Thomas, grocexy store, Welling- 
ton st 
Gulliford, George, painter, Aberdeen st 

Haason, John, labourer, Autumn at 
Hackett, Wm., railway porter, Catherine 

Hackinson, Joseph, labourer, Clarenoe at 
Haffarin, Michael, labourer, Spring at 
Hagger, James, saddler. Spring st 
Haines, John, clerk. Autumn at 
Hair, John, engine driver, Coquet at 
Hall, George, Ubourer, King at 
Hall, George, achoobuMter, Autumn at 





Hillsntii, CharleB, hiacktmith. King at 
Hands, Edward, labonrer, Spring st 
Hannafoffd, Michael, Autmnn st 
Bardie, Peter, carpenter, Catherine at 
Bardie, Peter, bootmaker, Gertrade at 
Barding, Silas, Aberdeen at 
Harkneaa, Wm., stonemason, Hope st 
flarl^, James, bootmaker, Aberdeen st 
Harrick, Patrick, water carrier, Hope st 
Harris, Richard, carter, Coronation st 
Banison, Daniel, Gertrude st 
BarrisQD, John, labourer. King at 
BazrisoD, James, carpenter, Western st 
Bairiaon, H., bootmaker, O'Connell at 
Barrison, John, carpenter, Western st 
Bsrt, Henry, butcher, Elizabeth st 
Banrey, Thomas, painter, Coronation st 
Harrey, John, labourer, Spring st 
flarrey, H. T., baker, Aberdeen st 
Harrej, H. T., baker, Gertrude st 
Banraj, Alice, Welliogton st 
Bawkoiford, Wm., cabinetmaker, Cando- 

Haxton, John, carter, Hope st 
Hayaon, Wm., baker. Spring st 
Bayward, Eliza, atraw bonnetmaker, Ger- 
trude at 
Heaaman, John, labourer, Clarence at 
Heath, George, O'Connell at 
Beath, Edwin, greengrocer, Aberdeen at 
Beathenngton, Charles, grocer, Ann at 
Hedley, Robert, Globe inn, Packington at 
Heenan, Wm., labourer, Autumn at 
Beoesey, Patrick, labourer, King st 
Bewison, Lonslet, tailor, Hope st 
Bewitt, Wm., tailor, Hope at 
Bickinbotham, Bayid, butchir. Spring st 
Bii^ins, Alfred, railway porter, Gertrude 

Biggins, Ber. Wm., ViUamanta st 
Bilbert, George, mason, King st 
Hill, John, engine driTcr, Hope st 
Bill, Wm., bay and com store, Packing* 

ton st 
Bill, Wm., botanical dispensary. Packing- 
ton at 
Hilson, George, grocer, Packington at 
Biscoz^ Iray, labourer. Church st 
Bitchmk, George, Aberdeen at 
Byatt, Joseph, labourer, Gertrude at 
Bobbs, George, butcher, Hope st 
Bobbs, Wm. S., butcher, Cuidorer at 
Hobsoo, John, mason. Autumn st 
Hockley, Edward, labourer, Clarence at 
Bockey, Mra., dresamaker, ViUamanta at 
Heldsworth, Joaeph,%nUder, Preston st 
Hollow, Thomas, labourer, Wheeler st 
Holmes, John, money broker, Gertrude st 
Holmes, W., saddler, Aberdeen st 
Homewood, Chas., coppersmith. Autumn 

Hooper, James, mariner, Preston st 
Houlham, Maiy, Autumn st 
HoweU, Dr., Packington st 

Hoy le, Emanuel, engine driver, Little Chi- 

lence st 
Hurle, Wm., labourer, Gertrude st 
Hurly, Mary, Packington st 

Ince, John, grocer, Aberdeen st 
Israelite Sanctuary, Spring st 
Ires, — , gardener and florist, Aderdeen st 
Ives, ^, undertaker and cabinetmaker, 

Villamanta st 
ItIsou, StepheD, miner, Villamanta st 


Jackson, Robt William, compositor, Pres- 
ton st 
Jarman, Jane, Packington st 
Jarrett, — , labourer, Gertrude st 
Jeffii, Jonas, gardener, Autumn st 
Jenuings, John, tailor, Coronation st 
Jennings, John, bootmaker. Coronation st 
Jenkins, Wm., Wellington st 
Jillet, John, draper, Hope st 
Johnson, Edward, labourer, Albert st 
Johnson, Margaret, Preston at 
Johnaon, W. B., bootmaker, Autumn at 
Johnston, Jane, Spring at 
Johnaton, Mary, OittdoTer at 
Jones, Henry, butcher, King st 
Jones, Wm., bricklayer, Albert st 
Jose, James, miner. Spring st 
Jose, Francis, bootmaker, Preston st 
Joy, Wm., shopman, Candover st 

Keating, Michael, coachman, Gertrude st 
KeUy, John, contractor, Wheeler at 
Kendall, John, brickmaker, King at 
Kendall, Thomas, mason, Hope st 
Kennedy, John, labourer, Autumn at 
Kenshula, Samuel, tailor. Spring st 
Kettle, Walter, butcher, Packington st 
Kewley, Elizabeth, St. George's hotel, 

Packington at 
Kewley, Thomaa, miner, Tuille at 
Kickey, Patrick, carrier, Clarence at 
Killum, Elizabeth, Packington at 
Kingabury, Amelia, Hope at 
Kitz, Louia, Candover at 
Kitchen, Thomas, Preaton at 
Kneebone, Fredk., farmer, John st 
Kneebone, George, dairyman, Ann st 
Knight, Thomaa Edwin, carpenter, Aber- 
deen at 


Laoey, Michael, labourer, Clarence st 
Lamb, Jeanette, O'Connell at 
Lament, John, grocer, Hope at 
Langton, Elizabeth, 0*ConneU at 





Langdon, Jobn, blackfmifh/ Ftoddngtoii 

Law, Rudolph, mariner, WeUington at 
Lawrle, David, engineer, Aberdeen at 
Leach, Miaaes, dreaaoui^era, VUlamanta 

Leaford, Elizabeth, Shearers' Anna hotel, 

Aberdeen st 
Legg, Thomas, labourer, Anderson st 
Leggett, Samuel, coachsmith, Wheeler st 
Le Page, Nicholas, hawker, Albert st 
Le Page, Jamea, grocer, Britannia st 
Le Page^ Peter, hawker, Albert st 
Lemmon, Bobert, carrier, Britannia st 
Lemmon, Eliza, Candover st 
Lennan, £. R., schoolmaster, Aberdeen st 
Lesscels, John, engineer, Preston st 
Le Sueur, James, tentmaker, Preston st 
Leyerich, Theodore, Coquet st 
Lewis, Mrs., ladies' evening school, Pack> 

ington st 
Lewis, Samuel, farmer, Britannia at 
Lewis, Thomas, labourer, Albert st 
Le Liever, Isaac, wheelwright, Gandorer 

Linay, Fredk., Anderaon st 
Lions, Catherine, 66 Wellington' st 
Lishton, Garret, labourer, Britannia at 
Lloyd, R. W., Yillamanta st 
Logan, Robert, bootmaker. Autumn st 
Logan, Jane, Autumn st 
Long, Sarah, Albert st 
Longden, John, blacksmith, Wheder at 
Longton, John, carter, Ann st 
Lucas, Thomas, builder, Candorer st 
Lukey, Mary, Clarence at 


Macdonald, — , saddler, O'Connell at 
Macdonald, John, labourer, Clarence st 
Macdonell, John, lineman, Stc, telegraph 

office, Spring st 
Mack, Mutin, labourer. King st 
Maddem, Miss, dressmaker. Autumn st 
Maher, Edward, bootmaker, Wheeler st 
Maloney, Charles, farmer, O'Connell st 
Mangen, James, labourer, Britannia st 
Marriott, Wm., engraver, Aberdeen st 
Marshall, Gteorge, greengrocer, Packing- 
ton st 
Marshal], James, carpenter, O'Connell st 
Marshall, John, labourer, Clarence st 
Marshall, Wm., carpenter, Gertrude st 
Mason, Wm., bootmiUcer, Spring st 
Matheson, John R., labourer, Packington 

Martin, Wm., builder, Wheeler st 
Maughar, Daniel, labourer. Autumn st 
McArthnr, Margaret, Britannia st 
McClelland, Thomaa, storeman, Preston 

McCoy, Jamea, labonier, Little Clarence 
street | 

McDead, Chaa^ laboarar, Idttle Clannae 

McDiarmid, Peter, cabman, daience st 
McDonald, Henry, soapmaker, Britannia 

McDonald, Edward, bootmaker, Britannia 

McEwen, John, mason, Spring st 
McEwen, James, slater, Anderson st 
McFarlane, Ramsay, mason, O'Conndl st 
McGuire, Patrick, labourer, Elizabeth st 
McGuire, Thomas, labourer, McDougal st 
McGuire, James, blacksmith andwhed- 

wright, Packington st 
McKenna, James, labourer, Albert at 
McKenzie, Mrs., dressmaker. Autumn st 
McEenzie, John, labourer. Coronation st 
McKinlay, Elizabeth, Autunm st 
McKinnon, Angus, labourer, CUrence st 
McEuen, Stephen, grocer, Wheeler st 
McLane, John, railway guard, O'Connell 

McLauchlan, Roger, labourer. Autumn st 
McLean, John, groom. Spring st 
McLoughlan, Roger, grocer, Paddngton 

McMahon, John, labourer, Hope st 
McMahon, Peter, Ashby hotd, Britannia 

McMullen, Isabella, Packington st 
McMuUen, John, miner. Spring st 
McNeill, John, tailor, O'ConneU st 
Mcpherson, Wm., miner, Preston st 
McRoy, Wm., mason, Catherine st 
Meek, James, carpenter, Wheeler st 
Mehan, John, labourer, Elizabeth st 
Mekan, Patrick, labourer, EliziUieth st 
Middleton, John, carter, Albert st 
Millard, Edmond, blacksmith. Western st 
Milligan, David, labourer. King st 
Mirrielles, George, carrier, Ann st 
Molyneuz, John, painter, Autumn st 
Molyneux, Henry, railway guard, Clarence 

Monahan, Robert, hawker, Britannia st 
Moody, Charles, coachman. King st 
Moore, Samuel, labourer, Albert st 
Moore, Wm. Letb, blacksmith, Clarenoc 

Moore, Henry, draper, Yuillc st 
Moore, Ann, residence, Clarence at 
Moore, Thomas, bailiff, Gertrude st 
Moore, Daniel, carpenter, Gertrude st 
Moore, James, painter, Preston st 
Morgan, Charles, cook. Coquet st 
Morgan, Wm., residence. Autumn st 
Morgan, Wm., furniture broker, Antonui 

Morgerage, Edward, sawyer, Hope st 
Morrison, Robert, general dealer. Autumn 

Morrison, Peter, grocer, Packington st 
Morrow, James, labourer, Britannia st 
Morton, — , bootmaker, Wheeler st 





Moflei, Makf trsrcUIng hawker, daxenoe 

Mom, Jobn, labourer, Spring^ it 
Jfdwbray, Joieph D., idioolmafter, Villa* 

Ifolttia]], Wm., labourer, Clareiice it 
Mmidaj, Samuel, residence. Coronation st 
Mimdy, Marjr, (Gertrude at 
"ULarjlbj, Thomai, labourer, Clarence st 
Murray, Phillip, carter, Wellington st 
Utttnj, Davidy grocer, Clarence st 

Kangle, Martha, Hope st 

KsDgle, Ann, Wellington st 

Napier, Thomas, labourer. Autumn st 

Kash, Wm., bootmaker, Autumn st 

Kelson, John, fisherman, Packington st 

incholls, Thomas, grocery store, Autumn 

Nicholls, Wm., painter, Albert st 
lifiebolson, J. P., timber merchant, YiUa- 

Blcholson, Ward, blacksmith, Wellington 

Hbom, John, grocer, Kmg st 


O'Bryan, Dennis, carter, Anderson st 
O^Bryan, Cornelius, carrier. Church st 
O^ryan, Patrick, Argyle hotel, Aberdeen 

O'Connell, Thomas, policeman, O'Connell 

O'Connell, Thomas, policeman, Britannia 

O'Connor, Daniel, baker, Packington st 
Oddy, James, grocer, Elizabeth st 
0*Halloran, Alice, Britannia st 
O'Hon^, Patrick, carrier, Ann st 
O'Kiefe, James, labourer. King st 
CMeara, Michael, O'Connell st 
O'Meara, Michael, labourer, Britannia st 
Orland, Mary, dairy. Little Clarence st 
Onnond, Francis, Aberdeen st 
Orr, John, mason, Elizabeth st 
Osborne, Geo., hatter, Hope st 


Psge, Harriet, Bunyip hotel. Spring at 
Page, Margaret, Clarence st 
Page, Wm., carpenter, Autumn st 
PlBge, Wm., tailor. Coronation st 
Parker, Cain, coachman. Coronation st 
Parrott, Frederick, coachbuilder, Packing- 
ton st 
Pkrldnson, John, labourer. Autumn st 
Parkinson, B;obert, woolsorter, 0*Connell 

Pasmore, John, carpenter, Coronation st 
Psterson, John, plumber, O'Connell st 

Patterson, George, railway inspector, Bri- 
tannia st 
Patterson, James, mason, 82 O'Connell st 
Pattison, John, labourer, Packington st 
Pelder, Alfred, painter, little Clarence st 
Pelley, Joseph, Geelong and Ballarat ho- 
tel. Church st 
Pembroke, Thomas, labourer, O'Connell 

Pendigast, Morris, labourer. Spring st 
Peratt, Geo., labourer. King st 
Philip, Alexander, letter carrier. Corona- 
tion st 
Phipps, Henry, plateUyer, Clarence st 
Pimch, P. J., yiolinist. Little Clarence st 
Porter, Wm., labourer, Albert st 
Porter, Robert, labourer. Autumn st 
Poulson, Mary, Wellington st 
Pound, Wm., grocer, Oitherine st 
Pouell, Richard, brickmaker, King st 
Powell, Thomas, butcher, Hope st 
Powney, George, gardener, Gertrude st 
Pratt, Mary Ann, Packington st 
Primitive Methodist Chanel, Wheeler st 
Protestant Free School, O'Connell st 
Polbrook, John, gingerbeer manufacturer, 

Autumn st 
Purcel, James, labourer, Wellington st 
Parcel, Michael, labourer, King st 


Radford, Maria Ann, Petrel hotel, Pack- 
« ington st 

Raiment, Fredk., grocer, Addis st 
Rammige, Captain John, Hope st 
Rand, John, wheelwright, Wheeler st 
Rankin, Robt., mason. Spring st 
Rastrick, Geo. Thomas, Autumn st 
Rastrick, Geo. Thomas, chemist. Packing- 
ton st 
Read, Charles, tailor and draper, Corona- 

tion st 
Reeves Brothers, grocers, Packington st 
Reid, Geo., bootmaker. Autumn st 
Richardson, Thomas, bone merchant. Au- 
tumn st 
Richardson,',Wm^ labourer, 30 Wellington 
' street 
Riley, Thomas, labourer. Little Clarence 

Robertson, Thomas, baker. Autumn st 
Robertson, A. S., Aberdeen st 
Robertson, Alex., labourer, Little Clarence 

Robins, Miss Gertrude, ladies' school, 

O'Connell st 
Robinson, David, ship carpenter, Eliza- 
beth st 
Robinson, Thomas, carrier, Packington st 
Rogers, John, labourer, Packington st 
Rontley, Henry, butcher, Wellington st 
Ruffin, Edwin, tallow chandler, Clarence 

2 E 





Ruffin, Edward, bootmaker, Clarence at 
RoBsell, James, cowkeeper, Britannia ft 
Byan, Michael, carrier, Packington at 
Ryan, Ellen, Antmnn at 
Bylah, Smi^, mason, Gertmde at 


Salmon, Fredk., bootmaker, Packington 

Saunders, Wm., tinsmith, Hope st 
Schofield, Mason, laboarer, Western st 
Sebc, Sarah, Clarence st 
Seal, John, mason, Britannia st 
Shaddey, John, bootmaker, Aberdeen st 
Shannon, Thomas, and Co., wheelwiights, 

Keera st 
Shurp, Peter, brewer 
Sharpley, Joseph, Hope st 
Sharre, Robert, draper, Preston st 
Shaw, Alex., quarryman, Antumn st 
Shekell, Mrs. M., straw hatmaker. An* 

tumn st 
Shellman, Wm., Britannia st 
Shepherd, Wm., bootmaker, Keera st 
Sidley, Anna, Albert st 
Sikes, Matthew, labourer, Preston st 
Simmons, Ann, dressmaker, Wellington 

Simpkins, James, tailor. Spring st 
Skews, Richard, farmer. Autumn st 
Smith, Joseph, labourer, Ann st 
Smith, Samuel, labourer. Little Clarence 

Smith, Joseph Jones, carpenter, Clarence 

Smith, Isaac, carpenter, Wheeler st 
Smith, Wm., tailor, Hope st 
Smith, Thomas, labourer, 0*Connell st 
Smith, John, labourer, Albert st 
Smith, James, butcher, Spring st 
Smith, John, Autumn st 
Snell, James, bricklayer, Albert st 
Snowden, J., house and sign painter, Pack- 
ington st 
Soap and Candle Factory (vacant), Pres- 
ton st 
Spellman, Wm., bootmaker, Packington 

street • 

Spioer, Henry, clerk, Hope st 
Spriggins, George, farmer, Britannia st 
Steel, Wm., labourer, Little Clarence st 
Stent, John, grocer, Candover st 
Stephens, Samuel, compositor, Spring st 
Stephens, Joseph, labourer, Church st 
Stephenson, Robert, carrier, Waterloo st 
Stevens, Elizabeth, Spring st 
Stevenson, David, bootmaker, Western st 
Stewart, James, mason, Albert st 
Stewart, Mary, grocer, Autumn st 
Stirling, Wm., grocer. Spring st 
St. James' Church of England School, 

Aberdeen st 
Stoddart, Dr., Church st 

Stone, James, ooachsmith, Packington st 
Stoneman, Wm., ooachbuUd^, Spring st 
Strong, James, bootmaker, 71 O'Cconatt 

Summers, Josiah, bootmaker, Packington 

Syder, James, railway clerk, Paokingtos 

Sykes, Loois, labourer, Britannia at 


Tainton, Philip, oowkeeper, Clarence st 
Tainton, Richard, labourer, Clarence st 
Tatnall, Samuel, labourer, O'Connell st 
Telegraph hotel (vacant), Packington st 
Thewlais, Robert, labourer, Coquet st 
Thomson, Charles A., shopman, Candover 

Thompson, Wm., draper, Wheeler at 
Thompson, Elizabeth, Autumn st 
Thompson, John, labourer, Elizabeth st 
Thompson, Samuel, mason. Autumn st 
Thompson, Wm., coachbuilder, Preston st 
Thompson, Wm., tallow chandler, Hope 

Thorn, G^rge, carpenter, Western st 
Thorpe, Charles, Villamanta st 
Timms, Mrs., Packington st 
Tomlinson, Thomas, labourer, Britaimia 

Toner, John, labourer, Ann st 
Toohey, Michael, labourer, Antnmn st 
Townsend, John J., carpenter. Autumn st 
TuUoch, J. M., draper, Packington st 
Tultoo, James, Spring st 
Trainer, Mrs,, Spring st 
Trait, Kyra, grooer. Autumn st 
Tracy, Lucinde, dressmaker. Autumn st 
Trembling, George, builder, Hope st 
Trender, Charles, foreman at railwi^, 

Clarence st 
Tretheway, Wm., dealer, Packington st 
Trevena, Alfred, carpenter, Wellington st 
Trickett, Wm., cabinetmaker, Spring st 
Trotter, Joseph, contractor, Anderson st 
Truscott, Wm., miner, Spring st 
Truss, Robert, labourer, Spring st 
TurnbuU, Margaret, Spring st 
Turner, John, grocer, Hope st 

United Methodist Free Church, Ann st 

Vance, Miss, dressmaker, Packington st 
Vaughan, James, labourer, Wheder st 
Venneck, Alfred, sailmaker, off Preston 

Vickers, Alfred, bricklayer, Clarence st 
Vines, Joshua, mail contractor, VillamaDta 

Vines, Joshua, Packington st 






Walker, Wm.« labourer, CGonnell Bt 
Walls, Jennett, Hope at 
Waialdiiii, — , painter, Qertrade at 
Watt, Hugh, baker, Packington at 
Watters, Jamea, lyboarer, Ann at 
Watts, James, bricklayer, Packington at 
Webster, Thomas, carpenter, O^C^nell at 
Welsh, Bernard, labourer, Clarence at 
Wealeyan Chapel, Wellington at 
Weataway, John W., cabman, Preston at 
Whedens, Wm., bootmaker, Aberdeen at 
White, Bobert, gardener, Wellington at 
Wild, John, labourer, Albert at 
Wild, Mary, McDongal at 
WiUet, Jamea, engineer, Wheeler at 
Williama, George, laboorer, Coronation at 
Williams, J. W., butcher, Yillamanta at 
Williams, Philip, mason, Coquet at 

Williams, John, labourer, Albert st 
Williams, Thomas, shipwright. Coquet at 
Willa, Capt. John, Autumn at 
Wilaon, Christiana, Autumn st 
Wilson, Geo., baker, Packington at 
Winter, John, cabman, Clarence st 
Wiseman, Beigamin, guard, Coquet st 
Wood, James, mason. Autumn st 
Wood, Geo., general store, 0*Conncll at 
Wood, Edmund, grocer, Preston at 
Woodward, Henxy, draper, Aberdeen at 
Wright, Geo., watchmaker, 0*Connell at 
Wright, Daniel, mason, Waterloo st 
Wright, Elizabeth, Autumn at 


Young, Thomaa, grocer, Packington at; 
Toung, Alexander, labourer, Clarence at 
Toung, John, mason, Coronation at 




Adamion, Mosefl, mason, Margaret st 

Addams, Michael, draper, Barwon ayenne 

Akeharst, Arthur P., police magistrate, 
Noble St 

Aldridge, Thomas, labourer, Skene st 

Allan, Robert, draper, Virginia st 

All Saints* Church, Noble st 

Anderson, John, sharebroker, Virginia st 

Andrews, Henry, Skene st 

Anthony, Morris, watchmaker, Latrobe 

Armitage, Mrs., The Hermitage, Packing- 
ton st 

Arnold, Elizabeth, grocer, Fyans st 

Asling, Richard, general dealer, Latrobe 

Aspinall, Richard, halter maker, Cumber- 
land st 

Atkins, Norcott, sheep manager, Marshall 

Austin, Wm., bootmaker, Skene st 


Backwell, Ebenezer, whitesmith, Claren- 
don st 
Bade, Richard, gardener, Marvin st 
Bailey, George, labourer. Sharp st 
Baker, Wm., contractor, Skene st 
Bales, Wm., tailor, Nicholas st 
Ball, Stephen, bootmaker, Skene st 
Ball, Wm., farmer, Leyiens road 
Bankhead, John, bootmaker. Noble st 
Banks, John, quarryman, Clarke st 
Barnard, John, labourer, Stephen st 

Barnes, Wm., carpenter, Saffron st 
Barr, Joseph M., carpenter. Park st 
Barrs, Thomas, butcher, Noble st 
Basnett, George, labourer, YyBns tit 
Bassett, Thomas, carter, Clarendon st 
Batten, James, general dealer, Cbilwdl 

court, Packington st 
Bayley, Edward, carpenter. Clarendon 8t 
Beard, Wm., cabman, Marshall st 
Bendall, Wm., miller, Russell st 
Bennett, Edward, whitesmith, Fyans st 
Bennett, John, ropcmaker, Russell st 
Bennett, Elizabeth, Elizabeth st 
Bennett, Frederick, turner, Margaret st 
Bennion, Edwin, compositor, Sharp st 
Bennett, Joseph, bricklayer, Bond st 
Benson, Richard, labourer, Skene st 
Best, James, cabman, Fyans st 
Bible Christian Chapel, Bond st 
Blair, Mrs., Charles st 
Blazall, Morris, grocer and baker, Fyani 

Bonnay, Mr., gardener, Skene st 
Bennett, John, painter and glazier, Aus- 
tin terrace 
Bennett, George, labourer, Skene st 
Bottrell, Wm., quarryman, Marvin st 
Bowes, Nathan, Camden road 
Bowey, Thomas, carter. West Mdbourae 

Bran, Henry, cowkeeper. Bond st 
Brew, — , carpenter, Latrobe terraoe 
Brewer, George, carpenter, Camden road 
Briggs, Fletcher, fruiterer, Marshall st 
Brimblecombe, Wm., mason. Sharp st 
Brimblecombe, John, mason, Sharp st 
Brockbank, John, ironmonger. Pleasant it 





Brockwell, BichArd» carpenter, Skene tt 
Brockwell, James, carpenter, Skene tt 
BrockweU, Wm., tuner, Williams st 
Broomy Wm^ storeman. Clarendon st 
Brown, Thomas, bootmaker, Clarke st 
Brown, Nathaniel, monnmental mason, 

Elizabeth st 
Brown, James, blacksmith, Packington st 
Brown, James, general doder, Packington 

Brown, Thomas, bootmaker, Austin st 
Brwon, Wm., Elizabeth st 
Brace, James, stonemason, Clarke st 
BnSey, Dennis, Gold Diggers' hotel, 

Broford, Eliza, ladies' school, Skene st 
Bryant, Wm., labonrer, Fyans st 
Back, Wm., tailor, Anstin st 
Bnckland, Stephen, Packington st 
Bndd, John, carpenter, Clarke st 
Bollock, B. H., Stephen st 
Bonnet, John, painter, Latrobe terrace 
Buch, Robert, mason, Bond st 
Boike, Michael, labonrer, Charles st 


Cade, Jdtm, carpenter, Charles st 
Cdcebread, Wul, lime and cement mer- 

dumt, Anstin st 
Odder, David, labonrer, Anstin terrace 
Capp, Robert, carter, Marshall st 
Oarpenter, Wm., coachbnilder, Packington 

Qht, Qmesimns, fancy shop, Latrobe ter- 
Carr, J. 6., anctioneer, Skene st 
Garrington, Walter, hawker. Clarendon st 
Carter, Wm., gardener. West Melbonme 

Catfacart, Geo., West Melbourne road 
Ottholic Conrent, Retreat road 
Caton, Joseph, labourer, Bond st 
Qiafe, Richard, grocer, Bond st 
Champion, fredk.. Pleasant st 
Chant, Alfred, Skene st 
Chappel, Jonathan, contractor, Marvin st 
Chappie, Wm., carpenter, Fernly st 
Cbasholm, John, labourer, Fyans st 
Chattel, Henry, Retreat read 
Chiistopherson, Henry O., civil engineer, 

Retreat road 
Child, Wm., baker. Latrobe terrace 
Chirendon, Samuel, carrier, Fyans st 
Clark, Charles, butcher, Skene st 
Gkary, Wm., labourer, Russell st 
Qutterbuck, W. G., carpenter, Koble st 
Clydesdale, John, labourer, William st 
Coady, Thomas, labourer, Austin st 
Coddng, EUzabeth, Skene st 
Cole, Thomas, labourer, Nicholas st 
ddeiBan, John, labourer, Safbron st 
Coleman, Henry, contractor, Mercer's hill 
Cofaiian> James, quArryman, Mercer's hill 

Colenso, Edwin, undertaker, Nicholas st 
Coles, Frank, labourer, Cumberland st 
Collins, John, plasterer, Fjrans st 
Collins, Edwanl, carrier, Skene st 
Comb, H. E., solicitor, Bloomsbury st 
Conunon Sdiool, St. Peter's, Church of 

England, Marshall st 
Connelly, John, carpenter, Noble st 
Conneli, Jerry, labourer. Sharp st 
Coombs, J., turner. Noble st 
Corbet, David, carter, Creorge st 
Cotton, Herbert, grocer, Russell st 
Coulson, Henry, slater, Marshall st 
Coy, Mark, ale and porter depot, Sa£&on 

Creswell, Charles, confectioner, Clarke st 
Crofts, Thomas, butcher, Clarke st 
Croomer, Hy., carter, Marshall st 
Cross, George, plumber, West Melbonme 

Cruickshank, James, gardener, Cumber- 
land st 
Cullen, John, Leviens road 
Cuttle, Rev. — , George st 


Dale, Henry, butcher, SafEron st 
Dalimore, Wm., carpenter, Marshall st 
Daniel, Thomas, grocer and com store, 

SafEron st 
Daniels, Mark, stone cutter, Marvin st 
Davidson, John, gardener, Skene st 
Davis, John, boot and shoemaker, Mar- 
shall st 
Daviron, Chas., bricklayer, Russell st 
Dawson, Mary, grocer, Latrobe terrace 
Day, Rev. Siunuel, Baptist minister, 

Bloomsbury st 
Day, Caleb, ^per, Marshall st 
Denis, John, Latrobe terrace 
Denmead, Nathaniel, tinsmith, Nicholas st 
Dew, Wm., mason. Clarendon st 
Dick, John, quarryman, Safiron st 
Dickson, Edward, bootmaker. Upper Skene 

Dobson, James, sen., grocer, Packington 

Dobson, John, labourer. Noble st 
Docherty, James, Clarendon st 
Dodd, Samuel, tulor. Bond st 
Dodds, Christiana, grocer. Bond st 
Donaghay, Michael, ropewalk, Fyans st 
Douglas, Hugh, quarryman. Saffron st 
Drayton, Wm., labourer. Clarendon st 
Drew, Wm., warder at the hospital, Aus- 
tin terrace 
Dun, Thomas, draper, Latrobe terrace 
Dun, Thomas, saddler, Latrobe terrace 


Ebenezer Independant Chapel, Marshall 





EbUei, WnL, caipcotcr, Latrobe terrace 
Eddly, MiB8 Kajy Jane, dreBsinaker, Au- 

Edwards, — , plnmber, Fyani gt 
Edwards, WuLj maaoD, Nantes st 
Ellis, Dsvid, bootmaker, Fysns st 
Elms, Charles, Barwon avenue 
Esgar, Jane E., ladies' school, Skene st 
Espinass, Bobt., ironmonger, Leriens road 
Evans, Perclval, cabman, Cumberland st 
Evans, John B., law clerk, Upper Skene 

Eurn, Henry, labourer, Eemlj st 
"Eyref G. and J., bakers, Retreat road 

Fagg, Miss Elizabeth, Packington st 
Fagg Brothers, timber merchants, Pack- 
ington st 
Fare, Bobert, Duke of Wellington hotel, 

Psbcklngton st 
Farrel, Patrick, labourer, Bond st 
Folley, Ann, grocer, Betreat road 
Fordham, Wm., Sawyers Arms* hotel, 

Noble st 
Fowler, Blchard, wholesale warehouse, off 

Bond st 
Foy, James, bootmaker, Austbi st 
Fedley, David, labourer. Saffron st 
Fergusson, Wm., ropemaker, Bussell st 
Few, Edward, Bloomsbuiy st 
Filse, Ebenezer, carpenter, Marshall st 
Fisher, Henry, labourer. Bond st 
Fitton, Wm., storeman, Saffron st 
Fitton, James, G0I4 Diggers* hotel, Skene 

Fitcpatrick, Patrick, labourer, Clarke st 
Fizzard, John, mangleman, Armitage road 
Fletcher, Henry, labourer. Clarendon st 
Fletcher, James, gardener, Nichdas st 
Foster, Geo., blacksmith, Packington st 
Fort, Wm., labourer, Fyans st 
Eraser, Stewart, Packington st 
Francis, Joseph, farmer, Sharp st 
Frazcr, Mackenzie, Austin st 
Free Church of England, Latrobe terrace 
Freer, Wm., coachmaker, Russell st 
Friend, Robt., gardener, Fyans st 
Fuller, Thomas, bootmaker, Skene st 
Fuller, Charles, labourer, Austin terrace 
Fumell, Robt., Skene st 
Fynder, Thos., labourer, Woodstock st 


Gale, William, grocer, West Melbourne 

Gee, Edward, butcher, Sharp st 
Geelong College, Skene st ; — Morrison, 

Geoghegan, Samuel, Armitage road 
GibUn, Vincent W., Noble st 
Gilchrist, Archibald, tailor. Little Park st 

Giles, Edmund, labourer, Fjrans ft 
Gill, James, carter. Clarendon st 
Gill, Henry, commlssien agent, 

GiU, Joseph, tailor, NdUe ft 
GiUingham, Edwin, carrier, William it 
Gilmore, Robt., labourer, Clarke st 
Gorey, Joseph, butcher, Packington st 
Grace, Dr., Skene st 
Grant, Archibald, mason. Noble st 
Grant, Elizabeth, Skene st 
Grant, Wm., mason, Saffron st 
Grave, Richard, stonemason, Virginia st 
Gray, Alexander, miller, Latrobe terraee 
Great Western hotel, West Melbourne 

Grecian, Geo., mason, Austin st 
Griz, Benjamin, labourer, Nichoiaa at 
Griz, John, labourer, Nidiolas st 
Grodl, James, tinsmith. Noble st 
Groves, James, labourer. Clarendon st 
Gunn, Barbara, dressmaker, Bond st 
Guthrie, John, collector of cwstoms, La- 
trobe terrace 

Hale, Wm., caipenter, Lawrenoe st 
Hall, Ednumd, printer, Latrobe terrace 
Hamilton, James, grocer and carpenter, 

Clarke st 
Hampton, Henry, baker, Sharp st 
Harding, W., Latrobe terrace 
Hardy, John, hibourer, Woodstock st 
Harper, WilUam, bailiff f^^ans st 
Harris, Thomas, ironmonger. Pleasant st 
Harris, Edward, scho6hnaster,Bloomsbiiiy 

Harris, Wm., Retreat road 
Harrison, Daniel, Elizabeth st 
Harty, John, draper, Austin st 
Harvey, Wm., butcher. West Meiboome 

Harvey, Thomas, mason, Russell st 
HarwocKl, Thomas, solicitor, Skene st 
Hawker, John, storeman, Skene st 
Head, John H., gardener, Stephen st 
Healey, James, grocer, Skene st 
Healy, Jane, Packington st 
Healey, John, grocer, Austin st 
Heals, Wm., gardener, Bloomsbnry st 
Heard, James, plasterer, Bloomsbury st 
Heath, John, carpenter, Cumberland st 
HeblNurd, Mis., dressmaker, George st 
Hebuim, Thomas, carter, Saffixm st 
Hebuim, Thomas, water-carrier, Nicholas 

Helm, C. O., schoolmaster, Austin st 
Hendely, John, storeman. Clarendon st 
Henderson, Rev. James, Armitage road 
Henry, Thomas, grocer, Marshall st 
Ilickey, John, plasterer, Clarke st 
Hicks, Matthew, quarryman. Saffron st 
Higgs, Thomas, labourer, Fyans st 




Hm, Mjra. JohD, Khoolmiitrew, Upptr 

Skene it 
HIllTnan, Samuel, bootmaker. Noble st 
Hillmao, Edward, labourer, Williama ft 
Hifllop, Wm., maaon, Skene it 
Hdibe, John, butcher, Skene st 
Hockins, Joaeph, ropemaker, Mercer's hill 
Hodgeon, Charlee Alfred, Banron avenue 
Holdswortb, Thomas, contractor, Wood- 
stock st 
Holien, John, labourer, Woodstock st 
Hollow, Christopher, grocer, Skene st 
Hobnes, Maria, manglewoman, little 

Hfllmesy Arthur, Fyans st 
Home, Thomas^ paperhanger, Latrobe 

HorsQj, Charles, carpenter, Skene st 
Howarth, James, shoemaker, Nicholas st 
Hunt, Henry, hawker, Margaret st 
HuDt, Thomas B., baker, Latrobe terrace 
Hunt, John, labourer. Bond st 
Horie, John, bootmaker, Skene st 
Hntchins, Henry, coachman. Pleasant st 
H/att, Moses, Ubourer, Skene st 


Ibboston, Charles, Stephen st 

Ibboston*s mill, off Fyans st 

lenon, T. W., teacher of singing, Skene 

IrriDg, Darid, mason, Noble st 


Jsckson, John, Ubonrer, Marshall st 
Jtmes, Lucy Jane, schoolmistress, Bless- 

iogton st 
Jeffery, Thomas, New Town hotel, West 

Melbourne rqfid 
Jeffrees, Wellington, gardener, Woodstock 

Jenkins, John, carter, Stephen st 
Jenkins, John, mason, Upper Skene st 
Jenkins, John, undertaker, Bloomsbury st 
Jeoklnson, Wm., water-carrier. Noble st 
Jobnson, Wm. W., carpenter, Betreat 

Johnston, James, labourer, Marshall st 
Jones, Charles, carpenter. Bond st 
Jones, Bobert, plasterer, Clarke st 
Jones, John, plasterer, Clarke st 
Jones, Henry, contractor, Cumberknd st 


denen, Patrick, policeman. Noble st 
ills, Henry, labourer, Skene st 
amedy, Mary, Mercer^s hill 
nsella, James, gardener, Leyiens road 
iraott, W. H., chemist, Latrobe terrace 
ng, Alfred, plamber, Marshall st 
Dg, Greorge, gardener, Marshall st 
ii^t^ George, carter, Greorge st 

Lane, H. B., Pleasant st 

Lauchlan, Campbell, confectioner, Noble 

Lawrance, Oeorge, farmer, Latrobe ter- 
Lee, Bichard, blacksmith, Barwon avenue 
Leach, Bobert, labourer, Woodstock st 
LeTien, Bex^amin G., Leviens row 
Lewis, Wm., drapery store, Saflfron st 
London, John, West Melbourne road 
Lowe, Bobert, painter, Barwon avenue 
Lowe, James, butcher, Bnssell st 
Lowrie, Wm., labourer, Saffron st 
Lowry, James, labourer, Austin st 
Luttrell, Daniel, labourer, Marshall st 
Lynch, Henry, sawyer. Bond st 
Lynch, Lawrence, policeman, Pleasant st 

Macdonald, Bonald, sharebroker, Skene st 
Macdonald, Jessie, Park st 
Macdonald, Alex. C, auctioneer, Noble ft 
Macfarlane, Thomas, labourer, Cumber^ 

land st 
Maddocks, Thomas, labourer. Saffron st 
Malcolm, Michael, carter, Skene st 
Malony, John, cowkeeper, Nicholas st 
Marshall, Thomas, herdsman, West Mel- 
bourne road 
Marsham, Bobert, plasterer, Skene st 
Martin, James, baker, Little Park st 
Martin, Caleb, stonemason, Latrobe ter- _ 

Martin, Thomas, mason, Marshall st 
Martin, Henry, cabman, Clarke st 
Martin, Wm., stonemason, Clarendon st 
Martin, Bichard, cabman. Noble st 
Martin, Wm., mason, Latrobe terrace 
Martin, Henry, carpenter, Lawrence st 
Massie, John, labourer, Austin terrace 
Mathews, Wm., wheelwright, Bussell st 
Matters, Joseph, painter and glazier, 

Bussell st 
Maxwell, Bobert, Skene st 
Mayse, John, labourer. Saffron st 
McCallum, Peter, off Austin st 
McCarty, John, feurmer, Marvin st 
McCullagh, B. M., Noble st 
McClelland, Wm., plasterer, Bloomsbury 

McDonald, Michael, labourer, Marshall st 
McDonald, Alex., mariner. Bond st 
McDonald, Margaret, Bond st 
McDonald, Angus, labourer. Saffron st 
McDonald, Thomas, gardener. Clarendon 

McDermott, Michael, carter, Latrobe ter- 
McFarlane, John, builder, Latrobe ter- 
Mclnnes, Bonald, Cumberland st 

• 316 



Bob . 

Mclntoflh, John, labourer, NichoUi it 
McKenzie, George, labourer, Elizabeth it 
McLean, Hugh, limeburner, Park st 
McLennan, Joseph, plasterer, Noble st 
McMuUen, W., Fernly st 
McNaughton, John, -miller, Xiatrobe ter- 
McPherson, Captdn, harbour master, 

Noble st 
Meade, James, carpenter. Noble st 
Meagan, Thomas, builder, Pleasant st 
Merefleld, Christopher, draper, Skene st 
MerTil, Charles, tailor, Austin st 
Metcalf, Joshua, Cremome hotel, Pack- 

ington st 
Middlemiss, John, secretary to the Hospi- 
tal, Austin 8t 
Middleton, John Wm., coachbuilder, Aus- 
tin st 
Miles, George, teacher, Bloomsbury st 
Miles, Wm., gardener, Noble st 
Millard, Thomas, labourer, Marshall st 
Miller, Wm., gardener, Fyans st 
Mitchel, George, tailor, Camden road 
Mitchel, Wm., labourer, Clarendon st 
Moore, John, Camden road 
Morall, John, gardener, Fernly st 
Morris, James, labourer, Marshall st 
Morris, Fredk., cabinetmaker. Noble st 
Morrow, Charles 8., squatter. Retreat road 
Mulhara, Patrick, wheelwright, Safiron st 
Mullen, Michael, labourer, Charles st 
Murphy, Dennis, Little Park st 
Murphy, Wm., carpenter. Park st 
Murray, Daniel, confectioner. Park st 
MusgroYe, Wm., Noble st 

Nairn, Joseph, gardener, Skene st 
Near, Samuel, carter. Bond st 
Nelson, Henry, butcher, Fyans st 
Newtown and Chilwell Fire Brigade, 

Packington st 
Newtown Surveyor's oflBce, Packington st 
Newtown and Chilwell Police Court, 

Packington st 
Newtown Police Station, Austin st 
Nicholson, Donald, Williams st 
Nokes, Thomas, stonemason, Skene st 


Oates, Wm., quarryman, Marvin st 
O'Bryan, Daniel, labourer, Marshall st 
0*Donogbue, Mary, grocer. West Mel- 
bourne road 
O'Neil, Stephen, tailor, Little Park st 
O'Neil John, tailor, Charles st 
Osbourne, John W., bootmaker, Noble st 


Paine, John, carpenter, Russell st 

Palmer, John, plasterer, Margaret 8t 
Parker, Ann, general store, Skene it 
Parker, — , limebunier, SafiVon st 
Parker, Richard, ironmonger. Retreat 

Parkinson, Wm., labourer, Marshall st 
Parray, Thomas, labourer, Noble sk 
Passmore, Thomas, painter, Safiron st 
Patterson, Wm., labourer. Sharp st 
Pearson, Fredk., tanner, Latrobe terraoe 
Petch, Wm., carter. Bond st 
Peters, John, carpenter, Marshall st 
Phillips, Wm., lalwurer, Bond st 
Piddle, George, gardener, Blessington st 
Pigeon, Richard, butcher, Noble st 
Pike, Robert, wheelwright, Russell st 
Pile, James, stonemason, Fyans st 
Pither, Henry, mason. Upper Skene st 
Pittard, James, bootmaker. Bond st 
Pittock, Jonathan, carpenter, F^ns ft 
Plummer, Wm., sawyer, Nicholas st 
Pounds, Joseph, Packington st 
Power, Charles, inspector of sheep, Skene 

Powell, Thomas, sawyer, Packington st 
Preston, Wm., grocer, Skene st 
Price, John, labourer. Clarendon st 
Pamell, Wm., carpenter, Russell st 


Quin, Michael, cowkeeper, Woodstock st 
Quinan, James, registrar of births and 
deaths, Skene st 


Radcliff, John, gardener, William st 
Rankin, James D., Commercial tavern, 

Leviens road 
Rebsamen, Madame, teacher of French, 

Skene st 
Redman, John, carpenter, Upper Skene st 
Reed, George, brickmaker, Skene st 
Reeves, John, labourer. Clarendon st 
Renault, Thomas, fruiterer, SaiTron st 
Rice, Joseph, Noble st 
Richards, Wm., quarryman, Fyans st 
Riddle, Thomas C., Skene st 
Ricketts, James, wheelwright, Packington 

Ricketts, Wm., baker, Marshall st 
Roach, Richard, wheelwright. Bond st 
Roach, James, grocer, West Melbourne 

Roadknight, Thomas, Packington st 
Roberts, John, carpenter, West Melbourne 

Robertson, Joseph, carpenter, Garendon 

Robins, Thomas, labourer, Park st 
Robins, Charles, carpenter, Qarendon st 
Robinson, James, painter, Saffh>n st 
Robinson, J. D., auctioneer, 7 Skene st 





Bobiiison, Bobert, laboarer, Clarendon ft 

Bogen, Mary, Virginia st 

Rolph, Nathaniel, hatmaker, Noble 8t 

BoDold, B. B., Femly st 

Boat, Wm., carpenter, Noble it 

Btfwand, Dr. Charles, Skene st 

Baddaek, Frederick, baker, Safi!ron st 

Batfaerford, Wm., carter, William st 

Byan, John, carter, Clarke st 

Byan, Patrick, labourer, Bond st 

Byan, Thomas, cowkeeper, Upper Skene 

Ryan, Timothy, cowkeeper, Bnssell st 
Ryan, Timothy, labourer, Clarendon st 


Sadler, Bdward, carter, Fyans st 
8aflion, Edward, mason, Fernly st 
Sasse, Harry A., inspector of schools, 

Autnmn st 
Saunders, John, labonrer, Marshall st 
Sayers, Wm., tobacco stores, West Mel- 
bourne road 
Sayers, W. F., derk, Newtown and Chil- 

well, Paekington st 
Scales, Mrs. Sarah, ladies' school, Paek- 
ington st 
Scott, Duncan, I^ans st 
Scott, Charles, teacher, Nicholas st 
Soott, James, timber merchant. Noble st 
Seabrook, Bobert, draper, Paekington st 
Searle, James, draper, Skene st 
Seeley, Elijah, builder. Pleasant st 
SeiTcr, John, upholsterer, Betreat road 
Shadiar, John, tanner, Fyans st 
Shade, Andrew, Custom-house officer, 

Bussell st 
Shand, Wm., mason, Park st 
Sharp, James, grocer, Paekington st 
Shaw, Joseph L., architect, Stephen st 
Sheldiick, James, storeman, Blessington 

Shingfield, Darid, carpenter, Lawrence st 
Sbugg, Samuel, mason, Betreat road 
Silk, James, tailor. Noble st 
Simion, James, merchant, Skene st 
Simiott, Charles, labourer, Clarke st 
Sladen, Qiarles, Esq., M.L.C., Paekington 

Slammers, Miss Elizabeth, ladies* school, 

Pleasant st 
Sieator, Samuel, rate collector, WestMel- 

boame road 
Smellie, Alexander, carpenter, Upper 

Skene st 
Smith and Aitchison, general store, Eli- 
zabeth st 
Smith, Hugh, dealer, Fyans st 
Smith, John, butcher, Fyans st 
Smith, John, stonemason, Clarendon st 
Smith, Geoi^, labourer, Mercer's hill 
Smith, Wm., labourer. Clarendon st 
Snitb, Joseph, cabman, Austin st 

Smith, James, labourer. Noble st 

Smith, James, Blessington st 

South, Wm., Paekington st 

Spencer, James, ship steward, Margaret 

Spooner, Alfred, baker. Sharp st 
Stephen, G. A., Stephen st 
Stewart, Dr., surgeon, f^ans st 
Stewart, Henry, mason, Margaret st 
Stewart, John, bootmaker. Autumn st 
Stewart, Matthew, sawyer. Bond st 
Stock, Mark, builder and carpenter, 

Charles st 
Stone, John, ship-builder. Park st 
Stone, James, labourer, Fyans st 
Stott, Benjamin, Life Insurance agent. 

West Melbourne road 
Strange, Wm., Nicholas st 
Stratford, Kobert, cabinetmaker, Clarke 

Strickland, Ber. Frederick P., Skene st 
Sullivan, John, grocer, Bussell st 
Sullivan, John, Cricket Club hotel, La- 

trobe terrace 
Sutherland, Duncan, carter, Marshall st 
Sweatman, Wm. J., sign-writer, Skene st 


Tappin, James, bookkeeper, Paekington 

Taylor, Wm., carpenter, Saffron st 
Taylor, John, ganlener, Nicholas st 
Telford, James C, Leviens road 
Tempest, George, ironmonger. Autumn st 
Thomas, Wm., bootmaker, Saffron st 
Thomas, Wm., Nantes st 
Thomas, — , chemist, Woodstock st 
Thomas, Geo., wine and spirit merchant. 

Noble st 
Thompson, Bobert, labourer. Bond st 
Thompson, Archibald, bootnoaker, Bussell 

Thompson, Thomas, baker. Park st 
Thomson, Edward, plasterer, Skene st 
Thorley, Wm., labourer, Charles st 
Toogood, James, baker. Saffron st 
Toole, James, wheelwright, Virginia st 
Trenglove, John, coachsmith, Clarendon 

Trotman, Sanders, rate collector. West 

Melbourne road 
Truman, Bichard, stonemason. Packing- 
ton st 
Tweeddale, John, town inspector, Mar- 
shall st 
Tweeddale, Wm., ironmonger, Latrobe 


Yanstone, James, fi^rocer. Clarendon st 
Veal, Wm., labourer, Noble st 
Vessey, Fdward, compositor, Marshall st 
Victor, Farbus, labourer, Sharp st 

2 F 






Wade, Mrs. John, C3arke st 
Walker, Henry, mariner, William at 
Wsdlace, John, carpenter, Marshall st 
Walter, Ellen Jane, iay school, Austin st 
Walters, Joseph, carpenter. Noble st 
Walton, George, chemist, Skene st 
Walton, Elijah, chemist. Saffron st 
Warbaton, James, labourer. Noble st 
Ward, Mary Ann, St. Alban's house. Re- 
treat road 
Ward, Alfred, painter, Blessington st 
Ward, Wm., blacksmith, Marshall st 
Watt, Wm., draper, Nantes st 
Wase, Joseph, blacksmith, Russell st 
Webber, George, boot and shoe maker, 

Bond st 
Welch, James H., gasfltter, Noble st 
Wells, Thomas, labourer, Skene st 
Wesleyan Chapel, Noble st 
Wesleyan School, Saffron st 
Wheatland, Wm., carpenter, Femly st 
White, James, quarryman, Latrobe ter- 
White, George, ironmonger, Austin st 
White, James Charles, Noble st 
White, Wm., stonemason, Latrobe terrace 
White, John, bricklayer, Latrobe terrace 
Whybrow, Philip, carter, Fyans st 
Wiggs, George A., bricklayer, Upper 
Skene st 

Wilkmson, George B., Noble tt 
Wilkinson, Robert, ironmonger, Austin st 
Williams, Wm., cook. Sharp st 
Williams, Ralph, carter, Marvin st 
Williams, Thomas, mariner, Austin tcr^ 

race • 

Williams, Edward, butcher, Marshall st 
Williams, Charles, labourer, Femly st 
Williams, George Thomas, cabman, 

Skene st 
Williams, John, Ikrmer, Packington st 
Willmore, Mrs. Elizabeth, West Mel- 
bourne road 
Wilson, Charles, labourer. Clarendon st 
Wilson, John, merchant, Noble st 
Willson, Mrs. Catherine, day school, 

Clarke st 
Wright, Thomas, cabman, Skene st 
Wright, Wm., Latrobe terrace 
Wyatt, Joseph, carpenter and joiner, 
Skene st 


Yates, Joseph, tollgate keeper. Clarendon 

Toung, Robert, carrier, Marshall st 
Young, John, architect, Leviens road 
Young, John, postman, Russell st 


Zoar Chapel, Noble st 








































Abrahams, Isaac, tobacconist, Barkly st, 

Adams, W., Victoria hotel, Mt. Cole, 

Adamson, Thomas, storekeeper. South 

Adamson, John, storekeeper, Steiglitz 

Aitkin and Bostock, general storekeepers, 
Timor st, Warmambool 

Albert, J., Half-way house, Steiglitz 

Allan, Thomas, batcher, Hurd st, Port- 

Allan, J., and Co., timber merchants and 
ironmongers. Grey st, Hamilton 

Alien, — y storekeeper, Skipton 

Allen, Edward, bootmaker, Branxholme 
Ailingham, John, draper, &c.. Pleasant 

Allitt, Wm., gardener, Otway st, Port- 
Alexander, Dayid, painter, South Port- 
Ambler, Oliver, blacksmith, Duneed 
Anderson, Thomas, Bentinck st, Portland 
Anderson, George, Dumfern inn, Koroit 
Anderson, David, saddler, Camperdown 
Anderson, Geo., butcher, Winchelsea 
Anderson, James, blacksmith, &c^ Sand- 
Andrews, Alexander, blacksmith, &c., 

Anthony, Wm., Boyal hotel, CoUo 





Applegate, Wm., shoemaker, South Port- 

Ararat Mlniog Board office, Barklj st, 

Ararat Floor Mills, — , Forester, sec., 
Barkly st, Ararat 

Archer, Wm., storekeeper, Colac 

Archer, David, photographic artist, Colao 

Armstrong, Kohert, carpenter, Hard st, 

Armstrong, T., bootmaker, Timor st, 

Armstrong, P., draper, Timor st, Warr- 

Arnold, John, saddler, Cox st, Belfast 

Atherton, Mrs., fancj repository, Julia st, 

Atkinson, Edwin, town clerk, Otway st, 

Atkinson, Edwin, town clerk and borough 
treasurer, Portland 

Atkinson, J. H., Apothecaries* Hall, Sack- 
yille st, Belfast 

Austin, W. G., steam packet and general 
commission agent, Liebeg st, Warmam- 

Avery, W., painter, &c. Gray st, Hamil- 


Bachli, Frank, batcher, Barkly st, Ararat 
Badnall, Chas. H., storekeeper, Heywood 
Bailey, James, butcher. Hurd st 
Bailey, George, hairdresser, Barkly st, 

Baines, John, labourer) Camperdown 
Balderson, Joseph, carrier, Cameron st, 

Balding, Henry, Hard st, Portland 
Ballis, Joseph, fruiterer, Timor st, Warr- 

Barber, Geo., solicitor, Liebeg st, Warr- 

Barber, P. W., coachbuilder, Liebeg st, 

Barclay, Buros, superintendent of police, 

Barker, Thomas L., Boyal hotel, Barkly 

st, Ararat 
Barkley, Hugh Ross, superintendent of 

police, Portland 
Barrett, Wm., town clerk, Belfast 
Barsley, Edward, fruiterer and gardener, 

Julia st, Portland 
Basch, Jacob, watchmaker, Barkly st, 

Bateman, Wm., timber merchant, &c., 

Cox st, Belfast 
BayUs, Chas., saddler and harness maker, 

Pleasant creek 
Bayly, S. J., solicitor, commissioner for 

taking affidavits in the Supreme Court, 

&c., Princess st, Belfast 

Bayne, Alexander, accountant. Bank of 
Victoria, Lieb^ st, Warmambool 

Bayne, Archibald, blacksmith, &c., liebeg 
st, Warmambool 

Bagshawe, Ed., mining surveyor. Bean- 
fort; agent for the Liverpool and Lou- 
don and Globe Insurance offices 

Beams, Robert, carter, Percy st, Pcvt- 

Beath, David, storekeeper. Gray st, Hamil- 

Beauvois, Hudson, agent, Gawler at, Port- 

Beauvois, Hudson, county court bailiff, 

Beeson, James, gardener, Tyers st 

Behrens, G., photographic artist, Barkly 
st, Ararat 

Belcher and Co., storekeepers, wine and 
spirit merchants, Camperdown 

Belfast Police Station, Cox st, Belfast 

Bennett, Mrs., fraiterer, Sackville st, B^- 

Bennett, Thomas, tailor, &c.,Bentiack at» 

Besley, Francis, coach painter, &c, Colac 

Best, Jabez, general storekeeper and poat- 
master, Branxholme 

Bwttn, Geo., hotelkeeper, Bentinok st, 

Bevan, Greo., London hotel, Julia st, Port- 

Bignell, Mrs., Royal hotel, Beaufort 

Bilstoo, — , publican. Merino 

Blair, James, police magistrate, WeUing- 
ton road, Portland 

Blair, James, police magistrate, Portland 

Blair, David, grocer, Sackville st, Belfast 

Blay, James, bootmaker, Percy st, Port- 

Boffham, Thomas, bootmaker, Coleraine 

Bond, John, storekeeper, Dunkeld 

Bond, John, storeman, Blair st, Portland 

Boardman, Robt., storekeeper, SteigUtx 

Bourke, Garrett, tinsmith. View point, 

Boyd, Thomas White, Swan hotel, Lis- 

Boyle, James, storekeeper, Mortlake 

Boylett, iienjamin, blacksmith and wheel- 
wright, Mount Moriac 

Bradley, Wm., Telegraph hotel, Colac 

Bradshaw, Wm., woolwasher, Fem st, 

Bradshaw, Thomas, tailor, Julia at, Port- 

Brady, James, tinsmith, Timor st, Warr^ 

Braham, E., postmaster and telegraph 
manager, Portland 

Bramley, Wm., farmer, Colac 

Brannely, Patk., bootmaker, Camperdown 

Brebner, Isaac, tailor, Timor s^, Wm^ 



BndJEOo, Fraacb, draper and dothier, 
Timor st, Warmambool 

Brewer, Henry E., sargeon, Bichmond it, 

Brewttery Wm., bootmaker, Julia si, Por^ 

Bridger, Geo., tailor, Barkly st, Ararat 

Briggs, J., draper, &c^ Timor st, Warr- 

Broadbent, Greo., Colac 

Broadway, G., Beephey hotel, Framling- 

Bromfleld, Astley, chemist, Liebeg at, 

Bromfleld, W^ Cricketers* Arms, Steiglitz 

Bromley, John, bootmaker. Grey st, 

Brown, Joseph, baker, Timor at, Warr- 

Brown Bros., bntchera, Grey at, Hamilton 

Brown, Wm., tailor. Grey st, Hamilton 

Brown, John, atoreman, Jidia st, Port- 

Brown, ^amea, Manchester hotel, Barkly 
st, Anirat 

Brown, Jamesy saddler, &c., Grey at, 

Brown, Walter, baker, Percy at, Portland 

Browning, John, boarding-school, South 

Browning, Jamea, merchant, Percy at, 

Brownlies, J., undertaker and smith, 
lingsdale st, Hamilton 

Brown*s grocery and produce warehouse, 
Pleasant creek 

Bruce, J(^m, blacksmith, Wickliffe 

Bruce, Neil, storekeeper. Palmer st, Port- 

Bmce, Andrew, draper, SackyHle st, Bel- 

Buchholz, Louis, saddler, &c., SackviUe st, 

Buckle, Thos., Digby hotel, Digby 

Buckley, Emma, Oamperdown 

Bnglebole, Henry, stonemason, Blair st, 

Burbank, Ednot, teacher National School, 

Burgesa, Nathaniel, blacksmith, Digby 

Burkitt, B., hairdresser, Julia st, Port- 

Burnett, Thos., Warrnambool hotel, Ban- 
jon at, Warmambool 

Bunett, Jamea, painter, Henty at, Port- 

Burrow, Thoa., atoreman, Henty st, Port- 

Bye, Edmund H., gardener, Clarke st, 


Cameron, Jamea, blacksmith, Bentinck at, 

Gtoieron, J<dm, aaddler, MorUake 

Cameron, Mra., Camperdown 

Cameron, Donald, atock agent and auo* 
tioneer. Grey at, Hamilton 

Cameron, Donald, aettler, Bentinck at, 

Cameron, Neil, commiaaion agent. Cox at, 

Cameron, Angus, general storekeeper, 

Cannon, William, labourer, Gawler st, 

Chadwick and Co., drapers, &c., Ararat 

Challis, John, butcher, Winchelaea 

Chambera, Henry, accountant Bank of 
Victoria, Cox st, Belfast 

Chaffey, Phillppa, Glenelg bin, Casterton 

Camp hotel, — , proprietor, Stawell 

Campbell, Simon, blacksmith, Colac 

Campbell, John, draper and outfitter, 

^ Grey st, Hamilton • 

Campbell, Wm. M., storekeeper, Hnrd st, 

Campbell, Jamea, aecretary to the Me* 
chanics* Institute, Barkly st, Ararat 

Campbell, Mrs., dreaamaker, Thomaon at, 

Campbell, Gray, tobacooniat, Pleasant 

Candy and Batten, carpenters and under- 
takera, Pleaaant credc 

Carroll, John, shoemaker. South Portland 

Carrathers, John, surreyor, Casterton 

Carter, J., plasterer, &c., Dryden st, 

Carter and Brookman, blacksmiths, whed- 
wrights, &c., Mortlake 

Catholic Church, Colac 

Cave, James, hairdresser, Timor st, Warr- 

Cayenagb, Geo., accountant, Bank of Aus- 
tralasia, Julia st, Portland 

Chandler, — , Britannia hotel, Julia st, 

Chandler, Thos., bootmaker, Gr^ st, 

Chapman and Butcher, butchers, Colac 

Chapman and Butcher, bakers and con- 
fectioners, Colac 

Chaponnel, John, watchmaker, &c.. Plea- 
sant creek 

Charrett and Co., carpenters, builders, &c., 

Childc Bros., wine and spirit merchants. 
Pleasant creek 

Christen, David, bootmaker, Timor st, 

Church, Wm., Albion hotel, Barkly st, 

Church of England; Bey. — Pyne, clergy- 
man, Camperdown 

Clark, George, saddler, Beaufort 

Clark, Miss, ladies* achool, Gawler at, 





Clarke, Lindsay, suryeTor, Henty st. Fort- 

Clarke, Peter, carpenter, Palmer at, Port- 

Clarke, Thomas, tinsmith, Colac 

Claridge, Geo., Percy st, Portland 

Claridge, Qeorge G. P., Fern st, Portland 

Clay, Kichard, Palmer st, Portland 

Clay, F. L., solicitor and conmussioner for 
taking affidavits in the Supreme Court, 
Merino, and Gawier st, Portland 

Clemes, Alfred B., chemist and druggist, 
Pleasant creek 

Clererdon, John, bookseller and stationer, 
agent for the London and Lancasliire 
Fire and Life Insurance Companies, 

Clough and Co*, merchants. Grey st, 

Cannon, John, stationer and news agent, 

Coakley, Joseph, saddler, Timor st, Warr- 

Cobb and Co.*s coach stables ; J. Vines, 
proprietor, Colac 

Cockman, Walter, general storekeeper, 
Liebeg st, Warrnambool 

Codrington, John, paiuter. South Port- 

Codrington, James, Tyers st, Portland 

Colbert, Edmund A., surveyor, Percy st, 

Collin, Leopold R, teacher of music, Mar- 
ket square, Portland 

Collins, Edwin, Boyal Mail hotel. Dun- 

Collins, — , solicitor, Camperdown 

Collins, W., manager Cobb and Co.'s, 
Barkly st, Ararat 

CoUis, C. T., bootmaker. Grey st, Hamil- 

Collard, Jeffray, tanner, Hurd st, Port- 

Colstock, James, Liebeg st, Warrnambool 

Common School, No. 187 ; — , school- 
master, Duneed 

Connor, John, auctioneer and commission 
agent, Colac 

Constable, A. H., receiver and pajrmaster, 
Barkly st, Ararat 

Coach, Mrs., storekeeper and fruiterer. 
Pleasant creek 

Cook, Bichard B., carpenter, Percy st, 

Cooke, Hervey, Prince of Wales hotel, 
Thomson st, Hamilton 

Cooper, W., agent for the London and 
Lancashire Fire and Life Insurance 
Companies, Portland ; Portland Guard- 
ian office 

Cooper, W., generel storekeeper, agent for 
the London and Lancashire l^re and 
Life Insurance Companies, post office, 

Cope, Frederick Chas., derk of eoorti, 

Barkly st, Ararat 
Corney, Wul, South Portland 
Cosser, Wm., labourer, Camperdown 
Cox and Palmer, solicitors, Thomson si, 

Corstorphan, John, carpenter, Balmoral 
Cotton, Albert, storekeeper, wine and 

spirit merchant, Chilwell and Duneed 
Court of Petty Sessions, Camperdown 
Court of Petty Sessions, Barkly at» 

Courtis, Edward C, general storekeeper, 

and agent for the London and Iju- 

cashire Fire and Life Insurance Com- 
panies, Casterton 
Cowans, James, baker, Beaufort 
Cowl, Wm., blacksmith, spring maker^ 

and wheelwright, Terang 
Craig, Samuel, coroner, Stawell shire, 

Cramer, Chas. A., draper, Timor st, Warr- 

Cramond and Dickson, drapers, T^nor at, 

Crick, James, Edenhope inn, Edenhope 
Croker, Chas., merchant, Percy st, Port- 
Cross, S., general storekeeper. Grey st 
Cross, Samuel, draper, Hurd st, Portland 
Crossley and Brown, ironmongers, Barkly 

st, Ararat 
Crothers, W. and D., grocers and bakers. 

Pleasant creek 
Crouch, Daniel, Travellers* Rest hotel, 

Croucli, Edward, bootmaker, Barkly st, 

Crouch and Co., bootmakers, Barkly st, 

Crouch and Co., merchants, Percy st, 

Crough and Fethers, auctioneers, &&, 

Percy st 
Cunning, Peter, turnkey, Palmer st, 

Cure, Joseph, boot and shoemaker, Colac 
Curtis, Chas., gardener, South Portland 
Cussen, M., general storekeeper. Merino 
Cuzens, James, storekeeper, Balmoral 


Dacomb, Edmund, merchant, Richmond 
st, Portland 

Dahl, Murdoch C, accountant, RichmoDd 
st, Portland 

Dalton, John, wheelwright and carriage- 
builder, Colac 

Dane, James H., secretary Mechanics* 
Institute, Pleasant creek 

Dane, Jas. Henry, accountant and agent 
to the London and Lancashire f^ 
Insurance Co., Pleasant creek 





D*Ait7, Patrick, Shamrock hotel, Stawell 
Darliog, Wm., storekeeper, Woodford 
BaTidwn, Alex., South Portland 
Dayu, Heniy, auctioneer, stock and com- 
mission agent, Casterton 
DaTies, Richard, agent for the London and 

Lancashire Fire and Life Insurance 

Oompanies, Winchelsea 
Daries, Thomas H., shoemaker, Bentinck 

St, Warmambool 
Davies, Daniel, bootmaker, Timor st, 

Dayies, Walter, bookseller, Timor st, 

DaTisoD, D. S., chemist and druggist. 

Pleasant creek 
Dawson, P., pliotographer, Grey st, 

Dawson and Lee, grocers, &c., Barkly st, 

Dawson, P., photographic artist, Liebeg 

st, Warmambool 
Day and Maclean, carriage builders, Pen^ 

st, Portland 
Deacon, Henry, brickmaker, Clarke st, 

Denholm, John, farrier, &c., Grey st, 

Denney, John Thos., accountant, Glenelg 

st, Portiand 
Denny, J. T., accountant Union Bank of 

Australia, Julia st, Portland 
Dent, James, bootmaker. Bank st, Bel- 

Destree, Adolf, jeweller and watchmaker, 

Gr^ st, Hamilton 
Deutscher, Carl T., refreshment house, 

between Hamilton and Coleraine 
Dkkman, Arthur, Trayellers' Rest hotel, 

store and post office, Birregurra 
Dickson, Joseph, tinsmith. Pleasant creek 
Digby, George, New inn, Rosebrook road, 

Dillon, Michael, bootmaker, Camperdown 
District Survey Office; Clark Lindsay, dis- 
trict sunreyor, Portland 
Diz, Samuel, stonemason. Market square, 

Dobson, Henry, Picnic hotel, Bnrrembeet 
Dodd, F. W., auctioneer and commission 

agent, Pleasant creek 
Dogherty, — , Dogherty hotel. Cavendish 
Dolman, Wm., butcher, Coleraine 
Donaldson, B., Bunyip inn, Cavendish 
Doran, John, bootuudcer, Beaufort 
Dooglas, Mrs., Berlin wool repository, 

Bentinck st, Portland 
Doughts, Jas., saddler and harness maker, 

Douglas, James, watchmaker and engra- 

Ter, Mortlake 
Dadden, J., baker. Grey st, Hamilton 
Dnigatt, John, post^aaster and telegraph 

manager, Campeidown 

Dunbar, Charles S., teacher. South Port- 

Duncan and Saunders, blacksmiths, &c, 

Dunne, W., common school teacher, Steig- 

Dunoon, George, tailor, &c., Colac 


Eager, Wm., chemist and druggist, Barkly 
st, Ararat 

Eastick, Elgah, baker, confectioner, &c., 

Edgi^, H., Spur hotel, Harrow 

Edraich, Benjamin, Commercial hotel, 
Bentinck st, Portland 

Edwards, Thomas, fancy bazaar, Timor 
st, Warmambool 

Edwards, John, wheelwright, Blair st, 

Ehinke, H., Princess Alexandra hotel, 
Liebeg st, Warmambool 

Ehrenberg, M., tobacconist, Barkly st, 

Elden, C. J., general storekeeper. Mount 

Elder, A. M., post office and store, Skipton 

Elliott, James, schoolmaster. Cavendish 

Emmett, George, storekeeper, Smythes- 
dale st, Hamilton 

Enscoe, Wm., butcher. Merino 

Etheridge, T. S., accountant, Bank of Vic- 
toria, Pleasant creek 

Evans, David, saddler and harness maker, 

Erans, Darid, tailor, Timor st, Warmam- 

Evans, Benjamin, blacksmith, &c, Plea- 
sant creek 

Evans, Martin, draper and clothier, Timor 
st, Warmambool 

Evans and Gleeson, livery stables, Liebeg 
st, Warmambool 

Everett, Chas., fruiterer, Liebeg st, Warr- 


Farley, Alfred T., auctioneer, Digby 

Famell, S. S., inspector of police, Cam- 

Farrell, Alexander, Hopkins' hotel, Wick- 

Farrer, John, wheelwright and carpenter, 

Fawthrop, Captain, harbour master, Port- 

Fawthrop, James, harbour master, South 

Fedarb, Munro, and Co., glass, china, and 
furniture wsrehonse, Thomson st, 

Fender, Mrs., Winchelsea 





Fenn, J., draper, &c., Julia st, Portland 

Fenton, Michael, Timor st, Warmambool 

Ferguaon and Wells, training stables, 
Grange creek, Hamilton 

Ferguson, Duncan, sexton, Winchelsea 

Ferguson, W., clerk of courts, Camper- 

Fidler, Thomas, butcher, Liebeg st, Warr- 

Findlay, George, general storekeeper, 
Percy st, Portland 

Finn, Thomas, Percy st, Portland 

Finnigan, J., saddler and harness maker, 
Percy st, Portland 

Finnigan, John, saddler, Gawler st, Port- 

Firmin, Alfred, Sardinia hotel, Kardinia 

Fisher, Sophia M., agent for the London 
and Lancashire Fire and Life Insurance 
Companies, Dunkeld 

Fitzgerald, G., butcher, Mortlake 

Fitzgerald, Bryan, tanner and currier, 
near the Immigration Depot, Portland 

Fitzpatrick, P. Albert, Excelsior hotel, 

Flower, Horace, secretary to the shire, 

Floyd, Wm., coachbuilder and wheelwright, 
Sackville st, Belfast 

Foote, Wm., blacksmith and wheelwright, 
Liebeg st, Warmambool 

Forbes, John, bootmaker. Bank st, Bel- 

Ford, Wm., bootmaker, Wickliffe 

Ford, Frederick, general storekeeper, 

Fordham, Samuel, miller, Sonth Portland 

Foster, Wm., grocer and stationer, Barkly 
st, Ararat 

Fox, Charles, stonemason, Bentinck st, 

Fraser, William, cooper, Percy st, Port- 

French, R., bootmaker, Bentinck st, Port- 

French, — , bootmaker, Gawler st, Port- 


Gallic, D. W., manager Bank of Austra- 
lasia, Julia st, Portland 

Gallin, John, fbrniture warehouse, Sack- 
Tille st, Belfast 

Game, George, fancy repositoiy. Grey st, 

Gamon, Robert, wine merchant. Cox st, 

Gamson, Frederick, druggist and chemist, 
Barkly st, Ararat 

Gosling and Nugent, €rosling*s hotel, Mere- 

Gosney, James, carpenter and undertaker, 

Gibbs and Cowell, butchers, Mortlake 
Gibbs. Wm., plumber and paperhanger, 

Liebeg st, Warrnanibool 
Gibson, James, &rmer. South Portland 
Gilbert, John, bootmaker, Woodford 
Giles, John, watchmaker, Barkly st, 

Gilles, E. B., dressmaker and milliner, 

Gill, John, painter, Palmer st, Portland 
Gillespy, M. A., Union inn. Cox st, Bel- 
Gilloch, James P., London tavern, Beau- 
Gleeson, E. and P., drapers, grocers, &c.. 

Cox st, Belfast 
Gleeson, Mrs., Victoria hotel, Colac 
Goldsmith, Peter, fisherman, Tyers at, 

Goodwin, E. H., fancy repository and sta- 
tioner, Pleasant creek 
Gordon, John, tailor, Thomson st, Hamil- 
Gorie, James, tailor, Liebeg st, Warmam- 
Gough, Wm., Branxholme hotel, Branx- 

Goulden, Bei^amin, Victoria hotel, Steig- 

Govett, Dr., Thomson st, Hamilton 
Guinn, Alfred, Temperance hotel. Sack- 

yille st, Bel^t 
Gunn, Wm., general storekeeper, Bean- 
Guthrie, Chas., accountant London Qiar- 
tered Bank of Australia, Barkly st, 
Guttierrez and Co., storekeepers and wine 

and spirit merchants. Pleasant creek 
Gracie, Thomas, draper, Beaufort 
Grame, Hugh, cooper, Timor st, Warr- 

Grant, J. S., agent for the London and 
Lancashire Fire and Life Insurance 
Companies, Sandford 
Grant, John S., hotelkeeper. Palmer st, 

Grant, Patk., fruiterer and hairdresser, 

Sackville st, Belfast 
Grant, John S., Caledonian Union hotel, 

Grant, R. and G., Albion hotel, Casterton 
Graves, J., general storekeeper and tim- 
ber merchant, Beaufort 
Graves, S., bootmaker, Grey st, Hamilton 
Gray, John, baker, Colac 
Gray, Isaac G., Btack Herse inn, Cole- 
Green, Chas., butcher. Cox st, Beltet 
Greenbam^ Isaac, butcher, Sandford 
Grieve and Benn, storekeepers, Morflake 
Grinham, C, Woodford inn, Dartmoor 
Grubb, Wm., draper, Sackville st, Belfiut 
Gwyther, James, family hotel, Dunkeld 






Bt&rkorn, Charlet, brewer. Grey Bt, 

Baggestton, Joseph, itorekeeper, Percy 
•k» ForUand 

Haig, Chaa., Western hotel, Wickliffe 

Halej, Edward, bootmaker, Thomson >t, 

Halley, Wm., stonemason, Finn st, Fort- 

HambUn, Louis, Trawalla hotel, store, 
and post-offiee, Trawalla 

Homes, J. T., baker, &c., Barkly st, 

Hazdie, John, stonemason, Sonth Portland 

Harrington, Bich., Dr., laebeg st, Warr* 

Harriott, George, postmaster, clerk of 
petty sessions, &c., Wickliffe 

Harris, Edward, baker and confectioner, 

Harris and Troy, produce merchants, 

Harris, Bichd. S., seedsman and fruiterer, 
liebeg st, Warmumbool 

Harris, B., bread and biscuit baker, Digby 

Harris, J. B., boot and drapery mart, 

Haalam, Thomas, printer, Sonth Portland 

Hassett, John, Eagle tavern, Pnmim 

Hawkes Bros., ironmongers, Beaufort 

Hawkins, James, teacher, Percy st, Port- 

Hawkins, Samuel P., Hurst st, Portland 

Hay, James, cooper, Gawler st, Portland 

Haynes, Geo., draper and storekeeper, 
SackTille st, Belfast 

Hazledine, Samuel, poundkeeper. South 

Heath, Richard, Hermitage hotel, Harrow 

Hemphill, C, accountant, Oriental Bank, 
Pleasant creek 

Henderson, Hector, P^ans Ford hotel, 
Fyans Ford 

Henderson, L., general storekeeper, wine 
and spirit merchant, Beaufort 

Hendry, Wm., wheelwright and plough- 
maker, Woodford . 

Henningsen, H. P., bookseller, stationer, 
and news agent, Beaufort 

Henty, Edward, Bentinck st, Portland 

Hen^, S. G., and Ck>., merchants, Julia 
St. Portland 

Herbert, Christopher, hairdresser, Beau- 

Herbertson, Bobt., farmer, Julia st. Fort' 

Hickey, James, Bull and Mouth hotel, 
Pleasant creek 

BIckHn, ->, agent National Bank of Aus- 
tralasia, Cohic 

Hide, John, coachboilder, Timor st, Warr- 

Hider, James, bookseller and stationer, 

Timor st, Warmambool 
Hill, Geo., blacksmith. Merino 
Hillp John, teacher, Fitzgerald st, Port- 
Hill, Robt., boot and shoemaker, Sackrille 

st, Belfast 
Hill, W. H., farrier, Pleasant creek 
Hill, Wm., toll collector, Beaufort 
Hill, John, bootmaker, Liebeg st, Warr- 

Hodgson, Sholto D., storekeeper, Darling- 
ton, Elephant bridge 
Hodgson, Thomas, storekeeper, Beaufort 
Hoggeston, Joseph, general store, Percy 

st, Portland 
Holfman, George, butcher, Barkly st, 

HoUis and Peacher, butchers, Percy st, 
' Portland 
Holmes, Edwin F., baker, Palmer st, 

Holmes, Henry F., Tyers st, Portland 
Holmes, John J., teacher, South Portland 
Holmes, Edwin, storekeeper, Percy st, 

Holt, Isaac, Bumside's hotel, Pleasant 

Hood, Alexander J., acting accountant 
Bank of New South Wales, Barkly st, 
Hooper, £. G., View Point Dispensary, 

Hopton, Edwin, Swan hotel, Fyans Ford 
Horn, John, bootmaker, Terang 
Howes, D. H., engineer to the Shire, Bel- 
Hyland, Thomas Francis, Goremorof the 

Gaol, Portland 
Hughes, Edward F., printer, Henty at, 

Humpage, — , solicitor, Beaufort 
Humm, George, butcher, Woodford 
Hunt, H. B., surgeon, Casterton 
Hutchison, J., Hamilton mills, Hamilton 
Hutchinson, S., Victoria hotel, Percy st, 

Hutchinson, Samuel, general storekeeper, 

Gawler st, Portland 
Hutton and Bulstrode, storekeepers, Sack- 

▼ille st, Belfast 
Huxley, Edward, Forest inn, Bulwarra, 

near Portland 
Huxley, John, butcher, Tyers st, Port- 


Bes, George, baker, Percy st, Portland 
Blidge, George, Camperdown hotel, Cam- 

Ingram, James, bootmaker, Beaufort 
Ingram, Edward, blacksmith, Coleraine 
Ingram, Thomas, manager Bank of Aus- 

tralaaia, Sackrille st, Belfast 

2 G 





InrenXty, Henry, Dr., M.B., Cantab., 
pnblic raccinator and deputy regiatrar 
of births, deaths, ftc, Merino 

Iryine, Geo., Mortli^e hotel, Mortlake 

Itaacaon, S., draper and clothier, Pleaaant 

lion, George, tailor, Beaofort 

Jackion, John, baker and confectioner, 
Sackrille tt, Belfast 

Jackson, Wm., Ck>mmercial hotel, Thorn- 
ton St, Hamilton 

Jacoby, S., draper, silkman, and clothier, 
Grey st, Hamilton 

James, Wm., fruiterer, Timor st, Warr- 

James, Mark, tinsmith, Mortlake 

Jamieson and Co., general storekeepers, 

Jamieson, W. W., ironmonger and grocer, 
Liebeg st, Warmambool 

Jarrett, Stephen, ironmonger, Percy st, 

Jarrett, G^rge, coachbnilder and vheel- 
wright, &c., Percy st, Portland 

Jeffiries, Thomas, carpenter, Kennedy st, 

Jenkins, Dayid, Union hotel, East Wood- 

Jenkins, Mrs., dressmaker, Barkiy st, 

Jennings, George, Western Tnrf hotel, 
Pleasant creek 

Jennings and Co., photogn^hic artists. 
Grey st, Hamilton 

Jermyn, Dr., surgeon, Cox st, Belfast 

Johnson, Henry J., Timor st, Warmam- 

Johnson, James L., F.B.S. Glasgoir, doc- 
tor, Beaufort 

Johnson, John, tailor, Barkiy st, Ararat 

Johnson, John, storekeeper, Beaufort 

Johnson, J., blacksmith, Woodford 

Johnson, Wm. H., tobacconist, Liebeg st, 

Johnson, J. M., accountant Bank of Aus- 
tralasia, SackTiile st, Belfast 

Johnston, W., Oddfellows* hotel, Colac 

Johnston, J. F., furniture varehouse, 
Barkiy st, Ararat 

Johnstone, John, farmer, Bridgewater 
road, Portland 

Jones, A., Cressy hotel, Cresgy 

Jones, Daniel, clerk, Tyers st, Portland 

Jones and Co., blacksmiths, &&, Liebeg st, 

Jones, Wm., Western hotel, Balmoral 

Jones and Araot, fitrriers, Grey st, Hunil- 

Jones, Geo., stonemason, Hurd st, Port- 

Jones, John Henry, Clyde hotel, Clyd« 

Jones, John, stonemason, Julia st. Port* 

Joyce, John, Hibemia hotel. Pleasant ck 

Eannard, Mrs., View point, Ararat 
Eaufmann, L., butcher. Grey st, Hsmfl- 

Kavanagh, John, Bush inn, Puraam 
Kay, DaTid, ironmonger, Percy st, Port* 

Kay, Ber. D., minister Presbyterisn 

Church, Wickliffe 
Eean, James, lighterman. Palmer st, Port- 
Eean, Thomas, ship chandler, Gawler st, 

Keen, Rev. T. £., Camperdown 
Eeiller, Thomas, confectioner, &c., Ben- 

tinck st, PortUnd 
Eeiley, Henry, secretary and treasurer, 

Stowell Shire, Stawell 
Kelly, John, Union hotel, Julia st, Port- 
Kelly, Matthew, Junction hotel, Erambeen 
Kelly, John, general storekeeper, Yambok 
Kelly, James, Yambuk inn, Tambnk 
Kelly, Daniel, storekeeper, Korolt it, 

Kendall, F. W., cabinetmaker and under- 
taker, Timor st, Warmambool 
Keeping, John, fiirrier, opposite Church 

of England, Percy st, Portland 
Kerr, John, bootmaJcer, Sandford 
King, Thomas, produce merchant, Liebeg 

st, Warmambool 
King, John, aerated water and cordial 

manu&ctarer, Lara st, Warmambool 
King, Wm., Milton st, Hamilton 
Kistere, Wm., Balmoral hotel, Fyans ford 
Klug, Carl, chemist and druggist, Gr^ 

st, Hamilton 
Kofoed, John, brewer, Barkiy st, Ararat 
Knight, James, Knight*s hotel, Sturt st. 

West Ballaarat 
Krager, J. C. A., Commercial hotel, 

Timor st, Warrmambool 
Kunnurd, Mrs., stprekeeper, Barkiy st, 

Kuntze, Mrs., fancy repository, Timor st, 

Kucks, Wm., baker, Timor st, Warmam- 


Laing, D. S., Warrambin hotel, LdTerleigh 
Laing, F. T. B., Terang hotel, Terang 
Laity, Joseph, bootmaker, Dunkdd 
Lament, Herbert, solicitor, Barkiy a^ 

Lanagan, Alfred, bootmaker, Timor <^ 






iMDoe, George, plumber, &c., liebeg it, 

Landman, Angnit, cabinetmaker, Timor 

St, Warmambool 
Lane, Albion 8., Flymg Buck hotel. Lie- 
beg at, Warmambool 
Lane and Osborne, bntchers, Gawler st, 

Lang, John, Squatters' Arms hotel, Bal* 

Langlands, J., agent for the London and 

Luicashire Fire and Life Insurance 

CkHnpanies, Horsham 
LKwerj, Patrick, blacksmith and fiurrier, 

Laurie, Heniy, town derky Timor st, 

JjLW, Dr., BarkJj st, Ararat 
Lawraice, Dr., J.P., Oamperdown 
lAjh, C, tobacconist. Gray st, HamOton 
JjLjley, Wm., bootmaker, Sandford 
Layadl, W. A., stationer and postmaster. 

Pleasant creek 
Lear, £iy ah, fhiiterer and seedsman, Julia 

st, Portland 
Learmonth, Peter, Mary Burn mills, 

Learmonth, John B., settler, South Port- 

Learmonth, J., auctioneer and commission 

agent. Grey st, Hamilton 
Lee, John, storekeeper, Colao road. Mo- 

Lee, G. D., flour and produce dealer, 

Lee, James, blacksmith, Winchelsea 
Lemst^, Christian, fiirrier and Uadcsmith, 

Lesser, Abraham, general storekeeper, 

Lesser's general store, Sandford 
Lerett, Francis F., settler. Gardens, Port- 
lightbody, Wm., Wesleyan minister. 

South Portland 
Lincoln, Mrs., greengrocer, SackriUe st, 
» Bdfaat 

Utcfafield, Joseph, butcher. Mount Moriac 
Ilttkgohn, J. B., manager London Qiar- 

tered Bank of Australia, Barkly st, 

Loekie, Andrew, saddler, Pertrr st, Port- 

Loft, Wm., builder, Beaufort 
Loftus, Wm., surgeon. Cox st, Belfast 
London Chartered Bank of Australasia, 

Barkly st, Ararat: A. B. Littlejohn, 

manager; Chas. Guthrie, accountant 
Loog,Wm^ general storekeeper, Timor 

st, Warmambool 
lord. Croaker, and Co., merchants, Percy 

st, Portland 
Lard, Croaker, and Co., merchants, Grey 

it^ Hamilton 

Loui, Oscar, tailor and habit maker, Cole« 

raine ^ 
Lowe, James, Heywood hotel, H^wood 
Lowe, Joseph, st<^ekeeper, Mortlake 
Lucas, W. B., manager Bank of Yictoriay 

Pleasant creek 
Luyand Paterson, saddlers, Thomson st, 

Lymer, Thomas, undertaker, View Point, 

Lyne and Aeschimann, butchers, Barkly 

st, Ararat and Pleasant creek 
Lyner, J. A., postmaster and telegraph 

manager. Bank st, Bel£ut 
Lynn, John, farrier, &c., Beaufort 
Lyon, Basil, general storekeeper and 

postmaster, Balmoral 
Lyth, James, agent for the London and 

Lancashire Fire and Life Luuranee 

Companies, Ararat 

Maccade, Edward, auctioneer, Barkly st, 

Maoonachie, J., saddler and harnessmaker. 
Pleasant creek 

Mackwood, Thomas, Merino hotel. Merino 

Maddock, Wm., bootmaker, Gawler st, 

Magners, G., general storekeeper, StaweU 

Maitland, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 

Maloney and Johnson, carriage builders, 
blacksmiths, &c, Coleraine 

Maltby, G., bread and biscuit baker, 
Sackyille st, Belfast 

Manning £d., clerk of Petty Sessions, 
Hurd at, PortUnd 

March, Mrs., general storekeeper, Sack- 
Yille st, Belfast 

Marriott, Joseph, draper, Julia st, Port- 

Martin, Thomas, cooper, Liebeg st, Warr- 

Mathleson, G. S., liTcry stables, Lingsdale 
st, Hamilton 

McCallam, Donald, wheelwright, Digby 

McCailum, A., wheelwright, blacksmith, 
&c., Beaufort 

McCailum and Ainslie, drapers and out« 
fitters. Pleasant creek 

McCann, Snoad, and Co., drapers, &0., 
Barkly st, Ararat 

McCaskill, M., bootmaker, Coleraine 

McClure, Valentine, and Co., storekeep- 
ers, Terang 

McCoUam, Alex., general smith, Beaufort 

McConachT, Samuel, Lamb inn, Percy st, 

McDonald, Alex., Mac's hotel, Mortlake 

McDonald, Hector, tailor, Grey at, Ham- 

McDonald, Dr., Hamilton 





McDonald, D. Allen, Winchelsea hotel, 

McDonald, Mm., Mac's hotel, Bentinck 

Bt, Portland 
McDonald, D^ Argyle Anns hotel, Grey 

st, Hamilton 
McDonald, John, Mac's hotel, Baangor 
McDougall, A. E., Grey st, Hamilton 
McEdoo, M., baker, &c., Barklj st, 

McEroy, Thos., Sandford hotel, Sandford 
McGell, A., High Park station. Cavendish 
McGibbony, John, watchmaker and jew- 
eller, Barkly st, Ararat 
McGibbony, Henry, watchmaker, Barkly 

st, Ararat 
McGonigal, Stephen, Court House hotel, 

MoGowen, James, carpenter, Timor st, 

McGuinness, Robert, stonemason, Gawler 

st, Portland 
McGuinness, Thomas, lighterman, Hurd 

st, Portland 
Mcllwaine, Mrs., teacher Infants' School. 

Mclntyre, Hector, bntcber, Winchelsea 
McKay, John, smith and wheelwright, 

Percy st, Portland 
McKellar, D., wine, spirit, and prorision 

merchant. Pleasant creek 
McKenzie, Donald, tanner, Colac 
McEenzie, — , general storekeeper. Grey 

st, Hamilton 
McKillop, Alexander, Bentinck st, Port- 
McEinnon, Charles, blacksmith, &c., Bal- 
McLaren, John, engineer Stawell Shire, 

Mcliaughlin, John, hotelkeeper, Colac 
McLaws, D., Koroit hotel, Koroit 
McLeas, Neil, timber merchant, Gawler 

st, Portland 
McLean, Hector, engineer Shire Dundas, 

McLean, — , bootmaker, Branzholme 
McLean, Daniel, blacksmith, Tyers st, 

McLeod, Angus, stonemason, Colac 
McLennan, Wm., blacksmith and farrier, 

McMahon, Robert, storekeeper. Bank st, 

McMillan, R. and J., butchers, Terang 
McMillan, Duncan, Camperdown 
McMullen, Ed., llYcry stable keeper, 

Gawler st, Portland 
McPhail, Hugh, bootmaker, Koroit 
McPherson, Sandy Creek hotel, Sandy 

McRae, Dunrobin station, near Caaterton; 

J. S. Murray, oyerseer 
McRae, Duncan, Gawler st, Portland 


McSheehy, John, Koroit hotel, Goleraine 
Mechanics' ^Institute ; James CampbeD, 

secretary, Barkly st, Ararat 
Mechanics* Institute ; James H. Dane, 

secretary, Pleasant creek 
Melville, George, rate collector, Camper- 
Mercer, John, storekeeper. Cavendish 
Merchant, F. L., telegraph manager, Caa- 
Merri Mills ; Aitkin and Bostock, pro- 
prietors, Merri st, Warmambool 
Meyler, Henry, Dr., deputy registrar of 
births, deaths, &c., and public vaccina- 
tor at Winchelsea and Mount Moriac, 
Winchelsea . 
Michael, J., draper, Thomson st, Hamil- 
Michael, Isaac, general store, Percy st, 

Biidgley, David, general storekeeper, Yan- 

Michael, Philip, Garibaldi hotel, Beaufort 
Millar, Hugh, draper. South Portland 
Miller, W., saddler, &c., Barkly st, Ararat 
Miller, Wm., boarding-house keeper, Cole- 

Miller, Robert Charles, chemist and drag- 
gist, Mortlake 
Milnes, Frank, carpenter, builder, and 
manuflEUSturerof lever presses, Mortlake 
MofiBt, Mrs., storekeeper, Steiglitz 
Molan, Maurice, Shamrock inn, Koroit 
Molloy, Michael, 'Lake WaUace hotd, 

Monague, Thomas, butcher, Steiglitz 
Moore, Wm. A., collector of customs, Hurd 

st, Portland 
Moore, John, farmer, Colac 
Moate, Joseph, grocer and wine and spirit 

merchant, Grey st, Hamilton 
Moreland, Joseph, carpenter, Camperdown 
Morgan, Wm., furniture and general store, 

Morgan and Bird, blacksmiths, Winchelsea 
Morgan, W., fishmonger, Barkly st, Ararat 
Morris, Mrs., Camperdown 
Morrison, John, Phosniz forge, liebeg at, 

Moutray, H. A., storekeeper, Tambuk 
Madden, J., Skipton hotel, Skiptoa 
Martin, W., coachmaker. View Pointf 

Muerson, Francis, general stonkieeper, 

Muir, David, fraiterer, Beaufort 
Muir, Walter, produce dealer. Pleasant 

Mulcahy, C, Bull and Mouth hotel, Baridy 

st, Ararat 
Mulla, John, Lady of the Lake hotel, Mo- 

Munro, Wm., Constitution hotel, Stawell 
Murrew, Findon, storekeeper, Winchqiwi 





Hurray, Adam, Yictoria hotel, Idebegst, 

Murraj, K. L., i>oitmatter and telegraph 

manager^ fiarUy at, Ararat 
Mast, Thomaa, merchant, Bentinck it, 



Kapihene, R W., general storekeeper, 
post office receiving box, and electoral 
registrar, Teraog 

Naptbene, B. W., general storekeeper, 

National Bank; D. Macpherson, Thomson 
St, Hamilton 

Kealy, Wm., Liverpool house, Stawell 

Neiman, M., draper, &c., Sackyille st, 

Keyill, Barnard B., tinsmith, Julia st, 

Kewson, Samuel, boot store, Steiglitz 

Newton, F., Newmarket bote], Barkly st, 

Nolan, James; bootmaker, Beaufort 

Norman, Chria., general storekeeper, &c., 

Nicholls, George J., storekeeper, Percy st, 

IS^cholson, Daniel, architect, Sonth Port- 

Nicholson, Daniel, town suryeyor, Port- 

NickoU, Henry, Q>leraine hotel, Coleraine 

Nickolls, John T., general storekeeper, 

Nicol, John, settler, South Portland 

N^ht, Miss, dressmaker, Barkly st, Ara- 

Nonn, John, solicitor, Thomson st, Hamil- 

Nurthen, George, fruiterer and general 
dealer, Percy st, Portland 


Oates, James, plumber, Barkly st, Ararat 

O'Brien, Wm., Hibernia hotel, Koroit st, 

0*CUlaghan, — , Shamrock hotel, Barkly 
It, Ararat 

C^Connell, D., general storekeeper, Cole- 

(^Connor, Patrick, general dealer, James 
It, Belfast 

O'Connothy, — , Lamb inn, Percy st, 

O'Donnell, Francis, surgeon. Pleasant 

O'Grady, Daniel, Trayellers' Rest inn, 

Oman, Mrs., storekeeper, Streatham 

0*lteiUy, Owen, setUer, Percy st, Port- 

0*Beilly, Michael, proprietor of the Ban' 
ner newspaper, Princes st, Belfast 

Osborne, Wm., butcher, Percy st, Port- 

Osborne, Richard, proprietor of the EmI' 
miner newspaper office, Timor st, Port- 

Oswald, F. C, manager Bank of Victoria, 
Julia st, Portland 

Owen, Mrs., registry bfflce. Grey st, Hamil- 

Owen, Fredk., commission agent, agent 
for the London and Lancashire Fire and 
Life Insurance Companies, Thomson st, 

Owen, Jane, Wickliffe 

Oxenham, Biobert, baker, Erumbeen 


Padwick, Wm., Hurd st, Portland 
Pagan, John, Mortlake 
Palmer, Edward, Timor st, Warrnambool 
Parker, A. C, photographic artist, Warr- 
nambool, Belfast, and Hamilton 
Parker, John, yeterinary and horse shoe- 
ing forge, Terang 
Parker, George, boarding-house keeper, 

Parkes, John, undertaker and cabinet- 
maker, Colac 
Parr, Wm., lighterman, Percy st, Port- 
Paterson, G^rge, butcher, Woodford 
Paterson, R. B., manager Baok of Vic- 
toria, Liebeg st, Warrnambool 
Patience, James, bootmaker, Beaufort 
Patience, George, tinsmith, Beaufort 
Patience, Miss, dressmaker, Beaufort 
Paton, John, manager Colonial Bank of 

Australasia, Camperdown 
Patrick, Robert, blacksmith, Percy st, 

Peachey, John, Perseverance store, Cas- 

Peake, Jos., storeman, Percy st, Portland 
Peake, Wm., bootmaker, Harrow 
Pearson, F. J., and Co., drapers, clothiers, 

&c., Beaufort 
Penrose, Nicholas, blacksmith, Mortlake 
Perel, E., draper, &a, Barkly st, Ararat 
Perry, Wm. H., storekeeper, Burrumbeet 
Phelan and Butler, produce dealers, Barkly 

st, Ararat 
Phelan, Martin J., tanner. South Portland, 
Philips, Henry, stonemason, Bentinck st, 

Phillip, — , schoolmaster, Grey st, Hamil- 
Phillips, G., hairdresser, Thomson st, 

Pike, Cbas., butcher, Camperdown 
Pilyen, Chas., Hamilton hotel, Lingsdale 
Bt, Hamilton 





Pine, Rev. Alex., M^A.., clergyman Church 
of England, Camperdown 

Pitcher, Gteo., butdier, Palmer at, Port- 

Pitcher, John, wheelwright, Hentj it, 

Plammer, Wm., J.P. and M.L.A., Timor 
Bt, Warrnambool 

Police Station, Timor st, Warrnambool 

Police Station ; Wdi. Fogartjr, trooper, 

Pooley, James, nursery and seedsman, 

Porter, Benjamin, furniture, bedding, and 
fimcy repository warehouse, €rawier st, 

Portland Timet newspaper office, Julia st, 

Post and Telegraph Offices, John Durgan, 
postmaster and telegraph manager, (Sun- 

Post and Telegraph Offices, S. Braham, 
postmaster and telegraph manager, 

Post and Telegraph Offices, K. L. Murray, 
postmaster and telegraph manager, 
Barkly st, Ararat 

Powell, T., and Co., Corio brewery, Timor 
st, Warrnambool 

Powell, Henry, draper, Timor st, Warr- 

Powell, H. N., solicitor, Thomson st, 

Pyle, James, general storekeeper, Wick- 

Puckle, F. H., police magistrate. Camper- 

Punchard, John, timber merchant and 
ironmonger, Pleasant creek 

Presbyterian Church, Colac 

Presswell, Jolm, solicitor, Barkly st, Ara- 

Price, Thomas, Temperance hotel, Liebeg 
st, Warrnambool 

Price, Wm. B., senior police constable, 

Quigley, John, Wannon hotel, Redruth 
Qoinn, Wm., Commercial hotel, Terang 

Backham, T. B., postmaster and telegraph 

manager, Timor st, Warrnambool 
Radford, Caleb, surgeon, F.RC.8., L.S.M., 

and coroner for the Casterton district, 

Ramsay, Gtoo., bootmaker. Pleasant creek 
Rea and Robertson, wine, spirit, and pro- 

rision merchants, Colao 
Reach, J. A., manager Oriental Bank, 

Pleasant creek 

Bead, Henry T., bookseller and statioiier, 

Timor st, Warrnambool 
Redford, Thomas, Bentindc st, Portland 
Reed, Cornelius C, hawker. Hard it^ 

Reed, John, blacksmith and wheelwright^ 

Reeves, Wm., blacksmith, Birregum 
Rennison , Chas., watchmaker and j eweUer, 

Grey st, Hamilton 
Rentiers, Francis, Victoria hotel, Oicj it, 

Rerell, T. H., paperhanger, Belfast 
Richie, Dayid, tinsmith, Timor at, Wair- 

Richie, T. T., acting accountant, London 

Chartered Bank of Australia, Pleasant 

Richard, Thomas E., Otway st, Pordand 
Richardson, Joseph, grocer, and wine and 

spirit merchant. Pleasant creek 
Richmond, James, teacher common school. 

Lake Wenmouth 
Rickard, Arthur, draper, &c., Julia st, 

Ritter, Charles, restaurant, Grey at, 

Robertson, Roderick, storekeeper, Steig- 

Robertson, James, Percy st, Portiand 
Robertson, W. and J., Warraten BuIUe 

Station ; Alexander McEdward, oyer- 

seer, near Penola 
Robinson, Thomas, labourer, Camperdown 
Robinson, George, Spectator newspaper 

office, Grey st, Hamilton 
Robinson, George, stationer and book- 
seller. Grey st, Hamilton 
Rogers, Wm., blacksmith, Balmoral 
Rogers, Joseph, plumber and glazier, 

I'imor st 
Roman Catholic Church, Camperdown 
Rooke, William, wood cutter. Pleasant 

Rosenbloom, H., storekeeper, Heywood 
Ross, Hugh, Plough inn, Tower Hill Flat 
Ross, George, TraTcUers* Rest hotel, 

Ross, Alexander M., architect, Bentinck 

st, Portland 
Rout, B., draper and ironmonger, Colac 
Row, John U., watchmaker and jeweller, 

JiUia st, Portland 
Rule, James H., plumber and painter, 

Timor st, Warrnambool 
Rundel, Wm., Court House hotel, Barkly 

st, Ararat 
Russel, James, general smith, View Point, 

Russell, George, Elderslie station ; Wm. 

Thompson, overseer, near Apsley 
Ryan, M., bootmaker, Barkly st, Ararat 
Ryan, Miss, dressmaker, Grey at, Hamil- 






Sidl]iger,<H., Fieemasons' hotel, Barklj st, 

Salmon, Thomas and John, hootmakers, 

Percy tt, Portland 
Safanon, Thomas, shoemaker, Per^ st, 

Sak, Henrj, bootmaker. Bank st, Belfast 
Sampson, Henry E., cabmetmaker, Hard 

st, Portland 
Sampson, Thomas, senior police constable, 

Satchwell, Mrs., Elephant Bridge hotel, 

Saonders, J. M., manager Bank of New 

South Wales, Barkly st, Ararat 
Sayers, James, Winchelaea 
Scharp, F. R., Beanfort hotel, Beanfort 
Sdieldon, John, clergyman Church of 

England, Winchelsea 
Sdierell, Robert, saddler and hamess- 

maker, Timor at, Warmambool 
Scterer, Carl, hairdresser and perfumer. 

Pleasant creek 
Schofleld, James, woolwasher. Customs* 

Point, Portland 
Seott, Philip, solicitor, Percy st, Portland 
Scott, James, Steiglitz hotel, Steiglitz 
Scott, R D., district surreyor and land 

officer, Gamperdown 
Scott, John, Free Prtu newspaper office, 

Orey st, Hamilton 
Scott, John, stationer, Orey st, Hamilton 
Searle, Greo., Cricketers' Arms, Beaufort 
Seath, Peter, tinsmith, Barkly st, Ararat 
SeatoD, DaTld, miller, Palmer st, Portland 
Seidel, A. F., boarding-house, Hamilton 
Semaa, Henry Paul, surgeon. Lake Wen- 
Seopold, John, Great Eastern store, Barkly 

st, Ararat 
Shacklock, John, storeman, Glenelg st, 

•Shadland, Charles E., grocer, &c., Barkly 

st, Ararat 
Shannon and Co., land agents. Grey st, 

Shaw, G., hairdresser, Thomson st, Hamil- 
Sbeldrick, Walter, butcher, Liebeg st, 

Sherwin, Mrs., confectioner, Thomson st, 

Sheville, Peter W., accountant, Bentiock 

st, Portland 
Shields, B. W. H., batcher, Colac 
Shrine, Charles, butcher, Harrow 
ShirrefE, J. L, carriage builder, blacksmith, 

and wheelwright. Pleasant creek 
Snk, James, Farmers' hotel, Colac 
Simmons, Bichard, tailor. Palmer st, Port- 
Simmons, W. G., batcher. Pleasant creek 

Sunmons, B., Great Eastern hotel, Barkly 
st, Ararat 

Simpson, W. W., Criterion hotel, Grey it^ 

Simpson and Francis, saddlers, &c., Merino 

Simpson, Will, Forest Home hotel, Steig- 

Simpson, W., storekeeper, Steiglitz 

Sindall, John, accountant, Henty st. Port* 

Singleton, Richard, clerk of court, Stdg- 

Slack, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Ti- 
mor st, Warmambool 

Slolay, Hugh, tinsmith, SackriUe st, Bel- 

Slous, George, produce merchant and com- 
mission agent, Warmambool 

Smith, Thos., general storekeeper, Branx- 

Smith, Mrs., storekeeper, Coz st, Belfast 

Smith, John, Norfolk brewery, Beaufort 

Smith, Jeremiah, Golden Age hotel, Beau- 

Smith and Osborne, proprietors of the 
Bei/ast QcLzUU newspaper. Cox st, Bel- 

Smith, T., and Sons, tailors and habit- 
makers, Balmoral and Edenhope 

Smith, James, actuary, Richmond st, Port- 

Smith, Henry, wharfinger, Percy st, Port- 

Smith, Thomas, storekeeper, Percy st, 

Smith, Wm. S., general storekeeper, Beau- 

Smith, Wm., butcher, Beaufort 

Smith, T., tailor and habitmaker, Eden- 

Smith, Thomas, bootmaker. Pleasant creek 

Smith, J., blacksmith, &c., Percy sc, Port- 

Smith, David, Commercial hotel. Bank st, 

Smith, John, bootmaker, Steiglitz 

Smith and Co., ironmongers, Barkly st, 

Smith, Thomas, general store, Percy st, 

Smith, Jonas, wheelwright, Tyer st, Port- 

Snellgrove Brothers, drapers. Grey st, 

Snow, Heniy, butcher, Timor st, Warr- 

Southcombe and Ireland, carpenters, Cox 
st, Belfast 

Southem, Walter, lirery stables. Grey st, 

Spencer, G. F., Good Woman hotel and 
storekeeper, Dartmoor 

Spruce, John, blacksmith, &c., Burrum- 





Spruhan, Jas., Western hotel and general 
storekeeper, Dunkeld 

Stanworth, B. B., Stonj Bisei hotel, Stony 

StelUng Brothers, cabinetmakers and up- 
holsterers, Timor st, Warrnambool 

Steren, John C, butcher, Hurd st, Port- 

Stevens, Robert, baker, Julia st, Portland 

Stevena, F. P., and Co., produce mer- 
chants, Liebeg st, Warrnambool 

Stevens, Mrs., registry office, Percy St., 

Stevenson, Moodie, and Miller, store- 
keepers, Camperdown, next door to 
Colonial Bank 

Stewart, John, blacksmith and farrier, 

Stichnath, D., uphosterer, Barkly st, 

Stirling, James, Barwon hotel, Winchelsea 

Stirling, Wm., storekeeper, Winchelsea 

Stokes, W. A., manager Union Bank of 
Australia, Julia st, i'ortland 

Stone, D. B., bootmaker, Heywood 

Studt, Jacob, Crescent hotel, Beaufort 

Sullivan, James, bootmaker, Sackville st, 

Swinton, Wm., general storekeeper, Timor 
st, Warrnambool 

Symonds, Stanley, caMnetmaker, Bentinck 
st, Portland 


Tallerman, J. and Co., storekeepers. Grey 

st, Hamilton 
Tait, James, general storekeeper, Camper- 
Tate, John, Farmers* hotel, Woodford 
Taylor, Mrs., Star of the West hotel, 

Sackville st, Belfast 
Taylor, James Grant, warden, Barkly st, 

Temple, George, grocer, ^c, Barkly st, 

The Bank of Australasia: D. W. Gallic, 

manager ; George Cavenagh, account- 
ant ; Julia st, Portland 
The Bank of Australasia, Sackville st, 

Belfast: Thomas Ingram, manager; 

J. M. Johnson, accountant 
The Bank of Victoria, Cox st, Belfast: 

Wm. Young, manager; Hy. Chambers, 

The Bank of Victoria; F. C. Oswald, 

manager; F. L. Williams, accountant, 

Julia st, Portland 
The Bank of Victoria : R. B. Paterson, 

manager; Alexr. Bayne, accountant, 

Liebeg st, Warrnambool 
The Bank of Victoria : James Hanson, 

manager ; A. G. W. Scott, accountant, 


The Bank of Australasia : £dw. Palmer, 
manager, Warrnambool 

The Bank of New South Wales : J. K. 
Saunders, manager; Alexander J. Hood, 
accountant, Barkly st, Ararat 

The Bank of Victoria: W. B. Loess, 
manager ; T. S. Etheridge, accountant, 
Pleasant nifi filr 

The Bank of Victoria : D. Williams, ma- 
nager. Grey st, Hamilton 

The Banner newspaper office. Princes st, 
Belfast; Michael O^Beilly, proprietor 

The Belfast Gazette newspaper office; 
Smith and Osborne, proprietors. Cox st, 

The Belfast Brewery, Cox st, Belfsst ; 
Wm. Flattely, proprietor 

The Bible Christian Church; Bev. T. B. 
Keen, minister, Camperdown 

The Colonial Bank of Australasia ; John 
Paton, manager, Camperdown 

The Commercial hotel ; — ', proprietor. 
Pleasant creek 

The Casilemaine hotel; , proprietor, 

Pleasant creek 

The Court of Petty Sessions, Timor st, 

The J&rajiitji«r newspaper office ; Bicfaaid 
Osborne, Timor et, Warrnambool 

7%e Ovardian newspaper office ; Wm. 
Cooper, proprietor, also bookseller, sta- 
tioner, &C., Gawler st, Portland 

The London Chartered Bank of Australia, 
Pleasant creek; John S. Trew, acting 
manager ; T. T. Ritchie, aeting accoun- 

The National Bank of Australasia ; — 
HicJclin, agent, Colac 

The Oriental Bank Corporation, Pleasant 
creek ; J. A. Riacli, numager ; C. 
Hemphill, accountant 

The Post Office and Telegraph Offices, 
T. R, Rackham, postmaster and tele- 
graph manager, Timor st, Warrnam- 

The Sentinel newspaper office ; Davidson 
J. Burnie, proprietor, Koroit st, Warr- 

Thesinger, Jacob, musician, Hurd st, 

The Star hotel, , proprietor. Pleasant 


The Town Hall, Timor st, Warrnambool 

The Union Bank of Australia ; W. A. 
Stokes, manager; J. T. Denny, ac- 
countant, Julia st, Portland 

The Western Times newspaper office; 
Patmore Gurney, proprietor, also book- 
seller and stationer, Julia st, Portland 

Thomas, George, bootmaker, Barkly st, 

Thomas, H., chemist, Timor st, Warr- 

Thomas, W. D., carpenter, ftc, DIgby 





TbomaB, Wm., brickiiMker, West Sab- 

nrbt, PorUAod 
IbomM, Wm.» stonemaaoo, Palmer st, 

ThomaoD, li. B., taflor, CSamperdown 
ThompiOD, And^w, watchmaker, Beau- 
Thompeon, Packle, and Black, MeisrA., 

police magistrates, Terang 
ThompsoD, 6., and Ck>., general store- 
keepers, wine and spirit merchants, 
Thompson, A., and Co., general store- 
keepers and ironmongers. Grey st, 
Thorn, John, galvanized ironworks, Sack- 

▼ille St, Belfast 
Tbron, S. W., gunsmith, Cos st, Belfast 
Thorman, Wm., Richmond st, Portland 
Thunnan, Joseph, saddler and harness 

maker, Casterton 
Thorman, Thomas W., Palmer st, Port- 

Timor Baths ; I. Bub, proprietor, Timor 

st, Warmambool 
Tobin and Co., grocers and produce deal- 
en, Barkly st, Ararat 
Tompkins, Joel, Camp hotel, Beaufort 
Tooge, Wm., chemist and druggist, agent 
for the London and Lancashire Fire 
and Life Insurance Companies, Beau- 
Tooke, Joseph, Builders' Arms hotel, 

Percy st, Portland 
Towosend, M., general storekeeper, Digby 
Trainor, Wm., Racecourse hotel, Hamil- 
Tnngmar, C. M., storekeeper, Julia st, 

Trangmar, James, Julia st, Portland 
TrsDgmar, G., storekeeper, Coleraine 
Trew, Lmnoz, Stag hotel, Sackville st, 

Trew,John S., acting manager London 
Chartered Bank of Australia, Pleasant 
Tngg, Wm., Royal hotel, Timor st, Warr- 

Tucker, James, Ripton hotel, Skipton 
Tugby, Samuel, Yangery Prince hotel, 

TuUogh, C., storekeeper, Harrow 
ToUoch, Wm., accountant, Percy st, Port- 
Turner and White, cabinetmakers, &c.. 

Cox st, Belfiist 
Tmon, James, baker, Barkly st, Ararat 
ToaoD, James, Camp hotel, Barkly st, 

T/tberleigh, John, Market square, Port- 
Tjtherleigh, Robert, blacksmith, Percy 
It, Portiand 

Venner, Thomas, storekeeper, Barkly it, 

Vine, Richard, Bentinck st, Portland 
Yoisey, Charles, watchmaker, &c., Sack- 

Tille st, Belfast 


Wade, -~, storekeeper, Steiglitz 

Waldron, Edmund, saddler, Terang 

Walker, Duncan S., Leura hotel, Cam- 

Walker, Mrs., general storekeeper, Caven- 

Walker, Thomas, agent, Percy st, Port- 

Wail, Wm., Rising Sun hotel, Timor st, 

Wall, John, Farmers* inn, Sackville st, 

- Belfast 

WaUace, Hugh, Bank hotel, Sackyille st, 

Wallis, John, blacksmith, Camperdown 

Walsh, Wm., Court House hotel, Colac 

Walsh, H., watchmaker, &c., Timor st, 

Wardell, Edward, Fern st, Portland 

Warden's office ; James Grant Taylor, 
warden, Barkly st, Ararat 

Wardlie, Wm., solicitor, Timor st, Warr- 

Warlgoehs, Wm., hairdresser and natu- 
ralist, Gawler st, Portland 

Warner, Richard, bootmaker, Harrow 

Warren, Wm., baker, Colac 

Watson, D., Mount Elephant hotel, Mount 

Watson, W., currier. Grey st, Hamilton 

Watson, Wm., tailor. Cox st, Bel^t 

Watson, Rob^, blacksmith, Harrow 

Watts, Henry, bootmaker, Liebeg st, 

Watts, J. A., blacksmith, &c., Coleraine 

Webb, Wm., Belfast shoeing forge, Sack- 
yille st, Belfast 

Webb, Alfred R., accountant, Gawler st, 

Welch, Thomas, produce merchant, Beau- 

Wesleyan Church i Rer. John Catterall, 

Weston, Wm., comptroller Savings' Bank, 
telegraph manager, and postmaster, 

Weston, James, chemist and draggist, 

Wetzel, Frederick, baker and confec- 
tioner, Woodford 

White, Thomas E., surgeon, Julia st, 

Whitehead, Thomas, grocer and produce 
dealer, Timor st, Warmambool 

Whyte, Charles, Woolpack inn, Digby 

2 H 





Wiggins, Jefan, Mount Shadwell hotel, 

Wild, John T., watcfamakep, Sackrille tt, 

Williams, Mary, dressmaker, Oolac 

Williams, Gorrie M, auctioneer, Camper> 

Williams, Wm., Timor st, Warroambool 

Williams and Co., timber merchants, 
Timor st, Warmambool 

Williams, Leo, accountant, Hurd st, Port- 

Williams, F. L., accountant Bank of Vic- 
toria, Julia st, Portland 

Williamson, D., Grey st, Hamilton 

Wilson, George, chemist and druggist, 
Julia st, Portland 

Wilson and Meats, general store, Wick- 

Wilson, BeT. Francis B. M«, Presbyterian 
minister, Camperdown 

Wilson, James Y., Julia st, Portland 

Wilson, Wm. S., storekeeper. Palmer st, 

Wilson, — , storekeeper, Thompson st, 

Wilson, George, chemist, Julia st, Port- 

WittoB, Joho« general •torak«per,Taii- 

Withers, Charlet, diH>er, BarUy s^ 

Womeraley, Samnel, smith, hc^ DuhsM 
Wood, George, storekeeper, Tioior st, 

Wood, John, saddler, Bazkly st, Ararat 
Woodhead, Samuel, storekeqier, wheel- 
wright, &c, Doakeld 
Womll, John, solicitor. Timer at, WaR- 

Wortbam, F., agent tag the LoDdoo and 

Lancashire Fire and life Insuiioe 

Companies, Smythesdale 
Wother^KMrn Brothers, and Oe^ wholsMlB 

wine, spirit, and proTiaion merehaatt, 

Wuttrick, Alfonae, fruiterer, Steiglili 
Wyat, Wm^ Stieatham hotel, StnatliaBi 
Wyly, Dr., Gr^ st, Hamilton 


Toung, Andrew, saddler, &c., Koroit 
Toung, Stephen, blacksmith, Barkly st, 

Toung, Wm., manager Bank of Vletoris, 

Cox st, Belfast 




AuoQs, David. Ubonr ofBoe Williamson 

Abbot, Joseph H., New Times Boot Mart, 
Abdl, Thomas, fruiterer, WiUiamson st 
Adams, Alfred, laiiiray porter, Quari^ 

Adler, R. G., carter. Rowan st 
Ah Git, storekeeper. Golden square 
Aitken, James, produce taerchaat, Bridge 

Albin, John, miner. Myrtle st 
AMsworth and Co., agents for' Murray 

Fishing compaoy, Pall Mall 
Aldvorth, Alfred, Williamson st 
Aldworth, Frank, butcher, Howard place 
Alexander, -», taUor, little Bull st 
Atezftnder, Alfred, Bull st 
AllSainU' Boys* Day Schools W. Willis, 

master. View Point 
All Saints' Girls' Day School; Mrs. Bar- 
ker, mistress. View Point 
Allsop, Thomas, carter, Myrtle st 
Allday, S. C, storekeeper, Mitchell st 
AUingham and Afoore, grocers and dra- 
pers, Golden square 
AUen, Edwd., Williamson st 
Allan, Jaa., CSiiBese store, Grolden square 
AttbUn, Wm^ miner* Wattle st 
Ambrose, Mrs., Bull st 
Amos, Wm., Golden square 
Andenon, Wm.» Golden square 
Aodtevf, John, ooUMtOTi Qaarry hill 

Andrews, Richard, manager Bendigo Ga 

Company, Beehlye chambers. Pall Mai 
Anderson, A. W., manager Oriental Bank, 

View Point 
Anderson, Arthur, clerk and draughtsman, 

View Point 
Anderson, Joseph, Mundy st 
Andrews, Richard, Quarry hill 
Anderson, John, miner, Golden square 
Anderson, James, miner, Lucan st 
Anderson, John, engineer, Bancroft st 
Anderson, James, cattle dealer, Lucan st 
Anderson, Wm., tailor, Myers st 
Ankel, Chas., bootmaker, High st 
Armitage, John, grocer. View Point 
Armstrong, Wm., puddler, Dowling st 
Armstrong, John, oyster rooms, William* 

son st 
Arnold, Miss, Hargreares st 
Arthur, Arthur, blacksmith. Bridge st 
Askew, John, pablican, Lyttleton terrace 
Aspinall, George, butcher, Bridge st 
Ashley, Wm., engineer. Wattle st 
Atherton, George, greengrocer. High st 
Atkinson, John H., chemist and druggist^ 

View Point 
Atkinson, H. L., Dr., View Point 
Avard, R., storekeeper, Dowling st 
Aughterson, Otto, Williamson st 

Bacon, Joseph, brlckmaker, Barnard st 
Baderstooi T.» lirery stables, McCrad ft 





Baird, Wm., hide and skin merchant, 

Bowling il 
Baird, John, storekeeper, Myrtle st 
Balrd, Samuel, cab drirer, DowUng at 
Bailey, Mrs., King at 
Bailey, J. B., Mitchell st 
Bailes, Henry, tobacconist, Bnli at 
Baker, Mra., View Point 
Baker, Wm. J., fruiterer. Bridge at 
Balsillie Bros., drapers, Pall Mall 
Balsillie, W., Mcliaren at 
Ball, Mra., widow. Short at 
Ball, Thomas, bootmaker, High at, 
Balmer, Robert, master National School, 

Golden gully 
Bannerman, Andrew, gold broker to Bank 

of New South Wales, View Point 
Bannerman, Wm., -mauager Bank of New 

South Walea, View Point 
Bannerman, Andrew, gold broker, Bank 

of New South Wales, Wattle at 
Baniield, Jamea, Bull at 
Bank of Victoria— George Valentine, 

manager. View Point 
Bank of Australaaia — John Lawford, raa^ 

nager. Pall Mall 
Bank of New South Walea— Wm. Ban- 
nerman, manager. View Point 
Banson, Joseph, Royal Oak hotel, Mclvor 

Banfleld, John, carpenter, Forest at 
Baptiat Chapel, Hargrea^ea at 
Barrett, Thomas, miner. Bridge at 
Barnett, Adol., M.D., London, M.R.G.S.E., 
L.S.A.— J.P. for Colony of Victoria, Ro- 
wan at 
Barker, Mra., miatreas All Sainta' Day 

School, View Point 
Barlow, Squire, McCrae at 
Barry, David, baker. High at 
Barrick, Joaeph, aaddler, Barkly place 
Bartrop, George, clerk of courta, Camp 

Barkley, J., teacher, McCrae at 
Barlow, George, labourer, Hargreavea at 
Barnett and Coatea, Temple court 
Barnett, — , town crier, Dowling at 
Bartlett, Steve, sign painter, and ticket 

writer, Bull at 
Barlogy, Joaeph, labourer, Bernal st 
Bartlett, A. S., painter, Lucan at 
Barker, George, wheelwright. Vine at 
Barkley, John, maater St. Killian'a Com- 
mon School, McCrae at 
Baahford, Henry, Williamaon at 
Baas, Wm., fruiterer. Bridge at 
Batchelder, B. P., photographic artiat. 

Pall Mall 
Batten, H. T., Ghiagow Beef hotel, High 

Batea, — , tinamith, Bernal at 
Bauman, Picard, butcher. Bridge at 
Bayne, Alexander, Myrtle at 
Baxter, James, Bowan st 

Beaver, Henry B., M.D. and sorgeon, 

Bridge at 
Beaver, Samuel, wood carter, DowUng rt 
Beaver, Dr., McCrae st 
Beaglehole, H., Grolden aquare 
Beaglehole, Wm., fruiterer. High st 
Begley, John, quarryman, McCrae at 
Bell, Catherine, boarding house, Myrtle st 
Bendigo Advertiser office, Haxgreavea at 
Bendigo Gas Company ; Richard Andrews, 
manager, Beehive Chambera, Pall MaE 
Bendigo Independent, Mitchell at 
Bendigo Evening Newt, Williamaon at 
Bendigo Gaa Works, Bridge st 
Bennett, R. M., builder. Rowan st 
Bennett, Wm., bootmaker, Howard place 
Benevolent Asylum, Barnard at 
Benaon, T., auctioneer, Bancroft at 
Benaon, Thoa., auctioneer and aharebroker. 

Pall Mall 
Benson and Co., auctioneers, Mundy st 
Bentley, Robert, draper. View Place 
Bentley, — , miner. Forest at 
Bentwich, laaac, tobacconiat, Pall Mall 
Bergea, John A., baker. View Point 
Betham, John, aurgeon, View Point 
Betham, John, M.R.C.S., and LbSJL, Lon- 
don, View Place, Rowan at 
Bignell, Tom tailor. Temple Court, PaU 

Bignell,.S., coachbuilder, Bancroft at 
Bignell, George, Bull at 
Bill, Richard Hawker, Barnard st 
Birch, Henry, reefer, View Place 
Bird, Wm., reefer. Rowan st 
Birtweaael, — , atonemaaon, Little Bull ft 
Biirhiael, George, labourer, Arnold at 
Bieaael, Henry, hairdreaaer, Mundy st 
Bitters, — , labourer, Bernal st 
Blake, James, farmer, Back creek 
Blackham and Co., proprietors Bendigo 

Independent newspaper, Mitchell st 
Black, S., reefer, Myers st 
Blair, Eliz., boarding house, McLaren st 
Blackham, W. G., MoUison at 
Blackwell, John, engineer. Wattle st 
Blunt, Edward, baker, Myers st 
Bockelman, H., Hamburgh hotel, High St 
Bock, Herman, aaddler. Bridge st 
Bock, Charles, storekeeper, Nolan st 
Boffey, Thomas, butcher, Mclvor st 
Boiu, John, carpenter, Williamson st 
Bolton Bros., butchers, Williamson st 
Booth, J., refreshment rooms, Lucan at 
Bohr, George, baker, Mitchell st 
Boody, Conrade, miner, Forest st 
Bowman, Joaeph, engineer, Barkly plaoe 
Bowman, Joaeph, bootmaker, High st 
Boulter, Cbaa., bootmaker, Barnard st 
Bourke, P. F., Bourke^s hotel, Bridge st 
Boulger, Eliza, widow, Back creek 
Bowles, Henry, blacksmith. Wattle st 
Bragg, John, cab driver, Dowling st 
Brasher, ThoQiaS) fruiterer, BecQftl ft - 





BiBcher, Henry, Newi agent, Lncan ft 
Bndl^, Wm., watchmaker, High at 
Branan, Michael, Mitchell st 
Braodon, Joseph, fancy repository. Fall 

Brandt, £., timber merchant. High it 
Breoan, Stephen, miner, McCrae st 
Boeknall, Wm., auctioneer, Mandy st 
Bridges, Samnel, blacksmith. High st 
Bridges, Samuel, Forest st 
Bridle, Thomas, tinsmith. Forest st 
Bridgi^ Chas. J., grocer. View Point 
Brierly, James, Mundy st 
Briggs, Philip, wood tamer, Rowan st 
^i^ga, Wm., saddler, Lyttleton terrace 
Brigfaam, Dexter, restaurant, High st ; 

residence. Forest st 
Broadfoot, Mrs., ladies* seminary, Forest 

Brodie, Henry, solicitor, Quarrie hill 
Brockley, John, printer and stationer, 

Bridge st and Lyttleton terrace 
Brockerell, Thos., malster, Lucan st 
Brown, Chas., accountant and commission 

agent, Pall Mall 
Brown, 0. J., accountant. Wattle st 
Brown, James, Golden square 
Brown, Edward, miner. Back creek 
Brown, McDufi^ storekeeper, Barnard st 
Blown, Mrs., nurse. Vine st 
Brown, John, blacksmith, Golden square 
Brown, Mrs. , Hargreaves st 
Brown, Mungo, miner. Bowling st 
Brown, John, miner, Dowling st 
Brown, John, blacksmith, Golden square 
Brown, John, miner. King st 
Brown, Joseph, storekeeper. Kangaroo flat 
Browne, J., storekeeper, Pegleg gully 
Browning, Matthew, grocer, View Point 
Brace, W., and Co., aerated waters and 

cordial manufacturers, Sandhurst and 

Bucknall Bros., auctioneers, and estate 

agents, Mundy st 
Bucknall, W. A., auctioneer, View Point; 

residence, Mackenzie st 
Buckley, John, miller, Mclvor st 
Buckley, J., miller, Myers st 
Buchan, D., registrar births and deaths, 

View Point 
Badden, Wm., coffee and spice merchant, 

Williamson st 
Bud, Miss, preparatory school, High st 
Budden, Wm., Bull st 
Bnrnside, James, sharebroker and agent, 

Temple Court, Pall Mall 
Borreir, Peter, horse dealer, Lyttleton 

Bonowea, Wm., reporter, Bendigo Inde* 

pauUnt, Forest st 
Burro wes, Wm., Myrtle st 
Burrowes, W. N., traveller. Quarry hill 
Bunowes, E. D., Royal hotel. High st 
Bqiu^ Maftin, botcher, Melvor st 

Bums, John, farmer, Mclvor st 
Burdick, Samuel, carpenter. Wattle st 
Burke, John, baker, McCrae st 
Burton, H., publican. High st 
Bush, Albert, grocer, and hay and com 

dealer, Williamson st 
Burchall, William, bricklayer, HargreaTea 

Butcher, Benjamin, horse dealer, Har* 

greaves st 
Butler, John, miner. Bridge st 
Butterworth, Robert, stonemason. King st 
Butt, Thomas, bricklayer, King st 
Butwistle and Finn, Michell st 
Boyd, James, M.D., L S. A., Licentiate of 

the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, 

View Point 
Byrne, Robert, printer, Mackenzie st 
Byrne, Morice, Williamson st 
Boyd, Hugh, M.D., L.R.C., S.E. 

L.R.C.P.E., View Point 


Cahill, Benjamin, storekeeper. Golden sq 
Cahill, Thos., bootmaker, Hargreaves st 
Cahill, James, blacksmith, Williamson st 
Cahill, John, bootmaker. View Point 
Cahill, Cornelius, restaurant, Mclvor st 
Cairn cross, George, draper, Short st 
Calder, John, accountant, McLaren st 
Caldwell, J. T., quartz reefer, Forest st 
Callahan, John, carter, Beraal st 
Calvert, Henry, chemist and druggist. 

View Point 
Cameron, Alexander, refreshment room, 

Mitchell st 
Cameron, Denis, commission agent, Mitch- 
ell st 
Campbell, C. A., bailifF, McLaren st 
Campbell, Robert, saddler, &c., High fit 
Campbell, Alex., labourer. Wattle st 
Campbell, 11. C, mining surveyor. Rowan 

Campbell, J., carriage inspector,Myers st 
Canning, John M., restaurant, Golden sq 
Cardus, Jos., accountant, Williamson st 
Carey, Michael, refreshment house, Lyt- 
tleton terrace 
Carinduff, Andrew, tobacconist. Bridge st 
Carmichael, James, commercial salesman. 

Ring st 
Carmody, Thos., High st 
Cames, John, watchmaker, Mitchell st 
Carney, Patrick, restaurant, Bernal st 
Carpenter, Charles, miner, Mitchell st 
Carr, Patrick, bootmaker. Bridge st 
Carr, — , horsebreaker. Little Bull st 
Carss, Joseph W., bookbinder and sta- 
tioner, Mitchell st 
Carstairs, John, Bricklayers* Arms hotel, 

Mclvor st 
Carter, William, painter, McLaren st 
Carter, Henry, dentist, Pall MaU 





Carter, John J., commercial traTeller, 

Watde Bt 
Casey, J. X, barrister, Temple Court 

Casey, Wm., books^er and stationer, 

Mitchell St 
Casey, Wm., miner, Wattie st 
Casey, Edward, storekeeper, Bemal st 
Catholic Church, Bemal st 
Central Bank ol Western India.— John 

Hasker, agent, View Point 
Chambers, Miss, Hargreaves st 
Chandler, Edward, furniture dealer. View 

Charmer, Edward, soap maker. Bridge st 
Chasseaud, G. W., teacher. Forest st 
Cherry, James, blacksmith, McLaren st 
Cherry and Spinks, farriers, Hargreares 

Cheyalier, Thos., photographer. Pall Mall 
Chomley, H. M., superintendent of police. 

Camp hill 
Church of £ngland.-^ReY. W. R. Groxton, 

minister. Forest st 
Church of England, Kangaroo flat 
Church, George, miner, McCrae st 
Clackson, Mrs., dressmaker, Forest st 
Clancy, M., Bemal st 
Clapperton, Adam, Golden square 
Clay, Daniel, bootmaker. Wattle st 
Clarke, John, Back creek 
Clark, Mrs., Bridge st 
Clark, Robert, GKuden square 
Clark, Ann, storekeeper, Bamard st 
Cleary, Ellen, refreshment rooms, Lucan 

Clegg, James N., Allies .hotel and restau- 
rant. Bull st 
Clegg, Halstead, grocer, Bull st 
Cleugh, James, wheelwright, Lyttleton 

Coates, Rosanna, Myrtle st 
Cobb and Co., ooach factory, Mundy st 
Cobb and Co., coach office, Williamson st 
Cockerill, Richard, bootmaker, Mitchell st 
Code, Edward, Haymarket dining rooms, 

Williamson st 
Cohn, Julius, brewer, residenoe, Bancroft 

Cohn Brothers, Bridge st 
Cohn, Jacob, brewer, Barkly place 
Cole, Wm., brickmaker, Arnold st 
Cole, Sydney G., traveller, King st 
Colonial Bank of Australasia: Makombe 

Tolmie, manager, Pall Mall 
Coleman, William, ciurpenter, McCrae st 
Collie, Mrs., labour oflice, McCrae st 
Collier, C. H., compositor, Myrtle st 
CoUcutt, Edwin, grocer, Williamson st 
CoUopy, Thomas, dairyman, Arnold st 
Combes, H., tinsmith, Kangaroo flat 
Common School: — Richards, master. 

Golden square 
Commander, M. and K, giocen, Mimdy tt 

Coaelly, Thomas, nriner, MelTor it 
Comeilly, Thomas, labourer, BramUft «t 
Connelly, J., puddler, DowUng st 
Connelly, Thomas J., ironmonger, High ft 
Connelly, Thomas, Barkly place 
Conway, Joseph, bootmaker, Hargrearet 

Conroy, Patrick, general store, MoOrae it 
Conroy, John, wheelwright, Lucan st 
Congregational Church, Quarry hill 
Congregational Church, Forest st 
Cook, Wm., reefer, Mackenzie st 
Cooper, John, timber merchant. Bridge st 
Cooper, MLm, dressmaker, Ball st 
Cooper, Mrs., Beehire hotel, Mitchell it 
Connoughton, James, refreshment room^ 

Golden square 
Corbett, Daniel, miner, DowUng tt 
Costello, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Kan* 

gagoo flat 
Cotton, Charles R., solicitor, &C., Bull tl 
Court of Petty Sessions, View Point 
Coutts, Franklin, McCrae st 
CoTe, Charles, bootmaker, Bridge st 
Cowper, John, carpenter, McLsien st 
Cox, G. S., solicitor's clerk, Bancroft it 
Coyle, Peter, farrier, McCrae st 
CraTen, Elijah, confectioner, High st 
Crawford, Charles, Ship inn. Back creek 
Crawford, Abraham, draper. Pall Mail 
Craig, George N., sharebroker, Vkm 

Craig, James, draper. View Point 
Craig, George N., mining manager. Forest 

Creswick, George, Mclvor st 
Cremins, Michael, miner, Mclvor st 
Crew, Wm., goldsmith, Forest st 
Crimins, John, puddler, Dowling st 
Crowson, John, Blue Bell Inn, High st 
Crowley, Mrs., milliner i^nd wax flower 

maker, Williamson st 
Croxton, Uev. Wm. R., minister of Chuioli 

of Enghmd, Forest st; residence, View 

Croft, — , carpenter, Bamard st 
Croft, John D., sharebroker. View Point 
Crowe, J., British Queen hotel, Bridge st 
Crump, Thomas, miner, Mclvor st 
Cruikshank, Dr., surgeon, Lyttleton ter- 
CuUen, James J., house painter, ko^ 

Mitchell st 
CuUinger, Thomas, Robert Buroi betel, 

Mitchell st 
Cully, Thomas, Imperial hotel. High st 
Cunneen, Peter, store and produce deeiefi 

Bridge st 
Cunningham, W.,ooachmaker,Dovliiigst 
Cunningham, Frederick, grooer, Wiiliain* 

son st 
Curtain, Patrick, miner, Back cnA 
Curaegan, Wm., plasterer, fieraal tl 
Carrie, Robert^ draper, Bridge fl 





Cnttn, FtatridE, Ubmmr, Back creek 

Cntten, C. £^ Bnmble et 

Omen, C. K., eolkdlor. Beehive obamlMnk 

Cnthberty David, vefreibmail zoom* 

Bridge it 


Dalef, diaries, carpenter, Mitchell it 
Dtfby, Edmand, tinBOiith, Barnard ft 
Banejy John, lUoekeeper, McCrae et 
Davideoo, Wis., timber merchant, Mit« 

Daviea^ Bobert, gaefitter, McCrae it 
Davif, John Thomaa, draper, Fall Mali 
Davie, David, maeon, Bamanl ^ 
Davit, Wm., fruiterer, High tt 
Davia, Saauel, wheelwright, Dowling rt 
Davis, Edwin Thoe., compositor, King it 
Davison, Nathan, bootmaker, High st 
Dawbam, — , Golden square 
Dawbarn, John, bookseller and stationer, 

View Point 
Daws, Francis, restaurant^ Mclvor st 
Deeham, Patrick J., Black Swan hotel, 

McCrae st 
Degfavea and Co., Wm., merchants, Wil< 

Ijamson st 
Ddin, Heniy, baker. High st 
Derapeej, Al^., qnarryman, ld(jers tt 
Bcmpter, Wm., puddler, Mitchell st 
Dennison, Joseph, brickmaker, MdAzen 

Denovan, W. D. C, sharebroker, Pall Mail 
Denovan, Mary Ann, storekeeper, B«k* 

nard st 
Derham and Son, Hall of Cenuneroe, 

Derham, T. P., draper and outfitter, PftU 

Derham, T. P., draper, McLaren st 
Devereauz, James, miner, McCrae st 
Deverell, Spencer R, manager telegraph 

office, Mitchell st 
Devine, Sackey, miner, Dowling st 
Dick, James, Barnard st 
Dick, Robert, butcher, Dowling st 
IHckson, Miss, ladies' school, Bowan st 
Dickson, David, sharebroker. Pall Mall 
District Survey Oifice, View point 
Donnelly, John, mail guard. Vine st 
Donobue, Body, labourer, Mollison st 
DonoUy, Julia, laundress, Barnard st 
Donovan, Patrick, cab driver, Hargreaves 

Dodey, John, bootmaker, Kangaroo flat 
Dwan, Joseph, schoolmaster, Lyttleton 

Doi^^ C. W., clerk, Bramble st 
Dew, Timothy, dairyman, Mitchell st 
Dowers, Qeorge, bootmaker, Lucan st 
Dowling, — , miner, Haigreavee st 
Downey, Mrs., refreshment room, Bridge 


Doyle, Jamee, IronmoDger, Mftchdl it 

Dravis, J. T., draper, Barkly place 

Dresher, Phillip, watchmaker. Bridge ft 

Drew, Wm., Bernal st 

Drew and Conway, tinsmiths, Mundy it 

Drought, Wm., police sergeant. Camp bill 

Dmry, John, Williamson st 

Duncan, J. C., olerk railway department^ 

Quarry hill 
Duncan, George, MitcheU st 
Dunn, Daniel, Williamson st 
Dunnington, Bobert, saddler, Lyttleton 

Dnirichie, Jaa., bootmaker. Golden square 
Duven, Thomas J., restaurant, Mundy st 
Duzbury, John, blacksmith, Myers st 
Duxbnry, John, farrier, Hugreaves st 
Dwjigr, John, London and Dublin hotel, 

Mitchell st 
Dwyer, Patrick, oontraetor, Arnold st 
Dwyer, Maiy, teacher. Back creek 

Eadie, Dr., Sorest it 

Eadie and Mclntyre, chemists and drug- 
gists. High st 
Ebsworth, Wm., hatter, Dowling st 
Egan, Patrick, McCrae st 
Egan, Thomas, puddler, Arnold st 
Egan, Patrick, fkrrier, McCrae st 
Bngel, Nicholas, German bandmaiter. 

Bridge st 
Bnnis, Bernard, sergeant of polioe^ Gamp 

Elliott, George, brewer, €k>lden square 
Elliott, A., brewifv Golden square 
Ellis, Samud, Supreme Court hot^, How- 
ard place 
EUis, Frederick, clerk. Quarry hill 
Ellson, Henry, derk, Williamson st 
Ettershank, Eaglestone, and Co^ cattle 

salesmen, Williamson st 
Evans, Mrs., Hargreaves st 
Ewart, Robert B., engineer, Quarry hill 
Ewington, Wm., fsrrier. Back creek 


Fairchild« Joseph, pianoforte maker, Wil- 
liamson st 
Pairley, M., librarian and stationer 
Farman, B. and W., carpenters. Kangaroo 

Farrington, Wm., brickyards. Back creek 
Farrell, James, Barkly place 
Fatherly, — , miner, Barnard st 
FanI, Francis G., builder, Hargreaves st 
Fawn, James, London brewery, Gk>lden 

Fay, Mrs., laundress, Myers st 
Fealey, W. H., letter carrier, Dowling st 
Featherstone, J. E., High st 
Ferguson, Bobert, puddler, Dowling st 





Ferguson, John, bladumith, Kangaroo 

Ferand, Mn., widow, Mackenzie tt 
Field, Dayid, plumber, Mitchell at 
Findlay, John, grocer. High at 
Finlay and Co., drapers, View point 
Finn, Peter, mason, Dowling st 
Finster, Arthur, professor of music, Little 

Bull St 
Fire Brigade Dep6t, High st 
Fislier, John, clerk, Barnard st 
Flack, F. F., painter, Dowling st 
Flegg, W. M., Bollcitor, Short st 
Flegg, Wm. M., solicitor, Beehive cham- 
bers, Pall Mall 
Flood, Patrick, bootmaker. Bridge st 
Flood, Patrick, wheelwright, Bridge st 
Fletcher, Edmund, butcher, Mundj st 
Fletcher, G. A., town clerk. Bramble st 
Fletcher, Albert, -Williamson st 
Fletcher, Albert, butcher, McLaren st 
Flemming, Mar j, boarding-house, Mitchell 

Flemming, George, mason. Quarry hill 
Foilen, Patrick, draper, Lucaft st 
Foley, Denis, labourer, Bernal st 
Foley, Michael, 'miner, McCrae st 
Forbes, — , miner, Forest st 
Forbes, Thomas, Golden square 
Ford, John, puddler, Bramble st 
Ford, Mrs., High st 
Forest Street Common School : Daniel 

Kennedy, master 
Foreman, Thomas, butcher and store- 
keeper, Kangaroo flat 
Fosdyke, G., draper. Forest st 
Fosdyke, Gardner, drafter and outfitter. 

Pall Mall 
Forsdyke, Gardner, draper, Howard place 
Forsyth, James, Mitchell st 
Foulger, John, Star and Garter inn, Mit- 
chell st 
Fox, Michael, labourer. Bramble st 
Fox, Robert Thomas, general storekeeper, 

MclTor st 
Foy, Francis, wholesale prodnoe store, 

Mclvor st 
Francis Brothers, importers and general 

merchants. Pall Mall 
Francis Brothers, Beehire stores, Har- 

greaves st 
Francis, Richard, Mundy st 
FraSer, James, quartz reefer, Myrtle st 
Fraser, Hugh, blacksmith, Bridge st 
Fraser, Lachlau, baker, Lyttleton terrace 
Frazer, Alexander, cab-dri?er, McC^ae st 
Free Library and Reading Rooms, View 

Fireemason hotel livery bait stables, Mundy 

Frew, David, grocer, Williamson st 
Friedman, Rev. Isaac, Jewish minister, 

Dowling st 
Frost, Mrs., Mundy st 

Frost, Frederick, mattress maker, Wattle 

Frost, Charles, draper and outfitter. Fall 

Fuall, James, McCrae st 
Fuller, — , tailor, Mclvor st 
f^son, Cecilia, widow, Williamson st 


Gabriel, John, blacksmith, Mollison st 
Gabriel, J., coachbuilder, Hargreaves st 
Gabriel and Bull, butchers, Mitchell st 
Gale, C, governor of gaol, Camp hill 
Galding, John, miner, Mclvor st 
Gallagher^Daniel, produce merchant, High 

Gambeti, Chas., William Tell inn. Golden 

Garber, John, miner. Bridge st 
Gardner, John, general store. High st 
Garsed, Edward, chemist and dmggist^ 

Howard place 
Gay, Wm., fruiterer, Pall MaU 
Gay, Wm., Hargreaves st 
Gengnogel, Charles, baker. High st 
(Person, Hyman, boot and clothing store, 

Bridge st 
Gibbie, James, banker. View place 
Gibbs, Henry, storekeeper, Dowling st 
Gibson, George, refreshment rooms, Back 

Gibson, Thomas, carpenter, Vine st 
Gill, W. R., quartz miner, Rowan st 
Gissinge, R. M., chemist and druggist, 

Bridge st 
Gittins, W. B., butcher, Williamson st 
Gladwin, Richard, blacksmith, Kangaroo 

Glinnon, John, refreshment room. Bull st 
Goddard, Job, storekeeper. High st 
Goddard, Charles F., Waterloo hotel, 

Bridge st 
Gold Office of Bank of New South Wales. 

— Andrew Bannerman, gold broker, 

View point 
GoUmick, Wm., professor of music and 

languages, Barkly place 
Golightly, Wm., carpenter. Quarry hill 
Gooda, Wm., brickyards. Back creek 
Goode, John, painter, Short st 
Goode, J., painter and glazier. Forest st 
Goodwin, James, produce merchant, View 

Gordon, Joseph, miner. Myrtle st 
Gorman, Francis, miner. King st 
Gosson, Richard, professor of music and 

pianist, Little Bull st 
Guudge and Sibley, tanners and curriers, 

Gowan, James, Limerick Castle hotd, 

Williamson st 
Grange, Mrs., Hargreares st 
Grant, J. C, confectioner, Barkly place 






Grant, John Charlec, confectioner. Fall 

Grant, Wm., baker. High st 
Graj, Thomas, blackamith, Lyttleton ter- 
Gray, Robt., tobaoconist, High at 
Gray, Samoel, G<dden square 
Greastey, Henry, batcher, Golden square 
Greeo, Woi., bootmaker. Back creek 
Green, Henry, Rifle Brigade hotel. View 

Greires, Mrs., refreshment room. High st 
Griffin, Mrs., draper and haberdasher, 

View Point 
Gripes and Co., Francis, engineen and 

ironfonnden. Wattle st 
Gripe, Francis, ironfounder, Mackenzie st 
Grorening, Jul ins, chemist. High st 
Groome, Mrs., dressmaker, Mitchell st 
Gromann, F. A., View Point hotel 
Gnitler, Angost, bootmaker. High st 
Gddon, Fanny, laundress, Barnard st 
Golloch, Thomas, View Point 
Gonn, Wm., Glasgow Arms hotel, Kan- 
garoo Flat 

Hackett, Pat., storekeeper, Charlston road 
Haday, Thomas, miner, McCrae st 
Hadley, John G., Bendigo hotel. Bridge st 
Hall, Joshua, tinsmith, Bridge st 
Hall, J., storekeeper, Kangaroo Flat 
Hall, James, nens agent, Forest st 
Hall, Thomas, American boarding house, 

HargreaTes st 
Hallas, Nathaniel, musician, Bramble st 
Halliger, Henry, furniture warehouse, 

View Point 
Hallins, Mn., High at 
Hamble, — , reefer, Williamson st 
Hamilton, James, stationer, Williamson 

Hancock, Bd., Baken' Arms, Bridge st 
Handf , Edward, butcher, Forest st 
Haanan, Denis, carter, Dowling st 
Haoien, C, saddler, Dowling st 
Harkness and Gray, grocers. High st 
Harrison, E., journalist, Mackenzie st 
Harris, James, carpenter, Myers st 
Hariow, John, Crescent hotel, Bridge st 
Harrison, Robert, bootmaker, Golden 

Harrey, Thomas, butcher, McCrae st 
Harris, Thomas, Crown hotel and dining 

rooms, Hargreaves st 
Hartley, — , compositor, Wattle st 
Harper, Wm., tentmaker. Bridge st 
Hsrdil, James, watchmaker and jeweller, 

High st 
Harding, R., foreman of works, Bancroft 

Haroourt, J. M., proprietor of Bendigo 
Evening Ntwg^ WilUamion st 

Harris, W. J., storekeeper, Back creek 

Harrison, Mrs., day school, Mitchell st 

Hart, George, Bridge st 

Harris, Mrs. John, Mnndy st 

Harper, Qeoige, corn factor, Lyttleton ter- 

Hart, G. W., Beehiye chambers 

Hart, James, engineer. Wattle st 

Harper, Wm., Globe hotel, Bridge st 

Hassell and Daly, oontractonand builden, 
Hargreares st 

Hasker, John, official agent, Sandhurst 
mining district 

Hassell, John, builder, McLaren st 

Hatty, David, Golden square 

Hawkins, James, Terminus hotel, Mitchell 

Hawkins, Mary Ann, dressmaker, Mit-